Victim of Revenge? Or Self Discovery?

by The Traveling Master

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“Hey babe!” my girlfriend said as she came to sit in front of me. “I was going to go do a few errands and I wanted to know if you wanted a blowjob before I left.”

“That’s so nice of you honey! Sure, I’ll take a blowjob.”

I moved to make her room and watched as she unzipped my pants and took out my stiffening cock. She smiled and licked her lips in anticipation as she stroked it a few times, admiring it in her hands. She rubbed her lips her on my cock head and was soon sucking and bobbing her head along my erect length.

Looking at her now, it was hard to tell that barely a few months ago, she hated my guts.
I should probably say that back then, I had kind of seduced her girlfriend and slept with her. 

In my defense, they were both bisexual and they kept their relationship a secret so I didn’t think anything of it. I did understand it all once she came spitting insults at my face. Saying I should drop dead and that men like me was why she kept dating women. 

I felt bad, but I didn’t force anything so I felt I was in the clear. They broke up and she went on a downward spiral. She kept sending me cold stares and made a point to make my life miserable. Since we worked in the same building, it was kind of a drag. 

And then, a few months ago, she stopped coming into work for 4 days before I found her knocking at my door, begging me to let her in. She looked like hell and all she said as she came in was: Kiss me.

She jumped me and kissed me like I was her long lost lover. I was stunned! I didn’t understand this change in her and pushed her away.

“What the hell Vicky?” I finally managed to say.

“Fuck...I...” she said as she looked around my house. “Forget it! I can fight this!”

She turned and walked fast towards the door.

“WAIT!” I called out. "STOP!"

To my utter surprise, she stopped dead in her tracks.

“W... What?” she said, suddenly unsure.

“What is happening Vicky? Why did you come barging in like this? Answer me!”

I saw her shiver before she answered.

“I... I’m not sure... I just... Can’t resist it... I had to come see you...”

“Really? Why?”

“Be... Because...” she said trying very hard to stop talking. “FUCK!!! I... I can’t... Be... Because... Because I’m so fucking horny for you!”

“What? I thought you hated me?” I said as I moved to face her. 

“I DO HATE YOU!!!” She spit out.

“I don’t understand... You hate me but you want to fuck me?”

“Yes... No... I don’t know! I feel like I’m going crazy!”

“Ok, let’s start over. Take a deep breath and tell me what happened.”

She looked at me funny before she took a deep breath and calmed herself.

“Ok... It started on Sunday. I was hung over from my night out blowing off steam. You know... Because you ruined my love life?” she said with withering eyes.

“Go on.” I said, ignoring her remark.

“I immediately noticed that I was thinking about you, but not in the ‘I’m going to ruin HIS love life’ way I usually do.”

“How caring of you.” I commented as I led her to the sofa so she could sit down. 

“Anyway... I felt... Horny... Thinking about you made me horny and I didn’t understand why.”

“Well I am good looking you know...” I joked, trying to lighten the mood.

She turned to look and me and she clearly wasn’t laughing.

“ANYWAY.” she said with emphasis. “As the day, progressed, I realized I couldn’t take my mind off you...” she said, suddenly embarrassed.

“OK... I can see why that would be troublesome for you.”


“Go on...”

“Then well... I... I...” she said, clearly fighting back what ever she wanted to say. “God... I... I masturbated and thought of us fucking.”

“Oooookkkk...” I said slowly. 

I wasn’t sure if this was an elaborate prank, but if it was, I had to give her 5 stars for effort.

“But that just made things worst!!” she said as she placed her head in her hands.

“How so?”

“It was like... Like... After I came, I felt like the images I had thought up became seared in my brain or something. I kept seeing us fucking everywhere!”

“Seems to me like you were having a breakdown or something... What did you drink Saturday?”

“The usual shots...” she said, trying to dismiss my query. “And then on Monday... I woke up remembering all these weird sex dreams. All about you!!!”

“Seems you kind of fixated on me or something. Maybe to get over your grief?” I offered.

“Don’t be a jerk!” she said. “That’s not how grief works at all! No... This isn’t some psychological crap I’m working through... This is much worst.”

“Ok... Seems you already know what's happening to you so... Stop being cryptic and just say it. What do you think is happening to you?”

