Playing with Hypno Slaves

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #pov:top

2 stunning topless beauties in search of their lost bikini tops approach a man for help. He decides to help them, but they don’t suspect at all that they are already under his hypnotic control.

“Oh my god...” The blonde said as they came up to me. “You work here right? I feel so embarrassed!!! Seems we both dozed off on the beach  over there and didn’t notice that our tops gone blown away!”

“Yeah!” the brunette chimed in. “Did you happen to notice 2 bikini tops laying around?”

“Wow... That’s bad luck! Let me think... No... I can’t say that I have. But huh...” I said as I eyed them. “You girls are pretty far from the resort. You knew that right?”

“Really?” the brunette said confused. 
“Oh my...” the blonde said. “I think we got a little lost when we were looking for a quiet stretch of beach to tan.”

“Oh right...” the brunette said. “We did walk for a long while... You know... Since we wanted a little privacy to be able to tan topless!” 

They both giggled.

“Right! Well I can certainly help you look!” I said.

“Great!” The blonde said excitedly.

“That’d be really awesome of you!” the brunette added.

“Ok so...” I said looking up at the leaves. “The wind is blowing that way which means... Darn... Bad luck I suppose...”

“Bad luck?” the blonde asked. 

“Why?” the brunette finished.

“Well... It looks like your tops might have blown over to the other section of the island. And huh... Well...” I said looking shy. “That’s actually part of the land owned by the nudist resort further down the beach.”

“Ok...” the brunette said. “So?”

“OH!” the blonde exclaimed. “He means to say that if we go looking for our tops over there, we need to be naked dummy!”

“OH!” the brunette exclaimed while looking at me. “Right...”

“I’m afraid there’s no way around it. It’s terribly rude to go on their beach with clothes.”

“I see...” the brunette said, clearly unsure.

“If it helps, I’ve been there loads of times so I don’t mind stripping down to go look for you girls. You know... If you feel too embarrassed to come.”

“Yeah well...” the brunette started as she looked at her friend.

“Huh... No offense...” the blonde said. “But maybe we should just forget about it... I mean... It’s just silly bikini tops right?”

“Yeah...” the brunette said looking back at me. “Forget about it! Don’t trouble yourself! No worries!”

“Coconut sand.” I said with a smile.

I watched as both beauties lost focus and fell into a deep trance.

“Ahh... Seems I didn’t anticipate things as fully as I would have hoped... Ok girls, I want you to listen to me very carefully. Can you do that?”

“YYeess....” they both said in a monotone voice.

“Let’s refine this little game we are playing... You both feel incredibly proud of your bodies, don’t you?”

“Yyeess...” they both said.

“As such, you don’t feel embarrassed about showing off your naked bodies. Once you awaken, you will feel extra proud of your carefully cultivated curves and will be eager to jump at any excuse to show them off. The desire to find your expensive bikini tops will drive you to ignore the fact you are stripping naked in front of me. Understand?”

“Yyees...” they agreed.

“Excellent...” I said. “You will awaken feeling refreshed, forgetting you sank into this wonderful trance... For you, not a single moment has passed... On my count... 3... 2... 1... AWAKE!”

They blinked and smiled as their eyes regained their focus.

“None sense! I’m not doing anything right now and I’m always up to help damsels in distress! It will just take me a bit longer to look around is all!”

“No no!” the brunette said. “We can’t ask you to go look for OUR belongings alone like that!”

“Yeah!” the blonde said as she removed her hands from her spectacular tits. “Besides... I just remembered how expensive those designer tops are, we at least have to try right?”

“Right!” the brunette said as she followed suit and revealed her tits.


“Ok then!” I said as I took off my shirt. 

Once it was off I looked at them and smiled.

“Say... I didn’t catch your names. I’m Charles.”

“Hi Charles! I’m Becky!” the brunette said. “And that’s Vicky!” she said pointing to her friend.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both!” I said as I started to undo my trunks.

