ViolentlyCurly's Hypnotic Fantasies

by violentlycurly

Tags: #microfiction #multiple_partners #predicament #confusion #fractionation #gaslighting

A collection of simple short stories, all fueled by how hypnohorny I am. Each chapter will be a completely new fantasy.

One: A Fractionation Predicament

I‘m feeling very trapped between the two of them; the way both hypnotists use their bodies to pin me to the sofa leaves me feeling helpless to their influences.  One of her legs, long and alluring, is draped over my right knee, the weight of it holding me captive, as well as my legs slightly open.  To my right, his hand holds my other leg in a gentle but no less compelling thrall.  His fingertips lightly sway and dance on my inner thigh, tracing the slope in a sensually hypnotic fashion. Behind me, their arms are crossed along the back of the sofa, all of their movements to caress and encourage each other barely noticed by me, only sensed as a tingle up the back of my neck.  I am encircled by them both; the only way to stand up would be to break the bridge of their arms and lift the weight of their limbs;  the effort seems impossible to attempt, let alone complete.

He lifts my left leg, allowing the two of them to slide closer still as he drapes and pins my knee between his own, their heat and breath close enough to kiss my skin.  Their words become more intense, more descriptive as they start to manipulate my increasingly floppy body with earnest.  She draws her heel in, opening my legs further causing me to flush hotly.  His hand grabs a commanding handful of my thigh to rival her pressure.  I feel the blood pound with need in the tingling tendons of my groin, this pulled-taught sensation distracting me completely.

That’s when her encircling arm whips up and grabs a fistful of my hair, turning my head forcefully so her lips are pressed directly to my ear as she pours her words in.  I tense up for a second with surprise before melting completely in their grasps, suddenly aware of how vulnerable this position makes me to his penetrating hypnotic gaze.  The bottom of my mind starts crumbling and all my energy and will is trickling out into the fathomless nothing below.  There is little resistance in my body as his hand greedily pulls control of my head away from her mouth and against his, his words now dominating my mind as her eyes command and fill my vision.  They pull me in this way, back and forth, trading dominance in voice and gaze until I’m a mindless boneless puppet, too overwhelmed to exercise my own will.

I come to, still propped up in their encircling arms;  the sluggish fog lingers as they talk me up out of trance together.  I get to enjoy lucidity for mere moments before her hand takes control of my jaw and she leans in.  She tells me to drop, as powerfully and as completely with her eyes as she does with her words and the hypnotic pull hits me like a title wave.  I feel my body go slack and my eyes roll up and flutter, only to come completely to myself again a split second later.  Confused, I gaze into her mildly irritated yet amused face.  She commands me to fall again and without a doubt I feel the consuming yank on my mind, almost taking me down but awareness comes flooding back before it can completely consume me.  Unable to look away from her eyes, I feel his low mirth on the back of my neck, his hands never ceasing their hypnotic coiling motions on my skin.

She chastises me for resisting, for being a disobedient tease who doesn’t drop when I’m told.  I feel myself blanch in bewilderment, wanting to defend myself but she gives the command again and my mind shuts down, darkening to a pinpoint before brightening again, inexplicably.  The first thing I notice again are her eyes, which are now narrowed with impatience with me as they both began to ask me questions.  Why was I being so difficult? Isn’t this what I wanted? I try to answer but her grasp and gaze drag me down again, only to come up just before I fade away, his hands still circling endlessly.  Perhaps they should let me go?  Find someone more willing? Before I can process the beginnings of an answer they pull my head around to fall into his gaze this time, everything in me desperate to let go completely for them, to do as I’m told… but again I find myself coming up against my will.  

“I’m sorry-” I whine, my frustration and confusion choking the words on the way out.  “I d-don’t know what’s- why…” They give me another chance and then ask me why I’m squandering it when I fail to stay down.  Shouldn’t I be grateful for this opportunity to be toyed with by the two of them? Shouldn’t they take my unrelenting misbehavior as a sign they should leave me be? They start to draw away and I let out a pathetic whimper of desperation.  “Please, don’t go, I don’t understand what’s- I want this, please, I want this!”  

Together they look at me sternly and say they will give me one last chance;  I am flooded with overwhelming relief and gratitude.  Together they tell me to truly give in to them if that’s really what I want, to let go of it all and break under the weight of their combined gaze and words.  I nodded with complete commitment and desperation, looking up into both of their faces.  And when neither of them used the upwards stoke along my spine to bring me unknowingly back up and out of trance, I plummeted like there was never such a thing as solid ground.  


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