Love Pill

Chapter 12

by Aiden

Tags: #cw:incest #clothing #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Chapter 12

Ava led me out of my room.

Thank god we didn’t bump into Lucia outside. A threesome with my sisters would be the ultimate experience, but with the mood they were in, I doubt I could have both of them in the same room with me, much less the same bed.

I would just end up sleeping alone.

Ava led the way, clutching my hand tight, almost dragging me along. She was getting a little feisty, but this was one of the few moments I didn’t mind her taking the lead.

I could stare down, mesmerized, as she swayed her ass in that sultry sashay. I was pretty certain she wasn’t doing it for my benefit. She didn’t even know I was gawping at those amazing cheeks. It was just something both my sisters naturally did to draw men’s eyes in. And oh boy, the strategy was a hit everywhere they went.

Ava tugged me past her door and slammed it shut, clicking the lock. 

I missed being in her room. Not only was it immaculately clean—I have to give Ava credit for her maturity there—her pink palace had an amazing fruity smell. 

It was a mix of peaches, watermelon, and a slight hint of mandarin. Combined with her sweet scent and her salty sweat from being freshly fucked, it felt like I had entered the gates of heaven.

“Come on.” Ava pulled me to her bed, which was filled with fluffed up pillows and stuffed bears. 

I perched on the edge, expecting my little sister to climb on with me, but she stood there, eyeing me.

“I will go get ready in the bathroom. Give me ten.” She tilted her head cutely, splaying beautiful pink hair over half her face. “Do you want me in a particular outfit for tonight?”

Fuck yes.

I nodded, not being able to hide my excitement anymore—or my horniness. 

“Your school uniform. Toss the blazer. Keep everything else. Bow, blouse, skirt. Don’t wear socks or shoes and keep your hair secured in a high ponytail.”

Ava blew out a breath and I could tell she was resisting rolling her eyes. I must have been the first person ever to talk to her like that.

“Yes, Master,” she replied instead, almost sarcastically, forcing a smile that melted my heart even though it was strained at the edges. “Wait here.”

I watched my sister sway her ass as she walked towards her bedside drawer, taking out a lube bottle. She retrieved her school uniform from her walk-in closet before disappearing into her ensuite. 

While my sister followed her orders, I laid in her soft, comfy bed, next to all her stuffed teddies, reviewing what just happened and contemplating what I would do and say once she stepped out. 

I was being risky telling her to don her school uniform. It was my kryptonite. Every touch from her was lethal, but I had to try my best not to prematurely ejaculate, especially, especially when I was going to take her anal virginity. 

I had to remember the one rule we were playing. If I lost control, Ava would devour me alive. A tame lioness had to constantly be kept in check. 

It was taking longer than ten minutes, which was expected when it came to my little sister. I grabbed her favorite stuffed bear, Mickey, her teddy that I gifted to her when we were little and much closer before our eventual rift. 

The more the minutes passed, the more my confidence leaked away. 

I looked into Mickey’s eyes. 

“Maybe it was a mistake telling her to wear it,” I muttered to the teddy, feeling crazy for conversing with an inanimate toy, but I was bored out of my mind. “What do you think?”

Ava’s sweet voice carried through the room. “You can punish me, but leave Mickey alone.”

My cock returned to life. I sat up, glancing at my little sister, all doubt in my head disappearing as I stared at pink perfection.

She looked even better than how I pictured her to be. If anyone would look at Ava right then, they would see an image of feminine innocence. An eighteen-year-old that had no right to be that fucking sexy. 

Not me. I knew Ava way too well. I could catch the naughty glint in her blue eyes and the erotic way she sank her perfect white teeth into her bottom lip. Plump pink lips that were made to be kissed. 

My eyes rove over her face, burning through all her perfect features before I flickered down to her chest.

“You are all buttoned up,” I told her, frowning my disappointment. Her tight uniform highlighted all her curves in the right places, but her breasts were hidden. “You don’t go to school like that.”

“If you want to see my boobies, big bro.” She took easy steps forward, almost in a sensual, practiced catwalk. “You have to unbutton me yourself.”

I was so close to cumming. Holy fuck.

I still couldn’t believe I was hearing all that filth coming from my little sister’s lips. Filth directed at me.

I steeled my breath and set the bear down, welcoming my sister’s embrace as she hopped onto the bed and crawled towards me. Immediately, I slipped under her pleated gray skirt and squeezed her ass, pulling out low moans as she leaned forward and captured my lips in a passionate kiss.

