by violetmoreviolins

Tags: #cw:noncon #audio_hypnosis #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #Audio_brainwashing #aural_fixation #gaslighting #memory_play
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Sam’s head is hurting from her night out, but at least her roommate Sean is supportive. If only she could shake this damn migraine…

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The annoying sound of her alarm was the first thing Samara heard that morning. She groaned, trying to hit it quickly so she could go back to sleep, but it was no use. After a long night out last night, she’d forgotten to turn it off for the weekend, and now it was blaring away at 7:30. After some more struggling she finally managed to hit it, but it was too late by then. She was well and truly up, and an annoying hangover was already starting to set in.

Frustrated, she sat up, her bedhead and baggy eyes clearly visible in the mirror on her nightstand, even without her contacts in. She rubbed the side of her head and cursed under her breath, pondering whether or not to try and go back to sleep (which she knew there wasn’t much chance of), or decide that the day had started already. She brushed her dirty blonde hair and tended to her tired head for a bit, but eventually her grumbling stomach had made up its mind. She walked out of her room.

Sean was there waiting for her, stirring his coffee as he turned to the sound of her door. “You’re up early.” He was always the more responsible roommate, usually awake by around this time to get ready for the commute to work on his master’s degree. He told her sometimes about how waking up at the same time every day was great for your health. Sam brushed him off, though. She was fine with an office job if it meant she got to let loose on the weekends.

“Yeah…” She managed, rubbing her head as she reached for a Red Bull in the fridge.

As she got closer, she could see his eyes drift down to her chest. Shit. She’d forgotten to change out of her pajamas: an old oversized t-shirt and panties. “Do you want me to leave?” At least he wasn’t gross about it.

“Nnh…it’s fine, I’ll get changed later,” Sam said as she cracked open the can. If she was going to have a man as a roommate, especially one she wasn’t attracted to, Sean was a preferable option. He kept to himself, didn’t perv on her, and didn’t say anything when she brought guys over.

Suddenly, though, she heard a ringing in her ear. A loud, piercing ring, even more intense than one she’d gotten after a front-row concert. She reached a hand to her ear, but it didn’t stop, only lingering for a second more before ceasing. She must have been more hung over than she’d thought.

“...should be fine, right?” He finished. He must have been talking to her, but she hadn’t heard any of it over the sound.

“Mm? What?”

He took a sip of his coffee. “I said that if you’re comfortable like that, it’s fine wearing those clothes around the apartment, right? I don’t have a problem with it.”

Sam looked up, a bit surprised. “You mean I should wear my pajamas when you’re around?”

“Why not? That’s what you normally do.” He took another sip as she thought.

Something felt strange about what he’d just said, but Sam brushed it off after a bit. He was right, she wore her pajamas in front of him all the time. It didn’t really matter, since she wasn’t attracted to him. She grabbed her drink as well as some hash browns from the freezer, putting them in the microwave and looking through her phone for a couple minutes before grabbing the plate and sitting down on the couch.

The hash browns were alright, enough to keep her stomach at bay before thinking of what to do today. While it was tempting to put her feet up and relax with a show she’d binged 4 times already, if she was going to be up early, she may as well do something with the extra hours. None of her friends were available, so instead she took a shower, played her guitar for a little bit, and ordered from a local Thai place she’d never had. It was there in time for lunch, as well as for Sean to step in.

He’d gone for a jog, as he usually did on the weekends–at least according to him. She’d never noticed. As they ate some pad see ew together, though, he continued to linger for a little too long on her chest. Was he thinking of…that?

“Hey, Sean,” she started, more put-together than she’d been earlier. Her hair was still damp, however. “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Just because I’m wearing my pajamas, that doesn’t mean I’m coming onto you. I just see you as a friend.”

He nodded, making Sam think that she was the one who’d made it uncomfortable. “Of course, I’m the same way.”

Her ears started ringing again. She closed her eyes to try to block it out, but luckily it was gone after a couple seconds. What an annoying migraine. As she looked back up to him, he was smiling a bit as he looked at her breasts, not even trying to hide it this time. It didn’t strike her the same, though. “...what were we talking about?”

“I was just saying that you don’t mind if I admire your body, do you, Sam? I mean, you didn’t say that you minded it before.”

“Right, yeah, I don’t mind it…” Those words slipped through her lips before she could consider them that much, but they sounded right anyway. That was how things normally were, she didn’t need to make a big deal of it. She pulled her completely dry hair behind her ear and continued eating. Besides, she thought as his gaze turned to her panties, it wasn’t a bad feeling. It was good to know she could still turn guys on, even if he was her friend. She wouldn’t say that out loud, of course. She’d hate to make things weird.

