Unintended Brainwashing

by The Traveling Master

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A man is surprised when he comes home from work to discover that his neighbor has broken into his home and is waiting for him in her underwear. The more he questions her why she did it, the more he realizes what has happened to her. Seems she opened something she shouldn’t.

“Hello Mister Smith.” Ashley said as she stepped out of my bedroom.
“HOLY SHIT!” I exclaimed as I took in her lack of clothes. “Ashley? Wh... What are you doing in my room? In my home!?!”
“I’m not sure... I just... I just felt compelled to come over.”
“How did you even get in? The door was locked!”
“I have to admit... I spy on you some times... One time I saw you come home drunk late one night. I... I saw you take your spare key from under the flower pot.”
“Spying on your Neighbor is wrong. You should know better!”
“I’m sorry Mister Smith. I really am!”
“Regardless... What the hell are you doing here in your underwear?”

“I... Well I... Don’t you WANT to see me in my underwear?”

“Well... Huh... Sure... But...”

“Oh good... I was debating if I should wear it... I’m glad you wanted to see me in my undies.”

“What?” I asked. “Oh never mind... Why do you say you felt compelled to come over?”

“I’m not sure...” she said as she looked at the ground. “I just knew I should come.”

“In your underwear?”


As I tried to make sense of why my young and attractive neighbor was standing in my bedroom, it suddenly dawned on me that I might know exactly what had happened.

“Tell me Ashley...” I said as I narrowed my eyes. “Did you per chance receive a package?”

“Why yes! Oh I remember now! I was about to go out when I stumbled upon a box on my porch. I took it inside and opened it. It was an unmarked DVD. I was curious as to what it was so I popped it in and watched. Was that yours Mister Smith?”

I shook my head in disbelief. How on earth had this happened? Did I make a mistake on the mailing address? Or was it a blunder made by the delivery guy? Regardless of who’s fault it was, Ashley had opened my package and watched the DVD.

Which meant...

Fuck... I swallowed hard as I tried to stay calm.

“So... You watched my DVD?” I asked, licking my lips. “Did you like it?”

“It was yours? Oh gosh... I’m sorry Mister Smith. But I have to say... I think it was broken or didn't burn right when they made it. There wasn’t anything on it. Nothing interesting anyway... Just a bunch of flashing lights and such. Like the DVD was scratched or something.”

“Really? That’s a shame...” I said. “Did you watch it until the end?”

“I... I’m not sure... I kind of zoned out... Sorry. I can go get it if you want?”

“No no... That’s fine for the moment...” I said as I looked her up and down. “On another note, I think you look incredible.”

“Thanks Mister Smith!” She said with a big smile. “I feel so relieved for some reason.”

“I bet you do...” I said to myself. 

Part of me was relieved. Excited even... The DVD Ashley had mistakenly watched was, according to the dark web site I had ordered it from, a brainwashing video. I was half expecting it to be a hoax, but on the off chance that it was legit...

I ordered one.

And Ashley had watched it.

My eyes traveled up and down her body once again and my cock stirred. She might not have been my intended target, but she certainly was an exquisite replacement.

But did it really work? She had decided to come over to my home. She broke in. She decided it was better to be in her underwear to greet me.

She felt relieved I found her beautiful...

 Which meant that on some level, it had worked exactly as advertised. 

“Ashley...” I said as my eyes came back up to her face. “Come stand over here please.”

She smiled and instantly moved in front of me. She looked up to me and showed no trace of fear or confusion. She felt genuinely relaxed and happy to be standing in front of me in nothing but her underwear. 

“Like this Mister Smith?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said looking down at her. “So... You really don’t know why you suddenly decided to come break into my house, in your undies, and wait for me in my bedroom. Surely you have some idea...”

“To be honest...” she said looking down at my chest. “I don’t know why, but I... I felt this urge... Like I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly, but once I was doing it, I knew I was doing the right thing. You know? Like my actions told me more about what I wanted to do then my head. It’s silly really... I apologies if my presence in your home disturbs you.”

She looked up at me and I could see a hint of worry. 

“You sure as hell surprised me!” I said with a warm smile. “But no... It doesn’t disturb me.”

She smiled.

“Since you are here and wearing such a beautiful set of underwear, would you mind it terribly if I looked it over?”

She looked down at herself, then back up.

