Tactile Induction

by The Traveling Master

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A hypnotist is pleased to discover that his guest is so eager to feel is special induction again. He uses the lightest of touches to slowly guide her into a deep trance.

“Please?” she asked sweetly as she swayed her ass invitingly. “Do it again...”

I smiled as I admired her soft skin.

“Are you sure?” I said and she immediately nodded.
“You understand that every time I put you under like this, I play around in your mind.”

“I know...” she whispered shyly.

“And you understand that every time I do, I only have one goal.”
“I understand...” she said in her pillow, but I could tell she was smiling.

“So you know that my goal is to guide your mind to a place that will make it impossible for you to resist my desires...”

“Yes... I know...” she said into her pillow, too shy to say it loudly.

“My goal is to make you my plaything... You understand this?”

“Yes...” she said. “ I understand all that...”

“And you still ask me to do it to you again?”

She only nodded in her pillow.​

“May I ask why you want me to do it once more?”

“Because...” she said as she buried her face in her pillow. “I want to experience it again... It feels so incredible... I… I want more.”

“Ok then...” I said. “As long as you understand where this will lead you...”

Her head lifted up with obvious excitement as she smiled at me. I chuckled as I moved to the edge of the bed, right at her feet. She looked back and bit her lip.

“You know what to do... Just lie your head down and take a deep breath...”

I had to refrain from laughing as she did the opposite and giggled in anticipation. She took a large breath, seemingly to calm her excitement, before plunging her head in the pillows in front of her. I waited for her to take a few more calming breaths before I spoke again.

My voice needed to feel calm and relaxing to her. My speech was slow and measured as my voice dropped lower. I took a deep breath to relax my own beating heart and started.

“Take a few more deep breaths and let yourself relax... Breathe in...” I said as I waited for her to take it. “Breathe out... Let the air out slowly... Take your time... Let your lungs drain as your breath softly escapes your lips...”

Was this the fourth time? Or maybe the fifth? I lost count. The first time I hypnotized her told me she would respond well. Her light trance came so easily as I traced light little circled in her back after our romp. She was only relaxing deeply of course, but it was a first positive first step.

“Breathe in... And... Breathe out... Just let all the air drain out of you... And back in... Breathe slowly... And... Breathe out... Just settle your body and let your mind relax... Breathe in... And... Breathe out... Very good... Feel yourself relax as your perceptions slowly fade away... Breathe in... And... Breathe out...”

I still remember the first time clearly. I was just admiring how soft her skin was and drawing lazy circles on her back as my instinct slowly took over and I started to relax her. It just... Happened... To me, a beautiful and sexually satisfied woman who is basking in her delicious afterglow is simply too tempting. Relaxing such an exquisite creature is like, in some respects, an addiction.

“Breathe in... And... Breathe out... Very good... Just settle your mind and let your perceptions fade away...  Breathe in... And... Breathe out...”

I smiled as I placed my index finger on the heel of her right foot. I smiled. She didn’t flinch. The first time I did it, she jumped in surprise. Now she knew it was coming and trusted me completely.

“Let your perceptions scatter as your mind relaxes... Breathe in... And... Breathe out... Concentrate on the feeling at your feet... You can feel my finger resting on your heel...”

I could see how relaxed she was already. Nowhere near her trance yet, but very relaxed. I didn’t move my finger as I lightly touched her skin.

“Let the rest of your thoughts fade as you concentrate on feeling my touch... Let all other thoughts and feelings fade away... Your mind is so relaxed... You don’t need to think as you let your skin tell you exactly where my finger is... You don’t need to think as you let your skin tell you exactly how it feels...”

I rarely used this type of guided induction, but with her, it was simply perfect. Her long curves and soft skin made me want to touch her constantly. I wanted my hands to caress every delicious inch of her as I felt her react to my touch. She told me she felt erotic goosebumps all over her skin when I caressed her. Especially when I barely used enough pressure for her to feel it.

As light as a feather… Barely touching… Barely there...

“Let your thoughts fade away as you open your mind to simply reacting... Feeling... Let your consciousness evaporate as you let your skin inform you where my finger is... Let your consciousness travel to it... Feel it... Embrace it...”

I watched her body slowly relax. I smiled. Her initial excitement made me worry I would have to extend the induction, but I didn’t need to worry. She was comfortable and calm. Her anticipation and excitement were contained.

