Protracted Negotiations

Chapter 1

by untidytoadstool

Tags: #D/s #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:male #dom:plant #drugs #Human_Domestication_Guide #petplay #scifi #somnophilia

This is a fanfic of @GlitchyRobo's Human Domestication Guide! I suggest checking it out along with related stories by others like Divaricated and AbscissionThere's also a wiki here.

“I’m going to want to do the contract thing,” Persephone worked the words out, despite the xenodrugs seeping into her nervous system. Valeriana smiled, pulling her closer with a gentle vine on her shoulder. Percy followed her touch without resistance, leaning into the affini sitting next to her. Even on a relatively low dose, the soft touch was incredibly stimulating.
“Darling, of course--I’m happy to go through that process with you if it will make you more comfortable. But I hardly think you can agree to a contract now, in your… state.” She stroked Percy’s shoulder with the tip of her vine, which elicited a small whimper from the pet-to-be.
“N-no, you’re right,” she took a deep breath, doing her best to gather what remained of her wits before continuing. “We can’t agree to anything right now--but--I thought maybe we could brainstorm some things.” Val’s smile deepened, and Percy couldn’t help but find it a little bit sinister, and extremely hot.
“Percy, Percy, Persephone,” the affini cooed, stroking her hair with another vine, “I would love to. Why don’t you start, then. Some things you want--or don’t want--out of our relationship together.” There followed a long pause while Percy gradually blushed deeper and deeper. She took a long sip from her drink.
“I want you to t-touch me--”
“Like this?” The smile was replaced with a genuinely curious expression as the affini caressed Percy’s ear with a narrow vine, just a ghost of a touch. Percy shivered.
“No--well. Yes, b-but what I meant was--I want you to touch me while I am sleeping.” Percy put her face in her hands as her blush deepened.
“Oh! Percy, of course--I would be delighted to. But I thought we were going to start with more… terms, than kinks. Days off, xenodrugs that aren’t on the table, stuff like that.”
“Don’t class O me?” Embarrassment almost forgotten already, Percy leaned into the affini, rubbing her face against the nearest vines.
“Naturally, darling, I have no desire to render you totally incoherent--at least not permanently. You’re more fun when you can… reflect on your experiences.” Percy nodded, but the action brushed her face against the affini some more, distracting her.
“Uh,” said Percy, “I guess I was mostly thinking of. Dos rather than don’ts. Can I date other pets?” 
“I practically insist that you do. Have you seen yourself around those you’re attracted to? You lose composure and act like a fool. It’s adorable.”
“What about other humans? Like, not pets, I mean.”
“I don’t see why not. As long as they’re clear on the fact that you belong to me.”
“Sure, that makes sense. Do you have any terms you’d like to suggest? I feel like I’m doing all the talking here--” Val reached a vine around Percy’s hip.
“Certainly. No dating or playing with other affini without my express permission.”
“Done,” Percy nodded.
“That said, if you have my permission to play with someone, you don’t need to ask each time.” Percy nodded again, looking up at the affini’s leafy face.
“Uh, Val,” she began, then paused. She opened and closed her mouth, trying to speak. Val raised a vine that served as an eyebrow. “Can you, um, can you hit me with a little more of that class D disinhibition agent? I can’t seem to get over my shyness--” Percy felt a prick in her shoulder even before she finished her sentence, and a warmth rapidly spread from the injection site. Within seconds, she felt her embarrassment lessen drastically, and the words came more easily to her.
“I want you to fuck me and I know that a lot of affini aren’t into that but I think you’re so hot and I want to feel you inside me.” She took a deep breath as her mind caught up with her words. “But it’s not a huge deal if you aren’t into that I mean I totally--” her thought was interrupted by several vines joining the ones at her shoulder and hip. Val squeezed her tight, not enough to hamper her breathing, but firmly enough to ensure she wasn’t going anywhere. “Oh uh I’m sorry if that’s a touchy subject or--”
“It’s not. Quiet, pet.” Percy gave a tiny nod. “Nothing is wrong, except it is now much more urgent that we sign that contract.” Percy’s cute little face lit up with understanding.
“Oh you want to f--”
“Not in the park, please, pet. People might hear you.”
“Oh, is it. Is it kind of taboo or weird or something?”
“We can discuss it later. At home. In fact, why don’t we head there now?” Percy nodded, standing up. Her affini companion’s dress, a lovely pink with white floral patterns all over, moved in the artificial breeze. She grabbed Valeriana’s hand as she stood, and they walked down the path towards one block of hab units.
