Sinking Into the Waves

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #consensual_non-consent

A woman is relaxing on the beach and is approached by a handsome man. He looks oddly familiar, but he keeps asking her to do more and more… Each time, she somehow finds herself accepting more and more…

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“Up, Up, Up and awake.”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

​“Hello Miss! Terribly sorry to bother you on this fine looking day, especially since you seem to be relaxing so beautifully.”

That voice… It sounded familiar… But I brushed it off and opened an eye to see who was speaking to me. It took a moment for my eye to adjust to the brilliant sun light, but the voice finally came into focus. A man was standing over me. Not too old, but clearly not in any of my classes. Late thirties maybe? 
He had a short trim beard and was sporting a loose t-shirt and some swim trunks. His bright blue eyes were cute, but as a general rule, I like men my own age.

“I WAS enjoying the sun… But I’m not enjoying it so much now… What do you want?”

I closed my eyes and made a point to turn my head away. I idly thought he only came to talk to me so he could get an eye full. I knew I was a good looking girl and my current bikini did everything to enhance that.

“My apologies Miss…” he said. “But I’m afraid I’m new to these parts and I seem to have lost my phone. And my way...”

“Too bad for you.” I said, still keeping my eyes closed. “What do you expect me to do?”

“Well… If you would be so kind…” he said with a smile. “I would have loved for you to give me some directions! I can even treat you to a cold drink as a thank you for all your help.”

Lost his phone huh? I was willing to bet he hadn’t really lost his phone and was just trying to come on to me. Well too bad for him, I wasn’t in the mood to flirt.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline. I have very little time to enjoy the sun as it is and having a drink with a stranger isn’t something I do. Sorry…”

I tried to sound nice even if deep down I was really annoyed with him. How dare he interrupted my relaxation?

“I see…” he said. “Well… No harm done… I guess I’ll try my luck elsewhere since your kindness sank deep deep deep down into the waves…”

Good… Now I could let go… Enjoy the sun… Relax…

“Up, Up, Up and awake!”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

“Excuse me miss?” a familiar voice said. “I couldn’t help but notice how lovely you looked.”

Well at least this stranger had good taste. I opened one eye to look him over. It took a second for my eye to adjust to the sunlight, but as I focused on the source of the voice, I saw a man standing over me. Not too old, but clearly not in any of my classes. Late thirties maybe? He had a short trim beard and short hair. He held a white t-shirt in his left hand and sported swim trunks. He had wonderful muscle tone and his bright blue eyes were cute, but as a general rule, I like men my own age.

But I felt a little flirty so I played his game.

“You’re not too bad looking yourself.” I said with a sweet smile.

“Thank you. Such a wonderful and hot day… Don’t you agree?” he said with a smile.

He did have a cute smile…

“I agree completely.” I said. Why did I phrase it like that?

“It’s perfect weather to throw caution to the wind and remove my shirt to have an even tan. Don’t you agree?” he said with a smile.

“I agree completely.” I said again. Such a weird way to answer.

“Seems you’ll tan with that bikini creating bad lines on your lovely body. It’s a shame to ruin such a beautiful figure. Don’t you agree?”

“I…” I started to say but stopped myself.

I was about to agree again, but I saw where he was going and decided to politely stop things there before it got any further.

“Maybe… But it’s not like I tan that often so what ever lines I get. I can live with them.”

He smiled again.

“That can certainly be true… Such a lovely body… It’s truly a shame that your sense of personal image sank deep deep deep down into the waves…”

Personal image? It was my own business how I wanted to look. Anyway… I closed my eyes and let the warm rays and crashing waves relax me…

“Up, Up, and awake!”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

Especially since I wanted to go topless to get rid of my nasty tan lines!

“I can’t believe how nice it is today…” A man’s voice said.

So familiar… Where did I hear that voice before? Anyway… I was mildly annoyed that someone would come over to my secluded spot. I grabbed my discarded bikini top and smoothly covered up my tits. I opened my eye and tried to see who it was that had spoken.

A man was lying on a towel not too far from me. When had he gotten there? Why didn’t I see him before? Did he notice me? I looked and couldn’t help but admire his strong back. He was lying on his stomach… and… And he was naked! I could clearly see he was! From head to toe, nothing!

“I apologies for interrupting your sun bathing, but I just couldn’t resist. I love to sun bathe naked too and when I saw you… Well… I figured this spot was ok. You know… For sunbathing in the nude.”

“I’m not naked. Not as much as you are anyway.” I said as I looked away.

“I know.” He said. “Sunbathing completely nude is incredibly relaxing though… I can’t get enough… Feeling the sun on my skin… My WHOLE skin… It’s simple the best feeling in the world. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I agree completely.” I said instantly. Such a weird way to phrase that.

But it was true that feeling the hot sun on your skin was incredible. Relaxing… It was part of the reason I loved to sunbath topless.

“I’m glad we understand each other.” He said.

He didn’t say anything more and I was left wondering why he had decided to join me. It was bold, I’ll give him points for that. And with that body… He could certainly afford to be… I hadn’t gotten a good look before, but as I listened to the crash of the waves, I decided to sneak a peak.

He looked in his… Late thirties? Muscular build... He had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the sun on his back. And ass! Such a firm looking ass too… My mind could easily imagine those tight buns flex as he pushed himself inside me…

I shook off the sudden erotic day dream and concentrated on his face. He had a light trim beard that suited him very well. Was it the sun? Or was I getting all hot and horny?

He must have felt my eyes on him because he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Like what you see?” he said smiling.

He was certainly cocky. But he wasn’t wrong.

“I would be lying if I said otherwise.” I said as I stopped looking towards him.

​“The feeling is quite mutual I assure you.”

Oh god… He was really flirting with me? That cocky bastard!

“Thank you.” I managed to say. Feeling a little embarrassed at the compliment.

“My pleasure. It’s easy to tell the truth.” He said. Damn him and his smooth lines. “You know… You would feel MUCH better if you put your top back on the ground. I apologize if I’m being forward, but it’s not like I haven’t seen your lovely chest when I got here. No sense in covering up on my account… Don’t you agree?”

“I agree completely.” I said, frowning my eyebrows.

He was right. Sun bathing topless did carry its own risk of having people seeing your tits. But I didn’t mind that much. Besides… He did see them already. I laughed and threw it on the ground.

“See? Much better… The rays today are so relaxing… It would be a shame to miss out.”

“I know what you mean.”

His demeanor was so calm. It made me trust him a lot. I didn’t get a leering vibe from him at all. No… Just a polite… Attractive… Young man… Commenting on my beauty.

The sun felt so nice… I was about to close my eyes and continue to relax when he spoke up again.

“I really can’t believe how nice it is today… So warm… Relaxing… The sun is simply incredible… You should really try the full effect. Only by being completely naked can the sun give us a full recharge… Don’t you agree?”

“I… I agree… Completely…” I hesitated.

I did agree… With what he was saying. But I felt like he was trying to move things a little too fast… He was charming… Attractive… Why spoil things like this?

