Mark's New Tech

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/f #m/f #pov:bottom #Technology #vr

She gets curious about the breakthrough Mark made with his virtual reality research. Something about enhanced reality. She can’t resist and breaks into his lab to try it out. She discovers for herself just what type of breakthrough Mark was working on.

When I felt the back of the headset suddenly spring to life, I initially thought it was just the added tech Mark had been working on. His research notes were too complicated to understand, but I got the feeling that he was tinkering with a new way to experience Virtual Reality. Something to do with cerebellum sensors and ignition keys...
Regardless of what I thought the headset was supposed to do, I never expected it to extend and clamp around my neck!
Ok... Maybe I shouldn’t have broken into Mark’s lab and maybe I shouldn’t have decided to try his prototype on without his permission.

But... In my defense, it was so innovative! I’d seen this other lab tech walk around with it on and she moved around perfectly. What I gathered from the notes I stole form Mark was that the headset was supposed to offer the wearer an alternate vision of the reality around them. If it worked like I though it would, then the person would be able to apply any visual enhancement to their surroundings. In real time!

Just imagine!

Instead of walking around the boring lab, you could be seeing the walls of a castle! Instead of meeting co-workers, you could be seeing elves and dwarves! It was supposed to be some sort of augmented reality tech that would look and feel like the real thing!

I just had to try it.

So I broke in Mark’s lab on Friday night when everyone had gone home for the weekend and found his prototype. I booted up his software and placed it on my head. As expected, I was asked to do a bunch of calibrations before I could truly turn it on. It was basic stuff and I did them all in record time!

I was then asked if I wanted to start the personal reality transformation and I immediately clicked yes!

That’s when the headset’s screen suddenly went dark and the bottom part of the gear clamped around my neck. I had a slight moment of panic before I convinced myself that this was probably a safety feature of some kind. I could easily see myself get disoriented if my headset would suddenly come off at the wrong time.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

I waited for the booting sequence to finish and smiled when the screen slowly came back to life. Only... 

I expected to see a menu or even a crude 3D mapping of the lab I was in. But instead, I was shown a spiral. Further more, I heard and felt a small buzzing coming from the back of the helmet.


Must be broken or I didn’t load the correct program. I lifted my hand to the power switch and turned it off, thinking it would automatically disengage the neck clamp. Nothing happened... 

The soothing buzz and the spiral just continued on as if nothing happened. I panicked! I started to push and pull at the helmet to get it off, but it was no use! The collar like clamp around my neck made sure the head set was secure! 

What the hell?

I started to touch and probe the collar for any sort of release mechanism, but that too didn’t bare any fruit. As far as I could tell, only the headset itself was in control of the release.

I started to yell any and all exit or turn off words I could think of, but the spiral and buzzing continued on as if nothing extraordinary was happening. I took a long deep breath and thought about my dilemma. Why did the headset suddenly clamp down like that? Why couldn’t I turn it off?

“Relax.” the screen displayed.

What? Relax? Why should I relax?

“Look into the spiral and relax.” the screen displayed.

What? As if that would make me relax! Although... I have to admit that the colors are rather soothing. Or is it the low buzzing? 

“Look and relax.” it said.

I can’t remove this and I can’t turn it off. Might as well see what this program is about. Maybe it was some kind of meditation aid or something. I looked at the spiral and tried to relax. Which, if I’m honest, worked rather well...

“Look and sink deeper into the spiral.” it said.

Sink deeper? Ok... Wait... I feel funny... Why would this VR helmet want me to... to... Oh god! Is it trying to hypnotize me? It sure as hell looks like it! I definitely didn’t boot up the correct program!

I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the relaxing buzzing at the base of my skull. It worked and I was able to think more clearly. The head set was obviously designed to do this. So... Why would it want to hypnotize me?

Oh god...

I suddenly understood! The lab tech I had seen walking around with Mark’s tech wasn’t any old lab assistant. It was Lory. She is easily one of the best looking girls in the lab! Or... To be more precise... She’s the prettiest girl that actually works with Mark!

