The Contract

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #brainwashing #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom

Mary Smith learn of a company that will pay all your debts in exchange for time worked at the mansion. Her darker desires tempt her to accept and go see what this contract is all about.

I rang the door bell next to the ornate wooden door. I still wasn’t sure that I was at the correct address, but I figured that double checking couldn’t hurt. I’m not sure what I expected, but this large mansion wasn’t one of them.

I pictured offices… A bank even…

But a mansion? 
The door opened and I almost laughed. Standing in the doorway with a small grin was the embodiment of the classic butler. The black and white suit with the long tail coat… Straight uptight posture…Shiny shoes… White gloves… The clean hair cut… A sharp mustache… And even a monocle for his left eye!

“Good morning Miss. How may I help you today? I don’t believe the Master of the house has any appointments.”

I hesitated. Seeing the butler completely put me off balance. If I wasn’t at the right address…

“I feel you must be mistaken Sir.” I said, forcing a smile. “I’m sure my appointment is today. Busy bees often overlook the simplest things.”

I felt so ridiculous for saying that! But the instructions were very clear about saying it. I would either get an annoyed look because I was questioning this man’s ability to keep as clean a schedule as he kept himself. Or…

“Busy bees can certainly overlook them, but simple things are important none the less. Forgive me Miss for my horrible oversight. My name is James. Please… Right this way.”

​So I was at the right address… James motioned towards the inside of the house and I entered. The hallway was… Immense… My eyes went up to the ceiling and marveled at the elaborate chandelier. A sky light provided ample sunlight to illuminate the entrance. I heard the door close and looked at James. He smiled and motioned for me to follow him down the hallway.

I couldn’t help but notice how straight he held himself. As he walked, he even held his hands behind his lower back. I felt like I had stepped in a movie. Oil paintings… Grandfather clocks… Uncomfortable looking chairs next to expensive looking tables…

All the doors were closed, but I figured the rooms were just as well decorated. We ended up going into a small study where James pulled a chair at the desk for me and I sat down. He pushed it back and made sure I was comfortable before going to the other side and sitting down.

“First of all, thank you for coming to us with your problem. Miss?” James asked.

“Mary!” I said. “Mary Smith.”

“Ah yes… Miss Smith…” he said as he looked through a few files on the desk.

He finally found the one he was looking for and pulled it away from the others. My eyes lingered on the files… So many… I guess I wasn’t the only one that had this kind of trouble. He opened my file and started to read through it.

“Yes yes…” he finally said before looking up at me. “So Miss Smith, do you understand how the contract works? Or would you prefer me to go over it with you?”

“Huh…” I said, suddenly feeling like I was bargaining for my soul. “I would prefer to go over it if it’s ok.”

“Of course Miss Smith.” He said with a smile. “This contract elaborates how we, and by we I mean the Master of the house, are willing to pay any and all debts you, Miss Mary Smith, wish to have erased from your financial records. In exchange for this generosity, you, Miss Mary Smith, forfeit time from your life to work here at the mansion until the determined time is over.”

“Yeah… About that…” I said. “Our exchanges weren’t very clear about lengths of time that may be…”

Through a friend of a friend of a friend… I had heard about this institute or organization that paid off debts. No questions asked. I only had to go and work for them. The girl I had spoken to didn’t have as large a debt as I had, but her description of the actual work got my darker side excited.

Maybe a little too excited…

“Of course Miss Smith…” he said as he put the file down. “The length of time you are required to work for us is determined by the amount of debt you owe. No… Actually… We don’t determine it by the amount you owe, we determine it by the amount you wish us to pay.”

“Pay?” I asked. “Isn’t it the same thing?”

“Hardly…” he said with a small smile. “You see, some come to us and only want us to pay a portion of it. Others wish us to pay all of it… And others… Well… They want us to pay all of it and… A little more?”

“A little more?” I asked puzzled before I understood. “Ohh…”

“So if you wish to know how long this contract will require you to work for us, then we must determine how much of your debts you wish to unburden yourself with.”

How much did I want to get paid… I had debated that question all the way here. Part of me wanted it all paid off and done. A fresh financial start! But… That would mean a lot of money! Which would probably mean a longer work period. Was I ready to disappear from my life for that long? How long would it even be? A week? A month? A year?


