Killian's Music App

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female

Killian recommends a certain equalizer app to enhance the music playing on her phone. She could immediately feels the difference & her life suddenly became so much more productive. She never suspects that the App, constantly working in the background, is also brainwashing her.

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Ever since my friend Killian referred me this equalizer app for my phone, I’ve felt like I’ve never really listened to music before. I was pretty skeptical at first, but when he made me listen to the difference with his own phone, I just had to try it out!

Each song seemed so much better! 

There was a new depth to each piece I only thought you could get from a professional recording! And since most of my music was bought online or even pirated, the compression quality just wasn’t there to offer me the best listening experience. I didn’t really care until I heard what each music file could become!

A silly pop song suddenly became as intense and engrossing as a full blown orchestra! It was like I could hear each instrument separately while also hearing them play as a whole within a real space. The difference reminded me of when you listen to a song with cheap bluetooth speakers vs listening to the real band play in a musical hall.
​And it just got better when I decided to use my headphones instead of my regular earbuds!

It was simply amazing!

It felt like my own awareness was being expanded! Deepened... Enhanced...

And the best part about it was that it was so easy to use! The only thing I had to do to get it up and running was to go through a little 10 minute calibration. I had to listen to a bunch of instruments play in various keys from low to high pitched and select which I liked most. After that, the app basically disappeared and ran automatically as soon as played music on my phone.

It worked seamlessly to enhance every single song to its best potential. Truth be told... I was instantly hooked!
Every play list I created and listened to became so intense and engrossing. My new enhanced music jazzed me when I went to worked out and entertained me when I had to ride on the bus while also helping relax when I laid down in my bed at night.

Regardless of what I played, I could hear and feel the difference.

The music made every part of my life better. Healthier... They say that music soothes the soul and that’s exactly how it felt to me. My soul felt like it was constantly being soothed and relaxed as I went through my daily routines. 

Stress just seemed to drift away as I found myself worrying less and less about trivial things. Not that I stopped caring, it was just that I found that when I stayed calm and relaxed, all my problems were so much easier to deal with.

Bills got paid on time while my shopping got under control.

I didn’t spend money on useless trinkets and always found the time to take care of myself. Even my work days got better as my efficiency steadily got better as I listened to my music and worked.

Every part of my life became better after I installed Killian’s app. 

As a special thank you to him, I decided to invite him over to my place for a nice home cooked meal since I knew that he wasn’t the type to cook for himself. I pulled out all the stops and cooked him his favourite dish and bought a nice bottle of wine with the money I was saving up.

We had an incredible meal and our conversation flowed just as easily as the music that flowed through his app. I was so calm and relaxed that I sort of forgot I had a guest home and changed into something a little more comfortable once the meals was over. 

Killian didn’t mind so neither did I. We got in the living room and sipped our wine while we talked about our friends and life in general. Nothing seemed to make a dent in my calm enjoyment of the evening until he mentioned how tight for cash he was.

That peaked my interest and I listened as he said he was forced to look for a smaller place since he couldn’t afford to stay in his big apartment downtown.

I immediately offered him to come live with me. I didn’t think passed the fact that my wonderful friend needed my help and that I had more than enough space to accommodate him. Besides... Something inside me told me that it was the right thing to do and ever since I got the app installed, my impulses were always right. 

A month later he had moved into one of my spare rooms and we settled into our shared living quarters. My calm and relaxed mindset never wavered and it made things so much easier with Killian. I was helping him out of a financial bind and it made me so happy to be able to do this for him.

He was my guest and I did everything I could to make him feel welcomed. I took it upon myself to cook him meals when we got home from work so he wouldn’t have to spend his money on junk food. Unless he was in the mood for it of course...

I also made sure to tell him not to lift a finger when it came to cleaning and taking care of the apartment. He was my guest and I wasn’t going to impose chores on him. It was only natural after all...

He was very grateful, which in turn made me so happy!

After a month of living together, we became incredible comfortable with one an another. I didn’t bother to dress up as much when I got out of my room and neither did he. In fact, I found his presence in my home to be increasingly comforting.

Having a big strong man in my home was... Nice...

And he wasn’t bad to look at in his boxer either... Which was a nice bonus.

One day, he surprised me with a thoughtful gift. He had bought me a pair of noise cancelling headphones that were supposed to go very well with the app I had running non-stop on my phone. 

I was so excited!