Did the headset hypnotize her? Did Mark actually find a way to hypnotize people with his augmented VR? Was Lory under his thrall?

I didn’t have time to think more on the subject. The buzzing at the back of my head suddenly changed and the effect was incredibly nauseating. My brain felt all squishy as a wave of disorientation swept through me. What’s worst is that even if my eyes were closed, my eye lids did nothing to block out the blinding flashing light coming from the screen an inch away. Flash after flash, my eye lids lit up, making me even sicker.

Was the headset malfunctioning?

The strobing intensified until I felt like I was going to puke! I couldn't take it! I fought of the feeling until I opened my eyes out of pure reflex. The flashing light and buzzing suddenly stopped. The screen went black again, leaving me completely disoriented.

After a few moments, the screen came alive again as the soft spiral materialized into view while the soothing buzz resumed. I had to admit, after feeling so dizzy and sick, the relaxing effects were more than welcome! I let the sickness subside as I watched the pretty colors in front of my eyes...

Wait... Oh god... If I’m not careful, this thing will hypnotize me! I closed my eyes again.

Ok think... Why did the buzzing change? And that flashing... God that felt terrible. Wait... Did the machine actually KNOW when I closed my eyes and resisted the soothing buzz? Was it using the flashing to force me to open my eyes and watch the spiral?

I got my answer a few moments later when the buzzing changed to the sickening throb again. The flashing erupted through my eyelids and in no time at all, I was right back at the edge of puking. I tried to calm down and push out the annoying feeling, but wave after wave of nausea made my stomach turn.

No! If I open my eyes again... I... I had to tough it out! I can do this!

I forced the feeling down trying to ignore it, but it was no use. The waves just went on and on until I felt my supper try to come out. Fuck... I... I can't do it!

I didn’t want to puke, so I opened my eyes.

The screen turned off immediately and the buzzing subsided. Fuck... That was too intense to be a coincidence! This damn thing DID know when I closed my eyes. Fuck... 

The spiral came again and I was tempted to close my eyes, but the mere thought of being strobed into puking made me want to hurl. Then again, I just couldn't let this piece of crap hypnotize me! I decided to compromise. If this thing could sense when my eyes were closed, then I would leave them open! But...

I looked away from the screen and forced my eyes to go to the very edge of the spiral. Maybe if I didn’t look directly into it, I would be ok. Right?

Even like this though, the spiral filled my eyes with its inviting colors. The slow buzzing in my brain didn’t help either as the waves created the exact opposite. It felt like my brain was getting a meticulous massage.

So relaxing...

Oh god... I’m looking at the center of the spiral! Fuck! Come on! Don’t let this thing win! I looked at the edge again and forced myself to concentrate on finding the edge of the screen.

God damn you Mark! 

I should have known you would design something like this! Then again... Who the hell thinks up a VR machine that is designed to trap the wearer like this?

“Relax and look at the spiral.” The screen flashed.

Making me look in the middle again. God it was so easy to let the spiral guide my gaze. And the buzzing... I almost feel like I’m in a cozy bed under a ton of warm soft blankets...


I shook my head and tore away my eyes. God... Why did it have to feel so nice? It’s getting harder to look away! But... I... I have to look away! I can’t let Mark’s machine hypnotize me!

Can I?

I wonder what Lory did. Did she try it on willingly? Did it even hypnotize her? Or was she tricked into putting it on? Did she resist the welcoming spiral and smooth buzzing? Or did she give in immediately?

What did the program even do once you were hypnotized?

It made you relax... That was nice...

So nice...

Maybe Lory wanted to relax... Maybe I’m just freaking out and Mark designed this VR helmet help anxious person’s relax.

“Relax and sink deeper.” the screen displayed.

Why am I freaking out? Relaxing seems so much better. Mark’s a respected scientist, he would never invent something sinister. I probably just booted up an anxiety program or something.

If I did, then he invented something spectacular because my worries are fading away nicely.

“Sink deeper and relax.” the screen displayed.

The words faded away and disappeared in the middle of the spinning spiral. My gaze followed them down as I stopped worrying about why the headset was trying to force me to look in the middle.

