Turning the Tables

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #noncon #brainwashing #conditioning #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #mindless

"Can... Can I suck your cock? Please... I... I need it...” she begged feebly.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and made her look up.

“Need it huh? Why is that again?”
“Because... I... I can’t think of anything else... Every minute... Every second... I can’t get it out of my mind... I want to taste it so bad... I NEED to taste it... Swallow it... Suck it... I... I... I need to worship it... Please... Let me worship it...”

“Will you be a good suck slut and do your chores after you’re done?”

“Yeeess... God yes... I’ll do anything if you let me suck your cock! You know I will!”

“Good. I’ll hold you to that. If you so much as try to get out of doing your dishes, I won’t let you suck my cock for a week. Understood?”

“YES! I won’t I promise! I’ll be a good suck slut!”

“Ok then, start sucking.” I said as I released her.

She licked her lips as her trembling hands went to free my hardening cock. She made quick work of my belt and zipper and squealed in delight as my erection sprang free. She wasted no time and started to stroke and lick it as if it was her personal drug.

Which it was. To her, my cock and spunk had become her whole world. Her very own addiction she was powerless to fight. She engulfed me and I smiled as I thought back to how this had all started.

“I bet you didn’t think you would find yourself here did you?”

She didn’t respond as a moan reverberated in her throat as she tickled her tonsil with my cock head.

“Answer me.” I said as I grabbed her hair again and pulled her off my cock. 

She whined once the seal around my girth broke. She slurped and panted as she looked up at me.

“No Sir. I never thought I would become your suck slut.” she said, looking back to the object of her addiction.

“No you didn’t... You wanted other things... But that’s the past... You don’t want those things now do you?”

“No Sir...” she said licking her lips. “I only want to be your suck slut...”

“Good.” I said as I pushed her head down on my shaft.

I pushed down until my cock pushed itself all the way down her throat. She didn’t resist or gag as my cock filled her, sending her untold waves of pleasure. She had practiced and trained a lot since she became my suck slut. Part of me was even proud of her.

But part of me remembered what she had planned to do to me and that alone made all this that much more satisfying.

2 months ago

It all started when I moved in with her. We were good friends and we eventually thought it best to get a place together. Everything was going very well until one faithful day, my laptop crashed and I really needed to get some bills paid so I decided to boot up her computer just long enough to get all my online transactions set up.

I was finally done and was about to leave when I saw she had a quick link on her desktop that was simply labelled : Teddy. I smiled evilly as I remembered that ‘Teddy’ was her childhood stuffed bear. The same bear in which she hid her diary. Could it be she had taken to write a digital one?

I sat back down and clicked.

I only felt bad for a second for intruding on her private thoughts, but it passed very quickly once I saw what was written in the file. I was right, it definitely was a diary! Only... She didn’t talk about her boyfriends or her crush. She talked about me! To my utter amazement, I uncovered that she had always had a crush on me. Especially now that we were young adults and living together. I was flattered! Intrigued... Aroused even. Kimberly was certainly an attractive girl, but since we were childhood friends, I never thought of her like that.

Seemed she thought of me as much more.

I was excited as I continued to read, but everything fell apart when I discovered how she planed to seduce me. 

Or rather...

Enslave me.

I was shocked! Troubled even! I was forced to realize that Kim had a strong dominant side I never suspected. She had always been fun loving and easy going with me so I never pictured her as a dominatrix. But as I read her diary, I couldn’t deny that she was.

And not only that, I also discovered that she had a kink for erotic hypnosis and brainwashing. I read as she laid out a plan to find the the perfect way to expose me to brainwashing materials. She did research on subliminal messages, wave lengths and spirals, regular hypnosis... Everything and anything that would let her take control of me.

Her plan often fell to graphic description of how she wanted me to end up. I was stunned as I read how she would like to transform me into some mindless fuck boy. She planned to give me triggers... Weird desires... Compulsions... The works!

And if I’m honest, I found the whole idea incredibly arousing. But... Not quite like she intended. My mind started to transpose her plan and turn it around. My cock got hard as I pictured her being brainwashed instead.

Then I got to the part where she described how she would be able to make the whole thing pleasurable for me, subconsciously conditioning me to love to be programmed. The idea wasn’t without its merit of course and I immediately saw the advantages of it.