The girls giggled and started to undo their bottoms. By the time I had my shorts down on the ground, they both stood proudly before me with their bikini bottoms on their finger.

Fuck they were hot...

“I don’t mean to be rude but...” I said as I pointed at my stiffening cock.

“Oh my...” Becky said as she looked away.

“I’m afraid the sight of you lovely ladies has had a small effect on me...” I said.

“Small is an understatement!” Vicky said as she stared.

“Hahaha... Why thank you. But no worries... It should deflate once we get going, no harm done!”

They giggled and followed me as we started to make our way in the direction of the ‘nudist’ part of the beach. After a long while, I stopped and looked around before shaking my head.

“What’s the matter?” Becky asked. 

“This is going to take a while... I was just thinking that we could split up.”

“Of course!” Vicky said excitedly. “We can cover more ground right?”

“Exactly! Becky... Why don’t you go to the left ok? Vicky, just go straight and I’ll go check near the water’s edge.”

“Sound’s like a plan!” Becky answered before starting towards the left.

I went my way and did my very best not to notice that Vicky was slowly making her way towards me. As I ‘searched’ for the elusive bikini tops, I couldn’t help but smile at my good fortune.

Vicky and Becky had come to my wonderful resort looking for a job. One day, I came upon them as they relaxed on the beach and tanned with they feet getting caressed by the slow waves of the ocean. 

They were a vision of beauty I couldn’t ignore.

I went to them and was glad to see how relaxed they already were. I sat down and started to whisper to them softly, making sure my voice could barely be heard over the breaking waves. 

I had done this with many guests over the years. Not every one is suggestible you know. Most of the time, the girls aren’t and I end up just telling them some bogus story about why I approached them. 

Some are moderately suggestible and yield a lot more opportunities. Some of those little jewels only need a little push to entertain thoughts of turning their stay into an erotic affair. Others need a little more mental manipulation before they find themselves visiting my beach house with impure intentions.

They all make excellent company while they stay at the hotel.

But with a rare few, they sink so deep that their minds become extremely malleable. After a few short sessions, a skill hypnotist such as myself can make those girls believe and think anything I wish. 

Girls like Becky and Vicky...

To make things even better, I learned that they were both looking for a job. They had gotten it their heads that they could get a gig in a fancy resort. They hoped they would be able to land a job that would enable them to live in the tropics while they planned activities and entertained tourists. I have a few job openings here that fit that job description of course and that’s probably why they had stopped at my resort on their grand tropic tour.

They were so stunning that I just had to have them. So I decided that they WOULD get a job at our resort. Of course, I couldn’t have them get such a high profile job if I was going to keep playing with them. So I decided to hire them as maids. It’s not at all what they wanted, but after a short intense session, they were all for it.
They’ve told all their friends about how awesome it was to be working here. They tell them about all the fun they have with the tourists and no one suspects that I claimed both.

They live with me in my beach house, which makes our hypnotic sessions very private. And fun... Every time I put them under, my control just gets better and better. So much so that I’ve taken to playing games with them. Creating scenarios where I get to role play and conquer them all over again.

Or make them conquer me...

I suddenly felt a pair of tits squeeze against my back as arms encircled my chest.

“Woah!” I said in fake surprise. “Why hello there...”

“Hi...” I heard Vicky’s seductive voice say in my ear. “Have you found the tops yet?”

Her hands started to roam my chest and I had to swallow hard as my erection renewed.

“Not yet no... Have you?” I asked.

“Nope!” she said.

“Do you believe they got blown over to the water’s edge? Is that why you came over?”

“I can’t say for sure...” she whispered as her right hand drifted lower. “Although I do think that the water’s edge is a good place for things to get... Blown...”

She licked my ear lobe as her hand found my stiffening member. 

“Woah...” I said, faking surprise. “You huh... You are pretty forward aren’t you?”

“I am...” she said as she kissed my ear lobe and stroked my cock. “Can I confess something to you?”

“Sure...” I said.

“I’m something of a slut...” she said as her hand squeezed my erection. “A slut that LOVES to suck cock...”

