Fae Boredoms

Chapter 2

by Aiye ♥

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #dehumanization #gentle_femdom #memory_play #pov:top #sub:male #sub:nb

Disclaimer: If you are underage, do not read this.  Otherwise, ensure you take note of the content warnings and understand what they mean before reading.  All characters depicted are above eighteen and entirely fictional. This story is a fictional work and any events/behavior depicted should not be confused with approval, advice, or support of such events/behavior.  Enjoy any kink/fetish depicted responsibly.  Explicit consent is necessary in real life.

Author's Note:  I now have a Patreon and plan on writing/posting more frequently!  I already have four early-access stories available on Patreon, any support is appreciated! ♥

"So you don't remember me?"
"Um, not really."
"Perfect," Elara said as she pulled a shirt over herself and smiled at me.
"When you showed up you almost thought you were me, which was cute. Can you do that again hun? I want you to go back to roaming the forest and find some lesser beings to worship you. I want you to be so bored out of your mind that you'll make anything fuck you. Convince yourself you own this forest again. But remember, you're this forest's little slut, and when you hear my name you better remember that and remember your place under me. Okay sweetie?"
She smiled at me before dissipating into the air. I chose a direction and started gliding through the forest. It got so fucking boring.
The trees are beautiful and the sun feels good on your skin, but after a while it gets old. The sun is about to set too, which sucks. Some of the cute things are easy to find when it's dark though, because they make these cute little campfires to stay warm. If only they knew that all they had to do to stay warm was call my name, and that I'd do way more than make them warm, but oh well.
The sun sets and soon enough I see a light in the distance. I near it and peek around a tree to see who I was dealing with: two cuties sitting next to a campfire with their arms both crossed. They're talking to each other to try and find a way to spend their time. They're bored. I feel up my shirt to make sure I'm still as hot as I thought I was, and I approach them and single one of them out.
"There won’t be any reason to be bored when your face is under me~"
They both jump and look towards me. It always seems like they're about to run away, but they're curiosity always makes them stay just long enough to the point where they don't have much of a choice anymore. They both look around—probably judging which way they should run if they decide to run. The thing is: if they run away they won't have the light from their campfire anymore and will most definitely got lost—probably forever. It would be fun to chase them though! It would get me soo excited.
I walk towards the one I singled out and push the other to the ground. They both seem too nervous to react. The nervous ones are always fun to play with, so I reach under my skirt to get my special knife. It's very pretty! Saliva is pooling up in my mouth as I put the knife to the its throat.
"Awe! You two are too cute! Could you help me with something?"
It slowly nods their head yes, but with a bit too much acquiescence. It's probably already hard down there, but too embarrassed to admit it—especially with it's friend around. It's friend honestly makes me more excited. You can see it's bra just under the crop top its wearing.
"Hm, I don't think you two are quite ready yet. Kneel."
My voice shakes and I reach down my skirt. I like playing with the nervous ones, but I still don't really want to have to 'take' it from them. After playing with myself a bit I notice one of them start to bite their lip. The other starts breathing with more energy. The air around me is finally started to excite them and make them more impressionable.
"Are you two ready now?"
"Please! Yes!"
The one I had my knife to earlier is obviously much more excited. My first instinct is to pounce on it and start mouthing its face, but I need to make sure they understand who's in control now. My knees bend as I reach under my skirt more intensely. My body excites me so much. . .
"What do you need!"
I realize I forgot about them.
"Oh! Of course, you two," I float up to them and hover my left foot in front of them. They're mouths drool—my presence demands it.
"Come on! Before I get bored and leave."
I know I won't get bored of them that quickly, but it's nice to see how convincing my aura is: they both quickly scurry to my foot and fight over it until I give them my other foot too. I don't really know why, but the cute thingies always end up really liking them.  All I know is that it gives them something to do while I go back to touching myself, and that when I let them go to lick other parts of my body they have a lot more pent up energy.
I let them lick until I feel satisfied.  I pull my feet away from their desperate mouths and they look at me like puppies. My breathing is heavier than theirs as I wait to figure out what to do first. I think I want to mess with the more nervous one's head. I point at it.
"You! On the ground. Now."
It immediately drops like it was waiting to obey that command for its entire life. I look at the other.
"You're going to absolutely love this dearie, sit down next to it."
I throw my leg over the one laying down and start to take its pants off.  What's under isn't much to talk about, but whatever. I keep my skirt on and lower over it until I had it completely in me. It gasps and pants and whimpers.
"Hush dear one. Hush."
I gesture for the other one to sit next to me.
"Ugh, you're such a hottie. Go on. Ride its face until you squirt."
With my hand shaking I start to touch my clit: making sure not to move at all so that it won't finish inside me. I don't like riding them. I only put them in me to make sure they're kept warm. My body inevitably shakes though and I make sure to moan real loud (since it can't see the pleasure on my face, seeing as its face is occupied, hehe). One more moan and I drench it. The one on its face must have already finished three times.
"Okay! Enough of this, it's my turn now."
With my arms shaking, I pull the other one off of its face. Its face is covered in sticky and it's gasping for air.  I quickly throw myself over its cute fuck-able face and hover just above it for a second.  I hear the other cute thing behind me immediately start to ride as fast as it can. I giggle and start to rub against its face.  The face under me moans as it finishes, and I smile.

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