“I... No! Not at all Mister Smith. Be my guest!”

I smiled as I started to walk around her. She stayed very still and didn’t follow me with her eyes as I slowly walked all the way behind her. Part of me was reluctant to be too obvious, mainly because I had no way of knowing how much of the programming had actually worked. As I admired her tight ass, I remembered a section of the programming I wanted that would make a safe first test.

“I have to say that you are a very stunning young woman.”

She actually shivered!

“Thanks Mister Smith!”

“Very sexy... Especially in those...” I said. “It makes me wonder... You are in college now correct?”

“Yes Mister Smith. Last year!”

“I bet a lot of young college guys flirted with you. Do you date much?”

“Oh... Well... I can’t say I haven’t... But I never seem to find the right guy you know?” she said as she turned her head over her shoulder. “The guys in college always seem too young. You know?”

Was she flirting with me? Her smile surely hinted as much.

“But you have dated?”

“Yes Mister Smith.”

“Being the sexy girl you are... Can I assume you aren’t a virgin?”

I saw her blush before she turned her head back to look in front of her. 

“Oh huh...” she stuttered. “I... I mean no... I’m not a v... virgin.”

“I thought as much...” I said. “I would think that such a healthy young woman like you has explored a little. No?”

“Well I... I mean... I... I can’t say I didn’t. Yes... I... I explored a little.”

“Which is completely normal...” I quickly added.

She seemed a little anxious to be talking about her sexuality like this, but I could tell she felt the need to answer me. Which told me the part about her being unable to lie to me seemed to be working well.

“Looking at you now... I just have to ask... How wild would you say you are in bed?”

“Mister Smith!” she exclaimed. “I... That’s... Such a personal question... I... I mean... I... I would say that... I... You know... I feel like I’m pretty... Normal... Huh... Maybe a little... wild... Just a little!”

It was clear she was having trouble. She clearly felt like she shouldn’t be telling me these things, but then again, she also seemed to feel compelled to answer.

“Just a little huh?” I asked as I moved closer to her back. “From what you experienced so far, how much would you say you like sex?”

“Oh god... Mister Smith! I... I...” she exclaimed again, clearly embarrassed. “Of course I... I like it. I like it... Huh... I like it a lot. I mean... Who doesn’t? Right?”

She laughed nervously, but I could tell she was getting turned on. If only a little...

“Who doesn’t indeed...” I said as I moved right up behind her. “Such a sexy tight body must have given you plenty of opportunities to indulge... Correct?”

“I... God... Yes... I... I can’t say I lacked... huh... Suitors...”

“Of course you didn’t... One look at you and men instantly get... Inspired...”

She swallowed hard.

“Especially if you wear something like this...” I said as I placed a finger behind her bra clasp.

I pulled it lightly and let it snap back into place. Which made her gasp.

“OH!” she said. “I... I guess you are right... I mean... Huh... Mister Smith? Huh... Does...” she stuttered and swallowed. “Do you mean to say that huh... You know... That huh... That you are... Huh... Inspired?”

I’m not sure how much she hoped I was or where this encounter was going, but she looked like she wasn’t going to stop me from pushing things further. So I did.

I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her back until her ass cheeks touched my pelvis.

And my erect cock...

“What do you think?” I asked as I held her against me.

“OOHH!!” she exclaimed.

She barely tried to pull away before she stopped herself. Her hands went over mind and held them. Her breathing accelerated as her hips moved a little, as if to make sure she was feeling my cock and not something else.

“I...” she finally said before swallowing. “I think it does... I... Mister Smith... I... I don’t understand what... What is happening...”

My hands were still on her hips and I didn’t dare move them up. Even if I wanted to...

“It’s ok Ashley... Nothing to worry about... Unless you don’t feel turned on right now. You can tell me. I won’t be mad. If you aren’t aroused right now, just go back next door and we’ll just forget everything that just happened. But...” I said as my thumbs made lazy circles in her lower back. “I believe you came over because you are curious... Maybe even because you are as aroused by me as I’m aroused by you...”

“God Mister Smith...” She moaned. “I feel like we shouldn’t be doing this... But... But YESS... I.. I am...”

Her hands squeezed mine to emphasize her point.

“I just... Don’t understand it...” she whispered. “Before a few hours ago... I... I didn’t... Feel... Like I do now...”

“And how do you feel now?”

