The Perfect Gift for a Good FuckToy

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #magic

This one of 2 stories I wrote inspired by @fuck-toy-haley and her Mistress. 

Mistress is such a wonderful Dom. She always knows what’s best! Like for real… When she first told be I could only cum once a week, I was so scared! She knew I couldn’t help myself and masturbated a few times a day!
With her strict training and guidance, now I can last a whole week without cumming! Which is amazing really and just goes to show how awesome my Mistress is! She always tells me how bratty I am when she trains me, but she also listens to my meek little wants and always does her best to accommodate me.
When ever it doesn’t interfere with her training and personal desires of course!
Today was orgasm Sunday and Mistress was generous enough to qualify my past week as good. I’ve been especially horny all week and I’ll admit that my obedience slipped once or twice, which Mistress didn’t hold against me. Well… Not completely…
She just spent the better part of an hour making me cum none stop!
Was it punishment? Was it a reward?

I wasn’t sure and I truly didn’t care. Mistress looked so satisfied that I didn’t care what it was supposed to be. I just savored it. The post coital bliss was still flooding my veins as I laid in her lap. She had her back against our bed’s backboards and idly played with my hair.
God I loved when she did my after care… So tender… So loving…
“You know Haley…” she eventually spoke up. “I received a special package today.”
“Package?” I said without opening my eyes. “What’s special about it?”
“You should really ask who it’s from first…” she said as her finger nails trailed down my scalp and neck.
“Sorry…” I apologizes. “Who sent it to you.”
“It was Master Flint. You remember Master Flint don’t you?”
Did I ever! Master Flint was one of Mistress’ close friends. A few weeks ago, Master Flint came over with his own cute little slave girl for an evening of fun. The Doms played cards… I think… While us eager fucktoys played with each other for their amusement. And ours! God she was such a tight little thing!
Of course, the evening escalated and the Doms soon joined in.
We fucked so much… Too much…
For Master Flint’s toy that is, I was still ready an able even once everyone was satisfied. But her? Poor thing blacked out from the overload! She tapped out while both Doms were still so very horny! Not that I minded though… God it was fun to be so useful to them both!
Mistress was so proud of me for being such a perfect fucktoy!
And so was Master Flint. He was so impressed that he asked if they could switch toys for a weekend. Mistress was all for it and I remember spending an incredibly erotic time under the masterful care of Master Flint. He made a point to use me as much as he could. Bending me over every piece of furniture he owned when ever he fancied my curves. Not to mention is use of my talented lips to heal his erection.
God it was so arousing…
“I do! Very fondly if I might add…” I said smiling.
“Well… After that weekend, it seems he was so pleased that he wanted to offer you a gift.”
“A gift?” I said lifting my head from her lap. “WHAT gift?” I asked excitedly.
“Well… I’ll open his letter and find out.” She said as she reached out and took an envelope from the nightstand. “The package was addressed to me, but the letter was addressed to you. You don’t mind if I read it do you?”
I shook my head. I looked around and I could see a shipping box on the ground. Mistress smiled and nodded towards it, signaling me to bring it to her. I slipped down on the ground and grabbed it. It wasn’t that big, but like all good fucktoys know, it’s not the size of the package that counts!
I got back on the bed and knelt in front of my Mistress. She opened the letter and started to read.
“Dear Haley,” she read. “You will have to thank your Mistress for training such an eager and talented toy. I must admit that Mittens has been working extra hard to reach your exquisite level. Aaww….” Mistress said as she looked at me. “Seems you have a fan.”
My cheeks felt hot at his kind words.
“Don’t you have something to say?” she then asked with a smile I knew well.
“Thank you Mistress! Thank you for training me so well!” I quickly said.
“You are certainly welcome…” she said before continuing with the letter. “But… All the training in the world won’t give Mittens your incredible stamina and appetite. I’ve had my suspicions about you from the beginning, but after spending a full weekend with your lovely talents, now I know that I was right. You, my dear Haley, are one insatiable fucktoy. Regardless of how much I used you, you always craved more… So much more…”
Mistress looked up at me.
“Seems you made quite the impression my dear.” She said with a smile. “I thought you said that you didn’t beg and plead with Master Flint when you were in his home. I thought…” she said putting the letter down. “That I had trained you to contain your lust.”
Her face was calm, but I could tell there was a dangerous quality to her gaze.
“You did! You are!” I said bowing my head slightly. “I swear I only begged when he told me to!”
