The Cambion Monsterfucker

by time_to_occur

Tags: #exhibitionism #fantasy #growth #m/m #monsters #multiple_partners #incubus #monster_fucking #romance #tentacles

Bored with his string of human lovers, Coiirei is an Incubus who finds himself intrigued by the one mortal who rejects his advances.

Originally published January 2021 on GSS. For Cinaedus. 

Lion, fish and swan

Act, and are gone

Upon Time's toppling wave.

Fish in the Unruffled Lakes, W. H. Auden

Why can't you want me like the other boys do?

They stare at me while I stare at you [...]

Why can't you want me like the other boys do?

They stare at me while I crave you.

Crave You, Flight Facilities

The beauty of mortals, Coiirei had long ago concluded, was that they could be enjoyed as one did the sunset or a fine wine: temporarily, perhaps with fond memories, but with the chance to savour a thousand more. He had done so, as was his nature, for a hundred years already. He planned to go on doing so for at least a thousand more. Coiirei was an Incubus, and he thirsted for the energies that humans released when they were in the throes of sexual passion. He was born fully formed during an eclipse of the full moon: the moon's belly emptied, and in the darkness, he opened his eyes.

Coiirei's seduction and extraction techniques were time-tested. Mutual attraction was paramount, as part of the game was feeding the erotic energy between himself and his chosen human until it built to a crescendo and he could feed. The problem was that, after a hundred years of fine wine, the vintages blurred together. In his boredom, Coiirei made up increasingly absurd challenges for himself to keep the spark alive. First, he fed only in alphabetical order, confirming his partner's name before he supped his way through Aaron to Zachariah. Next, for a time, his diet consisted entirely of people who were into extreme sports. He had fed underwater on scuba divers, mid-air on skydivers, and in-harness on rock cliff faces with climbers. On it went, with one bizarre challenge following another.

The humans, for their part, did not come away from their experiences unchanged. Coiirei was not the sort who fed until his target was fully drained of their essence — he loathed chores involving cleaning up. Instead, he left them with three parting gifts: the memory of the best sex of their lives, and assets, front and back, so enhanced that his lovers frequently had to buy new jeans.

Even Incubi occasionally needed breaks, however. Not feeling particularly hungry, but always open to being flirted with, Coiirei had taken up residence for the day in a small, steamy-windowed tea-house, warming his hands on a mug of matcha against the winter chill. Pothos plants hung from wooden frames on the ceiling, and short curtains obfuscated some of the view between the booths. It was downright cozy, as far as Coiirei was concerned, and that was exactly what he was looking for. 

As the small shop filled up, a server asked if Coiirei minded sharing his table, and Coiirei shook his head. Soon after, an unexpectedly lovely creature arrived carrying a steaming bowl of what smelled like hot chocolate and deposited it on the lacquered wood. 

Coiirei immediately grew hungry at the sight of him. The mortal before him had large green eyes, and long, pale blond hair cut to his jawline. His frame looked small but strong. He was casually dressed, and even his thick cable-knit sweater could not hide the grace with which his body moved beneath it. 

“Hey, thanks for letting me share your table,” he said, smiling. “I go by Griffin.”

“Corey,” said Coiirei. “And happy to make your acquaintance, Griffin.”

Coiirei swiftly began charming Griffin, letting loose his supernatural abilities to do their work. His scent wafted toward the mortal, while his appearance began to subtly shift to better-align with Griffin’s preferences. Coiirei’s Incubus physiology could detect small shifts in pupil size, brainwaves, and other markers to guide the transformation. Nothing that he could consciously use, most of the time, but enough to get most mortals craving him. Griffin, for his part, took out a small hardcover book and began to read. To Coiirei’s astonishment, not only did Griffin ignore his advances, he began to flirt with someone at the next table, making unsubtle eyes at the other patron and finally starting a discussion about the books that they were each reading.

Coiirei felt astonished and impressed that the cute blond was able to focus on someone else. He did not feed on those who did not want it, so Coiirei merely continued to drink his tea and watch the flirtation between the two mortals with amusement. He was used to being wanted, and it was a somewhat novel experience not to be involved.

