Layered Picture

by The Traveling Master

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Where are they?

Every week, I come over to clean this guys house. He’s an eccentric artist that specializes in multilayered pictures. It's all designed so every one sees something, just not the same thing. It lets you decide, with your own imagination, what you see in his pictures. 

A bit like when you lie on a grassy hill and watch the fluffy clouds go by. You might see a rabbit while your friend might look at the same cloud and see an elephant. It all depends how you view things.
​In truth, I first thought it was all a bunch of lines and patterns thrown up on a piece of canvas, which he then sold for an insane amount of money. They were interesting to look at and I guess you can’t question art. 

I saw the ad for his home cleaning needs and was stuck between jobs. He lived just a few houses down from where I lived so I thought, what the heck! I didn’t mind a bit of cleaning, especially since he paid so well.

​Things weren’t that interesting until he let it slip one day that in each of his pictures, he hides a silhouette. He said it was a little signature of sorts. He got a kick out of the fact that he managed to sell pictures of naked people to rich and respectable members of society. 

And so far, as much as he could tell, none of them knew about it!

Well that got me curious!

The next time I cleaned his house, I stopped to look over the large picture he keeps over the fire place. It's one of his more intense works and there is a lot of information. Lines... Colors... Patterns... 

He was right, there was a lot I could see. At some point I saw a flowing seascape. Then another bunch of colors reminded me of a lone tree in a meadow...

But try as I might, I didn’t see a naked body.

I wasn’t getting frustrated or anything, I just needed to keep cleaning! I couldn’t very well stay in his home all day! I took one last look and decided I would look again the following week.

As I lay in my bed that night, I was surprised at how clearly I could recall parts of his picture. Like parts of it had printed themselves in the back of my eye sockets! But I put it out of my mind and rested. But I still was curious to find them...

He always spends the day in the city on the day I come to clean the house. So I decided to arrive extra early, right when he usually leaves, I then did all my chores as quickly and professionally as I could so I would have extra time to look at his picture. I went to the mantle and started to look. This time, a few of the patterns could be interpreted as nude people, but from the way he spoke and chuckled, I figured it would be more obvious.

Once you found one anyway.

I completely lost track of time and jumped when he spoke up. 

“If you don’t know what to look for, you won’t find one I promise.” he said.

I turned sharply at the sound of his voice.

“OH GOD!” I exclaimed. “I’m so sorry! I lost track of time and... I... Huh... God... I apologies!”

“No need...” he said as he calmly walked towards me. “I can understand how my pictures can make you forget things while you look into them.”

He stopped once he was standing next to me. He smiled before looking at his picture.

“Now let’s see... Where did I put them in this one... AH!” he finally said. “Here see?”

He pointed to a spot in his picture and I looked closer. I didn’t see it at first, but then, as I pieced together the layers...

“OH MY GOD! It’s a naked lady!” I exclaimed. “Wow... She’s so small... I completely missed her!”

“That’s the hole point!”

She was posing like one of those pinup girls you see from the 40s. 

“Wow...” I said as I looked at the rest of the picture. “I can see what you meant! If you don’t know what to look for, you’ll miss her for sure!”

I looked back at him and he was smiling. 

“I have to tell you, I’m rather pleased you even decided to look!”

“Ah well...” I said as I smiled and looked away. “When you talked about naked people... It kind of got me curious. That’s all. I’m sorry for intruding, I should have left by now.”

“Don’t be. I encourage people to look at my art! That’s how I make money after all!” he said with a wink. 

“Yeah.. I guess you are right. I mean... Your pictures are certainly fun to inspect. So many things going on all at once. But... I wouldn’t pay half a mil to own one! I’m broke!”

“Hahahahah!” he chuckled. “No worries...”

He looked back at his work and I was about to leave him be when he whispered.

“I wonder...”

“Wonder what?” I asked.

“Well... You are broke... And I feel like putting my talents to a test of sorts. Are you game?”

“Depends. What did you have in mind?”

“You see... I’ve shown you 1 of the many bodies I’ve hidden in this picture. I’ll give you an extra 100$ for each one of them you find. How does that sound?”

“What? 100$?” I exclaimed. “That’s insane!”


“You can’t offer me that!”

“Why not? I’m confident you won’t find them all. And if you do... Well... You’ll surely be spending a lot of time looking, so its only natural I pay for that time.”

“Why would you even offer this to me?”

“Because... I want to see if you’ll be able to find the others. If you can, it means that some of the people I sold my pictures to actually could be able to find my little eccentricities. If you can’t, then probably no one would be able to find them. I’d just like to have an idea which it is.”

I blinked. 100$ per naked person. I looked back at the picture and smiled. I couldn’t help but wonder how many little persons were hidden in there. 5? 10? That would give me 1000$ just for looking at a painting!

“Deal!” I blurted out.

“Really?” he said while his eyebrow popped up.