According to most of the research she did, resistant subjects could be made to better accept their programming if they were made to feel pleasure while they were brainwashed. Either that or a strong focal point for their minds to concentrate on while they unknowingly receive their programming.

She planned to use both.

She wanted to get me to look at a subliminally charged video while she gave me pleasure. I was astonished! She had really thought of everything.

Or almost everything...

As I poured over her notes, I realized she didn’t plan to use audio subliminal messages. Probably because she want to risk getting caught by the mind numbing directives while she sucked me off. 

And just like that, I had a plan of my own. I copied all her research and diary before I erased all traces of my presence on her computer. I did however leave myself a back door into her computer in case I needed to check in on her progress. Since I was a computer science major, it was child’s play.


I wasn’t an editing genius, so my plan to custom build a brainwashing video to ensnare Charles wasn’t going to happen. I had to search through infinite tumblr hypno blogs until I found the one that would program things I wanted Charles to have.

God... Just the thought of finally claiming Charles... It made me so wet!

When we first started to live together, I had to watch myself around him as to keep my crush for him a secret. I had been very attentive to him and it was clear to me that the feeling wasn’t mutual. I couldn’t be sure... But I didn’t want to ask him out on a date if he wasn’t interested.

I knew things would only get weird from there and I didn’t want him to move out.

So moved on to plan B: MAKE him interested in me!

If I was honest, I would have loved to be his sweet girlfriend if he had been interested in me. But he wasn’t. If I was to make him mine, better go full out and satisfy one of my deepest desires at the same time. I wasn’t a Dom full time, meaning that I didn’t always like to dominate the guys I dated, but I did enjoy the look of helpless desire some of them got when I took charge.

Men can be so easily controlled...

Cleavage and a flirty attitude is often enough to send most poor bastard into a lust fog that made them so vulnerable and weak. I loved to push that advantage. Never more so than when I licked and tease their cocks. I loved to suck cock because it gave me all the power I wanted.

Suddenly, I was in complete control of them and their pleasure. Men will do just about anything to get their cocks sucked and plenty of girls know this and use it to reward or control their man. I was certainly no different. When my research into brainwashing showed that a pleasure filled mind tended to resist less if it was forced to accept things it didn’t naturally want, I just licked my lips.

Charles would have no chance to resist. I already planned to make him watch mind bending videos, but the more I thought about it, the more I relished the idea of adding that type of precaution. I could already picture him, hopelessly transfixed by my special movie as his cock stands painfully at attention. It would bombard is mind with sexual submission while I knelt sweetly before him.

Back to the screen of course. I wouldn’t want to fall prey to my own brainwashing!

Pleasure was required to crush his resistance? What better way to give him pleasure than to suck his cock? He would be so helpless as I tenderly licked and engulfed his straining manhood. His mind would be trapped in the swirling colors as my mouth gave him the very best of pleasures. Effectively conditioning him to be more and more aroused at the idea of submitting to me. 

HA! Of simply being hypnotized!

He won’t have any choice but to submit to me! Plus... I would get to finally taste his cock... God I dreamed of his cock... I couldn’t wait to be able to enjoy it as I ordered his warped mind to mindlessly ram it into me...

So I searched. 

Night after night I looked for the perfect video until I finally did! One tumblr user had been rather new on the hypno scene, but her videos were already making a splash. I was still debating if one of them would be good for Charles when she chatted me up. She had noticed I had started to follow her and wanted to thank me.

We shared many interests and conversation flowed easily. I finally told her about my desire to enslave my friend and she eventually told me she might have something that would be perfect for my needs. I was so giddy!

She sent me pictures of what I assumed was her brainwashed slave, saying that her latest video had worked wonders. She even told me that she was working on an orgasm control one to give her pet extra stamina. 

I was sold!

She sent me the file and I quickly checked it out. I didn’t let it play of course, I wasn’t a dummy! But she had told me where to pause the video to be able to see what my future slave would be implanted with. To my delight, she had modified her own version to be ‘Charles’ specific. I told her I couldn’t thank her enough and promised to send her pictures of my prey once he was good and brainwashed.

I was so turned on when I first offered to Charles to watched a movie. I was afraid he would sense my excitement and think something weird was going on. But he didn’t! He sat on the sofa and I popped in the DVD I made with the special video. I then told him to sit tight while I went to make pop corn.