Griffin was charming, for someone with no supernatural assistance. As he and the patron at the next table left together, he gave Coiirei a broad wink.


For the next 15 years or so, Coiirei only very occasionally thought about Griffin and the novelty of being denied his desires. He hardly thought of Griffin as the one who got away or anything like that. He went about his life. 

One night, Coiirei was grinding against a mortal, sexual energies already building and being passed between them, when he caught a blond man with familiar green eyes watching him from the edge of the dancefloor with a broad grin on his face. Coiirei lost sight of him as he continued to dance, but when he stepped off to get a drink of water, wiping the sweat from his chest with his shirt, he felt a tap on his shoulder. 

“Nice moves! Always a pleasure to watch an expert at work,” said an equally-familiar voice. “Corey, right?”

Incubi were able to shift their appearances to match the desires of those around them, including themselves, so Coiirei looked very little like the person that Griffin had met all those years ago, and yet, somehow, Griffin had recognized him. What was equally strange was that Griffin himself had not changed at all, as far as Coiirei could tell. He looked as though he had not aged. And yet, he could smell the mortality on him like a delicate and delicious perfume. A ripeness, of sorts, that would someday give way to overripeness, then rot. For now, it was tantalizing.

They retired together to a private booth at a bar.   

“You see, Corey, I’m on a noble quest. Before I die, I want to fuck one legendary creature — monster or otherwise — for every letter of the alphabet. And this year, I reached the letter ‘I’,” said Griffin, eyes dancing with amusement. 

This was a much more ambitious version of the challenge that Coiirei had laid out for himself, which had been easy to accomplish in a single year without any fuss. It must have taken years to hunt down some of these cryptids… What if you spent five years finding an elusive creature, only to discover that they were decidedly not down to fuck? Coiirei looked upon the mortal with renewed admiration.

“The letter ‘I’, hmm?”


“Out of the local monsters and legendary creatures, it was you or some other Incubus, an Imp, or maybe Stephen King’s IT, which, thank God, I don’t think is a real thing. I guess I could have taken a trip elsewhere…Japan maybe...” Griffin mused, clearly teasing. “No, I reserved your spot under ‘I’ the day that we met in that teahouse, if I could find you again when the time came.”

Griffin took a sip of water and continued on casually, to Coiirei’s amazement after that declaration. “Figuring out the logistics of fucking an actual griffin, once I finally found one, was pretty involved, so that took a couple of years, all told. But can you blame me for wanting to get it on with my namesake?”   

“I’m flattered,” drawled Coiirei, matching Griffin’s wry amusement. Apparently he was eager to talk with someone that he could tell the truth to. “But...I’m confused. Aren’t you Human? You smell mortal, don’t seem to have aged since last I saw you.”

“Oh,” said Griffin. “Actually, we share something in common. I’m a Cambion. Half-Incubus, half-Human. I’ll look just like this until the grave takes me, and well, I’ve definitely got more years than the average mortal. I’ll be one hundred and fourteen next month.” 

Coiirei stared. A Cambion Monsterfucker. “We’re almost the same age. But...Incubi don’t have children by accident.”

“Well, my parents were very much in love, and so they...relaxed the ol’ supernatural prophylaxis. My dads were together throughout my human father’s life. Love does funny things to the brain — never heard of an Incubus settling down that way. But they seemed happy enough. Me, I get my sexual proclivities from my Inky side. Won’t catch me tying myself down.”

It was ridiculous to think of an Incubus in love. Incubi didn’t do love. They lusted.

But the seed was planted in Coiirei’s brain.

“So, want to fuck?” said Griffin brightly. 


They fucked. 

With Griffin, the sensual energies mounted quickly, but did not peak of their own accord — they mounted continuously. His Human half brought the vivaciousness of mortality in full bloom, whereas his Incubus parentage showed itself in the way that he seemed able to hold the energy and sort of...adjust and tweak it on his own, adding his own flavour to it before passing it back to Coiirei. There seemed to be no limit to how much those energies could build. 

