Love Pill

Chapter 5

by Aiden

Tags: #cw:incest #clothing #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Chapter 5

I had to wait half an hour until Ava came out of the bathroom. And fuck me, it was worth every second of the wait.

My sister stepped out wearing red and white, the skimpy cheerleading uniform showing plenty of her creamy skin. Her hair was probably the reason she took so long. It was styled in a pulled back ponytail, curled in stunning Hollywood waves.

“Well?” My sister walked towards me in a slow, sensual catwalk. The skirt was so short, from where I was sitting on her bed, I could see a flash of pussy every time she took a step forward. She stopped a few feet away and flicked her pink ponytail with confidence I wished I had. “What do you think?”

“Pretty,” I murmured. There were a hundred other adjectives running through my mind, and a random one just stumbled out from the mess.

She frowned. “Aaron, I put all this effort in for you and that’s the only thing you can give me?”

I shrugged. “Hot? Fucking… erotic? I don’t know what you want, Ava.”

She closed the distance between us and lifted my chin up with a thumb. Learning forward until our lips were only an inch away, she spoke, her hot breaths skating my lips. God, she smelled so fucking good, even better than before.

“I’m the hottest girl in school, in this family, and the only girl who will ever kiss you. You should be grateful that I allow you to be this close to me, let alone share my bed, something no one has done before.” She inhaled deeply and sighed, but the exhale was borderline moan-ish. “You’re such shit boyfriend material, Aaron. I don’t know why I bother.”

Boyfriend? Was Ava considering whatever this was between us an actual relationship?

Was my little sister my first ever girlfriend? Honestly, it wasn’t even that shocking. She had already been my first kiss, the first woman who ever gave me head, and after tonight, the only woman I’d ever slept with.

But fucking her still felt so far away, and it was frustrating me to no end.

Ava climbed on her bed, laid on the headboard, and spread her legs apart, giving me an unrestricted view of her sex. It wasn’t drenched, but it was wet.

She jutted her bottom lip out and placed a finger on it, speaking in a high-pitched girly voice. “Do you want to fuck me, big bro?”

“I thought we weren’t fucking?”

“So is that a no?” She was still speaking in that little girl’s voice, and I hated to admit it, but it was turning me the hell on, and Ava knew that. She could see how hard I was growing.

“No,” I said. “I mean—yes? No? Of course I want to fuck you, Ava. I told you that like three times already. But you’re not going to let me, aren’t you? So stop playing games.”

She raised her eyes up to the ceiling and began sucking on the tip of her finger, pretending to think. Ava was sexy even when not trying, but if she put effort into looking seductive, like she was doing now, I was doomed. I was already breathing hard, and my cock was at its full length, throbbing angrily. 

I had to be blunt when it came to Ava. “Are we going to fuck or not?”

She thought for a second more before taking out her finger and using the wet digit to point behind me. “Get Mickey.”


“Mickey,” she repeated, blinking innocent eyes, keeping her little girl act. “Get him and I’ll give you the answer.”

I stared at my sister. I didn’t know what she was planning, but it was clear she was turned on, too. Her nipples were erect, semi-visible through her red and white top, and she was growing wetter by the minute. A trail of arousal was leaking from her sex and pooling at the mattress.

We were on the same bed. I was naked. She was practically bare, too. There was nothing stopping us from having sex. Nothing except my sister and her stupid games.

The love pill had made my life so much better. Not only was my relationship with Ava restored; it was deeper than ever. But being close with my younger sister meant a whole new set of problems and frustrations.

I had to make sure. “If I get him, we’ll fuck?”

“Get him and you’ll see.”

Of course.

Shaking my head and blowing out a long breath, I hopped off her comfy pink mattress and went to the stupid pet bed, bending down and retrieving the teddy bear I bought her a decade ago. 

“Here,” I said, going back and passing her the toy. I wanted to toss it to my sister, but considering how possessive she was, it would just set her off. 

Ava took it without a thanks and sat the bear between her legs, denying me the sight of heaven. 

“Mickey,” she said, her original voice back. I didn’t know which tone I preferred. Her girly one or her breathy one. “You remember Aaron? The brat who introduced you to me?”

I narrowed my eyes at the mention of ‘brat,’ but said nothing.

