The Diary Changes

Chapter 2

by Aiden

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Chapter 2

Friday, Jan 24

Dear Diary,

Mom never went to work today.

I woke up to the most divine feeling: my mother’s lips on my cock. She gave me a superb blowjob, swallowing every drop, then proceeded to lick my cock clean. She clearly wanted more, asking if I really loved her and blinking innocent blue eyes at me, but I used all my willpower to tear myself away from bed and rushed towards my room to update her playlist.

I already knew that the hypnotic suggestion worked, so I went to the forums, copied and pasted a new set of hypnotic suggestions, then tweaked the code to include my name. 

The people in the forum used this specific code as the first step to transform their desired subject into becoming their slave. And that was exactly what I was going to do to Mom. I didn’t want a partner. I didn’t want to have to tell her I loved her and do all the things couples did. I wanted a sex slave, someone whose sole purpose was to get me off while not expecting anything in return.

Mom just gave me a confused look when I went back into her room and told her to listen to the updated playlist. But she did it anyway, and after a minute of listening to her new song, she went into this trance-like state—wide-eyed and unblinking. It freaked me out a little. But the people in the forums said the reaction was normal, and it just meant that her brain was receiving the new instructions.

Mom’s updated hypnotic tape:

I want to make Kevin happy

I feel happy when I make Kevin happy

All I want to do is to make Kevin happy

I want to do what Kevin wants

I feel submissive around Kevin

All I think about is Kevin

Kevin is always right

I love Kevin so much

That ensured her loyalty towards me. Once I made it clear that I was only happy when she was on her knees in front of me, fulfilling my every need and catering to my every whim, then that was exactly what she would strive to do all day, every day.

I added a second part, just to reinforce her lust towards me. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

I want Kevin to touch me

I want to fuck Kevin

I want Kevin’s cock inside me

I constantly have horny thoughts about Kevin

I love to ride Kevin

I love to kiss Kevin

I love it when Kevin feels me up

I love it when Kevin touches my breasts

I love it when Kevin touches my ass

* * *

The first thing Mom said when she ‘woke’ up (I had to take out the earpiece, then shake her awake), was to beg me to fuck her. 

Mom certainly wasn’t ‘Mom’ anymore. She actually lost her usual calm, collected demeanour and went down on her knees, telling me to ‘please, please, please’ fuck her, and that she would do anything. 

Did the programming change her personality entirely? Or was it just because she was fresh out of a trance and wasn’t thinking straight?

It hardly mattered.

I fucked Mom from behind her back. She was WILD, screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs. Unlike yesterday, she allowed me to dictate the pace. The submissive suggestion already seemed to be taking effect.

I might have been a little rough with her—pulling her hair, squeezing her perfect tits and ramming my cock way too hard—because Mom started whimpering towards the end, but at least I finished inside her. Mom didn’t orgasm, so she begged me to finger her until she did. I never fingered a woman before, but I did it anyway, more so out of curiosity than for her benefit. 

It must have felt good because my mother came fast and hard, her body shaking violently as she screamed and moaned my name over and over. She had tears in her eyes after the orgasm and thanked me profusely.

We showered together after that—or at least tried to. Mom couldn’t seem to keep her hands off me. It was a pleasant change having a woman want me so much, and not the other way around. And the fact that it was my own mother made it so much hotter.

Eventually, I let my mother go down on me. She gave me another amazing blowjob, swallowing every drop, then licked me clean with expert little strokes of her tongue. I didn’t know how to explain the major turn on that is watching a woman on her knees in front of you, dutifully licking your cock clean while maintaining eye contact.

I was going to burn that erotic imagery into my mind for the rest of my life.

Mom seemed really eager to please me because she kept asking if I liked it and asked for comments on what she could have done better. I jokingly told her she should just give me more blowjobs to improve. Mom nodded seriously, promising at least two blowjobs daily. One to wake me up and one to make me go to sleep. I had no idea how a blowjob was supposed to make me sleepy, but I wasn’t complaining.