I just watched the slowly shifting colors as they drained away in the center of the spiral. 

“Breath in and look at the spiral.” the screen displayed.

The headset was doing such a good job of relaxing me that I didn’t think about it and followed it’s instructions. I breathed in and looked at the spiral.

“Breath out and relax.” the screen displayed.

I let my breath out and enjoyed the low buzzing at the base of my skull.

“Breath in and look at the spiral.” the screen displayed.

“Breath out and relax.” the screen displayed.

On and on the screen had me do breathing exercises until my thoughts just drained away in the middle of the wonderful spiral...

The spinning colors became my whole world. Nothing else existed or mattered. I relaxed and sank deeper into the center of the spiral as the buzzing intensified and made my brain feel a sort of pleasure haze that made everything so relaxing and perfect.

The spiral had told me to relax and that it would feel incredible. So incredible... So peaceful... The screen always displayed the truth. Nothing else mattered.

I didn’t question it when it instructed me to breath in and out. It was so easy... So relaxing... So incredible...

The screen was full of important things it wanted to tell me so I watched and relaxed. Relaxed and waited as I sank deeper and deeper into the spiral.

It told me that Mark was a good man and I agreed. Mark was a wonderful man. It told me how trustworthy he was and I agreed. Mark could be trusted. Completely.

It told me other things I just couldn’t disagree with because the screen was always right. It displayed only the truth.

And besides... I couldn’t bring myself to care about any of it. I couldn’t form an opinion nor did I want to. What ever the screen said was fine with me. I just had to relax and follow the instructions it gave me.

Nothing else mattered to me.

The screen told me to stand up and I did. I stood perfectly still as I felt hands squeeze my breast through the fabric of my clothes. Maybe I should have been relieved someone was finally here to help me. Maybe I should have been terrified that someone had decided it was ok to grab my tit.

Maybe I should have gasped at the sudden touch.

But I didn’t because I was fine with it.

The hands decided to explore the rest of my body and I didn’t move a muscle because I didn’t care. All I cared about was the spiral and the sweet relaxation it gave me.

Once the hands were done exploring, they started to remove my clothes. I didn’t care. I felt scissors start to work away at my top. I didn’t even reflect on how logical it was to use scissors because there was no way to get my top over my head with the headset on.

I just stood there and watched the relaxing spiral. Letting the soothing buzz massage my squishy brain...

Once the hands were done, they resumed their exploration and I didn’t care. They caressed and groped every inch of my skin while I relaxed and sank deeper into the spiral. They massaged my tits and played with my clit as I felt a familiar hardness between my ass cheeks.

I say familiar... Maybe I registered that the hands were a man because I felt an erection behind me, but I didn’t really care. It was just something my brain noted as a fact before I let the thought slip away into the center of the spiral.

The screen didn’t tell me to care so I didn’t.

I felt too good to care about any of it. I was relaxed and calm as the buzzing in my brain gave me a sort of pleasure I didn’t even know existed. A mindless sort of pleasure that tickled and aroused me in a way that made the fingers exploring my pussy feel dull and distant.

The hands finally finished their exploration and I was left to stand there for a moment before the screen instructed me.

“Move to the chair and sit down” the screen displayed.

As the words drained away in the spiral, the colors faded away with them. I could see PASSED the spiral now. It didn’t disappear completely, but it became almost transparent as I registered that I could see a rendition of the lab I was in.

A few feet in front of me was a chair so I walked over to it and sat down. I didn’t think about why I should obey the screen or how it was I could suddenly see my surroundings. I didn’t care. The screen told me to go sit so I did. It was the only thing I thought about.

The moment I sat down, my surroundings faded away as the spiral became clearer. A slight spike in the buzzing pleasure told me I had done as the screen asked of me.

Which was the only thing I cared about.

I felt fingers start to caress and play with my lips before they pushed my jaw down and opened my mouth. I didn’t care. I felt something being inserted between my lips and somewhere in my addled brain, I noted that it was probably a cock.

But I didn’t care. I let the fact slip away and drain down into the spiral.

