Surprising Rebound

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #hypnosis #m/f #pov:top #sub:female

Dave has his heart broken by his girlfriend when she decides to cheat on him with his best friend. He decides to drown his sorrows and ends up having a one night stand to ‘blow off’ some anger. But the next morning, he discovers that his conquest is much more than she seems.

It all started when I saw my ex-girlfriend with one of my best pals. Or so I thought at the time anyway. Deep down, I knew that when my ex-girlfriend dumped me, she had another guy in the wings. But my friend?

I was so mad I decided to drown my sorrows. Which I normally never do... I also decided I wasn't going to play the good guy anymore. I had always treated my girlfriends well, a little too well in fact… So I decided to go against what I believed in and wanted to experience a one night stand.

Not that I was against the concept of a one night stand. I just always felt like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself if I didn’t know the girl. You know? But that night... I just didn’t care. I was furious and sad all at once because I blamed myself for being too much of a good guy and pushing her away.

​How the hell does being good and caring push girls away? In my fury and alcohol fuelled mind, I could only think of one answer: because they didn’t WANT the good guy.
They wanted the asshole jerk that abused them while going back for more. Why were they the only ones to enjoy hot kinky sex? Fuck it. That night, I wasn’t going to be the good guy. 

That night, I decided to let my own desires dictate what type of night I wanted to spend. Good guy be damn. So I down my 4th shot and marched myself over to the bar in search of some good asshole times. 

You know some times, the stars sort of align perfectly for you?

That's what happened.

I went to a club I rarely go to and drank away my sorrows while prowling the dance floor for a girl to bring home. I was considered by many girls to be handsome, so mixed with the alcohol and my new found sense of ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude, I was ready for anything.

That's when I met her. She was drop dead gorgeous. Long red hair and a body so tight I thought she stepped out of a magazine. What had caught my eye was the fact that while she was dancing, she seemed on the lookout as well.

Our eyes met and that was it.

I don't really remember the rest of the night very clearly, but we connected in a way that felt incredible. Pure lust and attraction. I was pretty drunk by then and it was a blur. The next thing I knew, we were back at my place and fucking like rabbits.

I sadly remember only flashes of the night of passion. But my story isn't about that night. It really began once I woke up...


The Next Morning

My head felt like it was going to explode…

'Didn't drink enough water last night…' I thought.

But as I thought about last night, I smiled. Damn that felt good. I opened one eye and looked for my night's conquest. Nowhere to be seen. 

I finally sat up and looked at my room. My clothes were everywhere. And so were a few items that didn't belong to me. As I looked at the panties on the floor, I tried to remember how they got there. A vivid flash of me pushing the girl against the wall and ripping them off came to mind.


But as I reminisced, I heard the shower running. Well, I say running, I realized it was running when it shut off. 
What? Was my little vixen still here? In my shower? 

I didn't have long to wonder as I heard someone come out of the bathroom. I looked at the door to see her emerge with just a towel around her body. Her wet fiery hair cascading on her shoulders.

"Good morning." she said with a smile.

"Huh… Good morning… You seem awfully chipper…"

"Yeah… I can hold my liquor, unlike others I won't mention." she said laughing.

"Ha Ha… Good point… Listen.. I feel really bad… But I don't remember your name."

"Hhihihihh…” she giggled deliciously. “You never asked."

"Sorry about that… I'm not usually like last night." I said as I looked at the sheets.

"I figured as much. Although… You played your part pretty well… Another girl might have missed it altogether... By the way, I’m Mary."

"Mary… Lovely name...” I said.  “I'm Dave."

"Nice to meet you properly Dave." she said with a soft genuine smile.

"Same here…" I said looking around. "So… huh… What now?"

"You really don't do this do you?" she said, clearly amused.

"First offence… Had a real good time though."

"Me too…. hhhhmmm… Just thinking about last night is making me all wet." she said with a sly smile.

"Woah there… I kind of half remember last night… I just feel like it was awesome."

"And how…" she said.

Did she just shiver with delight?

"As much fun as that was… Apparently... My head is going to explode, so as far as a repeat performance… I'm sorry."

"OH!” she said, perking up. “I know just what to do!"