“But…” I continued. “I’m not going to indulge today… Maybe some other time…”

“No worries…” he said as he closed his eyes and laid his head down. “It’s just a shame that your pride sank deep deep deep down into the waves…”

Pride? I had pride... I brushed it off and tried to let the sun and waves do its magic. So warm and relaxing…

“Up, Up, Up and awake.”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

Especially since I decided to enjoy those rays naked!

I can’t remember the last time I felt so good and relaxed. Sunbathing nude is certainly a wonderful way to unwind and get rid of those nasty tan lines.

I knew the risks of doing it, anyone could stumble on my part of the beach and get an eye full. As much as I would rather stay alone, I knew it could happen. I had a stunning body so I didn’t have to feel ashamed about it.

Anyway, case in point, an attractive man DID stumble on my recluse part of the beach and simply commented on how good I looked. He was very polite and understanding about it. He even asked if he could join me! I was a little annoyed, but he quickly said that he too loved to sun bath naked and I knew there weren’t THAT many spots near here to do that. So I told him to go ahead.

I bit my lip as I eyed him. He didn’t make a show of it, but he didn’t seem to be ashamed of his body either. Who could blame him? Even if he undressed with his back to me, I could appreciate his muscled back and toned muscles. His tight ass flexed so deliciously as he finally bent down and crashed on his towel. Of course, I stopped looking before I could get a clear view of his cock.

That would be impolite after all.

We let the rays relax us for a while before he spoke up.

“I’m so glad I stumbled here and found you. It’s so rare to find like minded individuals when it comes to nude sun bathing.”

“I hear you…” I said as I looked over to him.

He had such a handsome face. A nice short and trim beard… God it would tickle me so much if he decided to lick me… It would feel so rough… Manly… I took in a deep breath and looked away.

“That’s why I told you to stay after all.”

“I’m so glad you did.” He commented. “Meeting such a lovely lady at the beach always makes my day. It’s so exciting to meet new and exciting people. Don’t you agree?”

He certainly knew how to turn on the charm.

“I agree completely.” I said. “It’s fun to meet new strangers. Especially… Handsome men like you.”

I couldn’t believe I had said that! But I did and my heart raced a little as I waited for his reaction.

“I might be handsome in my own way…” he finally said. “ But you are incredibly beautiful. A rare pearl you might say.”

“Oh stop it…” I said, feeling my cheeks burn with a mix of embarrassment and arousal.

“I’m not kidding. I’m sure you… Inspire… Every man you meet. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree completely.” I said as I turned to look at him again. “But a girl needs to be humble.”

I wouldn’t say I inspire every man I meet, but I certainly knew that many of them found me attractive. In fact, I was only single right now because I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I had my pick of handsome men that wanted to be with me.

“That is true… But since we are alone… There is no need to be humble or ashamed of anything. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree completely.” I said as I smiled.

“In fact, since we don’t need to be ashamed or humble, I can tell you how arousing you truly are.”

As he finished, he suddenly turned over to face me. I couldn’t look away as I saw his impressive shaft come into view. It made me speechless.

“You can see for yourself. It looks like you are pretty arousing. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree COMPLETELY.” I said, emphasizing the last word.

I marveled as I watched his cock stand at full attention. It seem impolite to look away some how. It looked so hard…

“You can see how much… Tension… Your beauty is causing me… Don’t you agree?”

I swallowed hard.

“I agree completely.” I said, trying to fight off images of that cock pushing its way inside my pussy.

“Your beautiful body is responsible for that tension… You should assume responsibility for it… Take care of it… Don’t you agree?”

“I… I…” I said, suddenly realizing what he was saying. “What? You want me to… Blow you? We barely know each other!”

“Ah that is true…” he said as his hand made his cock sway back and forth. “But I certainly don’t have to know you to be aroused by you. Don’t you agree?”

“I… I agree… But…” I tried to say as more images of his cock filled my mind. “Even if I arouse you… It doesn’t mean… I’m going to blow you! Sorry…”

“No worries… It’s just a shame that your sense of responsibility sank deep deep deep down into the waves…”

How was I responsible for his erection? Ok I was naked… And flirting… But it didn’t mean I HAD to suck his cock. Even if it looked yummy… I turned my head and closed my eyes. Maybe the waves will sooth him like they sooth me…

“Up, Up, Up and awake!”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

Especially since I decided to enjoy them naked with my latest special friend.

We were lying next to each other and I could feel the delicious warm of the sun making my body gleam with a thin layer of sweat. As I peaked at the sexy man next to me, I bit my lip as I saw how shiny his own chest was.

“God it’s hard to relax with you lying next to me…” he commented.

I peeked a little lower and saw how hard he was getting. I almost laughed!

“Calm yourself… This isn’t the place!” I said, not really believing what I was saying.

“I can’t help it… Your body is just so… Sexy… I can’t help the arousal it causes.”

“Really? Are you saying it’s my fault you are getting hard?”

He turned to me and smiled. God he had such a handsome face.

“I am. And you should really assume responsibility for making me this aroused… You should take care of it. Don’t you agree.”

I smiled and shook my head in disbelief.

“I agree completely…” I said as rolled my eyes.

Since it was my fault, it was only natural that I help him out. Besides… If I didn’t he would just jack off next to me and I’d have a mess to clean up. I turned towards him and kissed him briefly before biting my lower lip. I watched his eyes follow my every move as I slowly made my way down his muscular body.

“But you still could have controlled yourself! What if people see us?” I asked.

“No one will see us…” he said as he watched me kiss his lower belly. “And even if they do… They’ll just get a free show… Which I know will turn you on. Don’t you agree?”

I kissed his shaft and was rewarded with a sudden flex, making his cock bob up in the air.

“I agree… But I would still rather this stay private ok?” I said as I took his cock in my hand.

He just smiled. I kissed his shaft a few times before taking him in my mouth. God he tasted nice… I couldn’t believe he was making me do this in public! I could barely believe I had accepted!

Why was I blowing him in public? We could have at least gone back to the car…

As I sucked, I felt like something was off… Or... Wrong… But I couldn’t put my finger on it… The more I sucked, the more I felt like it was wrong for me to do this… I slowed down and frowned as I kissed and licked his shaft.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I…” I said looking up with a forced smile. “I’m sorry… I don’t think I’m in the right mood or something…”

“You were in the right mood a few moments ago… You love to suck my cock. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree completely. I love to suck your cock.” I said as I felt the truth of the statement hit me.

Of course I liked to suck his cock. Why was I stopping? I bent down and continued to suck him. Maybe if I get into it enough, my idle thoughts will go away. But I couldn’t shake the feeling… The more I sucked… The more I felt like… SOMETHING… Was wrong… I slowed down again.

“Is this a new technique you are trying or something?” he asked.

God… I was completely ruining this for him. That made me feel bad.

“I’m sorry for being a tease… I just… Feel weird…”

“I see what is happening…” he said.

“Really? What?” I asked as my hand stroked his cock a little.

