Willful Transformation

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #hypnosis #m/f #pov:bottom

Vanessa’s diaries as she writes how she decided to contact a hypnotist to help her become the girl she always dreamed she could be. Hoping he will help her get over her weak resolve and change the way her mind thinks and reacts.

Day 0 – Asking for Help

“You came to me love.” He said with a patient smile. “If you are scared or uncertain about all this, simply walk out. No hard feelings.”

“NO!” I said a little too loudly. “No…” I whispered under my breath while looking back down. “I… I want to be here. Being scared is exactly why I need to be here. I’m too scared to… To…” I tried to finish, but I felt too embarrassed and just trailed off.

“To train and kick yourself in the butt to become the person you wish to be? You clearly have a little backbone… Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in my home right now. Asking for my help. You obviously have enough willpower for that.”
“Yes!” I said. “Maybe… I’m still not too sure…” I stopped myself and took a long slow breath. “No. I AM sure. I’ve wanted this for the longest time. I… I need this.”

“But you are afraid of actually doing it by yourself. Correct?” he asked.

​I looked up at him and just nodded. I felt so scared I was surprised I was even asking him in the first place. I was pretty shy in my everyday life, but when it came to my sexuality, I was even worse. And I was tired of being that way. I was tired of being afraid to explore my desires.

I wanted to have fun, not read about it and wish it would be me.

When one of my blog friends started to talk about this guy that was helping her change into this incredibly open lover, I was curious. Was this some elaborate story? Some fantasy? But as I looked at her posts and pictures, I started to believe that this guy really did help her.

And according to her, he used hypnosis.

I had read a few erotic stories about hypnosis and I was mildly aroused by them. Being a natural submissive, I was attracted to the concept of having my lover take complete control. But that was as far as my fantasies went. I barely let myself indulge it however. I’m always scared that my lover would find it odd to want to throw myself at their whims...

Like I was some crazy person.

But my greatest fear about my sexuality is my looks. I know that I’m a cute girl, but I don’t eat like I should and I definitely don’t workout. Without being a freak about it, I could easily lose a few pounds to make my figure a little more alluring. I’m not saying I’d like to become some silicone bimbo, but I fantasize about being reborn. Transformed into some hot piece of ass everyone would like to fuck.

Or even... Fantasize they could fuck…

But I lack the strength to pursue that dream. To eat right. To workout. To evolve… To grow…

I debated for months after that. Always going back to her posts. Watching her slowly transform… She started out as a rather plain dark haired girl. But as the weeks went by, she seemed to metamorphose into this gorgeous blonde that would be right at home modelling underwear. Her blog described how her eating habits changed and that it was amazing how she didn’t get the same cravings. She did mention that she felt a little sad that she didn’t seem to want to eat pizza anymore, but that all in all, she was extremely happy with her changes.

Who wouldn’t? She looked stunning!

I finally decided to look him up. He had a blog of his own and most of his posts were about erotic hypnosis stories and other D/s play. Once in a while, he would post an update about one of his ‘girls’ and you could plainly see the radical transformations.

And then, I saw a post about my friend’s transformation. His blog had even more pictures of the sessions they had. I was fascinated by the ones she seemed to sleep on his sofa. She looked so peaceful… He had a few videos of their sessions and I found his voice very relaxing.

I was so intrigued I decided to make contact. We talked about my friend's transformation a lot and he always answered all my questions. Even when I asked if he made her undress for him, he said that he did. That she had told him it was ok as long as he didn’t take any pictures. Of course, I couldn’t be sure he was telling me the truth, but from what I could gather, his sessions really did seem to work wonders.

His answers always seem to put me at ease. Calm my inner fears. Which is partly what I wished for in the first place.

So I finally gathered what little courage I had and decided to go for broke and ask him to meet.

And here I was. Sitting on the very same couch where my friend got hypnotized. Where she transformed…

“Ok then…” he finally said as he considered my answer. “What you are describing will certainly take some time. And… If I may be blunt… It will include a lot of intimate sessions. I just want to make sure you are really aware of what you are asking me to do.”

Again. I just nodded. I felt my face burn up as I realized what I was asking this man to do to me. I watched him look down at my list. I couldn’t bring myself to actually voice them out loud, so I just scribbled them on a piece of paper. Was I really going through with this?

