Lofty Raspberries

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom
“I’m telling you, I’m just one of those people!” I said.

“Do you mean...” he said. “People that can’t be hypnotized? Because I can assure you that...”

“I was hypnotized?” I cut in. “Of course I was... I not telling you I can’t be hypnotized.”

“Ok...” he said. “So what are you saying then?”

“I’m saying...” I said with a proud smile. “That even if I can be made to relax and open up about stuff, triggers and post hypnotic suggestions don’t work.”

“Oh really?” he said smiling. “And why would you think that?”

“Because!” I said with a big smile. “I’m way too self aware and strong to allow someone to influence my mind. It just doesn’t work!”
“Interesting... So why then did you let me hypnotize you just now?”

“Oh just because...” I said looking away shyly. “You know... Even if it doesn’t work, I still like to feel the trance come on.”

“Huh...” he said thoughtfully. “How intriguing...”

“Not really...” I said. “I’m just one of those people!”

“So you say...” he said with a smile. “Would you be willing to let me see that for myself?”

“Meaning what?”

“Let me put you under again and I’ll try to place a post hypnotic suggestion.”

“You JUST had me under!” I said laughing.

“Sure... But I didn’t know about your belief so...”

“Belief?” I asked. “I think you mean my certainty! No one has ever been able to do it BECAUSE I’m so self aw...”

“Self aware and strong?” he cut in with a smile.

“Exactly!” I said smiling proudly. 

I looked at him as a naughty idea started to form. 

“Well why don’t we make this a little more interesting?” I said sweetly.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked, clearly intrigued.

“Since you seem so confident...” I said. “Would you be willing to make a wager?”

“A wager? Interesting...” he said. “Ok... Why not? What would you like to wager?”

“Well...” I said as I leaned in. “Once you put me under again and CAN’T bring my mind to accept a post hypnotic suggestion, I want you to take me out for dinner.”

“Really?” he said surprised. “Ok... And what if I can?”

“You won’t.” I immediately said.

“For the sake of argument, let’s say it’s possible. What do I get if it works?”

“Oh I don’t know... What do you want?”

He smiled.

“I still take you out to dinner, but you pay for it.”

“Really?” I said while trying not to blush. “Ok then Mister! We have a deal!”

“Marvelous! Shall we begin?”

“Yes!” I said excitedly.

“Ok then!” he said looking at me with a smile. “Since hypnosis is involved, how can we know the suggestion took?”

“Oh... Right...” I said thinking about it. “Well... Just tell me what you are going to try and make me do and then we’ll know!”

“Got it...” he said. “So... It doesn’t need to be something big right? You say regardless of what it is, it won’t stick correct?”

“Right!” I said.

“Good!” he said. “So... Why don’t I... yeah... Why don’t I make you put your arms in the air?”

“Sounds reasonable and easy to check.”

“Perfect!” he said as he took out his pocket watch. “Let’s do this again!”

He dropped the watch in front of my eyes and started to swing it.

“Just relax... Breath in and out slowly... Let your eyes follow my watch... Back and forth... ” he said.

I settled in and did exactly what he said. Like before his voice took on a deep pleasurable tone as he slowly guided me. I loved this part! Listening to the hypnotist as he talked and talked and talked...

Making me relax.

I fought not to smile at the thought that he wanted to go out with me. The whole point behind me coming up to him in the first place was to possibly get to know him better. He was handsome and fit, but when he said he was also a hypnotist, I just couldn’t resist!

Like I said, even if I can’t be made to do things, I still LOVE being hypnotized. I’ve never felt anything else that remotely gives me the relaxing satisfaction as a well guided trance. Which he managed to do on his first try! Only confirming my attraction to him. I pushed those thoughts out of my mind and concentrated on the soothing images my future date was describing to me...

And I sank into them... Deeper and deeper...

“And awake!” he said.

I opened my eyes, feeling refreshed. God I loved to be hypnotized...

“So?” I said with a smile. “Are you ready to accept that you failed and take me out?”