I wasn’t going to lie. Ava was a phenomenal kisser. Even though my sample size of kissing partners was my two sisters, I didn’t need to make out with other women to know how skillful she was. She was the reason I became pretty decent at kissing really quickly.

And it wasn’t just the way she sucked on my lips—all eager, yet gentle and loving. It was the combination of that and the soft whimpers that rolled out of her when I kissed her back, and the way her body curved into mine, the way her fingers clutched my arms, nails biting into my skin. The way she parted her lips to open up for me as I slipped my tongue through and sparred with hers.

I was perfectly content with just making out with her. It was that fucking good. But I knew that if I continued kissing her, losing my composure and cumming right then was a real danger. 

Eventually, after a few more bruising licks and heated pants, I drew back, much to her dismay. 

She frowned and tried to pull herself back to my lips, but I stopped her, gripping her shoulders.

“Kiss me.” She pouted. “We’re not done.”

I tried to conjure a reason for my sudden withdrawal, other than, ‘I was so close to cumming just from our kiss.’

“You stopped addressing me properly.” 

“Do I really need to call you Master for the entire night? “

“That’s the deal, little sis.”

She huffed, trying to go for the kiss again, which I promptly denied. I still couldn’t believe I was rejecting her advances. 

“This is such a shitty deal. I have to bend to your will, call you Master, then allow you to take me up the ass? It’s all favoring you.” 

“I ate you out just now, didn’t I? Maybe I will give you another reward if you’re a good girl.”

“So mean.” She pushed her bottom lip out. “Whatever. My hole is already cleaned and lubed up. Do you want to fuck now?”

“Hmm.” I pretended to think, trying not to stare at my sister too hard. Fucking hell, she looked so hot in a ponytail. It made her elude a radiating elegance. “Do you still have your pink ball gag?”


“I ask you a question, Ava. It’s either a yes or a no.”

She sighed. “Yes, I do.”

“Fetch it.”

Ava looked at me. I didn’t know what she was thinking, but after searching my eyes for several seconds, her warmth left me and I was left staring at her swaying ass once more. She walked towards her walk-in closet, disappeared inside, then came back out half a minute later with a bright pink silicone ball gag.

She knew what I was going to do with it, but she hopped back into bed, resting on her knees in front of me and handing me the toy.

“Good girl,” I said.

My sister must be getting used to the praise. Because instead of complaining about it like the first time, she just shot me a cute frown. 

“Here’s what’s going to happen.” I scooted towards the edge of the bed and patted my thighs. “You’re going to lie across my lap and take the punishment like a good girl you are.”

“You can’t be serious, Aaron.”

“Ava,” I snapped her name out and was delightfully surprised when she recoiled back. 

“Master.” She sighed. “I’m sorry. But this is too much. Don’t you see how degrading this is for me?”

“You promised you would submit. And what better way to show your submission than doing this?” I paused. “Besides, you’re a brat. You know you are, and I need to instill some long overdue discipline in you.”

My sister grumbled, but she did what she was told. Crawling next to me, she shot me a glare before sighing and bending down, lying across my erection, purposely shifting herself so that her heat was grinding against mine.

I swallowed my groan, closing my eyes for several seconds to not break composure. Fuck, this was hard. My sister was such a fucking tease. 

Reopening my eyes, I surveyed the gorgeous landscape of my sister’s body.  

“Don’t hit me too hard,” Ava snapped with surprising venom, but I knew she was just uncomfortable with the situation I put her in, trying to hide her nervousness with anger. 

“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.” I rubbed patterns over her left ass cheek, drawing out the anticipation of what was about to come. 

“You really get off on this, don’t you? Humiliating your little sister?”

“Someone needs to bring you down a peg or two, Ava.”

Or maybe ten.

“You’re really getting off on this. I can literally feel your cock jerking.” She huffed. “Whatever, just get this over with.”

“I want you to count off each blow, dear sister.” I slipped my index finger in between her crack, fingering the outskirts of her forbidden hole. She gasped and twisted. “Do you understand me?”

She whimpered.


“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl. Now open your mouth wide and nice.” I grabbed the ball gag and hovered it in front of her lips. “Open up.”

“How the hell am I supposed to count if I’m gagged?”

I shrugged, even though she couldn’t see me. “Just make a sound. I don’t care.”

“Fuck me,” she muttered. “The things I do for love, huh, Master?”

She stretched her lips wide, and I quickly restrained her, securing the gag and making sure it wasn’t too tight.

“You good?” I asked my bound sister. “Comfortable?”