“Yes, Ava,” my sister said, back in her little girl’s voice. “I remember him.”

Ava leaned into the bear’s ear and whispered just loud enough for me to hear. “He wants to fuck me, Mickey. Aaron wants to fuck his little sister.”

Mickey/Ava gasped, and she puppeteered the teddy bear’s hand, placing it over its mouth. 

“How revolting,” Mickey said. I facepalmed. “How absolutely sickening.”

“Ava—” I started to say, but she continued on.

“Apparently, he has been masturbating to my Instagram for years, Mickey. My own big brother lusts after me!”

“Ava, can you sto—”

“Disgusting.” Mickey said. “He should be lynched.”

Lynched? Really?

“If you don’t stop, I’m leaving,” I told her.

We both knew it was a blank threat. There was no way I was leaving the bed again. Not with my little sister in her skimpy cheerleading uniform, not wearing any panties.

“Look, Mickey.” Ava stared at me with a sideways glance while she whispered more words into her teddy’s ears. “Big bro wants to leave me when I’m so wet for him.” She turned his teddy around so it was staring at her sex, but still blocking the vision from my view. “Look how ready I am to take his big cock. I want to squeeze that dick so hard and make it burst, but he wants to leave me sad and lonely.”

I sighed, throwing my hands up, surrendering to whatever chaos this was.

“He called me pretty, Mickey. Me. Pretty. Can you believe it?”

Mickey shook his head and turned, staring at me with its plastic eyes. 

“How could you?” Mickey asked.

“I want to pleasure him, Mickey,” Ava said, and Mickey turned back towards her. “I want to deep throat that cock again. Ride it with my cunt. Take in all my brother’s salty seed. Again and again, until I drained his balls dry. I can do it, Mickey. I want to. But he calls me pretty and wants to leave. See what I have to deal with?” Ava sighed. “He doesn’t deserve my pussy, does he?”

Mickey shook his head. Ava flashed me a smile, showing me her perfect whites. 

“He has to earn it, doesn’t he? For all the cruel things he did to me.”

Mickey nodded. 

Ava giggled and hugged Mickey tightly. She closed her legs before I could glimpse her sex.

“Are you done?” I asked my annoying sister.

“Uh huh.” She offered her teddy to me. “Put him back with his siblings.”

“I’m not your errand boy.”

“If you do me this favor, I’ll make love to you once you come back. I’ll kiss you then give you a nice tit job. Have you ever had a tit job, big bro?”

“Whatever.” I shrugged, not believing her for a second, but I took her bear. “You make a lot of promises.”

Her smile melted my insides, but I kept a poker face.

“When have I ever broken a promise?”

Sighing, I took Mickey and got off the bed, walking towards the corner of her room and placing the toy in the middle of the bunch of teddy bears. When I returned, Ava’s legs were still closed shut. 

“Come here.” She gestured me closer with a finger.

I shifted forward, and Ava took my cheek when I got close enough, her other hand on my hips. She pulled me into her vanilla lips, and I moaned when we made contact, the room filling up with the sounds of lips sucking.

I skated my hands down to her uniform skirt, going under it and cupping her round, firm ass. Her moans lanced through me, filling me with lust. I deepened the kiss, and Ava responded beautifully, matching my intensity. We made love like that for a solid minute until she placed a palm on my chest and gave me a light tap.

I leaned back and opened my eyes, staring at piercing blues.

“Stick out your tongue,” my sister whispered.

I did so, and she extended hers, lapping mine up like a kitten.

“What the fuck?” I said.

What was that?

Ava giggled, then ran her warm, wet tongue up from my chin to my lips.

I frowned, and my sister giggled again.

“You’re so cute, big bro.” Her hands left me and she pulled her top up. It took a second, but her breasts came into view soon after, her nipples rock hard. She tapped my chest again. “Your titjob, as promised. Scoot back a little. I want to lubricate your cock first.”

I shifted back and watched Ava go on all fours and settle in between my thighs. 

“You know.” She blinked her lashes at me. “I have never seen your cock deflated. You’re always hard and throbbing and…” She dipped low and sucked on my tip, swallowing all the pre-cum oozing there. “... leaking.”

I said nothing, just leaning back, supported by my palms, panting. 

