A Family Mix Up

by AbolethLasher

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:incest #cw:noncon #daddy_daughter #dom:male #hypnosis #mental_age_regression #daughter #f/m

Kurt decides to make some subliminal audio files to make his family into the perfect wife, and perfect daughter. Except he accidentally gives each one the other’s tape.

Kurt had always been interested in hypnosis, but it wasn’t until his midlife crisis that he considered trying to learn it. In between buying sports cars, working out more, and trying to make himself forget about his own aging and mortality, he was taking a boatload of online classes about the theory and practice of hypnosis.

At 45, Kurt was supposedly living the dream. He lived in a nice neighborhood, in a beautiful house with white picket fence and everything! He had a gorgeous wife, Linda, who at 34 could easily have passed for a much younger woman because of how well she took care of herself, and an intelligent and ambitious 18-year-old daughter, Natalie, who he knew had great things in her future.

But things were far from perfect.

Even though Natalie continued to do well in her studies, and take school seriously, she had started dressing more provocatively, arguing with her parents more, refusing to tell them where she had been or what she had done while she was out, and they were occasionally getting calls from the school about dress code violations or detentions for talking back to teachers. And something that Kurt didn’t care as much about, but which drove Linda up the wall was her recent refusal to do her chores. Natalie’s room was a disaster area, and when it was her day to do dishes or clean common areas Natalie always happened to be at a friends house, or hanging out somewhere or other.

On the other hand, Linda and Kurt had drifted slowly apart over the years. What had been a whirlwind romance when she was 18 and he was 29 had resulted in Natalie accidentally being conceived. Calling what followed a shotgun wedding would only have been a slight exaggeration. Linda had loved Kurt when they had gotten married, and he definitely hadn’t pressured her to keep the baby, but there was still a slight resentment there, and it had slowly wedged them apart over the years. Now, their sex life was practically non-existant, and Kurt seemed to fall asleep watching Netflix alone on the couch more often than he actually went to bed next to Linda. They were practically strangers living in the same house, raising a daughter together.

Recently, Kurt wondered if Linda was trying to make him jealous. On her weekly “girls nights” she would go out wearing these skimpy dresses that left very little to the imagination, and when Kurt tried to ask casually what her and the girls had gotten up to, she would stonewall him. He was pretty sure she wasn’t cheating or anything, but he had seen her seeming to flirt with other men a few times, and wondered how long it was before she finally crossed that line.

Kurt was hoping hypnosis would fix all that somehow. After a few classes, he put some subliminal files together in his spare time. He wanted to make everything just so. After a few weeks of audio engineering, he exported the files and tried to figure out how to get them onto his daughter and his wife’s phones.

In the end, he decided to just do it with some targeted advertising. He paid Spotify and Facebook for some very narrowly focused ads that would basically only hit his wife and daughter, and wouldn’t break the bank either, given their total audience of two.

Then he waited. It would take time for them to both hear his ads, and then after they started listening to them, for the commands to sink in. He guessed it would be about a month before he saw any definitive results.

If only he hadn’t given the two files such similar, easily confused names when he was making them...

Natalie was the first to discover the file her father had uploaded. She liked to listen to music while she did her homework, and she refused to pay for Spotify Premium, so she ended up hearing ads every so often. After one of her favorite bops finished playing, she sighed as another ad started playing. But something about the ad was so compelling. It was for some electronic band she had never heard of, and she ended up clicking and listening to their playlist as she did her homework.

Natalie was about halfway through her math problems, when the first song started playing. «You love being my wife.» Natalie closed her eyes and shook her head, she really liked this song, but her head was starting to feel really funny. «You may have married me young, but you don’t regret it at all.» Natalie forced herself to continue her math homework. It took her about twice as long as usual, but she did finally finish. «You are madly in love with me.» Natalie then turned her attention to history class. «You’ll do anything that I tell you to do, without question.» Natalie found herself reading the same paragraphs over and over again. She kept losing her train of thought halfway through, and going back over what she had just read. «If any chores in the house are left undone, you should just pick up the slack and do them. It bothers you more than anyone else when they’re undone anyways.»

Natalie didn’t know what had come over her. «You don’t want to go out wearing those skimpy clothes anymore. You can dress sexy when you’re at home, because you want to please me, but when you leave the house, you should dress like the mature, adult woman that you are.» Natalie rubbed her temple. She had a slight headache, but she was almost done with her homework, after much longer than usual. «And stop flirting with people besides me. Your heart and soul belong to me. Your body belongs to me. You’d never dream of doing anything with anyone else. All your arousal and sexual energy is focused on me.»