I felt the cock move in and out of my mouth, but I didn’t do anything. I didn’t try to push it out with my tongue or wrap my lips around it’s girth. I cared about the feel of this unknown cock in my mouth as much as I cared about anything else.

That is, I didn’t care until the screen instructed me too. 

“Give oral pleasure to the cock in your mouth.” the screen displayed.

Suddenly, I cared a great deal about the feel of the cock in my mouth. I couldn’t see through the spiral to guide me, but I didn’t care. I just had to give oral pleasure to the cock I had in my mouth.

My empty mind was suddenly filled with memories and thoughts about how to give oral pleasure. I remembered in vivid clarity all the times I had decided to suck cock. I remember every thought I had about how to suck and what seemed to work best.

No other thought or care existed.

I wrapped my lips around the girth I tasted and started to bob up and down. I couldn’t see anything so I relied on what I could feel. I brought my hands up and held the base of the shaft as my lips explored it’s length. My mind wasn’t distracted by arousal or thoughts about the activities to come. I just had one goal in my mind as the spiral continued to relax and guide me: give oral pleasure to the cock in my mouth.

That was all I needed to know.

My entire relaxed brain was dedicated to task. I didn’t care about the taste of it or the fact his length kept bumping against the back of my throat. I didn’t worry about how long it would take or what the man thought of me as I sat and sucked his cock.

I just sucked and did everything in my power to pleasure the cock I had in my mouth.

Time meant nothing as I relaxed into my task. Each stroke of my head felt like it was my first. Did I suck and kiss for a moment? Or had I worshiped the cock for hours?

I didn’t notice or care.

Until the cock swelled up and erupted its hot sticky seed inside my mouth. I sucked and caressed the underside of it until the flexing and release finally stopped. The cock slipped out and I was left with a huge load in my mouth as my directive came to completion.

I had pleasured the cock in my mouth and that was all that mattered.

"Swallow." the screen instructed.

I did without thinking about the fact that I normally would never do such a thing. The taste of cum always was enough to make me think twice about swallowing. I usually politely spit it out in a tissue if a lover couldn’t hold back while I pleasured them with my mouth.

But I didn’t think or care about all that. I just did like the screen instructed me.

I stayed there, sinking deeper into the spiral as the knowledge that I had just sucked an unknown cock faded away into the shifting colors. Time meant nothing as the screen pulled me into itself as words and concepts floated before me. I could read them easily, but it seemed I had forgotten what they meant. Or rather, I was forgetting I had read them as soon as they disappeared.

How many words did I actually see? Did I even read any of them?

Time meant nothing as I watched and sank deeper into the blissful buzzing of the headset. I was so relaxed that I didn’t even worry when the screen suddenly went dark. I didn’t worry because I knew exactly what I was supposed to do.

The collar had retracted so I removed the headset and placed it in its proper place. I smiled fondly as I realized just how incredible Mark’s tech really was. I looked on the desk and sure enough, their was a dress shirt laid out next to my pants and underwear. 

I had a notion that my top had been damaged, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember or cared what happened to it. I got dressed and left Mark’s lab without a care in the world as my mind already forgot all about the weird spiral and the intense nausea the VR gear inflicted when I tried to resist it.

The moment I stepped out of Mark’s lab, I forgot all about finding the headset and trying it on. The only thing I cared about was how awesome and relaxed I felt as I made my way outside and got into my car.

I drove with a calm sense of purpose as I noticed that it was passed midnight. The information briefly surprised me, but I didn’t really care all that much. I felt relaxed and rested as if I had just woken up from a good night’s sleep.

Maybe I nodded off at the end of my shift or something.

I drove without really thinking about where I was going. Which should have bothered me, but it didn’t. I just went forward and trusted in a feeling that somewhere deep inside, I knew exactly where I would end up. I parked my car in a driveway I didn’t recognize and turned off the engine. I stepped outside and went to the front door somehow knowing that I had reached my destination. Which was odd, but didn’t bother me.

I didn’t even knock since I was sure I was at the right address. I just opened the door and stepped inside. The calmness I felt never wavered as I closed the door behind me and removed my clothes.