Ava began lubricating my cock, running her tongue all over my length, finally finishing at my balls, where she sucked hard, looking at me while she pleasured me with warm lips.

“Ava…” I hissed.

“Yes, big bro?” She was speaking in her girly voice again.

The truth spilled from my lips before I could take them back.

“You’re so goddamn sexy.”

I was basically saying ‘water is wet.’ But Ava looked particularly stunning tonight. She was radiating beauty with her curly ponytail, bare breasts, wearing a mini red and white skirt, and bent in between my thighs, performing the ultimate sin that would make our parents go blind.

“Mhmm.” She was still sucking on my balls. “Do you know Kevin begged for my pussy for weeks and I never gave it to him? He called it a drug. Said he couldn’t live without it.” She shook her head. “It’s so much more fun teasing you than him.”

I didn’t know why she brought that up, but hope blossomed in my chest. The conversation was back to her sex, and I liked that.

“What do you want for me to have it?”

“It?” Ava lapped at my cock again. It responded by throbbing angrily, aching for more. “My pussy?”


“When you deserve it,” she said simply, as if that explained everything. 

“What do you mean by that? Is there a time limit? Do I need to finish all these lessons?”

She tsked. “Look at you, Aaron. You’re like a caveman. All you boys are the same. Pussy this. Pussy that.” She deepened her voice and I didn’t know if she was imitating Kevin or me. “Please, Ava, I want to fuck your pussy.” She shook her head. “So simple minded.”

“That's hardly fair. You tease me with it and I can never have it?”

“Who said never?” My sister gave me quick laps of her tongue to my cock. “We’ll fuck. And when we do, we’re going to do it a lot.” There was a dark glint in her eyes. “We’ll have sex like it’s our honeymoon every day.” She paused. “What if Lucia finds out about us? Or Mommy and Daddy? What do you think they will do?”

I shrugged. I had never seen our parents raise their voice to Ava. She was the princess of the family and did whatever she wanted. Even though Mom and Dad disapproved of her lifestyle of partying and drinking, they couldn’t do anything about it. But if they found out about us… oh boy…

“I love your cock,” my sister said, casually changing the subject again. “It’s soooooo big and wide. I think it’s my favorite cock so far. Tastes so yummy too.”

She paused, probably expecting me to answer that. 

“Are you going to give me that tit job?” I asked.

“So demanding.” Ava pouted, but leaned forward so that her breasts hung above my cock. “You can get your tit job. But don’t cum too quickly. Try to prolong the moment, and when you’re about to orgasm, tell me. Okay?”

Why was it suddenly so hard to breathe? 


“Just don’t cum in under a minute this time.”

“I won’t.”

I was confident I could keep that promise, but when Ava sandwiched my cock in between her teardrops and sucked more pre-cum out of my tip with her lovely lips, the confidence wavered.

My sister giggled cutely and started moving her breasts up and down my shaft. 

“This is so wrong,” she said, licking my tip then looking up at me. “I’m giving my brother a titjob.” She giggled again.

That was where she drew the line? What about the deep throating session she gave me an hour ago? She had swallowed my entire fucking load, and I was pretty sure that orgasm was the most explosive one in my life. Her stomach must surely be filled with cum after that one.

Maybe I shouldn’t have brought up that thought because my cock jerked up and I had to grit my teeth and squeeze my hands into a fist to prevent myself from pre-ejaculating.

 Ava pushed her bottom lip out and spoke in her little girl’s voice. “You’re going to cum under a minute again, big bro? You’re going to disappoint your little sister again?”

“No.” I shook my head, panting like I had just ran a marathon. I was barely pulling air in. “No.”

My sister slid her tits up and down faster and faster. She took my tip in between her lips and did wonders with her tongue. Ava wanted me to cum. It was a game for her. She’d instruct me to not orgasm prematurely, I’d agree, and she would do her best to foil my attempts. 

Well, Ava, this time I am determined to win.

I could almost feel my knuckles turning white as I depleted my reservoir of willpower, holding back the immense pressure building inside of me. 

Ava was not playing around. She was going full speed, pumping my cock with her teardrop breasts, sucking me off, bobbing up and down my cock.