Coiirei was hungry, but he had never been able to ‘edge’ this way before — had never been able to allow the pleasure to mount beyond human limits before. From the outside, it mostly would have looked the same as humans fucking, except for Coiirei’s prehensile tail, which he could comfortably show to Griffin without fear, since Griffin knew what he was. That was another thing — Coiirei could be himself with Griffin in a way that just wasn’t usually possible with humans. 

The inside track, however, was that Coiirei’s body felt like it was being tickled with a candle flame from within. His entire being was warming, squirming, and he found it difficult to keep still and stick with the feeling as it mounted. He almost wanted to escape — he had never felt anything with such intensity. The nerve endings across his body seemed to be firing at random, trying to twitch away from holding the sensations of the energy building up between them.

Seeking relief, Coiirei pushed his tail into Griffin’s mouth while he pushed his cock into the Cambion’s ass. Griffin entwined his arm with Coiirei’s tail and pulled it against the skin of his chest and neck, sucking on it as though he could give it release. Coiirei’s pleasure mounted, and he formed his body to Griffin’s, making sure that his dick was angled to pound Griffin’s prostate, while his arms enveloped him. As his body changed in response to Griffin’s need, he found himself being subsumed in Griffin’s desires, thinking of himself more and more as an instrument of pleasure, less and less in it for himself and for his hunger. And that dissolution of himself into Griffin was a feeling unlike any that he had felt before.

The energies they passed between them reached a point at which just holding them for a while seemed to feed Coiirei. He found, for the first time, that he did not need climax to feel sated — these had reached such a concentration that he only needed to keep holding the energies between them in order to feed on the slight overflow. And still, the energies were growing.

Eventually, Griffin pushed Coiirei down onto the bed. By now, it was nearing noon, and the sunlight filtering through Griffin’s blond hair created a halo, the irony of which was not lost on Coiirei as Griffin did the most devilish things to him. Carefully lubing up Coiirei’s tail, the tip of which now resembled nothing more than a sizable plug, Griffin shoved it up the Incubus’ own ass and told him to keep pumping. 

Coiirei had never shown his tail to a mortal before. It was the sort of thing that sent the average Human running, and so he had not used it with many other people. It was a private sort of thing, playing with his tail. Something that Incubi did with each other, if they happened to be fucking together, which was a rarity on its own when mortality was such a heady spice. So to have a mortal order him to fuck himself with his own tailFuck! His tail squirmed inside of his own ass in response to these feelings, the ridges of it rubbing up against his prostate. It was a fucking feedback loop — pleasure transmitted to his tail, which had somehow grown extra nerve endings in its transformation, which transferred to his prostate, which quivered against his tail…!  

Meanwhile, Griffin pulled Coiirei’s cock — almost perfectly shaped to his throat, and growing closer all the time — into his wet mouth. It wasn’t long before all of the energies that they had amassed were gathered inside of Coiirei. He exploded into Griffin’s mouth, cumming harder than he thought was possible.

For a moment or two (or maybe longer), Coiirei lay dazed on Griffin’s bed, with Griffin grinning down at him. Griffin seemed well-pleased to have fucked the Incubus so thoroughly that he wasn’t capable of coherent thought. That was just fine by Coiirei.    

Languidly, Coiirei, tail still buried in his own ass, reached over and began to stroke Griffin’s dick before rolling over and swallowing it to the hilt. Griffin ran his hands through Coiirei’s hair, smoothing it back and murmuring silly pet names to him, calling him a good Inky and a demon slut. Coiirei felt the energies between them start to build again, and soon they had started round two.

They stopped only when Griffin required more sustenance and hydration than the cum that they kept passing back and forth between them. 


Their parting was amicable. Griffin laughed with delight at the way that his once-overlarge jeans (bought just for the occasion, since he had heard Coiirei’s reputation) now hugged his ass so firmly, at the way his dick tried to escape the pouch of his jockstrap. Then, with a kiss, during which Griffin slipped Coiirei both some tongue and a business card that said, ‘Griffin Pasillas, Recreational Monsterfucker’, Griffin said goodbye. 

