Teasing my Neighbor

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #covert_brainwashing #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #Technology

A girl has a lot of trouble with her wifi connection. Lucky for her, the neighbor is generous enough to let her use his special high speed network. He only has to upgrade her phone with special apps. She soon finds she wants to tease him. A geek like him should be easy prey!

My neighbor is sweet and generally speaking an all around good guy, but he is so geeky! I mean come on! How much time can one spend on a computer? He told me he works from home for this big software company or something. So... He already spends his week on the thing.
And then, he spends his weekends gaming or doing whatever! I mean geez! Get a life you know?
He should be more like me! I have a job at a retail store, but that’s just to have money to spend. I don’t enjoy it, but the people I work with are nice enough. I like to keep fit and I like to go out partying.
I’m well aware that I didn’t get the lion’s share when it comes to brains, but I’m ok with that! I’m pretty enough that I know I’ll manage to get by. Men can be so easy to manipulate when you show them a little skin.
It’s almost ridiculous!
Take my neighbor, I knew how techie he was so when my phone started to act up, I wore my sexiest tank top and tight shorts before I crossed over to his place for help. He was red in the face and couldn’t keep his eyes off my body. I didn’t mind since I knew that he would help me for free. They all do!
He fiddled with my phone and spouted something about my bad internet provider or was it wifi roaming? Something about low Hertz? Bandwidth? I wasn’t really listening, but he seemed to know what he was talking about and he asked to see my apartment to check. We transferred to my place and I made a show of striking a few poses whenever he looked my way as he checked around. He was pretty awkward about stealing his glances and it made it really hard not to laugh.
But I needed his help so I focused on my goal and somehow managed to play it cute and clueless for him.
Eventually, he confirmed that it was my wifi signal. I pouted and asked what I could do. He told me I would have to change my internet provider if I wanted a better performance and it made me realize that I had indeed signed a contract with the cheapest provider I could find. I then asked which one he was using and he said he had a special extra large bandwidth thingy because of his job. 
I smiled when a genius idea popped into my head: If he had such a good internet connection, maybe I could convince him to let me use it...
I approached him and did my best ‘girl in distress’ act and asked for his advice. I laid it on thick as I fake-worried that I wouldn’t choose the right one and I pleaded with him to help me. I was so close I could see him swallow hard as my tight top made his eyes wander away from my own.
Once he controlled himself, he finally offered to let me use his wifi.
For free of course!
Poor thing... It was too easy for a girl like me to get her way with a reclusive man like him! He told me his connection was super encrypted and that my phone would need a special update for it to be able to connect to his network. I told him I didn’t mind and he went to his place for a few minutes to do his techie magic with it. He was smiling like an idiot when he finally came back and I was courteous enough to smile back. 
A few weeks went by and I had to admit that his wifi was incredibly fast. Which made me extra happy because my phone is my life!
I use it for my social media accounts and my workout routines. I especially need it for my new Instagram account. I’m not a model or anything, but I was getting more and more followers and if I ever got to the point where I could make money off of it, I would definitely consider being one of those internet influencers. It was top of the line and I didn’t want to have to buy a new one just yet.
The only downside I noticed was that my phone always seemed hot for some reason. When I went back to my neighbor to ask about it, he told me not to worry because it was because of the special apps he installed. He tried to explain it, but all I heard was that they needed to constantly keep running for my internet to be fast and that's why my phone was working over time. I acted all worried that it would damage my new expensive phone and after he snapped out of his lustful daze, he stammered and assured me that as long as I keep a regular charging schedule, my phone would be fine.
After that, I made sure to keep the battery fully charged as often as I could and bought a special bedside charging station next to my bed so it would stay plugged in as soon as I went to bed, even if I continued to scroll through my apps. 
The whole thing was pushed out of my mind until one morning I woke up from a strange dream. I had dreamed about my neighbor! An erotic dream at that! I think... My dream faded away as soon as I woke up, but it left me with a strong impression that I had dreamed about fucking him. Which was a little odd because he wasn’t my type. 
He wasn’t bad looking, but geeks were definitely not my thing.