After the shower, Mom called in to work, informing them she was ‘sick’. It was already late afternoon and Kate was coming back home in a couple of hours. 

To pass the time, Mom and I did the same thing last night. We sat on the couch to watch Netflix, this time naked, with her ass on my lap and my hands fondling her tits. Mom kept giggling like a schoolgirl and kept grinding her ass against my throbbing erection, making me spill so much pre-cum, her ass became coated with my arousal.

I decided to test out just how far she would go to please me. While squeezing Mom’s breasts as hard as I could, I told her I would like to see her dressed up sexier. Mom barely registered my words—her moans were filling up the house. 

I told her I would like her in revealing lingerie, and suggested she start wearing strawberry lipstick, just because I always wondered how it would feel to taste a woman wearing one.

Mom promised she would go shopping later, proving her newfound devotion towards me. I told her to bring Kate along. 

I was planning to slowly show my sister what I was doing to Mom. She would eventually realize what was happening, but would be helpless to do anything while knowing the same was going to happen to her. I didn’t know why, but it turned me on sooooo much to make my sister’s enslavement slow and certain, instead of straight up brainwashing her.

We had some time to spare before my dear sister came back, so I allowed Mom to ride me again. By the time we were done, my dick was sore and my cum was spilled on several spots on the couch and on the floor. I made Mom clean everything up with her tongue while I watched.

After Mom made everything squeaky clean, we took showers in our respective rooms. I masturbated, cumming quickly, just recalling the loud moans and filthy words coming out from my mother’s lips while she rode me just minutes before.

My sister came home at five sharp, heaving a sigh when she entered the house, and then sat down on the same couch Mom and I had sex on. I had sprayed an ungodly amount of perfume, so the living room didn’t reek of sex, but the couch still had tiny wet spots on it. 

Kate didn’t seem to notice. Mom came out of her room, looking like my wet dreams. Her hair was done up stylishly and she obviously took my comment of wearing sexier to heart, because she walked out rocking a jade green strapless dress that had a neckline so low, it should be illegal. Combined that with a huge leg slit that displayed long legs and creamy thighs… Holy fuck, I never wanted to fuck a woman so badly in my life. 

Kate must’ve been shocked too. She gawked at Mom with wide eyes, then at me with the ‘are you seeing what I am seeing’ look. I didn’t return her look. I was too occupied staring at Mom’s bubble butt, which looked GREAT in that dress. 

Mom slipped her headphones on, and started blasting the hypnotic playlist at full volume. Mom told Kate that she wanted to go shopping and said she would love it if my sister accompanied her. Kate just gave a confused nod.

My sister went to take the keys for the car. With her back turned, I used the opportunity to grab Mom’s ass, squeezing them as hard as I did to her breasts just moments ago. Mom let out a small squeal, but she didn’t stop me like I had expected her to. 

Of course, she didn’t. Mom now loved it when I touched her. It was evident from the way she half-closed her eyes and her jaw went slack, barely audible moans coming through parted red lips.

Christ, my mother was going to be a perfect sex slave.

I heard Kate coming back so I quickly let go of Mom. My sister frowned when she saw her pebbled nipples peeking out through her dress, but she made no comment on it.

They left, and even though my dick was sore, I masturbated to the memories of our sex sessions. Then a thought came to me. All I had were memories. What if I… recorded us?

It would be so much better jacking off to my own sex tape, especially if my own mother was in it, moaning and groaning like she always did. Mom was so vocal during sex and there were many times I feared the neighbors might come knocking.

I could even show the sex tape to Kate. Not the whole thing, of course. Just a few seconds to taunt her. Would Mom even allow it? I didn’t know. After all, she’d changed so much in such a short time, I doubted she even knew what was going on in her head. 

I could just secretly record our sex session, but that would defeat the purpose. I still needed more confirmation of her devotion towards me. Was the ‘old’ Mom still somewhere in there? 

The old Mom would kill me if she knew I was recording. But then again, that Mom would never even think of having sex with her own son.