"What?" I asked as she came to the bed.

She moved behind me and kneeled at my back.

"What are you doing back there?"

"Shhhh…." she said as she placed her fingers in my hair. "Just relax."

She started to massage my temples and my scalp in a way that felt amazing. Her fingers were like magic. I felt like putty in her hands. The pain didn't disappear, but it diminished so much I barely felt it. I kind of forgot everything else and just let her hands work away my night.

Part of me didn’t want her to stop and I felt a little dazed once she did.

"Damn…" I whispered as my surroundings slowly came back into focus.

"Feel any better?" she asked.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

She didn't answer right away, I even felt like she was holding back. Why, I couldn't tell.

"I.. Huh… I had lots of practice with one of my ex-boyfriends… He had lots of headaches."

"Ok… Well… I'll have to thank him for showing you that amazing technique."

"You don't even know…" she whispered so low I thought I dreamed it.

"Well… That was amazing." I said looking at her. "I'm sorry… I'm not sure if I should show you out or invite you to stay."

She looked at me with a face that was unreadable for a moment.

"Well... What would YOU like? Do you want me to stay or would you rather I leave?"

"Listen…” I said turning to face her squarely. “I think I should come clean. I wasn't looking for anything other than.." I started to say, but she cut me off.

"Other than a one night stand? I know, you told me yesterday. You also told me ALLLLLL about your ex and your ‘best’ friend. Word to the wise, not the best turn on for a one night stand."

"I did? Fuck… I'm sorry about that."

"Don't be. It was kind of cute.” she said, winking. “I mean. You had me here before that. I was even aiming to fuck you silly before you told me. But listening to your little venting, I realized a little more about you and it made the night much more fun."

"How so?"

She bent forward as if to tell me a secret.

"I kind of told you to let loose. Let all your frustrations go in the sex. It seemed to work wonders for your stamina." she said as she winked.

"Really? I mean… I always had great stamina… But huh… Was I too rough?"

"Oh god no. I'm used to pretty rough sex. I even like it."

"Good… I didn't want to hurt you."

"Me? No, you certainly didn't. But your ex… WOW. I sensed that if I was her last night, I wouldn’t be so chirpy this morning! You really have a lot of unresolved issues there I think..."

"I'm really sorry Mary… I didn't mean for the night to get like that."

"It's fine. I asked for it, remember? Anyway, you didn't answer me. Would you like me to stay or leave while you're in the shower?"

Again, she looked at me with that same weird intensity.

She was certainly very beautiful. And fun to talk to. And if my flashes are anything to go by, very good in the sack. What the hell.

"Stay if you'd like."

She smiled like a kid that was told Santa was giving them everything they wished for! She also bent forward and kissed me on the lips. I was so surprised I almost didn't kiss her back.

"You won't regret it!” she said excitedly. “Go take that shower. If I may, I can whip up a mean breakfast if you have anything here to work with."

"Huh… Sure… Ok go nuts I guess..." I said as I tried to wrap my head around her sudden gushing happiness.
She almost squealed with delight as she grabbed one of my shirts. She put it on and blew me a kiss as she went to the kitchen. I shook my head as I went to the bathroom. I took the aspirin and went in the shower. The hot water was nice and it relaxed me while the pills finished off what Mary had started with her wonderful fingers.

I felt renewed.

While under the water, I mused about Mary.

She was certainly outgoing. Seemed she was well versed in one night stands. Judging by the the sex I barely remember, she was a bit of a slut. But she didn't act like a typical slut this morning. Maybe a little scary though. Offering me to make breakfast. 

Come to think of it, that was weird for a one night stand wasn't it?

I shut the water off and got dressed. As I emerged from the bathroom, I was greeted with the smell of bacon and sausages. My stomach growled.

She was finishing up a plate for me as I got in the kitchen.

"Wow… Smells incredible! You were right!"

"Told you so!" she said with a smile.

I sat down and she placed a plate in front of me. I was so hungry I dug in without waiting for her. After a few bites, I realized my mistake and looked up at her with a mouthful of bacon.

"(munch) Oh gawd…(gulp) I'm so sorry! Here I am digging in without waiting for you."