It was time for the letter ‘J’. Griffin explained that he was seeking a sentient, anthropomorphic Jackalope that he had heard was hanging about in Wyoming. There were a lot of scary creatures in the cryptid encyclopedias around ‘J’, Griffin said. He said that he was hoping that the anthro Jackalope would work out, though there was also a giant Norse snake monster that might be fun to give a go.

And, just like that, the Cambion Monsterfucker traipsed back out of Coiirei’s life for a time. 


The next year was...confusing.

Coiirei found his thoughts drifting often to his marathon fuckfest with Griffin in the following months. There was some resistance in him to admitting that it had been the best sex that he had ever had in his one hundred and fifteen year existence. It hurt his pride as an Incubus — what Griffin had cutely called an ‘Inky’ in a way that Coiirei both hated and could not drive from his mind. Fuck!

Coiirei thought of Griffin’s teasing smile in the café, and the way that he had casually denied him. He thought of the way that the sunlight had filled Griffin’s small flat with a glow that was reflected in his hair, with soft beams that danced across his body, highlighting his nipples, his strong chest, the curvature of his neck and tempting trapezius muscles, his jutting hip bones...

Perhaps, Coiirei reasoned, as he fucked his way across California, he needed a palette cleanser. Perhaps there was something about the sustained length of their session and the sheer volume of energies exchanged that had marked him somehow. Maybe it was something like an adrenal response — something that he would remember because his tender brain had been flooded with chemicals.

Unlike the Cambion, Coiirei did not have anything that could be called parents. He was created fully-formed, though of course he had the capacity to learn and grow and change. That was, after all, what it meant to be alive. And so, he sought out other Incubi, for he needed advice. Most of them were not very much help. Incubi were by and large solitary creatures, and rarely kept up with each other. They were simply driven by other needs, though they were not unfriendly. 

“Well,” said Muuto, one of Coiirei’s closest acquaintances, practically even a friend, curling his tail around Coiirei’s waist. “It sounds to me like maybe the two of you ought to fuck again. If it was really so wonderful, why not indulge yourself? If it is not as you remember, you can disillusion yourself.”

Coiirei sighed, leaning his head against Muuto’s red shoulder and throat. “I’m afraid he’s fucking his way through an alphabet of legendary creatures at the moment.”

“What, with no palette cleansers in between?” said Muuto, prodding Coiirei’s abdomen. “Hmm...Well, you did say that he gave you his card. That must mean he would not mind being contacted.”

“Surely this...preoccupation won’t last,” said Coiirei. “Maybe it’s a curse or an enchantment.”

“Maybe you’re in love,” said Muuto. “Ha!”

Coiirei’s eyes widened a little, and then he laughed too, shaking his head. “No. That’s ridiculous.”

“I was joking, but methinks the lad doth protest too much,” said Muuto, eyeing Coiirei curiously. He fell silent for a moment, examining Coiirei carefully. “Good Heavens and Better Hells, you are in love!”


Adamant that he was not in love, Coiirei sought out several experts (shamans, witch doctors, warlocks, and so on) well-versed in such matters, but each told him that his own abilities were the only supernatural things about him. Each, however, recommended the same course of treatment — a thorough fucking to cleanse his mind of the mortal. Though he committed whole-dickedly to this treatment with each of the experts, it did not resolve his predicament. His thoughts were continuously called back to the sun in Griffin’s golden hair, the glimmer in his green eyes.  

With the affliction confirmed, Coiirei’s thoughts turned to practicalities. Of course, he was embarrassed to have caught such feelings from a mortal. But that was hardly his most pressing concern. For one, he felt lonely, found himself pining for the mortal, wanting to see him again. That was impractical, to say the least. For two, there was that word — mortal. Mort, as in death. Griffin had admitted to Coiirei that he had no idea how long the average Cambion lifespan was — they were rare, these days. 