They stayed on the couch for a while longer, her roommate’s gaze only occasionally shifting from her body. It was a bit much, but Sam didn’t mind. Once the food was gone, Sam was tempted to go back to her room and lie around noncommittally for a while–her favorite weekend activity–before Sean flipped to a random channel. It was a cooking show, a medium which Sam was mostly ambivalent to, seeing as she usually ate out, but was a fine enough way to spend time with her roommate. She blushed a little harder as he scooted closer to her and craned his neck to see her ass. This was their typical routine at home, with Sam trying and failing to hide her appreciation of his interest.

Suddenly, though, it looked like he had an idea. “You must like how I pore over you, Sam.”

She bashfully exhaled through her nose. They’d never talked about this: she liked it being an implicit factor of their relationship, one that neither had to draw attention to. “What are you talking about?” she replied, guiltily. She was never a good liar.

“Don’t lie; I can see you blushing. And you never tell me to stop, do you?”

Not once had she told him to stop, and he’d been doing it since she moved in. If she really didn’t like it, she would have put an end to it a long time ago. She rolled her eyes overdramatically but conceded. “I don’t dislike it.”

“Why is that?” Sean asked, smirking. He wasn’t going to give her a break.

She glared and pouted a little. “None of your business,” was her first response, but his knowing smirk made her relent before long. “It lets me know that I look good, even when I’m not putting anything on to go out.” She wasn’t wearing any makeup now, and her legs weren’t even clean-shaven. “It’s an ego boost.”

He chuckled, seeming glad to have gotten that out of her. “So you’re not attracted to me at all?”

She looked at him strangely, clearly uncomfortable with the topic. “You’re not my type.” If he was going to come out with this much bravado, it was best to let him down easily.

Sean nodded, understanding. “I didn’t mean to presume, I was only thinking tha-”

The ringing in her ears came back, and she shut her eyes hard. She could feel her heartbeat slow for a moment as it passed.

“-ose to me.”

Her eyes flitted open, letting the world come back in slowly. She saw Sean’s caring eyes first. He must have seen how dazed she was.


“...I think I had too much last night,” she explained, trying to alleviate his concern as she rubbed the side of her head.

He chuckled. “Maybe. Do you want to sit on my lap?”

That suggestion felt odd somehow, even though Sam knew that was one of her favorite ways to destress around her (admittedly kinda hot) roommate. “Now that you mention it, I guess.”

“I’d be more than happy to,” he said, grinning.

She snickered a little as she stood up and perched herself on his thighs. “I know. You always try to hide your boner when I do.” She rested her head back until she could feel his heart beat in his chest.

He blushed a bit, but didn’t deny it, especially as she felt him stiffen against her back. He brushed it off with a laugh: he could tell she just enjoyed teasing him.

As she looked back to the TV, she saw that the show was nearing its conclusion, down to only two contestants. She thought it was only just starting, but she probably got lost in conversation or something. It was easy to lose track of time with someone as charismatic as Sean.

They stayed like that for a while, Sam eventually closing her eyes to take a quick catnap against her roommate. They should really hang out more often, she thought, but the sensation that woke her wasn’t entirely pleasant.

He was rubbing along her thigh, pretty smooth even though she hadn’t shaved. It was her lower legs that got hairy.

“Sean?” she asked, confused. It wasn’t like him to broach her in this way.

“Yeah?” He was equally confused. Again, was she the one in the wrong?

“Can you…take your hand off my leg?”

He raised an eyebrow, and cautiously receded his hand. “Sure…but don’t we normally do this when you sit on my lap?”

Now that she knew wasn’t true. “What are you talking about? You’ve never touched me like tha-” There was a clicking sound, from some unknown source, and then the noise was back. It lingered for only a moment before leaving, but once it had she saw that he was stroking her thigh with even more vigor than before.

And yet…

She didn’t say anything while she regained her bearings, even as Sean became more and more lascivious with his strokes, tenderly holding her thighs in his grasp.

She wasn’t the one to break the silence, either. That honor went to him as he said “Are you wearing anything under that shirt?”

Sleeping in bras wasn’t good for your boobs, she’d heard once growing up. It made them smaller. She shook her head, recalling how he’d always explore her body when they sat together.

He grinned. “Good.” His other hand quickly moved to her midriff, snaking up until he was fondling her in his grasp.

She squeaked in pleasure, saying the first words that came to mind. “This is normal.” She wasn’t sure why those words specifically were the ones caught in her brain.

“Of course it is.” He squeezed her tit tightly, her back arching against him as she cutely moaned.

Without even trying very hard, she’d begun grinding her ass back against him, prompting his other hand to move from her thigh to her underwear. He possessively groped her. She moaned again.

“God…you’re good at this,” she said, chuckling. More of herself was coming back to her as he squeezed every part of her flesh in his palms.

He chuckled back. “You seem to like it, at least.”

“Mmm…I only let you ‘cuz you get so horny when I sit here.”