She had told me to wait a full 10 minutes before checking in on him. The video needed time to drop him deep enough and I didn’t want to spoil things. She told me to check in on him, if he was hard, it meant that he was deep and ready, if he wasn’t, then I would have to wait another 10 minutes.

It was a long excruciating wait!

But as I came back in the room, making sure to keep my eyes away from the captivating screen, I realized pretty quick that he was hard. His pants were making a delicious tent that made my pussy quiver in anticipation. As I went to kneel in front of him, I remembered how she had warned me not to look in his eyes too much. 

For fear of catching the swirling patterns in his eyes glassy reflection. I only briefly took in his mesmerized stare before gently freeing his manhood. God... Was he worth the wait or what? His erection sprang free and I was faced with the realization that his cock was almost everything I had dreamed about.

Of course... My wilder fantasies about him had him hung like a horse, but I was glad to see he wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, he was large, but not too large. I licked my lips as I saw the drops of pre-cum moistening his cock head. 

I took my time and tried to give him a proper tease. The goal was to make his pleasure last as long as possible so that the brainwashing would in turn be as effective as possible. I licked... I kissed... I sucked...

I almost laughed when I realized that this would probably turn out to be one of my best performances while also realizing that it would be completely lost on him! I had to admit that slowly sucking his cock was erotic. Fun... I didn’t have to worry about anything else. I just had to make sure he didn’t cum too fast. The Dom had told me as much. If he came quickly, then the programming wouldn’t be as effective.

So I sucked... Slowly... Methodically... 

I concentrated as much as I could on his cock and tried to anticipate his growing pleasure. To my shame, I didn’t do a good enough job and suddenly lost control of his pleasure. One lick too many sent gallons of cum in my mouth. I was disappointed, but I wasn’t deterred. I sucked up his cum and swallowed it all, leaving no trace.

I gently tucked him back in his pants and left, making sure not to block his view of the screen. Once the movie was done doing its thing, he blinked a few times and I was glad to see he acted as if we had just watched a real movie.

He didn’t show any indication that something sexual had just happened.

So a few days latter, I tried again.

And again...

Once every few days, I would ask to watch a movie and he would gladly accept. I would let him get captivated before going to kneel in front of him. I learned with each new blowjob and extended his pleasure more and more.

After 2 weeks, I tried another test and started the video just as he entered the living room. To my great joy, he slowed and stood in front of the television as if the colors had dragged and pulled his attention to watch. As if he was helpless to let the screen ensnare his conscious thoughts.

He looked so damn hot as he stood stock still and mesmerized in front of the screen. I let him drop for ten minutes before I went to kneel. He was so hard that I actually had trouble taking him out of his jeans! 

I’m not sure if it was because he was standing or if I was getting better, but he lasted forever! I sucked his cock so slowly and tenderly that I fell into a daze of my own as my mind fell into the same rhythm as the music that accompanied the video. I felt myself relax, like the other times I sucked his cock, as I enjoyed the feel and the taste of him. 

I idly thought about the wonders his cock would inflict upon me once he was properly trained and brainwashed. Images of his magnificent cock flooded my mind as I sucked away and paid more and more attention to the task at hand.

I had to suck his cock. I had to suck it perfectly...

I was even a little disappointed when he finally came, not because I hadn’t done a good enough job, but because it was over.

But as I swallowed and tucked him back in his pants, I smiled as I thought that he could be made to watch the video any time I wanted now. So the next day, I trapped him again. I almost didn’t wait the recommended 10 minutes before I went to kneel before him. I wasted no time and started to suck him while his mind was somewhere far away.

Like the day before, the soothing music soon helped me get into the perfect groove as I lavished his throbbing cock with tenderness. He’ll be such a thankful slave once he realizes how much work I put into his enslavement. Even if I planned to make him lick me with endless abandon, I knew that a good hypno Dom must always reward her slaves. With all the practice I’m going to have with his cock, he’ll be so overjoyed when I’ll tell him that he earned a reward.

Besides... If I don’t train him to last, he won’t be able to contain himself! I have to be talented... He’ll need me to be the best he’s ever had. How else am I going to train him to stay on the edge?