“Yes! Not that I’m going to spend hours looking at your picture, but I’m game to look once I’m done cleaning.”

“Fine by me! As long as my house is clean...”

“It will I promise!”

I went home, a little giddy at the though of making more money. That night, when I got to bed, my mind drifted back to the tiny little woman I had seen. The shapes and colors, taken alone, didn’t mean anything, but once you look at it just right, you could plainly see a woman posing provocatively.

He was certainly talented!

I closed my eyes and was amazed at how easily I could picture her in my mind. I remembered the artist said something about multilayered information and how it could be seen by the brain without our conscious thought picking up on it. He said he had spent 2 years studying that particular effect before he managed to create his first masterpiece. 

Whatever or however he did it, the results were amazing.

Like last time, I decided to get to his house bright and early. So early in fact that I arrived before he even left! We exchanged pleasantries as I got the cleaning stuff ready and he even teased me about how I wouldn’t be able to find a single naked person in his picture. 

I smiled and told him he better swing by the bank today because he would have to pay up when he got back!
He certainly was fun to talk to!

I got my cleaning done in record time before I went to the mantle and started to inspect the picture. I remembered how distracted I had gotten the week before as my mind followed the lines and patterns around the image with no clear goal. Just wandering eyes trying to take everything in. But now the I knew what to look for, I decided I would be methodical. I started in the upper right corner and started to look.

The shapes and patterns were hard to ignore, but I did my best to go over them again and again while looking at each part with different angles. I just knew that if I spent enough time in one spot, I would find one!

And I did!

I almost jumped with joy! Right there, a few inches from the corner, I found one! Which instantly made my cheeks burn... This one was a man. A rather well defined man... And... Well... He seemed to be sporting an erection!

I bit my lip as I thought how insane this artist was! Or did his clientele know about the erotic art hidden in his work? Was that why his worked sold for so much? Sex sells as they say...

And boy did that tiny man look good!

I felt hot all over as I looked at his tiny muscular frame. A real Greek god type too. It looked like he could lift up a girl straight in the air so he could sit her down on his...

“Still at it?” I heard him say.

I turned to face him and prayed my red cheeks didn’t show too much.

“Already home?” I asked as I looked at the time. “HOLY SHIT! Is that the time?”

“Afraid so...” he said as he came in the room. “I hope your search was fruitful at least.”

“OH yes! You’ll have to pay up mister!”

“I’ll be happy to pay! If you can prove you found another one.”

“Right there!” I said as I pointed at the naked man.

“Ah... You found one of my more explicit ones. I hope you weren't too offended.”

“No... Huh... Not at all!” I said as I felt my cheeks burn a little.

“Is that the only one you found?”

“Yeah... How many are their anyway?”

“Ah! I can’t tell you the exact number... That wouldn’t be fun! But there are at least...” he said as he looked over his picture. “10.”

10!!!!! God!!! That’s a lot of money just to be looking at a picture!

“Really? Well.. I already know about 2, so only 8 to go.”

“At the very least... But there might me a lot more...”

He teased, but gave me a cool hundred extra, just like he promised. I went home and couldn’t believe I had just made an extra 100$! As I laid in bed that night, my mind kept going back to the tiny man. Which, if I took in proper proportions, didn’t have such a tiny cock!

I could picture him just as easily as I could remember the pinup girl from the week before. Which made me a little horny... I masturbated as I kept picturing what such a well defined man could do with my nimble little body.

The following week, I was so early I caught him while he was still having breakfast. I apologies, but he just laughed and said I was welcome to come in. We talked, but I was eager to get my cleaning done and he soon told me to get started.

Even if he was still there.

I cleaned everything and almost ran to the picture over the mantle. I picked up where I left off and almost immediately found my little Adonis in the upper right corner. I winked at him saying I would find more of his naked friends today.

I searched and inspected the next area down and did exactly like the week before. I looked intently at every little line and detail. After a while something new happened: I felt... Horny!

I couldn’t say what it was, but the patterns and colors seemed to put me in the mood. Not to say I wanted to masturbate or anything, they just gave me a kind of erotic buzz. It felt so great! By the time the artist was back and called me out, I had found 2 other naked persons!

Although... They were together.

It was a man and a woman which... Well... Seemed to be fucking! I almost giggled when they finally revealed themselves. When I showed them to him, he teased about them being a pair and that he wouldn’t pay for 2 finds. I protested and said the deal was per person and not per specific spot. I didn’t really mean it though, 100$ would have been enough!

But he smiled and said I was right before he reached in his wallet and gave me 200$.

When I got to bed that night, I could picture the pair so easily I could almost see them move as they romped away for all to see. Needless to say, I rubbed myself raw that night before sinking into perfect slumber.

When I got ready to go back to his place the following week, I remembered how deliciously horny I felt all day and before I knew it, I had put on one of my sexier pairs of underwear. I looked at myself before I put on the rest of my clothes and wondered why I decided to put them on. 