“Then why did my friend take the time to send you a letter about it? I know you have boundless sexual energy, but I thought my training was satisfying you. Aren’t you satisfied with me?”
Another dangerous question…
“Yes! Of course Mistress! I’m always very satisfied with you!”
She took the longest moment… She didn’t move and just stared at me. A stare I knew all too well! A stare that usually meant I hadn’t been as good a slave as she expected me to be.
“Don’t lie to me.” She said softly. “I know all about your insatiable nature. We worked on it often enough. So tell me the truth.”
I looked down at the box in my hands. Feeling all so shameful to have lied to my Mistress.
“I am satisfied…” I said softly. “But I guess… I… I always want more…”
I waited for her answer, but when she didn’t speak up, I lifted my head to look at the woman I loved. To my surprise, she was smiling.
“Good…” she said tenderly. “I’m glad you can admit to me. Your infinite capacity for lust is one of the things I love most about you. As for you lying to me…”
My cheeks burned again.
“I am sorry Mistress! I’ll work on that I promise.!”
She winked and lifted the letter to continue reading.
“Which is why I thought of this very special gift to thank both you and your Mistress for the wonderful time she allowed us to spend together. Now… You may not believe it is possible, but I swear that it is. I’ve come across a very special objet that should make you… Satisfied? Fulfilled? This special object should only be used on special occasions though. The effects are rather… Intense… But somehow, I believe you are perfectly suited to bare its… Special properties.”
“My my…” Mistress commented. “What could he be talking about I wonder... Do you know?”
“No Mistress… I have no clue what he is talking about.”
“Let’s find out then shall we?” she said before continuing to read. “A word of warning before you put it on. The effects will last for as long as you are awake. So either to spend your whole day under its effects, only to be freed once you go to bed. Or… You can’t endure the effects and you pass out.”
“What?” I interrupted. “What does he think he sent us anyway?”
Mistress looked up without saying a word. Her eyes told me everything I needed to know and I shut my mouth!
“Speaking of effects… You’ll have to try it to really believe it, but I swear this isn’t bullshit. The effects will be almost immediate. You might not notice at first, especially since you are such a good and obedient fucktoy, but I swear it is very real. Mittens tried it a few times and I can attest that this isn’t a joke. First of all, you have to put it on of your own free will for it to activate.”
She stopped reading and looked at me.
“What ever he sent us, he seems to think it could be dangerous. Doesn’t that excite you?”
I only nodded. Master Flint always had a flare for the dramatic. Mistress read on.
“And once it activates… You’ll find yourself unable to disobey. Anyone… And I really do mean everyone. This is no joke Haley. Believe me or not, but this is very real.” She read before looking at me. “Interesting… Don’t you think?”
I could tell she was aroused at the idea of me being unable to disobey.
“You would like that wouldn’t you? To feel the deep compulsion to always obey... And to think… That’s not even the best part! Once you put it on and it activates, you’ll find that the people around you become… Well… VERY horny. Everyone within a certain distance of you will find themselves impossibly attracted to you. But not only attracted… They’ll be pushed to live out any and all fantasies they may have about you. Regardless of how small their initial attraction is for you, it will be multiplied until they can’t help themselves. They’ll be thinking about nothing except how they are going to fuck you.”
My cheeks were burning so much! How could such a device exist?
“And since you won’t be able to disobey anyone… You can easily see how your day will be spent my dear little fucktoy. So before you get all excited and put it on in front of a football team, I urge you to try it with your Mistress first. And even… I would also urge you to give the control of this gift to her. Why? Because we both know you’ll be tempted to wear it all the time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. All my lust, Master Flint.”
She put the letter down on the night stand and looked at me with a smile.
“If his gift really does do what he promises it does, then I’m afraid I’ll have to keep it under lock and key. We both know he is right, you WOULD want to wear it all the time. Wouldn’t you?”
I only nodded as I bit my lower lip, trying to imagine what it would be like.
“Well… Why don’t we see what it is? Go on… Open the box.” she said as she nodded towards the package in my lap.
With slightly trembling hands, I started to remove the clear tape from the lid. I was so curious! I flipped the cardboard top sections open and peered inside. I was delighted to see there was a small wooden chest hidden among the packing bubbles. I took it out and threw the shipping box on the floor. The chest itself wasn’t decorated, but the metal locking clasp was extremely detailed and very beautiful. I swallowed hard as I undid the metal clasp. I opened the lid slowly and gasped once I saw its contents.