Natalie decided to get ready for bed.

It was a day or two later, that Linda discovered the file. She was the worst when it came to clicking of Facebook ads. All the things they advertised to her were always exactly what she needed!

When Linda was trying to catch up with what her extended family and friends were up to on Facebook, she saw an ad for the cutest scrapbooking supplies! She clicked them, and was surprised to find that the link took her to a Youtube video, that was playing some electronic music of some kind.

She liked the sound, and kept it on in the background as she continued browsing. Linda had long ago started paying for Youtube Premium, in part because it let her keep listening to songs while they were on in the background. Kurt had informed her that there were actually free ways she could do that if she jailbroke her phone and used a different app, but she was never the most technical person and she didn’t mind spending a little money every month and not having to worry about stuff like that.

Linda kept the music on as she made her rounds around the house. «You love being my daughter.» She sighed when she saw that Natalie had failed to do her chores. Again. «You will never argue with your mother and I.» Linda wasn’t going to do her daughter’s own chores, that she was supposed to be doing for her. It set a bad precedent. «You will stop dressing like a teenage hussy. You can wear stylish or cool clothes if you want, but nothing that shows off too much skin.» Linda knew it was probably going to start yet another argument, but once Natalie was done with her homework, she was going to make her do her chores. «You should wait until college for dating. Boys may be super cute to you, since you’re full of raging hormones, but you’re a good girl and should wait to have sex until you’re older.» Linda went upstairs, and put something on TV. She knew Kurt was downstairs watching some show she probably couldn’t get into. «And if, god forbid, you’ve already been sexually active, I want you to slowly forget about all of that stuff. You’re a good girl! You should be a pure virgin until you’re not living with your parents anymore.» Linda found herself having trouble following the show she was watching. It was just sort of on in the background now, she was almost zoning out watching it. «Listen to what your mother and father say. I know you’re really lazy, and you’re not always going to do your chores, but please try to do them when we ask you.»

Linda let the TV stay on for a few more hours, before drifting off to bed.

At first, Kurt wasn’t sure he saw any difference. He was pretty sure both of them were listening to the files every night, that his subliminal messages were worming their way into their subconscious, pervading their very being. But Natalie and Linda were still getting into arguments about chores nearly every night. Linda was still dressing scandolously for her girl’s nights out, and there was a messages on his answering machine when he came home one Wednesday telling him that Natalie had been sent to the principal’s office over a dress code violation.

However, after two weeks, he saw the first shift.

“I like that outfit you’re wearing, honey,” Kurt said to his daughter at breakfast. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear it.”

Natalie blushed a bit. “Aw, daddy. This is just a school outfit for going out. Wait until you see some of the things I’ve gotten at the mall recently.”

Kurt shrugged. As long as Natalie wasn’t getting dress coded every day, that was good enough for him.

“Well, I approve,” Kurt said. “It’s very mature and modest. Don’t you think, Linda?”

Linda glanced at Natalie. “It’s pretty nice,” she said non-commitally. She didn’t want to start an argument, especially when she was getting what she wanted.

However, Linda couldn’t help but think her daughter’s outfit was kind of basic. Unstylish. It looked like something she would wear, and that wasn’t a compliment. Lately, Linda had been looking at her wardrobe with increasing disdain. She saw all the fun outfits teen girls were wearing these days, and wondered why she wasn’t having more fun with fashion. She’d need to adjust some of them for modesty though—she was a good girl, uh, woman.

“Well, goodbye, daddy,” Natlie said, hugging her dad for the first time in ages.

Kurt was actually surprised at how long she maintained the hug. Like she really enjoyed being in his arms.

Kurt smiled. It seemed like the files were working!

That impression was only confirmed in the evening when Natalie came home, and did her chores before doing anything else. Then she went up to her room, and started doing her homework.

Kurt was surprised when Natalie came down in a midriff bearing top and a miniskirt.

Linda looked at her disapprovingly. “Why are you wearing that? What happened to that nice outfit you wore this morning?”

Natalie put her nose up. “I’m not wearing this for you! What do you think of it, daddy?”

Kurt thought it was little much for his teenage daughter to be wearing, but as long as she didn’t go out looking like that, he really didn’t have many objections.

“Linda, don’t you think that you and I should respect Natalie’s choices? As long as she’s not being disruptive at school.”