“Everything else just fades away... Let your perceptions trickle down until your mind only hears my voice... Until your skin only feels my finger... Breathe in and relax... Let your body do all the work and let your mind relax deeper into peaceful meditation... Let your thoughts fade away... Making your mind so quiet... So peaceful... So receptive as you listen to my words…”

Her breathing was slow and steady, which told me she was ready. I smiled and tried to calm myself. The difficulty with this type of induction is that I needed to stay very calm. Very steady. Her thoughts were all concentrated on my touch and the slightest error would be like a loud phone ringing right in the middle of an induction, shattering the spell.

“Breathe in and relax... Let your thoughts sink deep... Deep... Deep... As your mind sharpens to a single point of consciousness... A single point devoted to feeling my touch... Everything else melts away as you breathe out…”

Slowly, I started to move my index finger. I moved it up her heel with a pace that almost didn’t exist. Each millimeter took minutes as my light touch traced her tendon.

“Breathe in and relax... Let your thoughts fade away as you let your mind focus on my touch. As you focus, you realize that your skin can only feel my touch... Nothing else… My touch relaxes your thoughts as you feel your skin search for it...”

I could feel every little ridge and texture on her skin as I traced up her Achilles’ heel, straining to keep my pace slow and steady. Fighting my own excitement and arousal as I ignored the beauty before me and concentrated on my induction.

Thankfully for us both, we had just indulged our lust and were still floating in delicious endorphins. 

“Relax as you let your thoughts melt away, leaving your mind open to my touch. Focus your mind on feeling only my finger… Nothing else… Feel it move as I trace up... Leading your focus as I trace on your skin...”

My fingertip gently scraped along her skin as I moved it to her calf. I barely touched her smooth flesh as I moved it ever so slowly from left to right and moved up her exquisite leg.

“Relax as you let your mind boil down to my touch... All other thoughts slip away… It is so easy to let everything else go and just concentrate on feeling my fingertip... Focusing your mind on the soft pressure it applies on your skin...”

I reached a point just below the back of her knee. She was so sensitive there. I traced a lazy eight figure as I let her relax a little more before adventuring further. Even during my last induction, her leg had lightly jumped, making me slow down my induction to keep her firmly in the spell I was weaving for her. Relaxing to a point where your own reflexes are dulled is no small thing. I knew the rest of her body would easily yield to my guidance, but this part was uncertain.

“Let your thoughts melt away as peaceful relaxation envelops your mind… Your mind can only concentrate on my touch… Feeling for every change in direction… Every nuance of pressure… Let your mind open to the sensation on your skin… Let your mind open to the guidance of my touch…”

I slowly went up and traced along the sides of her knee. I watched for her reaction and was incredibly satisfied to see small goosebumps erupt along her leg and lower back. I could imagine the shiver as it traveled up her spine and tickled her brain. No unwanted jerk or spasm… She was getting better. Sinking deeper.

“Relax and focus on my finger tip… Let it guide you… Feel it lead you along your skin… Leading your mind softly away from all thoughts… All desires… Guiding you deeper as you relax and focus…”

As I traced past her knee and up her thigh, I saw the little bumps slowly fade away as she relaxed even more. I climbed closer to her shapely ass and smiled as I remembered another reason I didn’t use this type of induction. We are creatures of pleasure and touch is a big part of enjoying that pleasure. The light touch she was experiencing was a form of delicious agony to me. My own version of torture as I fought my instinct to use both hands and slowly massage her lovely body.

A massage worked just as well. The goal in inductions is to make your subject relax. In some people, a massage sends them in a mild relaxed state that, if helped along by a skilled hypnotist, can seamlessly evolve into a trance. I loved to do those too of course, but they were even harder for me since my hands truly needed to touch and massage.

“It is so easy to focus on my finger tip… You don’t need to think… You don’t have to think. You can just feel… Letting your skin guide your mind as you follow my touch… The world melts away as you focus solely on my touch… Nothing else matters as your mind fills with the sensation of my finger tip… Leading you ever deeper…”

I was about to move to her lower back, but my finger somehow found its way back along her ass cheek. So soft and firm… She was an exquisite subject and had a wonderfully erotic mind. Combined with her toned body, it was all I could do not to straddle her… Take her again…

We were creatures of desires after all… I was no exception.