Maybe that was why my sister only gave blowjobs on ‘special’ occasions. She was fucking good at it. I didn’t need to experience head from another woman to know how skilled she was at the art of cock sucking. I couldn’t bite back the plentiful moans that escaped me or stop the shockwaves of ecstasy wrecking my entire body.

Somehow I held back my release, even when the pent up pressure inside me began bordering on pain. My sister must have realized what she was doing was not working, because she switched tactics. Instead of pumping me quick and fast, she squeezed her tits together, her creamy flesh molding all around my cock, then resumed pumping me again, this time hard and slow while she tickled my tip with soft laps of her tongue.

The sudden change of intensity caught me off guard. There was no fucking way I was holding off any longer. With a roar, more animalistic than human, I squeezed my eyes shut and allowed the pent up pleasure to stream forward. 

Once again, Ava drew a climax more explosive than the previous one. I was cumming so hard, the orgasm barreling through me without mercy, half of my body growing numb. I moaned, cried, and groaned, shooting out geysers after geyser of cum.

When I was finally done, it felt like hours had passed. As the last ebb of the orgasm faded out into a dull knob of heat in the middle of my chest, I opened my eyes. The sight that greeted me became etched into my memory forever.

I made a mess everywhere. Not only was Ava’s bed soaked in my cum, my sister’s face and breasts were coated in thick white globs.

“You didn’t warn me,” Ava said dryly. I couldn’t even see her eyes. Cum was dripping down her eyelids.

“Sorry,” I heaved.

My sister wiped away the globes from her face and stared at me. Her blank expression made it tough to tell how pissed off she really was.

“Look, Aaron.” Ava scooped up some cum off her breasts and spread her legs wide. I watched in a held breath as she transferred my seed into her drenched folds.

“What—what are you doing?”

“You’re going to make me pregnant,” she replied. “Imagine if I bore your child, and you never penetrated me. How sad would that be?”

I just stared at my naked pink-haired sister, wondering if she had lost her mind.

She chuckled. “I’m just kidding, big bro. I’m on the pill. You know, just in case I decided to fuck you tonight.” She scooped up more cum from her other tit and dripped more semen down her pussy. Ava sighed. “It feels so warm and nice. I want the real thing. I want your big cock inside me.”

I knew Ava enough to know she was just teasing, although I didn’t know if she was lying about being on birth control. What if she wasn’t, and I really got her pregnant? We would be in deep shit.

“You lasted more than a minute,” Ava commented, lapping her fingers up. “I’m impressed. Or is it because my titties aren’t good enough for you?” She sat up and jiggled her cum coated breasts. “What do you think, big bro? Are they just ‘pretty’ for you?”

I stared at her teardrops, not even realizing I was reaching to touch them, my entire attention captivated by those sex globes. Ava didn’t stop me and I cupped her tits, breathing heavily with me as I fondled them, wiping the cum away.

“They are…” I had to pick my words carefully. Ava seemed to have an ego the size of Jupiter, but I’d too if I had her beauty. “... perfection.”

Her wide grin and slightly flushed cheeks confirmed to me that the word was the right choice. I mean, I was telling the truth. They really looked perfect. The only imperfection about my sister was a small mole below her right tit, and even then, it looked cute.

“It’s your turn, big bro.” My sister spread her legs wide, showing me drenched folds. “Eat your little sister out.”

I looked at her sex, and my stomach did a little flip.

Ava sniffed. “What?”

“I mean…” I let my hands fall back to my sides. “You just put my semen in there. Wouldn’t I be, like, lapping up my own cum?”

My sister sighed long and hard. 

“Fine. I’ll go wash up. In the meantime, you can change the bed sheets. Spares are in that cupboard.”

She hopped off the bed and headed towards the bathroom, her cheerleading mini skirt looking so goddamn sexy, especially when she had no top. 

I was confused about my sister. Sometimes she could be so demanding and indifferent, but in some cases, she was loving and compassionate. Ava was a puzzle with a million pieces, and no one had solved her yet.

But I was determined to be the first.


When my sister returned, she was fully nude. I had replaced the bedsheets with one that was completely identical. All the spare sheets she had were pink and more pink.

She got on to the bed and crawled to me, planting a sweet kiss on my lips. Her tongue pushed past my lips and met mine. We twirled around and exchanged slow strokes, the kiss light but passionate, our hot breaths mingling.

