Poetic Musings

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #hypnosis #m/f #poem #pov:bottom

A girl describes how it feels to be mindless and obedient under her lover’s hypnotic control.

My eyes are open, yet I do not see.
I am blind, yet my eyes can see.
I am standing up so perfectly, yet I am not awake.
My mind slumbers peacefully, yet I am awake.
My body responds automatically, yet my mind can't obey.
My thoughts are blank, yet I understand and obey.
I am charming and elegant, yet I lack all control.
My consciousness is away, yet I am fully in control.
My desires are ravenous, yet I can't express them.
I am forced into fantasies I never dreamed, yet I savor all of them.
I am always wet and ready, yet I do not feel aroused.
My body is quiet, yet I am constantly aroused.
My consent was freely given, yet I have no real choice.
I am devoid of will, yet it was my choice.
I am a creature of pleasure, yet I do not enjoy.
My consciousness is hypnotized and controlled, yet I am allowed to enjoy.
My fantasy was expressed, yet I did not ask.
I am bound to my dream, yet I am free because he did ask.
I am released and happy, yet I do not dare to hope.
My mind is lost and chained, yet I am filled with endless hope.
My lover has granted my ultimate wish, yet my mind cannot appreciate.
I am his hypnotic puppet of sensual desire, yet I am the one that can truly appreciate.
I am completely open to his voice, yet I cannot hear his words.
My lover has fought and resisted, yet he could only smile and accept my words.
I asked him to fulfill my fantasy to be mindless,
Because I craved to think and feel so much less.
He refused and questioned what I aspired,
Wanting to be sure it truly was what I desired.
His concerned warmed my heart and made me want it even more,
We finally decided and talked about how I could step through that door.
Now the peace I yearned for cradles my swirling thoughts,
As my lover guides me to things I wished I never fought.
​Now we can be wild and play in the consensual gray,
Because the watch sways and I obey.

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