Linda shifted uneasily. She didn’t want to argue with Kurt or Natalie…

“I guess,” she muttered.

Kurt was pleased to see the peace his files had seemed to create in the family. He wondered how many days he would have to wait before Linda would want to have sex with him again.

The next day was Linda’s “girls night out” and Kurt was pleased to see that she was wearing a modest outfit when she left the house. It was a little teeny bopper for his taste, but on his wife’s youthful body it still looked good.

Linda enjoyed the night out with her friends. They went to a bar, and did trivia. However, she did notice something she hadn’t before. There were a lot of young, cute guys at the bar. She had always respected her marriage to Kurt, but some of these guys were making her heart beat so fast! But she’d never do anything with them, as long as she lived with Kurt. She was a good, uh, woman, after all!

He was a little confused when he went to the kitchen and found that Linda hadn’t done the dishes, even though it was her night, and she practically never missed one of her nights. He was pleased when Natalie came in, saw the dishes undone, and did them without so much as a grumble or a groan.

Kurt smiled. The files were paying dividends.

Things were so peaceful over the next week. Linda and Natalie didn’t argue once. Natalie cleaned her room, and kept it that way (!), and all the household chores got done every night. (Though Linda had started to get a little careless, and Natalie was picking up more and more of the slack.) There were no calls from the school, and Natalie started being more open about how she spent her day at dinner. She would flutter her eyes, and play with her hair, and tell Kurt everything about what had happened that day, reacting with delight whenever he expressed approval for something she had done.

Kurt was a little disappointed to see that Natalie was still wearing her skimpy outfits around the house. He couldn’t deny that his teenage daughter had an amazing body, but he was at least happy she wasn’t dressing like a slut at school now.

It was one horny night, that he decided to see if Linda would respond to his advances like she did in the old days. He left his downstairs couch, and joined Linda in the bedroom, where she was watching some high school drama on TV.

He lay down next to her, and she smiled politely at him, but continued to watch her show.

Kurt put his arm around her, and started cuddling up to her.

His pants had gotten tighter, and he started kissing Linda on the neck. Back when they had started their relationship, that had always gotten her in the mood.

However, Linda seemed uncomfortable and pushed Kurt softly away.

“Stop it!” she said quietly. “I’m, uh, not in the mood.”

Kurt’s shoulder’s fell. It looked lke Linda would need more “cooking.” He’d try again in a few days, and see if she changed her tune.

He nodded, and left Linda to her show. But she said something that made her stop in his tracks as he left.

“Besides, Kurt,” she said. “You know I can’t have sex yet. I’m not a slut! I’m a good girl!”

Kurt immediately realized the implications of those words.

‘Can’t have sex yet’? ‘A good girl’? As if she was a virgin. As if… Kurt thought with growing horror, Linda had listened to the wrong file!

He was still pretty turned on, by having been so near to his wife, but he rushed downstairs to test a theory. Natalie was in her room, doing her homework, dressed in the skimpy clothes she tended to wear around the house these days.

Oh no.

How had Kurt not seen it! He had assumed it was just the subliminals having a slow effect on her, but what if…

“Natalie,” Kurt said, trying to test a theory. If he was wrong, this was going to be super embarassing. “Your outfit is very sexy today. I like it very much.”

“Oh, daddy!” she said. “I’m so happy you like it! I wore it just for you!”

She got up, and hugged her dad, and gave him a kiss on the lips. And it definitely wasn’t a daughterly kiss.

How could he be such an idiot? How had he missed all the signs!?

He had mixed up the files to make his family into the perfect wife and daughter. Now his baby girl was probably lusting after him.

Natalie didn’t let go, even as Kurt slackened his embrace. He had never thought about it, but having her here, so close, so eager, he realized how much like her mother she was when she had been a teenager.

She had the same silky hair, the same piercing eyes.

… The same curves.

Kurt pushed Natalie away at that thought. He couldn’t think about his own daughter that way.

He was just… confused. His stupid mix up had created this awkward situation, and now he would have fix it. Would just switching the files back work? Or would he have to create a whole new set of files to fix them? At the very least he could get them to stop listening to the wrong file and reinforcing-

Natalie kissed him again, and pressed her young body against him.

“I see you’re excited to see me,” she whispered in his ear, lightly rubbing the tent in his pants. “Good. My body belongs to you.”

Kurt shivered. Those words were supposed to be coming from his wife right now.

Hearing them come from his daughter, felt wrong on so many levels! But as she continued to press her body against him, and he started to smell her arousal, he found his objections being overwhelmed by his own arousal.