“Hi,” she said, pulling back.

I really was in heaven. Ava’s bedroom was a kingdom of pleasure.

“Hi,” I replied, running my tongue over my lips for more vanilla. 

Even though what was happening between us was so new, I felt like we had been in a committed relationship for years. I was completely under Ava’s spell, utterly in love with her. My sister just had that effect on men. On me.

“Are you ready to eat your little sister out? Your first taste of pussy?”

I gulped. “Yes.”

“Don’t worry, big bro. I’ll teach you.” She kissed me one more time before leaning back and settling on her pillows, spreading her thighs wide. “Just go slow and don’t use your teeth. Be gentle, be loving, and be nice.”

“That really helps,” I said sarcastically. “Thanks.”

“Come on, baby.” My sister patted her sex, and I positioned myself in between her thighs.

Baby. It was the first time she had called me that. She really was treating this as an actual relationship, and the thought that my girlfriend was my own flesh and blood just made it all the hotter.

I dip my head low until I was a few inches away from her drenched folds. There was a certain light floral scent radiating from her sex, and it made my stomach knot up.

“What is it?”

“Does… uh…” I tried to find the best way to convey my thoughts. “Does pussy usually smell this good?”

“No. I’m big on hygiene and I have a healthy diet. It’s a combination of that and using a vaginal wash. Trust me, Aaron, what you’re getting is the best you’ll ever receive. No other woman can offer you what I have.”

“Okay…” I have never been close to a vagina before. I looked at her slick folds up and down, feeling like a kid again. I just hoped my heart wasn’t thumping loud enough for my sister to hear. “What—what do I do now?”

“Well, you can start by licking my clit.” She pointed to a small nub at the top of her sex. “Or suck it. Just… be gentle. I don’t let many people touch me here.”

I nodded, feeling like my heart was about to give. This was the most nervous I've ever been in my life. I had fingered Ava before, but touching it with my tongue felt like we were about to cross yet another boundary in… whatever this was.

I extended my tongue and ran it over the slick nub. It felt hot to the touch, throbbing excitedly. 

Ava inhaled deeply, moaning softly at the exhale. I had never heard her moan like that. Breathy, low. Very low. Barely audible, and she hitched at the end. 

“That feels good, baby.” Ava was no longer watching me, her gaze set up high to the ceiling, her plump breasts heaving in and out. “How do I taste?”

I ran my tongue over my lips and spilled the raw truth. “Sweet. Like your lips. A bit heavier.”

“Mhmm. Continue.”

I really didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t watch a lot of porn and the little knowledge of sex I had was from reading erotica, particularly some steamy brother and sister incest. But no matter how much smut I read, fantasizing of Ava in the stories, nothing could have prepared me for this moment.

But I did my best. Dipping my head even lower, I sucked her nub and was rewarded with Ava jerking her hips up coupled with more moaning. That was more than enough motivation for me. I sucked harder, then ran my tongue in circles around her clit.

“Aaron!” Her gasps were music to my ears. “Holy shit.” 

Ava started gyrating her hips against me, fucking my face while I sucked and licked. I followed her advice, trying to be slow and gentle, and she seemed to love the passionate rhythm. 

“Eat me out.” I have never heard desperation in Ava’s voice, but here it was. “Put your tongue inside me.”

I thought of not doing what she wanted, to tease her, but I was desperate for this too. My sister was shaking, gasping, moaning, and heaving. It was a rare sight to experience, and I wanted to take this to the next level. 

I kissed my way towards her pussy hole. She was slippery as fuck, and so goddamn wet. When I finally dipped my tongue inside of her, she sighed and dropped her head back. Ava moved her legs and rested them on my shoulder, giving me a deeper access to her drenched folds. 

Her pussy throbbed against my tongue. She gasped at every lick and squealed when I kissed her sex. The high-pitched sound hit home, my lust for Ava overflowing. I added my thumb into the mix, rubbing around her clit while I blew hot breaths into her pussy.

“Ah—” My sister’s thighs squeezed against my head and her hips jerked up again. Then she giggled. “Oh my god, Aaron. You’re doing… you’re doing good. Holy fuck.”

She leaned back a little, so she could watch me. “You deserve another deep throating session after this, baby.”

