Rewarding Experiment

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #brainwashing #conditioning #CW:dubious_consent #dom:male #f/m #sub:female #Audio_brainwashing #vr

2 friends decide to embark on a covert brainwashing experiment. They document their experience and it’s clear through each video that it is effective… But will Lisa notice before Matt goes too far?

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This story deviates from my normal writing style. I tried to create something different and hope it's as enjoyable as my other works! Feel free to comment on it!


*The mouse slowly moves to the sideways triangle before a single click initiates the video file. The black screen flickers to life and a cute girl, wearing a simple baggy shirt, can be seen sitting at a kitchen counter.*

“Ok...” A male voice says from behind the camera. “And we’re rolling!”
“Great!” the girl says with a smile, but it soon turns into a light frown. “So... huh... What should I say exactly?”
“Why don’t you start with your name, age and date?” the male voice offers.
“Ok!” the girl says before looking straight at the lens. “Hi! My name is Lisa Fincher and I’m 31 years old! Today is... Yeah... Today is July 12th, 2021!”
“You are doing great!” the male voice whispers, making the girl smile. “Now tell everyone what we are doing.”
“What ARE we doing?” the girl says innocently. “I have no clue what you are talking about!” 
The girl winks and we can hear the male voice chuckling off screen.
“Don’t be a brat!” The male says. “You know exactly what we are doing. It was YOUR idea, remember? Just tell everyone what we talked about!” 
“Fine...” the girl says, rolling her eyes. “We are starting a pretty wild project and Matt here wanted to record everything for posterity!”
“As well as for your future self!” the male voice reminds her.
“Right...” the girl says. “Because of the nature of our project, I guess it makes sense.”
“Of course it makes sense!” the male voice exclaims. “Plus if this project works, I want to make sure you know you volunteered for this and I didn’t coerce you into doing it.”
“Who says I’m not being coerced?” the girl asks in mock concern. “If someone is seeing this... Please help me!”
The girl stares intently at the camera with big puppies dog eyes. A few moments of silence pass without the male responding. The heavy static is finally broken by the girl bursting out in laughter.
“Oh god!” the girl says. “You should see your face!”
“Ha... Ha... Very funny Liz...” The male voice says, clearly not amused. “Now stop dicking around and tell everyone I’m not coercing you! Or should I understand by your current attitude that you don’t want to go forward with this project after all?”
“No no...” the girl says, wiping tears from her eyes. “Don’t worry... I want to do this as much as you do!”
The male chuckles again.
“Yeah... You and I currently know that... But not everyone watching this does. So be a dear and tell everyone ok?” the male voice says.
“Keep your shirt on...” the girl says before taking a long breath. “Like I said before, we are about to start a very wild and interesting project. The goal of which is to determine if mental manipulations and changes can be done without the subject being aware of it happening. We are talking about covert brainwashing where the subject thinks it is undergoing relaxation type therapy.”
“Like meditation audio files for example?” the male voice interrupts.
The girl looks off screen with a hint of a scowl.
“Am I telling them or would you rather tell them yourself?”
“Sorry...” the male says. “Shutting up.”
The girl smiles and winks.
“ANYWAY...” she says with flair. “The purpose of this experiment is to see how much we can change someone before they notice that something is being done to them. The goal is to explore the covert side of behavioral manipulation to see if it’s possible to change a person’s views and morals while making them think it’s their own idea.” 
“Exactly!” the male voice chimes in. “Which is also why I wanted to make sure you record yourself volunteering for this because if the project is successful, I want to make sure you know you signed up for it!”
“I know...” the girl says. “But I still think it’s going to fail so why bother?”
“What?” the male voice says, sounding more than a little surprised. “I thought you believed that the methods will be... How did you put it... SUPER effective!”
“Oh no...” the girl says with a smile. “You misunderstand. I KNOW the techniques we’ll use will be very effective. The mental manipulation and moral changes will take hold for sure. I just think that I’ll be aware that parts of my mind are changing and realize what the brainwashing is doing to me.”
“Oh!” the male voice exclaims. “Got it... Well, like you posited, I crafted the new idea so it will seem like your own and not something that is being implanted by an outside force.”
“And that’s where we disagree and the exact reason why we are doing this project, right?” the girl asks.
“Right!” the male voice says. “So anything else you want to tell your future self?”
“Hey Lisa!” the girl exclaims to the camera. “So if you are seeing this and you find yourself believing that Gothic Architecture is stunning, then you would be wrong and the brainwashing has been effective! I hate EVERYTHING that’s even remotely Gothic!”
The girl bursts out laughing and the male voice joins in.
“Oh god... Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dream of trying to change your views on THAT!” the male voice says. “Besides... The project will start with small ideas, remember?”
“Yeah yeah...” the girl says as she waves him off.
“Besides, the whole goal for you will be to try and figure out what is being implanted.” the male says. “That would be too obvious!”
“Yada yada...” the girl says as she rolls her eyes. “So can we get this project started now?”
“In a second....” the male voice says. “Just to be crystal clear here... You are consenting to being brainwashed with visual and audio without knowing beforehand what is going to be implanted inside your mind, correct?”
“Yes!” the girl says with a smile. “I consent to being mentally manipulated for the goals of this project and also consent to NOT knowing what this project will implant inside my mind. However, WHEN I discover the new idea you are implanting into my mind, the project stops. Agreed?”
“Agreed.” the male voice says. “But... Just to be clear, you already know that our little project will include steps to make sure the subjects don't get disinterested with the files.”
“Oh sure!” the girl says. “You’re talking about implanting a desire to keep listening to the files so the brainwashing can become effective over multiple repetitions, right?”
“Exactly.” the man says. “So if you notice that particular desire growing, it doesn’t count.”
“One could argue that it could count!” the girl says with a mischievous smile. “I mean... If the subject realizes that they have an unhealthy addiction to the files, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?”
“You make a good point...” the man says. “But for you, it will be hard to know exactly how much you would notice since you already know it will happen. Unless we do this with someone that’s blind to our intentions, we won’t really know how that will play out for someone. And since consent is harder to acquire for that...”
“Yeah yeah...” the girl says, rolling her eyes. “That’s why one of us is doing it instead.”
“Anyway...” the man says. “Now that we have that recorded, are you ready to begin your first ‘meditation’ session?”
The girl giggles and picks up a pair of sophisticated headphones that are attached to VR goggles.
“Sure am!” the girl says. “Let’s see how much you can play around in my brain before I notice!”

*The mouse moves and clicks the ‘x’ on the video window. As it closes, a file organizer is revealed and the mouse moves to the video file below the one that was already highlighted. The mouse double clicks on it and a window opens to play the video.*

The camera pans up just as a hand reaches out and grabs the handle to a door. The door swings open and we can see the same cute girl as before standing in a hallway, focusing her attention on her phone. She is wearing the same baggy shirt with a pair of shorts.
“Took you long enough...” she says as she looks up at the camera. “Eee… What are you doing?”
“What?” the male voice says. “I can’t document the experiment?”
The girl looks annoyed as she walks in, closing the door behind her.
“You didn’t feel the need to film me for the last 5 sessions.” she says as she puts her purse down on the floor and looks back at the camera. 
“Well no…” the man says. “I don’t think I need to film every session you do, especially since you also started to listen to some audio files at home before bed and I can’t very well document those.”
“Definitely not!” the girl says while moving towards the living room. “Although I guess I could record myself if you think that would help.”
“Now there’s a great idea!” the man says.
The girl stops in her tracks and turns around to look at the camera.
“It is, isn’t it?” she says with a mischievous smile. 
“What?” the man says.
“Oh nothing…” the girl says, looking at the man holding the camera intently. “Just thinking how boring it would be if it turned out that THAT was the idea you are trying to implant in my mind.”
“What idea?” the man says. “You mean filming yourself at home? Well I’ll admit that you wouldn’t suspect such a thing so I think it would work pretty well… But no, that’s definitely NOT what I’m implanting in your head.”
“Thought as much…” the girl says before turning to walk away.
“Anyway…” the man says as they enter the living room. “I wanted to document your thoughts on the video and audio files you are exposing yourself to. You don’t mind, right?”
“Of course not!” the girl says with a smile. “Ask away while I get ready.”
“Great!” the man says. “So the obvious question is your first impression of the files. Do you feel like they are actually more than simple relaxation media?”
“Meaning…” the girl says as she sits in the lazy chair. “You want to know if I’ve noticed anything suspicious?”
“Exactly.” the man says.
“I have to admit that I did while I watched the first one…” the girl says sheepishly. “But I couldn’t help myself and kept watch for the hypnotic protocols to kick in.”
“Yeah… I figured as much!” the man agrees. “But does that mean that you resisted it?”
“Not at all!” the girl says as she settles in the chair. “I registered the familiar bi-neural tones in the background and honestly enjoyed them for a few minutes before I allowed myself to relax into them.”
“So…” the man says. “They were still effective even though you noticed them?”
“Oh yeah…” the girl says as she fidgets in her seat, seemingly uncomfortable. “I felt myself relax as I followed the breathing instructions.”
“Good good…” the man says. “And after the initial session? Did you continue to notice them?”
“Hhmmm…” the girls says, still visibly uncomfortable. “Not in so many words… I mean, I cannot NOT notice them, but it’s like… I know they are part of the meditation file so I don’t focus on them.”
“Makes sense…” the man says. “Everything ok? You look uncomfortable.”
“Yeah no it’s fine…” the girl says, moving around to find the source of her discomfort. “I think I fucked up on my last laundry day or something… Hang on…”
The girl sits up straight and proceeds to remove her baggy shirt. She reveals a rather tight fitting tank top that is slightly see through and the dark colored bra she wears underneath becomes plainly visible to the camera. She discards the shirt to the side before she leans back into her seat.
“Feeling better?” the man asks.
“MUCH better…” the girl comments. “That thing was so itchy… Must have forgotten the softener…”
“Great.” the man says. “So to sum it up, so far, if you didn’t know about the hidden protocols, you wouldn’t be suspicious of the files you are exposing yourself to, correct?”
“No I don’t think I would.” the girl says, visibly much more comfortable.
“And after you are done ‘relaxing’...” the man says. “You wake up without feeling like your mind went into a deep trance, correct?”
“HHhmmm… Yes and no.” the girl says. “I mean… I feel so relaxed that on some level, I would feel like I entered some sort of meditative state, which is very close to a hypnotic state really… So if I had experienced hypnosis before hand, I could possibly wonder what I felt… But other than that, I don’t feel anything other than relaxed when I come out of it so I would say that the covert trance is successful.”
“I see what you mean…” the man says. “Last question before we begin: Do you feel like you have an idea of what the files are implanting in your mind?”
“So far…” the girl says smiling. “I can’t say that I noticed anything. But then again, I didn’t expect to since we both know it will take time for covert ideas to bubble up from where you are implanting them.”
“Well that’s why we are doing this little experiment after all!” the man says. “Anyway, ready to begin?”
“Yes Sir! The sessions feel incredible so even if the experiment fails, like I think it will…” the girl says, sticking her tongue out playfully. “I’m getting really relaxing meditation out of it!”
The man chuckles offscreen before he hands her the VR headset.
“I’m glad you enjoy the experience because you have a lot more listening to do before we’ll have a definitive result.” the man says. “See you on the other side!”
The girl takes the headset and places it securely on her head. She gives the camera a smile and a thumbs up before lowering the goggles in front of her eyes. A few seconds pass before the camera angle abruptly changes and the girl takes up the whole screen. Her body language is completely relaxed and laid back onto the headrest. 
“It’s been a good half hour…” the man’s voice says. “And at this point, the hypnotic effect should have her in a very deep trance while the files expose her subconscious to the programming we want to implant.”
The cameraman’s hand reaches out and grabs the girl’s right wrist. The hand gently lifts up the girl’s arm about a foot off the armrest before letting it fall back. The girl doesn’t show any sign that she notices.
“Being induced into a trance over and over makes each journey easier and faster. Not to mention deeper…” the man says. “Which means that I can gradually modulate her files to be more aggressive in the induction phase and allow for more exposure to the actual brainwashing.”
The camera stays focused on the girl for a few moments before it turns around to face the man holding it. 
“Not that Liz needs to have more exposure per say…” the man says, looking into the lens. “She’s already showing signs that the programming is taking hold.” the man looks away towards the girl and the camera turns to frame her in the shot. “However, I’ll be following the protocol we agreed on and document how things evolve.”