“You’re not--are you embarrassed?” Percy whispered, just loud enough to be sure Val could hear. “Big bad Val, an affini conqueror of terran space, afraid of a little bit of buttfucking?”
“You know I didn’t do any conquering,” came Val’s hushed reply, “That’s not my job.”
“And what, remind me, is your job?”
“I test xenodrugs. On humans, mostly. We need as much data as we can get to make sure their usage on humans is safe and effective. You’re a relatively new species for us, so data is in short supply.”
“When we get home, care to test any of those new and experimental xenodrugs on me?”
“Afraid not, little one, as much as I would like to. New xenodrugs are tightly regulated until their safety is well-established.” Percy’s disappointment was plainly visible on her face, thanks to the disinhibition agent. “Don’t worry, pet, there are plenty of safe drugs for you to try!” She gave Percy a pat on the head with a free vine. “And while you’re in no condition to agree to a contract at the moment, I don’t think you are too far gone to negotiate some shorter-term… activities while we wait for a sober moment. Though, you do need to sober up sometime to get that thing signed.”
“Good,” said Percy plainly, “I’m horny as hell.” Val gave a semblance of a chuckle.
“But darling, you aren’t even on any of the aphrodisiac xenodrugs--yet, anyway. I have a feeling you’ll love apocynai.”
“What’s it do?”
“Euphoria, increased sensitivity to touch, some sedative effects.”
“Sounds… great, actually. Can we try it out at home?”
As they walked in silence, Persephone reflected on some of their earlier negotiations.
“Now dear, keep in mind the collar is an intermediate measure,” Val said, “It will monitor your vitals and can administer xenodrugs that it’s been loaded with--but the information and the degree of control possible can’t compare with an implant."
“But the implant--that takes time, right? You need to cultivate it and I need to taper off anything past a class A.”
“That’s correct.”
“Am I on anything outside class A?”
“For the moment, no. That disinhib you are so fond of is short-acting and is metabolized away in an hour or so, so it’s not really a concern as far as implant procedure goes.”
“Great! So you can start cultivating the implant soon, and we can get around to it as soon as possible.”
“We may want to consider negotiating a contract before actually implanting you, since the implant complicates the notion of you making a binding agreement simply by its presence.” Percy nodded thoughtfully.
“Sure, that makes sense, although I wouldn’t have pegged the affini as having a well-developed sense of like. Legal consent. I’ll give it some thought.”
“One more thing. I want you sober--not lightly drugged, not drunk, rock frozen sober--when you sign that contract. It’s not an affini thing, just. A peculiarity of mine, call it. I just don’t want you agreeing to anything you might regret.”
“It’s ‘stone cold’.”
Arriving at Val’s hab, they found another affini--bedecked in stunning flowers, gradients of blue and violet and white--waiting by the door. 
“Valeriana, it’s good to see you. I’d heard a pet moved in with you and was so delighted by the news I thought I’d bring mine over and we could all get introduced.” She moved aside to reveal another pet, a man about Percy’s age. He clung close to his owner, embedded in her vines. Pale with a lot of freckles across his face.
“Persephone, this is my good friend Ipomoea, and her floret Evander. Say hello.”
“Hi! Ipomoea your pet is really cute--oh gosh I guess I’m still feeling that disinhib haha! But anyway I hope he knows that!” Ipomoea smiled gently.
“I assure you, I tell him that all the time.” She undulated some vines, bringing Evander from her side to in front of her, and rested her hands on his shoulders to keep him facing forward. “Ev, what do we say to Val’s nice pet?”
“...thank you,” he said, blushing. He was looking at the ground.
“Well come in, come in, have some tea,” Val said, brushing past Ipomoea to open the door to the hab unit. All four entered, and the affini made themselves comfortable at the kitchen table, free vines bustling about the kitchen to prepare a pot of tea. “Percy, why don’t you show Evander the living room?” Percy nodded and grabbed Ev’s hand, pulling him into the next room. The pets could hear the owners chatting rapidly in the affini language, which Percy had yet to pick up.
“Hey, Ev--can I call you Ev?” The man nodded. “Have a seat. Do you mind if I uh. Sit kind of close? Maybe cuddle you a little? God I’m being so forward sorry if that’s too much--”
“It’s okay,” Evander was smiling! “You seem really sweet.” They sat next to each other on one of the colossal affini couches, and Ev leaned his head to rest it on Persephone’s shoulder.
“You don’t have a collar--do you already have your implant?”
“Yes, for a few months now.”
“You’re so lucky! I can’t wait.” She gently touched the scar visible at the back of his neck, and could see Ev blushing again. “It’s so… it’s so intimate.” She took a deep breath. “I can’t imagine a deeper connection to someone than this.” She tapped lightly on the scar. “I love Val, don’t get me wrong, but I want her to be part of me, you know?” Ev nodded slightly.
