The Power of Trust

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:top
I was lounging on the sofa, watching TV after a hard day’s work while my girlfriend was giving me my evening blowjob when she spoke up.
(Suck, Lick, Slurp,)
“Honey…” (Suck) “Can I ask you something?”
“Sure Babe… What is it?” I replied, fully distracted by the tv.
She slurped one long sloppy time before stroking my cock with her hands.
“I wanted to know… How are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling great! Why do you ask?”
“Just making sure… I can’t help it. I want you to be happy and pleased.” she said with a smile.
“I am Babe… But that isn’t what you wanted to ask right?” I said as I stopped listening to the tv.
“Yeah…” she said shyly. “You always know don’t you? Hihihih. I love that about you.”
“So… You changed me right?”
The question had caught me way off guard. Her manner, slowly and tenderly stroking my hard cock, didn’t betray anything of the emotion she was feeling. I got really nervous because the fact of the matter was, I had changed her. A lot!
"Huh… What do you mean Babe?" I said, trying not to freak out.
"Well… The thing is… I'm pretty sure I wasn't always this… submissive… You know… In fact… I clearly remember I hated giving you head. I say hated… Disliked? Yeah… I disliked it."
"Huh… Ok… Seems you don't anymore." I said trying to figure out where this was going. She had been so perfect for the last few weeks I almost forgot all about what I did. Almost…
"I know! I love it now! Which is why I know I'm right."
"You slipped in a few changes while you hypnotized me for the school stuff right?"
"huh… Look… Babe… I don't… I mean…"
The way she was looking at me was really making me freak out! Extremely calm and posed as if she was in complete control of herself. Like she was waiting to have my cock in her hands to enact her revenge! After all… I had pretty much turned her into my personal nymphomaniac girlfriend.
She looked at me suffer for a few moments, still stroking my cock slowly, before she smiled.
"Honey! Don't be shy! I know you did and I'm glad you did!"
What in holy hell?
"Huh…  Ok… I'm not sure I follow… You aren't mad?"
"I probably should be… But I'm not… I mean… You did like I asked. You made me able to pass all my tests with flying colors."
"You sure did!"
"So I guess a little reward for you isn't too bad of a stretch. Still… I find I'm craving a lot of different things now. Which I didn't before. Like sucking your cock." she said as she licked and sucked it once to demonstrate.
"Ok ok … You are telling me you KNOW I changed some things. That you aren't mad about it. That in fact, you are glad I did. Just because it's a nice reward for me?"
"No silly! Not BECAUSE of that… I love you honey. I always wanted what was best for you and I realize now that I wasn't equipped to give it to you. Now I can."
"So… You don't mind the extra control I have now?"
"Not at all!" she said. "But like I said, I still remember that if you had told me before hand, I would have flat out refused this."
"I'm confused!"
"It's hard to explain… Now that I'm changed, I like it. But I would never have chosen this. Understand?"
"I think I do…"
"SO!" She suddenly exclaimed. "What I'm really curious about, is how you actually did it! I'll admit, I did a little research and everything I found said the same thing: that real hypnosis can't make you want or do anything you wouldn't want to do. So how did you do it?"
"Ahhhhh… Curiosity… It's actually one of the doors I took."
"I see… It can't be all though right?"
"No… Tell me Babe… How does my cock taste right now?"
"Like it mostly always does. Like cock."
"Want to see something cool?"
"Rebecca Lollipop cock flavor galore strawberry Smith."
"Huh… Ok… What does that mean?"
"Suck my cock and see."
She smiled even if her eyes showed puzzlement. She dove on my cock and the moment she tasted it, she pulled off in surprise.
"Oh my god!! Really?"
"You taste like strawberries!!" she said as she dove back to suck a little more.
"Cool right?"
(POP!) "That's amazing!"
"Rebecca Lollipop cock flavor chocolate Smith."
She dove back and sucked me a little more.
"Wow… Chocolate… You can make me taste your cock in different flavors?"
"Yep… But the point I'm making now is that I don't have to anymore."
"But you did before?" she asked.
"yeah… I started you off like that. But I realized I don't need to. I wasn't aware of just how much control I had over you while you were hypnotized."
"But… Why not make me think it's delicious?"
"Tell me Babe. Do you crave it even if it doesn't?"
"Because… Because I know you love it and I love to please you."
"Bingo. I don't need more than that."
"Amazing… How?"
"Well… I realize you were an incredible subject early on. I mean… You went under pretty fast and it took me weeks to figure out why you were so receptive."
"And why is that?"
"Trust… It's all because of trust… You trusted me completely. You love me so much that your mind was willing to follow my hypnotic lead without question. That was why you were so receptive to me."
"Wow… I guess I shouldn't have trusted you then!" she said with a laugh.
"Hahhahaa Maybe not… But it was your idea actually."
"Ok… Tell me all about it then. I want to know."
"Will you finish your blowjob?"
"Of course I will! Especially since it tastes so nice now…" she said as she dove back in.
Her ministrations never wavered as I started to tell her all every detail of the steps we took together.
A few months ago, 