“Your mind is empty… Focused… Relaxed… The more you follow my touch, the deeper you sink… The higher your focus climbs along your back, the farther you travel… The deeper you sink… My finger is the only thing you can feel… The only thing that keeps your mind focused… My touch is the only thing anchoring your thoughts to your body…”

She was so sexy and open to my desires before we started to play with hypnosis. Her first experience made her relax as the endorphins swam everywhere in her system, making her ask me to do it again. One light trance became a deeper one as I used this technique to guide her.

My finger lingered on her rear mounds, tempting myself to use her sleep trigger and start to enjoy her. But that was only instant gratification. I wanted more and so I had to move on. My finger traced a path to her lower back and made infinite detours as I slowly guided her focus along her skin. It was so arousing to me that she knew I wanted to make her mine. That I wanted to use her trances to guide her mind to a place of obedience. A place of service…

She was already so deliciously submissive…

“Relax and focus… It is so easy now… Letting your mind follow my touch… Your mind is so relaxed and focused… Letting the sensations fill your consciousness as your mind relaxes… Your mind is focused only on my touch… You have no other thoughts… No other worries… Your mind is completely centered on my touch… Following it with less and less effort…”

My finger drew little pictures on her back and went farther and farther down along the sides of her tummy. Then slowly tracing back along the side of her rib cage. Her skin erupted in delicious little goosebumps, but she did giggle or jerk. Which was amazing in itself if you consider how ticklish she was. I smiled as my finger made its way on her upper back.

“Relax as you follow my touch with more and more ease… Feel how my finger is guiding your focus along your skin… My touch feels so light… So soft… Your mind can follow it so easily now… Relax as my touch guides you deeper…”

Her breathing was slow and even. I didn’t see her eyes, but I knew they were closed and her face was relaxed. Her initial excitement had faded quickly as she gave herself over to my guiding words. Although I barely touched her, I could tell by her lack of reaction that she was getting deeper. I could stop the induction here and she would be in a mild trance. My growing cock was itching for me to make her drop deeper and start playing with her. But I wanted more…

“Relax… Breath in… Breath out… So relaxed and focused… Your mind is completely open to my guiding touch… Completely focused on the sensation of my finger… You don’t have to think as my finger guides your awareness… Your awareness… Your mind is completely relaxed… Open… Empty…”

My finger slowly traced her shoulder blades. My pace was slow and deliberate. It had to be… My lust wanted me to speed it up, wanted me to claim her. Play with her… Use her…

“So relaxed and open… Your mind is focused solely on my touch… Your consciousness is fixed and focused on my finger… Only my finger… Only my touch is giving your mind a reason to stay awake… Only the light pressure you feel is keeping your mind steady… Relaxed… Open…”

I licked my lips as my finger slowly made its way between her shoulder blades. Achingly making its way up to her neck.

“So relaxed and focused… My finger guides your mind… Leads your focus… Nothing else exists… Only my finger… Lightly pressing on your skin… Allowing your mind to focus…”

My mind was already focusing on the things I wanted to teach her. It was planning all the paths I wanted her empty receptive mind to take. All leading her to where I wanted her to be. Who I wanted her to be… My excitement threatened to make my finger shake, but I held firm as I thought of the promise her coming sessions would bring. I got to the base of her neck and felt each vertebrate as I inched forward.

“Only my finger is keeping your mind from melting away… Only my finger is keeping you focused and awake... You can’t think… Only feel…”

My arm was aching with the sustained effort of keeping still and steady. My finger glided past another vertebrate as I reached the middle of her neck.

“So relax… So focused… My finger leads you deeper as you relax more and more… Feel your mind completely melt away as you feel my touch less and less… The pressure eases back and lets go of your mind as you fall away… Sinking deeper as my finger releases the hold it has on your mind… Nothing is keeping your mind focused… Nothing anchors your conscious mind… You are free to fall…”

As I reached the base of her skull, I slowly lifted my finger away from her neck. I watched her as she breathed in and out with steady ease. I knew she was deep in her trance now. I knew she was ready. As I thought about where to start, I smiled as I remembered the eagerness of her request.

She was so excited to feel my touch again. So eager to feel the slow trance take over.

So willing to let my voice guide her down to a state of perfect receptiveness.

“Can you hear me my dear?” I said softly.

She took in a breath, never breaking her slow rhythm, before she answered me in a voice that made my cock strain against the fabric of my pants.

“Yes…” she breathed out in a whisper. “I hear you Sir…”

“Very good… Let us begin shall we?”

Now that I understood just how willing she was to experience my desire, I picked a path that would end up satisfying us both in the most erotic of ways...

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