“You would rather ride me than blow me. Riding me feels so much better. Don’t you agree?”

“I… I…” I said as I tried to remember the last time we fucked.

I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head… But I KNEW riding him would feel incredible. How did I know that? I shook my head as I realized what he was proposing.

“I agree that riding you would be a lot better, but there is no way I’m riding you out here!” I said with a smile. “Head is all you get until we get home ok?”

I bent back down and took him back in my mouth. I still felt odd, but I figured I better at least do this for him after all the teasing. I could figure out my doubts later. He moaned as I felt his body relax into it. He didn’t speak for along while and I was even starting to worry that I wasn’t doing a good job when he finally spoke up.

“It’s a shame your exhibitionist side sank deep deep deep down into the waves…”

It was a shame… I knew it… I certainly felt horny enough… But I wasn’t going to risk it… Not here… I pushed it out of my mind and just relaxed into my ministrations…

“Up, Up, Up and awake!”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

Especially since I decided to enjoy them naked with my latest special friend.

He was so naughty… Getting all aroused in public like this… He knew how much his erect cock turned me on. I felt so weak and submissive when I saw it. I just couldn’t refuse anything he wanted when I saw how aroused he was for me.

Case in point, I was lying between his legs and sucking his cock slowly as the relaxing sun tanned our naked bodies.

“You have wonderful lips Tracy…” he commented. “They look so good around my cock. Don’t you agree?”

I pull off his cock with a pop as I looked up at him.

“I agree completely.” I said as I stroked him. “But only because I enjoy it so much…”

I winked at him and dove back at my task. God I loved sucking him… Regardless of if we were out in the open or not.

“I know you do…” he said as he moaned. “You enjoy it so much because pleasing me brings you pleasure… Don’t you agree?”

I only nodded. I didn’t want to stop sucking. Why was he telling me things I already knew?

“But as good as you are… I want more… It would be so much better if you straddled me… Don’t you agree?”

Now that sounded way better! I sucked him a few more times, making sure to do long deep strokes, before I pulled off and licked his cock head. God he tasted so good…

“I agree completely.” I said as I kissed my way up his chest. “Do you think we’ll get caught?”

He smiled as he watched me move up to his lips. We kissed passionately before my hand fished around between my legs to find his cock.  He gasped a little when my hand finally took hold of him.

“We may... It would certainly be exciting… Don’t you agree?”

I aimed him up and pushed down. My soaking pussy was more than ready to accommodate his wonderful size. I let myself go down his length until he was fully buried inside me.

“I… hhhmmm… I agree completely…” I said as my hips started to rock back and forth.

“HHHmmm… God you feel so tight… So wet…”

I didn’t answer as the pleasure flooded my veins. His cock stretched me perfectly… Just before it would be painful… Just enough to fill me up completely… Just… Perfect…

His hands caressed my hips as my rhythm got faster. Such strong hands… They moved up my sides and ended up cupping my tits. God I loved his hands on my tits… He massaged and squeezed them expertly as I gyrated on him. Making his cock move in circles inside me… So… Delicious…

“It would be incredible… hhhmmm… To feel this pleasure all the time… Wouldn’t you agree?”

“God yes… I agree completely!” I said as I moaned.

The heat spread through my body… Smoothing away all the rest…

“It feels so good… Hhhmmm… To submit to me… Don’t you agree?”

“YES YES! What ever! HHHmmm… I agree completely!”

I could almost feel my insides twitch with need… Searching for a sweet release…

“You feel so good around my cock… HHmmm… You will love being my fuck doll… hhhmmm… Don’t you agree?”

“I agree…HHHMMMM Completely! WHATEVER!” I moaned loudly as an orgasm ripped through my body.

I didn’t care what he was saying at that moment. The pleasure carried me over the edge and my head snapped back as my whole body rippled and twitched. It almost felt like I hadn’t cum in weeks! God his cock felt good…

And as I caught my breath, I realized he was still hard. He hadn’t cum yet… I looked down in his eyes and he smiled. His hips started to move as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me. Stirring my pleasure once more…

“God…” he moaned as his hands squeezed my tits again. “You are so sexy… It will be fun to have you sleep over tonight. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree…HHhmmm… Completely?” I said, a little puzzled.

When did I say I was going over to his place? For some reason, I felt like I shouldn’t be sleeping over there. But… He was my lover right? Why wouldn’t I want to go over to his place? Come to think of it… Where did he live? I… I couldn’t remember...

His cock kept making it hard for me to think straight. It felt so good… I could feel my pleasure start to build again… Promising me an even bigger release…

“So tight… HHhmmm… And to think… I’ll be making you feel this good all weekend. Enjoying your tight… Sexy… Body… You’ll love being my fuck foll for the weekend. Don’t you agree?”

How could I be feeling this good already? I felt as if I was almost to the edge… What was he saying?

“I…” I started to say, but something felt wrong. His words seemed… Wrong… “Weekend? No… I can’t spend the… HHhmmm… Weekend… Hhmmm… At your place…”

“You can’t deny that it will feel good though… Just as good as now… Don’t you agree?”

“I agree…” I said, completely agreeing with his last statement.

But… he had said something else… About… Me being his fuck doll? No… I like to feel submissive and all, but I wouldn’t go that far.

“Hhmm… It does feel so good… But…Hhhmmm… Fuck doll is a little strong… Hhhmmm… I’m not a Fuck Doll...”

He didn’t say anything and continued to pump into me. I helped him along… I couldn’t help myself… Fucking him was incredible… Unlike any other lover I’ve experienced… After a while, he stopped moving his hips, but mine didn’t. I couldn’t… I was so close!

“I can’t wait to put a big leather collar around your neck… HHhmmm… It will look so sexy on you… You’ll wear it all weekend… It will make you feel so good… So submissive… Don’t you agree?”

“I… I…” I tried to say as his words cut through the pleasure. “No. I don’t agree. I don’t like wearing collars!” I said as I looked down at the man burying his cock inside me.

My words seemed to break the daze I was in. Collar? No sir! I wasn’t going to indulge him like that. A moment of clarity in the storm of my arousal... He was my lover… But… I couldn’t recall his name… Wh… What was happening here?

“I… I’m so sorry… hhmmm…” I said moaning. “I’m afraid I… Can’t remember your name…”

The more I thought about it, the less it made sense. I was fucking this man… This attractive man… On a beach… In public… Yet… I didn’t know his name!

“I’m so sorry… I… I think we better stop this… Ok?” I asked, relieved he had stopped moving his cock.

He smiled and let his hands fall on my thighs. His hands felt so good… I didn’t deny the pleasure we were having. God no… But I was trying to figure out HOW we ended up fucking. And I couldn’t remember.

“That would be a shame… It’s not very polite to fuck someone so expertly and stop things so suddenly. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree completely.” I said instantly. “But… I feel like… Something is… Wrong… Like… I could just remember if… I feel like its on the tip of my tongue! I’m sorry… I’m ruining it aren’t I?”