Day after day, our little erotic routine played out and to my utter joy, he lasted longer and longer. Was it the brainwashing? Was it my talents? I didn’t care since both were acceptable. Every morning, I woke up thinking about how I would best tease him. Pleasure him... I touched myself in the shower thinking about how hard his cock was in my mouth. I worked all day thinking about how his spunk never failed to deliver a measure of satisfaction for me.

And every time I programmed him, I knelt and sucked his cock with a passion I didn’t know I could muster for oral pleasure. My mind floated away, content, as the music slowly guided my rhythm and helped me better understand how good I was for doing this for him...


Truth be told, it was rather hard to play the ‘mesmerized victim’. Especially when she first started to suck my cock! Holding back my moans while her talented mouth teased and sucked my dick was pure agony. But I knew it would be worth it in the end so I did my best.

I created a fake hypno FemDom tumblr profile for her to engage with. I worked on my own version of what she expect a brainwashing video to look like. Of course, I stayed well away from anything that would actually hypnotize me! She fell for my ruse and we talked about how she would enslave me.

What she didn’t know of course, was that I planned to enslave HER.

Embedded in my special video, there were obvious visual subliminal messages for her to find, confirming to her she really had something that would work. But... Hidden deep in the music track, there were more subliminal messages. Ones I had painstakingly spliced as to not raise her suspicions. If someone was made to listen to my track, it wouldn’t do much, not if they weren’t focusing on something the subliminal were talking about. Since I already knew she planned to give me pleasure with her mouth while I got brainwashed, I made my hidden messages all about sucking cock.

Of course, I ordered special noise canceling ear buds I would slip in when she went out of the room. They were incredibly small and would be easy to hide, especially since my Dom persona warned her not to look at me face too much. I was thankful to be able to listen to my own music to drown out the tracks that were slowly brainwashing her.

After the initial session, I was glad to discover that I could fool her, but I was still worried the messages wouldn’t work and that she would eventually get tired of sucking my cock. If she just gave me hand job, the subliminal messages wouldn’t work as well and my plan would fall apart.

But lucky for me, it looked like she really did enjoy sucking on my cock because each time we 'watched' one of her movies, she wasted no time and always sucked me off. But it was when she ‘trapped’ me for the first time in the living room that I knew my plan was working. It was a torturess challenge, but I managed to keep myself from cumming as she sucked away for the better part of half an hour!

I was amazed!

She completely lost herself in the task. As I eyed her, I could see just how devoted she was to giving me the best possible experience. Which, I realized, was having an unintended training effect on me. She was training herself to anticipate my pleasure and it forced me to train myself to hold back.

After the second week of daily hypnotic training, I could last up to an hour as she devotedly sucked away. But I soon realized it wasn’t enough for her because some time during the third week, she started to double the daily sessions. She would ‘trap’ me in the morning before work and ‘trap’ me again after supper.

That’s when I knew she was thoroughly hooked.


God I fucking loved his cock! I wasn’t sure if it was his cock per say or the fact that I had to suck him every day, but I just fell for it. His cock consumed my every waking moment. And most of my nights... I had sucked him so much that I could close my eyes and picture it perfectly.

Part of me couldn’t wait to test it out! Feel it slide into me... Stretch me...

But then again, I realized I could easily wait since I was able to have his cock all to myself! When ever I wanted! I just had to time things perfectly and pop in the DVD and his cock would be ready for me.

I loved to suck cock because it gave me so much power over the guy, but now, I had to suck his cock to be able to completely control him, which made me discover another side to the reason I like to suck cock. With astonishing clarity, I realized that I actually I loved to suck cock because it made me feel good.


When I sucked his cock, it was like nothing else existed. Like my mind pushed out all other thoughts and just concentrated on enjoying the feel and taste of him. It was a high I had never experienced before. I knew it was all for his indoctrination, but I was starting to enjoy the act itself more and more.

The slow sensual rhythm...

In... And... Out...
Up... And... Down...
Lick... And... Kiss...
Tease... And... Suck...

I’m not completely sure why, but after 2 weeks of daily sessions, I started to crave his cock. I told myself that Charles was more than ready to start more intensive training so I contacted my Dom friend and she was glad to send over another video that promised to help him last as well as cementing his earlier programming.