“Sure... As long as you are ready to pay for dinner!” 

I laughed.

“Ok ok... Ready?”


He leaned in and looked at me. Which only made me notice again how handsome he was.

“Lofty raspberries.”

“Lofty raspberries?” I said as I stretched my arms up over my head. “Really? You’re joking right?”

He chuckled.

“Well excuse me!” he said. “I didn’t have time to plan this session remember?”

“Oh god!” I said laughing. “You’re serious! That’s the trigger? HAhahaha!”

“Sure... Laugh it all you want!” he said as he rolled his eyes, but I could see he was smiling.

“Sorry...” I said trying to to contain myself. “You are right... But... I mean... If that really was the trigger, than I’m sorry to say, it didn’t work.”

“Seems you are right...” he said. “You are clearly not touching your nose. But huh... Why are you holding your arms up?”

“Oh this?” I said as I looked up at my hands. “It’s a trick a learned to help blood flow.”

“Really?” he said with a smile. 

“Yeah! It works particularly well after a trance. Try it and see for yourself!”

“I’ll take your word for it.” he said. 

“Suit yourself!” I said. “So now you believe me right? Triggers don’t work on me because...”

“You are incredibly self aware and strong... I get it!” he said with a smile. “But... I think I should try again.”

“What? NO! That wasn’t the deal!”

“Oh come on! You say you are impossible to trigger! It’s not fair to enforce the bet so quickly! Let me try again!”

“You wouldn’t be trying to weasel your way out of our bet now would you?” I asked, surprising myself with the flirty tone of my voice.

“No... Definitely not! Besides... Seems we are going out to dinner anyway right?”

“Right...” I said.

God he was cute. And able to put me so deliciously under to boot!

“Fine... Try again if you must...” I said gracefully.

He smiled and dropped the pocket watch in front of my eyes again. Only, he didn’t start swinging it right away.

“But this time... I’m going to make your arms go up in the air like you just did ok?”


“Well... Maybe the nose was too hard to make you do... Since you enjoy putting your arms up so much, maybe I’ll have more luck.”

“HA!” I laughed as I let my arms fall go down. “Fine by me because it won’t work!”

He smiled as he started to swing the watch. Back and forth...

“Just relax... Let your eyes follow the watch as it swings... Back and forth... Back... and forth...”

His deep voice instantly made me calm down and relax. Sinking deeper and deeper...

“And awake!” he said.

I opened my eyes and felt so good! So refreshed! God I loved being hypnotized...

“Ready?” he said with a huge smile.


“Lofty raspberries.” he said again.

“Same phrase?” I said with a smirk. “Didn’t work before and it won’t work again because...”

“I know I know...” he said.

I smiled and brought my hand to my back to scratch an itch between my shoulder blades. Damn... Why was I so itchy? Right... My bra! Must of forgot to use the right detergent of something... Bad softener maybe?

I undid the clasp and pulled each of my arms inside my shirt to be able to slide off my bra straps without taking off my shirt since I couldn’t very well go topless in public! Even if the thought of being able to show this handsome man my tits was making me hope this would turn out to be more than a diner!

I pulled out my bra from my shirt and sighed as the itching finally went away. I looked up at him and laughed when I saw his big eyes.

“What? My bra was itching like crazy and since your little trigger didn’t make me put my arms in the air. I just thought you would want another chance to try and an itchy bra is definitely NOT going to help me relax.”

“Huh... yeah... No... You are right!” he said. “You are proving tougher than I thought you would.”

“I am! So tough that you should politely refuse my offer to try again and just admit that you failed. Once that's out of the way you can Wisk me away to a fancy restaurant to pay up!” I said triumphally.

“I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet...”

“Suit yourself!" I said with a smile. "I’ll just enjoy the trance while you try to do the impossible because...”

“I know...” he cut me off. “Maybe both arms were a bit much... I’ll try just one then..."

“Fine with me!”