I shrugged it off and went about my day. I couldn’t remember the details of the dream, but somehow, the idea stuck in my head. All day I kept wondering what sort of a fuck my neighbour would be. I bet he wouldn’t last more than a few seconds with a hottie like me.
The more I pictured it, the more I became convinced that he would lose his shit!
It was so easy to picture too!
I put on some sexy lingerie and go across the hall to knock on his door. Once he opens it I mold myself to him and plant a passionate kiss while caressing his crotch... HA! He would probably cream his pants!
I surprised myself by imagining a few such scenarios. I knew I was a sexy girl, but just imagining how incredibly hot he would find me got me all wet. To me, I would only be fucking someone below my league, but to him...
It would be like fucking a wet dream!
Once I got home, I had a powerful desire to send him erotic selfies and before I knew it, I was digging through my closet for my sexiest clothes. I did a few shots with a wide variety of clothes and debated if it was a good idea to send them. He would be blown away!
Which would be hilarious in itself, but I couldn't just send him pictures like that without a reason, he could get the wrong idea and think I was toying with him. Which then could cause him to cut off my access to his network. As I tried to figure out a good reason to send him the pictures, I suddenly felt like a lightbulb turned on in my mind.
I could send him a pic and ask for his opinion! Knowing him, he would certainly answer honestly while wondering why I was doing it.
The idea had a lot of merit and I almost sent him a picture, but in the end, I finally decided against it and went to bed.
A few nights later, I woke up with that same strange feeling. Had I dreamed of him? I know I had... Was it erotic? It certainly was! I was so wet I had to finger myself to manage to go back to sleep! I didn’t picture him of course, but I kept wondering what had gotten me so hot in my dream.
The following day, I had the same strong urge to send him selfies and I remembered the idea I came up with.  I could just picture him wondering why he was getting it. Especially if I sent him the ones I took in my lingerie...
I shook my head.
No! I couldn’t send him those... That would be too weird!
That evening, I tried on a few club outfits that made my figure look extra enticing and took more selfies. I debated for about half an hour if I was really going to send one over until I realized that I already had. It was a mildly conservative outfit and I quickly texted him that I wanted the opinion of someone outside of my circle of friends.
I was almost giddy when his reply came back a few minutes later!
He was surprised, but he answered honestly and offered helpful tips on how best to compliment it. I was a little shocked at how right he was. I spent my days doing the same thing to my clients and I never figured that a shut-in nerd like him would have a fashion sense. 
But I couldn't deny that he was right!
Over the next few days, I sent him a few other selfies to ask his advice. Partly because I wondered if it was a fluke on his part, but also because I enjoyed picturing how excited he must be to receive them. He always responded quickly and had the best advice a girl could ask for. His comments were always constructive and his advice always hit a cord with my own fashion sense. In fact, his advice seemed more sound than what my friends would say about them.
Part of me knew it was bad of me to be teasing him like this, but then again, I had no doubt that he would be ‘admiring’ my pictures at night. For some reason, it made me all warm inside to know that I was exciting him like that.
Like I said, he wasn’t my type, but a girl always likes to know how beautiful and sexy she is. Even if he was easy game. My selfies got a little more ‘risqué’ over the weekend. I felt extra horny because I had another one of those mystery dreams about him. It left me in a mood and I spent the whole morning trying on every piece of lingerie I owned. I made sure to take pictures of them all and had a tough time deciding which one I wanted to send him.
Part of my brain was telling me to stop and not push things too far. That teasing with sexy outfits was all fine and good, but sending him lingerie shots was crossing a line. But the part of my brain that was desperate to remember my erotic dreams screamed that lingerie wasn’t far enough!
At one point, I reasoned that he was probably all over my instagram account and had therefore probably seen me in a good selection of bikinis. And every one knows bikinis are basically colorful underwear, so he wouldn't be seeing more than he already had. So why not send them?
I finally decided on one and sent it over. I bit my lip as I suddenly wondered if I had made the right choice. Did I really go too far? No... The one I chose was one of the more conservative ones I own. It did compliment my figure pretty well though. It was certainly a step up from what I had sent him before. I tried to imagine what his face would look like once he saw it.
Would he respond? Would he act as if it was normal? Would he save it for later?
Of course he would...