“It’s perfectly fine Tracy…” he said soothingly. “It’s important to voice your concerns… Although… I am a little disappointed that your arousal suddenly went deep deep deep down into the waves…”

That was certainly a strange way of… Saying… It…

“Up, Up, Up and awake!”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

Especially since I was fucking my man so openly on the beach!

I moved up and down on his glorious cock, making my tits bounce hard. Our pace got faster and faster as I felt him tense up more and more. He was getting close… His urgency was making my own arousal skyrocket!

“FUCK!” he moaned has his hips became a blur underneath me.

Fuck he felt incredible!

“I’M ABOUT TO CUM!” he moaned “FUCK! You love feeling my warm cum…hhhmmm… Filling you deep inside… So much that…HHHmm… It always makes you cum so hard… You… Hhmmm… Don’t care… Don’t you… hhmmm… Agree?”

I was delirious with pleasure. What was he saying? I didn’t care!

“I agree completely!” I moaned.

Fuck… Yes… It will feel so good to feel his cum deep inside me… His cum… Deep inside me? He… Wasn’t he wearing a condom?

“Wha.. Wait…” I tried to say, shaking my head to push away the pleasure overloading it. “You… HHHMMMMM…. Have to…. HUH! … Pull… Out! Ppp… Please…”

“OH FUCK!!!!” He screamed as his hands held my hips down hard.

As I felt his cock swell, I had a brief moment of panic as I tried to remember if I was up to date on my pills. But that all fell away as I felt the first hot jet of cum splash inside me. My mind exploded with bliss as a massive orgasm crashed into me.

We both twitched and moaned as the pleasure carried us away. The release was… Incredible… So intense… Powerful… My skin felt on fire… Such delicious fire… My heart was pounding so hard… I tried to concentrate on the rhythmic waves as they crashed on the shore line. Somehow… I knew they would calm me down.

I had to pull it together… I had to.

Something he said… I had to remember…

“Hhmmm…” he moaned. “Now that was a wonderful fuck Tracy… Don’t you agree?”

As my tummy tingled with post coital bliss, How could I argue with that?

“Oh yes… I agree completely…”

“I’m so glad we decided to do this… Such a perfect day to fuck… Don’t you agree?”

“Hhmm…” I moaned as I felt his cock slowly deflate inside me. “I agree completely.”

“I’m so happy we can continue this later tonight…” he said as he caressed my thighs. “For now though… We better clean up before someone spots us. Don’t you agree?”

My eyes finally opened. The bright blue sky above us was hard to deny. We had just fucked in public! God I felt so naughty… I looked down and bit my lip.
“I agree completely. It would be rather embarrassing to get caught.”

I slowly lifted up off him and felt his spent cock slip out. The sensation sent a little thrill of pleasure up my spine. God I was still so sensitive… As I moved off, my eyes couldn’t help but look down at his manhood. We certainly made a mess of ourselves.

“You know how much I love it when you clean me off with your mouth. And you can’t deny that you love it too… Pleasing me like that makes you feel so warm inside… Don’t you agree?”

I was still so flush with arousal that I answered without really thinking about it.

“Hhmm… I agree… Completely…” I said absentmindedly.

I felt so… Captivated… His cock had given me so much pleasure… Even as I watched it shrink, I couldn’t help but admire it.

“Since you agree… By all means… Start cleaning me.” He said.

My daze was broken by his words. He… He wanted me to what now? I tore my eyes from his cock and looked up into his eyes.

“I’m sorry? You want me to… To…” I tried to say.

I had never done that before! Why would I? It was so nasty!

“I want you to clean me off with your mouth. It is so erotic to watch…” he said.

“Well… Yes… I can see how it would be… But… I mean...”

“You just said you would do it.” He said with a smile.

“I… I mean I did but…” I said as I looked down at it. “I can’t… It’s not…”

Something was wrong… Why was he so confident? As if I had done it before… But… I… I couldn’t remember doing it. Ever!

Come to think of it… I… I didn’t remember fucking him before today either… Who… Who was this man? Wha… What was his name?

“No… I… Think you’ll have to do without… We can’t stay here… I… I can’t stay here. I… I need to leave…Before huh…”

“Before we get caught? It would be a good idea… There is no one near us though… No need to be stressed out.”

I sat up and looked around. Where was my bikini? I had to leave… Something was wrong. I had to get away from this man. Who ever he was.

“I’m not… Stressing out…” I lied. “I’m just concerned about… Huh… Getting caught.”

There it was… I reached to my top and started to fiddle with it. Trying to get it on.

“It’s a shame really… Seems your arousal sank deep deep deep into the waves…”

My top was… So… Mixed up… So… Hard to… Put… on…

“Up, Up, Up and awake!”

I smiled as the sun continued to tan my skin. So hot… So warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

I felt the hot sun on my naked back as I cleaned my man’s cock. God… It was so naughty of me to do this for him… Especially out in the open like this… But then again… We had just fucked so…

For some reason, our combined juices tasted nice. I didn’t mind it as much as I expected I would. If anything… I kind of liked it.

“Damn you are one sexy woman Tracy…” he commented as he watched me.

I had to admit that I was taking my sweet time with it. Sucking him almost as if I was really giving him head. But I couldn’t extend it indefinitely so I took one last slow suck and let his soft cock fall out of my mouth.

“Thank you for noticing…” I said with a smile.

“How could I not?” he said with a wink.

“So I guess we have to get dressed now…” I said as I looked back over my shoulder.

The sun was getting low and my stomach was growling. As fun as the afternoon had been, it was time to leave.

“I’m afraid we must…” he said as he got up on his elbows. “But not to worry, the evening should prove incredibly erotic once we get to my place.”

God he made me feel so naughty… Like he only had sex on the brain! What kind of kinky things was he thinking about now? I went up to kiss him on the lips before going to my discarded swimwear.

As I pulled my bottom up my legs, I tried to imagine what he had in store for us. Would he have me undress in the living room? Would he bend me over the kitchen table? Or maybe right there in the entrance… Would he… Huh… The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I couldn’t seem to remember what his place looked like.

Or… Where it was for that matter.

“Say…” I said as I grabbed my top. “You are going to find this funny… But… Have we EVER been to your place? I feel like I’ve never been there before…”

I looked at him as I put my top on. He was putting on his shorts and I couldn’t help but admire his toned body.

“As a matter of fact… No… You haven’t been to my place yet.”

“That explains it then...” I said.

I bent down to grab my towel and smiled. Why was I worrying so much? Of course I hadn’t been there. I would remember that. So why couldn’t I shake the feeling that something was off?

“But…” he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

His sudden proximity made my heart race all over again. And was I dreaming? Or was his cock stiffening?

“You are certainly going to see it today. In a few minutes in fact…” he whispered in my ear. “God you smell like pure sunshine…”

“Stop it…” I said as I fought off the arousal growing between my legs.