He raised an eyebrow in contention. “Is that so? Only one of us has ‘accidentally’ caught the other in the shower a few times, and I don’t believe it’s me.”

Sam blushed before joining him again in laughter. “Cat’s out of the bag, I suppose…”

“Perhaps you shouldn’t have responded so enthusiastically to my offer of a massage if you wanted to be subtle.” His firmer gropes elicited more groans.

She snickered some more. “I can’t help it, your hands feel so good…”

Sean reaffirmed this belief in her by squeezing her nipple, causing even sluttier moans from their sensitivity. Before long, they were fully pert. He interrupted her with a teasing request, though. “I know you like our time together, but I’d like to watch my show, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Right, sorry…” She tried keeping quiet as a new episode began, but this was easier said than done. She had to bite her lip to stop from moaning as he caressed her ass, arousal coursing through her body all the while. Letting herself drift off was a good strategy, she discovered, so she was mostly inattentive as he watched the rest of the episode, letting out repressed whimpers while he reached for the remote and flipped off the TV.

“You can get off my lap now,” he teased.

Sam guiltily pouted before sliding off his lap, horny and without release. He could see how jittery she was, so she was hoping to rush off to her room and get herself off like normal. That was an unspoken rule of their more sensual interactions–they both knew it would happen but didn’t say anything as they emerged from their respective rooms with renewed focus.

This time was different, though.

“You know Sam, I have an idea.”

“Huh?” Sam questioned, fixing her hair.

“I was thinking that you seemed really stressed yesterday, getting ready for your girl’s night out. Would you like to try meditation? I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on it.”

She honestly hadn’t been that stressed, but this caught her interest well enough. “How do you do it?”

Sean got off the couch and sat cross-legged, resting his arms on his legs. She looked at him skeptically before he reassured “I know it’s cliché, but it works.”

She relented and sat across from him in the same position.

He nodded approvingly. “First, try to expel all thoughts from your mind.” He let his body go limp.

She shuffled left and right, trying to mimic him, but it didn’t come effortlessly. Whenever she was sitting up like this, it felt performative, rather than the naturally authoritative posture Sean possessed. Her thoughts didn’t clear easily either, but eventually she settled in by thinking of an empty field.

“Second, take a deep breath in…” He inhaled.

Echoing him, she held in her breath until he continued.

“...and out.” They both released a firm exhale.

“In…” He repeated, locking them both into a pattern for several minutes.

Even at this early stage, Sam could tell he was right: her stress was slowly evaporating off her mind as if it were condensation off a water bottle.

The next thing she could remember, he said “You might experience some discomfort, some sounds you don’t understand, but that’s normal…that’s a natural response from your mind…”

There was that clicking sound again, and then a brief flare-up of the high-pitched squeal, except this time, it wasn’t blaring or discordant. It was almost pleasant, like birds chirping or a high note on a violin. Such bliss.

It was over as quickly as it had begun, and when her surroundings faded back in from white the first thing she noticed was that she’d taken her top off. But that…

Made sense. Of course it did. She had been working up a sweat beforehand, and they often shared in each other’s nakedness. There certainly wasn’t anything unusual about that.

More than that, though, they did something else together. Something that she’d been itching to do ever since he’d run his hands all over her body. Something she could tell he wanted to do in his eyes. Sam played it cool, yawning a little bit before turning to face her roommate. He mirrored her nakedness from the waist down, and she was suddenly unable to take her eyes off his sizable cock. She’d always loved it.

“That meditation did some good, hm?” He joked, clearly aware of what they both wanted. His smirk told her that she would have to be the one to ask.

Not like she minded. “Mmm…yeah, it did. I don’t know how relaxed you are though.”

He raised an eyebrow, daring her to go further. “What do you mean?”

She happily obliged, uncrossing her legs to crawl over to him. “Don’t play me, I know how guys are. Whenever they get like that, they can’t focus on anything else.”

Sean stood up, sitting back down on the couch as she continued to approach him. “Like what?” Before long, her head was in-between his thighs.

She reared up on her knees, resting on his figure. “Like this,” was her final bit of repartee before she quickly bobbed on his head, popping off after with a satisfying smack of her lips.

He groaned, pleased. “If you’re offering to help me relax, it would be rude of me to decline.”

Another bob was underway, this time delving down further to his shaft, swirling her tongue around the base as she got off to lick his base. “I should return the favor,” was her explanation as he grinned condescendingly down at her.

“Mhm. It’s only natural.”

It was only natural. After all, what are friends for? She started sucking his cock in earnest, bobbing her head gradually at first before speeding up and taking as much of his length in as she could. It was some remarkably skilled work, and he took notice with a moan.

“You’re good at this, Sam…but I guess you’ve gotten some experience with me already.”