That meant that one day, Griffin would die, and Coiirei wouldn’t even know when it was coming. Coiirei was afraid what it would do to him, to be in such close contact with mortality. It disturbed him to think that any mortal, human or otherwise, could have a more profound impact on him than the sunsets and wines that he was used to thinking of them as. Coiirei realized that he was feeling fear, and it was an alien, uncomfortable feeling that seemed to snag into his skin and make it itch. 

At the same time, he had already wasted a year — if he was going to love Griffin, then he wanted to love him for as long as possible before the…(his mind searched for euphemisms, his heart uncomfortable and aching)...before the Big Sleep. 

All of these problems aside, Coiirei loved someone who he was uncertain loved him back, and that felt like the most pressing problem of all. Somehow, like some damn fresh-faced Human, he had fallen in love after one (albeit majestic) fuck. It was ridiculous. He stared at the card that Griffin had given him, snorting a little at the title that the Cambion had given himself.



“Ah, gee, that’s not really supposed to happen, right?” said Griffin over the phone, his voice flattened by the digitization of the signal, but nevertheless concerned and attentive. 

Coiirei explained further, Griffin making small, sympathetic noises all the while. Then, the mortal proposed a solution. As he listened to the mortal, Coiirei felt his ears burn, blood rushing to his face. 

“Well, I agree that us getting involved is probably a bad idea. I’ve never actually been in a long-term relationship, and it sounds like the same is true for you, but maybe the shine’ll wear off a little bit if you spend more time with me. You know, you’ll get to know how I really am. See some of my seams and cracks — oh, that crack, too, if you’re good. You know what I mean though, my flaws.”

Part of Coiirei questioned this logic, but it was bulldozed over by his desire to see Griffin. “Like exposure therapy.”

“I’m not sure if that’s what that means, exactly, but, if you want to call it that, sure! Oh, and by the way, I’m moving on to the letter ‘K’ as of this week. Might be fun to have you help with the process while you’re hanging around with me. Lots of possibilities with ‘K’, but I’m thinking ‘go big or go home’ — maybe the Kraken?”


Coiirei and and Griffin met in Wyoming. Griffin hugged Coiirei warmly before they piled into the car, and Coiirei once again found himself blushing, this time from something as innocent as a hug. They drove together from there to Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean. It was less than a day’s drive, but it nearly doubled the amount of time that Coiirei had physically spent with Griffin up to that point. 

The first thing that he noticed was that Griffin liked to talk — especially given the chance to wax poetic about his favourite topic with someone from whom he didn’t have to hide it: monsterfucking. Traveling with Griffin, it was as though Coiirei was plugged into his mind, a steady stream-of-consciousness drifting by, carrying Coiirei along. What Griffin thought, Griffin said. 

“You’re going to learn a lot about me. Taking on the Kraken will require time and commitment, and at this point, I don’t bother to hide any of my foibles from friends or lovers. Well, you must know — you’re a year older than me. You’re going to see just how quickly we cure that lovesickness of yours, Corey. I bet you’ll be on the train back to casual-attachments-onlysville in less than a month. I’ve got you covered!”

By the time that they reached Spokane, Washington, Griffin was telling him how his Incubus father had been sympathetic when he heard that Coiirei had fallen in love with a mortal. “He wished you luck with falling out of love, basically. Then, he told me the story of how he and my dad met for the umpteenth time! Sickeningly cute, really.”

Coiirei shifted uncomfortably in his seat as Griffin continued on, telling him the story of his ill-fated Incubus father and his love for a mortal man. Was Coiirei likewise doomed?

A hundred kilometers into Canada, Coiirei asked Griffin about the decision to fuck a monster several orders of magnitude larger than himself.

“Oh, it’s like A-ha says in Take On Me — it’s no better to be safe than sorry. I’ve always been a sort of hypersexualized guy — you know, the Inky in me and all, but after a while, it all sort of blurs together, doesn’t it? Well, you must know...”