I felt a hot rush of inexplicable arousal as I pictured him masturbating to the picture I sent. I wasn’t an exhibitionist, but I felt giddy at the thought of him jacking off while picturing all the naughty things he would like me to do with him.
His response finally came and it was polite and constructive as always. I was a little disappointed, somehow I thought he might at least make a comment on how sexy I was. But he didn’t. I sighed and smiled as I realized how good of a neighbor he was by always staying polite and constructive.
On Sunday morning, I found myself waking up with my fingers already tracing my clit! My blood felt on fire as my dream slowly evaporated from my mind. Leaving me with a hunger for more and the conviction that I had dreamt about him again.
I know I had dreamed about him. And... It had something to do with pictures... Maybe he was taking pictures of me? A sort of erotic photoshoot? And he was telling me what to wear? Directing me? And I undressed for some of them? We fucked, that much was clear. Didn’t we? The more I tried to remember, the less I did. It only made me hornier and I spent a long moment fingering myself to reach an intense orgasm.
All week, I couldn't help but send him selfies of everything I tried on. It didn’t matter what I wore, I just felt compelled to know what he thought of my choices. Some were regular work clothes while others were more intimate. No nudity of course, but some of them featured underwear.
Twice I woke up horny and convinced I had dreamed of him. 
The first time I was left with fleeting images of him towering over me. As if he had suddenly evolved over night and was now this huge hunky man. Like a sex god that had come down to earth just to sample little old me. I kept feeling small and in awe of him even as the dream faded away.
The second time, I woke up convinced that he was hung like a horse. That he was hiding a perfect cock and that it blew my mind as I let him fuck me with it.
By the time the week ended, my intimate pictures featured even less! The more I sent him, the more I wanted to push things. I was looking forward to our daily exchange and even waited on his reply before I left for work, just to make sure my attire was perfect.
And in the evening, I would change into something more revealing and parade around my apartment as I waited for his comments. It made me feel sexy to do it. And I got a kick at imagining him assuming I was wearing sexy things around my apartment. With all the erotic shots I was sending him, I became convinced that he was getting just as horny as I was. 
I could just see him stroking his long hard cock as he scrolled through my pictures. How could he not? I was sending him pictures I barely sent my lovers! But I knew he liked them. He said as much. I could only guess at the nasty things he wanted me to do with him.
On Saturday morning, I woke up in a horny mess again as images of him telling me exactly what he wanted me to do flooded my mind. I wasn't an overly submissive lover, but I did enjoy it when my partner took charge. Especially when my lover did it because he simply couldn’t contain his lust for me and fucked me hard.
It was so easy to picture my neighbor doing the same... 
I kept trying to remember my dream about him and fingered myself while trying to picture what it was he would do with me if I ever decided to cross the hall and tell him he could fuck me.
I came hard as I pictured my horny reclusive geek having the time of his life with a bombshell like me. He wouldn’t know where to start! He would certainly ask for a blowjob. What man wouldn’t? It would probably be a good thing to start with that because he wouldn’t last a minute. A wet dream like me telling him to fuck me how ever he wants... He would lose it for sure.
He would cum fast, but that would be ok. I could easily get him hard again if I was patient. Yeah... That would be good because then he would last longer! He’d be able to really enjoy sticking his long hard cock inside my perfect body.
God it would be amazing to feel how hard he would be for me.
His sexy slutty neighbor...
As the orgasm subsided, I felt something shift in my mind and I couldn't remember a reason why I wouldn't fuck my neigbhor. I licked my lips in sweet anticipation. I didn’t care if he wasn’t my type, I was going to seduce him.
I went on a shopping spree and picked up loads of new sexy outfits and lingerie. My plan was simple, I would invite him over under the pretext of wanting his advice on my new clothes. Then a little wine... 
He wouldn’t resist once I came up close and kissed him...
I was so wet at the thought of seducing him! All day I fought the urge to go into a bathroom to rub one off. Once I was sure I had enough clothes for a proper ‘show’ I texted him the invitation and hoped for the best.
If he said no... Which I couldn't imagine him doing... Then I would just have to go knock on his door in my latest underwear! He wouldn’t say no for long. I felt so excited! There was something so erotic in knowing that I could seduce him so easily. 