“Are you now...” I said.

“Oh yes... I get all hot when I see one... Especially one as nice as yours...” she said in my ear. “I just can’t help picturing it going down my throat... Tasting it... Sucking it... Once the idea gets in my head, I just can’t seem to get it out... It’s terribly crippling if you think about it.”

“I can imagine...”

“So... Would you mind it terribly if I sucked you off? If you want, just think of this as my way to thank you for helping us find our tops.”

“A gorgeous lady comes up to me naked and offers me a blowjob... Why on earth would I refuse?”

“Why indeed...” she said as she moved in front of me. “Just lie back and relax...”

I smiled and laid down on the hot sand. She licked her lips as she knelt down between my legs.

“You are pretty bold...” I said. “Aren’t you afraid Becky will find us?”

“Don’t worry about it...” she said as she took my cock in her hand. “I can make this quick if you’re afraid she’ll catch us.”

“Hhmmm...” I moaned as she licked my shaft. “Just huh... Do as you wish... I won’t complain either way.”

“Good choice...” she said with a wink.

She smiled as she kissed the under side of my cock head. I watched her lips and tongue start to work her familiar magic as my thoughts drifted back to that very morning.

I woke up in the mood for a different type of fun, I implanted triggers that would make things interesting. A very specific trigger that would activate in both if one saw that I was using the other sexually. Combined to that, I decided to also have them trigger if I used them. They would fall in a light trance while I had my fun and forget everything once I stopped.

Becky was preparing breakfast at the counter while Vicky stood on the opposite side getting the plates ready.  They were gossiping about hotel guests while Becky finished up cutting fresh fruit to go with our meal. I came up behind Vicky and bent her over on the counter. The moment I slipped my morning wood inside her, Becky triggered and forgot all about where Vicky was.

“God...” she said as she cut the fruit. “I’m telling you... Vicky is such a slacker! Here I am doing all the work and she’s no doubt in the bathroom rubbing one off!”

“What makes you think that?” I said as I fucked Vicky right in front of her.

“Can’t you hear her moaning? Duh! You know how she gets when you don’t fuck her proper in the morning.”

“That’s very true...” I said as I continued to pound into Vicky.

I relished her pussy for a good while more before removing myself. Vicky let out a whimper of frustration before straitening back up.

“And how do YOU get if I don’t fuck you proper?” I said as grabbed the newspaper and went to my favorite lazy chair.

“Hahhaha!” she laughed. “Much the same I think...” 

“Hey Becky!” Vicky said as she took a breath.

“Had fun I take it?” Becky said as she looked up at her.

“You know I always do.” Vicky said with a slight frown. Not really sure why she said that.

“Figures...” Becky said.

“Becky, be a doll and bring me a mug of coffee.” I called out as I sat down.

“Sure thing!” Becky said with a smile.

She put the knife down and went to pour me a cup.

“Are you going to finish cutting that fruit or would you rather I do it?” Vicky asked as if nothing odd had just happened.

“What ever...” Becky said as she placed the coffee pot back.

She moved towards me and Vicky grabbed the knife to continue preparing the meal. Becky came up close and gave me the mug. Her eyes were drawn to my erect shaft and she smiled.

“Someone seems to be enjoying watching me work!” she said as she bent low to kiss me.

I grabbed her mane with my free hand and made out with her before pushing her head down. She understood immediately and knelt obediently between my legs. Like so many times before, she went to work on my cock as if it was the only important thing in the world.

Which to her it was. 

“Where did Becky run off to?” I heard Vicky.

I looked over and she had stopped cutting and was pointing the knife towards me, looking for Becky.

“Don’t know... Must be rubbing one off in the bathroom or something. You know how she gets in the morning.”

“I do! That slut..." She said with a smile as she turned back to the cutting board. "Doesn’t she know that you prefer to watch us do that?” 

“I believe she does. But I also don’t mind when you have your private time so its fine.” I said as guided Becky’s rhythm with my hand.