He had been so horny today—that was why he had wanted to test Linda out. But his daughter was right here, and her skin was so soft, and her hair smelled so nice, and, and-

Kurt kissed his daughter back.

His hands started roaming over her back, and the two of them started making out. He felt her ass, and couldn’t help but give it a squeeze.

Natalie gave him a knowing look.

“Daddy,” she said. “I’ve been hoping you would notice me all week. You were barely looking at my outfits, and I was wearing them for you!”

Kurt kissed her. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. But I see you now.”

Natalie’s lips were like honey.

“Oh, daddy,” she moaned.

Kurt stopped at those words. This was his baby girl. He had spent the last 18 years raising her, hoping she would go on to find a nice man and settle down with him. Could he really?

“Uh, Natalie,” Kurt said, as he felt her gentle kisses on his neck. “Can you please not call me daddy?”

Natalie smiled at him, gently caressing his chest. “What would you like me to call you?”

Kurt gulped. “Just call me ‘Kurt’, or ‘babe’, or ‘honey’. I don’t know if I can, uh, do this when you keep saying that word.”

Natalie’s eyes were burning with lust and love for him. “Of course, Kurt.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “That sound so much better, so much more natural! After all, I’m not a little girl any more.”

Kurt’s slipped his hands under Natalie’s shirt, and he started to fondle her breasts. They were so perky and soft. His mind drifted to his last encounter with Linda months ago—her breasts were still nice, probably a few cup sizes bigger than Natalie’s, but they were starting to sag slightly with age. Natalie’s were incredible.

“That’s for sure,” Kurt said.

“Unf,” Natalie said, biting her lips. “I love the way you’re looking at me right now, babe.”

Kurt kissed her, and then pushed her back onto the bed, closing the door behind him.

Now that she wasn’t calling him “daddy”, it became a little easier for Kurt to pretend that he wasn’t about to fuck his daughter. He could half convince himself that this was his beautiful wife Linda, that everything was exactly as it should be.

Though the frilly pink bedsheets, and posters of boy bands on the wall certainly made it difficult.

Kurt let himself really look at his daughter for the first time. She was wearing a tiny black top that showed off her cleavage and her flat stomach, and a some booty shorts that showed off her amazing legs. Her painted red lips and make up were alluring, and the whole ensemble was turning him on like he hadn’t been in years. Especially the realization that she had worn it all for him.

Lying there on the bed, he didn’t think he had ever seen a girl- woman(!) as sexy as she was.

He got on top of her, straddling her and starting showering her body with kisses. Every inch of skin was lovely to him.

She unbuttoned his shirt, and struggled with unfastening his pants. He helped her out, and soon he was shirtless and in just his underwear. He greedily grabbed at her top, and she put her arms up so he could take it off, revealing pink lingerie underneath.

“Did you wear this for me?” he said, a hungry look in his eyes. “You little vixen!”

Natalie and him continued to make out, but when he tried to go for her booty shorts, she put a hand on his and gave him the first look of uncertainty that she had had that day.

“Um, da—, uh, Kurt,” she said. “I’ve got a confession to make.”

Kurt looked down at his daughter, feeling her tiny body beneath him. Luxuriating in her curves, in her toned, flat stomach, in her perfection.

“What is it, sweetheart?” he asked.

“I’ve, uh, never done anything like this before,” she said softly.

Kurt stopped, and looked down at his daughter for several seconds.

He hadn’t expected this. He had just sort of assumed—, with a body like hers-

Could he really do this? Could he really go through with deflowering his own daughter?

Sure, he was horny as hell. Sure, it had been months since he had had sex with Linda.

But surely he had enough self control to stop here. It would be awkward as hell, things would probably never be the same between Natalie and him, but he could stop this madness right here, make some new files and go back to the happy, idyllic life he had once enjoyed.

He could.

He could.

Natalie grabbed his head, and pulled him into a long kiss.

“Be gentle,” Natalie said, after letting him free to gasp for air. “I want my first time to be special, and I can’t think of any one more special than you da—, uh, Kurt!”

Kurt groped towards Natalie’s booty shorts. He slipped her out of them, and admired the lingerie she had picked out for him.

He couldn’t resist.

He could see the wet patch in her panties, see the way she looked at him.

Kurt’s kisses became more frantic, and his hands were squeezing and rubbing Natalie’s pert young breasts. She was moaning from the friction of his cock through both of their underwear.

And soon, Kurt had pulled his boxers down.

