Mistaken Identity

Rebecca's Weekend

by The Traveling Master

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I was pissed!

All week, my boyfriend Sam kept hinting that he had a huge surprise for me. That some time this weekend, he was going to blow my mind with something so special, he guaranteed my mind would be blown to pieces!

Friday night came and went, still no news from him. All day Saturday, his number kept going to voice mail as if his phone was turned off. 
I originally planned to spend Friday night out with the girls, but I cancelled in the hopes that my good for nothing boyfriend would whisk me away to some expensive romantic retreat.

Or maybe kidnap me and have his way with me…

Whichever scenario was fine with me! Just not being stood up! I spent most of Saturday morning trying to call him every half hour, but after lunch, I decided he had used up my precious patience and I went out for some therapeutic shopping.

I soon lost myself in designer clothes and weekend sales and almost forgot how pissed I was. Almost…

As I got back to my apartment and spread out my plunder, I kept smiling as I thought of all the sexy things I had gotten. I just knew Sam would be extra pleased with my latest purchases. But the more I thought about how much Sam would be happy, the more I felt that HE was the one that was supposed to make ME happy. He was the one that teased me all week and left me high and dry!

So I was pissed!

I spent that evening hoping he would come in through the window and surprise me. Call me with a mysterious rendezvous… Barge in my room and ravage me until I couldn’t think anymore…

But none of that happened.

I woke up on Sunday morning, feeling even more pissed. Where the hell was he anyway? I tried calling him and his phone went to voice mail AGAIN.

For some reason, I started to picture him forgetting all about his promises and calling in his boys for a weekend of poker and cigars. Turning off his phone so no one would mess with his winning streak. If he even got one going…

But even if that was the case, Sam never spends more than a few days with at least texting or calling. Something was up and I was determined to find out. I got dressed and made my way to his apartment.

I got to his place and let myself in. I checked the bowl near the front door and saw his keys and phone. I took it and confirmed it was turned off. Strange… I called out for him, but didn’t hear an answer. If his phone and keys were here… He was surely somewhere in the apartment.

So I went to his bedroom. His bed wasn’t made, which told me he had slept in it. Why didn’t he call me then? I checked the bathroom and saw 2 dirty towels. Very strange…

I as I passed his study, the closed door gave me pause. He NEVER closed the door to his study. As I listened, I could hear… Moaning?

What the fuck???

Was he really cheating on me? Oh that little rat bastard! No… Calm down… Sam wouldn’t do that. He loves you too much and we both discovered we had matching kinks so no… Impossible…

Oh my god… Was he… Watching porn???

I almost laughed!

​That must be why his door is closed! I don’t know why, I know he watches tons of porn. I even sucked him off a few times while he watched. Why would he feel the need to close his door? Oh… Maybe he is into some other kink… Something intense and fucked up he’s afraid of telling me! Oh god! That must be it! If so, it will be perfect!

I wanted him to surfer for making me wait and hope all weekend. If I catch him with his pants down, he’s going to freak out! Serves him right! Ok Becca… Take a deep breath and prepare to launch the fire and brimstone!

I burst through the door in one go!

“WHAT are you… You… Do…” I started to say before I fell silent.

Dead silent.

I didn’t catch him with his pants down, masturbating to some weird Japanese porn site. No… What I saw sent hot and cold shivers up my spine. The scene was so un-real that I almost thought it was a bad nightmare.

I walked in on Sam at his computer, speaking into a microphone. That wasn’t odd… But next to him… I saw myself… Naked… Tied down to some elaborate dentist style chair… An IV bag plugged into my veins… Blindfolded… Earphones on… Gag in my mouth… And to top it all off… A vibrator wand was strapped so it stimulated my clit…

My mind froze.

This scene was an exact replica of one of my most deep and pervert desires. Being tied and gagged… Forcefully brainwashed with pleasure… My pussy clenched and dripped at seeing myself in the real world being subjected to such an erotic experience.

