Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 7

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #InteractiveStories #m/f #magic #pov:bottom

C- Anna creeps low among the seats to be able to see what her boss is doing.

I just had to know what was going on. My better judgment was telling me to just leave things be and go back home. Try to forget it… But my curiosity was getting the better of me. I swallowed hard and started to crawl in the row leading down to the stage. 
What was I doing? What will I say if I get caught? This was clearly none of my business… But what was he doing? Why was she acting this way? Was this some form of sexual kink he had?
The music changed to some Mozart or something. I didn't really recognize it, but it was definitely classical music of some kind. Zelvida's moves changed to move with the new rhythm, but she still looked awkward. I finally reached the row he was sitting in and I slowly looked at what he was doing.
He was sitting in one of the seats, but he had some sort of board or tablet on his knees. And on it…
I couldn't believe my eyes!
He was holding up a little marionette! It was a wooden puppet with a mane of blonde hair, not unlike Zelvida's. He was holding 2 wooden crosses that held the strings going down to the marionette.
What the hell was this?
And the strings… Were they… Glowing?
I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Or was it just the way the light was catching them? I couldn't tell! But what was evident was that Zelvida was mirroring what the pupet was doing. Exactly! I watched as he lifted the marionette’s left arm in the air. And at the same time, her left arm went up.
I watched, not fully comprehending what was going on, as he seemed to make Zelvida dance with his marionette. Was he really controlling her? Was she somehow linked to the puppet? How was that even possible? Or was it just another magic trick? Were they simply practicing a new segment for the show?
Well one thing was certain: it was turning him on.
I could make out the bulge under the board. As if his cock was actually holding it up. I looked at Zelvida and if I didn't know any better, I could have sworn she wasn't even aware she was dancing like she was.
"Wonderful!" he suddenly said. "And now my dear, let me join you on stage…"
I pulled back and hid myself in the row behind him. I heard him move off his chair and go down to the center row. I finally peaked out and watched as he calmly went down the aisle. He was holding up the 2 crosses in one hand while he held the board in his other. The marionette was standing on its tip toes and to my astonishment, so was Zelvida. Her arms where straight up in the air as she stood on the balls of her feet. 
He calmly climbed the stairs to get on stage and managed to make the marionette start to move again. I watched as Zelvida came to life and walked, awkwardly, towards the right of the stage and went to grab a table. She brought it next to our boss and went to stand in front of him.
"This is getting easier and easier my dear!" he said as he placed the board on the table. “I’m so glad we decided to try this.”
With his free hand, he unzipped his pants and fished out his cock, which was pretty hard. Oh fuck… What were they going to do now? I suddenly realized that my hand had crept down to my pussy again. I was so wet! Why was I so aroused by all this?
Zelvida didn't show any sign that she even saw what was happening. He admired her body for a little as he stroked his dick. He finally moved the marionette and it ended up in a kneeling position. Which Zelvida immediately replicated.
He then manipulated the marionette's arms so that they ended up behind its head. Which again, Zelvida imitated…
"Lovely…" he said.
With his free hand, he placed a finger on her forehead. He seemed to mumble something and all of a sudden, I thought I heard a small bang coming from the stage. It was a low sound… I almost felt it in my bones. 
"And there! Excellent!" he said as he let go of the crosses that held up the marionette.
They fell on the table and I expected the marionette to fall over. But it didn't! It stayed in the same position as Zelvida! If all this was strange, what happened next was even weirder!
He grabbed her hair in one hand before using his other to manually open her mouth. Once that was done, he inserted his cock in her mouth! Just like that! She didn't move at all! Didn't react! I watched as he started to pull her head towards himself. Inserting ever more cock inside her mouth. Before long, it went in and she had her nose buried in his stomach. He kept her there for a few moments, savoring the feel of her throat no doubt, before he pulled her head up again.
He made her go up and down his cock with agonizing slowness. Again and Again… She didn't react at all! She just stayed like that, kneeling and letting him use her throat for his pleasure. 
God it was so wrong for me to watch this…