As it turned out, I didn’t need to resort to dramatic tactics because he answered that he would be delighted. I smiled like a silly school girl and finished my errands. Of course, I made sure to pick up one or 2 bottles of wine.
After supper, he finally came to knock on my door and I invited him in. He thanked me for the glass of wine I had for him and we exchanged pleasantries as we relaxed. His eyes kept roaming my body when he thought I wouldn’t notice and it sent thrills down my spine. I became convinced he was fantasizing about fucking me.
Well tonight was his lucky night!
And as it turned out, it was mine as well!
I finally decided to start and modeled all my new outfits. I posed in each as I listened to his comments. As always, he had just the right thing to say. I was also happy to see that he was getting more and more distracted with each outfit. By the time I was on my last set of lingerie, he had an obvious tension in his pants.
It was time to make my move!
I came up close and bent down to him. As predicted, he was nervous and he even stuttered when he asked me what I was doing. I just smiled and planted a hot kiss on his trembling lips. He was shy and inexperienced, but he eventually got in the groove and I took it as my cue to finally straddle him.
I was so eager to see how well equipped he was. As I sat on his hard on, I instantly knew I was in for a good time. He felt so big! So hard...
Even with me half naked and kissing him while straddling his erection, he didn’t make a move. So sweet... So innocent... I took his hands and placed them on my hips. I broke our kiss and whispered hotly that he didn’t have to be shy. That I wanted him... 
I felt his cock twitch under me and it sent shivers of pleasure up my spine. My mind felt so foggy with lust that I forgot all about him being a geek. All he was to my eyes was a man that aroused me and I would do anything to fuck...
His hands eventually started to explore my body and it sent hot flashes along my skin. His cock kept trying to flex beneath me and I could just picture how eager it was to be inside me. If I wasn’t careful, he would cream his pants before things got interesting!
So, just like I pictured myself doing before, I decided to help him along. I kissed my way down his body and moved to my knees between his legs. I took my time, but not too much as I freed his rather surprising erection. I could see and smell the pre-cum on his cock head and knew that I shouldn't tease him because he was clearly ready to blow!
This wasn’t a blowjob to get him hard or extra excited. I didn’t have to tease him and lick him slowly to give him proper pleasure. This was more of a business deal. I wanted a proper fuck and making him cum fast was my goal.
I engulfed him quickly and after a few creative swirls of my tongue, I felt him jerk and swear. I barely bobbed my head twice before he lost it and came gallons down my throat. I was ready for it, but the sheer quantity still surprised me. I made sure to swallow every drop and almost giggled when he regained his composure. He kept apologizing and trying to make excuses, which only confirmed to me that he truly couldn't believe how lucky he was to feel my mouth around his cock.
I soothed him as I continued to nurture his spent cock. I told him I wasn’t going anywhere until I could get him hard again. He was surprised and clearly excited I would be this patient. He eventually told me that if that was the case, I could just continue to do what I was doing and it would do the trick.
I didn’t have to nurture him for long.
Once he was nice and hard again, I got up and we fucked.
Oh god how we fucked...
I can still remember in vivid detail the moment he slowly impaled me as I sat down on his renewed erection. Every delicious inch felt like an exquisite promise of pleasure.
And when he bottomed out and I sat squarely on his thighs, I felt like his cock was home. Like it was especially made to fit inside my pussy. His girth and size stretched me so perfectly that I idly wondered how it was even possible. How a man could fill me so completely.
But it didn’t matter as I started to move along his length. My mind went blank with pleasure as our bodies did all the talking. The pleasure built up slowly until I was the one that couldn’t hold back. We came together in an orgasm so powerful I had to steady myself on his shoulders for a long while before I regained enough strength to lift my head.
His satisfied smile should have made me feel like my work was done. That I had reached my goal. But it was so much more. What started out as an exercise in vanity for me, ended up being a revelation: my neighbour was an amazing fuck!
He spent the night at my place and we fucked again in the morning. He was still so very shy, but once we were in the groove, his body knew exactly what to do and the experience was just as mind blowing.
As he crossed the hall to go shower at his place, I was left wondering when it would be appropriate for me to call on him for a repeat performance.