He brought the pocket watch in front of my eyes and I didn’t even wait for him to start speaking and went ahead and started to relax. I liked his little watch... So soothing to watch as it swung back and forth...

“Just relax and let yourself sink deeper and deeper...” he intoned.

And I did. Which made me realize how easy it was to let the trance over take me. Easier and easier...

Deeper and deeper...

“And awake!” he said.

I opened my eyes and smiled. I looked at him and couldn’t believe how handsome he was. I felt my heart flutter when he smiled back, making me realize I should try to calm down.

Then again, how could I? When he finally realizes he can’t place a post hypnotic triggers in my mind and I win the bet, he’ll owe me a nice dinner and drinks back at his place. And I’m sure we both understand where THAT will lead us.

“Ok... I think I got it!” he said.

“And I’m sure you don’t!” I said with a wink.

“Lofty Raspberries.” he said.

I tried not to laugh as I looked at my arms. 

“NOPE!” I said. “None of them feel like going up, up, up in the air!”

He laughed as I felt a nagging itch underneath my skirt. God... Not now! The damn fabric softener again no doubt... I reached down between my legs and hiked up my skirt. I wasted no time and pulled down my panties before putting them away in my bag.

When I looked back at him, I couldn’t help but notice his stunned eyes.

“What?” I asked. 

“Huh..." he said as he swallowed hard. "Did you just take off your panties?”

“I did. They were itching like crazy! Sorry about that... I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or anything.” I said with a sly smile. “Besides... Since you clearly can’t place a trigger in my mind, it means you are taking me out to dinner and then drinks at your place. And since we both know what might happen then...”

He chuckled and smiled. Which sent shivers of arousal down my spine.

“You are kind of wild aren’t you?” he commented.

I leaned in and looked him straight in the eyes.

“You have no idea...” I said.

We lingered like that for a moment, which made me want to lean the rest of the way and kiss him, but he straighten out and looked at his pocket watch.

“I’m pretty sure I had you just then...” he said. “Mind if I try again?”

“Sure!” I said as I straighten out. “Try as much as you like, but I’m telling you it won’t work.”

“Maybe... And if it doesn’t I’ll be the first to honor our little bet.”

“Great!” I said excitedly. “So what are you going to try next? Making me squawk like a chicken?”

“No...” he said thoughtfully. “I know... I’ll try something completely different. Instead of trying to make you do things, I’ll try to convince your mind that it isn’t seeing what is actually there.”

“Ok... Like what?”

He smiled.

“Well...” he said. “Since you are pretty wild... I’ll try and convince you that you lost your top and that you are sitting here completely topless.”

My cheeks felt red hot as my mind instantly pictured myself topless in front of him. God... That would be embarrassing! Or hot... Depending on how he reacted...

“Is that going too far?” he asked.

“Oh no...” I said as I quickly recovered. “Nothing would be too far since it won’t ever work!”

"Nothing huh?" he commented with a smile.

His eyes were clearly trying to picture me topless and it sent waves of arousal down between my legs. He pointed to his pocket watch and I nodded. He brought it up to my eyes and let it drop. The moment he did, I felt my mind relax as the familiar bliss started to make my surroundings fade away...

“Back and forth...” I heard him say, but it was so far away...

I sank deeper and deeper as the wonderful trance carried me down into my own mind. Time meant absolutely nothing to me as his words guided me on and on... 

“And awake.” he said.

I opened my eyes slowly as I felt the wonderfully refreshing bliss that always made me love to be put under. Somehow, it felt even better than before... Longer... Deeper... So satisfying...

I looked at him in the eyes and smiled. God he was good at this!

“Lofty Raspberries.” he said.

I blinked a few times before I looked down. 

“HA!” I exclaimed. “Sorry... But I can still see my top!”

“Damn...” he said. “I really thought that would work!”

“I told you... I’m just one of those people!”

“I know...” he said.

“So?” I said smiling. “Ready to give up?”

“I guess... Maybe... I just need a break to gather my thoughts.”