“It means she’s there,” he said quietly, “all the time. Even if you forget her presence--and I still do sometimes! She can remind you so easily. It’s a comfort.” After a pause, he lifted his head from her shoulder and turned towards her. “Can I kiss you?”
“Yes! I mean--please do! I would be delighted--” she was interrupted by his lips on hers, and the touch was magnificent, even if brief. She rested her forehead on his, exhilarated. “Wait. Before we do any more--if you are down for more!” Ev nodded vigorously. “I should ask Val for something.” She got up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen, where the affini were engaged in conversation. She waited for a pause in the chatter, but Val noticed her standing in the doorway and addressed her:
“Is there something I can help you with, little one?” 
“Um. Ev and I are--well we’re going to fool around a bit and I was wondering if now would be a good time to try that xenodrug you mentioned.” Both affini smiled.
“Oh! wonderful, yes, I think so. Ipomoea, care to join us in the living room?”
“Don’t mind if I do. Which is the drug in question? I wonder if I have it on hand.”
“It’s just some apocynai, but I have plenty for both of them, not to worry.” Val made her way to the end of the couch further from Evander, and picked up Persephone with a few vines, placing her gently on the couch between herself and Ev. Ipomoea meanwhile settled in on the couch on the other side of Ev, stroking his hair gently with a vine as she did so. Wordlessly, Val extended two vines to dangle two broad flowers between the humans on the couch.
“Oh, thanks Val, but we should only need one,” said Percy, reaching for one of the flowers. Placed against her face, it formed a seal around her nose and mouth, and began hissing slightly as it released the gas. Taking a deep hit, Percy pulled off the mask and grabbed the bemused Ev, pulling him into a kiss. She exhaled, and thankfully Ev took his cue and inhaled, pulling the intoxicating gas into his lungs.
“Good girl,” came Val’s response, practically a purr, and lust was heavy in her voice--but Percy barely registered her words, focused wholly on shotgunning the gas with Evander. They embraced as they shared the gas, hands wandering across each other’s bodies. Eventually, they broke for breath--Percy wasn’t sure who went for air first, but she liked to think it was Ev.
“Again,” he murmured, reaching for the same flower. He took a moment to take a few deep breaths before putting it on his face, and took another deep hit, before grabbing a handful of Percy’s hair and pulling her face to his. She moaned just a bit before their lips met; she reveled in even this tiny act of control. This time it was undoubtedly Percy who went first for air, to her mild disappointment. But her focus was elsewhere, on his hands and his breath and--Percy was pulled back a moment by vines at her shoulders.
“Arms up, pet,” came Val’s hungry voice from behind her, and she obeyed without thinking. Vines proceeded to remove her dress, leaving her just in her panties. As her attention came back to Ev, she saw that Ipomoea had similarly removed his shirt, revealing a familiar set of symmetrical scars.
“Oh!” said Percy, smiling, “you’re trans! Sorry, that’s rude, I’m still feeling the disinhib from earlier but. Sorry, that’s great! me too!” She enthusiastically stood up and removed her panties, revealing her mostly erect cock and a cute trimmed bush of pubic hair. Before she could say another word, however, Ev’s mouth was around her, and she practically collapsed onto the couch from the sensation. She’d had plenty of head before, but the apocynai magnified every moment of touch nearly to the point of sensory overload. “Oh!” she repeated.
“Good boy, Ev, that’s how we greet a new neighbor…” Ipomoea chuckled from behind her pet. “Do remember your manners, though.” Percy was close just from a few seconds of this, but as she tensed Ev pulled back and took her out of his mouth. He kept her gripped softly in one hand and looked up past her at her owner. A soft whine escaped from Percy’s mouth, barely audible.
“Valeriana, is it alright for your pet to come?” Percy couldn’t see Val from where she sat but she could practically hear the affini’s facial vines shifting into a smile.
“No, I don’t think she’s earned that yet.” Percy gave a needy whimper, but Evander withdrew his hand and sat up again, looking into her eyes. The mere hint of a smug smile flitted across his face for just a moment. 
“Can I at least go down on you?” Persephone’s voice was keen with want. 
“Mistress?” Ev leaned back into the support of Ipomoea’s vines.
“I don’t see why not. Why don’t you ride her face a little bit, dear?” Percy smiled in hazy relief, and laid down on the enormous couch with her head towards Ev and Ipomoea. Ev removed his pants and underwear and straddled Persephone’s face. She took a deep breath and got to work, rewarded with delightful noises coming from Evander. Time stretched out in this moment, as Ev took another hit of apocynai from the flower and Percy ate him out like he was her first meal in days. 