*The mouse moves and clicks the ‘x’ on the video window. As it closes, a file organizer is revealed and the mouse moves to open a sub folder named ‘Evening diaries’. The file extensions are different, indicating that they are more compressed than the other video files. The mouse moves to the first file in the list and double clicks.*

The curtains are drawn and the resolution struggles to focus on the person for a few moments as the phone lens adapts to the low light coming from a lamp. The cute girl finally comes into focus and we can see she is kneeling on a bed, wearing a silky looking nighty. 
“Ok I think it’s recording…” the girl says to herself. “Well as you asked, here is a little video of my thoughts as I get ready for bed. It’s been… What? A few days I think? Anyway… Like you suggested earlier today, tonight I decided to put away my headphones and go to sleep without listening to my sleep file…”
The girl bites her lower lip and looks away from the phone in her hand, visibly embarrassed.
“You know…” the girl says. “I knew we added programming to ensure the subject would want to listen to the files every day, but I didn’t expect it to feel how it feels. I mean… I think I expected to feel some sort of compulsion or a pressing need. But that’s not what I’m feeling right now.”
The girl looks all around the bedroom and seems uncomfortable.
“What I’m feeling is more like…” the girl says. “A craving… You know? Like when I crave chocolate or sweets. I know how good it will be and even if I know I shouldn’t indulge for whatever reason, I keep telling myself that it wouldn’t hurt if I indulged. Like… My mind is finding a million excuses to make it reasonable for me to listen to the file. One of which is that I WANT this experiment to move forward and for that to happen, I KNOW I need to listen to the file.”
The girl reaches off camera and pulls back a set of headphones. She looks at them for a while before looking back at the camera.
“Honestly…” the girl says. “I’m having a lot of trouble convincing myself that I should listen to your suggestion and go to bed without listening to it. I just… Don’t want to… Buuuttt…. In the spirit of the experiment I’ll be a good girl and see how it feels to ignore the craving. I don’t imagine it will be fun though…”

*The mouse moves and clicks the ‘x’ on the video window to close it. Then, it moves to the second video in the list and doubles clicks.*

We see the same bedroom as before, but daylight fills the room. The girl is lying in bed, pointing her phone down at her. Pink silky looking shoulder straps hint that she is wearing the same nighty as before. She looks a little tired and can’t bring herself to look at the camera for a few moments.
“Ok so…” the girl says. “I couldn’t do it…”
She looks back at her phone for a second before looking away, clearly embarrassed.
“I went to bed without listening to the file and…” the girl says. “Well… I felt so wired… You know? Like I was too awake and uncomfortable to ever fall asleep… It took forever to calm down and all I could think about was that it was so easy to fall asleep with my file… You know?”
The girl turns to her side, bringing the camera angle to the side.
“And like…” the girl says, still not looking at her phone. “I didn’t feel bad or anything, but it was clear to me that something was missing… I managed to fall asleep… But… I tossed and turned a lot… Which made me feel bad in a way…”
The girl looks at her phone and smiles sheepishly.
“After a few hours, well…” the girl says. “I caved and listened to the file anyway. Sorry…”
The girl smiles and shrugs her shoulders.
“But at the same time…” the girl says. “NOT sorry because this morning I feel like a 100 bucks! This sleeping file is just amazing and I honestly can’t say if it’s the embedded programming or the positive effects that makes me crave it. Maybe we could do another experiment after this one and see which is stronger. Anyway… I can safely say that without anything to make me think this file is corrupting me, I wouldn’t think twice about listening to it every night. So that part of the experiment is a big success!”

*The mouse moves and clicks the ‘x’ on the video window. The mouse clicks to return to the first folder and chooses a video file lower on the list. The mouse double clicks on it and a window opens to play the video.*

The same girl is standing at the kitchen counter, looking through her purse. She is wearing a tight tank top and a short skirt while her hair is tied up in a high ponytail. She smiles before pulling out a stick of lipstick and a handheld mirror. 
“Hey Liz!” the man’s voice echoes in the room. “It’s been 3 weeks now and I wanted to do a little update on how things are going. You don’t mind, right?”
“No Sir!” the girl says with a smile. “Ask away!”
The girl focuses on the mirror and applies a generous amount of red lipstick to her bottom lip. She then purses her lips a few times to even out the color.
“Great! I guess my first question would be how each session makes you feel?” the man says.
“They honestly feel awesome!” the girl says, turning to the camera with an excited smile. “I mean… The sleep files make me feel super drowsy and help me sleep, but the sessions we do here are much more pleasurable.”
“Can you elaborate on that?” the man says.
“How should I put this…” the girl says thoughtfully. “When I wake up from our session, it doesn’t feel like I’m waking up at all! But I mean… At the same time… It also feels like I took a long empowering nap. It’s like my brain got a full body massage and everything feels extra nice.”
“Sounds pretty enjoyable!” the man says. “And does that feeling last? Or it just ends quickly?”
“I’d say that depends on what I do after the session…” the girl says as she walks past, forcing the camera to pan to follow her. “If I don’t need to be anywhere and we just chill here, then the feeling lasts for a long time and I don’t really notice it fading away. But if I need to leave or we have something else planned, then the feeling kind of morphs into a sort of mild high.”
“It seems like the positive effects of the trance mimic a relaxing meditation session pretty well.” the man says, following the girl into the living room. “Which leads me to believe that if the subject didn’t know any better, they wouldn’t suspect anything was corrupting their minds. Or am I wrong?”
“Not at all! In fact, the covert aspects of the brainwashing are so seamless that I sometimes forget we are doing an experiment!” the girl says, stopping in front of the lazy chair to turn towards the camera. “But don’t worry, I’m well aware that there is a lot more going on while I relax!”
“Of course there is!” the man says. “But from what you are telling me, the process isn’t noticeable to the subject and that’s what we were aiming for. Unless you are telling me you know what I’m implanting inside your subconscious?”
The girl rolls her eyes and chuckles before grabbing the bottom of her tank top.
“I have a few suspicions…” the girl says, pulling her top up over her head to remove it. “But I honestly can’t tell, otherwise I would have spoken up and told you so we can stop and analyze the experiment.”
The man stays silent while the girl casually places her top on the coffee table. She makes sure it folded neatly before her thumbs hook inside the elastic of her skirt and pulls it down. The girl folds the skirt as neatly as the top and adds it to the table. The man briefly pans the camera up and down her body, showcasing the lacy pair of red underwear she still wears.
“You can’t tell?” the man says. “Or you don’t truly want these sessions to end quite yet? You know… Since they are so awesome and all…”
They both laugh.
“You make a valid point!” the girl says before sitting down in the lazy chair. “I mean… After feeling its effects, I’ll most likely develop my own mediation file to enjoy. Free of any brainwashing programming of course…”
“Of course…” the man agrees. “So last question before we begin. You don’t mind, right?”
“No Sir!” the girl says with a smile.
“How would you describe what you are wearing right now?” the man asks.
The girl looks down at her half naked body for a few moments before looking back at the camera.
“It’s my comfy meditation clothes.” the girl says without hesitation. “I have to wear this to feel comfortable and truly focus on the files. Why do you ask? Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?”
“Not at all…” the man says. “Just curious about your choice. Anyway… Ready to begin?”
“Yes Sir!” the girl says as she accepts the headset from the man.