But my blood also ran cold as I realized that it wasn’t me being brainwashed. It was my twin sister Vicky…

I looked over at Sam just as he turned from his computer to look at me. His face… His face told me everything I needed to know…

“Oh god…” he whispered. “B… Becca?” he asked.

I could only nod. I was speechless.

“Oh no no no…” he said looking towards my helpless sister. “That means that… Oh fuck… That’s Vicky isn’t it?”

Again, I could only nod.

“I fucked up real bad…” he said as he got up and came towards me. “I thought I managed to surprise you on Friday night… I got in your apartment and hid in your room… I was ready… You came in… I drugged you… Just… Just like you wanted!!!”

My pussy betrayed the horror I felt as I melted at the thought that he had gone through all the trouble of trying to make my fantasy a reality. But… He hadn’t taken the right twin sister!!!

Poor Vicky!!

“And then… Oh god!!! I… I…”

He was freaking out. I was freaking out.

“I injected her with this compound… This cocktail of drugs… I’ve… I’ve been training her for… OH GOD! For a full day and a half! I’ve… I’ve… Oh god Becca… I’m so sorry!”

I was loosing it. Of course he was losing it! He had kidnapped and brainwashed my sister instead of me! Brainwashed… Oh god… What I wouldn’t give for him to have taken me instead! My pussy was dripping at the thought of being subjected to it all. He seemed so prepared…

As I looked at Vicky's moaning body, I couldn't help but echo his words...

I've been training her for a day and half...

Which begged the question… Did he actually brainwash my sister? Or was she just waiting to tell him he was wrong?

“Ok Sam… Stop panicking…” I said, trying to fight my own panic as I imagined how wrong this all was.

“I didn’t know it was Vicky I swear…” he whispered as he hugged me tight.

I knew he thought it was me. We were identical twins and unless you were talking to us, it was VERY hard to tell us apart. Ok… Part of me was a little disappointed he hadn’t noticed, but I could understand his mistake. I remember Vicky saying she was going to swing by my place for some clothes. That’s when it happened… Of course… How could he have known it wasn’t me going through my clothes?

So I decided to keep calm and see how much trouble we were in.

“It’s ok Sam… Or it will be… I think…” I said as I pushed him away. “First of all, I forgive you. I know you never dreamed of taking my sister like this, so I forgive you for making that mistake ok?”

I had to be the bigger man so to speak. He nodded as he looked at me.

“Second, I want to know how confident you are with your improvised brainwashing.”

He blinked as few times before answering.


“Because… It will affect how we move forward from here. Ok?”

He nodded. Then smiled… Why was he smiling? He moved away and went to my sister. He roughly grabbed her left tit and squeezed. Part of me was a mad he was touching my sister like that, but then again… I clearly understood that he had probably spent the last 24 hours making her cum over and over again.

God I wanted to be her right now…

I didn’t say anything and watched as he squeezed her tit until he pinched her nipple. Hard…

Vicky suddenly arched her back and screamed in her gag as an obvious orgasm ripped through her body. She was breathing hard as she finally came down from her high. I bit my lip as I realized how intense his technique must have been for Vicky to cum just from being pinched. I knew her well enough to know she didn’t particularly love nipple pinching when she fucked her lovers.

Did I dare hope that he had conditioned her so intensely? Over just 24 hours?

“Very confident.” He finally said.

I looked at him in awe. He had gone through a lot of trouble… All for me… It was wrong for me to want to forget about the fact he had brainwashed my sister to feel such intense pleasure… He had probably brainwashed her to obey him too… It was all part of my fantasy…

It was so wrong to want him to do it to me… Even as my sister lay panting and strapped to a chair… Being brainwashed right in front of me…

My mind and my body were at war. My pussy was screaming for him to take me and claim me like he had done with Vicky. My mind was arguing that this was a disaster! That it was wrong to forgive him.

