Perfect Treatment

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #Technology

She wakes up feeling disoriented and with fuzzy memories. A doctor is there to sooth her worries and explain how she volunteered to undergo a very special treatment that turned her into the perfect most sexiest version of herself…

“Oh my god... My head... What... Where am I? I... I feel so weird... What happened to me? I feel like... Like I’m different... Fuck... My thoughts feel so fuzzy...” I said as I grabbed my head.
“Yes Yes...” the man in front of me said. “I’m afraid that’s completely normal my dear. All side effects of the treatment you went through.”
I managed to look at him through my messed up hair. I tried to focus on his words since it was the only thing that didn’t make me dizzy.
“Treatment? What treatment?” I asked, trying to remember what he was talking about.
“Don’t you remember? You volunteered for an experiment treatment that would keep you young and beautiful for ages! If it worked anyway... " He said.
"After you went through it, you should keep your young and healthy body for a decade or 2.” he finished as he gestured towards me.
His words triggered a whole set of memories. I knew who this man was and why I went to see him.
“Yeah...” I said. “That does sound familiar... I... I think I remember now... You are doctor... Smith... Right? And you... Yeah... I remember you explaining everything to me. How the procedure would go... What I needed to do... Wow... Are you telling me it worked?”
He chuckled as it all came back to me. The appointments... The research... The paperwork...
“I believe we were successful! Just have a look for yourself.” he said as he pointed towards the full length mirror.
The dizziness was fading away and I was able to walk over to it without too much difficulty. I had to blink a few times as I saw the person staring back at me.
“Woah...” I exclaimed as I turned to see both sides of her. “I look so... Different! I mean... It’s me but... It’s also NOT me... I look so gorgeous! So sexy...”
“So...” he said, stepping behind me. “Can I assume you are happy with the results?”
“Happy? OH MY GOD! I’m ecstatic!! I never dreamed I would become such a bombshell!”
“The treatment is designed to enhance your body to a peak of health and beauty that normally requires intense workouts and a diet that borders on insane protein and vitamin calculations. In truth, you couldn’t really look this good unless you dedicated your life to reaching this goal.”
“That’s insane...” I said as I looked at myself. “And you say I’ll stay like this for years? I won’t age at all?”
“If the treatment works as it should, no, you’ll stay this beautiful and healthy for a very long while.”
“Wow...” I said as I did a full 360. 
I could barely believe the person standing in the mirror was me! But then, as I looked at myself, I was forced to realize something a little odd.
“Say doc...” I said as I faced myself again. “It might be that my head is still a little hazy... But... I’m naked aren’t I?”
For some reason, I didn’t feel the need to cover up as I looked up at him. He was a doctor after all and if memory serves, he had already seen me naked anyway.
“Why yes my dear.” I said as he looked at me. “Which is perfectly normal since you just woke up from the treatment and we had to make sure everything was ok. Does it bother you to be naked right now?”
“I...” I started to say before looking at myself again. “I don’t think it does. I mean... No... It doesn’t bother me. Odd...”
Even if he was a doctor, I felt like I should have worn a paper gown or something. I mean... At first anyway.
“It’s perfectly normal to feel a little off after such an intense procedure. I suspect you’ll experience many things that will feel odd in this new body of yours. The important thing is to listen to it. Try to feel and understand how your new body reacts to each situation. If you face something that seems odd, just listen to your body and it will guide you towards what feels right. Like being naked in front of me now. Does that feel wrong to you? Or does it feel right?”
He was right, I did feel a little off, which made me feel weird and tingly all at the same time. But as I thought about it, I realized he made a point. As hazy and dizzy as I was, I could still clearly understand what he meant.

“I think...” she said slowly. “Yeah... I think I should feel embarrassed or even shy, but I can’t say I feel those things at all. If anything, I feel nice being naked like this. So no... I don’t think it feels wrong.”
“See?” he said with a smile. “I’m glad the treatment didn’t mess too much with you and that you still feel so good being naked in front of me. Especially since you look so stunning!”
“All thanks to you Doc!” I said with a smile.
“Indeed...” he said, looking at me in the mirror. “Everything seems to have gone over smoothly.”
God I was happy I decided to go through with this! I have such an extraordinary body now! My long red hair framed my face as perfectly as my new hourglass figure complimented my larger chest. All my promotions were exactly what they should be! And my skin... It looked perfect! No blemishes or stretch marks.
I looked like a model!
I twisted and turned and couldn’t help but notice that I didn’t even seem to have unwanted hair!
“Doc? Does the treatment huh... You know...” I said pointing to my armpits.
“Unwanted hair? HA! You won’t have to worry about that anymore! I hope you don’t mind losing the bush though... I can’t make those grow back I’m afraid.”
“What? Oh no! It’s fine!” I said as I looked at my cute pink pussy.
I couldn’t believe it! I looked like a goddess! Even my face! Wow. Did... Did he...