The interior was covered in red velvet, much like a jewelry box. And right there, sitting square in the middle of the soft folds, there was a leather collar. I licked my lips as I took it out and lifted it in front of my face. As much as I loved collars, this one didn’t look that special. Nothing to indicate that it could do everything Master Flint said it would.
“How fitting…” Mistress commented as she looked it over. “Well… What are you waiting for? We don’t have plans until tomorrow. Think you can handle a little more pleasure?”
She asked, but she knew my answer. Even if she had spent the last hour squeezing every last orgasm my body could muster, she knew I was up for more. I always was…
“Are you sure?” I asked, half believing in what the letter said. “Seems like it could be dangerous…”
“All exciting things are…” she teased. “But like the letter said, only you can choose to put it on. And since you’ve been such a good fucktoy this week, I certainly won’t order you to put it on. But…” she said leaning forward. “I’m game to try if you are.”
I smiled as I saw the curiosity in her eyes. God… If this really worked as advertised… Why not at least try it out right? What was the harm? If it was a joke, maybe we could role play a little. I would certainly be willing to play the helpless obedient slave girl!
I wrapped the cool leather around my neck and fiddled with the clasp. As soon as it snap shut, I felt a wave of arousal run down my spine. Was it the collar? I couldn’t be sure… Collars always made me extra horny!
But when I opened my eyes and saw how Mistress was looking at me, I was suddenly hit with another. God… She looked so aroused!
“My my…” she said licking her lips. “I didn’t expect it to feel this… This…”
“Good?” I asked.
“Yes… This feels so delicious…” she said as she crooked her finger. “Come here you little minx…”
I moved closer before she grabbed my collar and pulled me to her lips. We kissed and I immediately felt how aroused she was. Her lips tasted mine with an urgency I yearned to feel every day. Her hands travelled my skin in the most possessive and delicious ways.
My Mistress never lacked passion in bed, but this seemed… Different… Like something had been unlocked within her.
Before she broke our kiss, I got an urgent desire to move down her body and kiss her clit. It was so strong… So arousing to feel… Did she want me to lick her? I got my answer moments later as she broke our kiss and pushed my head down. I wasn’t going to resist, but something inside me felt different. Some how… I KNEW I wouldn’t resist…
As if the collar was guiding me to be her perfect slave. Anticipating her desires…
“Oh fuck…” she moaned as my lips kissed her delicious hood. “I can’t believe him… How the hell did he find this thing?” she commented as she pushed my head down hard. “Fuck… I’ve never felt so fucking hot… You aren’t going anywhere tonight I can tell you that much…”
Not that I wanted to!
To my utter delight, it was her turn to be insatiable! It was like she was a hornier version of herself! And god did she love it! She made me do almost every dirty and depraved thing we had done since we started our relationship. And a few that we had never tried!
Passion… Pleasure… Orgasms… They all blended together as her ravenous hunger for me took us both. I couldn’t deny her anything. Even when I was getting cramped or physically exhausted, if she ordered it, I would rise to meet her demand. Like I had infinite reserved or something! To say we went through every one of our toys would be an understatement.
It was more like twice each!
I couldn’t believe her!
By the time she finally collapsed on our bed, she was exhausted. She was breathing hard, but she looked completely and utterly satisfied. I mean… REALLY satisfied!
“Fuck…” she said as she caught her breath. “I’ll have to tell Master Flint that intense barely covers what the collar does…”
I collapsed next to her and admired the sheer glow she had. It was incredible… I’ve never seen her so fulfilled. So satiated…
She turned to me and smiled.
“Wow…” she commented as she saw my face. “How the fuck aren’t you exhausted?”
“I’m pretty tired!” I assured her. “But I’m also incredibly excited! This collar is so awesome!”
“It is…” she said smiling at me.
She lifted her weary arm and caressed my face.
“Is… Is this how you feel?” she asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean… Is this how horny you feel? All the time?”
“Oh…” I said as I looked at her. “Well maybe not exactly… I mean… Not every day…”
“Yeah… But you always seem to want more… So… I have to ask.”
“I know… Maybe I do feel little like you felt… It’s hard to know really…”
I looked at her and had a wicked thought.
“So…” I said biting my lower lip. “Maybe you should put this collar on so I can see how it feels to be ‘collar horny’!” I said with a smile.
“Oh god… I’m not sure that’s a good idea at all!” she said with a laugh. “I’m not sure I’d last until YOUR lust was satisfied!”
We laughed and cuddled as the post coital bliss carried us into the night.
