Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 1

by The Traveling Master

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This is one of my Interactive stories. It was written with the help of a very creative reader and it ended up being much more than it started out to be thanks to her incredible choices and our discussions. After determining what they would like to read about, I wrote part of the text before sending them multiple choices for the main character. Once they choose, I continued the story according to their choice. Up until another choice was required... I left the choices they had in the text so you picture what you might have chosen. Each chapter represents a choice and you'll have to read the next chapter to know what the reader finally chose.

- Anna Morgan -

I can't believe I just got fired! And for what? Just to be replaced a week later? I was so mad! I needed that job! I had to find a new and fast. My cash reserves were pretty low as it is. I filled out a dozen job applications and went to a slew of interviews over the last few weeks, but no one seemed to be hiring.
I was livid!
I never had trouble getting jobs in the past. I always kept in shape and had a killer body. Whenever I had a male interviewer, I knew my looks helped me land the job. But that was for simple ones… Being a barista and such...
This was the real job market with high level jobs. I didn't want to go back to serving coffee! Every one kept telling me that same: "not enough experience."
Well how am I supposed to get experience when no one wants to hire me?
As the weeks went by, I was starting to get desperate. As the bills kept pilling on, I was even starting to consider erotic dancing as a way to get back on my feet. Part of me was mortified. But part of me knew I wouldn't be bad at it. I looked great and I knew I had a few good moves. But did I really want to get naked in front of strangers?
I was still battling with my resolve to stay "pure" about my life choices when an ad caught my eye. A magician was looking for a new assistant.
The ad read:
‘Beautiful Assistant Wanted!
Are you a stunning girl with showmanship skills? 
Are you interested to learn all the secrets behind your favorite magic tricks? 
Want to make easy money by helping to bring joy to the masses?
Then come meet me! The great Manciny!’
The ad went on with contact information and what the schedule could be. My first reaction was to ignore it. But…
I was desperate… And I figured that at the very least, it wasn't as bad as erotic dancing. So I decided to try my luck. I called the number and a girl answered the phone. Her voice was soft and sensual. Like you would expect to hear from those 1-800 hotlines.
"Greetings." she said.
"Huh… Hello… I'm calling about the ad? About the assistant job?" I said, suddenly unsure about it all.
"Of course! You just have to fill in our online application and be sure to upload a decent photo of yourself."
"Photo?" I asked.
Was he really that shallow? Did he even have a right to demand a picture?
"Of course!" she said with a clear smile in her voice. "A big part of the assistant's role is to distract the audience. Capture their attention so the magician can pull off his magic! Is that going to be a problem?"
"Oh no! Just caught me off guard is all…" I quickly said.
"Excellent! Miss…" she trailed off.
"Anna. Anna Morgan." 
"Perfect Miss Morgan! I'll be sure to bring your application to the attention of the great Manciny. Something tells me he is going to like you…"
"Like me? Why do you say that?" I asked puzzled.
"Just a hunch…" she said. "Do you have any other questions?"
"Huh… Not at the moment."
"Excellent! Hope to see you soon!"
I thanked her and hung up. Part of me wanted to burst out laughing. A magician's assistant? What a joke! If only my friends back home could see me now! I went on my laptop and went to the online form I had to fill out. It was pretty basic stuff for the most part. But one section was devoted to my body type and measurements. I was a little pissed that the photo wouldn't be enough, but then I read the comment that opened up the section.
"All measurements are for possible magic tricks you may have to perform. Some tricks require the assistant to be stuffed into tight spaces."
That made sense…
I filled out the form and even retook my own measurements. Just to be sure… I scrolled through my phone to find a decent picture of myself and I couldn't seem to find any that would work for this type of applications.
I sighed and went to my wardrobe. What should I even wear?
Choice 1
Option A-
Wear and elegant dress that fits and hugs all your curves. Complete with a push up bra to enhance your chest. The outfit will scream of professionalism while being sensual.
Option B-
Wear one of the outfits you bought to go out and meet guys. A sexy top that reveals just the right amount of cleavage. The top is a little short and shows off your tight stomach, revealing your navel piercing. It is combined with a short skirt that ends just below your ass. Nothing too revealing, but pretty short.
Option C-
Go all in and put on a bikini top with a pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts. An outfit you often wear to go at the beach. 

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