I was delighted! I told her about his progress and she gave me a few triggers to try, nothing that would tip my hand, but small actions that would look normal. I had already notice that he had been a lot sweeter towards me and always seems to ask for my advice on small matters. I tried a few triggers and they all worked perfectly!

After such wonderful tests, I decided to add a morning session with the new video. God... Those were even better! His morning wood somehow tasted and felt even more amazing.

After a week of double sessions, I was completely focused on his cock. My nights were deliciously plagued with dreams about his perfect manhood while my days were spent counting down the minutes when I could put him under and suck him with delicious abandon.

So much so that one evening, after supper, I went into the living room in a daze and knelt in front of him. Every thing in the kitchen reminded me of his cock and I couldn’t wait for him to sit in front of the television so I could worship his manhood. I needed it so bad...

I wasted no time and undid his pants. With practiced ease, I free his shaft and slipped it into my mouth. My mind instant flooded with warm bliss as I tasted him.

But then... I heard something I’ve never heard before: He moaned.

The sound snapped me back to reality and I looked up. He looked confused, yet, happy! 

“Fuck...” he moaned as my lips broke the seal. “I know I made a pretty good lasagna... But I didn’t think I earned a blowjob for my efforts!”

My mind was racing! How could I be so stupid? I completely forgot to start the brainwashing movie! Now... Fuck! Now I was kneeling with his cock in my mouth! What the hell would he be thinking? He doesn’t know I’ve been enjoying his cock for the last few weeks!

Ok think...

Which was hard because his cock was right there in front of me... Hard... Slick with my saliva... Begging me to suck it... God I wanted him to shut up so I could continue! What was he saying?

Reward for his lasagna... Yeah... Sure... What ever... That could work...

“It certainly did...” I said as I licked his shaft. “You’ve been a GOOD BOY and I’m going to reward you for it.”

I hadn’t used his pleasure trigger yet, but I had no choice. My blunder threaten to expose my plan. Besides... Even if it didn’t work as well as it was supposed to, he didn’t look too bothered by the fact I had my mouth around his shaft.

What man would?

I watched as he smiled. Did the trigger work?

“I didn’t know you were this type of girl... But I certainly won’t stop you!” 

“Now just relax and enjoy ok?” I said.

He just nodded and eased back in the sofa. I kissed and lick is exquisite shaft as I wondered if it had worked. Did he feel a spike of pleasure? I guess it would be hard to say since I WAS sucking him so tenderly... I did get a thrill at knowing he was finally aware of my talents though. As much as I drank his cum and worshiped his cock, he hadn't been aware of any of it. To him, this was the first time my lips touched his throbbing member. 

Regardless if the trigger worked or not, I was going to make sure it would be an experience he would remember!

I pulled out all the stops, not that I was holding back before, but I added a lot of eye contact and teasing. Which made him moan and throw his head back on more than one occasion.

Before long, I felt my familiar high creep over my aroused mind as his cock kept slipping in and out without any sign of eruption. I idly thought that the stamina brainwashing was having an effect as my mind got deliciously foggy with my own version of cock lust.

I heard him compliment me a few times, but I just smiled and went on. I was determined to make this the most mind melting blowjob of his life and his compliments, even if I craved them, weren’t going to distract me.

So I sort of tuned him out and worked around the focus of my cravings. I could still hear him of course, but it was like it didn’t register. I just sucked...

And licked...
And Kissed...
And took him deep...
And teased...
Did I swallow?

No... I would know when I tasted his divine nectar. I craved it too much not to notice that he came. I just sucked him slowly, regaining a little control over my practice technique. 

I had become his perfect cocksucker and I was determined to show him.

But then his cock got soft and I worried! Oh god... What was I doing wrong? Did he not enjoy my careful ministrations? No... Maybe... Maybe he needed extra stimulation... Maybe the stamina brainwashing was making it hard for him to enjoy himself! Fuck!

Like an epiphany, I realized what was missing.

Without a word, I stopped sucking his manhood and removed my top and bra in one fluid motion before diving right back on his cock. Here I was enjoying his cock and still dressed! I had to give him more if I wanted to excite him!

So I sucked again... Tenderly... Softly... I felt like I had to be extra careful and slow with him. I wasn’t in any rush so I didn’t mind. I tasted and teased his half erect cock while my free hand played with my tits. Slowly... I eventually coaxed his shaft back to full erection and delighted in the fact that my idea had worked.