“Doc? Did you put makeup on me or something? It looks like someone put some on...”
He smiled.
“Not at all! This is your new face! The treatment also enhances your skin tones much the same way makeup did before. Think of it as permanent make up. Does that bother you?”
“What? Oh not at all! You’re saying I won’t have to shave or put on make up ever again?”
“Exactly!” he said. 
“Wow...” I whispered.
This was so incredible! One simple procedure and I morphed into a wet dream! One that wouldn’t age for a good long while! I was ecstatic!
But as my eyes took in every detail of my new body, I started to notice the room around me.
“Huh... Doc?” She asked.
“Yes my dear?”
“Where are we? I don’t seem to remember this room at all. Are we in some sort of recovery room in your lab?”
“Not quite... Yes we are in a recovery room.” he said. “But... This room isn’t located at my lab.”
“Oh?” I asked surprised. “So... huh... Where is it located?”
“In my home.” I said.
“Ok... I thought the treatment was done at your lab? It was... Wasn’t it?”
“Oh yes!” he said with a smile. “But your recovery had a few minor complications and I had to transport you here in my private recovery room so I could keep an eye on you. It just had to be done. Does that bother you?”
“I... huh... No...” I said. “If it made things easier... I mean... Hahahahaha... I was unconscious anyway right? Why would it bother me that you brought me over to your home?”
“Exactly! It was just to make things easier for me...” he said. “You don’t mind making things easier for me right?”
“Not at all Doc!” I said with a renewed smile. “Whatever it takes to make this awesome treatment work is fine with me!”
“Marvelous!” I said.
Part of me did feel it was odd that he decided to bring me to his home, but then again, the experimental nature of his treatment probably made things hard at the lab if he needed to watch me like he has. With the undeniable results though, I was more than happy to go along with whatever he needed to do for this to work!
“Ok... So what now? Do you need to do tests or something?” I asked.
“In a manner of speaking... I’m not sure if you remember this from your contract, but there is a period of time when I need to monitor you 24/7 in case the treatment doesn’t stick, so to speak...”
“Oh...” I said frowning. “I don’t remember that part of the contract.”
“I can dig it up to show you of course. I mean... If being under my 24/7 care feels wrong to you...” he trailed off.
“Well...” I said, turning to look at him. “It does seem odd that I wouldn’t remember such an important part of the contract, but it certainly doesn’t bother me to stay under your 24/7 care! I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make this stick! How long are we talking about anyway?”
“Oh that all depends on you and your reactions to the treatment my dear!” he said with a smile. “Every body that undergoes the treatment is unique. As such there is no real way to tell how long the monitoring period will take. But don’t worry, looking at your results so far, it shouldn’t be too long!”
“Great!” I said smiling. 
Before frowning again.
“My head is still a little fuzzy because I don’t seem to understand how I can be under your 24/7 care.”
“Oh that’s simple my dear! You’ll just have to stay in my home until the indications from your tests show no signs of regression!”
“Right...” I said.
“Does that bother you?” he asked.
“Humm...” I said, thinking it over. “No... I mean... I signed the contract and all... I just didn’t realize I had to stay with you like this. Crap... I didn’t pack anything!” 
“Don’t you worry my dear!” he said with a smile. “The few things you’ll need while you are here are supplied by me, as per the contract of course.”
“Oh... But huh... Even clothes?” I asked.
“About that...” he said looking at me. “I could find you a few outfits if you truly wish to cover up while you are here. But... It would be preferable if you would stay naked for the duration of your stay here. I need to keep a close watch of your skin and body to detect and correct any signs of rejections. Would that bother you?”
“I see...” I said as I thought it over. “I mean... That’s fine really. I can see how it would be easier and way more practical for me to stay naked. Since I don’t mind being naked in front of you, why not right?”
“Excellent!” he said with a smile. “Now, I need you to spread your arms wide.”
“Ok...” I said as I lifted my arms. “Why?”
“Now that the treatment is done and you are back to normal, I need to check over your entire body. We’ll be doing this periodically during your stay so I can monitor your progress.”
“Gotcha.” I said as I watched him approach.
He started off with the fingers of my left hand. He examined and touched every digit before going over my palm. He let his fingers trace my skin as he examined every inch of my forearm before moving up to my shoulder.
He was very professional, but I couldn’t help but feel a little excited. I mean... I was still a woman after all! I closed my eyes and tried to control my racing heart as his hands went from my shoulder blade to the back of my neck. I felt him gently move my hair out of the way as he inspected the top part of my back. 
I felt shivers as he moved on to my right arm and did a repeat performance. I had to bite my lower lip as I tried to ignore the wonderful sensation his tender touch sent along my nerves.
Once he was done with my fingers, he started to caress and touch every part of my back. He was still clinical, but my mind couldn’t help but picture an attentive lover as his strong hands almost massaged and squeezed my ass.