I didn’t know why I was stripping but I trusted that it was the right thing to do. I folded my clothes and placed them on the desk before moving through the hallway. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I knew I had arrived when I came upon the living room.

There, I saw that I wasn’t alone. Sitting in a lazy chair on the far side of the room, I saw Mark. I smiled as I suddenly understood that I had driven to his home. He smiled back and he sipped some sort of drink while his eyes took in my state of undress.

I should have felt embarrassed or scared that I was naked in his home, but I didn’t. The relaxed bliss I had been feeling at the lab never wavered as I stood there before him.

Which made me notice that there was someone else in the room with us. Right there on the sofa to my left, there was another woman. She wasn’t wearing anything save for a sort of helmet that covered her eyes.

It was hard to tell who she was, but I had the distinct feeling that I was looking at Lory. The blonde locks of hair cascading down from under the headset certainly would make sense. I had never seen Lory naked of course, but her chest size would be on par with the figure I knew her to have.

The fact that she was slowly masturbating didn’t phase me at all. It bothered me just as much as the fact she was sitting down. It was just another fact my brain registered as I looked at her.

The only detail that stuck with me was the part that made me think of Lory in the first place: the headset itself. I remembered seeing it on her at work. It looked so familiar... Like I knew it intimately...

“Welcome.” Mark said, which made me focus back on him. “I have to say that I hadn’t planned on it, but seeing you now, I’m certainly glad about how things turned out.”

His voice was so much deeper than I remembered it. Like it had a hidden quality to it that I had never heard before.

“When I received an alert that my gear had been accessed after hours, I was worried. But when I checked the data and saw it was you... Well... I just couldn’t help it and decided to see if you would be as susceptible as Lory here.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I didn’t care. I was just happy to listen to his wonderful voice. He got up and walked towards me with a confidence I hadn’t noticed in him before. He stopped right in front of me and smiled down as he caressed my cheek.

The gesture seemed odd since we had never been close friends, but I felt like it wasn’t a bad things. I felt like I wanted his touch for some reason.

“Turns out you are pretty susceptible to the ignition keys. Isn’t that something?”

I had no clue what he was talking about, but he seemed pleased and that seemed like the only thing that made my relaxed mind tingle in response. 

“To be honest, after I huh... checked in on you..." he said with a sly smile. "I decided to see how long the subroutines would take. I figured it would last throughout the night... I didn’t think you would show up in my home until tomorrow. The fact you are here so soon means that your brain seems predisposed to accept the headset's ignition keys.”

Again, I didn’t understand what he was talking about. I only knew that I felt incredibly relaxed and that he seemed pleased.

“Which makes me wonder just how pliable your mind really is...” he said as he looked briefly towards Lory. “Do you mind that Lory here is naked and fingering herself?”

Did I mind? Why would I mind? I shook my head, which made him smile.

“What if I told you that I’ve been using my new VR tech to slowly guide her to believe at her core that when we are alone, she turns into my obedient sex slave. What do you think about that?”

I understood his words so far as they were individual words knew. The general sense behind them slipped away almost as soon as I heard them. As if my brain quickly checked to see if it was important to keep me relaxed and discarded them when it decided I didn’t need them.

I was only left with a general sense that Mark had asked me something and that I needed to respond. My relaxed state didn’t care about any of the things he just said so why should I?

“I don’t really care.” I said truthfully.

“Wow...” he commented. “It took Lory a lot more sessions before that idea didn’t phase her.”

What ever he said didn’t matter to me. The sound of his voice was enough for my contented brain to enjoy. He smiled even more as his hand went down from my cheek and caressed the top part of my chest before his hand ended up on my left tit. 

His bold touch should have made me react, but it didn’t. I had a vague sense that Mark had some sort of right to look and touch at my naked body, but even that thought evaporated into the foggy relaxation I felt. His left hand was soon joined by his right as he looked deep into my eyes. Part of me felt a fleeting moment of wonder as he slowly massaged my naked breasts, but even that emotion faded away into the peaceful haze. Nothing seemed to reach me and I’m not sure I wanted them to.