I suddenly realized she was just watching me eat. She wasn't even preparing herself a plate.

"Oh that's ok. I kind of ate while I prepared it."

"Really? huh… Ok… It's really delicious by the way." I said as I took another bite.

"Thank you Mast…huh… Thanks."

What was that?

"Huh… What did you say?" I said looking at her.

She blanched a little and looked like she was squirming.

"Huh… HHhmmm…. I said…. Oh god… I said thank you Mast… huh  Thanks." she said in clear discomfort.

"Ok… Yeah… well… Seems like you wanted to say something else. What was it?"

I was suddenly very suspicious. Did I bring home some crazy chick?

"Oh fuck…" she said squirming. "OK! I was about to say… Thank you Master."


My face must have shown my shock because she got all flustered and seemed to want to take my hand. Her face betrayed worry, fear, sadness… All at once!

"OK OK OK OK ! Don't freak out please!" she said.

"Freak out? Why in all hell would you slip up and call me Master? Did our sexual play include that too?"

"No.. No it didn't… I'll tell you, but promise to keep an open mind, ok?”

"Ok… But I'm not eating anything else until you explain." I said as I pushed away from the table and crossed my arms over my chest.

"I didn't do anything to your food I promise…" she said with a sad face. "I didn't want to tell you right away… Not like this… You see… I'm not normal…"

There we go. Just my luck, I brought home a crazy lady. I knew she couldn't be that hot and still be sane.

"By that, I mean that a few years ago, I was surfing the web to indulge a fantasy I had. I know this is going to sound weird, fucked up even… But my fetishes included ones about hypnosis and mind control."

She was dead serious. I saw it in her eyes.

"Hypnosis? What do you mean?"

"I mean… I found the idea of being hypnotized and made to do sexual things pretty damn erotic."

"Ooookkkk… Huh… Like me fantasizing about having a threesome?"

"Yeah… If that's true. So anyway. I found my way to many different blogs and chat rooms. Talking about all things of that sort until I met a few guys that said they could do it. I was nervous as hell and had a few hypno dates with some of them."

"Damn…” I said interrupting. “You really took it far."

"I did. Most of those hypo-dates didn't pan out and it ended up being mostly role playing. I didn't mind it, but I craved the real thing."

"That can't be real. Can it?"

"I didn't think so until then. But… That's when I met him."


"My first real Master."

"First Master? Ok, this is insane!"

"I know and I’m so sorry... Please try to keep an open mind...” she said before taking a big breath. “Anyway... He found out about me and approached me at a bar. He said he could fulfill my fantasies. I didn't believe him until he gave me my bra and panties. Right there in front of everyone! I had, without realizing it, taken them off and given them to him."

"Woah… That's scary." I said.

"And incredibly erotic… To me anyway… So I followed him back to his place and that's the first time I remember him playing around with my mind."

"What? Like hypnotizing you with a watch or a pendant?"

"No… It was all in his eyes… Just thinking about them… Hhhmmm…." she said as her eyes seemed to flutter.

"Ok ok…” I said, snapping her back to reality. “What happened next?"

"I became his slave for almost 2 years." she said with a smile.

"His SLAVE? Woah woah!!! Back up a minute there! You don’t mean that right? Did he enslave you or something? I mean.. Against your will?"

"Nothing like that...” she said smiling. “I was more than willing. He played around in my mind in ways that made my loins explode. Since I craved control, he made me feel it all. All his commands… All his triggers…"

"So… He made you… huh…"

"Oh he made me fuck him 10 ways from Sunday."


"And more… I'll tell you if you want, but that's not why I'm telling you all this."

"So you are telling me, there is someone out there that can, by looking at you, take control of your mind?"
"More than one actually… A few of his friends are just as talented... But to truly take control, like he did with me, you have to want it on some basic level. I craved it, so I was a perfect mark for him."

I looked at her and tried to decide if what she was saying was actually possible. Sure... I knew that there were all sorts of people in the world with all kinds of kinks. But hypnotic slavery? Who the fuck would WANT that?

It just seemed too ludicrous... Too insane...

"Are you bullshitting just to explain away this absurd reaction you have to our night together?" I asked.