“No you do…” he insisted. “I still can’t believe how lucky I was today… Meeting you… Claiming you…”

His hot breath was making my head swim. Making me hear things he clearly didn’t say. Claim me… Such a ridiculous concept… His arms, wrapped tightly around me, did make me feel all weak and safe. As if he did claim me. As if I was some prize…

“Spending the evening with me will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Don’t you agree?”

God his voice was so erotic… Even if we had just fucked, I wanted him to push me down and take me all over again…

“I agree… Completely…” I whispered as my ass wiggled back into his crotch.

“You’ll experience a new sexual dynamic… One you’ve never experienced before… It sounds exciting… Don’t you agree?”

His hands and arms felt so powerful around me… Holding me so close to him… God I wanted him… His low voice was making my loins tingle with anticipation.

“I agree… hhhmmmm… Completely…” I said, half moaning.

A new sexual dynamic huh? What did he have in mind I wonder…

“You’ll be so sexy once you put on your collar… Just your collar… Don’t you agree?”
Collar… That… Rings a bell… Didn’t he mention that before? No… I would remember that… I had to admit though… I would look pretty damn sexy with only a collar on.

“I agree… hhhmmm… Completely…” I said as I felt his cock flex.

God… Why weren’t we already on our way to his place?

“You’ll make me so hard wearing that… Submitting to my will… Serving my desires… It will be so erotic… Don’t you agree?”

His hands had found their way to my tits, massaging them as he spoke in my ear. God my knees felt so weak… But as I reveled in his talented hands, my mind snagged on what he had just said.

“I… I agree… hhmmm… That does sound hot… For you… But not for me… I can… Hhmm… Wear your silly collar if you want… hhhmmm… But come on… Stop saying silly things… I’m not some sex slave you can order around…”

“Hhmmm…” he moaned as his cock flexed again. “That would be pretty hot… Although… Sex slave does have a bad ring to it… Fuck doll… Yes… That sounds much better… Don’t you agree?”

Fuck doll? I… I would kind of look like a Fuck doll… I guess… It did sound better… But… Did I want to act like his Fuck doll?

“I… I agree… Completely… Hhmmm… That it sounds better…”

“It does…” he continued as his hands squeezed my tits. “It will make you feel so aroused… So docile… Always on the edge… Just like now… It will feel incredible… Don’t you agree?”

I… God I felt so hot… And we had just fucked too… What was he doing to me?

“I… I…” I said before I stopped myself.

I wanted to agree. I wanted to feel on the edge… But serving him? His desires? It sounded… Hot… And… Wrong… I was so confused…

“You can’t deny it. You want to be my fuck doll. You will be so happy as my fuck doll… Don’t you agree?”

“I… I…” I mumbled as pleasure fogged up my mind.

I wanted to say yes so bad… But my mind knew something was off. I… I had to move away from him. Yes… It would make things easier… I would be able to think more clearly… His cock… He wasn’t hard… But I felt it flex… And… It made me so hot… I could move away while he wasn’t hard… But if I stay here and feel him harden… Oh god…

“I… I have to…” I said as I marshalled my strength and pushed off him. “I have to take a breath…” I said as I moved a few steps away.

For some reason, I felt so horny… So hot…

“I know what you mean…” he said as he looked at me.

Such hungry eyes… I could almost feel his lust for me. I shook my head. Why was I feeling so fuzzy?

“Thinking about it is getting me all excited…” he said as his eyes slowly went up and down my body.

Why was I so horny? His eyes were clearly undressing me again… I felt goosebumps along my skin as my eyes lowered down to his crotch. God… We just fucked! Why did I want so much more? It wasn’t normal… Was it?

“My little fuck doll… You’ll be so horny when I order you around… All… Weekend… Don’t you agree?”

“I… I…” I stopped myself.

I wanted to say I agreed. Completely… It would be hot… Such naughty role play… But something in his eyes hinted at something else… Something a little more intense… As much as I wanted more of him… I felt like I should cool things down. Maybe… Join him after… Yeah… That would let me cool off… Gather my thoughts…

“I… Understand… How hot it would be… But… I think it would be best if… If we took a break. You know?” I said as I took a step back. “I could get ready… Take a shower… A cold shower…”

He smiled. Such a cute smile…

“That does make a lot of sense…” he said.

Good… Maybe once I’ve gotten some distance from him… I would be able to think straight. My mind kept warning me that something was off. I couldn’t remember what… What was I worried about?

“Right… So… I’ll just join you later ok?” I said.

More and more I thought all this was wrong somehow. I didn’t know what exactly, but I felt like I should get away… If only for a few hours…

“Sure… Would you want me to pick you up? Or would you like to join me in my home?”

His home… Where… I didn’t know where he lived… What… What was his name? I… I couldn’t remember his name…

“I think… I think its best if I...” I tried to say as he held up his hand.

For some reason, it made me stop. I just waited and listened. I felt it would be impolite to talk somehow.

“I think it’s a shame that your will to explore new things sank deep deep deep into waves…”

His voice was so… So… Relaxing… I… I just…

“Up, Up, Up and awake.”

I smiled as I watched the sun float over the ocean. The colors were so warm… So relaxing… I was so happy I decided to ditch class and come to the beach to enjoy the summer rays.

I turned my head and smiled. He hadn’t put his shirt back on when we got in his car. God I loved looking at his abs. So defined… So sexy… His light trimmed beard made him look so mature. So…


I felt giddy as I imagined what the evening would hold for us. He had hinted at a few fun games he wanted to try… Role play he said…

I looked down and fiddle with the gift he had given me as we entered the car. A thick leather collar… So kinky!

“I still can’t believe you want me to put this on.”

“Only that remember?” he corrected me.

“I know…” I said as I turned it over in my hands.

My fingers traced the embroidered letters on the front of the collar. F… D… I could see how aroused it made him. Just thinking of me as a fuck doll had inspired him to ravage me on the beach. In public! I still felt delicious goosebumps as I thought of how close we got to being caught. I had never done anything remotely similar! It was exciting… Arousing…

Still… As much as I knew it would please him, I had my doubts… Sure I was willing to play along… Pretend to be his little fuck doll… But I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that… If I did put this collar on… Act the part… He would take a liking to it… Want me to act more and more like his fuck doll… Even if being a slave to his desires turned me on, I couldn’t say that I wanted to be one.

Not all the time anyway…

But I knew he had a big appetite… A raging lust… I knew he would want to push things farther and farther… Would I be able to resist his burning desires?

“Don’t worry Tracy…” he assured me. “You’ll love wearing the collar. It will make you feel so horny… So sexy… You love how the tight leather feels around your neck. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree… Completely…” I said as I continued to trace the letters.

“I know you do.”

“Tell me though…” I said, trying to take charge of the conversation. “What will you have me do when I put this on?”

I smiled at him. I couldn’t deny that the though made me hot for him. I was so curious… He had a wild imagination and I suddenly wanted to know what his dirty mind would like to do with me.

Or… To me…

“Well…” he said as he looked at me briefly. “I’ll start by inspecting every delicious inch of you… Letting my fingers trace every exquisite curve…”

“Oh my…” I said as I felt my pussy clench.