It all started when you surprised me while I was studying a hobby of mine: Hypnosis.
You laughed about it and teased me until a few days later you came to me with a request. You had read about how hypnosis could help someone's concentration and you wanted to know if I was confident enough to try that with you. You wished to be able to sharpen your concentration for your up coming exams and wanted to give yourself every possible chance for top marks.
I agreed immediately. 
We had a few false starts, but I eventually managed to put you under a deep trance. It took longer still to be able to trigger you into it without having to go through the whole induction. I wasn't a full fledged hypnotist back then and I had to explore what worked and what didn't.
Suffice it to say that once your exams were done, with great success I might add, my thoughts turned toward more erotic possibilities.
On one Friday night, after a nice supper, we were looking for something to do for the rest of the night when I proposed to do a new session.
"I wanted to congratulate you on all your small victories!" I said as I sat next to you on the sofa.
"Thanks!" you said as you kissed me. "But… I think you are the one who should get the praise, those sessions worked wonders on my concentration!"
"Yeah… I was wondering, I know we talked about it a little, but I wanted to know how you felt about it. You know… Having me hypnotize you."
"I don't mind it at all. I trust you completely."
I had already reinforced your trust by that point. I had read that trust was key if you wanted the mind to truly accept new ideas and instructions.
"I know… But I meant what do you FEEL about it."
"It's kind of super relaxing… I always feel so calm and refreshed after our sessions. It's really amazing in fact."
"So you kind of like it right?"
"Sure. Why do you ask? Feeling guilty about something?"
"Oh no… Not at all!" I said. "It's just that I really liked to hypnotize you too and I'm discovering a certain talent at it. I was wondering if I could continue to practice with you. I'm just trying to figure out if I could make a study of it and work with it some day… Or if it's just because it's you."
"Well… I don't have any classes this summer… What would we practice then?"
"Hhmmm… Good question… Tell you what… Let's make it a game. I'll practice my skills on you, and I'll implant something like… A trigger of some sort…"
"What? You want to make me cluck like a chicken when I hear some strange set of words?"
"Something like that… Or maybe... I'll try to give you an urge to wear a certain color all the time… Or have you forget how to open a wine bottle… Anything really…"
"HHmmm…" you said thoughtfully. "Well if it's a game, there has to be stakes. What do I get if I can figure it out?"
"A free favor from me! Anything from going to your parents for lunch to doing the dishes!"
"You hate to go eat with my folks!"
"I know! You could also ask for other bonuses like you had me do for your studies. Like a burning desire to workout when you feel guilty about eating too much."
"WHAT? Are you saying I'm fat?" you said with dangerous eyes, even if your lips were smiling.
"Not at all babe… You know that.. You are beautiful!"
"Thank you." you said as you kissed me.
"So if there are stakes, what do I get if you don't figure it out?"
"HHmmm… What about a free pass on anything from gaming to going out with your buddies? I won't complain or pout if you decide to cash in and even do my very best to give you all the free time you need to indulge."
"Sounds like a deal." I said. "So does that mean you accept?"
"Ok… But nothing weird!"
"Weird? What do you mean?"
"No chicken stuff!" you said with a smile, but I could see small signs of worry in your exquisite eyes.
"Hahahahhaha OK ok! I promise!"
I kissed you a little and then whispered your trance trigger. Your mind sank into a trance with little effort by then. I mean, I had put you under loads of times after all! Your head fell forward and I spent the better part of 20 minutes just deepening your trance.
The fact that you loved being hypnotized only made things easier. That's when I started.

