Control Chips


by xangoh

Tags: #brainwashing #D/s #Master/slave_language #microfiction

I might’ve—I was out of the shower, put it that way. I feel like I’d just finished, but I don’t really remember. I don’t remember being wet. I had a towel around me.
And it’s like, I’m looking at her wondering what she’s doing there. Because I hadn’t noticed her come in. And I was going to say something, but instead I looked down at myself, and I’d taken the towel off. I was just, holding it in my hand out to one side. And there was… there was a hole there. I mean, I looked down, I saw myself naked, and I was just sort of missing from it. The whole situation. Like, the only reaction I could manage was sort of, huh, interesting. Except it wasn’t interesting. It wasn’t anything.
I remember then we were chatting for a bit. No idea what about. Just standing there in the bathroom. I just—she looked really beautiful to me. It was all I could think about. Like I’d never really looked at her before. I couldn’t keep track of what she was saying.
And then she pointed at the towel—I was still holding it—and she said something like, don’t I need that, wasn’t I getting cold, and I looked at it and I said, No, I’m fine, and I dropped it on the floor.
When I saw the towel on the floor I knew I was naked. I mean, I knew I was naked, but—it hadn’t occurred to me I was naked in front of her. Like I hadn’t put that together till then. It didn’t bother me. In fact I remember feeling kind of proud of myself. Like, this is what a free, unashamed woman I am.
I think she told me to put the towel on the higher rack. Anyway I did, I had to stretch a bit to do it, and I glanced back and saw her checking out my ass. She winked. She said, naked looked really good on me. I was one of those girls, I should just go around naked all the time.
I guess I got kind of lightheaded, being complimented like that. Anyway, she had me spin around for her, and I think I did, like, little poses, little naked poses, like I remember getting up on my tiptoes with my hands behind my head and pushing out my tits at her, thinking I looked like a burlesque model. It was fun! She was really flirty with me the whole time.
And then I just… went back to my room. I had to get dressed for work or something. I remember she was standing in the doorway watching me go down the hall, and I was deliberately going slow, and I put an extra wiggle in it, because I knew she’d like seeing my ass shake.
Anyway, it's just a dream. I know that. I have fucked up daydreams sometimes. Lately, especially. Especially about her. It’s a good thing we’re both such straight girls, or it might worry me.
Just, it really feels like it happened. I keep like, secretly glancing at her at odd moments, like to see whether she’s checking me out when she thinks I’m not looking. Or I think about coming out of the shower and just staying naked, you know, walk around the house like that, see if she says anything. LIke that’d catch her out somehow.
Just silly shit. She’s the best roomate I’ve ever had. What do I have to be paranoid about?

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