Interactive Story - Stacey's Insomnia

Choice 4

by The Traveling Master

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C  -  Stacey is getting really suspicious and asks what else he has made her do under hypnosis.

His statement seemed oddly bold. Certainly, Becky must keep some secrets from him. But for her to tell him that we kissed… That could just be pillow talk. I felt embarrassed, but then again, something had been bugging me this last week and since we were on the subject…
“I can assure you I don’t understand what came over me…”
“Well… I think I understand. We’ve been making your subconscious live out deep seeded fantasies and more than likely, your subconscious might be pushing you to live them out while you are awake as well. Meaning that the more you live them out in a trance, the more your mind comes to learn and accepts its own desires…”
“So… You are telling me that during our sessions, you make me live out erotic fantasies with other women?”
“As per your own desires… Yes.”
“My own desires…” I whispered. “I was hoping this was just in my head… But you just confirmed it. I… I’m…”
“Bisexual? It would seem so.”
“I never… I mean… I didn’t think…” I said, trying to put into words how I felt.
“We’ve talked about this while you were under. You told me that you had a curiosity about women when you were young, but that you never really fell in love with a woman and so you never explored your desires. But that’s ok… You are certainly exploring now.” He said with a smile.
Again with that weird smile…
“Seems I am…” I said as I looked up to him.
His eyes… It looked like he was… Undressing me… Or was it my imagination? He just admitted he had me undress for him… I was… Naked… In front of him… And he says I told him I wouldn’t mind. Why is that? Had… Had I been telling him about my fantasies with him?
A cold shiver went down my spine. Of course… I must have! And if I already told him I didn’t mind undressing for him… What else did I tell him? What other consent did I give him?
“What…” I said before clearing my throat. “What else did you… Huh… Make me do?”
“What ever do you mean?” he asked innocently.
“I mean… Huh…” I said, suddenly feeling embarrassed. “It’s just that… Since you asked me to get naked and I said yes… I mean… I’m wondering… Hummm…”
“You are wondering…” he said cutting me off while he leaned in towards me. “If I’ve asked you to do other things of a sexual nature while you were under hypnosis. Correct?”
I just nodded. I could not bring myself to say the words. I felt bad for accusing him like this. But I also felt compelled to know. I trusted Jake with my mental health while at the same time, being afraid of what he was actually doing with me while in a trance.
“I see…” he said as he looked at me. “If you must know, I should also mention that you’ve been masturbating a little while you live out your fantasies.”
“WW…What?!?!” I asked, stuttering.
“Not to worry.” He quickly added. “You always did it with clothes on. Always through the fabric…”
“Oh my…” I said. “That’s not… I mean… I can’t… This is so embarrassing!”
I couldn’t believe I was actually doing that! In front of HIM! I was mortified! I felt my cheeks burn has my hands instinctively went up to my blouse and pulled it up around my neck, trying in vain to cover up.
“No need to feel embarrassed my dear…” he said, but it didn’t help at all. “I see you are taking this news badly… You know Stacey, you should know that lakes, prairies and clearings are always calm and composed…”
“Why would…” I started say.
But I suddenly felt a lot calmer. Images of serene lakes, prairies and forest clearings cascaded in my mind and it served to calm my growing agitation. I took a deep breath and as I exhaled, I felt all my tension release…
“There… See?” he said as he leaned back. “There is no need to stress over your therapy…”
“You’re right Jake…” I said, still savoring the new calmness. “I don’t know why I got so agitated.”
“It’s completely normal Stacey… You aren’t an exhibitionist, but you can rest assured that anything and everything that happens in my office is all part of your therapy.”
“Yes… anything and everything…” I found myself repeating.
He was right. I was here to get better and heal. This space was completely safe. I was completely safe…
“Now Stacey… This looks like the perfect opportunity to test out a new step in your treatment I was hoping to get to… If all goes well… It should speed up you healing process quite a bit… How does that sound?” he asked.
I a little dizzy… Almost like I was falling in a trance. The calmness I felt seem to blanked my thoughts and make everything he said so much more… Distant… Yet… True…
“That sounds like a good idea… I want to get better…” I said slowly, not wanting to break this wonderful spell I was under.
“Excellent… Now since you calmed down, I can tell you about it… Just stay in your calm state and picture the lake side as you listen to my words…”
“Lake side…” I whispered.
I closed my eyes and one of the lakes from before came to mind. Surrounded by mountains and a lush forest… It was so peaceful… Calm… I breathed in and it felt like I could almost smell the crisp clean air…
I heard Jake talk, but he seemed far away. What he said made perfect sense. I agreed completely with him. He told me it was a little unconventional, but he thought it would be my best chance to heal and I agreed.
Jake was always right.
“Very good… This very light trance will make you feel even more like what you are experiencing is real… You are in it right now… Just drift back and open your eyes to your fantasy Stacey…”
The lake faded away as I opened my eyes. Even if only a little… My view was a little blurred, but I found myself in Jake’s office. To my mild surprise, he was naked… Sitting in his chair like he always does. My eyes were drawn to his crotch… He was… Aroused…
“Now Stacey… You will feel like this is all very real… Which is the point… So now, let’s live out one of your recurring fantasies… What usually happens in this scenario Stacey?”
“I…” I tried to say as the arousal grew inside me. “I imagine myself fucking you…”
“That is true… But… It seems to me… That this time… Stacey should assist Jake proper… With a naked blowjob…”
An image of myself naked, on my knees, sucking away at Jake’s cock became clear in my mind. It looked so hot… So arousing… I needed to please him… I needed to suck him…
I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do.
I got up slowly and started to undress. I faintly noted that my clothes felt oddly real… Compared to my other fantasies I remembered. I seemed to be able to feel the fabric slide on my skin as I slip out of them. Before long, I was naked before Jake, which was stroking his cock in anticipation. I moved to him and kneeled between his legs. His cock was so… Yummy looking… God I wanted to worship it with my mouth…
