Training a New Pet

The Next Morning

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #m/f #petplay #pov:top #mindless

I got up early to take care of Bunny. She needed a shower and a long oil massage to keep her skin perfectly smooth and soft. I’m a man who takes great care of his things and that includes my pets.

After that, I fed her and retrieved the paper form the door. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my morning coffee when my new guest sleepily walked in.

​“Good morning sleepy head...” I said as I put read the final lines of my page and set it down.

“Good... Morning...” she said and yawned. 

I smiled as I noticed she was only wearing one of my shirts.

“God... I feel so sleepy...” she said as she came and kissed me. “Coffee?”

“Already brewed.” I said and watched her delightful ass sway as she went to get a cup.

She came back to sit down on the chair next to me with her hot beverage, holding it as if it was comforting her.

“Sleepy... But...” she said smiling at me. “Very happy... In fact... I can’t remember feeling this happy... I feel so... Peaceful...”

“I’m glad you do. It’s an after effect of our hypnotic session last night.”

“Oh right... That was... Incredibly fun...” she said as she sipped her drink. “I thought... It would end a little differently...”

“Oh it did... Sorry to say it was during your last trance. Couldn’t help myself I’m afraid...”

“Oh... You know I don’t mind...” she said smiling. “I love to huh... Receive... Your desires...” she said winking through her sleepy eyes.

“I know you do Ruby...” I said.

I was dying to try out her name. Bunny was a sweet subject and immediately started to answer to her new name, but as I used it and continued to put her under, I knew the switch didn’t take effect until later.

With this exquisite lady though, I felt like her trances were deeper. Her mind seemed to assimilate and accept all of my guidance with little to no resistance. As if her subcons was already yearning for the changes I made.

She sipped her coffee with a sleepy smile as she tried to remember our evening together. Had she even heard her name? Bunny came in the kitchen and Ruby looked up from her mug. I had dressed Bunny with lacy lingerie which had a garter belt that held up her white stocking. Of course, she had a pair of bunny ears to complete the look.

“Wow...” Ruby said. “I remember her now...”

Bunny walked up to her and knelt down. She placed her hands on Ruby's thighs and put her head on them As she looked up at Ruby with awe and curiosity.

“Wh...” Ruby said as she looked down. “What is she doing...”

Her tone was still low and her speech pattern clearly told me her mind had slowed down. But I could tell she was slowly waking up.

“It’s her way to say hello. It means she likes you.” I said.

“Oh...” she said looking down at Bunny. “I like you too Bunny...”

Bunny smiled and  moved her head up to rub it against Ruby side. Ruby looked up at me.

“Now what is she doing?”

“She wants you to pet her.”

“Oh...” she said looking back to Bunny.

Her hand patted her head and Bunny immediately pushed back against it. I smiled. Bunny certainly loved to be petted. 

“This feels... So weird...” she said without stopping. “She looks so... Happy...”

“She is happy.” I said as I got up. “She only feels peaceful joy... Joy only a pet can experience... A secure... Safe sort of joy that comes from being owned and cared for by her owner.”

I walked up behind Ruby and placed my hands on her shoulders. I saw her look to my hand briefly before looking back at Bunny. I smiled as I started to massage her shoulders.

“And...” she said as a wave of relaxation hit her. “You said she doesn’t... Think... Anymore...”

“Exactly...” I said as my thumbs included the back of her neck.

She leaned her head forward to give me more room.

“She evolved to a state where she only feels... Where her instincts guide her life... No pesky thoughts required...”

“No thoughts...” she whispered as she relaxed.

She was falling into trance faster than I expected. Which was very good. It meant that my long session the night before did it’s job and helped her conscious mind relax even if she wasn’t in a trance. She was very open to my guidance now.

“I’m so glad Bunny likes you so much Ruby...” I said before her trance fully took over her mind.

I felt her shoulders tense up for a split second. A testament to her reaction at the foreign name I used. It was only a split second... But I felt it...

“Ruby isn’t... My name...” she said slowly.