Part of me felt a little odd about the way he was examining me, but it certainly didn’t feel wrong so I strove to stay as still as I could. Which was hard as hell when he gently parted my ass cheeks to inspect them. 
Thankfully, he didn’t inspect my ass for too long and went through the same slow examination of both my legs. A few times while he was crouched down, I felt his head bump against my ass and I had vivid flashes of him pushing me over so I would bend down. Offering up my folds for him to bury his face into them...
I shook my head a little to chase away the naughty thoughts as he moved to the front of me. I peaked down and smiled as he started to examine my toes and ankles. He was being very thorough...
Oh god... 
I suddenly realized that he was moving up! Surely he would notice how aroused I was getting!
His hands caressed and moved up my left leg, stopping on my thigh before beginning again on my right leg. He was so slow that I felt like he was teasing me! I was getting confused again... I didn’t know if I wanted him to forget the examination and start licking me or stop short and act like nothing was amiss. 
I closed my eyes again and waited to see how he would react. His hands took my hips gently as his thumbs caressed the top part of my thighs. Oh god... He moved them up until they barely brushed up against my private folds before caressing the sides of my hips.
I gasped as his thumb finally moved and touched my clit!
I thought he would say something. I hoped he would start rubbing. I pictured him getting up and showing me his impressive shaft!
But he just moved it around a little to inspect it before doing the same with my inner folds. God I was so wet! Surely he noticed!
If he did, he didn’t say a word before moving up to my tummy. I would have giggled if I weren’t this aroused. His fingers touched and caressed every inch of my new tight stomach before moving up to my chest.
He didn’t wait to see how I was reacting and just slowly cupped and massaged my tits with his strong hands. His fingers found my rock hard nipples and moved them around a little before his palms went over them to touch the upper part of my chest and collar bone.
Fuck... I don’t think I had ever been this aroused from someone just examining me!
His inspection continued on as his fingers and attention concentrated on my neck and chin. He checked my jawline and turned my head left and right so he could examine my ears. His touch should have felt clinical, but it didn’t.
His fingers dug in gently into my scalp and it felt like he was able to reach down past my skull and massage my brain. I was swimming in arousal and goose bumps as he moved on to my forehead. God it felt incredible...
He traced my eyebrows and nose before looking deep into my right eye. He showed no emotion as he inspected me. No sign he understood how turned on I was. No sign he cared...
He was just examining his patient.
My heart was beating so fast when he finally reached my lips! He caressed them so tenderly before slowly making me open my lips. I yielded to his touch and opened up my mouth as he examined my teeth. Fuck this was so hot...
He finally seemed to finish and released my mouth. He smiled at me and nodded once.
“Excellent! I’m happy to say there is no trace of rejection!”
I had to take a deep breath before I smiled. It wouldn’t do to talk while I felt so aroused! It wouldn’t be professional!
“I’m happy!” I finally said as I got my raging hormones under control.
“We are almost done my dear, only a few...” he said before being cut off.
The door flung open hard, making me gasp in surprise. A naked blonde woman came through the door gasping and crouched over. 
“God...” she said panting. “DDddoc... It... It’s happening agggain... Pp... Please... I... I’m sooorrryyy to... Bbb... Barge in...”
I was instantly shocked by the state she was in. She was sweating like crazy as she squirmed on the balls of her feet. She was leaning on the door knob and clearly looked out of it. Was she... Was she moaning?
The Doc sighed and went to her. He crouched down and took her face in his hands. 
“My my Amy...” he said as he examined her eyes. “I do believe I’ve warned you this could happen if you let yourself indulge. Didn’t I?”
She nodded.
“PP... Please...” she begged him.
“It certainly looks like you went over your limit...” he said, sighing. “Nothing helped?”
She shook her head as she squirmed.
“NNn... No... PPllease... I... I need...” she begged.
“When will you learn?” he said as he got up.
I watched in awe as he moved behind her and started to undo his pants. My jaw dropped when he freed his member and stroked it a few times to make it hard.
“Huh... Doc...” I managed to say as a mix of shock and arousal coursed through my veins.
He ignored me while he spread Amy’s ass cheeks and placed his shaft at her opening.
“Yes?” he said offhandedly as he aligned himself.
“DOC!” I said louder as I watched him push in hard.
Amy almost screamed as a moan ripped through her throat. Her eyes rolled back as the Doc pulled her all the way to his hips. 
“Yes?” he finally said as he looked at me. “What is it?”
His demeanor betrayed no sense of worry or shame at the fact he was impaling this woman in front of me. If anything, he seemed too concerned by Amy to truly understand the effect they were having on me.
“You... Huh... Why...” I stuttered as I tried to find the words to express how bizarre I felt.
He blinked, as if not comprehending what I was trying to say, before he suddenly looked down at the moaning mess in front of him.