"NO! That’s ridiculous! I swear I’m not bullshitting you! Besides...” she said looking down. “I can't lie to you now." 

"Huh... What?” I asked. “What do you mean by that?"

She lifted her head up and squirmed, just like before.

"I’ll answer you... Just... Can I finish first? You'll understand and it will answer your question I promise."


She visibly relaxed. What was that?

"This Master, he paraded me around his friends and everything. But eventually, his appetite went to other conquests. At any given time, there were about at least 10 girls at his home. He likes diversity. So after almost 2 years, he offered to release me."

"This just gets more and more insane by the minute…"

"Bare with me…” she said. “I didn't want to leave. But he insisted. He decided to offer me a deal. Since I was such a good slave and an incredible hypnotic subject to him, he offered to make a change in me. A final hypnotic suggestion to send me on my way."

"Which was?"

"I would seek out, at least 3 times a week, a guy to fuck.” 


"Yes. Since he released me, I've been seducing men 3 times a week. Fucking their brains out."

"That's really cruel!"

"Not really. Maybe a little… Yeah… Thinking about all the guys I fucked… Maybe a lot. But I thought I would find a Master a lot faster."

"You thought you would find another Master by fucking your way through… Through the..." I said, finally realizing what she meant. "WOAH WAIT A MINUTE! Are you telling me I'm your Master?"

"Yes… I was getting tired of all the creeps and the failures. After the incredible sex we had… And hearing your story… I let my emotions get the better of me and I told you you could have me all to yourself if you spoke a special set of words."

"What? What words?"

"They don't really matter… I whispered them to you. While we were fucking… Telling you that if you spoke them back to me, I would obey you forever. Be your little fuck slave forever."

I suddenly had vivid flashes of it. She was pushed up against the far end of my room, right against the wall while I pounded into her. I remember feeling taken away by the fantasy of having her at my beck and call. Being able to fuck her when ever I wanted.

I remember telling her the words…

"That…Fuck... That was REAL?"

"It was…" she said with a sheepish smile.

"I don't believe it…" I said, still trying to wrap my head around the insane implications she was describing.

"I'm so sorry… I got taken by the situation of it all… I sometimes forget how it all looks for someone who doesn't understand it."

"You're telling me…"

I looked at my breakfast for a long moment, trying to assimilate it all.

"So.. That's why you say you can't lie to me? It's part of all this?"

"He told me that when I found a guy I wanted to be my Master. I had to make him say the words. After that, it would be like it was with him."


"I have to obey you. I can't resist it. Well… I can… I like to… I feel the power that compels me to obey spike and compel me to obey. I crave that… But I eventually always obey. I can't lie either. And… huh…"

"What else?"

"I'll… huh… " she said suddenly blushing. "I'll find your cock and spunk pretty damn tasty."

"REALLY?" I said.

"If it worked like he promised." she said, licking her lips.

"This is a joke right? I mean this can't be real!"

My refusal seemed to fuel her sadness and I could see tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"I don't know how to explain it better than that… I…" she sobbed a little. "I'm so sorry for putting you through all this. Please forgive me…"

"Ok ok … Just let me get my head around it… Don't cry."

She smiled a little, but she was still visibly upset.

I looked at her for a long while to try and absorb what she told me. If it was true… It was pretty damn alluring to imagine her all to myself… But she must be a nutcase! I mean… Mind control can't be real right?
I was still musing when she suddenly smiled.

"Oh!" she said. "I almost forgot! I have a trigger for you to try if you want to know more!"

"Trigger? What…"

"I don't know what it does. He told me to tell you about it. It is supposed to make everything clear for you."

"Ookk…" I said a little sceptical. "What is it?"

"Blueberry pies are the best mechanical horses to get to the root of the dilemma."

I blinked and waited. Nothing happened.

"And?" I finally said.

"Just say it back to me and see what happens!" She sounded a little too enthusiastic.

"Ok…" I said, taking a breath. "Blueberry pies are the best mechanical horses to get to the root of the dilemma."

As I finished the words, I almost fell off my chair. I watched in awe as her face went completely slack. She dropped to her knees so fast!! Her face betrayed no emotions, but she started to moan louder and louder until she screamed her lungs out with what looked like a massive orgasm!