“Hhmm… Yes… A lot of intimacy…” he said as he lifted his eyes to meet my own. “I want to assure you that you will always have a way to stop this. To tap out so to speak… What you are describing here will be hard on you even if I manage to make things easier for you. The mind can be a powerful tool, but the body has a way of overriding it when the mind isn’t ready.”

“Ok…” I said meekly.

“First thing is first. Before we start, I want you to choose a word. It can be anything, but preferably, something you rarely say. Like bonker doodles or banana cars.”

I had to stop myself from laughing!

“Euuhhh… Ok…” I said. “Is that going to be my safe word then?”

“Exactly. I want you to always feel like you can stop whatever compulsion or trigger we are working with. I want you to always have a way out. Does that sound good with you?”

“Yes. I… I would like that.” I said. “So… It can be anything, right?”

It was his turn to nod.

“hhmm… I think… Yeah… Let’s stick with bonker doodles.” I said with a smile. “Seems unlikely I would ever say that!”

“Fine with me. Now I don’t want to start today. Would tomorrow be ok with you? I want to give you some time to think on all this and digest what might happen to you over the coming weeks.”


We got up and talked about small details, but my mind was already racing. Why did I have to wait? Was I wrong in contacting him? Would I regret this? My mind went a mile a minute, but as I looked at his calm face, I decided to trust my initial instincts and just go with it. I knew I would never get this kind of courage again and I knew I would definitely regret chickening out on this opportunity.

As I left his place, I couldn’t help but think that at the very least, if this didn’t work, I would get to explore something new with him.

​He certainly had his dose of charm about him... Not a gorgeous man, but cute in his own way.


​Day 1 – First session

I couldn’t sleep at all!

I spent the whole night debating with myself. Going to every possible question I could think of. What would it be like? Would I like it? Would it work? What if it did? Will I really change? Will I really feel better?

My questions didn’t stop until I made my way back to his door. I almost didn’t knock! But I told myself that I had gone through all the trouble of asking him and coming back, I couldn’t just turn away at the last minute!

So I knocked.

He greeted me with a confident smile and I breathed a little better. I felt no hesitation on his part, only calm patience. He asked how I slept and I was honest, which seemed to reassure him. He really went out of his way to make sure I was fine with everything.

Which helped me a lot if I’m honest.

We sat in his living room and he lowered the lights as he served me tea. We started to talk about hypnosis and all the different ways a skilled hypnotist could place a subject in a trance. When I kept looking at my phone, he commented that I shouldn’t worry about the time, that the first session is always long and that I didn’t have to worry.

He even went on to tell me that most of the time, the first session doesn’t even work if we didn’t find something that worked for me.

I didn’t know if I should be worried or relieved.

I thought he would bring out a crappy pocket watch, or maybe put a metronome in front of me, but once he felt I was ‘ready’, he just asked me to close my eyes. His voice got all velvety as he started to guide me. I thought he would make me picture some relaxing scenery, but he only told me to concentrate on my breathing. On how to breathe long… Slow… Calming… Breaths…

He talked and talked about my breath and my slow moving chest, which at first, made me think up a bunch of erotic things, but his voice didn’t waver and my mind eventually let go of all those naughty thoughts and listened to his soft guidance.

Before I knew it, I felt like I wanted to nod off and sleep…

But I didn’t. I just felt like I was relaxing in a warm bath. Just letting go of my surface thoughts and concentrating on what my body was telling me. His voice seemed far away as it droned on about breathing and slow heaves.

I wasn’t really listening to him anymore...

“Can you hear me Vanessa?” he suddenly asked.

I almost felt like I should open my eyes and see why he would ask me that. But then again, I also didn’t really feel like I should. I was relaxing and I feared that opening my eyes would break the spell.

“Yes…” I said.

My own voice kind of surprised me. I sounded like one of those girls in the hypnosis videos I watched. So far away…

I guess I was in a sense. The realization didn’t surprise me. It didn’t even bother me. It was just information.

“Very good Vanessa.” I heard his soft even voice say. “Now that you are nice and relaxed, tell me how you feel.”

How did I feel?