That it was wrong to even consider offering him to keep us both…

God that would be so hot… Even if I didn’t really get off on fucking women, or even my sister for that matter… My lustful brain couldn’t help but imagine us both in thrall to Sam… Helpless to serve him and his needs… God it made me so wet…

I couldn’t decide for myself… So… If he could prove it actually worked…

“I see…” I finally said. “And I assume you’ve been bombarding her brain with obedience mantras…”

He nodded as he looked back at Vicky. He pinched her nipple again and at first, it made me mad he was taking liberties with her, but a bigger part of me found it very hot to see him take control of her. Of her body…

And of course, seeing her cum again just drove the point home that she really had been brainwashed.

“So… You are confident that if you unstrap her now… She would be forced to obey you…”

He waited for her to calm back down before looking back at me. He was changing… He was taking on an aura of command. Of authority… Like he did so many times in our bed…

God I was getting wet…

“Becca… At this point… Everything I do to her brings her orgasms… I would even bet that obeying a simple order will give her a small orgasm. Even if she wanted to resist, she couldn’t.”

His words seemed to stroke my clit. What he was describing was almost the exact phrases I used when I described my fantasy. Forced to cum while I obeyed him… Again and again… Pleasure would be my world as long as I obeyed him…

Forced… Conditioned… Orgasms…

“Ok ok… I want to see for myself… I’ll… I’ll hide over there and… Prove it. Prove she’ll obey you.”

“Ok…” he said as he came close to me. “And how do you want me to prove it to you?”

“I…” I started to say, realizing I was about to suggest something ludicrous.

This was my own sister! My loins wanted me to make him ask her to get down on all fours and let him fuck her up the ass. My head came up with tame options because it only wanted to confirm the hold my boyfriend had over Vicky. Maybe to see what could be done to help her.

To prove that I was on her side of all this…

But the fact was, I wasn’t sure which side I was on. True, I would NEVER have asked Sam to brainwash my sister. But… Now that the damage was done…

“Once she is free. Order her to kneel in front of you and masturbate until she cums for you.”

I could see he was a little surprised by my answer. I could honestly say I was too. I reasoned that this was the best compromise between my arousal and my logic. He finally noted and motioned for me to go in the closet. He used it to store equipment and research documents, but there was plenty of room for me to hide in. I closed the door and watched.

Fighting my treacherous fingers as they longed to rub my sensitive spots.

He went to my sister and started to remove the blindfold. I couldn’t see very well, but I could see that Vicky didn’t seem surprised that it was Sam. Maybe he had imprinted himself earlier in his brainwashing… He took hold of her jaw and looked her in the eyes. God he looked so sexy… Towering over her helpless form…

“I am your owner and you will obey. Correct?” he said firmly.

Owner… God… I couldn’t resist and let my hand drift down to my crotch. I saw Vicky nod, as much as she could in his grip, as she returned his gaze.

“Good. I will free you now. Only your limbs. Your mouth will stay covered. Which means you will not remove it yourself. Understood?” he asked and she nodded immediately.

I watched as he slowly undid all her bindings. She didn’t move or try to escape. She just waited for him to finish. Once he was done, he stepped back and looked at her. She looked back and didn’t move. Oh god… She really was going to wait for his command…

“Kneel in front of me and masturbate. Make it good… Make yourself cum hard.” He said firmly.

I loved it when he took on that commanding tone. I almost fell to my knees and did as he asked. But I was too curious… What would my sister do? Under normal circumstances, she would brush it off and laugh, saying he was mad to even think she would do such a thing. But this was anything but normal. She looked at him and nodded once before stepping down from the chair.

I watched, spellbound, as she kneeled in front of him and started to caress her skin. Her curves… Her right hand grabbed her tit and started to massage it as her left hand descended between her legs. Oh fuck… She was really going to… God this is hot!

Sam just watched, with his arms crossed over his broad chest, as my sister obeyed his command and masturbated for him. Right then, I knew… His brainwashing technique worked. She would never do this with my boyfriend. I wasn’t even sure if she would like to do this for her lovers. But she was doing it now for Sam.