I could almost feel his fingers already…

“A fuck doll must be inspected… Tested… After I’m satisfied that your body is to my liking… Smooth and perfect… I’ll go and sit in my large leather chair.”

“Fuck…” I whispered as I pictured the scene.

“I won’t order you to come and kneel… No… A fuck doll should always anticipate her owners wishes… So… I’ll simply look at the floor in front of me… Expecting you to understand…”

“And I do understand…” I said as I squeezed my legs together.

“I expect you do.” He commented with a smile. “Once you kneel, I’ll caress your cheek… Ever so slowly… Letting you know how lovely you are in my eyes…”

“Oh god…” I said as my mind could see it all as if I was there already.

“I’ll pass my thumb over your lovely lips… Letting your arousal grow before presenting it to you… Waiting for you to show me…”

“Show you… How good I can suck…” I finished.

My hand slowly went down between my legs.

“Once I’m satisfied you have enough talent… I’ll remove my thumb and snap my fingers…”

“Oh fuck…” I said as my fingers circled my clit through my bikini bottom.

“And then… I’ll watch as the hypnotic trigger takes hold of you… Making you mindless… Giving you a single purpose… A driving force to please your owner… To suck my cock…”

“Fuck…” I said as the haze of pleasure made me imagine things.

Hypnotic trigger? What hypnotic trigger? Did I hear right?

“Being my hypnotic fuck doll turns you on so much… Don’t you agree?”

Hypnotic fuck doll? Wait…

“I ag… I agr… I…” I said before stopping myself.

Something was wrong… The words kept bubbling up in my mind…

“I agre… I agreeeee…” I kept saying. I couldn’t stop.

My mind was screaming… I wanted to say it… To agree… Completely… But… I knew something was very wrong…

Hypnosis? Triggers? When did he…

“I agree.. C… I agree.e… Comp.. Comple…” I kept saying.

No… I have to fight this! I felt like… If I agreed right now… I would … I would become… No! This was only role play! Not real…

“I… I agree… I agree Complet…. Completel…hhmmm….”

“We finally come to it… Full circle…” he whispered.

“I can’t… Something’s wrong… I… I agree… I agree… Comp.. Compp…”

“It’s ok Tracy… Don’t fight it… Saying it won’t mean anything… Won’t change anything…”

“I.. I agree completely.” I said as I felt the weight and pressure drain out of me.

“See? It feels good to agree with me. Doesn’t it?”

I didn’t want to say anything else. What was happening?

“And very soon… You understand how good it feels to obey… Like a good fuck doll should.”

Oh god… I was aroused and scared all at the same time! Had we already started to role play? Or… Was this something else? What was he doing to me?

“I know you’ve been dying to know… And so far… I’ve stalled things for you… But I know you want to know my name.”

HIS NAME!!! Oh god… What the hell was his name?

“You can ask me now… If you do, I promise I’ll tell you. If you still wish to know of course.”

Fuck… I wanted to know so bad! How could I be thinking about role playing with a man I didn’t even know? Come to think of it… When did we even start to fuck? I… I couldn’t remember anything before today… At the beach…

Oh god… Just thinking about our romp was sending pleasure between my legs… Why was I so hot for him? Did.. Did he hypnotize me? WHO was he?

“I… Wha…” I started to say, but alarm bells kept ringing in my mind., but I pushed them down and swallowed. “What is your name?”

He smiled. Oh god… I knew I shouldn’t have asked him.

“Well my dear…” he said as he turned to me. “You can call me your Owner.”


Oh fuck… What was he saying? Owner? I’m not something you can own!

“I can see the gears turning in your mind… But don’t fear… I’ll soon remove all those fears… A hypnotic fuck doll doesn’t need to feel fear… No… A hypnotic fuck doll only needs to feel pleasure… Pleasure at serving her owner… Obeying him… Pleasing him…”

“Wait…” I said as I fought down the intense spike of arousal I was feeling.

His words sent wave after wave of pleasure as I pictured myself serving him. With nothing but my collar on… How… How could I be so aroused and so scared at the same time?

“You’ll love spending the weekend with your owner… I’ll make sure you do… Trance after trance… You’ll come to understand… To accept… To obey…”

“No… Wait I… I don’t…” I tried to say, but he cut me off.

“Clear oceans reveal a truthful mind.” He said.

My mind went dull and foggy for a moment. What did he… What did he just do?

“Ok… Now you may speak your mind.”

“I don’t want… I don’t want you to stop… WHAT?!?!?! No… I mean… I’m not sure this is right… I… I feel so aroused… WHAT?!?! No.. I mean… I want… No…”

“Don’t fight it… You can’t lie to me now… Or yourself… You want to be my fuck doll. Being my fuck doll will make you so wet and horny… Don’t you agree?”

“I agree completely.” I said instantly. “Oh god… I can’t… No… Yes… I’m so confused!”

“That’s ok Tracy… It’s completely normal to feel confused. I promise it will be better once your will sinks deep deep deep into the waves…”

Deep… Dee… De… d… …

“Up, Up, Up and awake.”

I watched the sun finally set through the large ocean view window in front of me. Such pretty colors… So warm… So relaxing… Making my mind so very clear. I was glad I ditched my classes to go and join my Owner at the beach.

Such a horny man… He had me undress in plain view of anyone who might walk by. I didn’t mind. I was his fuck doll and a good fuck doll obeys. He had me suck him slowly to get him nice and hard. Then I straddled him and we fucked until he made me cum twice. Such a generous Owner…

After I cleaned his delicious cock, we left the sandy shore and came here to his home. On the way, I got embarrassed as he gave me a special gift and thanked him again and again. I couldn’t believe he had been so generous! My very own collar… With my initial to boot! I was so excited I put it on as soon as we got inside. The thick leather was so tight around my neck… Enough to make me vividly aware of its presence, but not so much as to be painful.

As I gazed at the last ambers of sunlight, I couldn’t help but appreciate all the little things my Owner does for me. He spends so much time including small details in each of my hypnotic triggers. Like the one he is using on me now, he could have simple decided to freeze me into place. He could have even taken my mind away and left me a mindless statue for him to admire on his bed. Frozen on all fours… Naked… Mindless… But he didn’t. He gave me this incredible effect I’m still feeling now.

I watched… In rap attention… As the sun lowers slowly behind the horizon… As the sun touched the ocean, I felt my mind sharpen to a single point. Everything around me faded away as I concentrated on the golden disk in front of me. It captivated me completely as it dipped down. Inch by inch, the sun disappeared… And with every inch, I felt my body react in kind. The sun mesmerized me, but I still had odd thoughts. Like remembering our time at the beach… Or imagining the things we could make me do later tonight. But the more it went down, the less I could remember… The less I could think…

And the hornier I felt.