It was even better than before... Like something in my mind had been flipped. The sweet hazy lust fog I felt as I sucked him was ten times stronger. Ten times better... Before my thoughts melted away, I idly thought that claiming him as my slave would be the perfect opportunity to be able to suck him when ever I wanted...

The cock lust embraced me and I worshiped him as only I could. My mind literally turned off as my nose buried itself in his pelvis, sending his godly shaft down my throat...

Did his hand pet my head? Maybe... I didn’t care...

Did he grab my hair to push and pull my relaxed throat over his hard shaft? Maybe... I didn’t care...

Did he slap my tongue and face with his cock while I just mindlessly stared in his eyes? Waiting for him to put his cock back in my mouth? Maybe... I didn’t care...

All that I cared about was having his cock in my mouth.

Everything else didn’t matter. Not the time I spent kneeling... Not the sounds coming from the tv... Not the notion that I was his cock sucking slut... Not the idea that I wanted his cock in my mouth all day every day...

The only thing that mattered was having his cock in my mouth.

Did he cum?

No... Surely not... I wasn’t done. Did the blowjob last too long? No... I barely started hadn’t I? But he was getting soft again... Maybe... He needed to see me naked... Yes... I got up slowly and pulled down my shorts and panties. My moves were so slow... Hopefully erotic for him... I didn’t want to stop sucking him, but it would have been awkward trying to remove them while kneeling. I did a slow twirl to show off my ass before kneeling again.

I almost moaned when I was able to kiss his cock again. I didn’t care that I was naked for him, what ever he needed to be hard again. What ever he needed so that he would let me suck him.

I was slow and tender... I kissed... I licked... I was extra careful...

He didn’t get hard for a long while. But I didn’t care...

Even soft, his cock was making my mind all fuzzy and delicious.

My patient was rewarded as finally, his cock swell and hardened to the stiff member I crave to taste. Which only sent me deeper into my cock lust.

How long did I suck him? I didn’t care... 

It ended up being to short when I registered his voice telling me he was cuming. His moan and words pierced my fog and told me I was about to dine on my own personal drug. He went rigid and twitched in a way I had come to know well. I stroked him faster to help milk out the sweet cream only he could give me.


Ended up not being as massive a load as I thought it would be. Hadn’t I just sucked him for a long time? Or was I wrong... No... My sore jaw told me it had been a while. He usually gave me such a large load when he lasted like this. What was going on?

The real world seemed to rush back to me as I took stock of my surroundings. I was naked... Right... I remember that... I lifted my eyes to him and caught a glimpse of the clock. 

No... It couldn’t be THAT late... Could it?

“Thanks for that... I have to say that it was hands down the best blowjob I ever got from anyone.”

His compliment sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine.

“I’m glad you liked...” I said, still trying to piece together what had just happened.

I looked up at him and he was fully dressed, sitting comfortably in the sofa while I was on my knees, naked. I was suddenly hit with the image of it. As if he was the dominating one and I was his slave. How did that happen?

“Oh  I did...” he said with a weird smile. “I thought it went perfectly with the movie I was watching.”

Movie? He wasn’t watching a movie was he? I couldn’t remember... What was playing on the screen? He nodded towards it so I turned around to look. To my utter shock, I saw the swirling patterns!

I turned away instantly, not wanting to get hypnotized.

“What is it? Don’t you want to watch it with me?” he asked teasingly.

“I... I mean... What huh... Is...” I stared to say, but stopped myself. “Wait...”

If that was the brainwashing video... Why wasn’t he in a trance? No... worst than that... How did he get his hands on it? Didn’t I keep it safe in my room? I looked up at his grin and blanched. Why was he smiling like that...

“I bet you are wondering why I’m not some mindless hypnotized mess right now huh?”

“What? No... I ... Huh... I mean...” I stuttered, trying to think.

“What if I tell you that I’m actually the one with the screen name FemDom36?”

FemDom36... That was the name of the hypno dom that... That... I felt the blood drain from my face.

“That being said...” he said looking up at the screen. “You can understand how I wouldn’t send you something that would ACTUALLY hypnotize me.”

He knew... Somehow... He knew I planned to brainwash him... Oh god...