I could easily get away with half of them paid off. Which would mean a shorter work period, but I would still have a sizable debt. It all depended on what the work actually was! My mind tried to argue that for this much money, I would be working as cheap labor. But my loins argued that the stories I had heard could be true…

“That would depend on what the work actually is.” I said. “What can you tell me about it?”

He smiled.

“Not as mush as you would like to know I am sure Miss Smith.” He said cryptically. “What I can tell you is that all persons that agree to this contract undergo a special orientation procedure that will ensure all contract specific details and fine print are met by you, Miss Mary Smith, and by us. This contract is completely legally binding and we strongly recommend you keep a copy of it safe at your home or with a person you trust. If any of the conditions are broken by us, the usual penalty for us is to pay what ever amount you wanted us to pay in the beginning twice over. Meaning that if you had 10 000$ in debt, the debt would be paid and you come out of it with 10 000$ dollars extra to spend as you see fit.”

“That’s incredibly forth coming of you…” I said wondering. “Has anyone ever claimed it? I mean… Has anyone ever had cause to claim it? Had their contract broken?”

“Not once Miss Smith. The Master of the house prides himself on being completely transparent and honorable towards his workforce. He has placed this provision mainly to calm anyone that wish to enter into this contract, but I have no doubts that he would gladly honor it if your contract has been broken in any way. Including the termination date.”

“Termination date?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Yes.” He said. “Once we determine the length of time a person will work for us, we set a termination date and write it in this contract. If we keep you beyond this date, you are entitled to claim the special provision.”

“Why would…” I started, but he cut me off.

“Simple formalities Miss Smith.” He said with a smile. “Now, would you rather go over the questions before we determine the amount of money you wish us to pay off?”

“Questions? What questions?”

“The questions will determine the details of your contract.” He said as he took out a form from the drawer. “While the body of the contract stays the same for everyone, you can personalize your contract if you wish.”

“Huh… I think I’ll go over the questions first then.”

“Excellent.” He said as he took out a pen. “First question: What are the limits made to your own personal image?”

“What?” I asked.

I certainly didn’t expect that question. I expected health questions… Special activities… But not that.

“During your employ, the Master of the house may wish to change the way you look. For example, a few months ago, a woman entered our employ that had brown hair. The Master of the house decided that she would better suit her post as a blonde and had her change hair color.”

“I see… And… To what extent can the Master of the house decide to huh… Change… Someone?”

“That would be confidential of course.” He said as he looked to his paper. “But I can safely say that all body modifications could possibly on the table. For example, that same woman may or may not have had breast implants put in a few weeks following her hair color change.”

“OH!” I said, realizing the extent of the changes he might want to perform.

“Any and all expenses during our employ is fully taken care of by us of course.” He said with a wink. “You could almost view it as free surgery. Saying yes to any type of body modification doesn’t mean you will get them, just that you authorize us to do them should your job require it.”

“I get it now…” I said as I thought it over. “I guess I’m fine with anything that wouldn’t be too extreme them. Hair color… Length… I’m a B cup now… But I don’t want to be bigger than D cups if the Master of the house decides to huh…”

“Gift you with a bigger pair?” he asks with a smile.

“Right…” I said, a little embarrassed. “And eeee… What else could he possibly ask for?”

“Anything really… Lips… Buttox… Eye color… Nose… Body fat…”

“Oh my…” I said as I realized just how much I could possibly change. “Huh… I think I’ll just stick with hair and boobs…”

“Excellent Miss Smith.” He said as he took notes.

I was tempted to allow more changes, even if it scared me a little. Somehow, I felt like I the deal would get better if I accepted more.

“Second question.” He said. “Will you allow media to be recorded of your person? If so, please specify the types of media you allow. For example, do you accept pictures? But no videos?”

I knew what I was getting into. Or I thought I did… From what I had heard, I knew that I would be ‘convinced’ to be a little more than working eye candy. If the rumors were true, I knew I would be expected or… Made to… Serve the Master of the house in any and all ways he desired.

If I was completely honest, that was the major reason I even considered coming to this place. My debt wasn’t that big and I could pay it off if I worked hard. But… having it paid off while indulging one of my deep secret desires sounded too good to be true. So I decided to see for myself.

So… Considering what I expect to be doing once I enter this contract…

“I would rather there be no record media of my time here. If that is ok.”

“That is completely fine Miss Smith.” He said as he wrote my answer down. “I see that you’ve completed the health forms we sent you. Very impressive. I see here you are in excellent shape.”

“I try to keep fit.”

