Special Pen Light

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #hypnosis #m/f #pov:top #Technology

Melanie just can’t get enough of Mark’s new therapy device. She’s addicted to the way it makes her relax and sooths all her worries. Mark is always willing to indulge her request for a quick session, especially since in truth, the device places her in a deep trance.

“Hey Mark...” she said as she sat her beautiful ass on the desk. “Could you... Could you do it to me again?”

“Hey Mel...” I said as I looked up from my book. “What would you like me to do again? I’m afraid I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

“You know...” she said blushing. “That huh... That thing you do with your special pen light...”

“Of course... Apologies, I wasn’t sure what you meant...” I said with a smile. "Huh... What are you wearing?

​She looked down at herself and arched an eyebrow.
“What...” she said looking back at me. “What do you mean?”

“Well...” I said as I placed my book on the shelf. “If you came in my room to get me to put you under with my device, then shouldn't you have worn something more comfortable?

“Comfortable...” she said as she looked down at herself. “But this is comfortable... Very comfortable...”

“Really?” I said as I looked at her attire. “And the make up and hair? Seems a bit much just to come relax. Isn't it?”

“My make up?” she whispered.

I watched her right hand move up and fiddle with her hair as her left hand moved to her lips.

​“I...” she said slowly. “I'm not sure why... I just... I always make myself pretty when we are alone in the apartment... I... I know how much you like my body so... I... I feel compelled to show it to you...”

She looked up at me and smiled.

“I certainly do appreciate it...” I said. “But huh... You said you feel... How did you put it? Compelled? Yes... You said you felt compelled to show me your body. I hope I haven’t made you feel like you had to dress up for me... You know... To convince me to use my special pen light on you.”

“Well no...” she said thoughtfully. “I’m not sure why I used that word... Forget about it... I don’t feel like I HAVE to dress up especially for that... I just... I just LIKE to feel pretty around the apartment is all... And besides... I feel much more comfortable when I feel pretty.”

“Good then...” I said. “I wouldn’t want you to feel any pressure coming from me... I’m just glad you are so eager to let me field test my relaxation device. ”

“No worries Mark.” she said with a renewed smile.

“Great!” I said as I took out my pen light. “Then I’d be glad to oblige!”

I watched her eyes immediately latch themselves on the tip of my special pen light. I had stumbled across a theory that proposed combining specific sound and light frequencies to place a subject in a deeply relaxed state. The technology available at the time the paper was published didn’t actually allow such high pitched and intense light waves to be generated.

But since then, technology made incredible breakthroughs every day and somehow, this little marvel was shelved. It was a hard process to decode the specific frequencies and light patterns the files described, but I finally managed to do it and shrink it down to fit in a convenient little pen light. 

After a few initial tests with my roommate though, I quickly realized that the frequencies had an unexpected side effect: Addiction.

For some reason, the lights and sound relaxed and inhibit the brain in such a powerful way that in created a mild addiction. Melanie described the sensation as ‘euphorically peaceful’ and ‘powerfully relaxing’. 

And every time I place her under it’s effects, she seemed to feel it more and more keenly. We started with doing field tests once a week, but she soon encouraged me to do them more often if I needed to.

In barely a month, once a week became daily sessions. Some times it was scheduled, but other times, it was like today and she came to find me to see if I could put her under. She just couldn’t help herself. She NEEDED to feel the effects of my special pen light.

Of course, I was more than happy to oblige because the device did much more than relax her. It placed her in a deep trance that opened up her mind like hypnosis never could.

As far as Melanie was concerned though, it didn’t. She believed that the special pen light simply created an incredible sense of euphoria and relaxation. Which in turn soothed the mind and helped with stress therapy.

Which was partially true of course...

“But...” I said as I looked at her. “Before we start... Would you mind answering a few questions?”

“Huh?” she said without looking away. “Sure... What ever... I’m always happy to answer any and all questions you have for me...”

“Good good...” I said. “Please remember to be honest Mel ok? I wouldn’t want to get the wrong data.”

“Huh?” she said distracted. “Sure Mark... You know I always answer honestly to all your questions...”