I decided to wait a few days, just to be sure he didn’t think I was some eager little slut. The whole experience had completely surprised me. I felt like I had found a girl version of the sexy librarian. An unassuming man that turned out to be a sex god in bed.
And the dreams...
Every night after our fuck I knew I dreamed of him. Of us... One dream I somewhat remembered had me tied up on his bed as he ravaged me until I was delirious with pleasure. Another saw me sneaking into his apartment and getting under his computer desk while he worked. Only to find he was already naked from the waist down and hard for me.
I dreamed about us every night and by the time I asked if he would like to have dinner with me, I was convinced that he felt the same. He invited me over to his place and cooked me a rather impressive meal. My convictions were well founded because as soon as he put everything in his oven, we both found ourselves making out on his kitchen counter. Which soon evolved in an all out fuck on his dinning table! 
He was much more confident and it made the fuck much more spectacular. Was it because we were in his home? I couldn’t say for sure, but I knew that I was discovering a whole new side to him.
I didn’t sleep over, but I wanted to. Crossing the hallway back to my place was a bother, but I had to because he said he would be working on his project all night.
Which made me remember the dream about me sneaking under his desk. I didn’t do it of course, that would be silly of me. But the idea lingered in my mind. If he was going to fuck me so perfectly, I could certainly see myself pleasuring him in return.
That night, I barely had time to plug in my phone before a wave of sleepiness overtook me. I feel like I started to dream even before my head hit my pillow because I dreamt that my phone was playing rhythmic tones I knew I didn't have on my playlists. My dreams were disorienting, but strangely, that didn't bother me at all because I felt guided towards something I knew would feel amazing... 
I woke up from an intense erotic dream the next day and texted him to see if we could hook up again. Sadly, he told me it would have to wait until Saturday and I physically pouted at his refusal, but smiled when I understood that he was a busy man and couldn’t possibly have as much free time as I had.
Even if this started out as a ‘make a geek’s fantasy come true’ experiment, I had to admit that I had found something for myself. I certainly didn’t expect him to be such a talented lover. Everything he did while we fucked sent shivers of delight down my spine. It was like he could play my body like an instrument to create the most intoxicating pleasure!
I sighed and told myself I just had to wait.
The dream I had that night was a little clearer. I woke up with an intense desire to finger myself, but as I did, I could recall a part of my dream. We were fucking and he was doing all the right things. Each move... Each touch... Each lick... Each thrust... Everything was perfect and sent me higher and higher.
And that’s when I realized that I was just laying there and enjoying it. He was doing all the work and it hardly seemed fair. As I came down from my orgasm, I realized that my dream wasn’t far from the reality of our last fuck. He had gone out of his way to make sure I was enjoying myself.
That wasn’t fair. Didn’t this whole thing start as an experiment in fulfilling HIS fantasy? I NEEDED to make things right the next time we hooked up.
So on Saturday, before I crossed over to his place, I decided to wear nothing but my sexiest bra and panties. Once he opened the door and I let him pick up his jaw from the floor, I pushed him in and kissed him deeply. 
I didn’t want him to ruin my plan with words or an empty offer for us to have drinks. I was there to fuck him first and foremost so I took the lead. I was also determined to keep my cool and make HIS night a perfect night.
So I kissed and pushed him back until he fell backwards on the sofa. He was a little confused, but he soon didn’t mind as I started to dance in front of him. I wasn’t a stripper, but I had seen enough of them to have a general idea of what to do. I danced and twisted so he could get a full view on my body. I gyrated my hips slowly and let him take in my curves as I saw his tent grow.
I did my best to remove my top as sensually as I could before playing with my naked tits. I massaged and squeezed them while making sure he got the full view. I caressed my body and watched the hunger grow in his eyes.
I eventually moved on to dancing on his lap and caressing his thighs. I could see him twitch as his breathing got a little quicker. I got up and swayed my ass to him as I told him to remove my panties. I felt his fingers tremble as he worked the thin fabric over my ass and down my leg.
I felt so wild. So sexy... So horny!