“And it shows Miss Smith.” He said with a smile. “If you choose to enter into this contract, I will have to take some blood for further health analysis. Blood work will also be required once you reach your termination date. This way, you will be able to confirm that you are still just as healthy as you are today. If you are not, then it voids the contract and you can claim the provision. Does that sound satisfactory?”

“Yes it does.” I said, thinking they really thought of everything.

“Excellent Miss Smith.” He said. “And finally the last question: How much of your time with us do you wish to remember?”

Oh god what? Is he really asking me that? That means the rumors are true… Which mean that I knew exactly what my answer would be.

“All of it.” I said with a smile.

“Very good Miss Smith.” He said with a smile. “I can safely say that most of our workers choose to remember. Although I remember this young lady that decided against it. I still remember her satisfied smile when she found herself suddenly 3 months later with no debts. To her, she blinked and her worries were all over. I feel I must point out that even if our special treatment prevents you from divulging anything compromising about your time with us, your contract also states that if you should find yourself telling someone about it, we will be forced to sue you. The non-discloser clause of this contract is none negotiable. So I feel I must ask again Miss Smith. Are you sure you wish to remember everything about your time with us?”

That certainly seems like a good option, but I knew I would regret it if I chose to forget.

“I’m positive.” I said with a wink.

Did I just wink? Oh god… I think my inner excitement is getting the better of me.

“Very well then Miss Smith.” He said as he wrote down my answer. “The only thing left would be to determine how long you will be working with us. Tell me Miss Smith, how much debt do you wish to erase from your financial records?”

I bit my lip as I fiddled with the 2 pieces of paper I had prepared. One contained all my debts while the other only had my biggest one. Do I just show him the smaller one and see if this contract is everything I hoped it to be? Or should I just jump in and erase it all come what may?

The contract does seem like it guarantees I’ll be safe and healthy when everything is done. So who was I kidding really? I wanted this...

I took a deep breath and gave him the paper with all my debts.

“So… How much time would I have to work for all those debts to be gone?” I asked.

He read the piece of paper carefully before looking up. He smiled as he gave it back to me.

“For that amount of debt Miss Smith. You would only have to work for us for 38 days.” He said with a smile.

“That’s it?” I said, surprised.

“Yes.” He assured me. “Did you expect more?”

As a matter of fact, I did.

“I just have trouble understanding how working only a month can warrant that much money!”

“I don’t make the rules Miss Smith. But if I may...” he said leaning forward. “The Master of the house is rather picky about his work force. First time employees never work for too long unless the debt in question is massive. He prefers to evaluate and test first time employees during a smaller time period, so if he dislikes them, they don’t work for too long.”

He winked and sat up straight again.

“So in fact…” he continued. “38 days is rather long, if you think about it that way.”

If that was true, 38 days would be pretty long if he didn’t like me. And if he didn’t like me… Maybe he would just make me work. Real work… I guess it wouldn’t be too bad. I mean… Even if I did work around the mansion, I wouldn’t have anymore debts after just 38 days.

But if he did like me… I wouldn’t be able to indulge myself as much as I could…

I pulled out my second piece of paper and gave it to him.

“What about this…” I asked as he took it. “How much time would I have to work for that to disappear?”

He read the paper and smiled.

“For that specific debt Miss Smith, 19 days would be enough.”

I smiled. 19 days wasn’t even 3 weeks! And my worst debt would be erased. If I worked and he didn’t like me, then at least my worst debt would be gone. And if he DID like me… Then 19 days would be enough to indulge myself…

And possibly come back for more!

“I think I’ll just include the second one.”

“A wise choice Miss Smith.” He said as he wrote down the specifics of my debt. “If all goes well, nothing should refrain you from using our services again. Especially if the Master of the house likes you.”

He then placed the pen on the desk and crossed his fingers as he looked at me.

“Everything seems to be in order Miss Smith. Do you have any questions?”

I had a thousand questions, but I knew he couldn’t answer any of them. I had to enter the fold, so to speak, before I could satisfy my curiosity.

“No. Everything looks good.” I said.

He smiled and nodded. He looked over the contract one last time and slid it over to my side of the desk. He then took the pen and extended it to me.

“All you have to do is sign at the bottom and your debt will be paid for on your termination date.”

I looked at the pen and had to contain my excitement. I couldn’t believe I was about to sign and barely believed how excited I was! I concentrated hard to stop my hand from shaking as I took the pen from his hand.