Only her rapid breathing betrayed her pleasure as she came, her face was a model of blankness. Like her body had experienced an orgasm and she didn't know about it. Once she got calmer. She suddenly spoke up in a far away voice.

"Congratulations… You are my new Master…" She said. "Since you are the one that claimed me, my previous Master wanted to explain things…"

I waited, still a little shocked at her sudden release and tone. She lifted her head and looked at me.

"First of all…" she said, but in a very different tone, "You must understand that she wanted this. When I offered her, she jumped at the opportunity. She is a real submissive slut when she lets herself indulge…" she said with a weird smirk. "Anyway… This is real. Know that being a Master is more than just ordering her around. You will need to care for her. Do so and she will blossom into your perfect woman. In the sack at any rate… Now for some things you need to know about her programming… She has a few triggers I left inside her mind. If you ever want a full list of them, tell her this : 'A mechanical bull needs to know all about the different flowers, if he is to fly high'.  She'll fall in a trance and tell you all about them. The triggers will still be fresh since she’s been constantly going under every night to spend an hour or 2 reinforcing her triggers while she masturabtes. Now that you’ve claimed her, you’ll need to take control of that for her and make her trigger herself to do her mantras. That trigger is including in her full list."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  

"Other fun things… She will LOVE the taste and feel of your cock… And I mean… LOVE… To her, your spunk will be like the best thing she has ever tasted. Makes things easier for her if you like to use her mouth a lot. Especially if you like your girls to swallow… She is open to all forms of sex. And I mean ALL of them… Since she likes your cock so much, you can fuck her in any of her lovely fuck wholes and she'll love it. Although… If you ARE into twisted shit… I did leave a trigger to block that part and make her believe you are a stranger… But anyway…"

I couldn't believe it, but if what I was hearing was true… I couldn't help but get hard at the thought.

"I've programmed her to keep ultra clean everywhere. I never was a fan of the bush, but she can stop if you order her to. Speaking of which… Be careful how you phrase things around her… She will obey you. Always… She can't help it. So if you get pissed at her and tell her to go fuck herself, she actually WILL fuck herself! If you tell her to cut off her hand… That, she won't do. So relax… Unless it is minor harm, you can't order her to kill herself or harm herself too badly. You can order her to slap or spank herself, she likes that!"

This was too much… Watching her kneel in my kitchen and telling me all those things…

"Lastly… She swings both ways! So if you have a lady friend you want to have a threesome with… This little vixen will be all for it! I can't speak for your other lady however… So take care of her and above all else: enjoy her many talents!"

Her head slumped forward and for a moment, I thought she fell asleep. I was about to get up, but she took a deep breath and lifted her head.

"Good I love those…" she said as her eyes focused on me again. "I hope he wasn't too impolite with you. He tended to be an asshole to other guys sometimes."

"Huh… No… It was fine… Do you… huh… Remember what he… Huh… Made you say… Huh… For him?"

"Not at all… But I know he did… I felt his control take over and… hhhmmm… make me cum… Then I knew he was going to speak through me… I kinda of remember flashes of him telling me to listen for the message he wanted to give to my next Master."

"Which…" I said as I swallowed. "Is me?"

"Correct…" she said as her eyes slowly drifted down to my crotch. "Seems that whatever he told you has gotten you… Excited?" 

I moved a little to rearrange my cock, which had gotten pretty hard.

"Ok ok … So it looks like all this is real…"

"Oh it is…"

"So what… You are bonded to me now?"

"I am… I can already feel it… When you asked me questions earlier… I felt the compulsions… You can order me to do anything! I'll obey…"

"Anything? And you don't mind?"

"Well…" she said as she got on her hands and knees. "Maybe not everything you ask of me… But I'll cook…" she said as she slowly crawled towards me. "I'll clean… I'll do the laundry… All even wash your car if that is what you wish for me to do…"

She came between my legs and slowly parted them. I just looked on, a little mesmerized at her actions.

"I won't like doing all those things… Would you? But if you order me to do them… I will… I won’t be able to resist... And since it would please you… I'll like it… Not because I crave to wash dishes… But because I crave to serve… To please…"

Her hands came up my legs and I swallowed hard.