“I feel…” I heard myself say. “Good… Relaxed…”

“That is very good Vanessa. Do you like to feel this way?”

“Yes…” I answered.

I realized as soon as he asked the question. I did like it. A lot. This felt incredible. So calm…

“Excellent. Everything is going very well and I think we both want things to progress without any problems. Would you agree, Vanessa?”

“Yes… I do agree…”

“Very good Vanessa. I will start by making a deal with you. While you are this relaxed. This peaceful... I will vow to tell you the truth. No matter what it is, I will always tell you the truth. Since you are calm and relaxed, I know you will be able to handle whatever I tell you. Regardless of how harsh or nice it will be. Would you like that? Would you like me to tell you the truth like that?”

I was wondering where he was going with this. Did he have bad things to say to me? But then again, I felt so good that I was confident that whatever he had to say, I could handle the truth. I figured that it was always better to know the truth about everything. Especially me.

“Yes… I would like that.”

“Very good Vanessa. And in return, I would like you to tell me the truth. While you are this relaxed, you should feel free to tell me anything. Regardless of what you fear the truth might reveal. There is no judgement while you are in a trance. Only the truth. If you tell me the truth when I ask you things, it will help me transform you into the person you wish to be. If you hide the truth… I might not be able to help you reach your goal. So if you are honest and truthful, I will be honest and truthful. And together we will be able to reach your dream. Does that sound good to you Vanessa?”

My dream… Yes… I came to him so he could help me. So I could stop being scared of my desires… Of what people might think of them… So I could be who I wanted to be.

“Yes… I will be truthful…” I said.

“Very good Vanessa… Now… Before we stop this first session, I want to ask you a few things. Is that ok with you?”

“Yes... You need to know things… So you can help…”

“Exactly right Vanessa. First question: Do you really enjoy submitting to your lover? Meaning that you would rather he decides how and when you act sexually with him?”

I didn’t have to think about that one for very long. I knew I loved it.

“Yes… I would always rather he decide…”

“Why? What do you find arousing about that?”

Now that wasn’t something I had thought about really. But it seemed that my relaxed mind knew exactly how to answer.

“I love to feel useful… Desired… I find it very arousing to know that my lover wants me… I feel horny when I feel him take the reins. Take control… I get wet when I feel that he knows he could do anything with me… I feel… Pleasure… When I know he is pleased… When he cums from what I could do… I love to feel his pleasure…”

“You seem to feel very strongly about this. Is that it? Or do you feel other things when you submit?”

Other things? Again, my relaxed truthful mind knew how to answer.

“A shiver I can’t quite describe runs down my spine… Making me feel safe… When I feel him take control… It means I can let go… I long to feel the strength of his embrace…”

“I see… You really enjoy that huh? It seems you already understand a lot about your own sexuality. Your desires… If you know so much, why did you come to see me?”

“Because… I’m scared… And I lack the will… To make myself transform…”

“You keep using that word… Transform… Are you speaking of physical transformation? Or mental ones?”


“I see… We’ve talked about it already, but I want you to tell me what you wish me to help you with. Let’s start with your physical self.”

Where to begin?

“I would like to be healthier... Thinner… I know I’m overweight…”

“My dear… You look lovely… And many men love a woman with a little more meat on her. Why would you want that so much?”

“Because I know… I would look prettier… With a few pounds less… but… I can’t do it…”

“I can easily help you there… It will take some time… But we can work on that… What else?”

“I would like to overcome my fear of pain…”

“You fear pain? That is completely normal Vanessa. Everyone fears it in some form or another. What exactly is your goal with this request?”

“I… I know it would make me a better lover…”

“A better lover? How so?” he asked.

“I want to be able to offer… My whole body… To my lover… And the only time I tried anal… it hurt to much… I didn’t enjoy it… But I want to enjoy it.”

“There is certainly a strong physical aspect to that… We will work on that too if you wish. Any other physical changes you wish to have?”

“I… I would love to get past my fear… Past my gag reflex… I want to be able to take my lover all the way down my throat… But I gag… And puke… I don’t want to do that again… I can’t get past it… But I want to…”

“I see… That will require a lot of training… I can help, but you will have to do the work.” he said.

“Yes… I want to… I don’t know if I can…”

“Don’t worry… I know you will be a good girl and do the work. I will help, I promise.”