Back to the present.

(POP) "I remember that night!" she said as her hand continued to stroke my cock. "I was so eager to help you out!"

I chuckled.

"That you were..." I said as I patted her head.

"So... That's when you decided to start changing me?" she said, still stroking me slowly.

"To be honest, the moment you came to me so I would hypnotize you, I was already thinking about how I could convince you to try erotic hypnosis with me."

"Really? Wow..." she said as she gently kissed my cock head.

"But since I didn't really know how my skills would measure up, I took your request and practiced as I explored your subconscious."

"But..." (Lick) "Once my exams were done... You didn't have a good excuse to hypnotize me right?"

"Am I telling the story?" I said with a smile. "Are would you like to finish it?"

"Sorry!" she said with a sweet smile. "I won't interrupt you again!"

"Sure you won't..." I said rolling my eyes. "Just concentrate your mouth on your task while I tell you how it went ok?"

"Right." she said licking her lips. 

I watched her dive back in and had to marveled at how far she had gotten since those first erotic sessions. 

"So you sank deeper and deeper until I felt you were ready to begin..." I said as I held back a moan.

A few months ago
"Can you still hear me Rebecca?" I asked in my low voice.
"Yyess…" you answered in a calm sleepy tone.
"It's time to go to your happy place… Remember it?"
"And what happens when you are in your happy place?"
"I listen to your voice… It guides me to the truth… I trust you…"
"Good… Go there… Go in your special place… Where you are safe… Let me know when you have arrived…"
You were silent for long moment after that. That process always took as long as you needed. Early on, I had discovered that our session worked best if I let you ease in that way. At first, we walked that mental path together, but as the sessions went on, you were able to do it all by yourself. As you 'traveled' towards your special place, pieces of your armor would fall away so that only your truest self would be permitted to enter.
Your special place was were you felt at peace. Calm… Refreshed… Safe… We worked hard on it, but it acted like another kind of mental armor. Protecting your inner self from the harsh world around you.

Back to the present

(Pop) "Armor? I don't wear Armor silly!" she said as she licked her lips of the excess spit.

"It's all metaphoric..." I said as I looked down at her. 

"Maybe so..." she said stroking me slowly. "But still... I don't understand what you mean by that..."

"Well maybe if you let me finish without interrupting..."

"Right! Sorry... Shutting up!" she said as she mimed zipping up her lips.

"Good... But... Don't zip those up just yet... You still have to finish."

She rolled her eyes playfully before resuming her ministrations.

"As I was saying... Everyone builds themselves walls in their minds. To protect and react to the society around us. When we trust someone, we tend to crack open theses walls to let them see the real person inside. Some refer to this as wearing masks. Others call it armor or walls…"

A few months ago
You believed that your special place was magical, it was where you could be your true self, safe from everything. A place with only happy feelings and bliss. But to get there, you had to strip away all your baggage. Your fears... Your Armor.... You had to be completely trusting and 'naked' to be permitted to enter.
I won't lie, you were scared at first and didn't want to do it. It was the first time I asked you if you trusted me. You said you did and I spent long sessions re-assuring you that everything would be ok. We worked on your trust until you felt comfortable enough to finally enter. As you did, your mind accepted the simple fact that you trusted me completely.
After that, I spent a few sessions strengthening the notion that only the truth could be heard inside your special place. Your trust in me made that possible. Your sanctuary acted like a filter against all the bad things in the world. As such, nothing bad could reach her. If you heard my voice, you knew I was only telling you good things, since nothing bad could enter.
Once you accepted that in your heart, I could guide you down paths of reasoning that were completely true for you, even if they normally weren't. That's exactly how I was able to make you study. I managed to have you believe that your studies were more important than procrastination. When ever a thought like 'Oh I can do this tomorrow' or something similar would pop up in your mind, an immediate reaction would be 'No, this is too important, I need to do this now.'
Back in the present

(Pop) "Oh wow!!! You are so right! I remember the first few times I had to study. Like always I wanted to ditch it and do it the next day, but I somehow found myself thinking that I couldn't!"