I wanted to refuse his gift since he was in a financial bind, but it seemed rude to refuse so I didn’t. I accepted his gift and couldn’t help but agree. These headphones made my music 10 times better than my old earbuds.
And the noise canceling option was so wonderful! Once I flipped the switch, I couldn’t hear anything except the music.

The instruments and melodies took me even deeper into my appreciation and life just seemed to get better. Every piece I listened to was rich with nuances that made each song flow into my ears.

My budget had never been better and my workouts went by without me having to mentally push myself to stay on target. My work ethic was impressive and even got me a raise! But the best part of it all was my serene view of life.

I felt like nothing could reach and disturb my new found happiness and calm. 

In fact, I felt so calm and relaxed about everything that I got out of the shower one day without bothering to wear a robe. I was naked as I went from the bathroom to check on the laundry. Having placed the clothes in the dryer, I walked back to the kitchen to start on supper when Killian commented on how good I looked.

His comment made me realize that I was naked, but as I looked down and noticed just how hot I looked, I felt a wave of pride wash over me as I realized that all my hard work was paying off. The fact that I was naked in front of Killian didn’t bother me at all.

I just smiled and twirled for him, saying that his app had helped me stay in shape by enhancing my work out music. He was glad it was such a good help and told me to keep up the good work.

His comment made me all warm inside and I silently thanked him for not being weird about my little laps in roommate ethics.

I put on my headphones and started on supper without bothering to cover up. After all, he had already seen the goods and wasn’t bothered by my lack of clothes, so why should I?

After that, it became customary for me not to bother getting dressed after a shower. I felt so good about my toned and fit body that it was a relief to be able to be myself around the house. And since Killian didn’t seemed to be bothered by it, I just went with the flow and never bothered to get dressed after my evening shower.

In fact, the more I let myself enjoy the freedom of being naked, the more happy and relaxed I became. Like discovering a new part of myself. It wasn’t too long before I started to stay naked when I got up in morning. After all, I was already sleeping naked and getting dressed in comfy clothes just to go prepare and eat breakfast seemed like a bother.

Which meant that on the weekends, I would stay naked for most of the day if I didn’t need to go out for groceries. It just seemed so logical to go about my weekend chores naked as I listened to my wonderful music since after I worked so hard, I needed to shower anyway! Why bother getting dressed in clothes if you were just going to remove them to shower right?

It felt so relaxing and comfortable to be able to be myself around Killian. He only had positive comments about my work and body, which never failed to give me a small thrill of joy. A calm sort of joy than played into my relaxed state of mind so well that it was like Killian started to understand me more and more.

So much so that he always seemed to know when I was in the mood to cook or have him order out. Or when I was aiming to start the laundry versus when I got in my head to clean the bathroom. More and more he seemed to understand my calm moods and left me to my chores while he did something else.

Living with Killian became so comfortable. So enjoyable...

He understood me so well that he never tried to bother me when I had my headphones on. He would let me listen to my wonderful music while I busied myself around the apartment. 

We became so comfortable together that it didn’t bother me in the least to feel his hand on my hip as he walked passed one evening. It was a first, but I was calmly washing the dishes while I listened to my music when he got behind me and reached out to grab a cup from the cupboard. His other hand went to my hip and steadied himself while he reached high above me.

I mildly thought that his hands would be better served on the counter, but I kind of liked how it felt on my skin so I didn’t say a word. In fact, if I was honest about it, his touch seemed to increase the sense of comfort and calm I felt around the house.

His touch wasn’t sexual, but it was intimate all the same. It felt so natural to have him touch me like that. So comforting...

Letting him touch my naked hip made me realize just how docile I felt around him. I smiled as that realization spread throughout my mind and made me hum to the music playing in my ears.

Docility with Killian made perfect sense to me.

The next day, it happened again while I was washing the dishes to my favourite tune. I had decided to cook us a roast and was busy cleaning all the cookware when he stepped behind me and reach out to grab a cup I had just washed. His arm brushed my naked rib while his hand grazed my tit.

I just smiled as the docility in me bloomed once again at his touch. I was so calm and relaxed that it didn’t bother me at all that Killian’s hand touched me so intimately. In fact, as my eyes watched him grab the cup and pull back, I almost wished he had grabbed my tit instead.

For some reason, I knew I would enjoy it if he did.

But he didn't and we resumed our evening without incident. On the following Saturday however, his hands got a little bolder as I bent down to get the clothes from the dryer. I didn’t have my headphones on since they needed to recharge so I heard him easily when he commented on how incredible my ass had gotten with all the extra workouts I was putting in before he placed both hands on my waist.