“We can do that!” I said. “But it won’t change the fact that post hypnotic suggestions don’t work on me! So why don’t we start to honor the bet?”

“I’m not giving up!” he said.

“I know that...” I said as I leaned in. “But... If I win, which I will... Then you have to make me dinner at your place before we watch a movie. And if you miraculously win, I have to go clean your place in my underwear... I just thought we might as well move from the park to your place and get more comfortable.”

“You are right... It will give me time to regroup my thoughts!”

“Great!” I said.

We got up and I followed him out of the park as we made our way to his place. He asked me a lot of questions on the way and it really impressed me how considerate and charming he was. The chemistry was undeniable and I could tell his eyes had trouble ignoring the fact that I didn’t have a bra on.

Hopefully dinner will go well and he’ll be able to properly look at my spectacular chest...

He offered me a drink before we toured his place. A nice comfy apartment that screamed bachelor, but also hinted at a more mature man. Everything I discovered about him only made me want him more!

We finally sat down in his living room to take a load off.

“Ok... I think I know how to win this thing.” he announced.

“I’m all ears. What are you going to try and make me do next?”

“Well... Since you are pretty wild and we both know that regardless of how this bet goes, we are going to end up in my bedroom... I was thinking that I was going to try and make you remove that top of yours.”

I smiled as I felt myself blush again. 

“Bold... I like it.” 

“I thought you might...” he said.

“But just to be clear... You don’t need some stupid trigger to get me to remove my top you know.”

“Maybe...” he said. “But I’d still like to try.”

“Fine! But if I end up removing my top later tonight, it won’t be because of some trigger...” I said with a wink.

He chuckled.

“Ok then...” he said as he leaned forward and stretched out his closed hand. “Ready?”

I nodded and watched him drop his pocket watch. It bounced and started to sway as his deep voice immediately made my mind relax...

“Back and forth...” he said before I lost myself in the trance.

Which felt so good... So relaxing... Sinking deeper and deeper...

“And awake.” he said.

I slowly opened my eyes and smiled at him. Regardless who won this bet, I was just so glad he was hypnotizing me so much!

“Welcome back... Ready to lose?” he said confidently.

God it made me so hot when he spoke like that! So confident and strong... I nodded.

“Lofty Raspberries.” he said.

I bit my lip as I looked down at my chest. I grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled it over my head in one smooth motion before letting it drop on the floor. I looked back at my chest and smiled.

“Why are you smiling like that?” he said.

“Because...” I said. “It still didn’t work!”

“What? Of course it worked! You just took off your top like I said you would!”

“Oh no!” I said. “You aren’t going to try and trick me into believe that for one second! No way you are winning this bet like that!”

“What do you mean...” he said as he looked away with a smile.

“You little sneak... The trigger wasn’t about me removing my top, it was about if you could convince me my nipples were pierced! I just removed my top because it’s the fastest way to see if your trigger worked! Which it didn’t of course because my nipples are clearly not pierced!”

“You got me!” he said as he looked at me. “Can’t blame me for trying!”

“I sure can’t...” I said as I pushed down the insane attraction I was feeling for him. “After all... I did say that if you won I would blow you before dinner! I can certainly understand someone doing anything in their power to make that happen.”

“Oh really?” he asked. “Am I to understand that you are cheating then? According to the terms of our bet, if  I give up and you win, it means I have to lick you nice and good before we eat. I can also understand SOMEONE doing anything they could to make that happen! How can I know for sure you aren’t lying? I bet you ARE seeing nipple piercings on your tits right now!”

“What? No!” I said with a laugh. “I would never cheat! That’s just rude! If I say I can’t see nipple piercing it is because I don’t see any. Believe me! I would be the first to admit it worked!”

He looked at me suspiciously for a moment before smiling.

“I know you wouldn’t cheat... Just teasing!”

“I know...” I said with a smile.

God I couldn't wait for! Maybe I won't even be able to reach diner at all...

“Ok... Let me try something else then ok?”

“Sure, knock yourself out!”