"Exactly." I said smiling. "And since that approached worked so well, I figured I would at least start with the strong foundation."

She smiled at me, but it was a little different somehow.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing... Just admiring how talented you are..."

I smiled.

"I couldn't have done it without your incredible mind and trust you know. Give yourself some credit."

"Oh? I thought the whole point of erotic hypnotic hypnosis was to take control?" she teased as she bit her lower lip.

"Well... That is true... But I wouldn't have been able to take control if you didn't help out. Especially if you didn't already trust me so much."

"So…” she said looking at my shaft. “You are saying that I'm the one that made myself so submissive?"
“Maybe I am… But it would be more accurate to say we both made you submissive.”
“I don’t understand…” she said looking back up.
“Well… If you would let me finish…”
“Of course… Sorry!” she said with a smile. “Please go on!”
She stroked me a few times before giving my cock a thorough licking.

“Where was I?” I said, trying not to moan as her mouth engulfed me. “Right… It took me a few tries to arrange the correct reactions in you. We kind of had to learned as we went since I was trying something different. You were a marvelous subject since you wanted it to work just as much as I did. Before that evening, we had many talks about how you felt and what was working and what wasn't…”
A few months ago
"I'm inside…" you whispered.
I smiled.
"Very good Rebecca… Can you feel the calm and bliss of your special place?"
"Hhhmmm Yeess…."
"Now… You know that only the truth can be heard in your special place, it stands to reason that only the truth can be spoken. Yes?"
"Yes… Only the truth…"
"Good girl…" I said "It's time to explore yourself… It is time to reveal everything… Because as much as this place is special… It hides a pathway to an ever better place… A place so safe and complete… That only the bravest and honest of persons can enter them… This place is inside yourself… If you gain access to this place… You will emerge with something special… Would you like to know what it is?"
"Gaining access to this better place grants you the ability to keep the protection of your special place… Even after you leave it… No more would you need to put your armor back on… No more walls or fears… Just your happy safe feeling… Would you like that? To feel it always with you?"
"I can help you… But you must be honest… Answer me truthfully and reveal your heart completely… Only then will you gain access… Besides, can you be judged in this special place?"
"No… never… It's my secret place… Nothing can judge me here… I am safe here…"
I used a similar approach to create your special place and I was confident you would follow my lead.
"Let's begin from the bottom…  Where would the darkest secrets lie? What part of yourself do you hide the most? What embarrasses you the most?"
You took your time to think it over, but you eventually answered.
"My sexuality…"
I already knew this from past sessions. I had already figured out that it was why you were so un-imaginative in the bedroom.
Back in the present
(Pop) “Un-imaginative?” she said as she looked up. “You thought I was boring in bed?”
“Ok…” I said as I smiled at her. “Maybe that was the wrong choice of words. But so is boring.”
“It’s like you said before, you just weren’t equipped back then.”
“Right. Of course…”
She looked at me, slowly stroking my cock.
“Satisfied? May I continue? Or would you rather I stop?”
“What? No no! I want to know the rest!”
“Really? I’m not so sure… You keep stopping and interrupting me.”
“I know…” she said looking down. “I’m sorry…”
“It’s fine really, but just suck and listen ok? Otherwise I might reserve the rest of the story for another time.”

“Suck and listen. I can certainly do that!” she said with a smile.
She licked my balls and stroked me fast a few times, fully distracting me before she resume her slow bobbing.