"HHmm... Aroused... So Aroused... Your hands... God... Your hands make me so... SO...” she said before stopping herself.
“Say it Ashley. Tell me how my touch makes you feel.” I said as I continued to do lazy circles with my thumbs.

“Fuck... I...” she said as she squeezed my hands once more. “They... They make me so... Wet!”

“They do huh?” I said. “Does that bother you?”

“No... yes... I... I don’t know... I’m really confused...”

“Just relax Ashley... Just relax and close your eyes...” I said before waiting a moment. “Now... Breath in and tell me if you want me to remove my hands.”

I felt her take a long deep breath before letting it out slowly.

“Don’t...” she breathed.

“Good...” I said in her ear, making her cock her head to the side. “I don’t want to anyway... In fact... Why don’t I...” I trailed off as my hands started to caress their way up her sides.

She gasped as her ass pushed back against my erection. Her body seemed to know how to react properly even if her mind was still confused with her new feelings.

Her new thoughts...

When my hands reached her bra, I trailed my fingers to the middle of her back.

“I’m taking your bra off.” I informed her.

I decided not to ask and just tell her. If the brainwashing worked like it was supposed to, she would soon discover just how helpless she was to resist me. Her body should constantly yearn for my touch, making her aroused at the mere thought of me. She might not understand the dynamic that was evolving between us, but I did and I was going to make sure she understood.

To my delight, she didn’t move and just nodded her head in silent acceptance that I was going to undress her. I smiled as I undid her bra clasp. My traced their way up to her shoulders slowly before hooking both straps. I gently pushed them apart before slowly guiding them down her arms.

“Mi... Mister... Mister Smith?” she whimpered.

“Yes Ashley?” I asked as I felt her bra drop down from her tits.

I couldn’t see from my angle, but I was sure her nipples were rock hard. Just like my cock...

“Is... is this wrong?” she breathed as her arms lifted away from her body, letting the bra fall to the floor.

“Does it feel wrong?” I asked as my fingers continued to trace down her arms. “Or does it feel good?”

“I...” she whimpered. “It feels so good... TOO good... I’ve... I’ve never felt... Oh fuck... So... So turned on...”

“I see...” I said as my hands softly grabbed each of her hands. “No need to be worried... I know I’m a little older than your college flings.”

I lifted her hands up slowly until her arms were all the way up above her head. 

“You... You aren’t... That old... Mister Smith...” she said softly.

“Why thank you for saying so Ashley.” I said. “Stay.” I then added before letting my hands caress their way down her arms. 

She obeyed nicely and pushed back against my crotch as her arms stayed immobile above her head. 

“So soft...” I whispered in her ear as my hands ended up on her ribs.

I caressed up and down her sides a few times, enjoying the feel of her, before I decided to move my hands forward. She gasped a little as she felt my fingers caress just under her perky breasts.

“Mis... Mister Sm... Smith...” she half moaned.

I didn’t answer and simply cupped her tits, which made her moan loudly. Her tits were so perky... Firm... Yet... Soft... They were perfect. My thumb and index soon confirmed how hard her nipples were. She gasped again when I pinched her nipples. All the while, she left her hand in the air and let me massage and explore her mounds.

Which made me bolder.

My right hand reluctantly released her heavenly tit and caressed its way down her belly.

“OH!” she exclaimed once she figured out where I was headed. “Mister Smith! I... I...”

She protested, but there was no conviction in her voice. Plus, her hands didn’t move to stop me. So I continued. I caressed the elastic band at the top of her panties before plunging my fingers underneath it.

She gasped again, a little more loudly, as my fingers found her slit. She was so wet... I caressed along her opening, making sure my digits were good and wet before traveling up to her clit.

Her knees almost gave out as I made contact. Her moan was deep and long. Which only pushed me on. I lightly pressed and circled her mound in a slow steady rhythm that sent wave after wave of intense pleasure.

“Mis... Mi... Mister... Smith...” She moaned.

She was loosing herself to the pleasure. Her hips were gyrating against my fingers, which made her ass caress my shaft. God I wanted to push her down and free my cock... Impale her in one go... Claim her...

“Tell me Ashley...” I said hotly in her ear. “Has a man ever made you cum with just his fingers?”

She moaned and shook her head.

“Well today you will discover what that feels like...” I said as my fingers went a little faster.

