Interactive Story - Stacey's Insomnia

Choice 2

by The Traveling Master

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A - Ask if the sessions are messing with her libido in a way that prevented her from coming.

I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I couldn’t see myself stopping my sessions or even accusing Jake of messing with my head without first trying to figure it out for myself. Maybe I should try to tell Jake? I know he told me that it could take a few sessions before I saw results, but I don’t remember him mentioning anything about side effects. Could he have made a mistake even? My mind was going back and forth between it being some expression of my sessions or that Jake was… No… Eve if he was an asshole,  can’t see him playing around in my mind like that.
Besides, he told me hypnosis is just an advanced from of relaxation. How could he possibly fuck around with my libido? That’s just my lack of sleep… It’s making me paranoid. When I finally got in Jake’s office, I suddenly wasn’t sure if I should say anything. He seemed so confident and in control that he couldn’t possibly have made a mistake in my sessions. Then again… It could be natural to have some weird reactions if someone plays around in your mind…
He picked up on my worries pretty quick though.
“What is bothering you Stacey? You are clearly holding back something today… I don’t have to remind you that this is a safe place and you can always speak your mind with me.” He said with a soft smile.
Can’t really back out now…
“Yeah… I guess I can’t hide it very well…” I said taking a deep breath. “I… Huh… I seem to be experiencing some… Problems… With huh… My arousal…”
It was so embarrassing to admit, but he was so generous and concerned with my therapy… I just had to be honest. Jake always needed me to be honest with him.
“I see…” he said thoughtful. “What is happening exactly?”
“I… hahaha…” I laughed nervously. “I some times get… Huumm… REALLY horny… Like I’m about to cum… But the thing is… I… Oh god this is embarrassing…”
“Nothing should be embarrassing between us. This is a safe and healing space.” He assured me.
“I know… Ok… When I get that type of … Episode… I just can’t cum.”
I felt so weird admitting this to someone other than my husband or a close friend, but I needed it fixed so I could get back to fixing my insomnia. 
“Oh…” He said with the faintest smile.
Did I just imagine it? Or did he just smile for real?
“I see…” he continued. “Well that would certainly be frustrating… It doesn’t help your insomnia at all correct?”
“Yes that’s right...”
“Of course…” he said thoughtfully. “When this episode strikes… Are you alone?”
“Hhhmm… No… My husband is there.”
“I see…” he said. “He might be the one triggering this episode… And… How long do these episodes last?”
“Well… Huh… It only happened twice… The first time lasted an evening… Hummm… When my husband got home… We hummm… Started making love and… Well… I just got hotter and hotter… But I never came.”
“And the second time?”
“Hhhmmm… My husband kissed me before leaving for work and then… All day… I felt horny and… On the edge… But I couldn’t huh… Bring myself off… Even when my husband got home, We fucked again… I mean… I was getting desperate… But nothing… My arousal only drained out of me when he kissed me good night.”
He seemed thoughtful for a while. I felt his eyes on me and part of me couldn’t help but think he was imagining me and my husband. Fucking… While I’m so very desperate to cum… My eyes darted down to his pants before I faked looking down at the floor. Did that excite him? 
Get it together Stacey… Remember… He’s an asshole. You wouldn’t want to fuck him anyway. Even if you wanted to step out on your marriage. Besides… I would never…
“Seems to me your husband is clearly linked to these episodes.” He stated, cutting off my train of thought.
“Oh?” I asked, looking back up to him.
“Yes… Would I be right in assuming that your husband as been neglecting your sexual needs?”
“I… I mean… Some times… He works so hard… I don’t blame him at all!”
“Regardless… It looks like we’ve found part of what is keeping you up at night. Of course, the money troubles haven’t helped… But sexuality is a very important part of a persons mental health. If left unchecked… It can certainly manifest as insomnia. Unfulfilled sexual desires can torment the subconscious.”
“Oh…” I said sadly.
How the hell could I even begin healing something I couldn’t change?
“Not to worry Stacey… Hypnosis can help you deal with such a problem.”
“By making you live out fantasies in your mind. Fantasies that feel so real your subconscious will think you actually lived through them. Which in turn will help you battle your insomnia.”
“Really?” I asked a little surprised. “It seems a little… Easy…”
“Don’t be fooled my dear…” he said with a smile. “It won’t be easy… Your mind has to believe it. It may not work out the first few times. But in time, your subconscious will come to accept and believe them.”
“Wow…” I said.
“So? Is this something you wish to try? I ask because you might not be comfortable with me guiding through your fantasies. Which is completely normal… But again, I assure you that this is completely private. A safe space for you to heal…”
My mind was racing a little. What should I do?
“I… I know…” I said looking down.
My libido was all over the place. Thoroughly out of my control… And Jake… What would he think of my little fantasies? Would he keep them secret?
“If you are worried… Remember that you are my patient and as such, anything you say here while in therapy is completely confidential…”
“Right.” I said. “But it is kind of weird no?”
“Hahahah.” He laughed. “It may certainly seem so to you, but I’ve done this more times than I can count. So really… If you are scared of shocking me, just know that I’ve counselled many depraved and sick individuals. And even if you manage to shock me… I would never let that stop your recovery.”
He did make a good point, but it still felt strange to be opening up about my sexuality with him. What should I do?
Choice 2

A - Stacey refuses to try such an embarrassing therapy and tells Jake to work around it. She is too ashamed or scared of sharing such intimate fantasies with someone that might tell her husband at a party one day.
B - Stacey chooses to takes things slow and describes a tame fantasy, regarding her and her husband, in which she stays away from her deeper desires.
c - 
Stacey is sick of being tired and can’t stand what is happening to her so she decides to go all in and describes one of her deepest desires, which doesn’t include her husband.
D - Stacey decides to trust herself and tells Jake to go ahead with this type of therapy. She also tells Jake to ask her while under hypnosis. When asked why, she tells Jake that she assumes her subconscious is the best one to choose a scene that will best satisfy her.  

(If you answer B or C, please provide a rough outline or description of what that fantasy might be.)

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