I looked at the dotted line and hesitated. I was about to sign away my freedom for 19 days. A small voice in my head protested and argued that if all this was real, I wouldn’t be able to stop them from making me sign something else. With all the provisions and security this contract seemed to offer, if the ‘orientation’ was real, they could just as easily draw up another contract to extend my stay under their influence.

But if I was honest…

That very possibility was one of the main reasons I was getting so wet.

If this was real, anything was possible.

If this was real…

How could I NOT sign away my free will?

I bit my lower lip and signed my full name before sliding the papers back to James. He nodded and looked over my signature.

“Excellent!” he said as he organized them. “Welcome to our humble workforce. I believe you will fit right in. Please follow me.”

I swallowed hard before I got up. All the whispers I had heard about this place were rushing through my mind. What would I be made to do? What type of ‘work’ would I end up doing?

“Are… Huh… Are we going to the special orientation room?” I asked as we walked in a different corridor.

“That will be later Miss Smith.  The first order of business is to make sure you are satisfied that your contract is in good hands."

I followed him to a nearby room and he showed me to a scanner. I quickly scanned the contract and sent myself a copy of it. I was delighted to see that it wasn't a trick and immediately heard a beep from my phone, telling me I had received an e-mail.

"Please, take a few minutes to send this contract to everyone you wish Miss smith." he said. "Join me in the hallway once you are done."

He smiled and got out of the room. I had to smile at how wholesome they made it out to be. I quickly sent the contract to one of my friends for safe keeping. They already knew I was to possibly accept a contract concerning my debts so I was confident that they would back me up if something weird happened to me.

Besides giving up my free will for 19 days that is...

I walked out of the room and smiled.

"So... Where to now?" I asked.

"At the moment, we need to determine which job posting you will work at." he said as we started to walk down the hallway. "The mansion is big enough to offer almost any type of work load. There are maids of course…” he said as his hand extended to the right.

Perched on a 2 step ladder, I saw a woman lightly dusting the top of the book shelf with a feather duster. She was a gorgeous dark haired woman with a body to die for. I could easily tell because of the uniform she was wearing. Although… Uniform didn’t seem like the correct word to describe her attire.

She did look like a classic French maid, but all the articles of clothing were… Rather small… Tight… I had seen such designs in sex shops. The end result almost made her look like a porn star and definitely not a maid.

We walked on and he extended his hand to the left as we passed a window.

"There are gardeners…” he said without looking.

I looked down and saw another woman, working away in the flower bed below. She was a platinum blonde with a rather massive chest. She wore Daisy Duke style shorts with nothing else but a bikini top.

We walked on and he pointed to another window further down.

“There are life guards and swim coaches…”

I looked and saw the massive pool in the yard. Perched on the a white high chair, I saw another blonde. She wore a red bikini and had a whistle dangling between her impressive tits. There was also a dark haired girl walking along the pool side. She had blue bikini and a cap on her head. She too wore a whistle, but she kept blowing into it as she watched someone swimming in the pool. I couldn’t be sure, but I just knew it was another gorgeous girl.

We walked on and a girl walked passed us. She was a red head and she wore something that could only be described as a sexy version of what James was wearing. It was tight and left little to the imagination. She carried a silver tray with a few drinks on it. As she walked passed James, she smiled and bowed her head briefly before continuing on her way.

“There are also service girls.” He said as we walked on.

We turned in another hallway and as we passed another door, his right hand extended towards it.

“And of course we have a full cooking staff.”

I looked inside and saw a few girls hard at work around tables and stoves. Only one of them wore a chef’s top hat. But like the rest of them, she wore little more than the white apron.

We walked and entered a wide-open area that had lounge chairs and even a pool table. I saw 2 girls in lingerie playing pool and 2 more on a faraway table playing cards. To my right, there was a full bar stocked with every possible style of liquor one could want. Behind the bar stood a lovely red head that was wearing a neat bowtie with a white shirt collar. There wasn’t a shirt to go with it though… Or any type of top!

Not that she needed support. Her tits were nothing short of spectacular. Perky… Round… Perfect…

She was busy shaking up a drink in a shaker as she smiled and bowed to James. He just nodded like he did with the serving girl. I watched the red head pour the drink in a elegant glass before pushing the drink towards me.

