Interactive Story: Playing with a Hypnotherapist

Choice 6

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #InteractiveStories

A – Myra believes it is the fact she craved more sugar in her coffee.

"I think…" I said as I made a show of putting my finger to my chin and tapping it. "I do believe…"
"Ah come one! I'm sure you figured it out! It was so obvious!"
"What? No it wasn't!" I said, narrowing my eyes. "Are you trying to make me doubt myself or something?"
"No…" he said smiling.
"Anyway… Ok… I'm pretty sure I got it. You gave me a craving to take my coffee with extra sugar."
"Oh?" he said amused. "Why would you think that?"
"Because! I've taken my coffee with one sugar since before we even met! And I'm pretty sure you remember this because we used to study together, remember? We brought ourselves coffee all the time! Sometimes it was me bringing them… 2 milks in yours with a dash of cinnamon if they have it… And sometimes it was you! So I know you remember how I take my coffee!"
"You got me… I told you it was obvious!" he said as he shrugged.
"OH YEAH!" I shouted. "You'll have to get more creative with your next trigger if you want to fool me!"
"Well… That was only part of the post hypnotic suggestion I gave you…"
"Part of…" I trailed off. "That's cheating!!!"
"Maybe…" he said smiling. "Just a little…" 
"What was the other?"
"You can't figure it out? If you do… You get double the reward!" he teased.
I thought about it and there were just too many options! Every day I kept doubting myself! 
"I'm going for nothing." I finally said.
"Yes! You are just pulling my chain! You didn't implant anything else!"
"That could be… But no… I actually did place a second suggestion. I'm wondering if it even worked then…" he said as he looked over his notes.
"Well… What was it?"
"What? Oh… I implanted a sort of concentration thing. Whenever you were at work, you would find it hard to think about anything else. I was hoping to help you out. You did tell me that you were afraid your performance at work wasn't what it should be."
"I did? When?"
"While you were in your trance…" he said. "Pity it didn't seem to work…"
As I looked at him, I realized that it wasn't true. It had worked. The past 2 days were a bit of a blur, but my mind went back to my boss earlier today. He had said I was performing better. Wow… I didn't think he would do something like that. Part of me hoped he would try to implant erotic things… Like my fantasies about him… But I knew deep down that he didn't need to. I was already attracted to him. No boost needed!
"It did work… I just thought it was just me… Ok, I may have thought it was you, but I just couldn't imagine you would actually do that!"
"It did! Oh sweet!" he said, clearly proud of himself.
"That was pretty sweet of you…" I finally said. "Even if it was cheating!"
"What can I say… I like to help!"
"So you were ready to let me ask 2 things of you huh?" I said with a smile.
"Or… That I would be able to implant 2 things of my choosing…" he shot back.
"Right…" I said unconsciously licking my lips. "So what do we do now?"
"How about we each get one reward? Sound fair to you?"
"It does… So who goes first?"
"Why don't you go first? After that, I'll hypnotize you and go from there."
I looked him over and I couldn't help but want to know if he would be willing to start implanting sexual things in my head. It didn't have to be about him… I was fine with either… Maybe a nice trigger to make me go wild when I touched myself… Or a word I could say to feel like I was about to cum… Or just to make me extra wet… 
He was pretty devious. Implanting 2 things like that… Did he have an agenda of his own? If he did… That would be pretty hot… What could I ask him then? I could ask him what he planned to implant in my head… But half the fun would be not knowing what it was… Or would it? It depends on what it was…
My head was swimming in naughty thoughts…
Or did I ask him to do something instead? Hhhmmm…. He could do a little strip for me… Show off that body of his… That would be nice…
Choice 6
A – Myra asks him how wild it got with Charlene. And details about why he hypnotized her.
B – Myra asks him how attractive he found her.
C – Myra asks, in a playful manner, if he planned to put a trigger in her so she would take off her clothes.
D – Myra wants him to strip to his boxers and continue with the session without his clothes.
E – Myra smiles and asks him to give her a clue once he implanted the next trigger she had to guess.

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