Living in Dave's House

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #f/m #magic #pov:bottom #sub:female #CW:dubious_consent

Ashley moves into Dave’s house and discovers that her libido slowly increases while her inhibitions decrease. Before long, she starts to wonder if the myth of the spell placed on the old colonial Brothel could be true…

Living with Dave is... Exciting...

And I do mean exciting in a very adult way. Ever since I moved in, I found myself spending my days mildly aroused. You know that delicious state of mind where everything around you seems to remind you of sex? Well that’s how it feels to live with Dave.

Every day I wake up as if someone sprinkled a dash of horniness in my sleep. Not enough to make me completely sex crazed, just enough to tint my world with all kinds of erotic thoughts.

It sure makes my day a lot more fun!
Most days I don’t bother to ask myself why this is and just go with the flow, but on other days, I can’t help but wonder... Is it something about Dave? Is he just that much of a man and my body just naturally responds to him?

I mean... We ARE fucking after all...

A lot.

Not that we are in any way exclusive though. We are more like friends with benefits than romantic lovers. We both feel so horny that we end up fucking in the most amazing ways to relieve the constant sexual tension.

Which I'm happy to say he feels just as much as I do. Probably even more...

Which makes me think that it might not be something about Dave, even if he IS the best fuck of my life. Maybe it could be something else... Like the fact that we live with 4 other incredibly sexy women. Counting me, why wouldn’t Dave be constantly aroused by living with 5 gorgeous ladies? He’s always been the perfect gentleman, but a girl has to admit that a man has his limits!

I should know! I’m completely bisexual and living with 4 sexy girls keeps my mind wandering towards impure thoughts. How couldn’t it? Especially since we all got so comfortable with each other that we often walk around the house in skimpy underwear! 

No wonder the sexual energy in the house is so high!

Speaking of, I just saw Stella walk by in a wonderful little black lace number that could qualify more as lingerie than actual underwear. She smiled and winked at me before moving along. The little minx... She’s also a raging bisexual and we often find ourselves indulging in each other’s company. Especially if Dave isn’t around. 

Sex has just become sort of second nature for all of us. I am proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people that simply don't get held up with archaic concepts of love when it comes to sharing in carnal  pleasures. It’s so liberating to be able to let go and enjoy one another without any fear of coming across as weird or slutty. 

I’m so happy Dave invited me to come live here!

And it’s not just because of the amazing sex either. Dave inherited this huge house from his estranged Dad and since he had trouble making ends meet, he decided to offer up his spare rooms for a rent that borders on charity! I for one would have thought he would have offered his house to his guy friends and turn it into a kind of post college frat house, but that’s not Dave at all!

He was never awkward with the ladies and had so many female friends that he decided to make it an all girl house! Except for him of course... It is HIS house after all!

I thought it a bit strange at first, being invited to live with them, but after I saw the house and went through the rooms, I just couldn’t resist! It feels like I’m living in a mansion or something! It’s been a few months now and I settled into life with the girls rather easily.

Truth be told, I found it a bit awkward to discover just how open they all were with their sex lives, but I soon moved past that once I got drunk one night and fucked Stella. And Dave...

Sex used to make me feel so embarrassed before I started to live here. But as Stella kept reminding me, sex is just sex! As long as everyone is having fun, there shouldn’t be anything to be embarrassed about. And boy do we ever have fun!

Every time I find myself indulging in any sort of carnal activity, I get this overwhelming feeling of... Satisfaction... Pride... Elation... 

The more I fucked my roommates, the more I shed away my own desires of pleasure and discovered a new depth to the emotions and bliss I felt at pleasing others. Dave is always so grateful and encouraging to me when we fuck that I find myself craving his praise. His pleasure...

And not just him! The girls too!

Which is a feeling I know the girls experience just as keenly as I do. Just the other night, Dave was out with his buddies while Stella, Rachel and me ended up having a three way that defied explanation. Every time one of us came, it was like a dare to make the other cum even harder! We only stopped when we fell in a heap of naked limbs, completely drained and exhausted.

What an evening!

That feeling of giving even extends past the bedroom. The house is so big that it constantly needs to be tended. Dusting and general cleaning is divided equally between all of us, but as an unspoken rule, we all tend to do a little more that is required, just so our roommates won’t have to do as much.

Which I guess defies the point since we all do it!

Everyone pitches in with what they are most talented at, not to say that we don’t all mix and match our chores though, because we do often enough. We cook for each other and always take turns washing the dishes.