“And I’m so glad that you do!” I said as I switch the pen light from one hand to the other. Watching her eyes as she followed it almost without blinking. She just couldn't wait for it to start...

“I was going over my notes and I wanted to ask you a few things about the after effects produced by the light. Would that be ok with you?”

Her breathing had already started to level out as her body instinctively relaxed at the sight of my special pen and the knowledge that she was about to feel it's effects again. 

“Sure Mark.” she said with a faint smile. 

“Good...” I said as I twirled the pen. “Do you still experience periods of unexpected relaxation?”

Her lips cracked in a faint smile before she answered.

“Oh yes...” she said.

“I see... And does this side effect bother you? You’ve told me that they come at odd times and that you can’t really know or predict when they will happen. As if they are completely random.”

“No...” she said softly. “They never bother me...”

“I’m relieved to hear that...” I said with a smile. “Have the experiences changed at all? Or do you feel the same as when you first described them to me?”

She breathed evenly for a moment before she answered.

“They... Changed a little... I mean... It feels like they are more... Potent... Relaxing... I feel incredibly calm and peaceful when they come on... Almost like when I look into the light... Almost... Not as strong of course, but they are getting pretty intense...”

“Hhmm...” I said tapping the end of the pen to my chin. “More intense huh? That could be problematic... I wouldn’t want you to experience that when it could be dangerous... I might have to try and correct that...”

“NO!” she immediately said as her eyes followed the pen. “I mean... No need really... It’s not like I zone out... You know, like with the pen... It’s more like... My mind quiets down and all my anxieties drain away. It’s like I’m suddenly... You know... Incredibly ZEN or something.”

“I see...” I said as I moved the pen back to the armrest. “So... You don’t feel anything else during these episodes? No weird lingering thoughts or numbness?”

“None.” she said immediately. “I always feel perfectly rested and refreshed after each episodes."

I couldn’t help but smile at her perfectly rehearsed sentence. I always wondered why she never made the connection between the feelings she felt after a session with the light and the ones she felt after a triggered sessions.

"It's like..." she continued. "Like I've had my own private little session or something... I... I'm actually quite fond of them..."

I smiled as I saw her blush. Her ‘side effects’ weren’t really left over relaxation episodes caused by my device, they were special sessions brought on by post hypnotic triggers. But of course, she didn't know that either.

“That's good!” I said with a smile. “So they don’t bother you and don’t leave you with weird after thoughts or numbness... What about frequency? Have they stabilized? Or do they tend to happen more and more?”

Her eyes were so soft and almost vacant as she kept her gaze fixed on the pen. I knew the effects of my device would be powerful, but I never imagined that the addiction parts of it would make her mind automatically relax into a light trance as soon as she looked at it.

I'll really have to continue exploring this wonderful side benefit... 

“I would say... They might be leveling off... Maybe a little more? I’m not sure... Should huh... Should I start recording them or something? Would that help?”

“Yes. That would be very helpful.”

“Ok...” she said with a soft smile. “I love it when I can be helpful for you...”

I smiled again at her soft practiced tone. God I never tired of hearing her rehearsed responses.

“Excellent... So it seems the episodes created as a side effect don’t hinder your day to day life and you don’t seem bothered by them. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you more questions about your sex drive. Would that be ok Melanie?”

Her lips cracked a faint smile again, but her breathing never wavered and stayed calmed and even. 

“Sure Mark.” she said softly.

“You mentioned before that you felt like your libido was... How did you put it... Paradoxical? Do you still have those erotic dreams?”

“Oh yes...” she said as her cheeks flushed. “Lots of times... Not... Not every night, but most nights.”

“I see...” I said. “And then you wake up horny yes?”

“Oh yes...” she said while licking her luscious lips.

“Strange... Why do you say your libido is paradoxical then? Seems you are having normal reactions to your erotic dreams.”

She breathed evenly as she thought about my question.

“It’s because... I’m left feeling horny... Even if I masturbate in my bed... I feel slightly aroused all day... But... When ever I go out with guys... Well... My arousal just... Disappears... I... I can’t seem to find anyone attractive.”