His touch wasn’t overly sexual, but it sent a small thrill between my legs all the same. I paused for a brief moment before continuing to place the clothe in the basket in front of me.

I felt so calm and docile as his hands slowly rubbed my waist and lower back. His touch was so gentle... So nice... He caressed the small of my back before squeezing my ass cheeks tenderly. Part of me wanted to know why he was getting so bold, but another part of me didn’t really care since I felt so comfortable and docile when it came to Killian.

His touch had the same wonderfully relaxing effect I felt ever since I installed his equalizer app. So I didn’t protest or move away while he touched and caressed me a little before moving on.

Later that day, I got it in my head that I needed to dust the furniture so I was busy going around the apartment with my trusty Swiffer when I felt him come up behind me. My headphones had charged so I didn’t hear what he said before his hands touched my hips.

I felt a small jolt of pleasure before my relaxed mind settled into the docility that bloomed every time he touched me. This time though, the calmness was so strong that I just stopped with my arms up in the air while he explored my skin with his hands. Like earlier, he began to caress my lower back before squeezing my ass lovingly.

I didn’t care because it made me feel so good and relaxed.

His hands didn’t stop there and came around to my front to explored my tummy. I was usually so ticklish when people touched me there, but with Killian, it just felt so right. I felt so docile in his tender hands...

And relaxed...

I didn’t feel ticklish at all. I just enjoyed the sensation of his fingers. It was so soothing... I barely realized his hands came up and gently cupped my tits for a few moments before caressing my sides again. I was wrapped up in the relaxed docile calm I felt and enjoyed his hands. The whole thing just seemed to tenderly massage my body and mind.

It felt so incredible.

Once he stopped and moved on to other things, I stayed immobile for a few delicious moments as I let myself bask in the sensation. I was delighted to noticed that the feeling never really left me as I resumed my dusting and listened to my playlist.

That same peaceful docility came back to me the next day when I was busy cutting veggies in the kitchen for our lunch. I was listening to a particularly soothing track when I felt his hand sneak between my arm and ribs. I smiled as I watched his fingers go grab a carrot before retreating behind me. No doubt to crunch down on it.

I was about to resume my cutting when his hands started to massage my lower back and hips, sending me back into the relaxed docility I loved when he touched me. I didn’t move and let him feel his way around my curves for a while before he massaged and squeezed my ass. The relaxed calm I felt from the music just got better and better as his hands worked magic on my skin and muscles.

Relaxing my mind even further...

When his tender fingers started to work their way to my tummy,  placed the knife on the counter before parting my arms and placed my palms far apart on the counter. It seemed like the perfect thing to do since it would make things easier for him.

His hands helped me enjoy the soothing music even more as the instruments and melody deepened, enhancing my blissful joy further and further while his fingers worked they way up to my tits.

By the time his palms squarely cupped my erect nipples, I was so deep in my own feeling of relaxed docility that I closed my eyes and let the sensations carry me away. I knew he was touching me in intimate ways, but in that moment, I only cared about the intense calm he made me feel.

I was so deep within the music and my own wonderful feelings that I barely registered when one of his hands went from expertly massaging my tit to traveling down my tummy and cupping my crotch.

The whole thing was like a soothing dream that made me feel so safe and docile in his hands that I felt like Killian could do no wrong. And of course, he didn’t.

Everything he did was exactly what I needed to help me feel relaxed and wonderful. Somewhere deep within, I was getting aroused by his touch, but my relaxed mind didn’t care. His hands were guiding me towards the perfect sensations and I wouldn’t do anything to interrupt that.

Especially when he tentatively dipped his middle finger inside my surprisingly wet pussy. I just relaxed and enjoyed his wonderful touch as the docility of my state of mind made it feel so extra nice.

It felt so wonderful to be docile to Killian.

The blissful haze eventually dissipated after he stopped touching me, yet, I was so pleased to feel part of that delicious state of mind didn’t fade away completely as I resumed preparing our lunch.

My blissful outlook stayed with me until after dinner. I was done with the dishes and listening to my evening playlist as I brought the freshly cleaned sheets into Killian’s room. He was my guest and there was no way I would let him wash his own bedsheets!

I had removed the soiled sheets and was bending over the bed to spread the clean ones towards the corner when I felt his hands on my hips. Like before, I felt a wave of calm joy wash over me as I relaxed into his touch. I stopped moving and let my mind drift as the docile calm bloomed within my thoughts once again.