God she was good at that…
A few months ago
"Very good Rebecca… Let's start with your sexuality then. Once the worst is done, everything else will be so easy won't it?"
"Oh yes… So easy…"
"Do you like sex?"
You took a little time to answer and I was afraid you were resisting this new line of guidance. But to my relief, you took a long breath and answered.
"Not always…"
"Really? Why is that?"
"Because… It's hard… to gain pleasure…"
"Yes… I've noticed sometimes… But that's ok… There is nothing wrong with that. Repeat it and believe it."
"Ok… There nothing wrong with that."
"Pleasure starts with arousal… Why do you think it is hard for you to get aroused… Is it because you are afraid or ashamed?"
"Afraid… Sometimes… Ashamed… Sometimes…"
"Your sexuality is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Especially when you are with a person you love and trust. Say it and believe it."
"My sexuality is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of when I'm with someone I love and trust."
"Why do you find it hard to gain pleasure?"
"It's sometimes hard… To get aroused… When you are… It's sad…"
"Sad? Why is it sad?"
"Because… It looks so easy for you…"
"Ahhh… But that's ok… Men and women are different. It is normal. But maybe we can discover together why it is hard. Would you like that? Find out why and heal that part of yourself so you are better… So you are worthy of the better path…"
"What makes you aroused?"
"When I feel you touching me… In my special places… When you are loving… When I feel your arousal… Your love…"
"I see… So sometimes… I am a little too fast for you? But you try to have sex with me anyway?"
"Because… I love you… I want to keep you…"
"Ahhh So you push yourself to have sex, even when you don't feel as aroused as you think you should? Because you wish to keep me? Because you love me?"
"That is a very good demonstration of your love for me… I love you Rebecca… You know this yes?"
"Yes…" she said smiling.
"I love you so much that I can't help myself… Like everyone else, my arousal is connected with my love… Every day and every moment… I feel my love for you and feel aroused by it… I know what is happening to you… You are scared of losing me and that is a lack in confidence… You are scared, deep down, that if you don't perform sexually, I won't want to stay… You are afraid my love is not strong enough… That my own sexuality will win over from my love… But you are wrong…"
"I am… Wrong?"
"Yes… You see… I love you and I know you love me. So there is no need to fear. Your own mind is creating fears, which stop you from feeling your own sexuality… Which makes you feel less aroused and scared… Which in turn feeds your fears because you feel ashamed of not being able to get aroused… This spiral is not necessary… I love you and you love me… I won't leave you because you do not feel aroused… Besides… Once your fear is gone… Once you gain the better path… Your love will flourish free of the fears that restrain it. As we now know and understand, your love will feed your arousal… Say it and believe it."
"My love feeds my arousal…"
"So here is the truth… You can stop hiding from your feelings and let yourself experience your love for me. You can because you are secure in the feeling of my love for you."
"So… As we know… Your love is tied to your arousal… Every time you feel your love, you will also feel your arousal… And when you feel your arousal, it will feed your love… This spiral is healthy… Normal… But we won't let it go out of control…It can never spiral out of control… Not if you gain access to the better place… Would you like that?"
"Ok then… Let's continue… I've felt like you are holding back in the bedroom… Is this true?"
"Because of the arousal…"
"We know now how to deal with that… You seem shy… Restrained… Is there something else?"
"I'm not a slut. I don't want you to believe I'm a slut… I don't want people to think I am a slut."
Your tone of voice rose higher, indicating just how much you didn’t like the idea.
"Why would you believe yourself a slut?"
"Sluts have no… Respect for themselves… They sleep with anybody and act like prostitutes. They use sex to get what they want… I'm not a slut…"
"I see… But… A part of you has been acting like a slut… You said yourself you have sex with me even if you are not aroused… Because of your fear of losing me… You use sex to keep me…"
"I… No… I'm not a slut…"
"I agree… You are not a slut in that sense… You are not one of those… You are a sexual girlfriend who is shedding away her fears. A slut has many fears that make her insecure. You do not… Not anymore… Am I right?"