She nodded again.

God, what a sight. Gagged, with drool already pooling at the edge of her full lips. Pink ball, pink hair. Such a perfect combination.

My sister shifted, rubbing her tight pussy against my cock even harder. I groaned. My sister giggled.

Naughty, naughty girl.

I didn’t give a warning when I spanked her. She was still playing her game, trying to slip my cock inside her, when I brought my palm straight down, smacking her left cheek through her uniform skirt. The sound darted across her room, her cheeks jiggling from the impact. 

“MHMM!” Ava jerked forward, but I was ready for that response, pressing my other hand down her shoulder blades, feeling her lean muscles there contracting. 

“Ava…” I didn’t hit her too hard, but it was enough for her to grow serious and stop her playful attempts. “You didn’t count.”

“Mhmm! Mmm!” 

Was that a one? Maybe I shouldn’t gag her, but the thought was too fucking hot to pass up. 

“Here’s number two, baby.” I rolled her skirt upwards and drew my palm back, slamming against the same reddening cheek, causing my sister to scream in her restraints.


“Ava, count.”


“Good girl.”

I admired the faint handprint on her luscious bottom, but Ava was moving so much it was hard to appreciate my work. 

“Stay still.” I drew my palm down to her lower back and applied pressure. 

When she fought back and tried to struggle away, I delivered a thundering blow to her other ass cheek. I might have been too excited and hit her too hard because even though her screams were muffled, they were ear-piercing. 

Ava rolled off my thighs, and I realized she was tearing up when she glared at me from the ground. 

She quickly unbound herself. “What the fuck, Aaron? Are you insane or something? I told you not to hit me so hard!”

“I might have been too harsh.”

Droll was leaking down her chin, and I watched it as it seeped to the ground. “You’re fucking crazy! Maybe we shouldn’t do anal. You would just hurt me.”

“Ava.” I patted the spot next to me. “Sit.”

I expected her to resist, but miraculously, after some grumbling, she stood up and sat next to me. 

Taking her chin, I looked at her blue eyes. “I admit I was too hard. I’m sorry. I’ll be gentler.”

She looked away. “I fucking hate you.”

“No, you don’t.” To prove my point, I pulled her into my lips, and was greeted by a sigh and a low moan when we touched lips.

I played with her nipples while we kissed. They weren’t as hard as I would like them to be, but after some pinching and fondling, her buds beaded tight.

Pulling away, I nodded towards her stack of pillows. “Get on all fours. It’s time.”

“Don’t break my trust, Aa—Master. Go slow. Don’t be cruel.”

“I won’t.”

“Can you help me transfer my teddies back? I don’t want them to get… you know… dirty.”

“Of course.”

A minute later, we were back on the bed.

“You’re so fucking hot, Ava.” I reached over and popped out her top button. “Especially when wearing this.”

“I always knew you had a thing for schoolgirls.”

I paused at the second button. “How?”

“You always had an erection when we were eating breakfast together.”

The second button came loose. “I should have been more discreet.”

The grin she gave me stilled my heart. “Not with a cock your size.”

The third button popped out, revealing a good portion of her breasts. I could have undone the rest, but having her breasts partially exposed rather than fully was hotter.

“You’re going to have anal with this innocent schoolgirl.” She sing-song the words and blinked her long, dark lashes at me. “How do you feel?”

“Ava, stop.” I closed my eyes and resisted the urge to blow my load, but yet again, I wasn’t discreet enough. 

A stream of pre-cum leaked out of me, to my sister’s delight. She giggled and collected my arousal using a thumb before bringing her digit back to her mouth, sucking on it as if it were a lollipop.

“You like me acting out as this innocent little girl, don’t you, Master? You want me weak and submissive.”

“On all fours.” I gave a gentle tap to her ass. Ava smirked, winked sexily then turned around, assuming position. 

My heart was a battering ram under my rib cage, my head lightheaded with lust. I lifted her school skirt, exposing her stretched out pussy, all pink and inviting, but I had to ignore it for the next half an hour because I desperately want to fuck her ass—and it wasn’t just to have my curiosity sated.

It was the ultimate move to complete my domination over her. No one else had been inside that forbidden place because none of her exes could tame my sister. Once I break that barrier, we would form an unyielding bond together, one deeper than just being siblings. 

I gripped her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Ava assisted me, leaning against the stack of pillows and bringing her hands backwards, holding her cheeks in place as I shifted forward, edging closer and closer to where I needed to be.

“Go slow,” she reminded me. “Please go slow.”