“Oh my...” he suddenly said. “My apologies... I can understand how this might be confusing for you.”
Confusing? Seems a very poor word to describe how I felt. 
“I had planned to properly introduce you to Amy here, but it seems she’s been a little naughty while I tended to your recovery and placed herself in this state.”
“You huh...” I said, trying to get my arousal under control. “You say that as if I should understand.”
He didn’t fuck her per say. He just stayed impaled deep inside her as she squirmed and visibly came from that simple penetration. How horny had she been anyway?
“Right...” he said as he caressed her ass. “Of course you can’t possibly understand. I can start by saying that although this is quite unorthodox, Amy needs this rather specific sort of stimulation to manage to get over her condition.”
“Condition?” I asked. “I don’t understand...”
“Yes...” he said as he bent over and grabbed her arm. “It’s an unfortunate side effect from the treatment she went through.”
He reached out and bent her left arm backwards before placing his fingers on her wrist. He looked at his watch and seemed to be ticking off the seconds. Was he taking her pulse?
“Treatment?” I said, suddenly worried I was understanding correctly.
“Yes... Treatment.” he said as he nodded once towards the watch and let her arm go. “Amy here has undergone a similar treatment as you. She was one of the first to test it out in fact. Don’t worry, I’ve since refined and evolved the treatment to side step the side effects she experiences.”
“Side effects? What kinds of side effects?” I asked as Amy’s eyes fluttered.
“In Amy’s case, her body went through a lot of rejections before it finally stabilized. We both thought everything was fine until one night she decided to masturbate.”
My hand had crept down towards my crotch at seeing such a hot display, but I quickly pulled it away and tore my eyes away from Amy to look at the Doc.
“Wh... What happened?”
“I’m still running tests and trying to figure that out... But as far as I can tell... Her body kind of got stuck in the ‘on’ position. She can manage mild arousal and even some light masturbation, but if she stimulates herself for too long... Well... She gets stuck on the edge of her orgasm.”
“Stuck?” I asked, not really believing what he was telling me. 
“Yes...” he said as Amy moaned louder. “I can’t pretend to know what it feels like, but she says it’s like she starts to cum, but... It just won’t fully release. Regardless of what she does or how aroused she is, she can’t make herself cum. She just... Stays on the brink.”
I swallowed as I tried to picture how that must feel. Which didn’t help my own arousal at all!
“And...” I said nodding towards their hips. “Why are you...”
“Fucking her? Yes... We had trouble getting her arousal under control and she eventually begged me to fuck her, since all other methods didn’t seem to break the pleasure loop she was feeling, I decide to try. To my complete surprise, we discovered that her edged state only breaks once she feels a real flesh and blood cock enter her pussy.”
I had to blink a few times as I tried to convince myself I heard correctly. Was he being serious?
“That’s... Insane...” I finally said. “Why would...”
I trailed off as I tried to wrap my head around his words. 
“I thought so too at first... It seems there is something about feeling the warm flesh inside her that makes her new enhanced body respond.  Since then, we’ve tried EVERYTHING we could think of and nothing works. ”
“Accept when you... huh... Fuck her?”
“Correct.” he said with a smile. “But like I said, I’ve thoroughly analyzed the source of the side effect and I’m 100% confident you won’t experience the same troubling experience.”
Amy finally let her head fall forward as she took in a long breath. 
“Fuck...” she moaned. “God I needed that so bad...”
“Of course you did...” Doc said with a soft smile. “Ready?”
She simply nodded and I watched as the Doc started to slowly pump into her. The smell of sex was invading my nostrils as Amy resumed her low moaning. Fuck this didn’t help my libido!
Oh god... Did this new body mean I’d have the same bizarre arousal as Amy? 
“Huh Doc... I think... Huh... If it’s ok I mean... I think I’ll just leave you guys to it and huh... You know... Just huh... Tour the house ok?”
“What? Nonsense! Amy and I don’t mind your presence at all. Do you mean to say that this bothers you? Do you feel uncomfortable seeing us fuck?”
“I huh...” I said as I thought about it. “Well no... It doesn’t bother me at all... It huh... well...”
I didn’t want to say more in front of Amy. Luckily for me, Doc seemed to understand.
“Oh I see...” he said calmly as he continued his slow rhythm. “Seeing us fucking arouses you doesn’t it?”
“Huh...” I said swallowing. “Yes Doc.”
“I see...” he said, looking me over. “Well no time like the present I guess... I was planning on testing your arousal a little later this week, but since you are clearly aroused, it seems it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to see if my changes to the treatment were effective.”
“Huh... I’m not sure I understand...” I said as I frowned. “My head still feels a little off...”
“Which is normal I assure you...” he said as he pounded a little harder into Amy. “What I mean to say is that if it feels and doesn’t bother you, just go ahead and masturbate while you watch us.”
“What?” I said, a little surprised he would even suggest it.