“Fuck...” she said as she tried closed her eyes shut.

She was forcing them shut and concentrating really hard on something.

“F...Fuck... I can’t... DAMN IT! I...” she said, clearly fighting with herself. “I.. I think someone put a spell on me that... Fuck this sounds lame... That... That makes me want to fuck and obey you.”

“What?” I asked.

I was expecting some elaborate explanation or some weird logic that made it all my fault, but I never expected that.

“You heard me. I answered your question.”

“Woah woah... Rewind for a second and say that again.”

She looked at me funny and her head shook as if she was trying to say no. Then she spoke again.  

 “F...Fuck... I can’t... DAMN IT! I...” she said, clearly fighting with herself. “I.. I think someone put a spell on me that... Fuck this sounds lame... That... That makes me want to fuck and obey you.”

I felt like I was experiencing deja vue! 

“Woah...” she said as she grabbed her head. “That felt so weird...”

“What just happened?”

“I... I felt my mind... rewind... And I said my answer again... Exactly like I said it... Fuck... I knew this shit wasn’t a bad dream...”

“Ok ok ... So.. You are telling that someone cursed you to want to fuck me and... huh... Obey me?”

“Yes...” she said as she looked up. “I spent the last 4 days trying to avoid you... I kept feeling this pull... This need to come see you... And the arousal... Fuck... I couldn’t shake it off... I still can’t...”

“Are you telling me you feel like fucking me right now?”

“Oh yes... More than anything...” she said. 

“Ok... Well before we address that huh... Issue...” I said as my eyes couldn’t help admiring her body. “I want to know why you think someone cursed you.”

“Ok...” she said as looked down. “I’m not sure... Mainly because I was drunk out of my mind, but on Saturday, I may have thrown myself at everyone.”

“Meaning...” I said.

“Meaning I wanted to fuck real bad and I tried to seduce every man and woman in the bar.”

“I see...” I said with a smile, trying to picture the scene.

“At some point, I had my tongue down a guys throat and some girl pulled me off him. She told me that it was her man and I should fuck off. Well... I might have told HER to fuck off...”

“Really? Bold of you.”

“Yeah... Anyway... I think I said something along the lines that if he’s supposed to be your man he shouldn’t be kissing random girls like me so really, he wasn’t your man...”

“Ouch... You were very drunk.”

“I was...” she said with wide eyes. “And then well... I might have kissed him again...”

“Well that was a clear mistake.”

“Yeah... Then I got pulled off him again and she told me that if I wanted to act like a slut, she was going to make sure I would be a slut.”

“Ok... She was clearly pissed off, but you can’t blame her.”

“Right... Anyway... I kind off... Provoked her...”

“Oh dear... What did you do?”

“I might have thrown my drink in her face... While telling her something along the lines of her being the slut... Or something... And maybe tearing her top off... Everything gets fuzzy after that.”

“Holy shit Vicky!”

“I know... Anyway... Once the fight was broken up, she showed me a lock of hair she had pulled out of my head and told me that I would be sorry. That I would not only be a slut, but I would be an obedient slut to the man I most despise in my life.”

“Right...” I said as I understood the whole ‘I think someone put a spell on me’.

She then looked up at me as if I was being dense. I blinked a few times before making the link. 

“RIGHT!” I said. “So... You believe this is real then? You believe that she somehow use that lock of hair to put you under a spell that makes you... Huh... My obedient slut?”

“I didn’t...” she said as she looked away. “I didn’t WANT to believe it. But now I know...”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Because ever since I got here, I feel better. Being close to you makes me... Sort of happy... Not happy per say... Giddy? No... I can’t describe it. I just feel good being around you.”

“Ok... That’s not enough to think this spell is real.”

“I know...” she said. “But the intense arousal... The pull I feel... Even now... And... And the fact that every time you ask a question or tell me to do something, I feel this intense pressure to... To...” she tried to say, but clearly didn’t want to voice it.

“Obey?” I finished for her.

She only nodded.

“Ok... Well there is an easy way to find out. I’ll order you do something you refuse to do it. Ok?”

She nodded again. I wasn't at all convince this whole magic thing was real, but she was clearly panicked and she definitely believes it.