"Then why be afraid?"
"I don't want you… To think I am a slut…"
"My dear… I don't… If anything… I think you are a little up tight. I can feel you resisting your sexuality… Your own urges…"
"Yes… But let's view it differently… I love you and you love me… Sex is an expression of that love… Why hold back?"
"Because… I'm not a slut."
"But a slut sleeps around. You don't. I don't. So you can't be a slut. That is not why you are holding back."
"Your stress… Your fears… You fear losing me that has chained your mind to a narrow set of arousal, which you have trouble accessing… I believe you are holding back because you are scared to discover what would truly excite you…"
"What… is it…?"
"I don't know… Only you will know… But it starts with discovery… Exploration of things you might like… We can come back to it later…"
"Let’s continue to explore your sexuality ok? Do you like to have my cock in your pussy?"
"Oh yes…"
"It feels so good…"
"Describe it."
"I feel… Your manhood… So hard for me… Trying to get your seed deep inside me… Your body… Penetrating me… Feeling your pleasure…"
And there was my first door.
"So you like feeling my pleasure. You love to feel my arousal for you."
"You like to feel me inside you?"
"Oh yes…"
"I believe I know why you love it so much."
"Because you love me… You love me and you wish to please me. You love feeling my hardness inside you because it is an expression of my arousal… Of my pleasure… Of my love…"
"Oh yes… I love feeling… Your hard cock…"
"You love to please me… Knowing I feel pleasure… Knowing I am pleased… It all gives you pleasure… You feel that when we have sex… You feel that when you cum…"
"Ok… We are getting somewhere… Now you know and understand better how your arousal reacts. You love me and it arouses you… You please me and it arouses you… This realization will stay with you, even if you don't remember our talk in this special place… This realization will be felt inside you… Your love is released now… You don't fear it… You embrace it… And with it… The arousal you feel for me."
"Yes… Embrace it…"
"Very good…" I said. "Now Rebecca, I have a special game I want to play with your waking mind…"
I placed the trigger I had thought of when I started the session. After all, I had to keep you thinking it was a game as well as practice for me. I slowly brought you back from your deep trance.
"And Awake!" I said.
You yawned and looked at me.
"HHhmmm… That was good… Thanks…" you said looking at the time. "1 hour. Not bad!"
"Yeah… Thanks again, the practice was very useful."
"SO!!! What did you put in?" you asked with a sweet innocent smile.
"Hahahahah No cheating!!"
"Oh come on! It's no fair really… You hold the cards… Besides, what time frame do I have to discover it?"
"You are right, we didn't talk about that… What would be fair?"
"Well it depends what you did… But since we should have a few of theses sessions… Why not put the deadline at the next session?"
"Sounds fair… Damn… You should definitely find it out before then… Unless we do the next session right away…"
"NO CHEATING!!!" you screamed as you threw a pillow at me.
I threw it back and we started to wrestle. At one point, we fell on the floor and ended up kissing each other. The kiss became a make out session and we ended up naked on the rug. I was surprised at how passionate you were. We fucked for a long while and you came pretty hard. It was like you had being waiting for that special orgasm for weeks.
Back in the present
(Pop) “God… I remember that fuck…” she said as she licked her lips and closed her eyes.
“It was certainly pretty intense.”
“Your right… It did feel like I had finally been able to cum properly.” She said looking at me.
I couldn’t deny the love I saw in her eyes in that moment. As if she had just realized the extent of her feelings for me.
“It just goes to show how good a hypnotic subject you are.”
“I am aren’t I?” she said, still smiling.
“You are… And you know why right?”
“Huh…” she said looking at my cock again. “OH! Because I trust you completely right?”
“And to think… All it took was one little session for our romps to get so intense!”
“Well.. It took a little more than that… besides… I wasn’t done after you came that night. Remember?”
She shivered a little as her mind played back the rest of our evening. She dove back on my cock with a new sense of urgency. As if sucking my cock would help her spread the arousal she was feeling…