“So... You always seem to feel horny... But you can’t... How could I put this... Scratch that itch?”

“Yes.” she said. “Exactly!”

“I see...” I said as I tapped the pen to my chin again and of course, her eyes kept looking at it.

“And do you feel unsatisfied? Or rather... Do you feel frustrated that you can’t seem to scratch that itch?”

She blinked slowly as she stared at the pen light. 

“No.” she said confidently. “I feel completely satisfied.”

I smiled at her compelled choice of words.

“Paradoxical indeed...” I commented as I moved the pen back to the armrest. “But does it bother you that you always seem to feel horny while not being attracted to cute guys?”

“Not at all Mark.” she said softly. “I don’t see why that should bother me. I feel perfectly happy with the way I feel.”

God her rehearsed beliefs were hot to listen to...

“Ok... Well I’ll have to do some more test to see if it’s the device causing your weird libido... Who knows... Maybe it has nothing to do with it...  At least I’m glad it doesn’t bother you!”

She didn’t respond and just looked at the pen in quiet anticipation. I smiled and lifted the pen so it was level with her eyes, which widened expectantly as she smiled.

“I guess that’s all for now Mel. Thank you for being so honest with me. It really helps me a lot.”

“I’m always happy to answer any and all questions you have for me...” she said softly. “And... You know I always answer honestly to all your questions because I love it when I can be helpful for you...”

I almost chuckled when I saw how her mind stringed along her rehearsed beliefs, but I managed to stay calm. 

“I know...” I said. “Are you ready?”

“OH Yeeeesss...” she slurred as I flicked the switch.

The light turned on a split second before the device emitted a series of high pitched sounds. Of course, I had carefully calibrated the device so the bulk of the sound waves were directed towards the subject. It wouldn’t do to fall prey to my own device.

Melanie gasped as the initial onslaught of light and sound gripped her attention. Her smile faded away almost instantly as the device slowly saturated her senses with soothing tones and patterns.

“That’s it Melanie...” I said softly as I continued to point the light in her eyes. “Just relax and let the light sooth you... Relax you...”

She sighed contently and completely relaxed. Her eyes lost focus as the pen gently kept bombarding her optical nerve while the tones seductively caressed her inner ear, sending specific signals along her auditory nerves.

I watched the patterns dance and shift on her perfect skin and waited for the device to do its job. Since her mind was so familiar with the effect of my pen light, it didn’t take too long for her breathing to become synchronized with the lower generated tones as her body gently swayed to the rhythm.

I smiled.

“Can you hear me Melanie?” I asked softly.

She breathed in slowly, never breaking the timing of her breaths, and answered in a tone that told me she was fully enthralled by the device.

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I hear you...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Are you sinking deeply for me Melanie?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I am sinking... Deeply for you...”

"Very good Melanie...” I said. “Is your mind completely open to me Melanie?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “My mind is... Completely open to you...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Is your will completely drained away Melanie?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “My will is... Completely drained away...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Are you in a deep obedient trance Melanie?

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I am in a deep... Obedient trance...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “When you are in a trance, do you remember everything Melanie?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “When I am... In a trance... I remember... Everything...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why you dress up and wear sexy things while you are here with me?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I remember...”

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I am compelled... To put on make up... So I always have... A beautiful face... To present to you... I am compelled... To wear sexy and slutty outfits... To show off my body... And make sure I am always... Arousing for you...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why you always answer honestly any and all questions I ask you?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. 

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I am compelled... To answer honestly any and all... Questions you ask me... Because I completely trust you... And cannot lie to you...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why you experience the relaxing side effect episodes?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I experience the relaxing episodes... Every time you use... A special set of triggers...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why I use those special set of triggers?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. 

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “You use special set of triggers... When you wish to enjoy... My body and talents... You use special set of triggers... To use me sexually... For your pleasure...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you enjoy it when I use you for my sexual pleasure?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I enjoy it when... You use me for your... Sexual pleasure...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why you enjoy it when I use you for my sexual pleasure?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I enjoy it when... You use me for your sexual pleasure... Because I am your... Obedient hypnotic sex slave...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why you are my obedient hypnotic sex slave?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I am your obedient hypnotic sex slave... Because I am addicted to the feeling... Of being placed in a trance... By your incredible pen light... I would do anything... To be able to feel it again... And again... When you asked me... If I would mind being... Your obedient hypnotic sex slave... In exchange for... Putting me in a trance with... Your incredible pen light... I said I didn’t mind...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why you have such a paradoxical libido?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me Melanie”.