“Stand up and lift your arms above your head.” I told her.

She smirked at my choice of order, but as she looked at me, her face started to make this weird pained look before she closed her eyes.

“OOh... Fuck...” she said. “I... I want to do it... But I also feel like I shouldn’t do it!! FUCK FUCK FUCK...” she said as she grabbed her head. “OK OK OK OK!!! Tell me to stop or something!!!”

“Don’t listen to my previous orders and calm down.” I said, finding her reaction more worrisome than I wanted to admit.

“God...” she said with a sigh. “Thanks for that... Oooh... Now I feel so calm...”

“By any chance... Did my order to refuse to obey clash with my order to stand up?”

“I think so... Don’t do that again... It was really painful...”

“Ok... so...” I said. “Should I try to order you to NOT want to fuck me?”

She looked up at me and I saw clear fear in her eyes.

“Ok!” I said as I lifted my hands. “I won’t I promise.”

She sighed, visibly relieved.

“So... I think this obeying thing is pretty real...” I said and she nodded. “So what do you want to do about it?”

She looked at me and I could clearly see she was debating with herself. After a few moments, she bit her lower lip.

“Would... Would you like to fuck me?” she asked.

“Well...” I said as I looked at her body. “I would be lying is I said no, but I’m not sure its a good idea.”

“Why not?” she asked desperately. 

“Well... I feel like I would be taking advantage.” I said truthfully.

“You would...” she said as she turned toward me. “But I feel so hot for you that I don’t care anymore.”

To my amazement, she grabbed the lower part of her top and pulled her shirt off. Her white bra was exquisite and I couldn’t stop myself from looking down at her chest.

“Woah... Slow down there...”

“Ok...” she said as her hand slowed down and reached for the front of her bra.

With almost agonizing slowness, she undid her front clasp and slowly revealed her tits. I was mesmerized by her actions as they came into view. As I had pictured so many times before, they were spectacular.

“Wow...” was all I could manage. Which made her smile.

“You like my tits huh?” she said as she squeezed them. I only nodded. “I’m telling you it’s ok... Fuck me if you want... Please?”

She grabbed my hands and lifted them to her tits. I was too mesmerized to take advantage, not fully anyway. I just kind of slowly squeezed a few times before shaking my head and pulling them away.

“Ok no... This is too weird...”

“It’s fine... I’m telling you. Without you having said anything about me fucking you, that I want you to fuck me. Ok?”

I looked at her and all I could see was lust. Magical or not, it was there and I could imagine how it must be driving her mad. The whole situation was making me hard and soft all at once. My cock wanted her bad, but my head was telling me to stop.

And she was telling to go ahead...

“I’m not in the same mood as you are...”

“I can tell...” she said as she squeezed her tits again.

“Maybe...” I said as I thought about it. “Maybe if you suck me a little... You know? Show me that you are really into this...”

I saw something pass behind her eyes before she smiled.

“If you say so...” she said as she pushed me back on the sofa.

She made quick work of my pants and pulled my boxers down to my thighs. Her eyes fixed on my cock the moment it came into view.

“Oh god...I... I pictured it... So many times over the last few days...”

“And what... Does the real thing disappoint you?”

“No... It’s...” she said as she took it in her hand. “It’s EXACTLY like I pictured it...”

“Wow...” I said as I Iooked at her. “Maybe its part of the spell or something... You know... Since you are linked to me and everything.”

She nodded. Just kept looking at my cock as if it was something strange and magical. As much as I was finding all this odd, I was kind of eager to start...

“Well since you already know what it looks like, you can just go ahead and suck it, no need to stare at it...”

She swallowed and looked up at me with narrow eyes. Which made me realize I had just ordered her to suck. But she didn’t resist the command and just started. I threw my head back and tried to forget the circumstances and just enjoy the feeling.

Which worked out wonderfully.

I enjoyed her ministrations for as long as I dared before telling her to straddle me. We shed our clothes and she obeyed. We fucked on my sofa like I rarely fucked someone before. She was wild and passionate as our pleasure escalated together. I forgot all about the why and just enjoyed the fuck.

Once it was over and we collapsed, she nuzzled up to my ear and kissed my cheek.

“So...” I asked. “Did that break the spell?”