“Don’t worry, little sis.” If I thought her pussy was hot, her ass was radiating, almost burning the tip of my cock as I pressed myself against her crack, groaning.

“I…” She exhaled. “I’m scared.”

“Me too, love.” I shouldn’t have shown her vulnerability, but the overwhelming anxiety clouded my confidence. What I was about to do was different from all the sex we have done, all the positions we have tried. “Me too.”

“Fuck, this is going to hurt.” Ava buried her forehead into the pillow as I slowly rolled my way in, gritting my teeth as she clenched her cheeks around the head of my cock. 

“Ava… relax.” I tightened my grip against her hips. “I—I’m stuck.”

She relaxed a little, and I could breathe again. 

“Okay.” I inched deeper, and then the next thing I knew, I was stretching her snug opening, and the groan I elicited out of my sister sent me spinning.

“Fuck!” I spat the curse out as spikes of pleasure tore through me from the inside out. I thought I heard my sister whimpering, but the rush of blood in my head drowned out every and any sound. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

I had sworn my little sister’s pussy was the single most exquisite thing in the entire world. Nothing could have provided me more raw pleasure than when she was flexing around me, milking me for cum, whimpering out my name, telling me to ram against the hard spot she so desperately loved. 

But I was too quick to judge. Because even though I was only an inch inside her ass, I felt like I was going to pass out from the sheer amount of pleasure bolting through me from head to toe, cock to balls. 

Holy fuck.


I could hear her muffled wails through the rush in my head, all throaty and unsteady. Even though she was biting down on one of her pillows, her shrieks were clear. I groaned.

I couldn’t go on any longer. Holy shit, there was no way.

I can,I screamed internally. Yes, I can!

Another inch forward. My sister shrieked again.

God, she was tight. She was so fucking tight.  

Ava jerked forward, her hips coming up and convulsing, her cheeks flexing. I crushed my eyes shut, hoping I wouldn’t explode just yet, praying for another minute of shattering bliss. 

I was going slow. Another inch deeper. Another whimper out of her. This time Ava took me in better, moaning me out as I stretched the dark place no one had ever been before.

In the mix of all the craziness, gratitude struck out. Ava gave me her ultimate trust, and I should never take my beautiful sister for granted.

“I love you,” I choked out, burying deeper, already more than halfway inside. 

“I love you too,” she sobbed.

“Am I hurting you?”

She shook her head. “I… can… I can take it. You’re just so fucking huge.”

With a groan, I pushed the remaining length of my cock into her in the gentlest way I could manage. I slipped into her with relative ease, my little sister already stretched to her absolute limits.

Ava arched her back and ripped out a scream of pain and pleasure—but mostly pleasure. Fucking music to my ears.

“Ava...” I grabbed her chin and tilted her towards me. “Come here, my love.”

Ava was still teary-eyed, but she offered a small smile when our gaze connected. I leaned forward, pressing my heavy balls against her ass and taking her soft, whimpering lips into mine.

We both mutually went straight for tongue action. I slipped into her lips and our tongue met in a burst of warm heat. Vanilla flooded my tastebuds, but she tasted sweeter than all the times I had kissed her, and I had to wonder if this was what love tasted like. 

I couldn’t go hard on her ass, so I directed every once of my aggression towards her lips and tongue while I offered slow, loving pumps in and out of her ass.

“This is the best night of my life,” I admitted to my sister as I left her tongue and licked every single corner in her mouth before returning to her when she whimpered for me to come back. 

Ava didn’t bother to reply, too invested in our kiss. Her girly moans and needy whimpers were pure adrenaline for me, filling me up with a heady energy, making me kiss her deeper, tussle with her tongue harder, until I was forced away to gasp for oxygen.

“Master.” The word rolled off her swollen lips in a low, desperate whimper. We were gaining rhythm. I was pumping her while she met my every drive with a backwards thrust of her own, scorching me alive every time my balls slammed against the lower curve of her beautiful, plump ass.

“Ava.” She was still looking at me, smiling softly, her blue eyes filled with genuine love. 

Love for her brother. Me.

“You...” She sank her teeth down into her bottom lip on a thrust forward. “Y-You can go harder, if you want.”

I stared at her, looking for signs of discomfort. “You can take it?”

“I mean, don’t kill me with the thrusts, but yes, I can take it.”

“Okay.” I nodded, immediately speeding up my rhythm, panting, the rush in my head starting all over again as I fucked her ass faster and harder. “Holy fuck, Ava.”