All except Dave of course. It might be his house, but since he charges us such a reasonable amount for rent,  we sort of all decided that he shouldn’t do any chores except for the ones we are just too clueless to do. 

It’s only fair, right? 

I’ll admit that it was a little odd for me at first, you know, to do all the chores and let Dave relax, but it soon became clear to me that it was the right thing to do. Besides... When we do all the chores, it makes Dave so horny... He can’t help himself and surprises us while we work.

Hands molesting every inch of our bodies...
Fingers teasing our dripping pussies...
Cock pushing its way deep inside us...

Fuck that always makes everything worth it!

I’m not sure why, but as soon as Dave gets horny and comes on to one of us, we just melt like putty in his arms. The desire to please and our general arousal sends us into orbit while he fucks the living day lights out of us.

I keep saying us because he fucks all of us. Some times together! It keeps things so entertaining for him as well as for us. We never know who might strike his fancy. Yesterday, it was Kim that got the full force of his arousal when she was busy doing laundry. No sooner had she bent over to pick up the clothes in the drier that she found herself impaled and fucked savagely against the warm machine.

God that was fun to watch!

I’ll admit that the first week I moved in, I found it all rather intense to turn a corner and see 2 of my new roommates kissing and fingering each other. But not as much as going in the upstairs bathroom and surprising Stella eating Rachel out on the sink!

Somehow, I just went with it and now, I’m the one licking Stella out in the shower while Rachel watches.

We’ve all grown so close so fast!

No wonder I keep asking myself what it is about my new life that has pushed us all to become so open with our sexuality. I mean... I’ve NEVER had so much sex! Ever! But I’m not complaining! I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else! 

Even if I find it odd...

Speaking of odd, I can plainly see that SOMEONE hasn’t started the dishes and I bet I know why! I finished my tea and decided to go check if I was right. Sure enough, I go into the living room and there she is!

“Oh Kimmy...” I say as I lean against the door frame. “I do believe it is your night to do the dishes. Isn’t it?”

(Slurp) “What?” Kim said as she turned to look at me. “Oh right... Sorry... I kind of got distracted...” she said sheepishly.

I rolled my eyes and I pushed off the door frame.

“I can see why...” I said as I removed my top and let my tits bounce free. “But unless Dave REALLY wants YOU to finish, you better get to it if you don’t want to go to bed too late.”

I gracefully knelt next to her and we both looked up expectantly at Dave’s smiling face.

“By all means Kim, I wouldn’t want to be the reason you get to bed late!”

Kim was half pleased and half disappointed. She smiled and kissed him once before jumping up and pulled her top over her naked tits.

“Thanks Dave!” she said as she hurried off towards the kitchen.

I didn’t waste my time and slowly engulfed Dave’s sloppy shaft. Over the weeks, I became aware that on most nights, Dave loved to relax in the living room while us girls got our chores out of the way.

And what better way to relax than receiving a long slow blowjob right?

I wasn’t one to indulge my male lovers with oral sex all that often, but with Dave... It never felt like a chore. Instead, it felt like I was getting just as much satisfaction as I was giving him. Like I was performing something he was so deeply grateful for that it somehow channeled back to me. 

The simple act of sucking him became an erotic experience. Which had never really happened to me before. Even now, as I kneel topless, sucking on his incredible cock, I feel satiated. Relaxed... Happy...

Just like every single time I’ve found myself with his cock in my mouth. Which is often enough!

In these relaxed moments, I can’t help but wonder what it is about Dave that makes it all so exhilarating. Is it just that I now live with such extraordinary people?

Or is it maybe that stupid legend about this very house being some old colonial brothel? Dave often tells us tales about the history of his house and how it was supposedly one of the most well respected whore houses of its time.

That, according to the legend, a very special spell had been cast on the house by the original owner. A spell that affected every female that lived there. A spell that made them extremely loyal to the owner while also boosting their desire to please their customers.

Not to mention the part about them having magically induced arousal.

I guess it does give the old place a sort of sexual allure. I often have dreams of being one of those early whores, waiting patiently for my next John while trying to imagine what sort of kinky fun he would be in the mood for.

It would be kind of exciting!

But that was just some old legend, spells don’t actually exist!

Why would I need some dumb spell to help me realize how exhilarating it is to drop to my knees to suck Dave’s cock? The act itself is proof enough!

Which reminds me that I really shouldn’t be musing about silly things like that while Dave’s busy playing on his phone. It means he’s going to relax for a long while and I need to make sure I’m fully committed to giving him the most relaxing head I can manage if I want him to last till he’s done.

​After all, pleasing the owner of the house is my only concern...

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