“Of course it is Ruby...” I pushed as I massaged her lower neck. “What else could it be?”

If she remembered her real name in the state she was in, it meant I would have to work a little more in her up coming sessions. But if she couldn’t...

“It’s...” she said slowly. “My name is...” she said, fighting the fog in her mind. “I’m called...” she tried again.

My fingers circled very slowly at the top of her spine, I could massage higher and speak lower, which would deepen her trance, but I wanted to see her response.

“I was given... The name...” she said slowly. “I... I can’t seem to remember...”

“It is hard to remember a fictitious name...” I said as my fingers circled a little higher. “How do you feel when I call you Ruby? Does it feel good?”

The hand that was petting Bunny slowly stopped petting as her head sank lower. 

“I...” she whispered. “I feel good... Happy...”

“You see? Only your name could make you feel so good... So peaceful... So happy... Just let that good feeling carry you away Ruby...”

I massaged a little higher and dug my fingers in her red mane as I rubbed her scalp.

“Bunny...” I said in a low voice. “Go around the table to face us.”

I massaged and watched as Bunny went from softly whimpering at the lack of petting she was receiving from Ruby to smiling and excited. She crawled under the table I finally stood up in front of us.

“Good girl Bunny...” I said with a smile. “Now bend over the table and look at Ruby.”

She bent over the table and laid down on her stomach before looking up at Ruby’s face.

“Good girl Bunny.” I said. “Now stay...” I commanded.

I didn’t really need to order her to stay, she rarely moved if I was ordering her like I was. But I did anyway because I discovered that if I didn’t keep a strict command on her, her mind would start to wander, much like a dog if you stop paying attention for too long. It will forget your last command and go explore something else. Follow some inner instinct... A scent... Bunny did that sometimes.

My fingers never stopped and I felt all the tension slowly drain away from the gorgeous lady under my tender care.

“Ruby... Can you hear me?”

It took a moment, but she finally answered.

“Yess... I can... hear you...”

“You are doing so well Ruby... So calm... So relaxed... So obedient... You love to be relaxed and obedient don’t you Ruby?”

“... Yes...” she said.

“That’s very normal Ruby... It feels good to obey and sink deeper for me... Doesn’t it Ruby?”

“... Yes... Feels... good...”

“So relaxed... So happy... So peaceful... It feels just as good as hearing your name... As hearing me call you Ruby... So happy... So peaceful... Doesn’t it Ruby?”

“... I... “ she started to say, but she stopped for a moment before continuing. “... Yes... It feels good... Makes me... Happy...”

“So relaxed... So deep... So obedient... It feels good because I own you Ruby. Being owned makes you feel safe... Relaxed... Open... You love that I own you... Don’t you Ruby?”

“... I... Do... Yes...”

“So relaxed... So peaceful... You are in a deep... Peaceful... Obedient trance... Aren’t you Ruby?”

“...Yes... Obedient...”

“Very good Ruby... So relaxed and obedient...” I said as I slowly stopped massaging her scalp and rested my hands on her shoulders once more. “You will listen and obey my words... You will relax and obey the words of your owner... Won’t you Ruby?”

“I will...” she whispered.

“Look in front of you Ruby. What do you see?”

She slowly lifted her head and looked at Bunny.

“I see...” she said slowly. “Bunny...”

My hands gently rubbed her collar bone as I continued.

“And how would you describe her Ruby?” I said as each caress brought my hands lower on her chest.

“She...” she said softly. “She is your human... Hypnotic... Pet...”

“And what does Bunny think about? Can you tell me Ruby?” I said as my right hand slowly went inside her shirt.

“Nothing...” she said.

“How does Bunny feel about being my human hypnotic pet? Can you tell me Ruby?” I said as my fingers found her left erect nipple.

“She feels... Happy...”

“She does... So relaxed and happy... So happy and peaceful...” I said as my hand gently grabbed her perky tit. “Tell me Ruby... Do I own Bunny?”


“And what does it mean Ruby? That I own Bunny...” I said as I slowly squeezed her tit.

“It means... You can... do what you want... With her...”