Like I had done it without really thinking about it.

They were comfortable enough so I just shrugged it off and finished getting ready. I didn’t think about it again until I was done cleaning and back in front of his wonderful picture. After barely getting started, I felt delicious again and it was like I was doubly aware of the sexy undergarments I had put on. 

The feeling was incredible. As if it gave my slight arousal an extra notch.

Before I knew it, the day was out and I hadn’t found any naked people. I pouted when he told me it was dinner time and I should get home. I was determined to find more and I asked him if it was ok to come the next day.

He was surprised, but he chuckled and said he didn't mind at all.

I smiled and thanked him. No way was I going to let all that money slip out of my grasp! And besides... I liked how the picture made me feel. The next day, I came to his home secretly wearing another sexy pair I had on hand. He greeted me and told me that if I needed anything, he was going to be in his study working on his new masterpiece. 

I spent the whole day going through every inch of the right side of the picture. 


And to my great joy, I found 2! And they weren’t a couple like last time. One was another naked man, sporting a rather large erection, while he posed arms crossed over his massive chest. He looked so... Commanding! So strong!

The second one was a girl. She was kneeling, arms behind her head while she spread her legs. I felt the heat in my cheeks as I realized just how much detail he had included. I could almost see her clitoris!

After he teased me and paid the 200$, I couldn’t get home fast enough. I almost ran into my room to masturbate. I had been aroused all day, but when I found the man and the woman, I felt like I had been pushed to a new erotic high.

I just needed the release! 

And as I fingered myself, I kept picturing the strong man and the kneeling woman... They were so vivid in my mind! So clear...

After that, I was able to wait until my next cleaning day before I went back to his home. Again, I wore sexy underwear and even decided to dress a little less like I was going to clean and a little more like I was going to party.

Which I know he appreciated because his eyes kept wandering when we spoke that morning. I didn’t mind. I knew how kinky he could be. I mean... Why else include nude people in his work?

On it went. Week after week, I went to his place to clean and inspect. Some weeks, I couldn’t find any and went each day after until I found at least one. 

I would come in his home. Say hi as I got my cleaning things. I would smile as I saw how he noticed my tight outfit. Some times I would tease by making myself bend over when I usually crouched. Somehow, I knew his eyes were on me the whole time and it sent thrills between my legs.

After I was done, I was so hot so I would often remove my top as I stared at his work. He wasn’t home by that time anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. 

And when I couldn’t find a nude person, I would come back the next day.

All the while I felt hornier and hornier as I watched his picture. I even started to ‘bank’ persons I had found and told him I didn’t find anyone when really, I had. 

That way I could come back the next day.

I would come in and exchange pleasantries as I stripped down to my underwear. There was some kind of problem with his air conditioning and we both decided it was ok to be in our underwear. It just meant I had an excuse to wear sexier things.

Every time I found a naked person, I felt a spike of pleasure and heat that always made me moan. I could stare for hours on end at his lovely picture. I didn’t care.

I just wanted to look and search the designs and patterns...

I wanted to find all of them because the more I found, the hornier I got. Probably because I always seemed to find pairs that were fucking. I was going to his place almost every other day, just to inspect his picture.

I would go, strip to my underwear and inspect for hours while enjoying a sensual buzz that made me feel like I masturbated and edged for hours on end. And I didn't even have to touch myself! It was so erotic... I felt so naughty to be able to feel so secretly erotic in his home.

When my phone would beep, telling me it was time to go home, I would shake my head to chase away the delicious cobwebs before pulling my panties up. I didn’t think about it, I just had to do it. Otherwise it would be awkward to go home with my panties around my knees.

Each night I would masturbate to the things I had seen in the picture. The positions I had discovered. The tale they told...

That’s what I realized as I discovered more and more of his little people. They told a story about a man that had claimed a girl. A man so incredible and perfect that the woman submitted to him. Her sexual desires flourished under the man strict authority. 

I craved to experience that story...

By the time my visits had enabled me to have examined and inspected the whole picture by finally reaching the lower left corner, I didn’t even bother wearing panties anymore. They always seemed to slip down my legs anyway so I stopped bothering with them.

I knew the artist didn’t care because he kept walking around his place naked, saying that it helped his creativity.

I didn’t mind. He was pretty well hung after all... Almost like the tiny people in his picture. Which suddenly made sense. I found the very last man in the extreme left corner and it was so clear.

The man I kept seeing was the artist! 

I blinked and smiled. Of course it was the artist! It felt so good to finally understand. I felt hornier than ever as I felt wave after wave pulse inside my pussy. Almost as if I was fucking.

I turned and understood why I felt so good!

The artist was behind me, fucking away inside my pussy. I hadn’t noticed him before, but I didn’t care. He was the man that will be able to show me. He was the man with such authority. He was the one that had such a perfect cock.

And I realized with delicious pleasure that I was the young girl ready to submit...

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