“Listen...” she said with a soft smile. “If you don’t want me as your full on slave or... Should I dare to say... Girlfriend... Then... No harm done. I know you didn’t ask for this and I accept that. You weren’t looking for anything serious and I’m sorry I got carried away and made this impossible serious for you. I mean... I really shouldn’t have you while we fucked. That was my bad... I was just fed up seducing real jerks so when I realized that you weren’t one... ”

She looked down for a moment and smiled to herself.

“You don’t know me... Not really... Maybe I AM a jerk.” I said, trying to convince myself.
She looked back up at me.

“Maybe you are... I don’t believe that... But if you are then I made a mistake. BUT!” she said, pointing her finger in the air dramatically. “Then that’s on me and I’ll accept the consequences of my actions. But I don’t think I was wrong... Like I said, you acted the part pretty well, but I could feel it wasn’t really you... And after we talked, well... I KNEW it wasn’t you so... I got carried away... HA! I always was a little too eager to jump into things... Hahaha Case in point!” 

“Well...” I said, feeling for her a little as I pictured her being compelled to seduce men 3 times a week. “I guess I can understand...’

“Of course you can...” she said. “Which proves my point. If you really were a Jerk off, you wouldn’t be so concerned by this. I’ve met PLENTY of self entitled douchebags, both while I was his slave and after... Most men don’t get what it means for me to let go like this. Most men just see the intense pleasure they can get from me and nothing else... But somehow... I figured you wouldn’t.”

“Really?” I said. “After just a few drinks and me spilling my guts about my ex?”

She giggled.

“I’m sure!” she said as her hands caressed my legs again. “Anyway... Regardless if I was wrong or not... Or if you wanted this on some basic level or not... It doesn’t change the fact that you control me now. What is done is done. Unless you make me go back to him to undo this, I’m yours. TRULY yours...”

Her hands slipped back down my legs and started to caress up her body, cupping and massaging her generous chest.

“There are a lot of options for you here... I mean really... When I first accepted his compulsion... It was to find myself someone that would love to use me... Control me... I won’t deny that... But that doesn’t necessarily mean it HAS to be sexual. You can learn about all my triggers and send me home. You can call me up and play with my mind... Play tricks and laugh as I’m made to do all sorts of strange and kinky things. I’ll go home safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to seduce men anymore. And that is a blessing all in itself really...”

She said as she looked at me with clear lust in her eyes. Her hands came back to my legs and moved up, making my pants uncomfortable again.

"And if you wish it to stop there… It will… You are the Master… You choose what you wish your slave to do… You can choose to look me up once a month... Have fun with me and hang up. You can choose to call me every day... If controlling me is too much or if it just isn’t your thing... Then you can choose to send me back... But…" she said as her hands reached my crotch. "If you ask me what I WANT... What I DESIRE... Then I would LOVE it if you used me for your needs… Your pleasure… I CHOSE to tell you my trigger... Wrong or right... I decided you deserved to have me and I deserved to have you. I'll do anything… Be anything… I mean... I did chose to become part of a hypno-harem you know... I kind of like sex... A LOT."

Her hands caressed my bulge and she licked her lips.

“What I’m telling you is that it is ok... I’m not some helpless crazy girl that got tricked into being the way I am. I’m just a slut that craves to be told what to do... I LOVE to please my lover... I can’t even start to describe how good it makes me feel to obey my Master...” she said as her eyes locked onto mine. “Which is you now... I WANT to obey you... I WANT to be your slutty little slave... And I can only hope you want that too...”

My mind was trying to filter and process my growing arousal as well as everything she was telling me.

"So huh…" I said, swallowing again. "If I were to ask for a blowjob right now? You'd do it?"

She giggled and nodded as she licked her lips. Damn that was hot…

“Of course I would... I’m YOUR slave now. You control me... I’m here for YOUR pleasure because that is what brings ME the most pleasure... I’ll suck you until you're blue in the balls and can’t control yourself anymore. I’ll worship your delicious manhood until you grab my head and force me down your delicious shaft so you can nut straight into my throat. You can ask me... No... Command me to fuck you right here on this chair and I won’t think twice about it because I’ll instantly feel wet and horny for you. That is what my hypnotic conditioning does...”