“Very good Ruby...” I said as I massaged her tit. “Does Bunny understand this? That I own her? How does she show me? Can you tell me Ruby?”

She paused for a moment, trying to think while I pushed her thoughts away.

“She...” she said softly. “Obeys her owner...”

“Very good Ruby...” I said as my hand slowly released her tit and moved out of her shirt. “I own you Ruby... How do you show me you understand this?”

“I obey...” she said immediately.

​“Very good Ruby... So relaxed and obedient... So deep... Your mind slows down as the peaceful obedient joy envelops you... Cradles  you... Makes you realize how wonderful it would be to be like Bunny... Wouldn’t be so peaceful and relaxing to be like Bunny?” I said as I slowly made my way around the table to face her.

Her eyes were so blank... Unfocused... She was looking at Bunny, but she wasn’t seeing her. Not really...

“It would be...” she said slowly. “So... Relaxing...”

I stood behind Bunny and placed my hands on her hips. I felt her move, ever so slightly, as she felt my touch. But she was a good girl and stayed in place.

“I’ve trained Bunny until she evolved into my perfect pet. My human... Hypnotic... Pet...” I said as I gently caressed her ass. “It took time... Work... But she was patient and relaxed as I trained her to be perfect... Trained her body to be perfect... Trained her to obey...”

Bunny was such a good girl. I knew she felt my touch... So very keenly... I had guided her to feel so extra nice when I touched her... But she ignored the feeling and stayed because that's what I had ordered her to do. 

“Now she is so happy... So relaxed... So obedient... Her body responds to the commands of her owner so perfectly... Her instincts learn to obey my desires... Obey my touch... She is so perfect... Would you like to be perfect Ruby?”

I grasped Bunny’s panties and slowly pulled them down, reveling her soaked pussy.

“I...” she said slowly. “Would love... To be perfect...”

I let my fingers trail along her thighs as they came back up. One hand freed my straining cock as the other caressed her lower back.

“And you can be perfect Ruby...” I said as I teased Bunny moist opening. “You can be just like Bunny.”

I aimed my cock and slowly pushed inside her. God I loved impaling my Fuck Bunny... She was so tight... So wet... So yielding to my cock... I pushed and pushed until I bottomed out. I let out a low moan of deep satisfaction as I let myself enjoy her warm pleasure sleeve.

Bunny barely registered my cock. She was such a good girl... She had reached a point where I could fuck her as fast or hard as I wanted and she wouldn’t show any sign she even felt it. Not if I ordered her to stay. 

Things were wildly different if I just fucked her proper. Just like a rabbit in heat, her passion would overflow and she would bloom into the most passionate and devoted lover. It had taken time, but I trained Bunny to react and experience a full spectrum of pleasure when I used her. From explosive release to numb happiness.

“So relaxed... So deep...” I said as I slowly moved in and out of Bunny. “So obedient... You want me to train you... Don’t you Ruby?”

“Yes...” she said as her eyes took in the scene before her.

“So peaceful and receptive...” I said as I used Bunny in front of her. “Receptive and obedient to your owner... You want me to train you to be my hypnotic human pet... Don’t you Ruby?”

“I...” she said as she looked at us. “Do...”

“So deep... So compliant... I’m going to take care of you Ruby... Train you... Change you... Evolve you...” I said as my pace stayed slow and controlled. “It will be so easy... So relaxing... Your thoughts won’t exist as you obey your owner... Each time you obey your owner... You will feel relaxed... Peaceful... Happy... Don’t you want to be relaxed and happy Ruby?”

“Yes...” she said slowly. “Relaxed and happy...”

“Very good Ruby...” I said as I stopped moving. “Now stand up.”

I caressed Bunny’s ass lovingly as I watched her slowly get up from her chair. 

“Very good Ruby... You obey your owner so perfectly... How does it make you feel to obey your owner?”

“Relaxed...” she said softly. “Peaceful... Happy...”

“Very good Ruby...” I said admiring her body. “Remove your shirt.”