When they arrived in Vancouver to the place that Griffin had arranged to rent, Coiirei splayed himself out on the bed in the buff. He had no need to lie to himself — he was hoping for a fuck every bit as supernaturally-charged as their last. Griffin, for his part, took off his shoes and shirt, and sat at the edge of the bed in his blue jeans, stroking Coiirei’s nude body gently, scratching his scalp. “So, you think that you love me, huh?”

“I know so,” said Coiirei, impatient. Mostly, he felt embarrassed having to talk about it. “It’s the only affliction that fits the symptoms.”

“For a born heartbreaker like you,” said Griffin, running a hand across the Incubus’ lower abdomen teasingly. “That must be hard.”

“You’re making me hard,” growled Coiirei, and tugged Griffin down onto the bed. Fucking was easier than talking about feelings.

“I thought so,” said Griffin, casually leaning over and engulfing Coiirei’s dick to the root. 


Together, they planned for Griffin to take on the Kraken. First off, Griffin could not simply transform his body to have aquatic and pressure adaptations like Coiirei could. So, the pair of them became certified scuba divers. The first course took two months, once weekly, plus an additional two weeks for certification. 

It wasn’t enough, though. They had to complete enough dives so that Griffin could take the courses that would certify him to go deeper — as deep as the limits of sport diving allowed, and then further. The pair of them spent almost three years training until they had completed every certification on offer except underwater welding. All the while, between courses and dives, they researched the Kraken together. On weekends when they weren’t diving, they fucked.

To Coiirei’s delight, their Kraken research also included exploring Griffin’s depths just as much as the depths of the ocean. Training his hole required diligence and patience, and a big fucking dick. Tentacular, in fact. When Griffin gleefully told Coiirei to release the Kraken, it never got any less annoying, but somehow Coiirei found himself rolling his eyes and responding “Aye, aye, Captain” every time instead of running the other way. Together, they fell into a rhythm.   

Although the trainers were very reassuring about the overall safety of the activity so long as proper diving protocol was observed, all of it made Coiirei worry more about the fragility of Griffin’s body. He spent a lot of time caressing its curves, learning the shape of it, feeling the strength in its sinews, the brittleness of its bones. Three years had done nothing to wear off the shine of Griffin’s obnoxious ebullience and casual manner. Three years had also made the love problem worse, much worse. 

Then, there was a sighting of the Kraken — or some other gigantic creature matching its description, and what had been nothing more than a hypothetical for the past three years in Coiirei’s mind became an all-too-real possibility. Coiirei paced their seaside flat. Why now? Why so soon? They were just getting…comfortable. Coiirei was just getting used to the idea that Griffin wouldn’t break as easily as he had once feared. 

“There are a hundred things that could go wrong,” said Coiirei. “A thousand, even.”

“I’ve lived a long life,” said Griffin with a shrug. “You knew this was the plan, Coconut.” 

“But I already have such a limited time with you,” Coiirei said, hands on hip. “I just thought it would take longer to find the Kraken.”

“Corey...I can’t do this without you. You’re the one that has to go talk to the damn thing and...ease my passage,” said Griffin, ever-playful. 

“I could be killing you,” said Coiirei, arms crossed and shoulders tensed. His heart was beating in his ears. “I could be negotiating your doom.”

Griffin paused, then threw his arms around Coiirei and drew him close. “I love you too.”

Griffin didn’t say anything for a while after that, which was strange for him. Coiirei, meanwhile, reflected, heart pounding louder than ever. It felt good to be held. They had both worked toward this for three years. He had known what it had meant, to accept Griffin’s solution for his lovesickness. Of course, by now, it was clear to both of them that it had done the exact opposite of what they had, back then, hoped for. But Coiirei had accepted the terms. He had made a promise to help this monsterfucker fuck every monster his weird little heart desired. 

It felt strange to make a decision based on what would be best for someone else, rather than for himself. 

“Is it love that makes me act against my own self-interest?” whined Coiirei, recognizing that this was something he had to do for Griffin.

“Fuck if I know,” said Griffin. “Release the Kraken?”