His hands felt incredible as he caressed and massaged my lower back and ass. The relaxation and bliss I felt only deepen when he gently spread my ass cheeks and tentatively touched and caressed my inner lips. I was so deep in my appreciation of my docile state of mind that I barely registered when is fingers were replaced by something else.

For a split second, I felt like something was amiss. Like something wasn't what it was supposed to be. But that thought quickly melted away as I felt the relaxing calm of my docility enveloped me. 

It felt so wonderful to be docile to Killian.

It was so hard to worry about anything else that I just smiled and waited to see what Killian would do. He teased my opening for a long while by caressing my slick slit with what I assumed was his cock head before he finally pushed in.

And as he did, I didn’t feel stress or worry. If this was what Killian wanted to do, it was what I wanted to do. It was as relaxing and simple as that because being docile for Killian felt wonderful.

Before that moment, the only time I can say I had a relaxing fuck was possibly when I had lazy morning romps with my past lovers. Both lovers feeling all relaxed as we spooned next to each other while we got more and more aroused and then some how, cock would find pussy as we slowly grinned ourselves to a mutual release.

But as I felt Killian start to slowly push into me, I immediately understood that I knew nothing of what a relaxing fuck meant. The relaxation and docility I felt before paled in comparison when the wave of calm washed over me. It ignited a knew kind of joy inside my body. A sort of calm euphoria that eclipsed everything else I had ever felt in my life.

If being able to relax while listening to the app’s incredible sound mixing was a god send, fucking while feeling this relaxingly happy felt almost like a mortal sin. Like I was experiencing something that no mortal should ever be able to feel.

Yet... As I bend down on his bed and felt his cock slip in and out of my relaxed docile pussy, I reached a state of perfect bliss that almost felt better than a release. Which only got impossibly better as his strokes seemed to time themselves perfectly with the music blasting in my ears.

I was lost in nirvana as he fucked me, only to be exposed to an even deeper sense of awe and serenity when he came exactly as the credo of my playlist erupted in my eardrums.

An orgasm unlike anything I had felt before carried me away into the deep beats of my songs as the pleasure and relaxation made me feel so safe and secure in Killian’s tender hands...

Since it felt so nice for both of us, we didn’t feel the need to talk about the fact that we had fucked. It was just something wonderful that happened and we both seemed perfectly happy with it.

So happy in fact that it happened again a few days later. I was busy scrubbing the bath tub while I listened to my jazzed up tunes when his hands did the same relaxing trick and had me wonderfully relaxed and horny as I bent over the side of the tub. His cock slowly pushed itself inside me and sent me right back in the calm docility I had experienced on his bed. The fact that I was bent awkwardly over the porcelain tub did nothing to stem the intense relaxing bliss I felt as he slowly stroked inside me. I experienced the same intense nirvana as my docile dripping pussy lay open for Killian.

He took me like that twice more while I was busy doing chores or washing dishes. Every time, I felt my docility bloom to new heights as our bodies enjoyed the carnal interaction.

It wasn’t until Saturday morning that we actually fucked in a bed. He came into my room before I had truly woken up and came to lay next to me. I just smiled and let him turn me on my side while he spooned and fondled me. 

I didn’t care about anything he did because everything he did was perfect and made me feel relaxed and docile as I followed his lead. We spent an incredible morning exploring more conventional sex positions before I was able to get on with my weekend chores. 

That evening, he surprised me again when he came up behind me while I was doing the dishes. He felt me up and I stopped scrubbing the pan I was working on and let myself enjoy his incredibly relaxing touch. I was wondering if he was going to fuck me right there against the kitchen sink when he turned me around and kissed me.

I relaxed into his lips like warm butter on a hot knife. The relaxed happiness I felt when he touched me was only made better when his lips explored my own. His hands were all over my exposed skin and my hazy brain thought he would grab my ass and lift me up on the sink so he could easily fuck me, but again, I was wrong.

I felt his cock grow between us as he grabbed my shoulders. He gently pushed me down and my docile brain immediately yielded. I let my knees give way and I found myself face to face with his erection. Even if I was in a state of deep relaxation and euphoric joy, I understood what he wanted without him having to say a word.

I opened my mouth and engulfed his cock because it felt amazing to be docile for Killian.