Inch by Inch… The sun was sinking away… Taking my mind far below the waves…

Letting me feel how aroused I felt as held myself immobile on all fours. Naked… Except for the collar he had given me. The hypnotic trigger was so intense… So powerful… I couldn’t fight it. I didn’t want to… It felt incredible to be frozen as my arousal grew and grew… Making me so wet… So ready… My last idle thought was about my Owner… Wondering when he would come back to the bedroom…

After that… There was only pleasure… Frozen… Burning pleasure… I couldn’t move… I couldn’t think… I just… FELT…

And stare out the window into the moonless night.

Waiting… Feeling…

Time meant nothing to me… My skin was hot as my pussy dripped with need… A need which finally got answered. I barely felt his hands as he grabbed my ass. I couldn’t think pass my pleasure. Which exploded exquisitely as I felt my pussy stretch around his cock. Pushing in… Ever deeper… Sending spike after spike of pure pleasure…

It felt so incredible to be able to experience it like this. No worries… No questions… Just pure bliss…

I still couldn’t move as he started to stroke himself inside my moist channel. He was talking… But only my mind heard him. His words didn’t seem to reach my conscious thoughts. Not really… I only noticed the pleasure…

“God you feel so incredible…” he said as he kept pulling back on my hips, making his cock go so deliciously deep. “So wet… So tight…”

The pleasure grew with every stroke… Building up on itself…

“I can see how aroused you are…” he said, still pumping away. “It feels incredible to be my hypnotic Fuck Doll. Don’t you agree?”

My Owner asked me a question. I had to answer him. Promptly and truthfully.

“I agree. Completely.” I said in an emotionless tone.

It felt incredible to be his hypnotic fuck doll.

“My cock feels so good inside you. It makes you feel so… Complete… Like it belongs inside you… Don’t you agree?”

“I agree. Completely.” I said immediately.

Every time I answered him, I felt my mind assimilate his words with complete conviction. His cock belonged inside me.

“It gives you such pleasure… Again and again… Pushing more and more pleasure inside you… Filling your body until it’s saturated with it… Every cell in your body vibrates with pleasure… It fills you but it can’t get out… It can’t be released… It just grows and grows… Don’t you agree?”

“I agree.” I said as I felt my skin flush with heat. “Completely.”

My body was saturating with pleasure. I could feel it. Everywhere inside me. If it wasn’t for my intense concentration and frozen state, I would be moaning like a crazy woman.

“Such a good hypnotic fuck doll…” he said as his pace accelerated. “So obedient… So beautiful… You respond so well to my instructions… So perfectly… Even though you are ready to explode, I know you won’t let yourself cum until I snap fingers… You don’t want to disobey and cum before that. It would be such a shame… Don’t you agree?”

“I agree.” I said, feeling my voice crack with the exertion. “Completely.”

Even if I couldn’t move, I felt my body react to the intense pleasure building up inside me. I felt like my mind was waging war against my body. One trying to command the other to stop, even if it was an unstoppable force.

Through the pleasure, I felt his fingers dig into my flesh as he pumped faster into me.

“You’ll feel the pleasure… hhhhMMmm… Heating you up… Burning through your veins… HHHMMM… FUCK… Melting away your frozen state… You’ll feel all the pent up… Sexual energy… Crash through you…HHHmmm… Overloading your senses… With pleasure… It will feel so good… Don’t you… Agree?”

I felt like I was already cumming… So much pleasure… Unable to move… Like I was vibrating… I could feel it all… Burning my veins as it coursed through my body…

“I…” I said, unable to hold my voice together. “…”

“FUCK!” he moaned as he jabbed hard inside me.

I registered his cock flex and twitch with the need to spill his seed deep within me. The feeling joined in my hurricane of pleasure… A deep elation at feeling his release… To have been such a good fuck doll for him…
And then he snapped his fingers. Right when his cock twitched for a second… Powerful time…

“OOOHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!” I screamed as my mind felt the burning go through my mind like wild fire!

Searing it with pleasure.

The wave started deep in my pussy… All around his flexing shaft… The heat spread outwards as it went up inside my tummy… Up my back… Like a wave of goosebumps… But much more potent… I felt the pleasure crash at the base of my skull as my skin tingled… Making my hair almost stand on end as my brain flooded with the incoming bliss…

I saw stars as it hit the back of my eyes…

My whole body jerked as he pulled out just enough to jab back deep, sending another wave up my body…
The stars bloomed and I lost focus…

I fell into an ocean of bliss… Warm waves slowly rocked me away… Bringing me to a place my body couldn’t reach… Every single cell in my body was alive… Tingling with sweet ecstasy…

I never wanted to come back down from this place.

But eventually… I did…

I came back slowly… As if emerging from a deep sleep… I first felt the sheets… So soft against my skin… I was still naked, but I didn’t care. Then I felt the hot sun on my face… Was it morning? My hand moved under the covers and searched for the man that had given such extreme pleasure. I reveled in the sensation as the sating sheets caressed my exploring arm.

I couldn’t find him next to me…

Him… I could remember him clearly… Such a handsome man… But… For some reason… I couldn’t remember… His name…

I opened my eyes and I immediately realized I didn’t recognize the ceiling. Where… Where was I? I sat up and looked around. I knew I wouldn’t be in my bedroom… But this… This room was so… Unfamiliar… Yet… I felt I was remembering it…

I could see the sunlight through the large windows… Morning? Already? Had I really slept all night after I came? I could see the ocean… I remembered something about that… The sunset maybe? I felt I didn’t belong here. I saw the large wooden doors that surely led to the rest of the house. Then I saw the night stand…

And the mirror above it…

I could see myself… I was naked of course… I could remember that much… But… Around my neck… I could feel… I could see…

A collar.

My collar. My hand went up to it and I traced the bold letters inscribed there. F… D…

Fuck doll…

My mind felt all hazy as dull pleasure coursed along my skin. I could feel the tight leather now. Wrapping securely around my neck…

My mind fogged up with pleasure as I thought I heard waves slowly crash against the shore line…

Yes… I’m wearing my collar. Of course… I’m a fuck doll… A hypnotic fuck doll… And I must obey and serve my Owner.

I smiled as I let the delicious pleasure course through my body. It felt good to me a fuck doll. Constant pleasure… Pleasure at serving my Owner. I got up and went to explore my Owner’s home. It was so luxurious. Large… I went from room to room until I found him sitting outside on the kitchen balcony. He was reading a news paper of some kind. Drinking from a coffee mug.

I went to the door and leaned seductively against it.

“Good morning Sir.” I said sweetly.

He turned and looked at me. He smiled when he saw I hadn’t put on anything else. Just my collar.

“Good morning Fuck Doll.” He said.

His words send thrills down my back, making my pussy clench as the sudden spike surely made me wet. But not as wet as what he did next… He folded his paper neatly and placed it on the small table next to him. The sun was so bright and hot on the balcony… I couldn’t help bu admire his body… His face… His eyes…

He smiled and looked at the floor between his feet.

My heart raced as I immediately understood what he wanted. A fuck doll must always obey and anticipate her Owner’s desires. I pushed off the door frame and walked slowly towards him, making sure to make my hips sway back and forth.