A few months ago

As you came back down from your high, you soon realized just how hard I still was. You smiled and took my hands, placing them on your hips as you smiled at me. I took the hint and decide to take charge of the rhythm. You took my lead extremely well. You even seemed to find it extra arousing! I made a mental note to use it in later sessions.
I extended our fuck as much as I could, but I finally couldn’t hold back and came hard. Which made you explode once more. It was incredible… It reminded me of our first romps as we discovered our lust for the other. Once we crashed on the floor in each other’s arms, I smiled knowing this was only going to get better.
A few days later, you finally figured out what the special trigger was. You were busy doing a bit of cooking in the kitchen when it first popped up. You were cutting strawberries and you decided to taste one. I held my breath as I watched for your reaction. After all, I had no idea if a single session would actually work! You chewed on it slowly before making a face and spiting it out.
"Oh my god… That was rancid… I think that one was bad." you said as you took another one.
You slipped it in your mouth and chewed. Again, you made a face and spit it out.
"Ok… What's wrong with the strawberries…" you said looking at me. "Here, try one."
"What? You just said they were bad and you want me to TASTE one?"
"Come on! Don't be a dick!"
I laughed as I took one and ate it.
"No…" I said munching it down. "They taste fine to me… Are you sure you are all right?"
You looked puzzled  for a moment. Then you decided to split one in 2. You ate one half and again, you spit it out.
"Oh god… You don’t taste that? It's rancid! Here, take the other half." you said popping it in my mouth.
I chewed it a little and swallowed.
"No… Tastes fine to me…" I said, barely hiding my smile.
You looked at them again and thought it out. Then I saw you put 2 and 2 together.
"Oh you rat bastard!" you said hitting me in the chest.
"Hey! Easy!" I said laughing.
"That's what you did! You made me think I don't like strawberries anymore!"
"Yeah… I was wondering if we got to have another session before you actually tasted one… But then again… You rarely go a week without buying some so…"
"You dick! I love strawberries! You can't do that!" you said as you looked at them.
Back in the present
(Pop) “Wow… I remember that… They tasted so BAD! Very un-cool of you!”
I chuckled.
“I guess it was.” I said looking at her. “You are doing it again…”
“Doing what?” she said looking at me with her innocent little eyes.
“Interrupting me…” I pointed out. “If you don’t want me to finish…”
“No no! We are just getting to the good part! Shutting up now!” she said with a smile. “I promise I’ll just suck and listen.”
She kissed my cock head and swirled her talented tongue all around the head. God she was making this hard…
A few month ago
"Wow… You are getting better at this hypnosis stuff. I mean… If you can make me believe that they taste bad. You might even have a real talent!"
"Yeah… But you are a wonderful subject!” I said. “I guess this means I owe you a favor then!"
You looked at me with a mischievous smile. You came to me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. But as soon as our lips parted, we both saw how much arousal we both had and kissed again. It soon got a lot more passionate as our hands started to fumble with our clothes. You let me kiss her neck and collar bone before you nibbled and whispered hotly in my ear.
"Plleasse… Don't leave that in… I love strawberries…" you begged.
"HHhmmm… Don't worry… I'll remove it…" I managed to say.