All while sipping my coffee.

“Oh my!” Vicky exclaimed as she looked up at me.

“What?” I asked.

She smiled and turned to face me.

“I didn’t think you were that excited this morning... You didn’t fuck either of us!”

“Didn’t I? huh...” I said as I stroked Becky’s head along my cock.

“You know...” Vicky said as she bit her lower lip. “I’d be happy to come over and take care of that... No need to do it yourself. That’s what we are here for!”

“I know you are darling...” I said sipping my coffee. “Which turns me on... Just take off that shirt and continue to work while I watch you.”

“God...” she said. “You make the dullest things so very hot...”

She removed the shirt she had put on and posed as she continued to work. I almost laughed. Having either of them sucking me in front of the other was common place in my beach home. But even so, it always gave me a thrill.

Especially like this...

Their minds were so good at adapting to my hypnotic commands. To Vicky, it looked like I was masturbating while I watched her naked body work to prepare my meal. It fascinated me to no end how powerful the mind could be if properly guided. 

And to Becky, nothing else existed as the trigger placed her in a light trance while her mouth and tongue lazily pleasured my cock to the pace imposed on her. I almost chuckled when I thought that this very scene had happened a few days before. Vicky half naked in the kitchen while Becky pleasured me, only, both were pretty aware of what was happening.

And felt so excited that it was. 

She came over to give me my plate once it was done and by that time, I was ready to have them switch. I pulled Vicky in for a kiss as I pulled Becky off my cock. Becky caught her breath as her mind woke up from her trance. She didn't question why she was kneeling between my legs with no memory of sucking me. She took in stride and looked at what I was doing with Vicky.

She calmly got up and went to fix herself a plate of her own as if nothing had happened.  

I took my cue and whispered to Vicky that she was to sit on my cock in the reverse cow-girl position.

She smiled and turned around. I watched her slowly sink down on my shaft as I started to grab fruit from my plate. I ate while I watched her shapely body work on my cock.

Becky eventually turned back to us and frowned.

“Wasn’t Vicky here a second ago?” she asked as she went to sit in the sofa.

“I think she went to take a shower or something...” I said as I held back a moan.

“Figures...” she said rolling her eyes. “Kissing you and leaving you high and dry! God she’s such a tease!”

“It’s fine...” I said as Vicky continued to fuck herself on me.

Becky smiled seductively.

“You know... Since Vicky teased you... I could take care of that erection if you want...”

I placed my right hand on Vicky hip and let it move up and down with her talented rhythm.

“I think I’m in the mood to watch you instead... Masturbate for me...” I said.

Becky smiled and put the plate down. She opened up her legs wide and proceeded to play with her dripping pussy. Like with Vicky, she must be seeing me masturbate instead of watching Vicky fuck me.

God it was such a fun morning...

My thoughts came back to the present as Vicky’s talented lips did their best to give me the same insane amount of pleasure I had trained her to give. Which was very easy once they were 'convinced' that they loved it so much.

What would be the advantage of having hypnotic sex slaves if you couldn’t make them train? Ever since I claimed the girls, I’ve been teaching them what I liked when I got head. What worked best and what didn’t. Over the past few weeks, they both showed incredible talent and I couldn’t be prouder.

I looked down at Vicky and marveled at how easy it was to make her forget everything and make her believe she had just met me. That she thought of herself as being on vacation with Becky.

The control I had over both of them was incredible...

​I didn’t hold back once I felt my release bubble to the surface. After all... I still had to find Becky and play out HER little scenario...



“Fuck!” I cursed as I tried to dislodge the bikini tops from the upper branch. “I can’t believe they got blown up there!”

I had found the tops, but they were stuck up high in a tree. I couldn’t get up to them so I was trying in vain to free them with a branch.

“Wow! Are those your tops?” I heard Charles say from behind me.

“Yeah...” I said as I let the branch tip down in defeat. “But as you can see, they might as well be lost! I can’t get them free!”

