The Apartment - Amy

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #SpecialPowers

A woman keeps waking up in the same empty apartment. She can’t get out or contact the outside world. Nothing ever seems to happen… Or so she remembers…

As I woke up I came to the same realization as every morning, I was still here. I always hope to wake up and discovered I wasn’t in this damn apartment!! Sure, it had a large comfy bed, with a nice large bathroom. If I weren’t here EVERY SINGLE DAY I would probably love it.

​I know something was done to my head because all my past life, before I got here, was a big fog. I felt like I had family and friends somewhere, but I couldn’t place them. Like trying to remember a dream… The only thing that was sure was that I was just trapped in this DAMN apartment!

​There is no phone. No computer. All the windows are locked and seem bullet proof or something…
I can’t break any of them. Believe me I’ve tried! The only door in or out is locked from the outside! I’ve screamed and cried and done all the things I could possibly imagine to get out of this fucking apartment.

Nothing works!

Except for the fact it didn’t feel normal to be stuck in an apartment, the only part that was weird were my blackouts. I would be reading and suddenly, it was a few hours later and I was standing in the kitchen.

I lose time every few days. I just snap back to reality a few hours later. I’ve tried to figure out what happens in those moments, but I just can’t. I deduced that during those times, my room gets cleaned and food magically appears in the fridge.

Always fresh too…

If it wasn’t for the lack of freedom to leave, I would be living the dream! I don’t have to do anything except enjoy the view, the food and the alcohol. Yes, there always seems to be more when I run out!

I haven’t degenerated into a drunk or anything. I drink enough to get myself distracted, but I never lose my faculties. I also keep as fit as I can, doing yoga, exercise and as much cardio as I can within the confines of my prison. I figure that if and when I get a chance to escape, I’ll be ready for it. 

The only real distractions are the books. The library is filled with them. At one point I was about half way through when the next day, others replaced all the ones I had already read! Can you believe that? I even started to leave notes to the people keeping me here. Hidden everywhere in the apartment… No one ever answered.

I left ‘Help me!’ notes in the trash and other places. In books etc…

Never made a difference.

I’m just stuck in this fucking apartment!

As the sun came down, I heard something that froze my body stiff. A key was unlocking the door! This was it!


But like a taser to the chest, I just couldn’t move. I heard the door open and close. Oh my god! Why can’t I move? My body was completely frozen in place! But I didn’t lose hope. I hadn't blacked out yet so maybe...

I would get to see who the fuck brought me here!

I heard footsteps coming my way. It sounded like a man. Heavy footsteps… I was sitting at the dinner table reading when I froze so I had a good view of the corridor as the man approached. Then he emerged and I immediately recognized him.

He was… I was shocked!

But at the same time, as I looked in his smiling face, it ALL came rushing back. Like a horrible fast forward movie, I remembered every single black out. All the times he came in to put food in the fridge. All the times he MADE me clean the apartment and do the laundry. All the times he MADE me cook for both of us. 


He had some kind of hold over me. When he was in the room, he could make me do anything he wanted. Make me think what ever he wanted. He kept me here as his little sex slave pet! 

All the times I sucked his cock… 
All the times he fucked my ass… 
All the times I fucked him proper… 

With a sickening jolt, I also remembered every time he did this. Every time he made me remember it all. That was his game, each time he visited me, he allowed me to remember who he was, what he does with me. And every time he leaves… I forget all over again! 


I saw he had groceries and he smiled at me as he put them on the table next to me.

“Go put everything away in the fridge my dear.” he said.

Like a puppet, I smiled and got up to put the food away. While I was busy shelving the food in the fridge, his hands roamed my ass and curves like he owned them. Like he owned me! I just continued as if it was NORMAL!!! I remembered he always did that. He always copped a feel when he made me do boring tasks.

Once I was done, he slapped my ass and told me to go sit in the chair, which I did.

“Very good my pet… Now Masturbate until you cum hard. You know the drill…” he said as he waited for me to start.

I resisted as much as I could, but my hand found my clit and I started to rub it. Like every fucking time before, he watched as I moaned in forced pleasure. For some reason, even if I found the situation revolting, I was feeling horny. I remembered I always did. I masturbate while he watches; just enough to get his kicks, then leaves me to finish alone. 

Not to break his routine, he looked on for a few minutes before nodding and leaving.

I heard the door open and close. Then the lock got turned… 

I was left alone to climb the pleasure I tried to resist. And I wanted to resist… I knew that the moment I reached my climax I would forget his visit. Forget everything except this apartment.

As the pleasure mounted, I felt desperate. NO!!! I HAVE to remember! Come on!!! I can do this! He can’t control me forever!!!

Those thoughts some how made it worst and I felt my orgasm coming like an avalanche. I couldn’t stop it. I could only hope I remembered… I held onto my memories as hard as I could. The orgasm finally crashed through me like wild fire. I twitched and moaned as I felt every memory start to burn away… The man… The sexual slavery… The…


​I caught my breath and tried to live out the post orgasmic bliss as long as I could. After all, I didn’t have much to distract me. I was stuck. What’s worst is that nothing ever happens! 

Just me with my books, the view…

​And this fucking apartment!

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