“And yes... I know all about your plan to turn me into some dumb fuck boy... I’ll admit, I was shocked when I stumbled on your diary... I never knew you had a crush on me.”

Blood rushed back into my cheeks as the bluntness of his words made me blush. Knowing he had read my intimate thoughts made me feel so exposed. He had no right!

Then again... I had no right to try and enslave him...

But if he was actually FemdDom36...

“Oh yes...” he said. “I read all about your plan for me. I have to admit it was really creative... But sadly for you, I have no intention to bow down and become your puppet.”

Fuck Fuck Fuck... 

“You... How...” I had too many questions! 

My mind was in shock! Both by his admission and by the fact I had been thwarted. Not to mention that...

“WAIT A GODDAMN MINUTE!” I exclaimed, finally feeling my anger rise. “Are you telling me that you NEVER got hypnotized? EVER?”

“I’m afraid not... Sorry...” he said with a sheepish smile. 

“No... That would mean...” I said, losing all the blood in my face again.

“Oh yes! That means that over the last few weeks, you’ve been giving me free blowjobs! Thanks for that by the way...”

“FUCK!” I exclaimed.

“No... Not yet... Just the blowjobs... Remember?”

“I remember dummy! I just... Oh god! WHY? Why wouldn’t you say something? How the hell didn’t you moan? Impossible... You had to be hypnotized!!!!”

“No... I wasn’t hypnotized...” he said as he bent forward. “Just very determined and patient.”

“You... You let me suck your cock every day! Why the fuck didn’t you say anything!?!?! I... I mean... Didn’t you want to at least fuck me or something? Why the charade?”

“Because...” he said as he leaned back. “I needed you to keep concentrating on my cock... Your special little movie might not have brainwashing images, but it certainly has subliminal messages... I should know, I put them there.”

“Subliminal...” I said, not fully comprehending what he was saying.

“You see... After I read you research, I saw that you didn’t plan to use sound to brainwash me. Out of fear of being hypnotized yourself of course... Which gave me an idea for an experiment of my own...”

He lifted the remote towards the television and pressed. The sound track suddenly changed and parts of the music faded out while the background noise was brought to the forefront. 

I gasped as I heard Charles’ voice emerge from the background.

“I love Charles cock. I can’t get enough of Charles cock. I am in love with Charles cock. I need Charles cock. You are Charles Suck Slut. I love the taste of Charles cock. I love the shape of Charles cock. I love the size of Charles cock. I am obsessed with Charles cock and I will do anything to suck Charles cock. You are Charles Suck Slut. Sucking Charles cock makes me happy. Worshiping Charles cock makes me aroused. Charles cock makes my mind turn off and nothing else matters when I suck his cock. You are addicted to Charles cock. You are Charles Suck Slut. ”

On and on his voice drowned about how I loved to suck his cock!

“No...” starting to understand what had happened.

“You see... You were right about choosing the optical route, much easier to ensnare your victim. The down side about the audible path is that you need to make the victim concentrate on something. Even better if you can make them concentrate on the thing the messages are talking about...”

“NO!!!” I said as I backed away.

“Yes...” he said. “So now you know the reason I played along with your little brainwashing game. Admittedly, it was pretty hot and I had real trouble holding back. But the more you sucked... The better I got. Thanks for that by the way.”

“No... No.. No...” I said, not believing what was happening. “You... You can’t!”

“CAN’T?” he said dangerously. “You have no right to use that excuse. You planned to make me much worst! I could have made you just as mindless as you wanted me to be! But I didn’t...”

“You... But you turned me into... Oh god...”

“Can’t say it can you? No matter... From what I can see today, I don’t think I’ll be forced to use your trigger... Oh no... If I’m right, you'll be begging me to suck my cock within 24 hours. And if you can resist... Then... I can still use the trigger I just used on you. Don’t you think its odd that it’s already midnight?”

I looked at the clock again. He was right... Why the hell was it so late? Trigger... What trigger... Oh... Oh god... 

“I see the daily sessions haven’t dulled your mind. Good.”

“You gave me a blowjob trigger? Did... Oh fuck.. Was I just mindlessly sucking your cock? For HOURS?”

“I’m not sure if you were mindless... But you certainly were extremely concentrated. I mean... Did you even realize that I came 3 times?”