Even his painful pinching became just another thing I noticed without eliciting any sort of emotional reaction.

“Incredible...” he commented before releasing my tits. “And what if I do this...”

His right hand came up and pressed against my clit. The touch sent a wave of pleasure that ended up crashing against my blissful state like the waves against a pier. It was delightful to watch, but in the end, it was just as relaxing as everything else.

I felt him start to rub my clit and that too sent small waves of arousal coursing through my veins. But like the rest, the sensation only proved to deepen my peaceful state.

Even when his fingers got bolder and he inserted themselves inside my pussy, I was only left to enjoy the simple pleasure of the sensation while my mind stayed perfectly relaxed. I felt every touch, but my mind didn’t seem to know what to do with the wonderful feeling.

“Simply incredible...” he whispered as he removed his fingers. “It looks like the relaxed state extended perfectly. The ignitions must have gone flawlessly... No rejections. Well then... No time like the present to try this without the helmet right?” 

He seemed to ask me something, but in truth, I just heard and understood the words. As if I was watching a movie and the question wasn’t really directed towards me specifically. So I just blinked and looked into Mark’s eyes.

“Right... Would you be so kind as to go stand in front of Lory?” he asked while gesturing towards the naked woman.

I was so relaxed that I couldn’t phantom a reason why I wouldn’t comply with his simple request. I didn’t even think about the request itself. I just felt like I needed to do what Mark asked of me. So I did.

I moved passed him and went to face the masturbating Lory.

I felt him move behind me before his hands encircled my ribs and came up to cup my tits once more. Somewhere deep in my mind, I registered that I could feel something akin to an erection press against my ass. But it was only more information I noticed and stored. Just like the fact that he was massaging my nipples and sending pleasurable sensations along my nerves.

“Now that I've seen you naked, I have to admit that you both present your own brand of beauty. I still find Lory more attractive of course, but you certainly aren’t a consolation prize either.”

More information I didn’t quite notice or care about. He found Lory more attractive, but he seemed to like me as well. My looks pleased him so I was happy.

Or as happy as my relaxed mind allowed me.

“It took awhile before I could truly enjoy her many talents, but as you’ll soon learn, I’m a very patient man. So patient that I took my time with her. Each step of her submission came so slowly that she thought it was her own idea. Her own convictions... Her deepest desires...”

His right hand released my tit and caressed down my belly until it found my clit.

“Before, she enjoyed pleasing her lovers with her soft lips, but refused to suck down and swallow their seed. Now. though... She guzzle down all the loads I want her to swallow and feels good doing it. The headset slowly conditioned her mind to love the feel and taste of my spunk. It didn’t leave her a choice as it relaxed her mind until it would absorb everything the VR screen showed her. Much like it did with you my dear...”

His circling fingers felt incredible and if I hadn’t been so relaxed, I would have definitely been forced towards a small orgasm, but as it was, I only felt the pleasure for what it was: a pleasurable sensation.

“Somehow...” he whispered in my ear. “Your brain has yielded to my tech in a way I didn’t expect. The ignition keys had a much more profound effect on your mental landscape. Didn’t it?”

I truly had no clue what he was talking about. I understood what he said, but I hadn’t put on his headset so I couldn’t understand why he was telling me this. But then again, the information sunk in all the same and I stayed perfectly relaxed.

“Of course it did...” he said while his fingers tested the moistness between my legs. “Which makes me think I won’t have to be as patient with you as  have been with Lory... In fact...”

His tracing fingers stopped caressing my clit and moved up to my tit again. He squeezed hard and I was left with a mixed feeling of pleasure and pain that did nothing to break the peaceful bliss I still felt. 

“Bend over and steady yourself on Lory’s thighs.” Mark said.

My eyes drifted down and I saw Lory’s legs in front of me. I had no reason to refuse his request so I bent over and placed my hands on her thighs. The smell of her sex was strong, but it didn’t bother me at all. Lory was masturbating and it was only normal that I would smell her dripping musk.

Mark’s hands caressed my lower back and ass, which didn’t bother me at all.

“If I’m right... This next step will be just like the rest...” he said as he removed his hands.