*The mouse closes the video window and goes back to the ‘Evening diaries’ folder. It scrolls down a few files before double clicking on its target.*

The ceiling comes into focus for a few moments before the angle of the phone lowers to frame the head and naked shoulders of the girl. In the background, you can see that she is sitting on her bed.
“This would be day…” the girl says as she frowns to think. “24 of our little experiment. As I’ve done in the last few evening diaries…”
The camera pans down, revealing the rest of the girl’s body and attire. She isn’t wearing a top or bra and we can briefly see the top of a tasteful pair of black panties between her crossed legs. The camera pans back up and the girl smiles mischievously.
“Since Sir won’t be viewing these videos until after the experiment is done…” the girl whispers to her phone. “I thought I’d take the opportunity to use these videos to self check for any changes to my bedtime routine! So far, I can’t say I’ve noticed anything since I’ve always slept wearing the same thing, but if that changes or I start to do weird things before I go to bed, at least I’ll see it and know!”
The girl giggles briefly before clearing her throat.
“Anyway…Back to business!” the girl says. “Regarding the effects of the sleep files, I can feel the craving to listen to them grow stronger and stronger. I know it’s all because of the hypnotic programming, but I have to say that as strong as it feels right now, I thought I would feel like something was wrong.”
She smiles and takes a deep satisfying breath.
“But I just don’t.” the girl says with a soft smile. “Well not completely anyway… I’m not sure if it’s because I know the file is doing this to me or not, but I expect that if I didn’t know, I wouldn’t feel weird about my craving.”
She bites her lower lip, looking up in thought for a moment.
“The reason is simple…” the girl says. “I’ve honestly never slept so soundly in all my life! I think that alone would be enough of a reason to feel like I do. Which is a big thing when you think about our experiment. It means a person can, at least, be made to enjoy the repeated covert brainwashing we had in mind.”
Her body shivers a little and she takes a few moments to enjoy it.
“As for WHAT the brainwashing is doing to me…” the girl says, refocusing her attention on the camera. “I have to admit that I’m no longer sure if I’ll be able to tell what the brainwashing is doing to me. I have suspicions… Hence my little checks before bed… But everything I notice or ideas I come up with never seem like they are out of the ordinary… Which could simply be because Sir is still in the attachment phase and hasn’t really started to implant his covert idea. The plan always was to start with a long ‘easing in’ period that would serve to lay the foundation for the true goals of the brainwashing.”
The girl smiles and her eyes lose focus as she stares off into space for a few moments.
“I wonder if the second phase will feel this… Good…” the girl says dreamily. “I mean… I knew most of the programming would be seamless, but so far, I have to admit that being brainwashed feels pretty amazing…”
A ringtone suddenly blares out, making the girl refocus her attention on her phone.
“Oh wow… Look at the time!” the girl exclaims. “It’s already time for Sir’s facetime call. He wants to see how the file affects me as I go to sleep so tata for now!”
The girl starts to visibly examine herself with her phone to check every angle of her face and hair. She rubs her skin here and there, smoothing out unseen wrinkles as well as pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. Once done, she nods once, seemingly satisfied with her appearance before hitting the ‘stop’ button.

*The mouse closes the video window and double clicks on the file following the one previously opened.*

The angle of the shot is unstable, showing us the corner of the room and the ceiling before framing the girl’s face and shoulders. The pink silky looking shoulder straps hint that she is wearing the same nighty as before. She checks her face, using her phone as a mirror for a few moments.
“So… 2 things changed regarding my evening routine after our call last night, and no, it isn’t the changes brought on by the experiment…” the girl says, finally focusing on the camera lens. “The first of which initially gave me reservations, but after talking it out with Sir, I quickly realized how invaluable it would be for our experiment to be able to monitor my reactions more closely.”
The angle pans away from the girl’s face and aims at the dresser located at the foot of the bed. The frame jiggles for a second before the camera zooms in twice towards the top of the dresser. We can see a few picture frames, a jewelry box and a small baby monitor camera atop the dresser.
“The camera Sir provided is Wifi enabled and is fully accessible at a distance.” the girl says before zooming out to pan the phone back to her. “Like I said, I had some reservations about having a camera watch me sleep, but it makes too much sense to document my reactions that the intrusion of privacy is well worth it. Besides, it’s not like he hasn’t watched over me while my mind was being bombarded with hypnotic brainwashing before so… It’s not like it’s something new. It’s just another tool to make our experiment even better. Speaking of tools, I have to remember the second addition to my evening routine…”
The girl moves and the view obscures for a few moments as she moves off the bed. The room is finally seen on its side and we see a close up of her pink nighty. The phone is then lifted up and the girl comes back into frame while she visibly props the phone on her dresser. The girl adjusts the angle a few times, fiddling with something behind the phone until the view settles. The girl takes a step back and bends forward to open a drawer. She visibly searches through it for a moment before pulling out something off screen. The girl closes the drawer and straightens back up to face the camera. 
“I also had a few reservations about this little beauty…” the girl says, lifting her arm to show the black leather collar she is holding. “I know he modified this bulky necklace so it would be able to record my heartrate and such… But still… It means I have to wear it while I sleep and that didn’t appeal to me at all!”
The girl sighs and takes the collar in both hands. She brings it to her neck and fastens it tightly. The girl looks up at her phone and lifts her chin up high. The girl turns her head left and right, touching the contours of the collar a few times before looking back at the camera.
“I’m used to wearing a watch and that would be preferable I think…” the girl says. “A smart watch could achieve the same thing. Buuttt… Neither of us has one and it would be kind of expensive to buy one just for this. Sir was able to scrape together this monitoring neckwear for a lot less so I can’t very well refuse to indulge his idea.”
The girl steps back a little further and lifts her chin again. She turns left and right, giving herself all the angles she can reach while still looking at her phone. The girl lifts her hand to the collar and smiles.
“I have to admit that it looks pretty nice on me…” the girl says in a low voice. “It’s important to look pretty…”
The girl keeps admiring herself with the aid of her phone for a moment, looking at her whole body a few times before her hands start to fiddle with the bottom of her nighty.
“Anyway…” the girl says softly, still not looking at the camera. “It’s time for bed…”
The girl grabs the bottom of her nighty with both hands and pulls it up over her head. She folds it and walks away to place it on a smaller dresser a few feet away. We can see that she is only wearing her collar as well as a set of red lacy panties. She bends forward, giving the camera a good view of her ass as she opens a drawer and pulls out her headphones. The girl places them securely on her head before moving back to the tall dresser. She reaches for the phone and the video ends.

*The mouse closes the window and goes back to the original folder. It scrolls down until it reaches another sub-folder entitled ‘Surveillance’ and opens it. Then it selects the first file up and double clicks.*

The video is less focused and grainy, framing the girl’s bedroom from the top of the dresser at the foot of her bed. The girl is seen wearing a collar, a pair of headphones and a pair of red lacy panties. Her focus is on the phone in her hand as she moves to the bed and sits down. The girl swipes a few times on her phone, seemingly closing apps and opening a specific one. It looks like she finally finds what she is after and smiles dreamily before she puts the phone on her nightstand. 
The girl settles herself on top of her bedsheets and lies down. She takes a few deep breaths and closes her eyes. Except for her breathing, nothing happens for a while.

*The mouse moves to the horizontal scroll bar and clicks on the cursor. It drags it to the right, accelerating the video until the girl starts to move. The mouse releases the cursor and allows the video to play normally.*

The girl’s right arm slowly lifts up in the air until it reaches an angle of 45 degrees. It stays there for a long moment before it abruptly drops back to the mattress. Nothing happens for a few moments, then the girl’s left arm lifts in the same manner, reaching an angle of 45 degrees. It floats in mid air for about the same amount of time as her right arm before it too drops suddenly and falls on the mattress. The girl’s arms repeat the same sequence 4 more times, however, the height of the arms diminishes drastically with each repetition until the arms barely move up.

*The mouse moves to the horizontal scroll bar and clicks on the cursor once more. It drags it to the right, accelerating the video until the girl starts to move. The mouse releases the cursor and allows the video to play normally.*

The girl’s left arm slowly moves up her body and gently cups her right breast. At the same time, her right arm moves to her belly, allowing her hand to slip beneath her panties. Soft mumbling can be heard, but the girl doesn’t speak loud enough to be audible. Her right hand becomes active and slowly moves under the fabric of the panties while her left hand gently massages the breast it holds. The girl continues to touch herself for a long while, making her breathing heavier and heavier as her mumbles turn to soft moans of pleasure.