“I need to confirm the treatment won’t leave you in a bad place like it does with Amy. If it works, you’ll be able to enjoy your new body without fear of getting stuck in an arousal loop. And if it doesn’t, I already know how to stop it. And since I’m already hard...”
“Oh I see...” I said.
“Does masturbating in front of us bother you?”
“I...” started to say, thinking about saying it did.
But to my surprise...
“No... It doesn’t bother me... Odd...” I trailed off.
“Excellent... Please feel free to start when you are ready.”
To my utter surprise, I didn’t feel odd or embarrassed at all as my hand slowly slipped down my tummy. I had never masturbated with an audience before and I thought I would be worried about it. But I wasn’t.
I was already pretty aroused and if I was honest, I felt grateful the Doc wanted me to touch myself. Even if I would have preferred to do this alone with him, I couldn’t deny that Amy really seemed like she needed the fuck.
My fingers started to circle my clit as I admired Amy’s figure. In many ways, she was a lot like the new me. Her tits were as generous as mine had become. I watched them sway heavily as Doc continued to pound her. Her skin looked so smooth and immaculate! And her ass...
I had never thought of myself as bisexual, but looking at the pure vision of beauty before me, I had to admit that it made me just as hot as seeing Doc’s cock. Was this a side effect? Or was I just fuzzy about what I used to like?
Maybe I always liked girls...
My musing soon evaporated as my body started to respond in earnest to my slow circling digits. Like an old friend, I felt a familiar pleasure start to grow and bloom inside my tummy. Amy’s moans seemed to guide my rhythm as my eyes took in the slow fuck before me.
As strange as it all was, in that moment, it didn’t matter one bit. 
The sight only pushed my pleasure higher as my other hand came up to my tit. Doc smiled at me and for some reason I had the distinct feeling he was picturing me in Amy’s place.
Or was I just projecting my own hopes? 
Whatever the reason, it didn’t feel wrong. If anything... It felt incredibly good.
Picturing Doc impaling me felt right somehow. Hot... I couldn’t remember if I ever thought about him in that way, but I certainly did now and it felt insanely erotic. My pleasure doubled as I watched him slowly penetrate her again and again.
Looking at me...
Oh fuck... Why was I so hot for him? It usually took me a lot of time to make myself cum, but now... My fingers felt so good... So intense... Was it because of my new body? Did it feel better? Or was I going to get stuck in ‘arousal mode’ if I let myself cum?
I had to stop... I had to slow down...
I squeezed my nipple hard as I stopped circling my tender hood. My heart raced as I tried to calm myself.
“Everything ok? Is there something wrong?” he asked, visibly concerned.
“No... hhmm...” I said as I took a long breath. “I just... I’m a little afraid... This body... It... It reacts so well...”
“My dear...” he said smiling. “No need to worry. I’m here and everything is perfectly normal. Your body has changed a lot and as such, you will feel that your senses have changed. Does it bother you to feel so good?”
“God no...” I said, half moaning.
“Then please... See if you can make yourself cum and I’ll be able to monitor and judge if everything is normal.”
I nodded once before my fingers resumed. Of course... Doc was here... He would be able to deal with whatever happened. I could always count on him and his expertise. 
Doc smiled at me again as he started to stroke into Amy once more. His concern was touching in a way I hadn’t expected. It felt... Good... To know that Doc was so worried about me. Like I held a special place in his heart.
The thought sent my pleasure higher as I watched him fuck the senseless Amy. God... She really looked like she was enjoying herself! I wonder if being fucked will feel just as good...
Just thinking about having a cock inside me was going to make me cum! Especially if I tried to picture Doc’s cock impaling me...
I felt the heat spike as my pleasure grew and climaxed into a swirl of pleasure I wasn’t ready for. I had to grab onto the chair next to me as my body started to spasm and jerk while my release crashed against every single nerve in my body.
Never... Never had I felt such a powerful orgasm... Not from masturbating at least...
I was still in the throws of it when I felt strong hands grab my head and lift me up. I came face to face with Doc as he intently studied my face.
And as the pleasure slowly relinquished the control it had taken away from my muscles, I found myself studying Doc’s face. It was like I was seeing it for the first time. Every line of his handsome face seemed to etch itself in my eyes. Every contour... Every tone... Every crease of his skin... 
The depth of his eyes...
“Very good... Seems you won’t get stuck in your orgasm...” he said as he smiled and released my head. “How do you feel?”
My heart still pounded from the release and the strange experience I had just experienced, but other than that...
“I feel... Good...” I said.
“Excellent!” he said. 
I looked at the ground and tried to catch my breath. 
“Now I believe it would be a good time to check... Yes... Please sit on the bed if you please.”
“What? Oh... Ok...” I said as I saw him pointing at the bed a few feet away.
I walked on weak legs towards the bed and turned to sit on it. Doc had followed me and helped me sit on the bed. It wasn’t until he gently pushed my legs apart that I noticed his raging hard on!
