The Machine

A Session in the Machine

by time_to_occur

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #m/m #m/nb #pov:bottom #scifi #second_person

This story was originally published in May 2020 on GSS. 
Consent is paramount in real life. I do not condone non-consensual acts. 

You find yourself lying in a very comfortable -- if a bit disconcerting -- machine. The machine surrounds you -- white and opaque, with no way to see outside of it. Like the inside of an eggshell. You are lying down in a soft, comfortable nest, with heavy sheets of a special material weighing you down, pinning you. You find yourself completely unable to move, and you may find that a small thrill of arousal courses through your body at that thought. It's just the first of many to come -- let it. 

Your Dom agreed to this procedure, and of course, you agreed with your Dom. It should help to rid you of that last little bit of stubborn resistance that you've held onto through everything the two of you have been through together. You know it'll be very pleasurable to have your mind scrubbed clean of all those cares and worries...leaving you a blank, empty vessel, ready to be filled.

Ready to be filled by whatever it is your Dom desires. Ready to be filled by a thick cock, or with new instructions, with obedience, with pleasure. The procedure has already begun, and there's no way for you to stop it now. So just lay back and enjoy it. Get ready to be emptied out so that you can be filled with something new. Enjoy how the sheet caresses you even as it pins you and immobilizes you. 

A grouping of cables and machinery descends upon you, further immobilizing you and plugging every hole -- headphones for your ears, a gag for your mouth, a full face mask with soft, flexible mouthpieces, and three tubes leading away. You're not sure what that's about yet, but you can guess. One for water, one for food, and one to feed you the mind melting gases that will help remove any barriers to you giving in and going deep, and having your will overwritten. 

Almost immediately, the headphones begin to softly play overlayed voices -- so hard to distinguish any individual voice. Some sound like your Dom, some sound like you, or like other authority figures who you can hardly name at this point. You're already so helpless and hypnotized. The voices tell you what you need to know -- the voices tell you to give in and go deep. To let your Dom do your thinking for you. 

There are other things plugging your other holes. The blanket, too, seems to be more than it appeared. It seems to be able to stretch and contract to caress you. To reward you for good behaviour as you help with your own enslavement, with rewriting your desires and behaviours. You know this machine is capable of a great deal, and that you will likely find yourself visiting here again, at your Dom's whims. Perhaps next time, he'll train you to be an even better cocksucker for him, or maybe you'll need another lesson in becoming his mindless slave. Perhaps the next time you find yourself here, it'll be for something you can't even yet imagine. 

So good, so pleasurable, to be encased this way, to be trained at your Dom's -- no, your Master's -- will. 

Your body is restrained and bound by this wonderful, powerful machine. Your mind is restrained by the many devices pulling, prodding and poking at it. 

Suddenly, you smell something sweet and musky. You hear the soft hiss of gas coming in through one of the tubes, and you cannot escape it. This sweet, musky gas is penetrating your lungs and your mind. You find yourself feeling compliant and obedient, but also incredibly aroused. Your mind is slowly going blank, your every thought slipping away as you focus on the voices in the machine instead. Telling you to obey your Master, telling you to be a happy, horny, and hypnotized slave. Telling you how good it will feel to give in and go deep. 

As the gas continues to flow, you find yourself sucking gently on one of the other tubes. Right now, the tube is giving you water but who knows what else it might give you in the future? Something to bring you even further into submission, no doubt, whether it's a load of cum or a mixture of substances designed to break down your will. 

Feeling so good, feeling increasingly aroused at the thought of your own obedience, at the thought of becoming an empty vessel, ready to be filled by your Master, your Dom. Feels so good to give in and go deep.

And meanwhile, as your mind absorbs these many lessons, coming in through your headphones, as your body absorbs lessons through the caresses and touches of the many peripherals of this wonderful machine, the headset blinks on. Your mind is confused -- it is showing you the inside of the machine. It is as if you aren't wearing the headset at all. Slowly, you realize that this is a rather insidious little trick -- you see how the machine can manipulate your mind, making you see what it wants you to see and presenting it as reality. For now, everything is perfectly normal.

You don't see whatever implement it is that comes down and caresses your naked neck -- so used to wearing your Master's collar -- you don't see the needle as it presses into your flesh, releasing chemicals inside your body that will alter you further, bring you further into obedience and submission. You become even hornier, even more hypnotized. 

What's that on your headset? It starts as a flicker -- looks like a glitch or a power short. A brief darkness. Then, everything returns to normal. Or, as normal as it can be, inside this machine that is slowly fucking your mind open. The whisper in your ears intensifies momentarily, telling you to give in and go deep. 

Every thought of resistance just melts away as your mind tries to form it. You know that you should struggle, but you literally can't think the thoughts that would allow you to resist anymore. All of that fighting, all of that will to escape, or change your fate... all channeled directly into your arousal instead. If your Master wants you to be able to pretend that you can resist or struggle, he'll just program you to do it. And you, slave, will hardly know the difference. 

Artefacts begin to float at the edge of your vision, and the flickering begins anew. You can only watch as cables, technological tendrils, caress your body and wrap you up, penetrating under the edges of the sheet that currently encases your form. They stroke your body. They connect to the various devices in your many plugged holes, giving these devices new instructions that they pass on to you, imprinting them on your body. 

It's hard to know just what will come next, but you're sure to enjoy it. And you know this won't be the last time that you find yourself here.

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