*The mouse closes the window and goes back to the original folder. It scrolls down a little and doubles clicks on a video file.*

The kitchen comes into focus and we see the back of the refrigerator door for a few moments before it closes, revealing the girl. She is wearing bright glossy lipstick, a tight blue sleeveless crop top that looks 2 sizes too small and a very short black skirt.
“OH GOD!” the girl exclaims in mild shock. “Warn a girl before to stuff a camera in her face!”
We hear a man’s voice chuckle as the camera steps back. The girl rolls her eyes and uncaps the bottle in her hand. She eyes the cameraman suspiciously as she takes a long draft from the bottle.
“My apologies…” the man says. “I just thought we were due for another update video.”
The girl swallows and recaps the bottle.
“Yeah yeah…” the girl says. “Although, since I’m doing the evening diaries and you can check my progress with your handy dandy webcam, I’m not sure why you would feel the need to film this.”
The girl walks past the camera and it pans to follow her. 
“Simple really!” the man says as the camera follows the girl into the living room. “As much insight as we get from your diaries and the monitoring, it can’t replace a good old series of questions.”
The girl reaches her usual lazy chair and turns to face the camera.
“I know that dummy…” the girl says with a smile. “I was just teasing…”
“Dummy huh?” the man says, clearly amused. “Do you think it’s wise for you to mildly insult the man in charge of your brainwashing?”
The girl’s facial expression turns to intense worry for a moment before she notices something off camera.
“It’s not wise at all, Sir.” the girl says, smiling shyly. “But then again, I’m still convinced I’ll notice whatever you're implanting in my mind before it becomes too intense.”
“May I ask why you are so confident?” the man asks.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” the girl says as she grabs the bottom of her top and pulls it over her head. “It’s so easy to notice the cravings we installed to make me want to listen to the files every night. I can’t imagine I won’t feel the same for whatever else you are implanting.”
The girl has a little trouble squeezing out of her top, but finally gets it off, revealing her naked perky breasts. She folds the top carefully and places it on the coffee table.
“I disagree with you there.” the man says. “I believe you feel it so keenly because you know about it and not because your mind notices the change.”
The girl smirks playfully and hooks her thumbs in her skirt. She bends down at the waist, offering a plunging view of her cleavage while she pulls down her skirt to the ground. She steps out of her skirt and straightens up, revealing that under her skirt, she wasn’t wearing panties. She folds the small skirt as neatly as the top and places it next to the coffee table.
“Well that’s why we are doing this experiment in the first place, right?” the girl says.
“Exactly right!” the man says. “Speaking of, any clue as to what I’m implanting in your mind so far?”
The girl reaches out and grabs her purse from the other end of the coffee table. She pulls it to her and looks through its contents.
“I’ll be honest…” the girl says, smiling as she pulls out a leather collar. “I’m starting to think you aren’t implanting anything and you are just enjoying watching the VR set send me into trance.”
The girl sets her purse down and wastes no time putting on the collar around her neck. She smiles and winks at the camera before doing a 360 degree twirl.
“I can’t blame you when my comfortable trance outfit looks so good on me!” the girl says. “Don’t you think?”
“Oh I can’t argue with you there!” the man says. “You look beautiful.”
“Thank you Sir!” the girl says, bowing dramatically.
“But we both know I wouldn’t do something so deceitful so…” the man says. “Knowing that I AM covertly brainwashing stuff into your mind, any guess as to what I might be doing?”
“HHmm… Let me think…” the girl says, looking thoughtful. “I know you pretty well so my first instinct is that you will go for something pretty big. Both as a challenge for yourself to craft the best covert brainwashing you can and also to see how far you can push things.”
“Makes sense.” the man says. “But you don’t look convinced.”
“I’m not…” the girl says. “Because part of me also knows that you can be rather competitive and that would mean that you want me to give up and say you were right. Which would in turn mean that you are implanting something small.”
“Both scenarios seem pretty plausible…” the man says, chuckling. “But it doesn’t answer my question.”
“Right…” the girl says. “Well my best guess is that you’ll try to change a habit of mine. Like my diet cravings or something.”
“Like making you detest pineapples in favor of beets?” the man says.
“Now that would just be rude!” the girl says, looking sternly at the camera. “Besides I think it would be quite a challenge to rewire how I enjoy the taste of things.”
“That’s true…” the man says. “Well I think I have everything I need for now, ready to begin?”
“Yes Sir!” the girl says enthusiastically.

*The video abruptly cuts to a different angle.*

The camera is higher, looking down at the girl sitting in the lazy chair. She is wearing the VR headset and collar, but nothing else. The camera zooms to frame her face and we see that her jaw is slack. Her mouth is slightly opened, causing a trickle of drool to leak out. 
“It’s hard to properly compare the 2 states since the resolution on the baby cam is so poor…” the man says softly. “But from what I’ve noted so far and the conversations I’ve had with Liz, the added visual component to the initial induction sends her deeper into trance. Which was expected and the main reason why we wanted to add these sessions to the experiment.”
The camera zooms out. A hand reaches out and grabs the girl’s left wrist. Her arm is raised without any signs of resistance. The hand shakes her arm from side to side and we can plainly see that there is no energy or muscle tone in her limb. The hand opens and the girl’s arm drops back to her thigh, completely lifeless.
“Of course, our experiment deviates from regular twin sensory brainwashing protocols in the sense that the subject must not realize they are being placed in a hypnotic trance.” the man says. “In other brainwashing protocols, there is no pretense to anything else and the video can portray any number of visual cues to captivate the gaze like a spiral or pretty color schemes. Since the goal is to keep the subject from associating their sessions with hypnosis, we stay away from those in favor of relaxing scenery.”
The hand reaches out and grabs the girl’s right wrist. The man lifts up her arm and shakes it sideways, showing how relaxed and loose it is before he lets go. The arm falls back on her lap with a thud.
“However, the more the subject exposes themselves to the combined effects of the sleep files and the ‘meditation’ sessions, the faster their minds enter a state of trance and so, the shorter the relaxing scenes need to be to keep up the charade.” the man says. “So far, our experiment with Liz has shown that after 4 weeks of our special covert protocol, the serene images are only needed for a few minutes before a special set of bi-neural tones trigger a deep state of trance. Later on, that same series of tones can be used to manually trigger the subject in their day to day life, which can be useful in the event your brainwashing stops being covert. But then again, that’s why we decided to use a set of tones instead of a more classical set of trigger words. The tones fit in well with the general soundscape of the meditation, so even if you start shortening the induction, the subject shouldn’t notice it too much.”
The man reaches out and gently caresses the girl’s lower lip with his thumb.
“I’ve always believed that THAT would be the hardest part of brainwashing someone covertly…” the man says, pushing the girl’s lower lip down a little. “If you can’t monitor them, how can you test their progress without tipping them off? The obvious answer is to include a post hypnotic suggestion to signal you, but that has its own set of problems if the subject isn’t initially suggestible enough. For those subjects, it could take a long while before you reach that level of influence and you wouldn’t necessarily be able to keep them hooked on your protocol long enough for that to happen.”
The man moves his hand to caress the girl’s cheek tenderly before letting his finger trail her jaw line.
“Regardless of your subject’s suggestibility…” The man says softly, gently trailing the back of his finger down her neck. “The most important part is to stay patient and covert if you want your subject to embrace the programing instead of resisting it. Especially if you are aiming to change the fundamental values and core desires of your subject…”
The man’s finger reaches her chest, moving in slow circles as it inches lower and teases the erect nipple.
“But if you can be patient and clever about your reprogramming…” the man says, cupping her breast with his whole hand. “You gain the ability to change a person’s normal behavior without them realizing it was forcefully modified. With Liz here, I’ve documented enough clueless changes to validate my hypothesis. In truth, I could stop here, undo my programming and easily prove that I was right. However…”
The man’s hand massages her breast possessively a few times, slowly slipping his index finger and thumb to the erect nipple. They lightly twist and turn the aroused gland a few times before gently pinching it. The camera lifts to frame the girl’s face, but she doesn’t react at all to the stimulation.
“It may turn out that she could be correct if we truly push the brainwashing further…” the man says, releasing her breast to caress down her torso. “Not that the changes I’ve been able to implant so far are in any way mild and unnoteworthy for a serious girl like her, but it could be argued that the changes could be even more profound. So really, if we want this experiment to truly answer our initial query, I can’t very well stop now.”
The man caresses down until he reaches her pelvis and slips his hand between her legs. His finger traces the girl’s pussy lips a few times before lifting in front of the camera. The focus shifts to the fingers and we can see that they are very wet.
“Besides… It’s quite clear that Liz is enjoying our experiment.” the man says, rubbing his fingers together. “Which is mainly because I included pleasure to help condition her mind to keep craving the files and the effects of the brainwashing, but I can’t help but wonder if the idea worked so well because she already had a hidden sexual affinity for this kind of treatment.”
The man chuckles softly as he lowers his hand to the girl’s thigh and caresses it tenderly.
“I guess it doesn’t matter since she clearly has one now and I plan to keep using it to see how far we can push this…” the man says, still caressing the girl’s thigh.