“I’m sorry to push this on you so soon after you came, but it's a golden opportunity to check on how your pussy reacted to the stimulation. May I?”
I swallowed hard and nodded. Why did he have to be hard? God... I couldn’t take my eyes off it until he sat down on the chair and moved in close. His cock disappeared under the bed as he moved his face inches from my exposed pussy.
I could feel his hot breath on my swollen lips as he calmly examined my most private parts. I thought I would feel embarrassed or shy, but I didn’t.
No... I just felt insanely aroused!
“Excellent! Everything seems to be in order!” he finally said before looking up at me. “Now, I know I’ve imposed a lot on you in a short period of time, but could I possibly ask you for one last test?”
His face was so sincere... He truly wanted to see how his work had affected me.
“Huh...” I said swallowing. “Sure Doc. Whatever it takes.”
“Splendid!” he said as he stood up between my legs.
My heart raced as his cock came back into view. Inches from my dripping pussy.
“I would like to check if your new body performs the same with the real thing.” he said as he pointed his engorged cock at my entrance. “Unless that would bother you of course.”
He looked at me and I immediately shook my head. It didn’t bother me at all! He smiled and lifted my legs. He came closer and aligned his cock with my sensitive lips. He barely looked at where his cock was going and looked into my eyes, as if to gauge my reaction as he pushed himself in.
My mouth instantly made a silent ‘O’ as his cock started to penetrate me. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before. My pussy was extra sensitive as he slowly pushed into me. 
His eyes were so intense... As if he was observing every detail of my face just as closely as I had examined his. I tried not to react too much, but when I felt his full length completely bury itself inside me, I lost it.
Out of nowhere, I felt an orgasm rip through my body as I flung my head back. I moaned loudly as the sudden release made my body jerk. 
“Just breathe... I know it must be overwhelming you... But try to stay with me ok?” he said as he waited for me to come back down.
The orgasm slowly subsided and I was able to look back at him. He seemed slightly concerned, but smiled when he saw my eyes. 
“Good...” he said as he started to slowly piston into me.
Each stroke sent spike after spike of intense arousal, as if his cock was actively pumping more and more pleasure inside my new body. My eyes rolled back as the intensity of it threatened to send my mind into orbit!
I didn’t feel his hands move from my legs to my head, but I certainly felt him jerk my face forward. My eyes refocused through the pleasure as Doc’s face appeared inches from my own.
“Stay with me I said.” he said as he continued to fuck me. “Just keep looking at me...”
God! How could I possibly stay focused? It’s insane! I felt as if I was already coming, but I knew I wasn’t because the pleasure just kept climbing and climbing! I felt delirious as I tried to keep my thoughts from disappearing into pleasure.
Doc never let go of my face and I found the answer I needed. His face! I felt my mind latch onto the idea as I felt the same intense concentration take over my brain. The pleasure snuffed out every other thought as I studied every single inch of his face.
It was the only thing I could do.
I looked at his chin... His mouth... His nose... His eyes... I got lost in the abundance of detail as the inferno in my loins kept going higher. Somewhere deep in my mind, I registered that Doc had started to speed up, but the detail was soon drowned out in the flames of my pleasure as it burned through my veins.
It would have been painful if it didn’t feel so exquisite...
Through the mind warping pleasure, I started to feel something else. Something profound... The more I looked at Doc, the more I felt it. Something was growing... Changing... 
I was delirious... I wasn’t thinking straight.
The fuck intensified and so did my examination of his face. It was the only thing I could do to try and stay in the moment. If I stopped looking, I would lose myself to the pleasure for sure.
Yet... The more I looked, the more I felt like his face and features were burning themselves into my mind. Craving out every detail of him somewhere deep in my thoughts. The image of him felt like it was searing itself into my consciousness.
Burning all the way down to my subconscious.
What was happening? Was this normal?
“DDdd... Doc...” I tried to say through the moans. “Sss... Some... THING! Hhhhaaa.... Is... Ha... Happ.. Happening...”
“Shhh...” he soothed as he slammed harder and harder into me. “Don’t fight it... Just let it happen...”
I didn’t answer as the sensation of his cock and the burning in my head combined and drowned out all my thoughts. Doc wanted me to let it happen and Doc knew best...
That’s all I was able to think about.
I gave myself to the raging swirl and held on for dear life as Doc started to fuck me frantically. The last thought I had before the pleasure completely claimed me was that he was about to cum...
And he must have because the pleasure finally crashed and released itself inside my body. I barely felt him go rigid as my mind went white and my body pumped liquid pleasure through my veins.
The last image I saw before I lost consciousness was Doc’s handsome face.
I don’t know how long I swam in the after math of our fuck, but it was clearly too short. I drifted back down to my body and yearned to stay in that blissfully safe cocoon. 
But I didn’t. 