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I have a paradoxical libido... Because I am compelled to be... Constantly aroused and horny... So you can enjoy me... At a moments notice... But... I am also compelled... To stay single... Because you own me... Because I am your... Obedient hypnotic sex slave...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why it doesn’t bother you to have such a paradoxical libido?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “It does not bother me... Because I am compelled... To accept all your truths... And you have told me... That it would not bother me... So it does not bother me... Because I am... I good obedient hypnotic sex slave...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember how you felt when you first sucked my cock?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I felt strange... Because I didn’t like it... I felt slightly disgusted... Because I did not enjoy... The taste of your cock... I was inexperienced... Especially when you wished me to... Deep throat you...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember how you feel when you suck my cock now?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I feel deep joy... And deep satisfaction... When I suck your cock... I enjoy the taste and feel... Of your cock and cum... And feel deep satisfaction... When I’m able to let your cock... Slip all the way down my throat...”

“Very good Melanie.” I said. “Do you remember why you like it now?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I love it now... Because you have made a point... To train me to be better... To compelled me to enjoy it... And because... You have told me more truths... You have told me how much... I love to suck and taste your cock... And I do love to... Suck and taste your cock...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember how you felt when we first fucked?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I felt strange... But aroused... I thought that you... Weren’t the sexiest man... But that you were cute... The sex was good...”

“Very good Melanie.” I said. “Do you remember how you feel about sex with me now?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “Sex with you now... Is intensely satisfying... I am always aroused and ready... When you wish to fuck me... Fast or slow... I always cum when you do... Regardless of the sexual position... I find you intensely attractive... And incredibly arousing because... You are my perfect type...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you remember why you don’t remember all these truths when you are not in a trance?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me why Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I do not remember... Because you told me I wouldn’t... Because you enjoy using me... While I’m am under the influence... Of one of your triggers... Because you enjoy... Living with me as a friend... Knowing that with a few words... You can compel me to be... Your obedient hypnotic sex slave...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Do you know how you would feel if I let you remember it all while you are awake?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said.

“Tell me Melanie.”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “If you let me remember... I would first be shocked... But I would then be aroused... I wouldn’t be able... To deny the intense pleasure... I feel when you enjoy me... I would remember and feel... All the exquisite orgasms... You’ve made me experience... I would remember and feel... All the delicate and attentive... Training you’ve made me do... I would remember and feel... All the erotic dreams I’ve had... All about being your obedient hypnotic sex slave... I would be excited and scared... Because I wouldn’t understand... How I felt about it all... But... If you let me remember... I would eventually feel a deep... And undeniable attraction... After the shock and fear had passed... I would feel happy...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Does it bother you that I don’t let you remember while you are awake?”

“No... Mark...” she said. “It doesn’t bother me at all... I am very happy... When I am awake... And I am very happy... When I am your obedient hypnotic sex slave... I really enjoy... The arrangement we have now...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Last question... Do you feel safe knowing I keep placing you in this deep trance?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I feel completely safe... Completely happy... I trust you... Completely...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “So very good... Now... I am going to turn off the device now... Your mind will be able to slowly awaken as the light and sounds fade away... As your conscious mind returns, you will forget everything I do not wish you to remember... Your subconscious will remember all the triggers and memories for you... You can let them go and entrust them to your subconscious... They will be there... Waiting for you... Do you understand Melanie?”

“Yes... Mark...” she said. “I understand...”

“Very good Melanie...” I said. “Now... Once the light has turned off... You will slowly count back from 5... Letting yourself wake up slowly... Feeling refreshed and rested... Feeling great about our wonderful session...”

I flipped the switched and lowered the devices. 

“5...” she said softly as her eyes blinked.