“Are you close?” My sister mirrored my rhythm perfectly. She really was the ultimate sex partner. She had her flaws, sure, but no one could say her physical appearance was anything but handcrafted by God himself, airbrushed to perfection.

And her flaws weren’t purely negative. If Ava loves you, she really loves you. She was possessive, needy, and the most clingy girl in existence. For some men, all those traits wouldn’t be a net negative, especially when the girl looked like Ava.

“Yeah.” My breathing was patchy. With every staggered, shallow breath, I was breaking apart, trying my absolute best to draw the moment out as long as humanly possible.

“AH!” My sister’s eyes glazed and her hips jerked forward when a thrust forward came a little too ambitiously. She moaned out a little whimper before funneling her attention back towards me. “Make out with me when you cum, okay? I want to be as connected with you as possible when you finally let it out.”

“Okay.” I closed my eyes, so fucking lost in her ass. It was so warm, still tight, and like her pussy, there was a hot little flex to it every time I drove in. “Ava—I’m going to…”

“Kiss me.”

I opened my eyes and leaned forward, seeking my sister’s vanilla lips. It was the perfect time because as soon as our lips connected, I broke with agonizing bliss.


My orgasm flared through me, exiting my spasming cock in waves of thick, white liquid—straight into my little sister’s ass.

I was roaring wild screams into her, which Ava swallowed, accepting my aggressive kisses, being exactly what I always fantasized her to be. My submissive cum dumpster.

As I spurted out another wave of cum, barraging into her depths, I thought about how much my little sister had changed over the course of a week. Not long ago, she refused to even look me in the eye because she was embarrassed that I was her brother. 

Look at her now. She was calling me Master. She willingly allowed herself to get fucked in all her important holes. I had spanked her. I had done everything no brother should. 

We had sinned over and over, and I suspect we would continue sinning for decades to come because no matter how much I fucked her, I would never, ever get bored with Ava.

It wasn’t just her awe striking beauty. Or her skills in the bedroom. It was the fact that I was completely in love with her, and my sister just admitted that she was head over heels for me too. 

When I was finally done, shivering out the last fizzle of hot cum, a minute had passed and I could feel my semen leaking from her hole. With a groan, I pulled away from her trembling lips and withdrew my cock. 

Ava slumped down onto the bed in a heat of heavy breaths and sweat. I dropped beside her, the first sign of exhaustion creeping in.

My sister shifted closer and melded her soft, slick curves against me. 

“Did you enjoy that?” Her breaths skirted across my lips, making me shiver. 

“Ava…” I brushed my hand over the back of her head and grabbed her pink ponytail, twirling my finger around it. “That was the best fucking sex we had ever done.”

She raised a brow, dripping light sweat from her forehead, looking completely fuckable. “Is anal that good?”

“You didn’t enjoy it?”

“I didn’t cum, did I?”

“Fuck. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Ava popped open the rest of her buttons, then pressed her breasts against my chest. Her nipples were still rock hard, and I groaned at the delicious contact.

“As long as you love it, I’m happy. We can do it again after I recover.” I caught the flash of her grimacing when she touched her ass. “I probably won’t be able to sit properly for a few days. No biggie.”

My sister was upset. 

“Hey.” I sat up and looked down at pink perfection. “Let me make you cum.” I placed a hand on her thigh, on the spot right below her skirt, shivering at how soft her skin felt. “Spread your legs. I’m going to eat you out again.”

“Thank you,” she mouthed, spreading her creamy thighs. Her uniform skirt was so short, her pussy was fully exposed as soon as she stretched her legs out. “I’m all yours.”

“Ava.” I knelt down in between her thighs.

Her eyes were closed. “Hmm?”

“I love you. Never forget that.”

She didn’t reply, but I could hear a faint sob and feel her thighs trembling slightly. 

“Don’t cry.” I dipped down and ran my tongue across her wet folds, licking up then circling her clit, sighing as her sweet flavor filled me up.

She choked a sob out and gasped at the same time.

“Just enjoy, okay, Ava?”

She nodded. I got to work.


I had a beautiful dream.

A woman was sucking my cock with genuine passion. She was pleasuring me from base to tip with expert little flicks of her warm, wet tongue. 

I opened my eyes and gazed up at the pink ceiling, sighing with content.

Wetness left my cock. 

“Morning, baby.” 

“Huh?” I tried to sit up, but a palm on my chest kept me still.

“It’s okay.” I recognised the sweet, feminine voice of my little sister. “Relax.”