I felt a hand slowly caress my hair and I briefly thought it might be Doc, but the touch seemed too delicate to be his. I enjoyed the soothing touch a while longer before I let my eyes flutter open.
I was lying on the bed with my head firmly nestled in Amy’s lap.
“Welcome back gorgeous...” she said with a soft smile.
I looked up past her perfect tits and calmly realized that it didn’t bother me that we were both naked and so very close. 
“Intense isn’t it?” she asked as she moved a lock of hair from my face.
“God...” I said, trying to collect my thoughts. “What happened to me?”
“Doc fucked you... Or don’t you remember that part?” she said with a smile.
“Oh yes... I remember... Vividly!” I said with a warm shiver.
She laughed.
“The first time is like nothing else in the world!” she said excitedly. “I’m so happy I got to watch it.”
Right... She was still in the room when Doc came to fuck me. I thought it would bother me to have a stranger watch me fuck, but it didn’t. I moved off her lap and groaned as a delicious soreness spiked between my legs.
“Easy now...” she said as she helped me. “The first fuck takes a toll...”
I looked around the room and didn’t see any sign of Doc.
“Where is he? Did he leave or something?”
She smiled in a way that made me pause. 
“Oh nothing...” she said innocently. “Doc just had other things to take care of. You WERE out for the better part of 2 hours you know.”
“Woah... That long?” I said as the reality of it sank in.
2 hours? I had never lost consciousness from a fuck before. Let alone stay blacked out for hours.
“I know...” she said as she got up. “Like I said, it’s pretty intense when he claims you. But no worries, you’ll get used to the pleasure soon enough.”
Wait... What?
“Did you...” I said looking up at her. “Did you just say claim?”
“I did...” she said looking up at me. “Does that bother you?”
“Bother me?” I said, trying to think about it. “I... No... I don’t think so.”
“Thought as much...” she said as she moved towards the door.
“I don’t understand...” I said.
“You will in a few moments... Just follow me ok? Doc wants to see you.”
“Ok...” I said as I started to follow her. 
My legs were still pretty weak, but I managed to follow the vision of beauty into the hallway. We took a few turns and we came across another insanely beautiful dark haired girl.
“Hey Amy!” she said with a smile. 
“Hey Sasha! Doc still in the main room?”
“You know it!” Sasha said.
“Good!” Amy said as I watched Sasha walk past us.
She winked at me before disappearing down the hallway. I watched her walk away and was stunned. She was naked just like we were. Was she another girl that went through the treatment?
“Come on slowpoke!” Amy called and I turned to follow. “That’s Sasha. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to everyone once Doc sees you.”
“Everyone?” I asked. “How many of us are there?”
“Huh...” Amy said musing. “I guess you would make... The 11th?”
The 11th? God... That many? And I thought I was the first... Damn... My head felt so hazy... Why wasn’t any of this bothering me? I was naked, following another naked girl that was leading me pass other naked girls. All to go see Doc, who Amy says claimed me.
How weird did it have to get before it bothered me?
We came into a large room filled with sofas and cushions. I looked around and saw a few other naked girls as they lounged around. A blonde was reading a book. A black girl was scrolling on her phone. An Indian girl was bringing a tray of shots to a red head that looked like she was writing on a computer.
And lastly, I was 2 brunettes on the sofa in the center of the room. One was sitting comfortably as she made out with the man between them while the other laid on the sofa, slowly sucking his cock.
My first instinct was to find this odd, but I soon realized that it didn’t bother me. After all, why would the man enjoy the talents of such beautiful women? What man wouldn’t get aroused when surrounded by divine beauties like us.
“Hey Doc! Brought her to you like you wanted!” Amy called out as we got close.
The brunette kissing him moved to the side and smiled. I gasped as I saw that the man was Doc! My knees suddenly felt weak as the burning I had felt in my head while we fucked suddenly bloomed and sent a small orgasm between my legs.
His face... 
Everything about it seemed to scream at me. Trying to tell me something important. Something vital... 
I couldn’t stand as a wave of weakness made me kneel. The moment I did, I felt a euphoria unlike anything I had felt before. Did it bother me to be kneeling naked in front of Doc? 
Hell no!
It felt so right...
“Wow... She turned out nice...” the brunette commented as she caressed his chest.
“Didn’t she?” he said as he admired me. “Her name is Ruby.”
“It suits her well...” the brunette said.
“My dear Ruby...” he said looking at me. “As you can see, you aren’t the only girl to undergo the treatment.”
I nodded. Of course I wasn’t! I was in a room filled with divine goddesses that clearly went through the same treatment I did.
“I feel like I owe you a small apology since I did mislead you a little. You see, the treatment does transform your body into the most perfect and alluring version of yourself, but it also comes with a few fun side effects.”
Side effects...
“Like Amy?” I asked, still completely mesmerized by his face as it tried to tell me something.
Like an itch at the back of my mind...