*The mouse moves across the screen and clicks on the ‘x’, closing the playback window. It moves to the ‘Evening diaries’ subfolder and opens it.  The mouse scrolls down the side bar a little before moving to hover over a file. It waits a second, moves one file down and double clicks.*

The girl’s face comes into focus, taking up the entire frame. She smiles and nods once before stepping back. The girl’s bedroom is revealed and at the bottom of the screen, we can see the white surface of the dresser facing the foot of the bed.
“There we go…” the girl says to herself.
She twists and turns her body, showing the camera that she is completely naked save for the leather collar around her neck. The girl is completely focused on the screen, evidently using her phone as a mirror to inspect her body.
“Ok so…” the girl says, finally looking straight at the lens. “I noticed that when I went to bed, I started to wear the same meditation outfit I use for my session with Sir. I had mixed feelings about that when I thought my unconscious decision was due to the brainwashing. I mean… It would make sense to implant something like that. It wouldn’t be earth shattering as a change, but since I’m very particular about what I wear to bed, it would have been a good test.”
The girl walks up to the dresser and picks up her phone. 
“I mentioned it to Sir during our last little meeting and we talked about it at length.” the girl says while the scenery behind her moves until she sits on her bed. “He pointed out the programming I was undergoing included protocols to implant a deep craving for the files, which in turn helped me feel very relaxed. Sir then told me that he wasn’t surprised that my mind made the connection between deep relaxation and my outfit, which meant that when I prepared to go to bed, I would unconsciously desire to feel the same and wear it.”
The girl’s free hand reaches up and touches her collar, making her smile.
“As always, Sir was right…” the girl says fondly.  “I’ve even noticed how it calms me to simply put on the data collecting neckwear. It’s only natural for my mind to condition itself to everything I associate with the pleasure and peace I feel through the files. Which means that we really should have predicted it when we planned this experiment. When it was clear to me that my change in behavior was simply a by-product and I realized that I still hadn’t noticed the real changes he was programming into me, I honestly felt relieved…”
The girl bites her lower lip and traces the outline of her collar.
“Deep down… I expected I would feel this way because we had always planned to make the files addictive, but honestly…” the girl says. “The first thought I had when I realized I might have discovered the change that would make the experience stop, was that I didn’t want to tell Sir about it because that would mean that the experiment was over. Not revealing my discovery was unthinkable of course because I always need to tell Sir everything, but the thought did cross my mind.”
The girl’s hand lowers back down off screen. She closes her eyes for a moment, seemingly experiencing a wave of pleasure as her mouth parts open and a soft sigh escapes her lips.
“Luckily for me…” the girl says, opening her eyes to look at the camera. “It seems like he’s enjoying the experiment just as much as me! Knowing how Sir can be, I’m convinced he is working extra hard to make sure I don’t notice the changes he is making. Which makes me a lot happier than I know I should be, but I am… It just feels so damn good to open my mind to his files…”
The girl smiles lustfully and bites her lower lip.
“Speaking of which…” the girl says, visibly aroused. “It’s time for bed…”

*The mouse closes the playback window. It clicks to go back to the main folder and scrolls down before double clicking on another file.*

The girl is seen kneeling in front of the coffee table in the living room. She is wearing a tight white shirt that has been tied into a knot at the front, which exposes her cleavage and tummy. We can easily see the knot of a bikini top tied behind her neck as well as the outline of the bright triangles beneath the thin shirt. Her hair is tied up in a neat ponytail and she is wearing her collar. The skirt she is wearing is rather short and does a very poor job of hiding her ass cheeks.
The girl is focusing on the laptop in front of her, but periodically picks up papers that are randomly scattered around the laptop on the coffee table.
“Hey Liz.” the man says. “How is the data cataloging I told you to do? Are you making good progress?”
The girl doesn’t look up from her work, but smiles.
“It’s going great Sir!” the girl says, before stopping to look at the man, visibly a little worried. “Am I taking too long to complete my task?”
“No my dear, it’s perfectly fine.” the man says, which makes the girl smile. “It’s just that, since I saw you put on your neckwear, I assumed it was because you were done and we could begin the session.”
The girl’s hand went up to touch her collar and she looked away, visibly a little embarrassed.
“Oh no that’s not why I put it on early…” the girl says, looking back at her papers.
“Ok, then why did you?” the man asks.
“Well… You remember our conversation about my bedtime change in outfits, right?” the girl asks, looking back at the camera for a moment. “Well it made me realize that I’ve been unintentionally conditioned to feel super calm whenever I wear it. I mean… I’ve been wearing it everytime I go under and it seems like my mind made the association between feeling relaxed and wearing this.”
“I guess we should have expected something like that to happen…” the man says. “So… Why did you decide to wear it early?”
“It’s a bit embarrassing…” the girl says, looking back at the laptop. “But I was feeling a little anxious about all this work. Plus I was sort of annoyed I had to do all this before the session because… Well… I’m sort of impatient to start.”
“Ahhh…” the man says. “So you decided to put on the neckwear to calm yourself, right?”
“You got it!” the girl says, smiling. “It worked out as a sort of test too… I mean, I FELT like it would work, but I hadn’t really tested it yet.”
“So I assume that the test was successful then?” the man says.
“Definitely…” the girl says, lifting her hand to the collar with a soft smile. “I felt it work as soon as I closed the clasp. Almost like magic, my worries and anxiety drained away and I was able to focus on the task you gave me.”
“If anything else, at least our experiment has proven that a subject will notice those types of by-products if the program they are exposed to doesn’t take it into account.” the man says. “But we both agreed that you ‘noticing’ that isn’t why we started this experiment, right?”
“No Sir of course not.” the girl says. 
“Which means that the experiment should continue until you do, correct?” the man says.
“Yes Sir.” the girl says smiling at the camera. “That is what we agreed upon and I don’t see why we should stop.”
“Great!” the man says, prompting the girl to turn back to her work. “But huh… Before you continue with that. I’m getting rather parched. Go into the kitchen and bring me back a cold glass of water.”
The girl turns back and looks at the camera. She blinks a few times before smiling broadly.
“Yes Sir!” the girl says.
She puts down the papers and extricates herself from the coffee table. The girl’s skirt lifts up, exposing her ass cheeks as she gets up. The camera pans to follow her as she moves to the kitchen. The girl walks over to the cupboard and picks up a tall glass. She steps sideways and ends up in front of the refrigerator. The girl moves the glass to the ice dispenser located on the door and activates it. A few cubes of crushed ice erupt from the hole above, making a loud mechanical racket. The girl moves the glass to the next dispenser over and activates the device. Water pours into the glass and once the glass is full, the girl turns back towards the camera and carries it all the way to the cameraman.
“Here you go!” the girl says with a genuine smile.
“Thank you Liz.” the man says as he takes the glass from her.
“Oh it’s my pleasure Sir!” the girl says.
The girl waits a second, admiring the man off screen before she steps towards the coffee table.
“I think I’m parched because it’s hot in here…” the man says, prompting the girl to stop and listen. “It would be a shame if you became uncomfortable before your session. Remove your shirt.”
The girl blinks once before looking down at her flimsy shirt. It takes a moment, but she nods with a smile. The girl reaches up and unties the knot holding the fabric tight against her body. She smoothes it down with her hands before grabbing the bottom of the shirt. The girl swiftly removes her top and folds it neatly. The bikini does a decent job of pulling her perky breasts up to create an alluring cleavage. 
“As always, you are right Sir!” the girl says, placing the folded shirt further away on the coffee table. “Besides, this feels more comfortable anyway!”
The girl kneels down next to the coffee and refocuses on her previous task. The camera moves sideways until it is facing the girl.
“This water really hits the spot but you know…” the man says. “It makes me realize I’m a bit peckish… Go get me an apple from the kitchen and make sure to peel it and cut it into slices.”
The girl looks up to the camera and blinks a few times before smiling.
“Yes Sir!” the girl says.
She extricates herself once more from the coffee table and gets up. The girl makes her way to the kitchen and from a distance, we can see her grab an apple from the fruit basket. She makes quick work of peeling and slicing the apple into even slices before arranging them in a plate. The girl moves to the sink and immediately washes her hands along with the knife she used. Once done, she makes her way back to the camera with the plate of apple slices in hand. 
“Thank you Liz.” the man says. “Good girl…”
The girl visibly shivers as the man takes the plate from her hands.
“It’s my pleasure, Sir.” the girl says, a little breathless.
“Your lips look a little dry…” the man comments. “Refresh your lipstick before you continue your task.”
“Yes Sir.” the girl says without hesitation.
The girl turns and moves to grab her purse. She pulls out a handheld mirror and a stick of lipstick. She wastes no time and re-applies the makeup, making sure her lips look pristine before putting everything away. The girl smiles towards the camera and seems to be waiting for approval for several seconds before her smile widens. She moves back to the coffee table and kneels down.
The camera zooms in a little as she resumes her work. The girl’s face takes up the whole frame, centering on her lips as she focuses on the laptop. After a few moments, the angle drifts down, framing her neck and eventually her bikini clad cleavage. The angle doesn’t change for almost 30 seconds before the camera zooms out.
“I have to admit something to you Liz…” the man says. “It makes me really happy that you want to continue the experiment… I’m really enjoying this.”
The girl looks up and smiles.
“As am I Sir!” the girl says. “Being brainwashed like this turns out to be surprisingly satisfying!”
The girl keeps looking at the camera for a few moments before her face turns red. She looks visibly embarrassed and quickly looks down to the laptop to avoid looking up.