“I see what you mean...” he said as he stood next to me. “It’s not that high though... I bet you could reach it if you climbed on my shoulders.”

“You think?” I asked as I looked at him.

I was so hell bent on finding my expensive top that I had forgotten that we had all stripped naked! Not that showing off my hot body bothered me, but seeing Charles’ package didn’t exactly leave me indifferent.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a slut or anything, but a girl can always appreciate a nice piece of manhood when she sees it. And he CERTAINLY had something noteworthy!

Maybe after all this he’d be willing to come over to our hotel room and party... Nah... Vicky would be all over him too. The slut...

“Sure!” he said with an easy smile. 

He crouched down and motioned for me to get on his shoulders. I swallowed as I went behind him. Reminding myself that we were naked didn’t help the arousal I was feeling. God... I hope he doesn’t notice how wet I’m getting!

I placed each leg around the back of his neck and steadied myself. I couldn’t help getting up close and the feel of his neck against my crotch almost made me moan. Fuck... I hope this doesn’t take too long!

He grabbed both my thighs and in one powerful thrust, he lifted me clear off the ground. Damn... He was pretty strong to boot...

“There... Can you reach them?” he said with a slightly strained voice. 

Right... The tops!

“Huh... Almost... Move a little to the right...” I said as I stretched to reach up.

I could almost touch the strings as they dangled down. I pushed on the top of his head, trying to get higher, but it didn’t work.

“Ok... I think... Yeah... Move this leg to my back and sit on my right shoulder, I should be able to push you up a little better.” he said as he tapped my left leg.

I didn’t understand how that would help, but I did it anyway. I ended up sitting solely on his right shoulder with one leg in his chest and one in his back. My back was against the large tree trunk as he moved himself to get a better stance.

Which made me acutely aware that my crotch was getting way to close to his lips...

“There... Ready?” he asked.

“Yes!” I said as I shook my head, trying to chase away unwanted images.

He suddenly moved me up the trunk by pushing his right shoulder up higher. One hand was steadying himself on the trunk while the other held my thigh. Fuck...

I looked up and if I stretched... I could maybe... My finger tips could touch the strings, but I had trouble grabbing hold of them.

“Almost...” I said as I tried again.

“That’s ok... Take your time...” he said. “You’re pretty light anyway!”

“Ahhaha Thanks...” I said as I tried to grab the strings.

“And... You smell pretty nice...” he commented.

“What?” I said before understanding what he meant.

Oh god...

I felt him move his head side ways and my hand instantly went to push him.

“Wait what are you...” I managed to say before his lips found his prize.

I moaned as he flicked his tongue on my sensitive clit. What was he doing? We just met!! Fuck... I didn’t have time to think about it further as he suddenly turned his body and flipped my right leg over his left shoulder. He pushed me back against the trunk and used both his hands to hold my thighs.


His face buried itself in my crotch and I felt his lips and tongue start their assault. 

“Oh Fuck! HHHmmm...” I moaned. “Chh... hhhmm... Charles!!!” I squeaked as spike after spike of pleasure shot up my body.

It was like he was possessed! Why did he assume he could suddenly eat me out like this? 

“You can’t... God... HHmmm... That feels good...” 

I didn’t know what to think! Part of me wanted this very badly while the other tried to be reasonable and argue that I was letting a stranger lick me in public!

I looked around as I held onto the tree behind me. Fuck... No one in sight at least... Good...

“We can’t... I... hhmmm... fuck... We can’t do this...” I said weakly as I moaned even louder.

Fuck... Why did he need to be so talented! It was like he already knew how to lick me perfectly! Each flick of the tongue... Each suckling kiss... He ate me out like we had been lovers for months!

And then he stopped and looked up.

“I’m sorry... I... I just couldn’t resist... I can stop if you want...” he said.

My mind tried to reason with myself, but my arousal wasn’t going to be denied after feeling such talent. For fucks sake... He was holding me up in the air as if I was nothing!