She moaned again as her legs started to shake. My left hand moved to her right tit and I pulled her back against me to steady her. She moaned as her ass felt my own arouse so much more keenly. I had added lines of programming in the DVD that would hopefully make my touch feel incredibly erotic and pleasurable. From the looks of her reactions, it seems that part did its job well.

That or she just naturally loved older men touching her like this...

Ashley was almost ready to cum and I barely started, so I assumed my DVD had more to do with it. I was extremely pleased my DVD seemed to be working so well.

My fingers went lower and parted her soaked lips, letting my middle finger slip inside. Her legs finally gave out as I curved my digit inside and worked to find her G spot.

I held her up against me and didn’t slow down my assault. I played with her as much as I could before I felt her breathing accelerate when her arms started to shake with the effort of staying upright. 

Her moans became small screams of bliss as her pleasure climbed higher and higher. The walls of my bedroom echoed with her throaty song as my fingers accelerated a little more.

“Cum for me.” I ordered in her ear.

“FFFFUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!” She screamed as an orgasm ripped through her young body. 

I felt her body jerk and spasm as the release made her lose all motor control. Her arms fell down and grabbed my hands. She squeezed them both hard and even pushed on my right hand, sending my fingers deeper.

I had to hold her up until she finally caught her breath. 

Once she did, she surprised me by immediately placing her hands back above her head. Her head turned and she kissed my cheek.

“God Mister... Smith...” She breathed. “That was... Amazing... Thank you...”

“My pleasure Ashley...” I said as I kissed her.

She returned my kiss with all the passion her position could muster. I was tempted to ride this power high I was feeling and order her to kneel in front of me, but I felt like there was a better way to cement our new interaction. 

I moved my left hand from her tit to her hair and grabbed a fistful. I pulled her off my lips and looked at her lust filled eyes. She had to twist her head quite a bit to be able to yield to my guidance, but she didn’t resist. She looked at me and I knew, in that precise moment, that she would do anything I asked of her.

Her eyes searched mine in a vague attempt to understand what she was feeling, which was mixed with a deep arousal she couldn’t deny. Even if she had just exploded, she still wanted me so bad...

Who was I to deny her?

“Bend over and pulled down your panties.” I commanded. 

I could almost see her pupils dilate as her aroused mind registered what I asked her to do. She nodded eagerly before I released my grip. She wasted no time and twisted back to face away from me. I undid my pants and free my aching cock as she bent over and slowly peeled down her panties.

I was treated to a spectacular view of her ass as she bent all the way down and removed the soaked cloth from her ankles.

“I’m not sure you are ready to be fucked properly by a real man, but I won’t wait until you are. Spread your ass cheeks.”

She moaned as her hands reached behind and pulled her ass apart. So far, she had obeyed my every command. It stood to reason that all my programming had stuck. Which meant that I was right when I said she wasn’t ready.

I teased her soaked opening a few times before sliding in, making her whimper and moan. But I didn't tease her for long and pushed in. She was so wet that my whole length went in in one sharp thrust. Which made her moan so loudly I feared the other neighbors would hear. 

The thing about the the DVD I purchased was that it promised that the subject would experience an earth shattering moment the first time the person she submitted to fucked her.

A sort of mind bending revelation that would flood her mind with physical pleasure, but also with a sort of euphoria that would cement the owner’s control over her. A unique orgasm that would place the owner at the center of all her thoughts. All her desires...

As she came, I felt her pussy quiver around my girth, which threaten to make me lose control. I grabbed her hips and held her impaled on me. She screamed and moaned as the pleasure cascaded once again through her young body. When she finally caught her breath, I took my cue and started to pump into her.

Each thrust felt like it was sending her over the edge, if only a little. As if each penetration was a shadow of the first. I pictured it a little like I was claiming her more and more each time my hips slapped her ass.

By the time I was ready to cum in her tight pussy, she was in a state of near constant orgasm.

And when I came, she screamed so hard her voice broke. Right before she blacked out and let her whole body fall forward. Lucky for her, I was done with my own release and held her up by the waist.

I picked her up gently and brought her to my bed. 

She would be out for a little bit, which was good because I still had to figure out how our new relationship would work moving forward. 

After all, I hadn’t planned on brainwashing my neighbor’s daughter, but you rarely choose the good fortune that knocks on your door.

Or breaks into your home...

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