I didn’t reply, my mouth dripping with her delicious arousal. Instead, I went back to her pussy, placing the flat of my tongue at the very bottom of her sex, then slowly licked my way up through her labia, ending at her clit, where I began sucking again.

I was so in the zone, cheered on by my little sister’s gasps and increasingly erotic moans. I acted on instinct, and by the time I returned to her vagina, dipping my tongue back in, I could tell she was close. Ava was whimpering. Actually whimpering, and her thighs were shaking.

I sped up my rhythm, flicking her clit with my thumb while I lapped at her pussy. Ava matched my intensity, grinding her hips against my face while she shrieked and whimpered.

I had to give my sister credit. She didn’t orgasm until minutes later. But when she finally did, my lips and tongue were tired and my neck was sore. Ava screamed out her release, her pussy walls clamping against my tongue before a huge flood of wetness came rushing out. 

My sister dug her fingers against the back of my head, holding me in place while she fucked her pussy against my face, gyrating her hips wildly. 

“Oh my god. Oh my god.” My sister was shrieking. “Oh my fucking god.”

When Ava finally calmed down, she let me go and I heaved for air. Holy shit, that was the most intense experience of my life.

Our harsh breathing became the only sound in the room. I took the moment of silence to crawl towards my sister and slump down beside her. 

Ava was staring blankly at the ceiling, her eyes watery. When she turned to face me, a tear leaked out from her right eye, trailing down her cheek.

“Look, Aaron.” She sniffed and wiped the tear away. “I’m crying. You made me cry.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, which was a recurring habit when it came to answering my sister. “I’m sorry?”

She smiled and shifted forward. I met her halfway, and we kissed. Ava didn’t bother with lips. Her tongue poked at the seam of my lips and I opened them, inviting her in. Our tongue met in a brush of heat and it was my turn to moan as Ava skillfully danced with my tongue and licked every corner of my mouth.

 “You made me cum,” she whispered, breaking the seal of our mouths and kissing her way to my neck. I groaned, closing my eyes, and she licked and sucked at my sensitive spots. “You’re the only guy who can get me off in ages. How… how is that possible?”

I started to reply, but she answered her own question.

“Maybe… maybe it’s because you and I have a special connection? Sibling love?” Ava’s lips were on my chest now and she climbed on top of me, trailing feather light kisses down my stomach. 

When she reached my cock, my sister began pumping me softly. My eyes were still closed, but I could feel the heat of her gaze on me.

“Do you love me, big bro?”

I opened my eyes. Her piercing blues were directly on mine, and she dipped down to kiss my tip so tenderly, I shivered.

“You know I have always loved you, Ava.”

Her blue eyes never left me. She pumped me faster, and I gritted my teeth. “Say it properly.”

“I love you.”

She smiled, but my sister didn’t say the three words back like I had expected her to. Instead, she kissed the side of my cock. “Big bro?”


“Let’s fuck tomorrow.”

I cracked a grin. “Sure.”

“I’m serious. After we get you your makeover, let’s come back to my room and I’ll show what it means to be a real man.”

“Wait.” I sat up as best as I could with her hand pumping my cock. “You’re actually serious?”

“Yeap. I’ll take your virginity tomorrow night. How’s that sound?”

“Like a dream come true.”

She looked down at my cock and whispered almost to herself. “I still can’t believe you made me cum. Twice. I don’t know how to feel about that.” Yet again, she didn’t allow me to reply. Ava shifted herself so that she was squatting on top of my cock.

“Ava… what are you doing?”

“Giving you a sneak peek.” She giggled and took my cock in hand, lowering herself so I was just less than an inch away from her tight tunnels. “Can you feel my heat, big bro? The desperation coming out of me?”

I so badly wanted to thrust in. But I couldn’t. My sister was gripping the base of my cock.

“Yes,” I said, the word coming out harsh and ragged. My desperation to fuck her was actually pathetic. I never wanted anything so badly in my life. “Ava, come on. Why wait for tomorrow? Don’t I deserve something for eating you out?”

“You do, big bro.” She blinked innocent eyes. “But not my pussy. Not until after your transformation.” My sister pulled my cock back and grind her burning sex along the side of my cock.