*The mouse closes the window and goes back to the original folder. It scrolls down until it reaches another subfolder entitled ‘Surveillance’ and opens it. Then it selects a file lower on the list and double clicks.*

The girl is standing in front of the vanity mirror in the far corner of her room. She has a towel wrapped around her body and is carefully brushing her hair. 
“Hey Liz!” a man’s voice says from a low quality speaker.
The girl stops brushing her hair and looks towards the dresser.
“You know…” the girl says, turning her body towards the camera. “I keep forgetting that you can use that thing to talk too.”
We hear the man chuckle through the speaker.
“I’ll admit that it’s a fun little extra!” the man says. “You certainly jumped the first time I used it!”
“Well of course I did!” the girl exclaims. “Anyway, what’s up?”
“Just checking up on you to see if everything is ok!” the man says. “Are you getting ready for bed?”
“Yes Sir!” the girl says.
“Have you done your evening diary yet?” the man asks.
“No Sir.” the girl answers. “But I was about to as soon as I was done brushing my hair.”
“Good good…” the man says. “But before you get to that, come stand in front of the camera and change into your comfy meditation outfit.”
The girl immediately walks towards the dresser and stands at the foot of her bed. She then frees the towel from its snuggled up fold and we see it fall to the floor, revealing the girl’s full naked body for the camera. She reaches out off camera for a moment and retrieves the leather collar. Without hesitation, she secures it around her neck and smiles for the camera.
“Like this Sir?” the girl asks.
“Exactly like that.” the man says. “Good girl.”
The girl’s eyes flutter and her body shivers for a moment.
“Now what?” the girl finally says.
“Now my dear Liz…” the man says. “It’s time for pleasure.”
The girl’s body relaxed and her gaze became vacant.
“It’s time for pleasure…” the girl repeats softly.
The girl takes a slow step back, reaching the edge of her bed. She sits down slowly and spreads her legs wide in full view of the camera. The girl’s right hand slowly moves to her pussy while her left lifts up to cup her right breast. 
“Pleasure is obedience…” the girl whispers.
Her hands begin to rub and massage her intimate self, but her eyes stare straight ahead and stay vacant. Her breathing steadily deepens in time with the gradual increase of her hand’s rhythm.
“Obedience… Is pleasure…” the girl says breathlessly.
The girl’s right hand alternates between playing with her clit and pushing into her pussy. The rhythm of her hands and breathing ramp up for the next few minutes while the girl periodically keeps repeating the same phrases. Eventually, the girl’s body looks like it’s seizing up as she moans loudly and her hands stop moving.
“Sir can make… My pleasure… Better…” the girl says, voice ragged and tense. “I have to… Wait for him… Before I can cum…”
The girl’s breathing slowly comes back to normal and as it does, her hands begin to move once more.
“It’s time for pleasure…” the girl whispers.

*The mouse moves to the horizontal scroll bar and clicks on the cursor. It slides it towards the right of the screen, accelerating the video. The time stamp grows as the girl continues to masturbate. The speed makes her look frantic as her body clearly breathes faster and faster until it abruptly stops for a few moments. Then it begins again. The cycle repeats 6 times before the girl suddenly stands. The mouse stops scrolling to the right and moves towards the left. The video rewinds until she sits back down. The mouse releases the cursor and the video continues to play.*

The girl’s skin shines with a clear film of sweat. Her breathing is fast and her hands are shaking as they continue to rub, but her eyes are still wide and vacant.
“Sir… Can make… My pleasure… Better…” the girl says, voice ragged and breathless. “I… Have to… Wait for him… Before… I can cum…”
The girl’s hands stop moving and it takes a long while before her breathing slows down. Eventually, the girl’s hands resume their activities.
“Good girl…” the man’s voice says over the speakers.
“OOOHH!!!” the girl moans.
Her whole body shivers, but it doesn’t tense up too much and stays relatively relaxed. 
“The time for pleasure has passed.” the man says.
The girl doesn’t move for a moment and simply stares blankly ahead. Then, her left arm moves to rest on her left thigh as her right hand lifts up to her face. She places her slick fingers into her mouth and methodically licks them clean before resting her right hand on her right thigh. The girl closes her eyes and takes a long deep breath. When her eyes open, she smiles and looks at the camera.
“Ok I think everything is ok on my end…” the man’s voice says. “Thank you for helping calibrate the sensors in your neckwear.”
“Always happy to help Sir.” the girl says. “Anything else I can help you with?”
“No, that about does it!” the man says. “Sorry to intrude on your bedtime routine.”
“Oh no Sir!” the girl says. “It’s no bother at all, in fact, it’s my pleasure!”
“Ok then, but don’t forget to record your diary, ok?” the man says.
“Oh don’t worry about that!” the girl says. “I will never forget that! I know how important my point of view is for our experiment.”
“Indeed it is!” the man says. “Anyway… Good night Liz!”
“Good night Sir!” the girl says.
The girl looks down at the towel and grabs it before getting off the bed. She moves off screen and returns a few moments later. Instead of the towel, she now holds her phone in her hand.

*The mouse closes the playback window. It clicks to go back to the main folder and opens the ‘Evening Diaries’ folder. It scrolls down and double clicks on a file.*

The girl’s face takes up most of the frame and the background behind her indicates that she is walking out of the bathroom. She keeps walking as she does a quick check of her face using the phone as a mirror.
“Ok so…” the girl says as she climbs onto the bed. “I’m happy to report that my cravings for the files have indeed tapered off. So far as I can tell, what I feared would happen isn’t happening at all and I can honestly say that it’s pretty manageable. In fact, it’s effectively become part of me on a very basic level. Which in turn makes me notice it a LOT less even if it’s pretty strong. So that’s a big win for our experiment!”
The girl moves to the head of the bed and leans on the headboard. She looks away from the camera, seemingly thinking hard about what she wanted to say.
“I guess I really can’t wait any longer…” the girl says thoughtfully. “I mean… It’s not in any way part of the experiment and that’s why I haven’t added it to my diaries, but I had a chance to truly think on it early today and I came to the conclusion that it could be another unintended byproduct of our experiment. The fact is that I’m not sure, so… I might as well add it to my diary tonight.”
The girl looks at the camera and bites her lower lip before placing her index finger to her lips.
“But… Ssshhh! It’s a secret though!” the girl says, winking once. 
The girl looks around, pretending to look for people who could hear her.
“Ready?” the girl asks, smiling. “Sir is VERY handsome… I mean, not that I’ve ever thought of him as being unattractive or anything, quite the opposite in fact. But… I never gave him too much thought… Not in that way at least… I mean… Truthfully… I haven’t thought about ANYONE like that in a while. Too occupied with my research or work.”
The girl’s smile wanes a little as she looks off into the distance.
“I don’t know if it’s because we are spending so much time together or if it’s just because I haven’t had a lover or boyfriend in a while…” the girl says, looking back at the camera. “But lately, I found myself noticing his manly features and commanding presence… A LOT… Especially when I catch him admiring my figure…”
The girl closes her eyes and a shiver seems to go down her spine, making her lick her lips.
“Even now… Thinking about him like that makes me all tingly inside…” the girl says. “Which isn’t surprising to me really. At least, that’s how I feel after I’ve taken the time to think long and hard about it. I mean… For the last month and change, he’s been in charge of taking care of me. Of my mind… He’s in complete control of what the brainwashing does to me and he has worked so hard to make sure I enjoy this experiment. Sure… It’s mostly part of the protocols we agreed on, but I know, deep down in the depths of my heart, that he has gone above and beyond.”
The girl bites her lower lip again, looking to the ceiling with a broad smile. 
“I’m so helpless when we do our sessions…” the girl says, dreamily. “I have to be if we want our experiment to work like we want it to. Every time I go to sleep and listen to his files… Every time I go over to his place for a VR brainwashing session… I know that until he goes too far and I notice, I have no resistance or defense against anything he changes while he’s there. But that’s ok because the level of trust I have for Sir is complete and pure.”
The girl looks back at the camera and we can clearly see her cheeks are flush.
“Which is why I know my attraction isn’t something Sir has implanted inside my mind. You see…” the girl says. “After experiencing that level of trust and feeling his relentless care for so many weeks… Combined with his manly confidence and good looks… It’s only natural for a girl to get infatuated… Right?”
The girl giggles and fans her face with her hand.
“Oh god… I can’t believe what I’m saying! It’s so embarrassing to think Sir will be viewing my diaries and hear this…” the girl says, looking at the camera. “Then again… My attraction for him has grown so much that I find myself feeling so horny around him. Normally, the sexual tension I feel would be easily taken care of before bed, but since I agreed to be monitored… I just can’t push myself to masturbate knowing he might be watching…”
The girl bites her lower lip and closes her eyes while another shiver washes over her body.
“Although…I’ve caught myself thinking that it would be pretty damn hot to masturbate while he was watching… Like I was a horny cam girl or something… ” the girl says, looking flushed. “I’m not sure why… But I’m convinced Sir would enjoy that a lot… HHmmm… Just thinking about that… Fuck… If this continues… I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold back much longer…”