“Thank you…” I said, feeling intensely relieved for some reason.

“Ok… What about the mental changes? I am starting to get a clear picture of who you want to become. Now tell me about her. Tell me about the woman you wish to be.”

“I want… I want to stop being afraid… Afraid of being a slut… I want to be a confident lover… I want to know that I’m able to satisfy my lover any time… Anywhere… Anyhow…”

“You want to feel good about being a slut?”

“Yes… More than anything… But I’m afraid… I don’t like when people judge me… I... I can’t get past what I see in their eyes...” I said. “It makes me feel dirty...”

“I can certainly help how you react to that judgement, but people will still judge you if you act like a slut.”

“I know… I’m just… Tired of caring about it… I can’t let go of my anxiety…”

“That should be pretty easy to accomplish. Anything else?”

“Yes… maybe…”

“It’s ok Vanessa… You can say anything while you are relaxed like this. Just say what is on your mind.”

“Can you… With hypnosis… Block my orgasm?”

Block my orgasms? What the hell was I thinking? Why was I saying that? Ok… I’ll admit that I love to edge… Even played with a few days of denial… But a real mental block?

“Oh? Why would you want that?”

“Denial is fun… I… I wanted to know if hypnosis could… Block them… Prevent me from cuming…”

“Forever?” he asked.

“No… Maybe… Can the block be released with a trigger?”

“With time and conditioning, most certainly. Why would you want me to do that to you?”

“Because… I want… I want my lover to control my pleasure…”

Now that was ringing some bells. I fantasized about that a few times. Knowing that my lover could withhold my pleasure… Control it… Use it…

“I see…” he said. “I’m confident that we’ll be able to block and unlock your orgasms. As for making your trigger available to others... I’ll work on a fun way for you to use it... Or rather... Have it used on you.”

There was a pause in his questions and my mind drifted off into peaceful thoughts. I would be able to fulfill my fantasies. This man was willing to help me. Work on me… My mind danced with all the possibilities. Would it work? He seemed confident it would.

“So… If I’m correct… You wish me to help you transform into a sexier version of yourself, which will also make you a denial and eager slut. You want me to help you bring out those parts of yourself you can’t bring yourself to explore. Am I right?”

“Yes… I want to be a slut… I want to be sexy… I want my lover to find me so desirable… That he used me all the time…”

“I’m confident we’ll reach your goals.” he said, making me feel incredibly happy. “Now... Just a few more questions while you are perfectly relaxed and perfectly honest. Do you find me attractive in a sexual way?”

What? Wow! Now why would he go and ask me that? Like I’d tell him...

“You are very sexually attractive.” I said, almost instantly.

WHAT? Woah! I meant to say that he wasn’t bad looking or something...

“If there were no morals, no consequences and no emotions involved, do you find me sexually attractive enough to fuck?”

WOAH! Wait a minute! I mean...

“Yes. Absolutely.” I said with no hint of reservation or embarrassment.

WHAT??!?!?! Ok this is weird! Why am I saying all this? It’s like my mouth just completely bypasses my brain!

“Very good Vanessa...” he said, sounding awfully pleased with himself.

And for some reason, I felt pretty good about that.

“Now... I’m going to awaken you from this wonderful trance...” he said.

Wait... Trance? I’m in a trance? Really?

“And once you do, you’ll feel refreshed and alert. You will remember everything we just talked about perfectly. You will not be able to deny the truths you learned as we talked. On the count of 3 you’ll be fully rested and alert, fully awake and aware. 1... 2... 3... AWAKE!”

I felt like my mind got a sudden rush of adrenaline. I blinked a few times as the refreshing sensation washed over me.


“I... I was in a trance?” I asked.

He chuckled.

“Oh yes... Not to deep mind you, that can come later. You are a wonderful subject Vanessa.” he said with a sweet smile.

I felt my cheeks burn as I suddenly realized I told him that I found him attractive enough to fuck!

“Huh... Thanks?” I said. “Does that mean you can use hypnosis... to huh... Help?”

“Yes it does.” he said confidently. “But... Now that we both know exactly what we are getting ourselves into... I have to point out that I’m not doing all this for free.”