I watched his face as he threw his head back in obvious pleasure. I couldn’t hear him moan because I had my wonderful headphones on, but I could plainly see that my humble cock sucking talents pleased him. I would have smiled in delight if I hadn’t been so relaxed and docile for him.

The music pushed me forward and I found that it had the same wonderful effect as when I worked out. The beat carried me away and made me forget about everything except what I was doing. That incredible sensation was what allowed me to work out without worry or stress. And now, I discovered that it had the same wonderful effect as my lips searched for his pleasure. 

I was never a girl that shied away from sucking my lover’s cock, but I hadn’t really put that much effort into it. But as I relaxed and pleasured Killian in the middle of the kitchen, I was hit with a deep sense of calm purpose as a desire to perform to the best of my abilities slowly took root thanks to the single mindedness of my thoughts.

It also made me realize that I had no ulterior motive as I sucked him. I wasn’t trying to excite him so he would fuck me. I wasn’t in the throws of my own lust for him. I wasn’t even doing it as a favor or a special gift. I was just doing it for the relaxing bliss it brought me to know that Killian wanted me to do this for him. 

Because being docile for Killian was everything to me.

So I listened to my incredible music as I sucked and licked every inch of his shaft with careful and slow abandon while I relaxed and enjoyed the bliss of it all. 

I was in no hurry. I sucked him tenderly for a long while before I started to see the strain in his posture. I calmly registered that he wasn’t going to be able to block his orgasm for much longer so I stopped teasing his shaft and bobbed my head rapidly along his length until he stiffened and erupted inside my mouth.

Shot after shot splashed on my tongue as I milked his cock of the pleasure I had given him. A delicious sense of pride washed over me as he smiled down and petted my head before he turned and went to the living room.

I watched him go and marveled at how good it felt to be docile for Killian.

I got up and resumed washing the dishes. Part of me would have felt it strange that we had grow so close and intimate without really talking about why or how. I smiled as I realized that I used to get so anxious and stressed over those little things. Thanks to the depth of the music I was able to listen to now, trivial things like that didn’t even reach my thoughts.

That evening, as I got ready for bed and cued my favorite night time playlist, Killian came into my room with a box in his hand. I smiled at him as he came to sit on my bed. He gave me the box and motioned for me to open it. 

Inside the make shift wrapping as a new phone!

I smiled even more when I saw his note.

‘This is a little something to thank you for letting me stay at your place. It’s not much, but this phone has a lot of space and I took the liberty of downloading your entire library. And as I bonus, I installed the latest upgrade to the sound enhancement app that is supposed to make the listening experience even better. The upgrade was designed specifically to work with noise cancelling headphones. Enjoy!’

I felt so happy Killian had been thoughtful enough to give me this incredible gift! We hugged briefly before Killian synched both my phones and transferred my SIM card. I immediately connected my headphones to the new device and opened up my music app. All my songs were there! As well as all my favorite playlists. I cued the same evening list and looked up at Killian just as he waved me good night from the door.

I smiled at him and hit the play button.

My jaw dropped when the sound filled my ears. Killian was right, the enhancements were incredible! The difference was simply staggering. It was almost like the app gave me access to a new level of depth that I didn't know existed within the layers of notes and melodies. Like the first enhancements had barely scratched the surface.

I laid down and listened in awe as the music carried me away to one of the most peaceful nights of my life...

When I woke up the next morning, I felt like a new person. It felt like my new relaxed outlook on life had been upgraded just like the app had been. My mind set was more than relaxed, it was transcended. My whole body seemed to be able to enjoy the serenity as I realized what I was feeling.


That’s the best word to describe how I felt. The music poured into my ears and filled my mind with complete and utter peace. I went through my work day with the same boundless efficiency as before, but instead of feeling tired once the day was over, I felt refreshed. I had done incredibly good work and that sense of accomplishment pleased me.

When I got home, I went straight into the shower and cleaned myself of the day’s work before I started to tidy up the apartment. When I finally registered that Killian was home, I immediately stopped what I was doing and went up to him. I stood in front of him and smiled as wave after wave of peaceful relaxation washed over me.

It felt so right to come greet him when he got home. 

My music was playing in my headphones so I didn’t hear his sweet chuckle, but I saw it and it made me smile. He stepped closer to me and leaned in for a kiss. It was so tender... So delicious... 

I was ready for anything he might wish, but he didn’t push me down or turn me over. He broke off the kiss and fished around in his pants. He took out his phone and typed up something I didn’t care to notice before he looked up into my eyes.