I didn’t put on the collar again for a whole week. I wanted to… I kind of liked the extra arousal it gave my Mistress. But she was adamant. I wasn’t to wear it until she said so. The weekend came around and we spent Saturday morning enjoy a very intense training session.
She even made me cum!
We spent a long while just enjoying the after care she gave me before she looked at the time and ordered me to go shower. She told me to make sure I was extra clean and shaved. She was planning on a special evening with friends and she wanted to make sure I would be presentable. I think I spent an hour in the shower just to get ready!
I took my time and did my hair and makeup before I got out of the shower.
I was surprised to see that she had left. I went into our bedroom and found the wooden chest sitting neatly on the bed. Next to it, she had placed a rather sexy little outfit I definitely couldn’t wear in public. It was more of a cross between a bikini and a piece of lingerie. I smiled when  saw that the top had zippers where my nipples would end up. This was definitely not something I would wear to work!
Well maybe under something else…
On the wooden chest, she had left a note.
“My dear Haley,
Since we know how the collar works and how much you love wearing it. And since we both know Master Flint’s gift suits you so much, I though I would give you a proper chance to use it. You will put on the outfit complete with the collar. Once you do, I want you to go downstairs. Master Flint is waiting for you downstairs. As well as a few of his friends I wanted you to meet.
I’ll be spending the evening with Master Flint’s Mittens. As much as the other night was incredibly fun and satisfying, I’m going to pass on feeling the collar’s effect tonight. I’ve talked with Master Flint at length and we’ve found ourselves at odds about how the night will end for you. He is convinced that even you have a limit to the amount of pleasure you can take. That you won’t be able to handle the full effects of the collar.
I’m not so sure… He doesn’t know you as well as I do. He doesn’t understand the depts of your stamina. Not to say I believe you to have limitless sexual energy, I do believe you have an actual limit. But… I’m convinced you’ll outlast him and his friends.
So we decided to make a little side bet. The stakes should prove incredibly entertaining…
Regardless of what you can handle, I know you’ll make me proud Haley.
So get dressed and enjoy. You’ve certainly earned it.
Yours truly,
Your Nessa”
I couldn’t believe it! A mix of emotions crashed through me and threaten to smear my makeup. I pushed down the torrent of emotions and took a deep calming breath. I was about to meet guests, it wouldn’t do to me anything less than perfect! I put on the outfit and made sure it was properly adjusted to my curves. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I had to admit that I looked like a wet dream.
Even without the magic of the collar, I would bet most of Master Flint’s friends would have a hard time keeping their hands off me. Especially if they knew Mistress had given her consent to use me. God… Just thinking about the possibilities was making me wet! I went to get the collar and clasped it on. I felt it tingle a little before I felt a rush of arousal go down my spine.
There… Ready!
I took a deep breath and did one last check in the mirror. I almost laughed when I realized that I probably wouldn’t be wearing this for very long! I made my way to the stairs and went down. Each step seemed to push more and more arousal in my veins as I felt another rush of arousal flow through me.
Images… Scenes… Desires…
I felt like I could already feel the lust stirring downstairs. Which was only confirmed when I took the final step and entered the living room. I smiled as I saw 3 sets of eyes turn to look at me. I immediately recognized Master Flint, but the 2 other guys were complete strangers. All 3 were sitting comfortably and enjoying their drinks.
I smiled at them.
“Hello Boys…” I said sensually. “Looks like you gentlemen could use some company… Mind if I join you?”
I felt so extra sexy as I felt their eyes roam my half naked body. Did I dream it? Or did I see their pupils dilate? As if they suddenly felt the rush of the collar’s magic awaken them to the lust they already felt. Flint was the first to move. He slowly placed his drink on the coffee table and rose from his seat. Like a pebble disturbing the calm surface, the ripple effect was mirrored in his friends as they did the same.
I was hit with a new rush of sexual arousal as desire after desire cascaded through my mind. God… Just feeling their lust was going to make me cum! I couldn’t understand all the images and feelings I was forced to experience, but it left me with a burning desire to explore them all.
“Fuck Haley… You look ravishing…” Master Flint said as I saw his pants get unbelievably tight.
I looked to his 2 friends and I was pleased to see how hunky and well endowed they seemed to be. All 3 of them had the same hunger in their eyes that Mistress had the week before. Only… Theirs was more… Predatory… It made my pussy drip with delicious anticipation!
I had to push down a moan as the rush of arousal made me want to kneel before the trio.