“4...” she said as her eyes regain some focus.

“3...” she said as her shoulder muscles slowly tensed.

“2...” she said as her eyes focus on a point just above my head.

“1...” she said as she straighten her back.

“0...” she said before closing her eyes and taking a large breath.

“Welcome back.” I said as I leaned back in my chair.

She took another long breath before a smile spread across her lips. She bit her lower lip as a small shiver went down her spine, making her stretch out her back while a soft moan escaped her lips.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, still smiling.

“Wow...” she said. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how incredible that thing makes me feel... God... Thanks for that...”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel...” she said as she closed her eyes and stretched her back. “All woozy and tingly... So relaxed... Like I woke up from a nap in the sun...”

“I’m glad.”

“You should be! You created the perfect therapy tool you know!” she said.

I chuckled.

“Anyway... Thanks for the bother... I know how you like to unwind and relax in the evenings. Sorry...”

“It was no trouble...” I said. “Every field test gets me more data and if I ever want to perfect this little beauty for market, I need all the data I can get!”

“Right!” she said as she pushed off the desk. “Well as your first guinea pig, I get first dibs on the finished product ok?”

“Of course...” I said as I picked up my book. “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to relax myself and catch up on some overdue reading...” 

She smiled brightly.

“No worries! I’ll make myself scarce!” she said as she turned to leave.

“Oh and Mel?” I called out before she reached my door.

“Yeah?” she said looking back. “What is it?”

“Melanie’s sleepy mind compels her to be a naked fellatrix.” I said.

Her smile slowly faded away as the trigger took hold. Her posture completely relaxed before she turned to face me. I watched in pure delight as she slowly removed her top up and over her lovely head. Her eyes were looking at me, but they had a slightly vacant quality I had come to savor. She bent forward as she pulled her pants and panties to the floor before stepping out of them.

I licked my own lips as I admired her exquisitely sculpted body as she slowly walked towards me. Her curves and body type were simply sublime as my eyes drank in every detail of her while she swayed her hips. She came to stand right between my legs before gracefully kneeling down on the floor.

Her eyes focused on my crotch before a slight smile spread across her lips. Without a word, her hands caressed their way up my legs and started to undo my pants. Witch practiced ease, she had my pants on the floor and my stiffening cock free of its confines. Ever so tenderly... She began to kiss and lick my balls and shaft do delicious effect.

I moaned and caressed the top of her head.

I still remember those first general trigger trances where we explored her sexuality. I only had one sex slave trigger for her back then, which was more than enough of course. But as the sessions went on and her comfort level grew, I started to develop more specialized triggers. Special trances with goals and desires that would help her hone in on my specific wants.

When I triggered this one, she became consumed with the desire to orally worship my cock. Every other thought drained away and slept while she concentrated all her attention to her talented ministrations.

She became more than a simple suck slut...
She became a true fellatrix... 
And artist of the blowjob...
An insatiable source of oral pleasure...

And the best part was that it was far from her only specialized trigger...

I watched her lips explore every inch of my cock and smiled at the incredible work she has put in to reach such an exquisite state. Until I released the trigger, time meant nothing for her.

No worries... No impatience... No desires...

Just a drive to give me the best blowjob she could offer me.

I knew that by now, I could let her remember all our real time together and she wouldn’t reject it. In fact, it wouldn’t take long for her to embrace it and we could spend the exact same evening we are now.

She would probably even look forward to the times I trigger her like this and she gets to experience a fraction of what she feels when she is under my devices tender care.


As I look down at her adoring face, part of me still feels the intense thrill of seeing her act as if we haven’t been lovers. As if she has no clue what my cock looks or feels like. As if I hadn’t already had the pleasure to enjoy her entire body...

Besides, what she said was very true. I did love our friendship and our comfortable roommate dynamic.

So why rush things?

She is happy and satisfied... I’m happy and satisfied...

Why mess with a good thing?

As I open up my book to continue reading under her expert ministrations, I let my mind drift to the possibilities my device could open up. I know that eventually, I’ll let her remember. It’s inevitable really... Besides, the thrill of using her while she isn’t aware will eventually fade.


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