“Amy? Oh yes...” he said with a smile. “I’m afraid that was more of me misleading you... Me and Amy put on a little show for you. There’s nothing wrong with her arousal. It was all fake I’m afraid... Does that bother you?”
“No...” I said instantly. “It doesn’t... I’m just curious why you guys did that.”
He smiled.
“It was all designed to lead you to a place where you felt aroused enough to want me to fuck you. I’ve found that the imprinting process works best when we get to it naturally.”
“Imprinting process?” I asked. “My head must be hazy again... I don’t understand.”
“Didn’t you feel it?” he asked as he looked at me. “An intense sort of burning in your mind as I fucked you?”
“I... I did...” I said as I started to make sense of what I felt.
“That was it. The imprint process... While the treatment does change your body, it also changes your mind. It opens up your thoughts and desires in such a way that nothing can be made to bother you. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Take Trisha here...” he said pointing to the girl in his crotch. “Don’t you find it strange that it doesn’t bother you to be faced with this display?”
“Well...” I said as I briefly tore away my eyes from his face to look in his crotch. “I mean... I do find it odd a little. But it doesn’t feel wrong for you to indulge while being surrounded by so many hot women.”
“Incredible... Seems she took to the treatment better than most...” the brunette at his side commented.
“That she did...” Doc said. “Anyway, since the treatment renders your mind so open, the natural response makes your mind yearn for a trusted source to help it determine what is what should and what shouldn’t bother it. Think of it this way. Your brain lost all it’s reference points and it needed something to latch onto. Since the human mind doesn’t naturally yearn for pain and emotional distress, it waits for something to give it pleasure. The imprinting all came together as I fucked you. Since I was the source of the pleasure you felt, your brain imprinted on me as the trusted source it needed.”
It finally all came together.
“So... You are saying that... My brain now views you as my reference point?” I said.
“Not quite...” he said as he pulled Trisha from his cock.
I watched him get up and come towards me. His cock instantly grabbed my focus as it stood proudly in front of him. My eyes followed every sway as he took step after step before stopping right in front of me.
It looked so incredible... I remembered just how much pleasure that cock had given me. So perfect... It was still wet with spit from Trisha, but I didn’t care. In that moment, I only wanted to taste it...
Doc grabbed the sides of my head and made me look up at him. As I knelt there, looking up at his handsome face, I couldn’t help but feel aroused at the power I felt coming off his person.
“The imprinting process basically reshapes your will to find anything I say as the most important thing in your life. My will has become yours. You can’t resist it because you don’t see or understand WHY you would. I’ve claimed you as my own.”
He... He was so right! I knew it in my bones. That burning sensation in my mind.. That intense elation as I saw his face. The itch in the back of my mind... It all made sense now. 
“I want you to join my perfect harem. Like the others, you’ll be devoted to my pleasure and serve my needs.”
“You...” I said as the reality of his words sank in. “You make us go through the treatment... Just so you can claim the perfect ageless women you create. Collect them... Use them...”
“I do. Does that bother you?” he said with a smile.
“No...” I said as I felt the truth of it. “Not if that’s what you want...”
“Excellent...” he said as he admired my face. “With you Ruby, I admit to tinkering with your treatment a little. Not that you would need it, but I’m always trying to refine the process and add fun things for my beauties to experience. I’m curious to see how it turned out.”
“I... I don’t understand...” I said. “What did you do?”
He smiled.
“Suck me and find out...” he said as he released my head.
I looked down in front of me and came face to face with his cock. I briefly realized that before, all this would have scared me. Revolted me. But as it was, my mouth watered at the idea of putting his perfect cock in my mouth.
So I did.
The moment I slipped it far enough, I felt the difference. I moaned as pleasure erupted in my veins. The feel of his cock as it slipped in and out felt divine...
It felt...
It felt almost as good as feeling his cock push itself inside my pussy!
I was amazed... And distracted... The pleasure I kept giving myself was intense. I did my best to push it down since he had instructed me to suck him and that’s all I wanted to do. I tried to push out all other thoughts as I worshiped him.
I didn’t hear them, but soon enough I realized that all the girls I had seen so far had joined me. They knelt beside me and encouraged my efforts. Some offered guidance while others looked envious.
“Welcome to my Harem Ruby...” Doc said as he caressed my head.
His harem...
Never in my life had I fantasized about being in a harem, but as I knelt there, dutifully sucking on Doc’s cock, surrounded by divine women, I couldn’t think of a place I would have rather been.
I looked up into Doc’s eyes and felt how right he was. He did claim me. Us... It made perfect sense for the creator of my new and enhanced body to own it. 
Use it...
I wasn’t pissed at all that he had tricked me. That he had done this to me just so he could add me to his sexual harem. 
How could I when it all felt so right? So perfect...
I was Ruby. The latest addition to Doc’s perfect Harem and nothing about that bothered me.

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