And I did just that.
What followed was exactly like some of the fantasies I had been having about him. I was attentive… Slow… Methodical… Loving… I sucked his cock as if he was my husband… My true lover… In fact… In that moment, he was my lover… I wanting nothing else than to please him… With a blowjob… The best naked blowjob I could manage…
It was so different than my usual fantasies… They were ethereal… Dreamy… But this felt… So real… No time skips… No blurry emotional fast forward to something else… I felt myself walk to him and kneel. As if I had really done it. I felt myself suck him in… Every inch… I felt him slid in and out of my mouth… And… I tasted his seed when he finally came loads and loads in my mouth.
Which I swallowed like a champ.
Once I looked up in his eyes and saw how pleased he was, I felt like my mission was a success. I had pleased him. I was done. I kissed his cock gently before getting up and returning to my seat.
“You were incredible Stacey... What a wonderful fantasy… Now feel how REAL it was… How satisfying it was…”
He was right, it felt incredibly real… Even the cold leather on my ass cheeks felt… Real… I was amazed how talented Jake was. How powerful my own mind could be…
But as I sat there, looking at Jake getting dressed slowly, I also felt an intense burning in my cheeks. I had just lived through a fantasy… A fantasy I was cheating on my husband with Jake… I was still rather calm, but as my desire to please Jake disappeared, I felt the full force of my fantasy. I loved my husband… So why was I so aroused by cheating on him?
My fantasy and embarrassment faded away as Jake decided to bring me deeper into my trance to finish our session. When I got home that night, I noticed that I was still missing the pair of underwear I had been wearing when I went to see Jake.
I decided I would start to bring 2 pairs to my sessions. If I was going to soak one pair, might as well return with a dry one on. But then… As I got ready for my next session, I suddenly couldn’t decided on which pair to bring! Nothing seemed right!
The only thought I had was to go commando. Which was very odd because I always wear underwear. But a part of me reasoned that it was just that way. Jake wouldn’t have to be bothered with them.
And so for the next few sessions, I went commando. But that wasn’t the only odd thing about those sessions. I realized that ever since we started to do these light trance fantasy sessions, I always seemed to fantasize about fucking with Jake.
And the more I thought about it, the less I believe that the fantasies were coming from me. As if… As if I was made to play out someone else’s fantasies! So I brought it up during our next session.
“Listen Jake… Before we start today… I was wondering…” I asked, suddenly unsure of how to say what I wanted to say.
“What is it Stacey? You know you can tell me anything.”
“Yes Jake… I can tell you anything…” I repeated softly. “Yes… Well… I was wondering why lately… I was huh… Only living out fantasies involving you.”
“Oh I see… Well you see Stacey…” as his eyes looked me up and down briefly.
“Are you...” I suddenly spoke up. “Are you making me live out YOUR fantasies?” I asked.
His eyes didn’t betray any emotions as he looked at me. I felt bad about thinking such bad thoughts about a person that was only trying to help. But then again… I couldn’t shake the feeling that all this was getting very strange.
“That is a good an valid question… But let’s relax before I answer… Stacey would like to assist Jake proper with a shoulder massage.”
I was about to tell him that it was hardly the time for that. And far from proper! But as I thought about it, I felt like I should go rub his shoulders. Yeah… He deserved to be relaxed as much as he relaxes me… I… I needed to please him… With a shoulder massage…
I got up and felt a new purpose. A new conviction… I went behind his chair and started to rub his shoulders. They were broad and I had plenty to work with. My mind was completely captivated with the task at hand, but I could still hear Jake as he talked.
“Ah yes… You do have such wonderful hands. So soft yet… So strong…” he said, but his compliments didn’t mean anything. I just needed to know if he liked his massage.
“I guess I’ve put this off as long as I could… Then again… I could always make you forget about it all…”
He was talking about something important. I could tell by the way his voice echoed in the room. But my mind had only one thing it worried about: making sure I massaged his shoulders to please him.
“Telling while you are in this particular state should prove interesting… Ok then… Why not? You see Stacey… I’ve been tampering with your fantasies a little…  Nudging them in different directions… And more than that… hahahhaha… We’ve been living some of them out right here in this office. Not in your mind like I lead you to believe… But here in the real world…”
I felt like what he was saying was very important. Like I should be listening more carefully. But I didn’t really care. I only had to rub his shoulders.
“And really… We’ve been playing around for a long while now… It is only getting better and better… Each time you come back to me, I deepen my control over you… To a point that I can make you do ANYTHING I want with a few choice words… Like fucking me in this chair… What do you think about that?”
I didn’t think anything of it. I just needed to rub his shoulders.
“Right… Almost forgot… Ok Stacey has served her purpose perfectly.”
All of a sudden, the desire to rub his shoulder faded and I felt like I had accomplished my mission. I had pleased him.
What did he just say?
Choice 4
A - Stacey freezes with dread as the words Jake said sink in. Her mind can’t accept that Jake is telling the truth, but deep down, she realizes that everything makes a lot more sense to her. Her panic prevents her from running out screaming, but she still tries to walk calmly towards the door.
B - Stacey can’t believe a word Jake is saying and laughs it off saying that he told her in the beginning that Hypnosis was completely safe. That she was safe. She asks him why he would invent such a preposterous story.
C - Stacey moves to face Jake and sees his smug smile. She loses it and starts yelling at him. Telling that he better be joking or else she was going to tell on him.
D - Stacey tries to stay calm and after a short pause, she tries to continue with the shoulder rub as if she didn’t hear Jake’s words. Her hands tremble as her minds goes through all the implications.

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