“3... times...” I said as a flash of recognition crossed my mind. “I... I just gave you...” I said swallowing. “3... Consecutive... Blowjobs...”

“You did... With incredible talent I might add.”

“No...” I said, still trying to wrap my head around everything that had just happened.

“It’s your fault really... You were so eager to please me with your mouth I just felt like it was the perfect next step for our friendship.”

I swallowed again.

“Next step?”

He leaned in again.

“I’m about as drained as I can be tonight... But starting tomorrow... You’ll be my Suck Slut, won’t you?”

I gasped. My mouth suddenly started to water as an urge to taste his cock took over. I looked down between his legs and I didn’t care about anything else, just that I NEEDED to suck his cock. I licked my lips as I started to crawl towards him.

“Stop yourself suck slut.” he said.

And just like that, my urge faded away and I realized how close I had crawled to him. I looked up sharply and moved away again.

“Good. Now... You should already understand that I designed your subliminal messages to get you addicted to my cock. More specifically, to sucking it...”

“Oh god...”

I watched him get up and put his cock back in his pants.

“When the craving gets to big, you know where to find me.”

I watched him, completely dazed, as he went to his room. I didn’t move or speak until his door closed and I was left alone in the living room. 


Was I dreaming? Had he really used my own plan against me?

I finally went to bed thinking that it must all be a dream. But the more I thought about the last few weeks, the more I realized just how much I had started to crave his cock. Why else would I suddenly decide to brainwashing him twice a day? 

How could I let this happen?

My dreams were plagued with erotic scenes, all about his cock. The next morning, I woke up with a strong desire to go and suck him, but I refused to give in. I even made a point to leave for work before he got up. I tried to ignore what had transpired the night before, but as the day dragged on, my thoughts kept drifting back to to Charles' cock.

The shape of it...
The feel of it...
The delicious taste of it...

Try as I might, my mind just couldn’t dispel the crystal clear image of his cock. Which in turn made me horny  and desperate all day. I was pissed at him for tricking me like he did, but then again, I had tried to trick him so my anger was really aimed at myself for falling for his trap. 

As I got in our home and saw him lounging in the living room, I felt the urge to suck him hit me like a gigantic wave. I almost faltered and went to him, but I resisted.

3 more days I resisted...

But after that, I couldn’t think straight. His cock had invaded my waking mind like a virus. I couldn’t think about anything else! I even surprised myself by muttering things like ‘I love Charles cock’ and ‘I am Charles suck slut’.

I kept day dreaming about feeling his shaft slip down my throat and my work suffered. By the time I left work, my mind could barely think about anything else. When I got home and saw him in his usual spot, I had a vague sense that I should resist the urge to go to him, that if I gave in, I wouldn’t be able to undo what he’s done to me. 


That feeling was crushed in an instant when my mouth started to water in anticipation. It was almost painful. I couldn’t resist the urge any more that I could stop breathing. I was forced to resign myself to the fact that his plan had worked. 

And to my surprise, his plan didn’t stop there.

He let me suck him that night, which sent my mind reeling with unbelievable satisfaction. As I worshiped the new center to my life, he told me all about what he planned to do to me. Part of it as a revenge for trying to enslave him, but also, he wanted to see where all this could lead.

And he also told be that if I wanted to be able to suck him, I had better learn to obey his request.

Call it black mail, but he was true to his word. Whenever I felt like he was abusing this new power he held over me, he would prevent me from sucking him. Which in turn made my life miserable. His subliminal messages had ingrained themselves too deep for me to resist them.

I’m a little pissed that he has taken to use me as his sex slave instead of his lover, but all that anger and resentment disappears the moment I have his cock in my mouth. 

My warped mind kept telling that it wasn't all that bad and constantly informs me that it was all worth it.

Which it always is.

I’ve never felt a high as strong or as satisfying. Feeling his cock erupt down my throat has become more pleasurable to me than cuming. I would rather he fuck me for hours without letting me cum if it meant he was going to finish in my mouth.

I’m mad he’s turned the tables on me like he has, but I can’t deny that I deserve every humiliation and craving he has inflicted on me. 

After all...

I’m still mostly myself. I planned to do much worst to him.

Being his suck slut isn't that bad when you think about the insane pleasure I feel when I suck him...

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