I gently grasped Bunny’s hips and guided her towards me before pushing back slowly. My cock didn’t move that much inside her, but the slow motion felt exquisite all the same. I moved her as I watched Ruby’s hands grab the lower part of my shirt. She slowly lifted it up and above her head before removing her arms from each sleeve. She let the shirt fall on the floor next to her without thought. Without care...

“Very good Ruby...” I said as I let my eyes examine every inch of her young perky body. “So relaxed... So peaceful... So happy...”

Her red mane fell in wild curls on both sides of her face. She had big vacant blue eyes that saw without seeing as she let her mind sink deeper in her trance. Her breasts were perfect for her hourglass frame. Not too big... Not too small... They were perky and defied gravity as she stood in front of me. Her tight tummy showed me just how much care she took in her body. 

“So happy and receptive... Receptive and obedient...” I said as I continued to move Bunny in short strokes along my cock. “So much like Bunny already... So eager to become a hypnotic human pet... Being my pet makes you so happy... So relaxed... So peaceful... So obedient... Doesn’t it Ruby?”

“Yes...” she said.

“Bend over the table next to Bunny.” I said.

She slowly bent forward and laid down on her stomach next to Bunny. Her head ended it up right at the edge of the table next to me. She looked up blankly at a point in space behind me.

“Very good Ruby...” I said, still fucking Bunny slowly. “You obey so well... It makes you so happy to obey... Happy and relaxed...”

I extended my hand and gently moved her mane out of the way so I could see her lovely face. She was so beautiful... So compliant... So eager... My hand caressed her cheek and smiled when she didn’t react.

“So relaxed... So deep...” I said softly as I caressed her head. “You are already such a good hypnotic pet... So receptive to the commands of your owner... So happy to obey... So open...”

My hand gently went down her cheek again. My thumb caressed her lips and parted them. I made circles on her lips as I pushed her jaw down a little more on each downward circle. Her lips were so soft... So plump... 

“So open and receptive... So eager to learn how to be the perfect pet...” I said as I pushed her mouth open, still slowly fucking Bunny.

I removed my hand and smiled as I saw her keep her mouth open. She was definitely a natural...

“A good pet strives to think less... A good pet learns to feel... Not to think... Just feel... Feel and obey...”

I slowly pulled out of Bunny and moved in front of Ruby.

“A good pet learns to obey her owner’s words... His desires... His guidance...”

I placed my cock head on her lips and slowly pushed in. 

“A good pet doesn’t think... A good pet only feels relaxed... Obedient... She only feels happiness...”

I slowly pushed my cock inside her warm mouth until I hit the back of her throat. She didn’t gag. Perfect...

“A good pet is always ready to relax and obey... A good pet is always ready to be receptive and open to her owner’s desires... Relaxed and open... Just relax and open for me Ruby...”

I maintained a small amount of pressure and waited patiently for her to relax. For her to open... Which didn’t take long. I felt my cock slip down her throat and moaned at the tight wet feeling.

“Very good Ruby...” I said as I gently grabbed her fistful of her red mane. “Just relax and open for your owner... Feel his desire fill you with peaceful happiness...”

I went in and out of her willing throat a few times, but I only did it to further her training. I wanted something else from her this morning.

“Such a good pet... So relaxed and open for your owner...”

I slowly pulled out and watched the long string of drool fall on the ground. I caressed her face one last time before moving around the table. I stood in front of Bunny and without saying a word, I presented my cock to her face. She smiled and opened wide. I slowly plunged into her mouth and felt no resistance as I went down her throat. Bunny was such a perfect pet.

Her throat had become a soft sleeve for my cock to experience. Regardless of when or how I wanted to experience it. I grabbed her blonde locks and started to move in and out of her.

“So relaxed... So open... So obedient... So receptive to the concepts I am teaching you. A good pet is always ready to be useful... To obey... A good pet is always ready to fulfill her owner’s desires... To accept her role in his home... To let her thoughts disappear as her instincts to serve take over...”