“Just... Don’t stop now...” I finally said as I squeezed my legs on his cheeks.

He smiled and resumed what ended up being the most intense and erotic orgasm of my life! He was so relentless... Talented... Soft... Hard... Slow... Fast...

Every change in pace only served to stoke the fire growing in my loins as I felt his hands hold me tightly against his shoulders. He felt like a beast... Hungry for my pleasure...

Or so my delirious mind imagined.

The whole ordeal sent me into orbit as the pleasure finally exploded inside me. I saw stars against the green canopy as the incredible release washed over me. I lost track of myself for a few moments as the shear magnitude of the orgasm made my head spin.

Somehow, we had ended up on the ground. He was on his back and still had my crotch in his face as I sat on his chest. He was panting hard, but he still had lust in his eyes.

Of course he had...

I smiled and took a peak behind me. His cock was rock hard as it swayed with each breath he took.

“After such a performance... It would be rude of me not to take care of that for you...” I said as I moved myself down.

I got between his knees and bent down to kiss his shaft. I started to lavish his cock with affection as I looked up at him. I had just had one of the most powerful orgasm of my life, but I still felt incredibly horny.

Since he pleasured me so expertly, it was only natural I do the same. He had pulled out all the stops, so I did the same. I kissed and licked his shaft with all the tricks I knew about. I sucked him as deeply as he would go, which ended up surprising me when his entire length slipped in with no effort. Odd... I never thought I would be able to deep throat him.

All the better though!

I sucked him as slowly as I could and reveled at each of his moans. Yet... As I sucked and looked up in his eyes, I could plainly see he wanted more.

He wanted me...

And I definitely wanted him!

So without a word, I sucked up slowly along his length and let him pop out before moving myself up. He didn’t say or do anything to stop me so I aimed his cock and slowly sat down on it.

Fuck he was hard...

He moaned and I looked down at him.

“Just relax and enjoy...” I heard myself say. 

I placed my hands on his broad chest and started to move and gyrate my ass slowly. His cock moved and scrapped inside me with delicious ease as I let my body and lust take over.

I loved being on top... Feeling his hard body beneath me... Moving my pussy along his veiny length... I usually concentrated on my own pleasure when  I fucked like this, but not today.

Today I was going to thank this man for giving in to his lust by constantly picturing his cock as it moves inside me. I was going to try and imagine how my pussy feels around his girth as I move my hips.

I was going to do everything in my power to make this as pleasurable for him as it had been for me.

Which just made it even better for me too...

I tried to keep my own pleasure at bay, but that became a challenge once his hands found my generous tits and started to expertly massage them. Our bodies seemed to understand each other perfectly as his hips started to join in. As if...

As if we had been lovers in another life...

The pleasure and lust eventually took over and all other musings and thoughts burned away as our romp took on a passion I didn’t care to explain or understand. I was living in the moment and so was Charles.

Before I knew it, I felt him him push in hard and tense as his cock swelled within me. The sensation and knowledge of his impending release sent my own pleasure into overdrive as our bodies experienced a moment of pure bliss.


Once we were both done, I fell forward and let myself crash on his chest as I caught my breath.

“Well that was unexpected...” he commented as he held me in his arms.

“You can say that again...” I said as I listened to his pounding heart.

It took a while before we finally moved and stood up. I was a bit shaky on my legs, but he was there to hold me. I was in a daze as we started to walk slowly towards the beach.

God... I would have never thought myself capable of doing something so... So... Erotic... So wild! And with a stranger! But... I was definitely glad I had.

The more we walked, the steadier I got and I was finally able to walk normally. We came out of the thicket and onto the beach, which made me wonder why we hadn’t tried to grab the tops before we left.

“Say...” I said. “What about our tops?”

“I think we’ll need a ladder or something. I have one in my beach house. I’ll get it and have your tops in no time.”

“Oh good...” I said as I looked around at the beautiful beach around us.

We walked a little before I noticed Vicky kneeling on the beach farther ahead. She didn’t notice us and kept looking out at the ocean.