I swallowed. Crap... In my excitement, I never thought about a possible price tag for all this!

“I’m not sure what your friend told you about what I charge... But I assure you I’m not doing this for the money. So you can calm down.” he said with a wink.

I felt immediately relieved and somewhat aroused... Why was that? Was it because he knew I found him attractive? Did... Did he find ME attractive?

“My minimum fee is play time.” he continued.

“Play time?” I asked. “Meaning what exactly?”

His half smile made me shiver with arousal and fear. Oh god...

“I mean...” he said. “I enjoy hypnotizing beautiful women. I enjoy putting them under and playing around with triggers. If I am to help you change, then I ask that for every session we do together, you must set aside an hour of play for me.”

I swallowed.

“So... What... Huh... What do you make us do... Huh... During your play time?”

He looked at me for a long, very uncomfortable moment...

“It all depends on the subject.” he said. “I ask, beforehand, what they are comfortable with. Since I am helping you girls change and transform, that almost always includes having you strip down to your underwear while I play... But if you aren’t comfortable with that, no worries.”

I swallowed again as an image of me in a trance, wearing only my underwear, suddenly popped into my mind. Why did I feel like that would happen?

Why did I feel like it would be so much more?

“I’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your limits and we’ll play according to what you allow me to do with you. Hypnosis is built on trust and I won’t betray that. Especially not since you are trusting me to help you change.”

For some reason, that re-assured me a lot...

“But since we both know how attractive you find me...” he said with a wink, making my cheeks blush all over again. “I’m hoping you’ll allow our play to include much more than simple stripping...”

Much more? Oh god... Why didn’t I find that frightening?

“At any rate... I won’t ‘dive in’ too quickly so you don’t have to worry. We won’t be outright fucking on our first play session!” he said with a chuckle.

I swallowed. Fucking? Oh fuck... Did he really think I’d agree to... to... Fuck him? While he played with my hypnotized mind? Did... Did I want that?

“Anyway...” he continued as he leaned back in his seat. “That’s assuming you agree to my terms. The limits can come later... For the first session, tonight has gone marvellously and I won’t ask for more. If you decide that you don’t want me to help you change, that is fine. Our session was exhilarating for me as is. But if you wish to continue...” he trailed off.

“I...” I said as I blushed. “I’ll have to let you play with me right?”

He smiled.

“Right,” he said. “But don’t answer me now. A first session can take its toll on someone that never experienced hypnosis before. And since we are discussing extreme changes for you... So for now, just think about it and I’ll contact you in a week. This decision shouldn’t be made lightly. Does that seem ok with you?”

“Of course! That makes sense I guess... But huh...” I said. “Can I ask you something?”

“Always.” he said.

I bit my lower lip seductively.

“Should I wear something special for our next session?”

He blinked a few times before he smiled and chuckled.

I wasn’t sure at all where his ‘play time’ would lead me, but my first reaction was to say yes. Immediately... When I saw some of my friend’s video’s.. The ones where she was under... It... It stirred something in me.

Did it push me to come see him? Maybe... Probably...

Something about being hypnotized to do stuff felt right at home with my natural submissiveness and I couldn’t deny that I was very eager to explore that.

“Wear whatever you feel comfortable with Vanessa.” he said with a smile. “Slutty things can come later...”

He winked and my heart skipped a beat. Damn him...

After we agreed on the date and time, I left his place feeling incredibly horny and excited. I KNEW I hadn’t made a mistake by coming back to see him and I KNEW I was not going to turn down his ‘fee’. I wanted to change and if that meant I had to let him ‘play’ with me, then that was an easy price to pay.

But as I made my way home, I still had to decide how much I would allow him to play with...

Right that second, my horny mind went full throttle and wanted to tell him to play sexually with me. Which might be too much... Yeah... That WAS too much right? I should just tell him to play without including anything lewd...

But considering what I was asking him to do with me. I still can't get my head around how open I was to him. Light trance huh? Seems that if I let him, he'll get into every little corner of my mind... Which surprisingly, didn't scare me at all...

Ah hell...

I won’t be able to decide anything tonight. Besides... He said he’ll show me what a ‘play session’ will be all about in our next session.

In the meantime... HHmmm....

Maybe I will go watch my friend being played with...

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