Coiirei felt his dick stir to life. “Aye, aye, Captain.”


The night before Griffin’s date with the actual Kraken, and not just Coiirei’s supernaturally-enlarged dick, the Incubus had a bad dream that, of course, his heart felt sure was a premonition. In his dreams, he watched the Kraken pull Griffin down below the safety limits, watched as Griffin’s body gave way to the pressure and his scuba diving equipment failed, watched Griffin disappear forever beneath the ocean waves. 

Sitting in an armchair, Coiirei’s whole body felt stiff. He had drawn in his shoulders as though he felt cold, and held his arms close against his body. There was a roiling sensation in the pit of his stomach, a tight ball of anxiety. He took deep breaths, knowing that what he wanted most in that moment was to be present for Griffin, and knowing that respecting his wishes might cause him to come to harm. He could picture it all in his mind’s eye, clear as day. The Kraken, stealing his lover away.  

He could not shake the sense of dread as Griffin modeled his custom-tailored wetsuit, with its zipper for easy access to his well-stretched hole, and its see-through dick pouch. Griffin was in a celebratory mood — today marked the culmination of three years of work. Earlier that day, Coiirei had learned that, in fact, Griffin kept what he jokingly called ‘Anal Annals’, detailing the experience of each and every monsterfuck, from the research phase onward, with plenty of sensory information about what it had been like. His entry on the Kraken was just missing the main event. 


Coiirei tracked the Kraken to the Mariana Trench. Conforming his body to the environment so that he could survive the pressure, Coiirei approached dragging a large chunk of sustainably-fished Yellowfin Tuna. He had to chase off a few scavengers along the way. Coiirei nearly turned back a dozen times, but his thoughts turned to the work that he and Griffin had put into this ridiculous endeavour. 

He thought of Griffin, waiting expectantly up on the surface for him, relying on him to keep his word. And so, Coiirei continued to swim forward and down, deep down, into a place where there was no light, and so much pressure that, had he been anything but what he was, he would have been crushed beneath the weight of the water pressing in around him. 

He did not have to find the Kraken. The Kraken found him.

Scuttlebutt up there near the surface is that there’s been two strange gay fellows asking around about the Kraken. Rumour has it that they took three years of scuba diving lessons to come cruising the ocean to find one.’

These thoughts seemed to simply appear, broadcasted into Coiirei’s head as if through headphones. Coiirei was surprised to find that the Kraken could understand and speak English.

I mean, it isn’t my first language, but I have been down here a long time, and Humans drop a lot of garbage into the ocean, including all sorts of books. I can only read them once before they turn into pulp, but I have an excellent memory.’

Right then. The Kraken could read his thoughts. Sheepish, Coiirei scratched the back of his head and sort of...thought some words at the giant creature. 

My...uh...well, we haven’t really put any labels on it, but my good friend Griffin, who is a fragile half-Human who requires a great deal of care, he wants to meet you, uh, Kraken. He would very much like it if you could…’

At that point, Coiirei tried to transmit a few visual aids to the Kraken, unsure what terms to use to make the ask seem more delicate. 

Ah. Well, that’s an unusual request from a Human, but me and the blue whales get it on all the time. I’m feeling...intrigued. Now, let’s talk consent and boundaries, not to mention physical limitations. Do you happen to know the diameter of his…’


The Kraken was more comfortable the deeper that they were able to go, but was as accommodating as possible. Everything was planned down precisely to the minute. There would be no choice but to have some decompression stops on the way back up, and Coiirei would carry spare ‘pony bottles’ with emergency air. Griffin and the Kraken would have exactly eight minutes to fuck before Griffin had to begin his ascent back toward the surface. The plan was to do it in six. 

But what a six minutes it would be. 


As Griffin descended to the one-hundred-and-thirty-foot-deep plateau that they had chosen for a playroom, he and the Kraken were making eye contact all the while. Griffin was doing his best to swim elegantly, his long yellow-and-black scuba fins undulating in the salt water. It was cold, but Griffin’s wetsuit was thick and well-fitted. 