“Vicky!” I called out, but she didn’t seem to hear me over the crashing waves.

We finally got close and I moved in front of her.

“Earth to Vicky...” I said before I noticed what she was doing. “VICKY!”

I was shocked! Was she masturbating?

“What is it?” Charles asked as he came closer.

“She’s huh...” I said as I looked at her face.

She was really out of it! Her eyes looked so vacant... So glazed... And... God... Was that cum on her tits? She opened her mouth slightly and a white glob dribbled out and fell on her tits before she sealed her lips again.

“Vicky! God! What the hell are you doing?” I said. “What happened to you?”

“Oh wow... She looks out of it...” he said. “Am I mistaken? Or is that Strawberry coconut flavored yogurt slipping out of her mouth?”

“Yogurt? No it’s” I said as a rush of memories cascaded through my mind.


I turned and looked at Charles with a smile.

“Yogurt? Really? That’s the best you could come up with?”

He chuckled.

“Welcome back.” he said. 

Charles... Our owner. He always had the most elaborate, if not pointless, fantasies he made us play out. It all came back to me, like all the other times he had us forget.

We both lived and served him at his beach house. His hypnotic skills always managed to spice up our living dynamics and that’s what we liked most about living with Charles. Some times we are damsels in distress, washed up on a deserted island. Other times he surprises us at work and we play out some dumb fantasy where he’s a guest and we are the horny maids.

We were both his hypnotic sex slaves and we couldn’t be happier.

“Did you have to have her keep your spunk in her mouth while she does that?” I asked with a smile. “She’s going to make a mess of it.”

“You know she likes the taste. If you are so worried about her state of cleanliness, please feel free to lick it up.”

I smiled.

“Don’t mind if I do...” I said as I went to kneel in front of Vicky.

I kissed her lips and tasted the salty treat before moving down to her chest. I massaged and licked her tits until every delicious drop was gone. God I loved the taste of him...

Vicky, of course, showed no sign she even felt my lips or tongue. I knew she wouldn’t... In the state she was in, she wouldn’t hear or feel anything. Her mind was lost somewhere far away while her hand slowly pleasure her body.

“That was some scenario you had us play out.” I said as I got up. “Another fantasy of yours I take it?”

“In a way... Although the best fantasy is always having you both for myself.” he said as he came up and kissed me.

“And you always will...” I said after breaking away from the kiss. “Congratulations by the way, I don’t think you’ve ever been able to hold me up so high for so long before. Have you been working out?”

“Of course I have!” he said with a smile. “How else am I going to keep up with you 2?”

We kissed again and he slapped my ass.

“Now enough of that, time for your obedience mantras.” he said as he turned me towards the ocean.

“Yes Sir!” I said as I knelt next to Vicky.

“Ready?” he asked and I nodded. “Becky’s submissive palace.”

​I gasped as the trigger registered in my mind. I felt my mind slow down as my hand made its way to my pussy. I barely registered my fingers touching my clit before the trance took me into the obedient bliss I craved to feel every day...



I watched Becky fall in her trance and went to lie down between them. I let myself relax as I listened to the soothing sounds of the ocean. The secluded beach we were on wouldn’t be open to the public for the next few days and it meant that I could come here and play with my hypnotic beauties as much as I wished.

Today it was a porn like scenario I had dreamed up a few weeks ago. Tomorrow, who knows what I’ll make them believe?

There were so many possibilities... 

I closed my eyes and mused about them all while my beauties continued to condition and enslave their minds to me. At this point it wasn’t necessary since I could basically make them do anything I wished, but I had them do daily mantras anyway. For good measure yes... But also because it never failed to turned me on.

I was so glad to have tried to hypnotize these stunning beauties when I did. It just goes to show that you can never know if someone will make a good hypnotic subject. 

You can only try and hope for the best.

Which makes me remember that the season for hot young woman is about to pick up. Who knows... 

I might discover another rare young beauty and add her to my hypnotic playthings...

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