I asked more for her benefit than mine. If I was honest, I had just had one of the best fucks of my life! 

“No...” she whispered. “Far from it...”

“Oh?” I asked as I turned to look at her.

Her eyes were full of love as she smiled.

“I think its stronger now...” she said.

“Damn... I’m sorry Vicky... I didn’t want to make things worst... But you... I mean...”

“I know...” she said. “It’s ok. I don’t blame you. I do blame that witch, but I can’t blame you. Besides... I think it will work out...”

“Really? How do you figure that?”

“Because... When you told me to suck you, I was a little mad. You know... Because you order me to do it.”

“I know... My bad.. I’ll have to be careful how I ask for things...”

“You will... But my point is that I didn’t fight the command. I obeyed you. You probably don’t know this about me, but I don’t like sucking cock. I just jumped on board because I knew it would help convince you to fuck me.”

“It didn’t show at all...”

“That’s because...” she said as she bit her lower lip. “As I started, I felt my usual disgust flare up, but as soon as it did, I felt this... this... Intense pleasure... My mind became flooded with intense desires and pleasure... I’ve never felt so horny in my life!”

“Wow... That’s strange...”

“Yes... But I think I know why.” she said. “I think the spell is giving me reasons to like being your slut. I knew that this weird pleasure was fake, but it kind of comforted me.”

“It did? I thought it would scare you...”

“No... I understand that this spell thing might not wear off or be broken or whatever... So... I know that I’ll always feel this sexual pull towards you. And... Well... That we’ll fuck.”

“Glad to see the experience didn’t put you off.”

“It didn’t. God it didn’t...” she trailed off as she closed her eyes. “When you penetrated me... FUCK... It felt incredible... Like your cock was... Perfect... Better than any cock I've fucked... Better than any dildo or vibrator...”

“Huh... Thanks?” I said with a smile.

“Dummy...” she said as she playfully hit my chest. “It must be the spell!”

“Must be...” I said.

Half of me was happy she enjoyed it so much and half of me was a little sad that it was all magical. I did kind of pride myself on my sexual prowess. 

“Anyway...” she said as he kissed me. “Regardless of why this magic spell works, I'm kind of glad to know that I’m really going to enjoy being your slut.”

As much as I felt the need to be the knight in shining armor, I couldn’t deny how much better she looked now that we had fucked. She look peaceful. Happy.

So I decided to follow her lead and run with it.

“My obedient slut. Right?”

“Right...” she said as she bit her lip again. “Speaking of which... Did I mention that when I didn’t fight your command to suck you, I felt a sort of thrill?”

“You didn’t mention it per say.”

“I’m not sure... But I think the spell will take care of that too...”

“Interesting...” I said thinking it through. “In that case, I command you to sleep over tonight so we can explore this further.”

She smiled as she put her head on my chest.

“Yes Sir.” she said.

Ever since then, we kind of grew into our roles. I didn't want to abuse this weird power I had over her so I want slowly, but every time, she would encourage me. Push me to order her around so that she could feel the sweet bliss that came when she obeyed. To my surprise, and delight, she was the one to encourage me to satisfy my fantasies with her.

Because every time I did, regardless of what it was, the spell made sure she enjoyed it if she didn't resist.

As we grew more comfortable with each other and our lust was fulfilled, we discovered that we had a lot more in common than we thought. Eventually we decided to move in together because even despite the magic's pull, we loved doing every together.

After after a few months, she eventually admitted to me that she felt the spell didn’t work on her anymore. 

It surprised me because our dynamic never changed. She still obeyed every single order I gave her and was just as aroused and willing to fuck me how ever I wished. If she hadn't told me, I would never have guessed the magic had stopped helping her.

​When I asked if she wanted us to stop, she smiled and told me she wouldn’t change a thing. She said that even if the spell made her obey me in the beginning, she discovered that she actually liked to submit to me. 

She liked being my slut.

So here we are today. Vicky always makes sure I’m sexually satisfied while constantly offering to do things for me. Even if she was still totally devoted to me, I made a point to return the favors as much as I could. 

As much as she’ll let me.

She keeps telling me that she feels better when SHE does all the pleasuring. Who am I to argue with such a beautiful woman?

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