His hands grabbed my ass and I moaned as he spread my ass cheeks. He got a good view of my pussy and how wet I was for him. I let him enjoy the sight for a few moments before I slapped my right ass cheek. It made him release and I continued to dance and sway. His hand was caressing his cock through his pants and I smiled as I told him that I would be happy to do that for him.
He only nodded and I knelt sweetly between his legs. I took my time before removing his pants. I caressed his thighs and kissed his cock through the fabric. I massaged his shaft with my hands and even playfully bit it. He was smiling and it made me so happy to know I was on the right track.
I eventually freed his cock and worked his pants down before stroking him slowly with my hands. This wasn’t going to be like the other blowjob I gave him. This wasn’t a business deal where I needed to make him cum fast so we could fuck later.
This was going to be the main event and I wanted him to know it.
I told him I was going to take my time. I told him to resist the urge to cum as long as he could. I even told him to tell me when I was exciting him too much so I could back off and let him recover. 
He was puzzled by my offer, but didn’t protest.
I took my time and teased his balls with my lips... My tongue... I kissed under his shaft and licked the veins along his length. I pulled out all the stops as I tried to make his blowjob as pleasurable as possible. I didn’t want to make him cum so much as make it last as long as he could manage.
It turns out I had to stop a lot! 
Almost as soon as I engulfed him, he moaned and twitched as I slowly took him deeper. I backed off and I almost thought I would be too late. Seemed he liked my mouth a little too much! He breathed hard and finally nodded for me to continue. He managed to keep his cool a little longer and I was able to bob a few times before he moaned loudly.
Under normal circumstances, I would have found it pathetic that he couldn’t control his own pleasure and threatened to spur out as soon as I started. As I looked at him breathing hard to control himself, I just smiled and enjoyed the thrill of knowing just how arousing I was for him. I waited patiently because my goal was to make sure he enjoyed his night and nothing was going to derail that. 
If anything, I was proud of the progress he was making. The more I sucked, the more he seemed to last before he couldn’t take it. Either that or I was adapting to him in a way that gave him a fighting chance. Regardless, his blowjob ended up being exactly what I wanted it to be and lasted a good long while before we both decided it was time for his big finish.
And what a finish!
He came so hard that the first shot almost went straight down my throat! I gagged as his second shot missed its mark and dribbled out of my mouth. I managed to regain control of myself in time to be able to suck down his remaining spurs.
Once he calmed down and I was sure he was spent, I spent a few minutes tenderly licking his cock clean before making a show of scooping up the cum that had fallen on my chest. He watched with pure delight as I licked every drop from my fingers and showed him how much I loved the taste.
It was an act of course. I knew most guys enjoyed it more when I made them think that their spunk tasted heavenly. In truth, I found it tasted rather dull. Not bad, just not good. His spunk was no exception.
I got thrills as his eyes looked at me like I was some kind of sex goddess. I wasn’t bad if I did say so myself, but I wouldn't say I was a goddess. But to my neighbor, it looked like I was.
Which only made me extra wet.
I shook off the arousal I was feeling and told him about the next part of my plan for the evening. I said that if he was game, we should both eat while being naked. When he asked why, I simply said that I would have a special treat for dessert. He was a little shy about it, but after my performance, he felt he should indulge.
I could feel his arousal for me grow as we ate the supper he had prepared for us. I didn’t check under the table, but I was sure he was getting hard again as his eyes couldn’t stop looking at my naked chest.
I got to confirm his erection when I took away his plate. I kissed him hotly before breaking it off. I had to. Otherwise I would be fucking him right there on the table! Again!
No, that could wait a little longer. 
I went back to the entrance and grabbed the small cooler I had brought over. Inside, there were the ingredients I needed for the second part of my plan to make him enjoy his evening.
I went back to the table and told him to be patient when he asked me what I had planned. I cleared the table and got the items out. What geeky fantasy wouldn’t be complete without whipped cream and strawberries?
I laid down on the table in front of him and proceeded to give him the bowl of strawberries. I could tell he knew where I was going with this and didn’t waste any time. I took the can of whipped cream and sprayed some on my tits. My stomach. And my pussy.
I then grabbed a few strawberries and placed them strategically on the globs of whipped cream. I then smiled at him and said that dessert was served!
His smile could have lit up a concert hall.