My ears registered the sounds of pants being opened and dropped to the floor. If I hadn’t been this relaxed, I would have felt a spike of arousal as I anticipated what was surely to happen. But as it was, I only registered the fact that Mark had dropped his pants to the floor.

I wasn’t even phased when his hands caressed my ass before spreading my cheeks wide. Nor when I felt the tip of what must be Mark’s cock caress my moist pussy. Nothing reached passed the sweet relaxation I found myself in.

Well nothing except the pleasure.

A spike of sexual pleasure washed over my body as the cock pushed itself into me. I didn’t moan or resist. I just let it happen because I didn’t feel the need to prevent or notice it.

It felt nice and that was the extent of what the pumping cock did to me. All other notions or concepts floated in the haze of peaceful bliss I felt. Did he have protection? Did he love me? Was I going to cum? What did this mean for us?

I simply didn’t care as I enjoyed the dull pleasure I felt. 

“Fuck you are tight...” he moaned from behind. “God... I knew it... Not even fucking you is enough to break the initial ignitions... Incredible...”

He was panting, probably because he was exerting himself so much. His rhythm was intense and fast, as if he couldn’t hold back from fucking me. It would have normally sent my own arousal sky high, but I just felt the delicious pleasure the friction caused within me. 

He pumped and pumped into me with a relentless drive that made me understand that he was enjoying himself. Which meant he was pleased. I was happy he was pleased.

I didn’t know why, but that was the only thought I seemed to bring myself to care about. I was happy Mark was pleased.

“Fuck that feels nice...” he said as he suddenly stopped pounding into me. “Deactivate Lory 76 protocol...”

His voice was strained, but it rang out clear. I didn’t know or care what he meant, but I could hear him just the same. I was face to face with Lory’s headset. I heard the slight buzzing emanating from the gear whine down. The collar clamp disengaged and retracted from her neck before the small indicator lights shut off.

“Lory, remove the headset and place it on the woman in front of you.” Mark said as he slowly stroked himself inside me.

I watched passively as Lory stopped masturbating and lifted her hands to her head. I watched her remove the bulky headset to reveal blank eyes. The moment I did, I felt Mark’s cock spasm as he impaled me hard.

“Fuck I never get enough of watching her blank expression...” he said as he caressed my ass.

She seemed to focus on me before she turned the head piece and slipped it over my head. Part of me may have thought it was strange that Mark wanted to make me wear it, but a larger part of me instantly felt happy as my eyes finally focused on the screens inside the VR gear. 

It looked so... Familiar...

So welcoming...

“I think I can already start you on a few fun things while I start to enjoy your body. You don’t mind do you?”

I didn’t feel like I needed to answer his seemingly rhetorical question so I didn’t.

“I thought as much...” he said. “Let me just...”

I felt him fiddle with the head set for a moment before the screen booted up. I felt something extend and wrap around my neck, but it didn’t bother me. Somewhere deep in my mind, I figured it must be the collar like clamp I had seen on Lory.

“There. Eventually, I’ll build you your own helmet, but for now, you girls will just have to share. Lory, be a good little slave and make out with the woman in front of you. Use your hands to massage and stimulate her tits too...”

As my mind started to notice a pretty spiral forming in front of my eyes, I started to feel Mark resume his slow thrusts as soft lips kissed my own. Normally, I would have been revolted to be made to kiss another girl. I wasn’t in anyway bisexual and even less curious about being a lesbian. 

I liked men and that was it.

But as the spiral and buzzing intensified, I felt like the pleasure Mark’s cock gave me was somehow linked to the knowledge that the lips kissing me where Lory’s. 

“Look at the spiral and relax.” the screen displayed.

All other thoughts instantly left me as I concentrated on the center of the spiral. The few thoughts and feelings I had evaporated as the familiar peace twisted and turned before my eyes.

My mind fell away into the comforting spiral as my brain ignored every signal my body sent it. I would have been freaked out if I wasn’t so relaxed. I felt Mark fuck me and didn’t enjoy it like I normally did. I felt Lory’s soft lips explore my own and I didn’t move away. I even kissed back. I felt tender hands massage and play with my hanging tits but I didn’t care or notice all that much.