*The mouse closes the playback window and double clicks on the next file down.*

The girl’s face takes up the whole frame, but her free hand covers up most of her forehead and eyes. Her hair spreads out in all directions and through the various locks of hair, we see the pillow.
“So huh… Yeah… That happened today…” the girl says, removing her hand from her face. “Not that some part of me didn’t expect it to happen soon. In fact…  Sir makes me so horny that I’m actually proud I resisted this long!”
The girl sighs with a smile.
“Come to think of it… I’ve actually felt a little like this once before.” the girl says, biting her lower lip. “I was so turned on by one of my first boyfriends that I felt like I was going to burst into flames if we didn’t fuck. But he was nervous and I waited until he was ready… I vividly remember the anticipation… The growing need to indulge in my carnal desires with him… It was so intense and almost equally satisfying when we finally tore off our clothes and fucked. But it was almost disappointing too. I mean… How could I ever have expected the guy to live up to the fantasies I created of him? That’s impossible! No one can do that”
The girl looks down at the camera, unconsciously licking her lips.
“No one except Sir that is…'' the girl says, closing her eyes as a shiver seems to run down her spine. “Fuck… Just remembering it makes me tingle all over again… He was so tender… So caring as I awoke from my meditation session. As always, I was a little out of it… In a good way of course… Sort of like sleepy and awake… Like when you wake up a little confused, but refreshed in the morning. For a few minutes, nothing seems too real… He helped me get up… Like he always does… But this time… His proximity felt so… Good… HHmmm… I just couldn’t help myself and ‘tripped’ so he could fully catch me…”
The girl looks away, cheeks becoming red.
“A cheap trick I know… But hey whatever works, right?” the girl says, giggling. “Anyway, I was in his strong arms and looked up to thank him for the ‘save’. His closeness… His warm breath… The feel of his muscular body against mine… I just couldn’t resist and kissed him!”
The girl bites her index fingers for a moment, clearly trying to contain herself.
“Oh god… His lips… They felt so… Perfect…” the girl says. “He was surprised… So he didn’t kiss me back right away, but that changed when my hands started to caress his chest. HHmm… Damn… I’m getting wet just thinking about it… Anyway… After his lips joined in, I felt like I had his full consent so I didn’t try to resist my lust any further and the fire in my loins exploded!”
The girl moans and licks her lips, obviously reliving the moment.
“HHhmm… Fuck…” the girl says. “The rest is such a hazy delicious blur… One moment, we were making out like horny teenagers and the next, I was straddling him on the sofa, helping him undo his pants so he could free the monster I felt between my legs. Fuck… And what a delectable monster Sir has… I didn’t get a chance to properly see it, but the way it felt as he finally slipped in… FUCK!”
The girl visibly shivers, closing her eyes until she regains control.
“I swear…” the girl says, looking back at the camera. “No other cock has EVER filled me so perfectly… I mean… Fuck… I actually CAME as soon as my hips touched his! And after that… well… Damn… It was like each stroke of his cock made me cum all over again… HHHMMM… Fuck… But… That was nothing… Because when HE finally came… God… I came so hard I black out!”
The girl’s eyes flutter briefly and her body shivers again at the memory.
“I was soooo unprepared for how it would feel Sir’s manhood inside me…” the girl says. “It was so intense… So visceral… It was like I experienced multiple fucks all rolled into one mind bending experience… It was all I could do just to keep my hips moving… It was like… I just FELT… There were no thoughts at all… How could there be? It felt like I was cuming non-stop! HHmmm… Fuck… Sir is so… Amazing… I’ve never felt so… Connected… Especially after a first fuck like that… Damn… Waking up from that… It felt like… Like my world shifted on its head or something…”
The girl moans softly, licking her lips as her free hand comes up and touches her collar.
“And… From the satisfied smile I saw on Sir’s face…” the girl says softly. “I think it’s safe to say he feels the same way… Which is good because I REALLY want the opportunity to give him as much pleasure as he gave me…”
The girl’s hand moves up to her lips and caresses them gently.
“Sir made my pleasure so much better…” the girl whispers. “I wonder if I’ll even be able to do the same for him…”

*The mouse closes the window. It scrolls down the list of files and hovers over a few before double clicking on one.*

The girl’s face and arms take up the frame as she props up her phone on the dresser. Once stable, she reaches further off screen to grab something before stepping back. The girl is naked and fiddles with the leather collar in her hands. 
“Sir is just… Amazing…” the girl says, smiling as she loops the collar around her neck. “It’s like he knows exactly what I’m feeling… I mean… Today I asked if I could break our routine to do an extra meditation session. In truth, I just felt too horny to wait an extra day before seeing him. Anyway… He invited me over and the moment I stepped into his home, he immediately rewarded my efforts by pushing me against the wall to kiss me. HHHmmm… Fuck… He was so… Manly… I just melted…”
The girl checks the tightness of her collar with the screen. Satisfied, her hands cup both her breasts, squeezing them as she bites her lower lip.
“His hands were all over me…Sending my arousal into orbit in an instant…” the girl says, gently massaging her breasts. “The thing is… I was rapidly losing myself to the pleasure of his touch, which wasn’t what I was aiming for when I decided to come over. What I wanted was to show him how much pleasure I felt with him… I wanted to pleasure HIM instead of caving into my own lust… But as he kissed and groped me, I felt completely helpless against his lust and I almost forgot my goal…”
The girl’s right hand releases her breast and moves slowly down her belly, reaching her crotch.
“But somehow… Sir knew…” the girl says, moaning softly. “He KNEW what I wanted and before I was totally lost to the lust he was igniting within me, he broke off our kiss. I was in a daze… But Sir was patient and waited for me to regain my composure before he told me to kneel and suck him. Hmm… God… I still feel weak in the knees remembering it… I dropped to the floor, barely able to grasp how he could have known I wanted to pleasure him as he freed his erection… HHmmmm… FUCK…”
The girl moans loudly as her hands continue to massage her breast and pussy.
“In my mind… I wanted to come in… Kiss him… Push him back on the sofa and spend as long as it takes to pleasure him like he pleasured me…” the girl says, trying not to moan. “But… It turned out Sir wanted exactly what I wanted and it made ALL the difference… HHmmm… Sir made it so much better… Sir always makes it better… And… Sucking his cock was no different… Even if we were right there in the hallway… It was… God… It was ssssoooo amazing…  And… Fuck… So satisfying… I’ve never felt that so keenly with any other lover…”
The girl moans again, licking her lips.
“N fact… It even… It even felt kind of selfish…” the girl says, calming down a little. “I mean… My intention was to stay focused so I could properly pleasure him… But… The more I tasted his cock, the less I was able to focus as my own pleasure became too strong to ignore… HHHmmm… And when he finally came? Fuck… I almost orgasmed right there on the floor!”
The girl shivers and moans, squeezing her breast hard.
“The experience was so intense for me that I was barely aware that he helped me up…” the girl says, trying to calm herself. “I did notice the soothing praise he kept whispering in my ear though… God that was so nice… Erotic… Somehow, knowing I had properly pleasured him in spite of my lack of focus made it so perfect… I didn’t resist at all when he suggested I do a session even if it wasn’t scheduled… I was still in a pleasure daze as I changed into my comfy meditation outfit and settled in the lazy chair…”
The girl takes a long slow breath and stops rubbing her pussy. Her hand lifts up and she looks at her slick fingers, smiling.
“I was so grateful for his thoughtful care…” the girl says softly. “Especially when I finally woke up from my session… I was so aroused I couldn’t think straight… But lucky for me, Sir knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do… HHmm… He led me to his bedroom… And there… HHmmm… He fucked me in ways I scarcely remember or understand… Hhmm… It was… Earth shattering…”
The girl licks her fingers, testing the taste in her mouth for a moment before doing a thorough job of cleaning them.
“I still can’t believe that despite all that… I still left his place almost as horny as when I got there!” the girl says, smiling. “I guess it’s not so surprising though… Sir just turns me on so damn much that even when I got home, I couldn’t keep his cock out of my mind… HHmmm… In fact, I was actually feeling a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to see him soon… I even started to remember the silly cam girl fantasy I had of masturbating for the camera Sir set up… I still couldn’t be sure he was the kind of man that would enjoy that, but I was determined to find out because that way, I felt like I could indulge my arousal for him even if he wasn’t there…”
The girl giggles for a few seconds.
“But… Yet again… Sir proved just how much he understands my needs…” the says. “Before I could even text him my idea, I received a text from Sir telling me that he knew I needed sexual relief. Sir then followed up by telling me that after I record my…”
“Hey Liz!” the man's voice erupts from a low quality speaker. “Are you done recording your diary?”
The girl abruptly sits up and the frame loses sight of her face. The phone seems to be in her hand, but on the mattress.
“I was just finishing up Sir!” the girl says, clearly excited. 
“Excellent.” the man says. “Sign off and come sit at the edge of the bed so I can properly observe you.”
“Right away Sir!” the girl says.
The phone lifts up and the girl’s face comes into frame.
“Sir wants to watch me masturbate for him so I have to sign off” the girl says excitedly. “Bye!”

*The mouse closes the playback window. It clicks to go back to the main folder and scrolls down a few files doubling on one.*