“Ava.” I looked at her. She wasn’t in her school uniform anymore. My sister was already all cleaned up, naked, with her pink hair back to flowing Hollywood waves and her perfect face lightly touched up with some makeup. “What—What happened?”

“What do you mean?” She tilted her head. “We fucked last night until you passed out. Don’t you remember?”

Now that she mentioned it, I realized my body was burning with soreness. Memories of last night returned to me in a rush, and I opened my mouth at the sins we had committed. 

Last night. It was… relentless.

We did everything. And I meant everything.

Ava pumped me slowly with a hand while she offered light licks to the tip of my jerking cock, lapping up the pre-cum that came spurting out every few seconds.

“Are you sore, baby?” she asked me.

I closed my eyes, enjoying her skillful, confident movements. Having your sister jerking you off was infinitely better than doing it yourself. But I guessed that was obvious.

“Yeah,” I told her. There was no point in lying and acting tough. I was so fucking drained from all the domineering act last night. I just wanted to lie down and have her suck me off for the entire day. 

But I still wouldn’t tolerate being pushed around anymore. My sister could have some control today, but I still expected her to concede to me at the appropriate times.

“Me too,” she said. “My ass is still pink and my hole is fucking raw. Look.”

I raised my head to look, almost choking on my own saliva as Ava twisted her hips to give me the ultimate view of her ass. She was right. It was pink, and when she opened her cheeks out for me to show me her forbidden hole, I groaned, spurting more arousal out. 

Ava giggled, going back to my cock, where she eagerly sucked on my tip. 

“You’re so easy, big bro.” She continued jacking me off while her other hand gently massaged my balls, lightly pinching me in several places, keeping me guessing. “But I guess it’s just men being men.” She glanced at me with her piercing blues. “Do you want me to ride you now? Or are you too sore for that?”

I smiled. “I would like to cum down your throat. Then we can do some riding.”

Another sweet giggle. A sound so high-pitched and feminine. “Yes, Master.”

“Mhmm.” I reached over and touched her cheek. “You’re still calling me that.”

“Only because you love it.” She glanced away, towards her teddies. “And, honestly…”


Instead of replying, Ava crawled on top of me, making sure I could feel her hard nipples as she dragged them up my body. I shivered, and she giggled again, stopping and hovering her lips above mine.

“I kind of like it,” she said.

I frowned, and she gave me a quick peck on the lips. “You like… what?”

I knew what she was referring to, but I needed to hear the confirmation directly from her. 

Ava smiled and trailed a finger down my front. “Being yours.”

“You’re already mine.”

“Mmm. Was I? Am I?” I groaned as she crawled back towards my cock, once again dragging her hard, bulleted nipples down my body. My cock was back on her lips, then in her mouth. Deeper. I was in the back of her mouth. Then back out. She pecked my tip. “You taste so yummy.”


“Isn’t this crazy, big bro?”

“What is?”

“One moment I hate your guts and think you’re doomed to a life of loserville, and the next… I can’t stop thinking about you. Kissing you, fucking you, sucking you off.” She blinked innocently. ‘Having your baby.”

“Maybe you just found out how much you love me later in life.”

“No.” She shook her head, her pink hair swaying. “I had no love for you, big bro. None. Zero. Then, one day, I just woke up and had this… urge to touch myself thinking about you. When it wasn’t enough, I had to steal your shirt to have your scent. Then when that wasn’t enough, I had to kiss you, then fuck you. And it still isn’t enough. I’m fucking crazy about you, Aaron. I have never, ever felt this way towards a man before. Certainly not towards you until…” She looked at me. “What happened? Was this the same for you, too? You said you loved me for a long time.”

“I do.” I didn’t like where this conversation was heading. “I have always loved you.”

“Hmm.” She thought about it for a while, absentmindedly stroking my cock. I had this sudden fear Ava was going to figure everything out. She could backtrack the day when she accidentally swallowed the love pill and her feelings for me did a complete one-eighty. 

What would she do if she figured out her overwhelming feelings for me were artificial? 

Eventually, Ava shrugged. “I guess, what I’m trying to say is that…” She exhaled. “I love you. I love you so much it fucking hurts and I don’t know what to do with my feelings and where can we go from here.”

“What do you mean?” I knew exactly what she meant. Why was I playing dumb? “We can make love every day. We can be with each other for the rest of our lives.”

“That would be a dream, wouldn’t it?” Ava dipped down and offered pleasure spasming licks down to my balls, giving me little nips and bites while she lapped me up. “But there comes the problem that you don’t want a monogamous relationship. You want Lucy too.”