“Ava!” I hissed. “Are you crazy?” I pulled away and she let me go, giggling as I tried to compose myself. It was crazy how close I was to cumming. “You’re such a bitch.”

“We’re going to fuck so hard tomorrow, big bro. I’m going to ride that big dick of yours so hard you might lose it in just ten seconds.”

I didn’t doubt it. With any other woman, I would place a bet. But there was no telling what would happen the second I entered my sister, or the realms of pleasure she might take me to.

“I might even let you take me in the ass,” my sister laughed as if it was a joke. She crawled forward and took my cock again, casually pumping me. “Big bro, do you know that nobody has ever been in there yet?”

I stilled. “Really?”

“Mm-hmm.” Ava couldn’t seem to stay away from my cock. She was always touching it, and right then she was offering me sweet pecks and long strokes. “I have never tried anal. Maybe I let my big brother be my first? Maybe we could both lose something to each other tomorrow?”

“Ava.” I closed my eyes for a moment, gathering up all my willpower, or what was left of it. “I’m so close again.”

My sister slid her thumb over my pulsing cockhead before gliding her hand back down. I jerked in her grip, and I couldn’t hold back the moan tearing from my throat.

Ava clearly enjoyed my reaction. She used her free hand and freed her ponytail, her lush pink hair falling down and all around her. “Big bro really loves getting touched by his little sister, doesn’t he?” She squeezed me and I groaned, making her point. “You’re sooooo dirty, big bro.”

“Ava,” I gasped. I was vaguely aware of words coming out of my mouth, but I’ve lost the ability to comprehend them. It didn’t matter. Now when my sister was gathering her wetness from her pussy and rubbing it all over my cock, mixing in with her saliva. “I—I really really want to fuck you. Pound you senseless. You’re so fucking sexy.”

“That’s more like it.” The erotic grin she gave me was insidious. “You’re getting better at dirty talk, big bro.” She finished lubricating my cock with her arousal. “But no sex tonight. You’ll have to settle for another blowjob.” Her voice grew high pitched, and she blinked innocently. “Is that okay for my big brother?”

I was so poised at the edge. If she said ‘big brother’ in that little girl’s voice one more time, I might lose it.

“Yes,” I groaned.

“You have such a biggggg cock, big brother,” she was still in little girl mode. A stream of pre-cum oozed out at a moan and Ava lapped it all up before taking my tip in her mouth, licking all around.

“Ava—shit.” I really didn’t want to cum yet. She was taking in my cock, inch by inch by inch, until her soft lips were grazing on my balls and my length was throbbing in her throat.

“Christ,” I cursed, my cock jerking up and hitting the inside of her neck. Ava made a gurgling sound and withdrew, sputtering coughs. “Shit. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” My sister was drooling, and she wiped her saliva off her chin. “Just relax and enjoy.” In an instant, she was back on my cock.

She bobbed her head up and down, her piercing blue eyes never leaving mine. I cursed again, gripping the top of her head and trying to make her go faster. 

My sister had many talents, but if I could only pick one, it would definitely be her tongue. It was doing wonders to my cock, running along the underside of my length as she moved her head back and forth. Then she would lick around the sides or lap at my tip until I couldn’t take it anymore.

This time, I gave my sister a warning.

“Sis,” I choked out. I have never called her that before, but considering she was parading me around as ‘big bro,’ it seemed appropriate. “I’m going… going to cum.”

She made a sound which I assumed was the go ahead. But even if she refused and stopped, it was too late. 

I roared out my release, feeling my eyes rolling to the back of my head and my heavy balls overworking to its limit. Even when I was at my horniest, I had never ejaculated this much—or this strongly—in the past forty-eight hours. 

All because of my beautiful sister.

This time, my orgasm had teeth and claws, ripping me to pieces as I came. I twist and spasm, shoving one of Ava’s pillows in my mouth, needing some kind of outlet for the pleasure that’s bordering on pain. It smelled of her—all smooth and sweet—and I didn’t know what to do but spill out a muffled roar into the pillow as Ava swallowed my entire load, licking the underside of my cock and offering light squeezes to my overworked balls just as a cherry on top.

I didn’t doubt my sister when she told me this was peak pleasure and I couldn’t find somebody as good and skilled as her. This experience just solidified her claim. Ava was going above and beyond, taking me to planes of raw, unfiltered pleasure.