The living room comes into view, framing the cameraman’s legs to show that he is sitting on the sofa. The camera angle moves and zooms into the kitchen. The girl is busy drying a glass with a washcloth. Her hair is done up in a high ponytail and she is wearing a black set of sexy underwear.
“Hey Liz!” the man says loudly. “Are you done with the dishes?”
“Almost Sir!” the girl says, lifting the glass out of the cloth to inspect it.
“Great!” the man says. “When you are done, come stand in front of me.”
“Yes Sir!” the girl says.
She nods once, seemingly satisfied with the glass’ state of dryness, before she puts it away in the cupboard. Then, the girl hangs the washcloth and walks towards the living room. The camera follows her, zooming out as she comes to stand right in front of the man. As soon as she does, her hands clasp themselve behind her lower back and she pushes out her chest.
“Good girl…” the man says.
The girl’s eyes flutter as a visible shiver washes over her body.
“Thank you Sir…” the girl whispers. “It’s… It’s my pleasure… Truly…”
“Well Liz…” the man says. “It’s been almost 2 months now and unless you are keeping your discoveries for yourself…”
“NO Sir! I would never keep anything from you!” the girl says, interrupting the man. “I always tell you everything that’s on my mind!”
“Of course you do…” the man says, chuckling softly. “Which means that the only reason we still haven’t stopped our experiment is because you don’t notice what I’ve changed inside your mind. Correct?”
“Yes Sir.” the girl says, smiling.
“So…” the man says. “You haven’t noticed anything unusual or anything different in the way you acted or the things you’ve done since the experiment started?”
“No Sir, not at all.” the girl says, still smiling. “Except for the expected things we already talked about, everything in my life is as normal as before!”
“Fascinating…” the man says. “But surely you noticed some things are different since we began…”
“Are you referring to the sex?” the girl asks.
“I am.” the man says. “Afterall, we weren’t fucking before this started and now we are. Don’t you think that might be what I changed?”
The girl blinked a few times before frowning thoughtfully.
“No Sir… That’s impossible.” the girl finally says. “I’ve already considered that option and thought long and hard about my feelings on the matter. It’s… It’s a little embarrassing to say, but since I’ve already said as much in my diaries… So… The fact of the matter is that yes… My attraction to you developed because of this experiment, but not because of anything you implanted.”
“How so?” the man asks.
“Well… Let me put it this way Sir…” the girl says, smiling fondly. “We’ve been spending so much time together… I just couldn’t help but notice the way you care for me… And… Having to trust you so much with my mind… Well… It pressed a few buttons in my libido… The combination was bound to make me fall for you…”
“So what you are saying is that your attraction to me bloomed from the trust you have in me…” the man says. “That… In effect… Our time together doing this experiment just opened your eyes to who I really am and it turns out you are attracted to that. Yes?”
“Yes Sir!” the girl says excitedly. “Very much so…”
“There is no doubt in your mind then?” the man asks.
“None Sir!” the girl says. “My attraction for you feels as natural as any other guy I’ve been attracted to. If anything… It feels even better…”
“Better?” the man asks. “How could it feel better?”
“It’s… It’s hard to explain…” the girl says, looking down thoughtfully. “But my attraction to you feels more grounded… Genuine… Real… I mean… It’s weird to say… But it feels deeper and truer to myself than anything I’ve felt before…”
“Well consider me flattered…” the man says, making the girl blush. 
“I’m just sad I didn’t notice how incredible you were before…” the girl says, looking back up. 
“It’s ok Liz…” the man says. “The important thing is you did notice, right?”
“Right!” the girl says, smiling.
“Speaking of noticing incredible things…” the man says. “You look stunning.”
“Thank you Sir!” the girl says, blushing even more. “I… I’m glad you like how your outfit selection looks on my body…”
“I do…” the man says. “Kneel.”
The girl doesn’t hesitate and immediately kneels, keeping her hands behind her lower back. She settles herself for a moment before pushing her chest out.
“Place your hands behind your head.” the man says.
The girl smiles and obeys the request.
“Good girl…” the man says softly, making the girl shiver. “Now liz… I know we haven’t specified any sort of time frame for this experiment… But looking over the data, I can’t help but conclude that I was right and the subject wouldn’t notice the changes if done correctly.”
“I’m not surprised.” the girl says. 
“Oh?” the man says. “Why?”
“Because you are always right Sir.” the girl says, smiling. “I’m not sure why I thought I was right before, but it’s clear to me now that you are. I had no hope of noticing what your brainwashing is doing to me.”
“I see…” the man says. “Doesn’t that worry you? I mean… You just said that there was no way for you to know what I’m changing inside your mind, so, how could you let me play around in your brain if you know that?”
The girl’s smile turns red.
“Be… Because Sir…” the girl says. “I trust you completely and I know that anything you brainwash me to be is something that will please and excite you.”
“And that’s something you want?” the man says.
“Oh god yes…” the girl says. “More than anything.”
“So…” the man says. “Does that mean you want me to keep brainwashing you… Even if we terminate this experiment?”
The girl’s nipples visibly pop out as she licks her lips and her gaze loses focus.
“Sir always knows what I want…” the girl whispers to herself. “Yes Sir… I want you to keep brainwashing me…”
The girl smiles hotly as her eyes refocus.
“You want me to take control of you.” the man says. “Yes?”
“Oooohh Yes Sir…” the girl says, trying not to moan.
“You want me to take charge of your pleasure.” the man says. “Yes?”
“Oh fuck yes…” the girl moans as her eyes lose focus. “Sir makes my pleasure better…”
The girl moans again as her eyes refocus.
“You want to be mine.” the man says. “Yes?”
“Oh God…” the girl moans. “Yours?... Oh god… I… I didn’t even think about… Wow… Yes… YES Sir! That’s what I want!”
The camera tilts as the man’s free hand slips inside his pocket. After a moment, the man pulls out a thin leather collar.
“If you truly want to be mine…” the man says, dangling the collar in front of him. “Then all you have to do is crawl to me and put this collar around your neck.”
The girl’s breathing becomes forced as she bends forward to her hands and knees. Her eyes radiate lust and desire as she slowly crawls towards the camera. The girl positions herself between the man’s legs and reaches out to grab the collar from his hand, but he pulls it back out of her reach.
“Tell me Liz, are you doing this to please me…” the man asks. “Or yourself?”
The girl bites her lower lip, looking at the collar for a moment before looking up to the camera.
“Both Sir.” the girl says. “Pleasing you pleases me…”
There is a long pause, but eventually, the man extends his hand back towards the girl. The girl takes a long slow breath before she reaches out and accepts the collar. She takes in both hands and looks at it for a few seconds before looking back up at the camera with a smile. The girl lifts her hands and with practiced ease, wraps the collar around her neck and works the clasp closed.
“OH god…” the girl suddenly moans as her eyes flutter and her head rolls back. “FUCK!!!!!”
The girl’s body tenses up and jerks. Her moans become louder and louder. Her body shakes as she mumbles incoherently through the moans escaping her lips. It takes a few minutes of spasmodic convulsions before the girl finally calms down. Her breathing is harsh and strained, but it too calms down. She looks up at the camera and we see that her eyes are unfocused and glazed.
“I am yours Sir…” the girl says softly. “My mind… My body… Everything is yours…”
“Yes you are Liz…” the man says. “What is your mind good for?”
“My mind is yours to enjoy…” the girl says softly. “To shape and to mold to your desire…”
“Yes it is Liz…” the man agrees. “What is your body good for?”
“My body is yours to enjoy…” the girl whispers as hints of arousal color her weak voice. “To satisfy all your desires…
“Yes it is Liz…” the man agrees. “Do you submit to me?”
“Yes Sir…” the girl agrees. “Completely.”
“Will you obey?” the man asks.
“Yes Sir. Always…” the girl says, eyes still unfocused. “Obedience is pleasure…”
“Good girl.” the man says.
The girl shivers and moans. Her eyes clear up as she focuses on the camera and a smile slowly spreads on the girl’s face.
“Since you are mine now and our original experiment is basically over…” the man says. “Do you want me to tell you how I changed you?”
The girl’s smile fades a little and her head tilts to the side in confusion.
“Why would I want to know that?” the girl asks.
“Aren’t you curious?” the man asks.
“No Sir, not really.” the girl says, smiling. 
“We spent months preparing and debating about what the results of this might be.” the man says. “I imagined you’d be more eager to learn what I changed and how I did it.”
“That might be true Sir…” the girl says. “But honestly, my interest in the details of our experiment waned a lot when I began to notice the pleasure I felt in each session. In fact… Except when you ask me for my reports or do my evening diaries, I haven’t thought about what the implanted change could be in weeks. I just… Lost interest…”
“Maybe that’s what I changed…” the man says coyly, making the girl giggle.
“That would be sneaky of you Sir!” the girl says.
“Well you know how competitive I can be so maybe I did my best work to ensure I won.” the man says.
He reaches out, taking the girl’s chin in his fingers before using his thumb to caress her bottom lip. 
“And since I won…” the man says. “Does that mean you are my reward?”
“God…” the girl moans. “You really think of me… As… As your reward?”
“I can think of no better reward for the work I put into brainwashing you for this experiment.” the man says, making the girl shiver.
“If… If I am your reward Sir…” the girl whispers with a smile. “Then… HHmm… I promise… I’ll make sure to be the best reward… You could ever want…”
The girl kisses the man’s thumb slowly and brings both hands up to hold his wrist. She then opens her mouth and places the extremity of the nubby digit between her lips. The girl’s gaze never wavers as she sucks on the man’s thumb. Deeper and deeper his thumb disappears as the girl begins to fellate the appendage as if it was a cock.
“Good girl…” the man says, making the girl moan. 

*The mouse selects an area that frames part of the video window. It settles so only a quarter of the girl’s face is visible, but we can clearly see the thumb in her mouth as well as the collar around her neck. A shutter sounds echoes out when the rectangular area disappears. The mouse then closes the video window and goes down to the dock at the bottom of the screen. It opens the email app. Once it is loaded, it opens a ‘Compose New mail’ window.* 

To: Matt9988345@...
From: Abigail6996@...
Hello there Honey,
I had been wondering how you 2 love birds came to dance the horizontal salsa. Something just didn’t seem… Natural… In how quickly Lisa became so love struck for a guy she’s known for so long.
After hacking your computer and viewing all these handy research videos, I guess I have my answer. You were clever enough to record her consenting to the brainwashing, but seriously… Matt… Do you really expect that to convince anyone when it’s clear you stepped way out of what would be considered… Ethical?
I’m sure a million thoughts are going through your mind right now, but don’t worry. I’m not going to go to the authorities. 
That is… Not yet at least…
If you want to keep me quiet, you’ll have to do something for me in return. Should you be agreeable to my requests, then I promise I’ll erase all the copies I’ve made. 
Otherwise, well… I’m sure I don’t have to spell it out for someone as brilliant as you.
And before you freak out thinking that my requests will be about undoing Lisa’s brainwashing, let me assure you that I have no qualms about you keeping your little plaything.
Don’t take too long to reply Honey…
Aby  XxX
PS: Here’s a little screenshot to prove I’m not bluffing…

*The mouse moves up to the ‘send’ button and clicks, creating a ‘swoosh’ sound as the email starts its electronic journey to its destination.*


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