Her owner…

My fingers were trembling as they rubbed harder and harder through my pants. I could feel how soaked I was, but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel what my sister was feeling. Experience what she had experienced…

I wanted Sam to strap me to that chair and do to me what ever he did to Vicky. I didn’t care that he had mistaken me with her. I didn’t care that he would have both of us as his little obedient fuck slaves. I… I just wanted it so bad… I didn’t care that my sister was coming along for the ride.

I came the moment I saw her back arch with her release. It was just so hot… I came back to my senses before Vicky. She was bent forward and breathing hard. Sam was looking over her shoulder. Looking at me… His face told me everything. He was silently asking if he had proven his control. As an answer, the only thing my aroused mind came up with was to undress.

I removed all my clothes and stepped out silently out of the closet. I could see his surprise, but I could also see he understood what I was trying to tell him. He smiled and looked down at Vicky, which was slowly coming back to herself.

“Before you try to muster the will to tell me, I want you to know that I KNOW you aren’t Rebecca. But that doesn’t matter does it? You will obey. Won’t you?”

She was still gagged, so I couldn’t be sure, but I felt like she was smiling as she nodded.

“Very good. You should also know that now, Becca knows I’ve claimed you as my own. That I own you now. In fact… It turns her on that I took you instead of her. Why? Because now, she won’t have to hide this part of herself from you.”

I knew he was laying it thick for her, but I didn’t mind. Whatever it took to smooth things with her was fine by me. As long as he put me in the chair next…

“Now it is her turn to experience my little drug cocktail… So Vicky, I order you to help me strap down your sister to this chair. I order you to help me brainwash her.”

He nodded towards me and I suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline. Should I run? Should I resist? I was so turned on I couldn’t think straight. I saw Vicky turn her gagged head towards me and I saw lust in her eyes. She was feeling so good… She was about to obey her owner…

She got up and they both came at me. It was all a blur, but they eventually got me tied up nice and secure on the chair. I couldn’t move… I was exposed… It felt delicious…

I couldn’t wait for it to start.

A few hours earlier - Vicky

​As I felt the sun on my cheeks and stretch the night away, I remembered what had happened to me and softly came as I thought of my owner. I was lying on my stomach, still enjoying the morning rays on my face when the sheets got pull away from my back. I barely had time to react as I felt the weight of someone straddling my legs.

“Good Morning.” I heard Sam say.

It was all he said before I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks. I tried to open my eyes to look back, but his cock buried itself in my pussy and made me cum hard.

I submit and obey my owner and my owner is Sam...

He fucked me hard and my mind was still amazed that each one of his thrusts gave me a small yet powerful orgasm. He finally pulled out and came all over my back. My head was reeling… Waking up to so many orgasms was disorienting… I felt him move off and laid down next to me. I caught my breath before I looked at him. He smiled before giving me my next order.

“Clean me off with your mouth.” He said.

I looked down at his spent cock and saw our mixed juices. I felt the need to obey bloom inside me and I moved down his body. I tenderly licked him as I watched his eyes look at me work. He was different… He was like last night now… He fully accepted he was my owner… He understood I would do anything he ordered me to do.

And he understood I would feel immense pleasure doing it...

I stopped once I couldn’t taste our juices anymore. I sat up on my heels and looked at him. He had his arms behind his head and was just admiring me. After a long while, he finally spoke.

“If I order you to spend the day kneeling in my bed while you pinch your left nipple every 5 minutes. You would do it correct?”

I was glad I was already kneeling… I felt weak at the thought of spending the day cumming because of his order.

“Of course… I submit and obey my owner.”

“Which is me…”

“Of course…” I confirmed. “Do you wish me to do it?”

“No… I want us to have a long honest discussion about how it all felt for you. I may have gone too far with you and if Becca reacts like I think she’ll react… I’ll be brainwashing her next and I want to be more… Refined… When I do it to her.”

“I see what you mean…” I said. “What makes you so sure she’ll react positively to all this? I mean… I AM her sister after all.”

“Because…” he said smiling. “We are going to plan things so she catches me while I’m brainwashing you. I’ll act as if I didn’t know you were you and she’ll be all understanding…”

“Yeah… I guess trying to explain that you really DID mess up would be a hard sell…”

“And I know my girlfriend pretty well… Just seeing you all strapped and tied to the chair will get her juices flowing.”