“Good good...” he said. “Ok since... Since you think you’ll be on the receiving end of the oral sex part of our bet, I’m going to make you remove that skirt. Is that ok with you?” 

“Be... My... Guest...” I said in a low sultry voice.

He extended his hand and smiled. I smiled back and got comfortable as he dropped the swinging pocket watch I loved so much...

“Back and forth...” his deep voice intoned.

Sending me deeper and deeper in a wonderful trance...

“And awake.” he said.

I opened my eyes slowly as I felt the refreshing clarity return to my sleepy mind. I looked at him and he was already leaning forward and smiling.

“Ready?” he asked and I nodded. “Lofty Raspberries.”

I blinked and looked down at my crotch before hooking the elastic band around my waist and pushing down until my skirt slipped to the floor. I looked again and smiled.

“Nope! Still didn’t work!” I said.

“What do you mean? You just did exactly what the trigger was supposed to make you do!”

“Really? And what would that be?”

“You just removed your skirt!” he said with a smile.

“I did. How else was I to see if your ACTUAL trigger worked?”

“Meaning what?”

“That you are trying to pull the same shit! The trigger wasn’t to supposed to make me remove my skirt, it was supposed to make me believe I had a cock! And as we can both plainly see, I don’t!”

To prove my point, I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy a little bit. Which felt so nice since I was dying to throw myself at him. 

“You got me...” he said with a smile. “I can’t believe it hasn’t worked yet!”

“Well I don’t because it never will!” I said as I felt my arousal shoot through the roof.

“Yeah Yeah...” he said. “You are only saying that because you REALLY want to win!”

“Of course I do!” I said with a smile. “Why wouldn’t I be excited to win?”

He chuckled.

“Well it’s not every day someone bets you that she gets to suck you off if she wins!”

“That’s true! But if you didn’t want your cock sucked if you lost you shouldn’t have bet me that you got to lick me if you won!”

“Very true!”

“So? Call it quits?” I said as I licked my lips. “Because if you are... I’m more than ready for you to pay up before we move on to dinner!”

“I still can’t believe it doesn’t work on you... One last try and I promise I’ll forfeit and give you the win.”

“Fine with me!” I said.

“But... Let’s changes things up ok? Since you are so sure you are about to win anyway, come kneel here between my legs.”

“Don’t mind if I do!” I said as I got up and skipped to him.

I kneeled down and sat on my heels.

“So what are you going to try now?” I asked sweetly.

“Well... Since I’m getting pretty tight in here...” he said as he motioned towards his crotch. “I’ll undress while you are under and I’ll convince your mind that the trigger makes you believe I’m still dressed.”

“About time you joined me...” I said. “Plus it will make things easier for me when you forfeit and I get to suck your cock!”

“That it will!” he said as he placed his pocket watch in front of me. “Ready?”

I nodded and bit my lower lip as the watch started to swing. Being hypnotized always held a special kind of erotic allure for me and I was so glad he understood that!

“Back and forth...” his deep voice intoned, sinking my mind in the depths of my trance.

Back and forth... Deeper and deeper... Letting everything go as the blissful relaxing trance welcomed me in its erotic depths...

“And awake.” he said.

I slowly opened my eyes and smiled as my refreshed mind was greeted by my favorite sight: His cock!

It stood proudly in front of me as it swayed like the pocket watch I loved so much. I looked up passed it to his handsome face and licked my lips.

“Already savoring your win I take it?” he said.

“Maybe I am...” I said. “Go ahead... Speak your useless trigger so you can see once and for all that it doesn’t work on me.”

“Ok...” he said with a smile. “Lofty Raspberries.”

I smiled even more as nothing changed.

“So? Am I dressed or am I naked?” he asked.

“What?” I said. “Naked of course! We both are! Why would you ask me that?”

“Because the trigger was supposed to make you believe I was dressed.”

“Not it wasn’t!” I said. “Don’t try that again! It doesn’t work.”

“Ok... Sorry...” I said.