Ava withdrew from my cock and I slumped down onto her bed, drenched with sweat and heaving for air. She crawled to my side and touched my cheek.

“You seem done,” she commented, cum and drool dripping from the edges of her lips. “Aaron, you need to be stronger than this if we’re to be together. If you’re going to orgasm a few times and roll off to sleep, then we have to talk.” 

Ava climbed on top of me and went on all fours, her hands on each other side of my head, her pink hair tickling my face. Christ, she really smelled like a Goddess, even better when she was slick with sweat. 

“That’s hardly fair,” I said, my voice so deep and throaty. Unrecognizable. “Men and women orgasm differently. You can have more releases without… without feeling tired.”

“Don’t lecture me about sex.” She dipped her head to the side of my neck and inhaled. A sweet peck. A wet lick. “You’re just not pushing yourself. If you’re with me, you have to push. Didn’t I warn you I have a mean sex drive?”

When I imagined fucking Ava, lust, excitement, and desire came along with the sinful thought. I never would have thought I would feel… nervous.

“Just… how much sex are we talking?”

I both wanted and didn’t want to know the answer.

She leaned back and stared at me with her blues. “You’re not sleeping tomorrow,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. We’ll fuck until morning.”

“There’s school on Wednesday. Are we skipping that too?”

She shrugged. “You’ll attend classes with no sleep. What’s the big deal? Not sleeping once in a while won’t affect you too much.” She trailed a finger down her face. “Look at me. My skin’s still perfect.”

I didn’t know why I was arguing. I was finally going to live out my fantasy tomorrow and have sex with my little sister. My anxiety of performing well and then attending classes sleep deprived should be at the bottom of my worry list.

“Nothing,” I said, looking down at her perfect tits. Soft, plump, and topped with nipples that always seemed to be hard, Ava’s breasts made me salivate like a horny teenager every time I saw them. I took a moment to fondle those sex globes, squeezing them softly, and when Ava didn’t react, I applied much more pressure, eliciting heavy breaths from my sister.

Ava’s blues flirted between my left and right eye. She must have seen something in them, because she crawled away and hopped off the bed. 

“Let’s clean up. Come, take another shower with me.”

“Shower? Again?”

“Aaron, I’m sweating and my entire body is coated with your cum. I’m not going to sleep like this.”

We took a quick shower together under the bright LED lights, surrounded by warm pink rainfall. Nothing happened. I was too spent to do anything. I was sure Ava had swallowed my entire semen reservoir, so I stood still and washed myself while Ava did her own thing, lathering herself with an entire array of girly products.

When we were done, we dried ourselves, and I had to take a quick trip back to my room to retrieve my toiletries. I brushed my teeth with Ava, staring at her nakedness in the mirror.

After that, it was back to her enormous bed. Ava retrieved another teddy bear from the pet bed. This one was pink and had a ribbon attached to the side of its head.

“This is Bella,” my sister said, settling beside me. “She’s my usual companion in bed when I’m feeling sad and lonely.”

“You’re feeling sad and lonely?”

She sniffed. “I just broke off a two-year relationship. My nerdy brother just gave me probably one of the best orgasms of my life. Twice. And I’m letting that same geek share my bed. What do you think?”


“Exactly.” Ava laid down and rolled to her side, away from me, hugging Bella close to her chest. “Cuddle up behind me. Keep me warm.”

I was still for a few seconds, just studying my sister, watching her lean back muscles and round ass. But at an exhale to steel my nerves, I pulled the blanket around us and hugged Ava close. It felt really good to have curves pressed against me. Sleeping alone would feel depressing after this.

My sister picked up a remote from her bedside table and clicked a button. The lights went out, and we were plunged into darkness. I took the chance and pressed my cock up against her ass, and I could feel the heat of her pussy again, taunting me.

Ava’s voice was a light from the void. My sister sounded different. There was a slight tremble to her pitch. I assumed she was scared, but as I squeezed her closer, I realized she had told me the truth. She sounded lonely.

“Big bro?” she whispered.

“Yes, Ava?”

“I can’t wait to fuck you.”

I smiled. I knew the unsaid meaning behind those words, even if she was too proud to say it herself.

“I love you too,” I told her.

Author's note

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