Not an excessive amount of experience, but enough to have a good idea of what got him off, certainly. She fondled his balls in her hand, sticking closer to his tip for a moment to tongue his slit. His appreciative shudders spoke for themselves.

His intellectual cohesion was beginning to crumble as she sped up, slobbering all over his girth. He couldn’t help but let out “Fuck…” when she stroked his base.

She looked deep into his eyes the whole way, devoting herself in that moment to giving him some good head. She was well-versed (not just from him, but she wasn’t going to bring that up) in what guys liked to see, so she popped off to give him what he wanted.

“God, you taste so good…I can’t wait for you cum in my mouth, I need it so badly…” She returned to sucking, this time sticking by his base. While she did have a gag reflex, it was deep in her throat, and she was confident enough in her own abilities to not have to broach it unless it was strictly necessary. Besides, her plan had worked great, and he was already beginning to squirm with need. She could feel him throbbing in her mouth. Either she was great at sucking him off, or she’d lost track of time from how good it felt for her. Maybe a bit of both. It wasn’t long before he let loose, releasing guttural moans and filling her mouth with his cum. He tasted sweet; he ate a lot of fruit.

Sean rested against the couch cushions, slowly catching his breath while she slipped off his cock and swallowed his load. “Fuck…I can’t…I can’t believe you actually did that…um, so well…”

She was a bit caught off guard by his surprise but tried not to show it on her face. “You’re very welcome, mister.”

“I need to…huff…cool off for a minute…”

Sam shrugged, getting off her knees after a moment to get some water from the fridge. His eyes tracked her breasts dutifully as she walked off.

The sun had set by the time he knocked on her door. They’d eaten dinner together, but it actually felt a little awkward to hang around each other half-naked when they weren’t doing anything sexual, so they’d both gotten re-clothed to eat together.

She was absently practicing fiddling some chords on her guitar when Sean walked in, and it seemed like he had something on his mind.

“Hey Sam, thanks for the head earlier,” he said, smirking.

She blushed but was kind of amused at the same time. They often didn’t acknowledge their curious friends-with-benefits relationship, so hearing it vocalized was honestly reassuring. “No problem.”

“It just occurred to me, we’ve never gone further than that, have we?”

Hesitancy sprung up in her. “What do you mean?”

He went further into her room, standing above her bed. “I mean you’ve gone down on me, but not vice versa. I haven’t even seen your pussy, actually.” 

She looked up at him nervously, unsure of where he was going with this. Sure, it felt good to taste his cum, but he was treating this with an undue amount of legitimacy. She didn’t want it to be a relationship. When she opened her mouth to voice this, though, she heard the same noise as before: a deep, calming ringing in her ears.

“You’re completely fine with me fucking you.”

“...I’m completely fine with you fucking me…”

“We’ve fucked plenty of times.”

“...we’ve fucked plenty of times…”

“There’s nothing wrong with me cumming inside you.”

“…there’s nothing wrong with you cumming inside me…”

“Whenever I get back from my classes, you can barely stop yourself from pouncing on me and begging for my cock.”

“...begging for your cock…”

“You aren’t interested in any guy other than me.”

“...I’m not interested in any guy other than you…”

“When you’re at work, you have to keep yourself from getting off at the idea of bouncing on my cock.”

“...bouncing on your cock…”

“Ever since I moved in, you’ve been flirting with me.”

“...ever since you moved in, I’ve been flirting with you…”

“You wish you could fuck your roommate every day.”

“...I wish I could fuck my roommate every day…”

“When we’re together, I get to choose what you wear. Your body's here just for me.”

“ body’s just for you…”

“You want to try hypnosis roleplay.”

“Oh, thank you, Master!” Sam moaned, gleefully riding his cock. His vigorous thrusts into her threatened to throw her off balance.

Sean grinned, coarsely fondling her supple ass. “You’re very welcome, slut. You’re welcome for me brainwashing you.”

She shuddered, coating his shaft in her juices. She hadn’t expected his hypnosis kink to be such a turn-on. It felt incredible to play along with it. “I love being yours,” she groaned.

“You like that I can play with your mind, don’t you, slut? It gets you so wet.” He gritted his teeth, trying to hold back his orgasm.

Her tits bounced more and more as the strength of his thrusts increased. “It’s my favorite, Master…being hypnotized is so fun…”

That made him groan. “If you keep saying shit like that, I’m gonna cum…”

She reached down to tease her clit. “Please cum in your slut’s pussy, Master…”

His bucks were proving that it wouldn’t be long before then. “Fuck…”

Their moans began to sync up as they continued. Sam rushed through her mind to think of what would push him over the edge, and she came up with a real doozy. “Please, Master…cum in me so you can play with my mind more…I’m your hypno-slut…I’m yours!”

That did the trick, and he released a torrent of cum inside her, her orgasm not far behind. He was such a good fuck. Every time he came in her pussy, it felt like the first time.


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