I stepped in between his legs and slowly kneeled, steadying myself on his thighs. He looked at me for a moment, smiling with satisfaction… God I loved his smile…

His hand extended and caressed my cheek. Softly… Tenderly… I could see how lovely I was in his eyes. Like some rare and exquisite prize he had claimed for himself. It made me feel so sexy…

His thumb slowly caressed my lips… Sending electrical shocks in my brain… God… I must surely be dripping on the floor by now… He went back… And forth… Back… And forth… I didn’t move and just stared up in his beautiful eyes.

And then he stopped right in the middle. Pressing my lower lip down… Gently… My mouth opened and I understood. I took his thumb in my mouth and gently sucked… I felt so hot now… Burning with desire for him… My Owner… The scene was incredible… I was naked… Kneeling… My Owner was sitting… Fully dressed…

It felt so right… I was his doll… His fuck doll… His hypnotic fuck doll…

He had all the power and I reveled in it. I sucked on his thumb… But my mind was already sucking on his cock. God I wanted him in my mouth… I knew I could make him feel so good… Lucky for me, he didn’t make me suck his thumb for too long. He leaned back and placed his hands on the arms rests.

He looked at me for a few delicious moments… His eyes made me feel so sexy… I could see the lust in them. Like he was fighting against his own desires. Trying to hold back and relax… He wanted to enjoy this… Enjoy me…

But he finally lost and I bit my lip as he slowly undid his pants. Taking out his erect manhood…

My eyes lowered and looked at it. Marveled at it… Such a gorgeous cock… So hypnotic…

He stroked himself a few times and just looked at me. Or I thought he was. I couldn’t look away from his shaft. I felt my pussy clench with every stroke he made. As if he was already fucking me with it.

I was almost losing track of time as I watched… But before I did, he stopped and I gasped as I saw his hand. He was about to snap his fingers! Oh god… Oh fuck… I was about to be mindless… I knew it! I’ll… I’ll be a mindless doll as I suck him… No pleasure… No thoughts… Just a warm mouth for him to use!

A perfect hypnotic fuck doll…

The thought sent spikes of pleasure in my pussy… Making me drip…

And then he snapped them.

Like a bucket of cold water, I felt my arousal drain away. The hypnotic trigger released me and it all came rushing back to me.

I smiled as I looked up at him, cocking my head to the side.

“Fuck doll? Really?” I said.

He laughed as he took a grape from the table next to him. I had been going out with him for a few months and got all excited when he told me about his hypnosis kink. I always found tranced out women kind of sexy and I asked him to hypnotize me. We’ve had fun ever since!

And this weekend… That little bastard! He made me believe he was a stranger! As if I didn’t know him at all! I knew he craved the hunt… The corruption… This scenario was custom fit for his desires. Capture an innocent young lady while at the beach… Slowly corrupt her mind until she is her mindless hypnotic fuck doll! So naughty!

I looked at his erect cock. I was still mildly aroused and to be fair, I DID love to suck his cock. Fuck doll or no. So I took him in my hand and stoked him.

“I can’t believe you made me go through that! I really thought it was weird… I can remember every step you took too… Every one of my refusals… Everyone of your trances… You pushed things until I stopped accepting the fantasy… Then just hypnotized me some more to… Help me accept it? You are so bad!” I said as I dove down.

I kissed his cockhead once before letting him inside. He moaned as my tongue did little swirls underneath his shaft.

“What can I say… HHmmm… I can’t get enough of it… Watching you trance out… Making you accept things you refused a few moments ago… I’m so happy you are so willing to indulge my fantasy. Hhmmm… Fuck that feels nice…”
“Well…” I said between kisses.  “I can’t say I don’t get anything in return… God that was an intense orgasm! I never thought I could feel SO much pleasure all at once.”

As I took him deep in my throat, I had to admit that I was a little in awe of his hypnotic talents. Who knew hypnosis could make me feel so much pleasure?

“I’m glad it worked!” he said as he took another grape. “It means you should be willing to let me do it to you again. HHhmmm…”

He was moaning a lot… Maybe I better cool off if I want him to fuck me… I slowed my pace as little.

“I would… But maybe not this minute!” I said with a smile. “Let us… Enjoy the morning?”

I knew we would definitely play like this again. Even if I wasn’t a super submissive girl, playing at being his fuck doll was pretty arousing. It was so… Simple…

“You are so much fun to play with…” he said to himself as I took a long lick along his shaft. “I’m so happy you’ll be my hypnotic fuck doll all weekend

“All weekend?” I said as I looked up at him. “We can still play around with your fun triggers… Didn’t you hear me when I said we could just enjoy the morning first?”

He looked at me and for some reason, I felt a little nervous. What was he up to?

“It’s a shame really…” he commented.

I looked up at him… Warry… I felt like his smile was hiding something… He always did this… Hinted at other things…

Like when… When we… I mean…

I couldn’t remember for some reason… But I felt like I knew something important. I just couldn’t recall it clearly.

My hand stroked him slowly as I looked up at him. I knew it was a shame… For him… I could clearly see how much he liked to have me as his hypnotic fuck doll. Then again… He was nice to wait for me to tell him to do it. He could have just said a trigger of some kind.

Like… Like the collar around my neck! I remember now… I woke up as myself… But the collar… It triggered me to become his fuck doll…

So devious of him!

He had so much talent. I felt like anything could be a trigger he could use. So… Really… He could trigger me right now and I would suddenly love to be his fuck doll all over again.

My Owner’s hypnotic fuck doll…

Wait… Owner? No… His name was… Was…

Oh god… What was his name? I stopped stroking him and released his cock.

“What’s the matter darling?”

Ok… Think Tracy… Tracy… Good. I didn’t think of myself as Fuck Doll. That’s good… But… I couldn’t remember his name! The collar… I was still wearing it… Was it because of that? It somehow made me forget his name until I removed it? My hand slowly went up to touch the letters inscribe there…

“I can’t remember you name… I only know you as my Owner.”

“I see the trigger is still working then…” he commented as he smiled at me.

“It’s not funny!” I said.

I was smilling, but my mind was reeling. His hypnotic talents were very impressive… He could make me forget we were lovers… Forget each step and refusal before he pulled me in to MAKE me accept them…

What if… What if he was implanting memories… Beliefs… Like… Making me believe I was actually his lover? And… Oh god… He had REALLY taken control of me yesterday at the beach?

“When.. huh…” I said, suddenly scared of his answer. “When did we first meet?”

He smiled. His devious.. Sexy smile… It felt so reassuring… So warm… Why was I freaking out?

“My dear Tracy…” he said as he leaned forward and took my chin his fingers.

He was gentle, yet firm… He lifted my head up so I would look in his eyes. Such beautiful eyes…

I calmed down. His eyes... There was something so familiar in his eyes. Something I knew intimately. 

​Something I trusted with all my heart.

“We met somewhere Deep… Deep… Deep… Beneath the waves...”

His voice felt so soft… I let myself sink into its velvety depths…

Beneath the waves…

My questions left far above… Forgotten…

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