I enjoyed Bunny’s throat and pictured Ruby in her place. Soon she would be just as thoughtless and just as perfect as Bunny. I just had to be patient and train her properly. I slowly pulled out of Bunny and let her suck up the excess drool from my tip before stepping aside and placing my hands on Ruby’s ass. I smiled. She didn’t seem to notice.

“So relaxed and perfect...” I said as I caressed her naked ass. “So open and happy... Such a good pet already... Does it make you happy? Knowing you are already a good pet?”

Even as deep as she was, her body was excited and aroused as she dripped with need. Ready for her owner...


I placed my thumbs on each pussy lip and gently spread her wide. She didn’t react.

“You are so relaxed and open... So open and ready for your owner.. For his desires... His pleasure... You understand that a good pet is always ready to please her owner... To satisfy his desires... A pet only feels the joy of service... The bliss of his release... A pet only feels pleasure when she obeys and serves...”

I pushed in her tight pussy and reveled in her soaked warmth. She was so horny... Deep down... Her body was reacting to everything... Making her so aroused... Her body was aching to be used... To be fucked... Her pussy felt so hot and needy as I impaled her.

I felt her shiver slightly. The pleasure of feeling my cock was still a little too much, but that was ok. I knew she would eventually be able to reach Bunny’s level.

“You are doing so well Ruby... I can feel how much your body accepts me... How much it craves to obey me... So relaxed... So obedient... So peaceful and happy as you feel my desire... My pleasure... A good pet lives to feel her owner’s pleasure... To be open to his desires... So relaxed and open...”

I pushed in all the way and savored her. I had to contain my own excitement as I felt her hot cunt spasm around my girth. I had enjoyed her pussy many times during our initial hypnotic play, but this was different. These were the first steps into making her my pet.

“So happy and relaxed... Relaxed and receptive... Receptive to the pleasure your owner gives you as he takes his pleasure from your obedient body...”

I started to move back... And forth... And back... God she was so tight...

“A good pet enjoys the pleasure she receives from her owner... A good pets enjoys it because it pleases her owner... A good pets never loses control to her lust... A good pet always obeys...”

As I fucked her, I could feel her body move, ever so slightly, as the pleasure my cock gave her rose to the surface of her thoughts. Her arousal was deep and I could tell, from past experiences, that if I woke her from her trance now, she would reach a climax so intense she would lose herself to it. But...

“A good pet relaxes and enjoys... A good pet never lets her pleasure distract her from being a perfect hypnotic pet... A good pet never cums... Relax Ruby and let the pleasure consume you slowly... Peacefully... Let it soak every cell in your body without overflowing... Without losing control... Let yourself reach the edge without crossing over... A good pet never cums...”

I knew she probably wouldn’t be able to resist her own pleasure, but I also knew that session after session, she would reach Bunny’s level. A level where she feels incredible amounts of pleasure without even coming close to release. A level that blocks off her orgasm for good.

“A good obedient pet doesn’t need to cum... The joy and pleasure she feels daily is all she craves... The only release she wants is the one she gives her owner...”

My pace quickened and I was pleased to note that Ruby wasn’t moaning as much as she usually does.

“So relaxed... So open... So peaceful and receptive... A good pet never loses control of her pleasure... A good pet stays relaxed and happy... A good pet always obeys...”

My pace quickened and I couldn’t take anymore. I pounded into Ruby and let my pleasure climb until I felt my muscles contract. My whole body joined in as the desire to penetrate her completely took over. I wanted to plant my seed deep inside her hot pussy. My hands gripped her ass and pulled her back as my hips shot forward. My legs tensed up as my body strained to pull her ever closer... To push myself ever deeper.

Her compliant body just accepted my guidance and received my release. I filled her waiting sleeve with gallons of seed. It felt so good... So perfect... I had to catch my breath before I could continue.

“Very good Ruby...” I said as I caressed her ass. “You are doing so well... So relaxed... So obedient...”

I pulled out of her and move to the side. 

“Clean it.”