Her hands never stopped caressing my cock and part of me was trying desperately to fight the urge to take her up on her offer.

“It's made me your slave... Your little fuck toy... I might have jumped the gun a little last night... Not telling you how real this all was... But I don’t think I was wrong... I know that deep down, you’re a good guy...”

She bent forward and kissed my cock through my pants. Fuck...

“But I also know that you weren’t looking for this... So why don’t you forget the whole Master/slave thing for a few days...”

“Huh... What do you mean?”

“I mean... Take the time to explore this slowly...” she said as she playfully bit my pants. “If you feel uncomfortable thinking of me as your slave... Then just think of me as a nymphomaniac fuck buddy... A kinky rebound girlfriend that is more than willing to help you process your loss... Fulfill every one of your torrid desires...”

Fuck... She wasn’t making this easy for me to refuse!

“You are my Master... I can be whatever you want me to be... I can be your sweet and loving girl... Or I can be your depraved mindless sex slave... I’m telling you that whatever you need me to be... I’m hypnotically compelled to want that to... And that is something I chose for myself...”

She licked my pants, making my cock twitch.

“You can fuck me…. ANY… Way… You… Wish…" she said as she looked up at me. “I know you aren’t sure about all this and that’s why I know I didn’t make a mistake.”

“This is so insane... Wrong...” I tried to convince myself. 

“And hot right?” she said, kissing my cock again. “It’s not like you can deny it... It’s ok... I want this... So come on... Just enjoy me for a few days... I won’t bite, I promise... Well... Unless you are into that of course.”

She winked.

My mind was going a mile a minute.. This all sounded too strange to be real, but when she blanked out and came... I couldn’t deny that part of me believed. How the hell does this happen to me?

“So what you are saying...” I said carefully. “Is that I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth?”

Her eyes visibly perked up and the most beautiful smile spread across her lips.

“Exactly!” she said. “Unless you get turned on by inspecting your slave...”

She winked again and I just had to chuckle.

“That's a thing?” I said.

“Oh yes... My old Master used to do it every few days... Make us line up and stand at attention... Completely frozen in place by his hypnotic command... Unable to move as he inspected us like the hypnotic property we were... It never failed to make us DRIP with arousal...”

“Fuck...” I said as I felt my cock twitch again, which didn’t go unnoticed.

“I can tell you all about it... Every depraved and kinky detail... If you never fantasized about having an obedient slave girl... Then I can tell you how it was with me and you can get inspired... ” she said looking at my crotch. “Tell you what... I’m REALLY eager to find out how your cock tastes... So... Why don’t you just relax and think about all this while I show you what kind of oral talents you just acquired...”

She bit her lower lip seductively and her hands were carefully posed on my waistband. I briefly noted that she hadn’t tried to pull down my pants and seemed to be waiting for me to tell her to do it. 

I wasn’t sure how I felt about ordering her around though... Not yet... This was way too much for me and I needed to think about it all.

“That is certainly a sweet offer...” I said. “I certainly won’t stop you...”

Her eyes sparkled as I gave my consent. 

“Excellent...” she said as her hands slowly curled and slipped under my waistband. “You won’t regret this I promise!”

And I didn’t... 

She took all the time in the world to free and remove my pants before building up the tease with her luscious lips. By the time she actually licked and kissed my exposed cock, I was already hard as steel.

And getting lost in the delirium of thinking this girl had just basically told me that I owned her... That I could have her blow or fuck me when ever I wanted...

I had never been one to nut to Dominance or submissive play, but I would be lying if in that moment, I didn’t find the idea intensely erotic.

“Fuck you taste so GOOD...” she said as she licked my length. “Even better than before...”

I wasn't quite sure what she was saying and frankly, I didn’t care. My thoughts were being pushed out by the pleasure she was giving me.

“You know...” she continued as she kissed and drooled all over my shaft. “I just had a wild thought...”

Her lips and tongue were going to make me wild! How the hell could she be so talented? I felt like I was about to cum and she didn’t even take me in her mouth yet!

“What if you use me to get back at your ex... At your friend...” she said as she licked my balls and stroked my cock.