“I just want to love my family. You both are the sexiest women alive.”

“But you’re the prettier one,” I quickly interjected when she opened her mouth.

“Please don’t use that word,” Ava grumbled. “You know I hate that word.”

“Sexier one,” I corrected myself. “You’re the most beautiful girl in my eyes, Ava.”

“If...” My sister dipped back up, nailing her blues on mine. “If I allow you to have Lucia, too. Would I be your favorite?”

“A hundred percent.”

“Hmm.” She exhaled. “I don’t know. I’m not a big fan of threesomes.”

Of course Ava has had threesomes before. What had my sister not done? Well, aside from anal which I was so fucking ecstatic to be her first. My chest was still swelling with pride from last night.

“Well, we don’t have to have many threesomes. I really would just like to watch both my sisters make love.”

“Ewwwww.” She scrunched her nose, and I almost laughed. “What the fuck, Aaron?”

I shrugged as if it was no big deal. “I always get riled up by some girl on girl action.”

“Sure. But with my own fucking sister?” 

I wanted to point out that she was doing all those things and more with her own brother, but I kept my mouth shut. The moment was important. Ava had to be okay with our new relationship. 

If she had accepted that I would be fucking Lucia too, then half of the puzzle was completed. The other half would require bending Lucia to my will. And judging from my first encounter with her, it shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as conquering our feisty little sister.

“Hey.” I sat up with a grunt. My dick and balls were soaking wet with her saliva. “Do it for me. If I could watch you and Lucia going at it for my pleasure… I don’t know how that isn’t an ultimate gesture of your love for me.”

Ava shook her head. “I can’t believe I’m even considering this.”

“Say yes and we’ll be together forever.”

Blowing out another breath, she shook her head, and my heart fell. “I need time to think about it. For now, let me suck you off.”


Ava gave me a superb blowjob, taking me deep down her throat and allowing me to cum down there where she swallowed every single drop, even offering me after service where she licked my cock and balls clean before hopping on my cock and riding me without as much as a breather. 

Lucia could definitely hear us with how loud we both were. 

After I shot my seed into her fertile womb, Ava dragged me into her bathroom, where we took a shower together. Ava washed me first, then I did the same to her, but it was harder than I would have liked because she couldn’t stop kissing me, obsessed with my lips. 

I didn’t really see a point with all the cleaning because right after we towel dried and stepped out, we were right back to fucking like animals. 

I had my sister on all fours, mercilessly ramming in and out of her swollen pussy from behind while she screeched out my name over and over, telling me how good it felt and urging me to not stop and fuck her harder. 

I lost track of the number of times I unloaded into my sister. But once I filled her up again, I was ready for the next round, in a different position, but my sister had other plans. 

“Join me in the gym?” she asked, getting up and stretching her arms high. I stared at her breasts as she jutted them out, wanting to feast on them just like how I had last night.


“Hmm?” I blinked. “Yeah?”

“I need to workout, and I would love it if you’d join me.”

I must be frowning, because she giggled. 

“Don’t worry, big bro. I’ll teach you. I’ll be the best spotter and we can do cardio in the changing rooms after.” She stretched her breasts out again, faking a yawn, and I realized she was doing that on purpose. “What do you say?”

I was drunk with pleasure and lust. I would do fucking anything to be with her the entire morning, but agreeing immediately would make me look like a pushover.

Yeah, the games I was playing were fucking draining, but Ava proved I had to use certain strategies when it came to her.

“Hmm…” I looked away, but my eyes hovered their back to her stunning teardrops. How were they so round, so soft, so snug? “I don’t know, Ava. I’m a little tired from all the cardio already.”

“Please?” She tilted her head, giving me her best kitten eyes. Her voice resonated, flowing over me in a seductive rhythm. “I would reallyyyyyy love it if you would spend more time with your favorite sister.”


“Alright,” I said, trying to keep my voice leveled and not reveal that I was excited, though my cock betrayed me, leaking my emotions out. 

“Let’s get changed.” Ava leaned forward, and I assumed she was going to kiss me again, but she planted a soft, wet peck on my cheek, leaving tingles on the spot. “I’ll meet you outside.”

I didn’t know what to wear for the gym, so I eventually settled on a clean fitted White T-shirt Ava had bought for me and gray shorts. I didn’t own any gym shoes, so I settled on old sneakers.

Exiting my room, I almost choked when I saw what my little sister was wearing. Her outfit wasn’t anything unusual; it was a typical gym clothes any woman could wear, but when Ava was wearing a tight sports bra and even tighter leggings that accentuated the amazing curve of her ass… it was almost unfair.