My beautiful mother and sister came back just as I finished dinner that Mom personally cooked up for me. Mom never made dinner because she said that she had no energy left after work. Well, I told her I would enjoy seeing her in the kitchen more, and she meekly replied with, a ‘Yes, Sir.’

Mom came through the front door carrying three enormous shopping bags. I quickly grabbed it off her hands, eager to inspect what my fuck toy had bought. It must have been rude to do so because Kate swiped the bag from me, then started yelling. Mom, yet again, proved her undying loyalty by shouting back at my sister, saying that I had every right to look. I was shocked. Mom NEVER shouted. Kate looked like she was about to cry, and she sprinted towards her room before she could.

I had to reward my mother for her loyalty. I squeezed her left tit lovingly and told her I was going to fuck her hard tonight. Mom giggled, then leaned in to kiss me. I sighed happily when I tasted strawberry—sweet, light, and delicious.

Mom took me by hand into her room, then started taking her clothes off in a slow, seductive manner, as if she was a professional stripper. I ordered her to stop, then told her of my plan to fuck her while I record it. 

I was ready to hear her objection, but Mom just shrugged and told me she would do anything if it makes me happy. That was when I knew she was completely mine. 

I had the green light to further strengthen my control over her. I would update her playlist with part two of the ‘slave’ playlist on the forum.

But first, I needed to record ramming my cock into her, and I wanted to do it in a public place. It was always in my fantasy to fuck a woman in a risky setting where we could get caught. As soon as I told Mom what I wanted, she nodded, got dressed, then went out to get her car keys while I headed to my room to retrieve my camera.

It was a blur that night, fucking my mother doggy style in a deserted parking lot with the wind howling and the stars watching us. I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get caught, but I had the recording now, and I was going to show part of the video to Kate tomorrow.

Speaking of my beautiful sister, she already started listening to her tapes, but unlike Mom, I saw no change in her attitude towards me. She barely even glanced my way. I would have to do something about that, figure out why her hypnotic recordings weren’t working. 

For the last few days, all my focus was tunneled on my mother. The whole reason I joined the forums was to enslave my older sister, and I shouldn’t get distracted from the end goal. 

Mom begged me to sleep with her that night. I declined her invitation. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I needed to work on her new programming.


The Present

Friday, Jan 24


Dear diary,

So here I am. It’s already close to midnight, and I’m regretting my decision. I’m so goddamn hard and soaking wet thinking of my mother right now, but I finally managed to finish her third playlist.

This is what I came up with after copying the forum post and tweaking and adding my own suggestions. That’s why I love hypnotic programming. When it comes to it, the sky’s the limit.

The first part is to reinforce her lust and devotion towards me. The second part is the juicy bit and what would ultimately break her into being nothing less than my personal slave and glorified cum dumpster.

Mom’s Hypnotic tape:

Kevin is sexy

Kevin is everything

Kevin is always right

I love Kevin

I love Kevin’s cock

I love Kevin’s cum

I love to fuck Kevin

I am loyal to Kevin

I am happy when I am around Kevin

I want to make Kevin happy

I will do anything for Kevin

I am happy when I do errands for Kevin

That part would play on repeat for the first five hours, then the second part of the recording would play with the strength of the hypnotic suggestions tuned up tenfold. 

It was a risk since there had been complaints on the forum documenting the subject experiencing nausea and severe headaches if the hypnotic frequency was increased. But I didn’t care. As long as it sped up Mom’s process into being my personal plaything, fuck it.

Second part:

I want Kevin to think for me

I want to be submissive towards Kevin

I want to serve Kevin

I am Kevin’s fuck toy

My body belongs to Kevin

I want to serve Kevin

I can’t say no to Kevin

I want to serve Kevin

Kevin is my Master

I’m going to sneak into Mom’s room and fuck her to relieve this unbearable tension in my body. Hopefully, she understands that Kate is in the house now and controls her volume. If not, I would have to gag her while I pound into that beautiful, beautiful pussy hole. Then, I will force her to listen to the updated playlist and hope for the best.

I’m so excited. Everything is falling into place. Update you tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. Chapter 3 and 4 are out for purchase right now.

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