Coiirei waited with the Kraken, the Officiant for this very unusual union. He could see the eagerness in Griffin’s movements, only visible through long years of practice seeing Griffin, being attuned to him. He was perversely proud of Griffin’s tenacity and his frankly impressive commitment to his own sexual desires.  

Before the countdown began, Griffin unzipped the rear end of his suit and made himself neutrally buoyant in the water. The Kraken took it from there. With one tentacle, the Kraken looped itself around one of Griffin’s wrists before using the rest of the length to loop the other wrist. He held Griffin’s wrists apart, then did the same to his ankles. Spread-eagle in the water, Griffin grinned broadly around his regulator. His cock stood at attention behind the transparent panel of his wetsuit. He was fucking ready for this. Coiirei, too, could not help but smile, watching his lover in the midst of achieving a life goal — something that he had worked for three entire years to make happen.  

Thinning out the tip of a tentacle, the Kraken quested tentatively into Griffin’s ass. He wrapped another appendage around the tip of Griffin’s pouch and began to masturbate him quite roughly. They had agreed that the Kraken would penetrate Griffin’s mouth so long as Griffin gave the signal that he was feeling up for it, but for thirty seconds only, with Coiirei holding the regulator and ready to shove it back in Griffin’s mouth and press the purge to clear any excess water. 

Griffin nodded to Coiirei, and pushed his regulator slightly out with his tongue. Coiirei took the regulator, and the Kraken pushed a fat, undulating tentacle into his throat. Griffin’s eyes rolled back and he made fists with his thick neoprene gloves. Coiirei could hear the moans, but not Griffin’s thoughts. 

Seeing Coiirei’s worry, the Kraken patted him reassuringly with a tentacle. ‘Don’t worry, little Incubus, your good friend is enjoying himself. Get that mouthpiece ready, now.

As the Kraken withdrew his tentacle, Coiirei replaced the regulator, and Griffin blinked gratefully at him beneath his mask, which had begun to fog up a little bit. No doubt that Griffin had been exhaling a little through his nose while the tentacle probed his mouth. The world would be taking on a soft focus now, through the fog. 

Not wanting him to panic, but unable to clean the fog for him, Coiirei swam over to his left hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Griffin squeezed back. He was not struggling or panicking. His back arched, practically weightless in the water at neutral buoyancy. He moaned through his regulator. 

Knowing that they did not have much time, the Kraken began to pump its tentacle in and out of Griffin’s ass, going deeper and deeper with the thickness of it, and curling it back on itself in a come-hither motion on Griffin’s prostate. With a cry that sent bubbles shooting up toward the surface, Griffin came from the prostate manipulation and masturbation into the transparent pouch, coating his own dick with his spend. 

As Griffin’s ass clenched and squeezed around the tentacle, the Kraken’s limb also went rigid. Its expression did not change, but there was a sort of happy rumble from his enormous body that rippled through the water, sending vibrations through Coiirei’s body. He withdrew his tentacles, righting Griffin and making sure that he was still neutrally buoyant and capable of coherent thought before leaving him to his lover.

In his relief that Griffin was safe, Coiirei broadcasted his unguarded thoughts. ‘Thank the Full Moon that birthed me that the Kraken didn’t tear Griffin in half with those flailing tentacles.’

Bit xenophobic of you, really. I have excellent control with these tentacles,’ thought back the Kraken, giving Coiirei gigantic side-eye as his ink-black cum streamed out of Griffin’s loosened hole. ‘Happy trails, you monsterfuckers.

Griffin saluted at and bowed to the Kraken, while Coiirei blushed and waved. Then, the pair of them swam off toward their first decompression stop. Newly-equipped with scuba diving skills, Griffin had yet to decide if ‘L’ was for ‘lycanthrope’ or ‘Loch Ness monster’. Coiirei, for his part, decided that his own ‘L’ was for ‘love’, and that some things, like fucking the Kraken, like his love for his ridiculous mortal, were only made more precious when time was short. 


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