Bunny smiled and opened her mouth, extending her tongue to flick my deflating cock in her mouth. I looked at Ruby’s ass and noticed my seed seeping out. Ruby stayed in her trance like a good pet should. As Bunny finished licking my cock clean, I couldn’t help but appreciate how good a subject Ruby was.

As far as I could tell, she didn’t cum.

“Clean her.” I told Bunny.

She looked at Ruby’s ass beside her and smiled. She moved off the table and crawled under it so she could come kneel behind Ruby.

“So relaxed... So receptive... A good pet stays still as she is cleaned...” I said.

I watched Bunny lick up the trickling cum on Ruby’s leg before starting to lick her pussy. I smiled as I saw Ruby shiver once again. A tongue could prove harder to control...

I left them to it as I went in my room to retrieve a gift I had prepared for Ruby. When I came back, I saw that Ruby was a little less dazed, but Bunny was done and Ruby hadn’t been awoken by an orgasm.

“You are doing so well Ruby... So relaxed... So happy... So obedient...” I said as I caressed her hair. “Stand up.”

She moved slowly, but she eventually stood up. I walked and stood next to her.

“Face me.” I said.

She turned and I smiled as I saw her vacant eyes. Very good... She was still under...

“So relaxed and happy... Do you love being my pet?”

“Yess...” she said instantly.

“You are a good pet and I love to own you. Does it make you happy that I love owning you?”

“Oh yes...” she said softly.

“I’m glad... But you still need to be trained if you will evolve into the perfect pet... You want me to train you don’t you Ruby?”

“I...” she said with a faint smile. “Do...”

“And so I will train you... Train you to be perfect... To be relaxed... To be happy... To be obedient... What do owners use to train their pets Ruby?”

She didn’t respond, which didn’t really surprise me because I had worked so hard on pushing away her thoughts.

“I... Don’t know...” she finally said.

“That’s ok... I’m here to think for you... Take care of you... Train you... The thing owners use to train their pets is a collar.” I said as I lifted a thick leather collar in front of her eyes. “This will be your training collar. It is a vital tool to train pets. Do you want to wear this collar Ruby? Do you want me to use this collar to train you to be a perfect pet?”

“Yes...” She said.

“That’s my girl...” I said with a smile. “Now Ruby...” I said as I lifted the collar so it was horizontal. “This is a very special collar. It is only used to train hypnotic human pets... It has a very specific use and it will help you understand and train your body to be the perfect pet.”

I made sure she could see all of the collar. Every side... Every detail...

“Once I put this collar on, it will prevent all human thoughts from reaching your conscious mind... It will help you shed your thoughts... Let them sink away... Far away... This collar will only let you think as a good pet should. Once it comes off, your mind will be free to think again.”

I watched for any sign of distress of worry, but I couldn’t see any. She just stared blankly at my collar.

“The goal of the collar is to train your body to learn to live... To relax... To obey... Without your thoughts... Just like you are now... So relaxed... So peaceful... Every day you will wear this collar your thoughts don’t come back... Until you are a perfect pet....”

I put my hands down and grabbed her chin in my free hand. I looked deep in her eyes and waited for her slow mind to focus on me. 

“Tell me Ruby. Would you like me to put this collar on you?”

She stayed passive for a moment. I looked deep in her eyes for any sign of resistance. Any sign that would tell me she was hesitating. I was confident I wouldn’t find any, but I had to make sure.

I saw only vacant peaceful eyes looking back at me.

“Yes...” she finally said.

“Very good Ruby... So relaxed... So peaceful... So happy... Feel the collar wrap around you...” I said as I gently placed it on her lovely neck. “Feel the leather on your skin as I close it... Clasping it shut... Activating the collar...” I said as I worked the clasp in the front, shutting it tight. “Feel your thoughts fade away into nothing... Leaving you free of any worries...”

I let the collar go and looked at Ruby’s passive face. I had used this little hypnotic trigger on Bunny to delicious effect. The technique worked miracles and I was certain it would do the same to Ruby. Her suggestibility was so high I even wondered if it would take as long as Bunny to reach a point where wearing the collar made no difference.

Time would tell...

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