“M-mistress,” Ev’s voice wavered with the rhythms of his pleasure, “may I?” 
“Oh, how can I say no when you ask me like that, so cute. Go ahead.”
Eventually, stars only know how much later, he ground hard against Percy’s face and made the most beautiful, unrestrained groan as he came. For the last few moments Percy couldn’t breathe, but she wasn’t about to complain or even break away from Ev on her face. The next few moments were hazy as she regained her breath: Ev shifted his hips from her face down to straddle her hips and he began licking her face clean with the delicate care of a cat. The feeling of his tongue on her messy face was pleasant, and she drifted off to sleep as she heard Val purr:
“Oh, they look so cute together. Let’s let them rest for a bit.” She could have sworn Val said something else, to Ev, but she couldn’t make it out.
She slept peacefully, and in her dream she was back on Earth, in her old apartment, in bed with Iris. They spooned lazily despite the late hour, until Iris felt Percy pressed hard against her back, and their gentle spooning gradually picked up energy until it was definitely sex, and just as Percy watched Iris sit down on her--
She was awake, and Ev was sitting down on her cock. She gasped.
“Oh you’re back! Had a good nap?” Val loomed over her from above while Ev began riding her slowly. Still under the lingering effects of the apocynai, Percy couldn’t make out any words, but managed a crooked smile. The sensation was overpowering, and she was reduced to gasping and whimpering, to the delight of her owner. “I hope it’s alright I told Ipomoea and Evander about your kink--they were intrigued and all too happy to provide an opportunity.” Percy managed to nod, but words were beyond her. She relaxed into the couch, content to let Ev ride her. Ev himself was having a great time, and leaned down to kiss Percy as he picked up the pace a little. Soon enough she was tensing up again, senses overwhelmed, and Ev simply paused, glancing up at Val and raising his eyebrows. Val nodded, and Ev gave a soft smile as he resumed his rhythm. Percy’s eyes went wide, and her mouth opened in a small gasp; her eyes rolled back, and she passed out.
In her dream she was with Iris again, but they were fighting. She remembered this fight: this was the last time she saw Iris. Her lover was intent on joining the Cosmic Navy, because she insisted it was her only chance to see the stars. Persephone begged her to stay, but she packed up her essentials as they argued, and then she was gone. Percy sat on her bed crying for a long while. A knock came at the door--
She was awake again. She was cuddling with Evander, who seemed to be asleep. They both had their underwear on again. She heard rapid affini from the kitchen. Eventually, the affini noticed she had returned to consciousness, and they crept quietly back into the living room, ensconcing themselves once more on the couch. 
“I passed out,” Percy said, attempting to speak at full volume but producing only a raspy whisper. 
“It can happen, little one, especially with one’s first time with a touch-enhancing xenodrug like apocynai.” Val gently cupped her face with a small vine, and Percy smiled and sighed and turned her face towards the touch. “I’ll have you know it was very cute.”
“Thank you,” said Percy, and she didn’t know if it was for the compliment or for the experience.
“It was my pleasure, pet.” Percy drifted off back to sleep with Val’s vine stroking her hair gently.
Some time later, having dozed off the apocynai, both pets were awake once more. All four stood in the kitchen, as Ipomoea and Evander prepared to head home.
“Thank you for having us, especially unannounced!” Ipomoea gave Ev a pat on the head.
“Oh you know you’re always welcome here. You were both a delight,” Val replied, a few loose vines wrapping idly around her pet.
“Well, we should be off--Ev has piano practice today and we wouldn’t want him to be late!” Val nodded and opened the door for her guests.
“I’m sure we’ll see you again soon! Especially since our pets seem to get along so very well.”
Sometime later, as Valeriana was helping to wash Percy in the bath, they were discussing her encounter with Evander.
“That’s,” Persephone paused for a long moment. “No, yeah, that’s the hottest thing that has ever happened to me. I am pretty sure.”
“Would you like to play with Ev again sometime?” Percy nodded. “Excellent. Ipomoea and I get along well, so it’s nice to know our pets do too.” Percy sighed and  leaned back into the affini, sinking a little deeper into the hot bath.
“You know, you could have gotten a little more involved, if you wanted to…” At this, Val embraced her with several vines.
“Oh, little one, there will be plenty of time for that, not to worry.”

Hope you liked the first chapter! There will for sure be some more coming, hopefully soon!


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