“Well…” I said licking my lips. “Ravishing might very well be what Mistress was aiming for…”
As if on cue, they all stripped down their pants and I saw 3 thick cocks spring at attention. I swallowed hard as my mind started to bend to the scene they all wanted to experience. I could feel that one was really into blowjobs while another couldn’t wait to get his cock between my tits. It was so strange to be able to feel their desires like this. As I looked over at Master Flint, I could already tell how eager he was to taste me again. Oh God…
I could vividly remember his talented tongue…
Like a pack of wild hounds, they gathered around me as their hands wasted no time exploring every inch of my body. I kissed Master Flint as another kissed the back of my neck. The other started to kiss and lick my tits as their desires ignited even further.
They all breathed hard as their lust for me grew ever higher. They even let out small grunts of hunger as they undressed me. As if the collar had turned off everything except their animal side. My hand grabbed someone’s cock while the other 2 bumped and rubbed against me. I stopped trying to notice who was who and just let myself be consumed by their hunger.
I was eventually pushed on the sofa as one of them dove between my legs and roughly started to lick up my arousal. Probably Master Flint I idly thought… But I didn’t have time to wonder as one shaft slipped in my throat while I stroked the other. I had participated in orgy parties before, but this was something entirely different. Their hunger seemed limitless!
My world shrank down to cocks and lips.
Lips… Kissing mine… Teasing my clit… Biting my skin…
Cocks… Penetrating me… Stroking me… Demanding I service them…
Again and again, they came inside me… On me… Every time one would erupt, I had a brief reprieve as one set of desires momentarily subsided. If only briefly… I still had 2 eager men to satisfy as their desires never wavered. Until the third magically re-appeared completely healed and ready for more. My own arousal rose to the occasion repeatedly as they took their pleasure from me.
I came… Oh god did I cum… But I wasn’t done… I couldn’t… I wasn’t allowed to be done. Not by a long shot!
Each time I came, it was like a healing wave, pushing me onward to satisfy my Masters. As if each release wasn’t really for my benefit, but for theirs. My pleasure was just another part of the desires crashing through my mind, forced to the surface by the magic of the collar.
I couldn’t disobey their commands…
I couldn’t resist their desires…
I didn’t own any of my orgasms…
I was their toy and wouldn’t be done until all 3 had satisfied all their desires towards me.
The evening went on until eventually I did seem to fulfill and satiate one of them. I was left with only 2 cocks to service. I didn’t bother to try and guess who had tapped out and just centered my efforts or the 2 men that still had stamina to spare.
And god did they ever have some to spare!
I briefly thought that things would get better until I realized that I was the only one that kept cumming. Somehow, the men didn’t seem to cum, but it didn’t mean they weren’t hard for me. Since I only had 2 to concentrate on, I could clearly feel each man’s arousal and desire for me.
I moaned when I finally understood what it was.
They both desired to fuck me senseless. To fuck me so intensely that I actually passed out! I marshalled my strength and concentrated on the men still fucking me. None of them were Master Flint. I managed to look around the room. There, sitting comfortably on the sofa, I saw Master Flint.
He had his phone out…
“This is it Haley…” he said. “Now we find out which of us was right. And since V will try to argue, I’m just going to film this… You don’t mind of course.”
I may have wanted to protest, but I didn’t. He was right. I didn’t mind at all.
A new wave of arousal crashed through me and I forgot all about the phone and Master Flint. I had to. The men inside me demanded attention. They demanded my pleasure…
As my own orgasms crashed through my weakening body, my mind started to fray at the edges as Mistress’ voice urged me to endure. Commanded me to last past these 2 grunting boys and make her so very proud.
Truth be told, in that moment, I felt a bliss I hadn’t felt in years. Feeling their insatiable appetite for me… Their hardness… My own weak body unable to deny them… My energy being pushed past its limits…
I was on a high I never dreamed was possible. A high I never wanted to leave…
All my orgasms were leading me towards something bigger… Something stronger…
Behind my closed eyelids, I felt like I could see it… Taste it… Just there beyond my exhaustion… Like a promise of utter sexual satisfaction…
If I could only last until it hit, I would be allowed to experience it.
As I got carried away by the coming tsunami, I wondered which would come first.
Pure sexual satisfaction that would overload my senses and make me black out.
Or their own physical exhaustion as they rammed themselves inside me.
Would the magic prevent the later? Make it impossible for them to stop?
Could my own body endure?
My last thought wondered who would end up winning the bet.
Mistress or Master Flint.
Which ever it was, in that moment, I didn’t care one bit…

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