Natalie gasped. “Daddy! I didn’t know it would be so… big.”

Kurt smiled. That word didn’t deter him any more. He liked it when she said it, lying there beneath him, cheeks flushed with arousal, breathing heavy, feeling her heart beating rapidly for him.

Kurt pulled down his daughter’s panties, and entered her.

“Oh, daddy!” she moaned.

Kurt started thrusting in and out, and he could feel Natalie squirming underneath him, her lithe and eager motion more than making up for her lack of experience.

Her pussy was so tight, and he could feel her muscles tense and release at his every touch.

This was heaven—miles better than anything he had ever had with Linda.

“Don’t stop!” Natalie shouted. “Oh, fuck! Daddy, keep going! Faster, harder!”

The two of them were like animals in heat—and rational thought stopped being a part of the equation. They were panting and moaning and lost in every electric touch, every thrust, every subtle sensation.

Kurt could feel a familiar pressure building, and he knew he was going to cum.

Part of him knew he should at least pull out, but the bestial, mindless passion won out.

His pleasure reached a crescendo, and soon he was shooting hot, sticky cum into his daughter’s virgin pussy.

She moaned as her own pleasure reached a peak, and he could feel her pussy tighten as her body was rocked by her first orgasm.

Kurt collapsed beside her, and the two of them lay there in bed, panting and sweaty. Satisfied.

They lay there just feeling their bodies against each other, feeling themselves as one flesh.

Then Kurt felt the clarity that comes after sex, and he realized with horror what he had just done.

Without saying a word, he grabbed his clothes, hastily put them back on, and rushed out of his daughter’s room.

He slept on the couch again that night, wondering what he was going to do.

Breakfast the next day was tense.

Linda could sense something in the air between Kurt and Natalie, but she was far too innocent to recognize what the looks they silently exchanged meant.

“Uh, mom,” Natalie said.

Linda took a few seconds to respond to her. It didn’t seem to really fit her, did it?

“Uh, yes, dear?” Linda said.

“I’ve been thinking…” Natalie said.

Kurt looked worriedly around the table. He looked at his feet in shame. He really hoped Natalie wouldn’t say something too scandalous.

“What have you been thinking about?” Linda asked.

“Well,” Natalie said, taking a deep breath. “I was wondering if we could switch bedrooms.”

Linda looked at Natalie curiously.

“Well, it’s just that, I’m downstairs and you know I hate being below ground,” Natalie said. “And I figure dad usually sleeps in the downstairs TV room, so it wouldn’t be weird if I just slept in your guy’s bed.”

Linda considered Natalie’s word. Linda was surprised by her own lack of any objection to this proposal. Sure, the master bedroom was bigger and nicer than any other room in the house, but she kind of liked Natalie’s room. The pink sheets, the boy bands on the wall. She kind of liked the idea.

“I’ll tell you what,” Linda said. “We can try it for a few nights, but if I don’t like it, we’ll switch right back, how does that sound?”

“Oh, and there was another thing,” Natalie said. “I know you used to sometimes sit in on my classes when I was in elementary school, to make sure the teachers were doing everything right. Do you think you’d be willing to try that again?”

“Well, I haven’t done anything like that for a long time…” Linda said slowly.

“Come on, Linda!” Natalie said. “You can take a few days off of work, and then you’ll be able to make sure that everything is good.”

Linda shifted uneasily. The idea of making sure Natalie’s teachers were doing a good job actually sounded kind of boring to her, but going back to school did sound kind of fun.

“Alright, I’ll call work in sick, and join you in class today,” Linda finally said.

Kurt wondered what he had just seen unfold. He was still feeling ashamed of what he had done yesterday, but he felt even more guilty that Natalie’s initiative was starting to give him ideas.

Maybe he could throw some subliminals together for the school? He didn’t know how he’d get them to play over the loud speakers, but it was worth a shot.

He looked at Natalie, who even in the modest clothes she wore to school, was clearly stacked, and realized that he didn’t want to stop her and his wife from listening to the subliminals. Would it really hurt to just let this play out a little longer?

He could always put things back to normal later.

Natalie drove the two of them to school. Linda didn’t even question that Natalie took Linda’s car instead of her own.

They arrived at Natalie’s first class, and Natalie explained the situation to her homeroom teacher. The teacher looked at Linda, nodded and that was that.

As the bell rang, and students started filing in, Linda found her mouth watering at all the cute boys in the class. She didn’t know why she was suddenly so boy crazy all of a sudden.