The best part? She was all in pink. 

Ava knew I was checking her out. I mean, it was obvious, with my eyes practically bulging out of their sockets. Her lips curled into a smirk.

“Hi,” she said.


My sister closed the distance between us, peppering light pecks on my neck, trailing her way to my lips, and I heard her inhale deeply. 

“I want to fuck you now,” I whispered to her.

“We can do it in the car after the gym. Save your energy for the weights.”

I snaked my palm around her hips and squeezed her ass cheeks.

“I want to fuck you now,” I repeated.

“Sex fiend.” But she giggled and lapped at my lips like a kitten. I used to find that annoying, but somehow the weird gesture was growing on me. I guessed it was my little sister’s way of showing her affection—as off-putting as it was.

A door swung open behind us and the rich, smooth voice of our eldest sister spoke up.

“Stop it.”

I turned around, but it was difficult when Ava was refusing her licks and kisses, ignoring her sister as she licked her way back down and started kissing my neck. 

“Lucia,” I croaked out, silently cursing that my voice was so damn rough—and horny. “Hey…”

My older sister looked like she hadn’t slept for the past two days. Her usually ocean blue eyes were bloodshot, her hair was a mess, and she was wearing her pajamas. Even though she had everything physically against her, she could still pass off as a supermodel.

“This is wrong, Aaron.” Her strained eyes flickered to Ava, who was still paying no attention to her, kissing my neck with her lips and massaging my cock through my shorts with her hands. “You know this is wrong.”

Ava stopped kissing me, making her way back up, tiptoeing and leaning her lips over my ear. “Come on, Master. Let’s go.”

She tugged me forward, and I followed her, my eyes flickering between Lucia and Ava’s ass, looking so fucking amazing in those extra tight pink leggings. 

We passed Lucia, and just as we were about to exit the condo, my eldest sister grabbed my hand.

“Aaron.” Lucia’s voice was barely a whisper, shaky and fearful. She clutched my hand tighter. “Don’t do this.”


I switched my attention to Ava, her sweet, feminine voice sending shivers racing down. 

Her little smile was an erotic invitation. And so was the wink. “Let’s go.”

My sisters were playing some kind of tug-of-war game, and I was the rope, being pulled from two directions. 

But my mind was already made up. I glanced at Lucia.

“I’m sorry.”

“Aaron. Don’t.”

“Sorry.” I jerked my hand away from her grip, and Ava pulled me through the opened front door.

The last thing I saw was Lucia tearing up before the door slammed close.


“You chose me.” 

Ava sounded surprised. We were in the private elevator, the only two passengers, and her piercing blues were staring at mine in the reflection.

“Of course I did.”

“Big bro.” She looked at the real me and stepped forward. “You have no idea how much of a turn on that is.”

“What? For picking you?”

“Mmm-hmm.” She touched my cheek using the back of her hand. “I want you to fuck me now.”

I chuckled, then realized by her parted lips and glazed irises she was completely serious. 

“Now?” I almost choked on the word. “Here?”


“Someone would catch us. Anyone could walk in.”

“All the more reason to be quick. Just bust a load inside me within a minute. I have seen you do the deed quicker several times.”


“Come on.” My sister pulled down the waistband of her leggings and leaned into me, raising her leg so that I automatically held her thigh to my hip, giving me a good angle to fuck her. “Hurry. Put him in.”

“Ava… we can just fuck in the car.”

“Please?” She blinked. “Master?”

“Ava.” I twisted us around and slammed her against the mirror. “You’re driving me crazy.”

My shorts were being pulled down, and a second later, I felt soft fingers guiding my cock to scorching heat. “Please fuck me, Master. Make love to your pet.” Ava exhaled, then sucked on my bottom lips. “I’m all yours. Forever and always.”

I gripped her hips and sank into her on a hard thrust, penetrating my little sister and ticking off yet another sin off my long list. Fucking her in an elevator where any resident could just walk in on us. And people in the building knew we were siblings because they knew of Ava.

Her pussy walls greedily swallowed me up. Tiny prickles of pleasure lit up my entire body, flaring goosebumps everywhere.

I grunted, then gripped her chin, tilting her head, angling her where I wanted. Ava relinquished all control to me, spewing soft grunts as I pumped into her with short, hard thrusts.

“Forever and always,” I said. My cock spasmed, and I exploded into her, sealing our promise and dooming us for all eternity.

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