I was fingering myself now. Unable to deny the arousal I was feeling. Why was this turning me on so much? I couldn't look away as he started to ramp up the speed. Up and down his shaft… He looked in completely control. So dominant…
My reverie was finally cut short as I noticed the marionette on the table. IT WAS MOVING ON ITS OWN!!!! It was imitating Zelvida! What the hell? Were they actually linked? How was this even possible!
This was getting a little too weird… I had to get out of here.
I made my way out of the theater without raising any suspicions. I raced back to the safety of my apartment. What did I even see? Was that real? I went in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was having trouble remembering the details… Did Zelvida really have such a blank expression? No… She was smiling… Wasn't she? Didn't I hear him say that this will be a good act before intermission?
She was wearing a bikini top, wasn't she? Of course she was, she always wears one.
It was like trying to hold on to dripping water. I felt like the real memory was slipping through my fingers. I cursed myself for not thinking of filming it on my phone. I spent the rest of the day trying to write what had happened in a diary. But I kept writing the scene like it was a new magic trick and nothing else. I was even forgetting about the sexual parts…
What sexual parts?
I was so frustrated! It was like trying to remember a dream. Every time you tried, you felt like you were filling in things you couldn't quite remember. The more you tried, the less it felt like it was what you actually dreamed about.
I finally abandoned the task and decided to go to bed early. Maybe it was just my nerves or my lack of sleep. My mind was definitely playing tricks on me. 
I dreamed…
I knew it was a dream… Wasn't it?
I found myself on stage. Complete naked. My first instinct was to cover myself. But as I did, I felt odd sensations on the back of my hands. Like something was attached… I tried to move my feet to walk off the stage, but they felt so heavy! And what was this strange sensation? Like on my hands… Right on the top of my feet…
I looked around and I could see the sides of the stage clearly. I looked behind me and I could see the whole stage clearly. But when I looked out at the audience… The light was too bright! I couldn't see if there were people or not!
And then the strangest thing happened!
I felt a tug. As if something was tapped on the top of my right foot and was being pulled up. It was so strange! I watched in awe as my foot finally lifted and went in front of me, setting back down on the floor.
And then my left foot experienced the same. I tried to step down against this unseen force, but it was no use, it only made the tugging sensation more painful. I took another step. Then another… I took a few steps like that, unable to control myself.
Then I stopped.
Something on my right caught my eye and I looked. A full length mirror was floating my way! Now this was extremely strange! The mirror floated until it was facing me. I was shocked! My face! It was all painted with big red dots and white make up. I looked like a doll! No… A marionette! 
"Like what you see?" I heard a deep male voice echo in the theater. "I sure do… So lovely…"
I tried to talk back, but I found that my mouth wouldn't open. The mirror floated away to my left and I was left to look at the dark audience. 
"Now… Time to make things interesting…" the voice said.
I couldn't recognize it! He almost sounded like one of those villains you see in movies. I heard him saying strange words that made no sense to me. But it was like I could feel them… Every syllable was punctuated by a pulse emanating from the back of my neck. When he said the final word, the pulse exploded throughout my whole body.
"There… That should make things… Easier for you…" the voice said.
I didn't move. I was scared to move. What was happening!
"Here… Let me show you…" the voice said.
I felt my right foot being tugged again, but something was different. Instead of pain… I felt… Pleasure… As the invisible string pulled at my foot, the pleasure just increased. My foot went down on the floor. He pulled again and I figured that if I pulled against it, I would feel more pleasure. But I was wrong…
The more I resisted against the string, the less pleasure I felt.
"You see? Just let yourself go and you will feel wonderful…" the voice said.
I suddenly felt a bunch of hot spots all over my body, like a thousand strings were about to pull and manipulated my body. Including the ones on my hands. My hands that were still covering my private parts…
Choice 7
A- Anna resists the pull of the strings to keep her dignity and fight whatever control the voice was having on her.
B- Anna lets go and gives in to the control. Letting the voice manipulate her body as he wishes.
C- Anna closes her eyes and tries to make herself wake up. Biting her lip hard to help herself get free of this mad dream.

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