“And you can plainly see we have a talented barkeep as well as entertainment girls.” James said as his looked around. “And now it is time to meet the Master of the house. Why don’t you bring him his drink? He may or may not speak with you as you do. But he will definitely decide where you will be working.”

He bowed and extended his hand towards a corner of the room. My eyes peered out and I saw a man sitting in a leather lounge chair. He was looking at me intently. I swallowed an took the drink from the bar.

As I walked passed James, I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to meet the man that would fulfill my secret dreams. I had already signed away my freedom to him. For the next 19 days, he was going to me my boss. My… Master?

I didn’t dare hope…

I came up close to him and immediately saw how commanding he was. He wasn’t as old as I thought he would be. Rather young in fact… That didn’t take anything away from the confidence he exuded.

“Huh… Hi” I said, not really knowing what to say. “Here is your drink...” I said as I extended it to him. Then realized I had forgotten something. “SIR!” I quickly added.

He looked at me without moving before slowly extending his hand. Once he stopped, palm up, I understood I was supposed to give it to him. I did. His fingers grasped the bottom of the glass. His finger tips slightly touched mine before I let go.

Electric shock seemed to travel up my arm and down to my crotch. I straightened up and waited. He sipped his drink and let his eyes roam down my body. God… He wasn’t shy about appraising me! I could almost feel his piercing gaze on my skin as he examined every inch of me.

“Welcome to my home.” He finally said. “I take it James has explained most of the jobs available to you… Tell me where you think you would most fit in? Where you would say your talents can be best used around my humble home.”

My excited brain wanted to immediately say the bedroom! But I refrained from assuming he would even want that. Where did my skills lie?

“Well Sir… I believe that my skill set can best be used as a bar tender. I’ve had my share of experience working at bars to know how to mix a proper drink.” I said as I watched his eyes come back up to meet mine. “But I assure you that I’m a fast learner. I’ll jump into any job you decide is best for your needs. I am very flexible Sir.”

I couldn’t help but smile at my own words. Was I flirting already? God…

“Really?” he said as he took another sip of his drink. “We shall see… Go back to James and inform him that you will be getting the Beta protocol. After that… We shall see if you are true to your word…”

I bowed to him without knowing if this was proper etiquette or not. I turned and went back to James.

“He said to tell you I would be getting the Beta protocol.” I told him.

He smiled.

“Marvelous. If you would follow me.” He said before walking towards another door.

“If I may ask, what does the Beta protocol mean? What job did he decide I would be doing?”

“All will become clear once you start watching the video.”

We walked passed endless rooms before we finally reached a room where there was a single seat placed in the middle. He motioned for me to sit and went to the back of the room. He came back with a glass of water and a pill.

“Please take this pill Miss Smith.” He said as he gave me both the glass and the pill.

Oh god… This was going to be it! I took the pill and drank.

“Excellent. Now just sit back and relax. You will know everything there is to know once the video ends. Enjoy!” he said before going out and closing the door.

And did I dream it? Or did I hear it lock?

I sat back and looked ahead. I realized pretty quickly that the entire wall was one big screen. At this distance, I would only be able to see the images. Perfect…

In my fantasies, I was some times kidnapped and drugged… Strapped to some infernal chair and forced to watch or listen to endless brainwashing videos. This wasn’t as intense, but from what I saw earlier, either everyone here was in on this and were playing their parts willingly. Or this was all true and I was about to be forcefully instructed on how I will act and react while I worked here.

God I hoped this was real…

As I waited for the screen to come alive, I started to feel… Fuzy… Lightheaded… My mind felt like it was… Slowing… Down…

I barely noticed when the lights faded away and the screen came alive. It was soft… peaceful… Captivating…
Swirls of colors… Such pretty colors… Pulsing… Turning… Fading… Captivating…

I tried to stay focused and experience the thing I had longed for so much, but the drugs and the images slowly pushed my mind to rest…

To sleep…

My mind floated away as concepts and words started to flow into my mind. Into my thoughts…

How long did it last? I couldn’t say for sure. It seemed like ages… Or minutes?

The next thing I knew, the colors faded away and my mind slowly started up again. I blinked a few times as the light faded back on. I sat there, looking at the blank wall, relishing my first real brainwashing.

Suddenly understanding concepts and truths I never imagined. I smiled. All my doubts about coming here had completely vanished. I felt good. Happy… I knew what my job would be and how I could go about doing it.

​I was going to be an entertainment girl and I couldn’t wait to start working.

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