What did she just say? I shook my head and looked down at her.

“Just think...” she said. “How jealous would you think your friend is going to be if we showed up to a party together. I’d be dressed as proper or as slutty as you wish... I’d act like the loving girlfriend you deserve... The loving girlfriend your ex never was...”

Fuck... What was she getting at?

“And then... I could blow you right there... In front of them... Making your friend so jealous as he realizes how lucky you are now that you have a kinkier and extremely slutty girlfriend...”

God... The look on his face... It would be so priceless...

“Or even better... You could order me to seduce him... Make him oh so eager to fuck me... I can be quite convincing you know...” she said with a wink.

“Fuck...” I moaned.

“And...” she said as she kissed my cock head. “That’s not even including the few covert induction I know... I’m not nearly as talented as my old Master was... But if my massage from this morning is anything to go by, I can make him so relaxed that he’ll think I’m your ex... Suddenly being naughty for him at a party... Then... All you would have to do is lead your ex to ‘discover’ us... You know... So SHE can feel how painful it was for you to find them in the closet... How good would THAT feel for you? I’m your hypnotic slave now... Master... The possibilities are endless...”

Endless possibilities... Damn that didn’t help me convince myself that I didn’t want this...

“Now just relax and enjoy...” she said as she flicked her tongue under my cock head. “There is no rush... I’m MORE than eager to make you relax for as long as you need to process this... In fact... You look about ready to blow... And I want you to know that it’s ok... I’m not going to stop just because you blow your load... I LOVE to suck cock... YOUR cock... So if you want... I can show you how gentle and caring I can be... Even if you just nutted... I’ll suck and worship you until you get hard again... So just relax...”

Oh my god... Was this girl for real? This was like some porn fantasy or something!

She searched my eyes for any signs I might give her. But when I just sat there, dazed and aroused while I looked down at her, she took her cue and REALLY got to work on me.

I can safely say that I had NEVER been sucked like that before. I didn’t blow my load right off the bat, but I didn’t last very long.

And to my utter amazement, she never missed a beat and sucked it all up and swallowed before tenderly kissing and licking my half erect cock until I became hard again...

No trace of impatience... No trace of worry...

If anything, she looked in her own sort of pleasure haze as she slowly worshipped me.

Nutting gave me a chance to think a little more clearly. This girl was now... Huh... Mine...

Once I was hard again and moved to the living room, I came to the conclusion that she was right. Why not enjoy her for a few days and see how things develop. She clearly wanted me to and from what she said, she wasn’t compelled to want to fuck me unless I command her to.

So... As we slowly fucked on the sofa.... I knew that I was buried in her because she wanted me there. And that made me feel a LOT better about being forced into this strange role she wanted me to be.

Ok... The fact that she was drop dead gorgeous wasn’t lost on me either...

Later, after we were thoroughly satisfied, I did ‘compel’ her to tell me all about her triggers. I recorded it on my phone and showed it to her. Which might of been a mistake because she got extremely horny and wouldn’t take no for an answer as she ‘seduced’ me into fucking her all over again.

Truth be told... 

The idea of ‘owning’ her was growing on me faster than I thought was possible. 

Especially after we spent a good hour talking about all the possible ways to get revenge on my ‘best friend’ and my ex...

By the time she left to go back home, I had decided to keep an open mind and explore this surprising turn of events. Her idea of a ‘Rebound girlfriend’ kind of stuck with me and I couldn’t deny that she wasn’t just insanely attractive.

She was also fun to talk with.

Well... When we weren’t fucking our brains out anyway... 

I gave myself a week to decide how I felt about all this. I needed to test myself and explore this new ‘role’ she had imposed on me. She was right, I was a good guy so I wasn’t going to take this lightly.

I smiled as she blew me a kiss from the sidewalk. 

OK... Maybe I was considering keeping her more than I wanted to admit to myself.

Maybe somewhere in the back of my mind, a voice was whispering that I didn’t have to shy away from my good fortune and embrace all this.


Maybe good guys didn’t necessarily HAVE to finish last.

And maybe...

Maybe they DO get to have their revenge on their idiot friend and ungrateful ex.

But that is a tale for another time...​

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