The spiral was all I wanted to look at as it slowly captivated my thoughts. The buzzing made everything so incredibly blissful as the screen displayed words before my eyes.

Words that seemed to bypass my conscious thoughts and sink straight down into the depths of my mind. Time meant nothing to me as I let myself sink deeper into the colors before me.

I could still feel all of it, I just didn’t care to notice.

I felt when Lory moved off the sofa and I had to hold still in mid air. I felt her start to kiss and suck at my tits. I felt every slap of Mark’s strong hands as he rammed his cock into my soaking pussy.

I even felt Lory move down and start licking my clit as Mark continued to fuck me.

It all registered somewhere deep into my mind as the spiral continued to educate me. Maybe deep down, I understood that Mark was using this weird headset to brainwash me, but I couldn’t bring myself to care.

I just felt and watched as the sensations made the whole thing feel like a wonderful dream. 

A dream that melted away into the spiral as even the sensations from my body stopped registering.

By the time I came back to myself, I realized it was morning once I removed the headset from my head.  I was kneeling on a bed and immediately noticed that I was naked, but that was normal since I also noticed that I was in Mark’s home.

As my eyes finally focused on the sight before me, I just had to smile as concepts and truths came cascading through my mind at the sight of Mark’s handsome face. I felt like a heavy fog had lifted and I could finally see the truth. 

I felt a sense a deep calm as I realized that Mark gave me the same sense of blissful peace I had found deep within the swirl of colors. Like an unbreakable promise, I knew in my bones that Mark had become incredibly important in my life.

So important that I barely noticed the other person on the bed. But then again, it was kind of hard to ignore the naked girl on all fours between Mark and me. I smiled as I realized it was Lory. I could hear the soft sucking noises she made as she surely worshiped Mark’s morning wood. 

“Good morning.” Mark said as he placed his hands behind his head. “How are you feeling?”

How did I feel?

“I feel calm and relaxed.” I said honestly.

“Excellent...” he said as he admired me. “I was wondering if you remember the bad thing you did last night.”

Yes... I had been a bad girl... But...

“No Mark. I’m afraid I can’t remember the specifics... But I do know I’ve done something terribly wrong.”

“That’s ok my dear... hhmmm...” he said moaning. “You don’t remember because I decided you don’t need to remember. Does that trouble you?”

“No... I understand and accept that you had to take matters into your own hands. I was such a bad girl that you had to take responsibility for me and my wrongful actions.” I said looking down in shame. 

“That’s right. I’ve decided to help you in a way. Your punishment is to forfeit your freedom to me, but at the same time, know that I’ll do everything in my power to help you become a good girl again.”

“I... I would like that.” I said with a smile

“Now... hmmm...” he said moaning again. “I believe you already know the first rule of being a good girl?”

“I think I do...” I said as I looked up at him.

“Tell me.”

“A good girls always obeys her owner.”

“Marvelous...” he said with a satisfied smile. “Now come join Lory and help her with her morning task.”

I smiled as I felt a wave of arousal at the thought of joining the stunning beauty before me. I couldn’t help but hope that our lips and tongues would mingle as we pleasured his cock.

I wasn’t sure how or why, but I knew that I was looking forward to kiss and fuck Lory. Either for his enjoyment or for simple fun, I felt like I couldn’t miss out on such an erotic example of woman hood.

My mind felt alive with delicious possibilities while I crawled between his legs, but as soon as I kissed his shaft, all thoughts evaporated into my peaceful bliss as my mind focused on the task at hand. 

Just like the spiral, I sank into my ministrations and let Mark’s voice guide my mind and body towards being his perfect good girl.

I didn’t care about anything else.

I didn’t WANT anything else.

No... That wasn't completely true. I did want something. I wanted to place the headset back on my head and feel it clamp around my neck. I wanted to feel it come to life as it slowly pulled my gaze to a point so far away.

I wanted to watch and listen as the depths told me even more truths.

I wanted to extend this relaxed elation forever...

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