“You better be!” I said with a smile. “And further more, you should be shamed for even thinking about making me think your name was Mike.”

“Oh?” he said amused. “You know my name isn’t Mike then?”

“Of course I do! No trigger could ever make me forget your name silly!”

“Ok... Prove it!” he said.

“If I do will you finally forfeit and give me the win?”

“I will I promise.” he said.

“Oh goody!” I said excited. “Your name is just to important for me to ever forget! You really should have chosen something easier. I mean... No amount of hypnosis could ever make me forget it. You should have chosen something like... I don’t know... Making me touch my nose or something.”

He chuckled. God my pussy quivers with needs when he does that...

“Maybe I should have... But you still haven’t proven that you remember my name."

I smiled as I looked him in the eyes. 

“Your name...” I said slowly. “Is Master.”

He smiled and petted my head. God I loved it when he did that...

“That it is...”

“So I win?” I asked.

“You do... I forfeit! I just can’t seem to be able to plant any sort of post hypnotic suggestion in that wonderful mind of yours.”

“Finally! Took you long enough...” I said teasingly. “So you’ll honor our wager then?”

“Of course I will! You won fair and square.”

“YEAH!!!” I exclaimed as I looked down. “I can’t wait to experience it! I’ve always wanted you to put me under while I slowly suck you off. It’s like... Combining my 2 most favorite things in the world!”

“Really? Sucking my cock is one of your favorite things in the world?”

“It is...” I said as I grabbed the base of his godly shaft.

“That’s good... Because having you suck me off just so happens to be one of my favorite things too.”

I kissed and licked his length before engulfing him.

“HHmm...” he moaned. “Your mouth feels so good...”

I didn’t respond and just enjoyed the feeling of his cock slipping in and out of my sealed lips.

“I bet it will feel even more pleasurable once you sink into your trance... I’m going to enjoy that a lot I think...”

I sucked up his length and let his cock POP out before I looked up at him.

“Of course you are!” I said. “Just try not to enjoy it too much though...”

He looked down at me as he raised his eyebrow.

“Meaning what exactly?”

“Oh you know...” I said as I kissed under his cock. “Enjoy it all you want as long as you bring me out of the trance in time to get my mouth off your cock! You know... Like I always do! Master... Don’t tell me you forgot I don’t like having cum in my mouth?”

“No of course... Sorry... I’ve just been racking my brain about your post hypnotic suggestions all afternoon and wasn’t thinking that far ahead. Sorry my dear...”

“No problem! Now just relax a bit before you swing that watch ok?”

I kissed and licked all over his cock before resuming my head bobbing. Fuck I loved doing this for Master...

“It’s a shame triggers and post hypnotic suggestions don’t work on you.. I could help you get past that particular dislike.”

I giggled with his cock in my mouth at the thought. He was so sweet! I kissed his cock head before stroking him.

“That would certainly be helpful...” I said with a sly smile. “Maybe after I lavish your cock with attention and I cook you a nice dinner, Master would be willing to try again?”

“You just want me to try again because you enjoy the trance!”

“Do I ever!” I said still stroking him. 

“Don’t worry...” he said. “I’ll hypnotize you as many times as you’d like! maybe one day we’ll be able to find a way to make those fun post hypnotic suggestions work on you.”

“That sounds lovely Master...” I said as I kissed his cock. “But for now... Time to pay up!”

I sank back on his shaft and bobbed my head slowly as I felt him relax into my ministrations. God I loved to suck him like this. It made me relax just as much as it did him. I was almost getting lost in my ministrations when he dropped the pocket watch in front of my eyes. I almost squealed in delight! Finally! He was going to do this for me!

He let it twirl in front me of me a few times before the swinging started. Which made my mind relax even more.

“Back and forth...” his deep voice intoned. “Up and down... Back and forth... Up and down... Relaxing deeper and deeper for your Master...”

Back and forth...

Up and down...

Deeper and deeper for my Master...

​My mind sank away as the peaceful bliss enveloped my thoughts in the most perfect trance...

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