Maybe it was just my imagination, but it felt like the music shifted in my ears. If only a little...

But I felt peace and docile so it didn’t bother me. I just looked at Killian and smiled. He seemed to be searching my eyes for something, but since I didn’t know what he wanted, I just stared back and hoped he would find what he was looking for.

Then, as I looked deep into his sparkling eyes, I felt a new drive and calm determination wash over me. I looked down at myself and knew in an instant that I wasn’t properly dressed to welcome Killian home. Something about my nakedness felt off... Incomplete...

My mind was so exquisitely calm and docile that the only thing I could do to remedy this nagging realization was to look up to Killian for guidance. And like always, he knew EXACTLY what I needed.

Dangling from his hand, he had the thing I was missing. The thing I NEEDED to be able to properly greet him when he got home. I smiled and nodded once, as if my acceptance was needed when we both understood that he never needed it.

Because I was always so perfectly docile for Killian.

I would have felt so excited, but since I was the perfect image of peace and calm, I just let the emotion wash itself inside my head as I read the bold letters of the leather collar dangling from Killian’s fingers: DOCILE.

He walked behind me and I lifted my hair out of the way so he would be able to wrap the thick leather around my neck. The moment it closed, I felt so much better. It was EXACTLY what I needed and Killian knew it even before I did.

Which is the reason why being docile for Killian feels so amazing.

A new evening routine developed after that. Somehow, I didn’t need to see that Killian was home to know that he was. I would hear a shift in the music soothing my ears and know deep down that it was because Killian was home. On most evenings, I would also feel this deep understanding that he needed to relax so I would fix him a drink before joining him in the living room.

It was so peaceful to know that without words, we had a perfect understanding of each other. I would know without a doubt when he was in the mood to come home from work and feel my lips around his cock as he relaxed. I didn’t care how I knew or why, I was just pleased that I did.

It made me feel so docile to be able to anticipate his needs.

Every day the connection between us deepens. I feel like my life is spent on a constant cloud as I float passed all the things that once troubled or worried me because being docile for Killian feels better than anything else I could ever dream of.

His guiding hands in my hair as I pleasure him with my mouth...
His pounding intent when he takes me while I do the chores...
His masterful hands as he enjoys every inch of my skin...

Everything Killian leads me to do is always perfect and ties in exquisitely with how I feel in the moment.  It has been a few months now and Killian has moved out of the spare bedroom and sleeps in my bed every night. I feel so free and safe now that Killian has proven to be the leading force my life needed to feel complete. 

The peace and docility I feel has only grown more profound as I truly understand the depth of our relationship. I gave myself over to his guiding intent and have enjoyed the rewarding bliss ever since.

Life was perfect because being Killian’s docile girl is the only thing I care to crave.

If I wasn’t so peacefully relaxed, I would be amazed at how often his wants and desires become my own the moment I learn about them. 

Just like today when he came up to me and lightly pulled on the ring of my collar. I instantly desired to be pulled away from my task as he lead me to the living room. I didn't have any other emotion other than joy as he pulled me along. I was following him and it proved to me how amazingly docile I was for him. Nothing else mattered.

He let go of my collar just as he turned and sat in his favorite lazy chair. I stood with a docile smile on my face as the relaxing music continued to fill my ears. I watched him type something in his phone before looking up at me with a smile.

The music shifted and I understood what his admiring smile meant. I knelt between his legs and wasted no time in freeing his cock. I took my time to tease and watch him slowly harden at my talented ministrations before I relaxed into giving him the most worshipful blowjob I knew how to give. 

I was relaxed.
I was content.
I was at peace.

But more importantly, I was docile.

As I slowly sucked on his cock, he continued to play on his phone. I didn't mind that he wasn't paying attention to my docile ministrations because I knew it was what he wanted. Again and again my lips and tongue worshipped his shaft in ways I had learned to love. I felt no rush.. No worries... 

I just relaxed and worshipped him.

I eventually felt another comforting shift in the music and looked up without missing a beat. He turned his phone and I could see the Facebook page of one of our friends. 

All at once, I knew in my bones that Hailey would be so happy to discover how Killian’s app could make her music sound so much better. I just knew that she would come to understand just how incredibly fulfilling listening to the app’s enhanced music could be.

I didn't question the thoughts I had about inviting her to live with us because those kinds of thoughts were best left to Killian.

​I just knew that if she did come to live with us, I would be more that happy to help her understand how peaceful and exhilarating life can be when you are docile for Killian...

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