It was his turn to take things slow. He made a point to eat each strawberry methodically. I felt him rub my nipples with the fruit as he scooped up the cream. The sensation sent shivers along my skin as I pictured just how he was going to ravage me.
Once all the strawberries were gone, he proceeded to lick the cream off my belly first. It tickled, but it sent arousal flooding in my veins. He then licked up the cream and each of my tits, making a point to tease and nibble on each.
It was my turn to moan as his ministrations sent the heat in my pussy to new heights. He then surprised me and kissed me deeply for a long while before kissing his way down my chest...
My belly...
My navel...
My clit...
Where the hell did he learn to lick a girl like that? My pleasure soared as he licked up the whipped cream and buried his face between my legs. And the moment he did, I came.
It came out of nowhere, but I came hard. As if his mouth and tongue had found a secret button that made the pleasure erupt and crash through my body. And to my utter dismay, he didn’t stop.
He grabbed both my legs and pulled me to his mouth. I was ‘trapped’ in his embrace as he licked me expertly. I was barely back down from my first orgasm when another ripped through me. And he still wasn’t done...
I lost all desire to try and stop him after the third orgasm. I wanted this to be his night and here he was making ME feel oh so good. But as the third orgasm hit, I reasoned that maybe this is what he wanted to do. 
So I let him and held on for dear life.
I lost myself in the pleasure and idly thought that no one could be this incredible. It was simply impossible. The thought faded away as my orgasms seemed to mesh together as they hit me in rapid succession. 
I never noticed when his lips and tongue were replaced by his cock. I just realized he was looking down at me as one orgasm subsided and another gathered steam.
My eyes rolled in the back of my head as the pleasure overloaded my senses. The rest of our fuck was a blur of images mixed with constant and intense pleasure.
He was ramming into me on the table while holding both my tits for support.
He was holding my legs high in the air as he impaled me so very deeply.
His hands were on my tits again, but he was shoving his cock down my throat as I felt his balls slap my face.
I had been turned at some point because I was on my stomach as he took me doggy style.
I remember thinking for a split second that he wasn’t in the right hole back there, but that I didn’t mind since it all felt so good.
I remember thinking that his stamina had evolved to inhuman levels as he aimed lower and fuck my pussy some more.
Then I remember him placing my phone in front of me, saying that it was important for some reason. I didn’t care as long as he fucked me.
I vaguely remember him putting headphones over my ears, but that soon didn’t matter as I felt his pace quicken, telling me he was about to blow his load deep inside me.
I remember him pushing in deeper as he came, sending me over the edge yet again as the pleasure consumed us. Without a doubt, it had been the best fuck of my life!
I saw stars! 
I heard angels!
I saw patterns.
I heard truths.
I got lost in perfect calm euphoria.
And suddenly it was morning and I was in his bed. We were both still naked, but I didn’t mind. In fact, I liked it. I turned to look at his sleeping face and marveled at how incredible he was. I felt so privileged to be in his bed! Me! Of all people! If girls only knew how much of an adonis he was in bed, he would surely have a line forming at the door!
But he was a reclusive geek and it turned out that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. 
As I took in every detail of his face, I felt like something inside me had changed. Something fundamental. I certainly didn’t view him as beneath me. Not anymore! But it was more than that...
I felt like... 
I had found someone worthy. Someone to be honored and respected.
Someone I wanted to please.
I cursed myself for becoming such an overwhelmed pleasure doll the night before. I felt like he had done all the work again! I was just along for the ride. Sure, it was one hell of a ride but it only proved to me that I had to work on myself and be better at resisting the intense pleasure. I needed to be better if I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me.
I needed to be perfect.
As I watched him slowly wake up from his dreams, I decided that I would do everything in my power to make his fantasies come true.
I felt so at peace once I had made up my mind. So happy to be in his bed and somehow know that my body already had all the tools I would need to pleasure my new sex God. All I needed to do was listen and fulfill his desires... 
Make his fantasies flesh...
Give him back a fraction of the joy and pleasure he already gave me. I sighed happily as I felt my libido rise at the sight of his morning wood.
It was amazing to think that I only ended up here because my internet service was crap and he was nice enough to let me use his network for free.

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