“Hey, what’s that guys name?” she whispered to Natalie.

“Oh, that’s Devon Green,” Natalie said. “He’s the star quarterback.”

“Is he single?” Linda asked.

Natalie looked strangely at her mother. “Uh, funnily enough he is.”

Linda unconsciously straightened her hair, and adjusted her outfit. It was modest, but it was fun and girly and she hoped Devon would glance her way.

The rest of the day, Linda daydreamed about Devon. She wrote his name over and over again in a notebook, and wondered what it would be like to be married to him. She barely remembered that she was married to Kurt. That just didn’t feel like the kind of relationship they had with each other recently.

Natalie was a little embarrassed at how well her mom seemed to get along with her friends at lunch. She interacted with them more as peers then as her daughter’s friends!

Natalie also couldn’t help but think her mom was acting a little immature. Linda seemed to get excited about silly things like all the boys, and tried very hard to get invited to the party that one of Natalie’s friends was throwing that night.

What was worse, somehow Linda actually got an invitation!

When they got home, Natalie switched into her sexy clothes for Kurt, and Linda started getting ready for the party.

Natalie wondered where Kurt was. She was feeling lonely without her lover.

But just before Linda was about to leave through the front door, Kurt burst through it in front of her.

“You’re dressed up. Where are you going?” he asked.

“Natalie’s friend is throwing a party, and she invited me!” Linda said excitedly.

“Oh, that’s perfect!” Kurt said. “I’ve got a song I want you to get them to play, can you do that?”

Linda looked at Kurt dubiously. He didn’t exactly have a good sense of music.

“I guess I can try to get them to play your music, what’s it called?”

Kurt gave her the name, and she decided to listen to it on the way to the party.

It was surprisingly catchy. In spite of herself, she knew she was going to recommend it.

The party was amazing. Linda had so much fun dancing and drinking. She didn’t get too drunk—she was a good girl after all, and knew her limits. But the best part was that Devon was there. She spent a lot of the evening with him.

He was just so cool, and mature and funny. She laughed at all his jokes, and lightly touched his arms at various points throughout the conversation. She knew she couldn’t date a boy until she wasn’t living under Kurt’s roof, but she couldn’t help it if she flirted with a cute boy, right?

She suggested the song that Kurt had wanted her to pass along, and the host was soon playing it.

On loop. It was just that addictive.

Devon started to open up to Linda. He had trouble talking about his issues with his mom, but Natalie’s mom seemed really cool and understanding. «Linda is a student just like you. She’s 18 years old. There’s nothing unusual about her being at your school.» The two of them kept talking, but slowly drifted to other topics of conversation. «Natalie is Linda’s mother. She is Kurt’s wife. There is nothing strange about their relationship...»

The party was amazing, and everyone said they’d be telling their friends about the cool new song Linda had shown them.

In the coming weeks, the whole school had heard the hot new song, and even the teachers and staff had to admit that it was pretty catchy.

Kurt had tried to take things slow with Natalie since the party.

She was still listening to her “perfect wife” files every night, and listening to his new song in most of her spare time, but Kurt still felt so weird about what he was doing.

As Linda and Natalie had discussed, the two of them switched rooms, but Kurt left Natalie alone the first few nights, much to her chagrin. But eventually he couldn’t help himself.

He only lasted four days.

On the fourth day, he snuck up to the master bedroom, and decided to lay down besides Natalie.

It hadn’t take much persuasion from her for him to fuck her again.

She was screaming “daddy” late into the night.

Natalie only ever called Kurt that in the bedroom nowadays. It was a kinky little secret between lovers, not something that should be said in daylight in mixed company.

She loved being married to Kurt. She loved fucking Kurt. She loved everything about Kurt.

Kurt’s discomfort quickly lessened. He hadn’t intended to, but he had occasionally been in the room when Natalie was playing his catchy song, and more and more every day, it just seemed normal that Natalie was his wife, and Linda was his daughter.

He loved how young Natalie looked. He knew she was Linda’s mother, but Natalie had aged so gracefully.

It made their time in the bedroom a lot of fun. Natalie seemed to have inexhaustible stamina. She was already for round two.

And she fucked Kurt like a teenager with her first love.

Everything was amazing.

And the happiest change came later that year, when Linda was going to start her first year of college.

“Guess what!” Natalie said excitedly at breakfast, to a perplexed Linda and Kurt.

“What?” both of them asked in near unison.

“I’ve got amazing news!” she said. “I’m pregnant!”


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