“Oh?” I asked with a smile. “You are going to put me in the chair again?”

“Of course I am. While we wait for Becca to finally come knocking at my door, I’m going to further your conditioning with a few new fun orgasm triggers… And also… I’m going to try and make you bisexual.”

At first I thought that trying to make me bi was pure none sense. Then again… With his damn cocktail… I could be made to enjoy almost anything… Accept anything… And then it dawn on me.

“Which will serve as another test before you ‘help’ my sister with her own sexual orientation.”

“Exactly. Since I own you now, I can use you to perfect every aspect of my process.”

I felt a little weird about being used as a guinea pig. Even more so to be tested on and made to become bisexual. But Sam was my owner and...

I had to submit and obey my owner...

“Now…” he said. “Tell me all about how the drug felt…”

We went into details and spoke at length about every minute of my experience in the chair. Before long, he was satisfied with what I could tell him and he set me up in the chair for round 2 of my brainwashing. Which only ended when Rebecca barged in…

A few hours after Rebecca was strapped into the chair...

I watched in awe as Sam, my owner, went to work on Rebecca. I was in awe because I couldn’t believe how good Sam was at this whole brainwashing/conditioning thing. A few hours ago, I would never have dreamed that I could find women arousing. Least of all my own sister! But… As I remembered my second round of brainwashing, I understood what Sam had aimed for.

At least this time, he didn’t make me cum so much!

He got me aroused and pleasured me to insane levels. He had ordered me not to cum, so I tried my very best to tell him and squirm away when I was about to cum. The whole thing was bordering on torture since his drug cocktail made my skin so very sensitive. Not to mention my clit!

But once I was riding the edge of my pleasure, he started to show me pictures and videos of sexy women. They wore a variety of sexy things like lingerie… dresses… Slut outfits… Bikinis… Even simple tight-fitting clothes. Then the women started wearing less and less… Until they were all naked.

Tasteful poses at first, but then the images turned pornographic and the woman wore bondage gear in a whole host of submissive poses. All the while, my pleasure was kept at insane levels.

The images finally stopped and he checked in on me. Once I caught my breath, he showed me the pictures again and I instantly knew it had worked. I didn’t just find the female body beautiful, I found it arousing… I marveled at the power behind his drug cocktail. With it, he really could make changes to my brain. To my desires…

He didn’t unstrap me and injected me with another dose. This time, as he pleasured me, I heard his voice come over the headphones.

“I love to fuck my sister because my sister is incredibly sexy.”

I smiled. Of course he was going to try and make me hot for my sister. And it had worked.

As I looked at my naked sister, strapped to the chair I had been in, I felt horny and aroused beyond anything I had felt before. Her body was sexy in ways I couldn’t explain. It was just so… Sexy!

I wanted to kiss it. Lick it… I wanted to make her feel oh so good.

Becca’s brainwashing took hours. And during those hours, Sam used me. I blew him while he watched his girlfriend get brainwashed. He fucked me as he conditioned her to love watching us fuck. He had me lick my own sister while he conditioned her to love it.

When he was finally done late Sunday night, Becca felt almost as good as me as we both kneeled in front of Sam.

“Say your mantra girls.” He said as he towered over us.

“We submit and obey our owner and our owner is Sam.” We both said in perfect unison.

He smiled as his cock started to rise before us. We knew what he wanted, but we waited patiently for him to issue his order. It felt so incredible to be able to be so open with my sister. I felt connected to her in ways I had never felt before.

A few days ago, I never would have even dreamed of a life spent in sexual servitude along side Becca. Slaves to the desires of a man. Of our owner… But now, as Sam gave us our orders and we both started to lick and suck his cock, I felt so much pleasure that I couldn’t dream of going back to my normal life.

I was looking forward to all the dirty… Sexy things to come…

​God I was so happy Sam mistook me for Rebecca!

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