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Do I have to make an account?

No need to make an account! ROM is completely free for anybody to use and you may choose to do so without an account. Accounts come with features such as liking (“giving a snap to”) stories, commenting on stories, following stories and authors that you enjoy, suggesting stories to other users, and submitting stories of your own. We encourage you to make an account if you’d like to take advantage of these features, but it is by no means required.

What are the terms of service to use the website?

You can find our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here, and our Code of Conduct here.

What kind of content is allowed on here?

As we are a website largely dedicated to mind control and hypnosis erotica, we primarily would suggest content of such nature. Aside from our code of conduct, we're not going to enforce any hard restrictions or quotas on what plot elements/themes stories can have, but we may ask for completely off-topic writings to be taken elsewhere. If you're reading this and not sure whether your writing belongs here, the answer is probably yes, but feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to discuss it!

What kind of content isn’t allowed on here?

Anything not allowed by the Rules. In particular, we do not allow any stories including underage participants depicted in sexual situations, stories that purposefully perpetuate harmful stereotypes, hateful actions, and racial discrimination, and fanfiction. We respectfully request that you host these stories elsewhere.

Are trans and genderqueer stories allowed on here?

Solidly yes.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of words we have to have in a story?

Nope! Feel free to post all of your stories on here, short or long! We do recommend that you combine and post anthologies of particularly short shorts so that they might be easier to find.

What are tags?

They’re convenient ways to help a reader figure out whether your story has what they’re looking for! Ultimately, it’s better for your story to reach an audience when they know what’s inside, but it’s up to you. The only exception is that we have content warning tags which ARE mandatory, and must be checked if your story includes them.

A maximum of six tags that are considered major content will be published underneath a story title. Users can click to see more for tags that are minor or more specific in nature. Further ‘spoiler’ tags are hidden behind another click, for users to determine whether or not they want to see any potential spoilers.

For authors, all tags (except content warnings) are by default minor content tags when added, and can be changed to major/spoilers from there on the tag edit page.

Can I publish my stories elsewhere?

Yes, you may publish your stories or any of your creative endeavors anywhere else. Publishing your stories on ROM does not require exclusivity, and you retain the rights to any and all of your writing that you post on ROM. Feel free to think of us as just another place for readers to find you and to host your content.

Can I include links to my own websites?

Yes! Every user page has an optional bio, where you are free to link to any off-website platforms such as social media, where else to find you, and ways to support your work. You can also include links directly as part of your stories, either at the top or at the bottom.

How do I contact the website or report something?

To report a story, you can use the “report” link at the very bottom of the story. The moderation team will be notified of the report, and take action if needed. Similarly, you may use the “report” links available next to comments and suggestions to report them as needed to the moderation team.
To simplify the work of the moderation team, we require a reason for each report (either for a pre-selected list of options, or for a custom reason).
If you reported a story, comment, or suggestion by mistake, you can cancel the report by clicking on the link again.

If you have an account and/or are willing to make one, you can contact us on the contact form page. You can also contact us by email at if you are not willing to create an account.


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