Your passion overrode us both as our clothes disappeared. We ended up fucking on the kitchen counter, making a mess of the carefully prepared strawberries that were still on the counter. A part of me was amazed at the change in you. Your mind adapted to the view you had of sexuality and love with a passion I didn’t anticipate.
The next day, you came to me and told me you were eager to do another session. I, of course, obliged.
"That's it Babe… Just let it all drop away and go to your special place… Tell me when you have arrived…"
As before, you took your time, but you eventually reached your special place.
"I'm there…"
"Very good Rebecca…" I said. "Are you still willing to walk the better path?"
"Then let's continue…" I said. "Tell me how it feels now that you aren't afraid of your arousal anymore."
"It feels… So good… Thank you…"
"No need to thank me… You did it all yourself! But it seems your entry into your deeper self is still blocked. We still need to explore your fears and doubts before you can truly pass and gain the better place. Are you ready?"
"We left off with your sexuality… Tell me what you fear about sex with me."
"I fear… You want to do things I won't like…"
"Completely natural… Let's explore what you don't like and see why… Tell me something you have done that you didn't like or simply didn't care for."
"I… I don't really like to give you oral pleasure…"
"I've noticed… Why is that?"
"A lot of things… You don't taste great… Your sperm isn't really good… And it feels like only a slut would do it."
"Ahhh… That word again… But we know now that you aren't a slut… Yet, you've done it. Why have you given me head it was so displeasing to you?"
"Because you like it… Because I wanted to try and give you pleasure…"
"You love to give me pleasure… Don't you?"
"That is because you love me and I love you. We like to give each other pleasure. Make the other happy… Tell me Rebecca… You have tried on more than one occasion to give me pleasure in this way. Since you say that your don’t like doing it so much… It would mean you REALLY wish to be able to give me more pleasure… Is that right?"
"What if I could make it better for you… Make it so you don't have to feel the displeasure of the taste… Or the bad feeling you get, thinking you are a slut… What if I could help you change that… Would like to try?"
"Ok… Well the first step is to realize that giving oral pleasure to the man you love is not being slutty at all. It is simply another expression of your love for him. For me… So the next time you give me oral pleasure… Instead of thinking or fearing you are a slut, you will feel all your love for me cascade into a feeling of pleasure… Of arousal… After all… Your actions will cause me great pleasure… And you love to give me pleasure."
"Yes… I do…"
"Now say it and believe it…"
"When I give you oral pleasure… I will feel good… Aroused… I will feel my love for you… Knowing I give you pleasure…"
"Very good… Now I want you to picture and feel the taste of my cock when you give me oral pleasure… Remember it all… Can you do that?"
"Well here is a little game I want to play with your waking mind…"
It took another 2 days before my next little trigger actually took effect. After all, you didn’t go down on me every day! But that night, I had spent the evening massaging your shoulders and after a long and very slow make out session, you decided I had earned a little treat.
You went down on me and almost immediately, you noticed the difference. I could see it on your face! You looked up at me, but didn't stop. What followed was probably the best head you had ever given me up to that point! Slow and erotic… You really took your time and I didn't feel like you needed to hurry.
"Oh god that's so good…." I moaned. "I'm… I'm going to CUM!"
You didn't pull off like you usually did. You just stayed put let my release fill your mouth. Once I was thoroughly spent, you swirled your tongue a few times before swallowing.
"You little pervert! You changed how you taste!" you said, slapping my chest.
"Hahahhaha I did… I'm happy to see it worked. I'm also extremely glad you aren’t freaking out because I moved things to a sexual level with your hypnosis."
"Well… I am a little surprised… But then again… I kind of like it… The taste is awesome by the way… Makes it WAY better for me…"
"And for me… You really pulled out all the stops…"
"What can I say… I like it when you are pleased like that… I feel horny all over…"
"Horny huh?” I said as I moved between your legs. “Mind if I take a turn then?"
You didn’t object and spread your lovely legs wider. It wasn't too long before you screamed and experienced your own release. Our erotic night didn’t stop there and we ended up spending a wonderful night.
The next day, I put you under again without you knowing about it. I asked you how you felt about the use of hypnosis in our erotic play and you told me you liked it. That you were curious to see what else I could do and what I could make you experience. And since you were so open to the idea…
I had already linked your desire to please me with your arousal, so it was pretty easy to push a new thought into your lovely head. Since you discovered that I could make you believe my cock tasted differently, we developed a way to add to that. I thought it would add to your appreciation of performing oral sex on me.
Every time you went down on me after that, you had to guess what flavor I had triggered in you.
Those 2 weeks were really fun!
But after that, you didn’t really bother with the taste game and just went down on me. So I asked your sleeping mind why that was and you told me it didn’t matter what my cock tastes like. When I pushed, you admitted that you liked giving me head for the sake of it. Because you knew it pleased me. I decided to make you forget all about the different taste and waited to see if it was true.
Your desire to blow me never wavered.
I was astounded!
Back to the present

(Pop) “So that’s how it started…” she said licking up the excess drool along my shaft.
“Now you know.” I said, trying not to moan.
“I’m kind of surprised you made me forget though… Seems like it would be fun to play around with how you taste!” she said with an eager smile.
“I can certainly indulge that request. All your taste triggers are still there.”
“That’s awesome!” she said licking her lips.
“But not right away.” I said, enjoying her pout. “For now though, I want you to come up here and straddle me.”
She smiled and almost squeaked before moving off the floor. She wasted no time and straddled my erection with practiced ease. The moment my cock pushed itself inside her, her eyes rolled back as the first wave of pleasure hit her.
Her hypnotic guidance had gone so well that I hadn’t stopped with blowjobs. As she mentioned earlier, I had slowly made her submissive side bloom as we played around with more and more erotic triggers. Before we knew it, she had become my very eager little hypno slave which made our sex life explode with delicious pleasure.
As she bounced on my cock, I wondered if I’ll ever describe to her how she went from enjoying giving me blowjobs to wearing only her collar when we were alone at home…

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