Instagram Target

by The Traveling Master

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Being a talented photographer isn’t my true calling, but it gives me the opportunity to travel the world and meet some of the most beautiful women in the world. Which is the main reason I do it. My real passion has nothing to do with photography though. My ‘raison d’être’ is a little more specific.

I love to control the minds of beautiful women.
I stay away from celebrities, but I do end up with a few choice opportunities on my travels. Like this lovely Instagram Model that wanted a professional shoot. Everything went well during the shoot and I invited her to my hotel room for drinks. She accepted and was immediately put at ease by my natural charm. After a few laughs, she finally drank the shot laced with drugs and fell unconscious in mere seconds.

I took out my large luggage and started to setup my equipment. I picked up her lifeless body and strapped her into the desk chair. Next, I attached a few electrodes here and there before placing a helmet like device on her head. It had a drop down visor and bigger pads that went on each temple.

The next thing I pulled out was 4 special nullifying speakers. My friend had found a way to boost those new earphone with noise cancelling abilities to full blown speakers. One in each corner of the room created a sort of bubble that created a sound barrier. I could be playing the drums in my room and no one in the hallway would be able to hear it.

Ingenious really.

I plugged everything in and poured myself a drink. I knew the drugs would wear off in a few minutes and simply waited. When I poured my second one, she finally started to wake up.

"About time." I said.

The sound of my voice woke her a little more and she finally opened her eyes. She looked at herself and like with all the others, I expected panic. They would shift and scream as they realize what position they were in. They would demand that I release them. They did everything in their power to get me to set them free.

But not her. She took stock of the situation and rolled her eyes.


I was flabbergasted.

"Really?" she said looking at me. "This fucking shit again?"

"What the hell do you mean ‘this fucking shit again’?" I asked.

"I can't believe it… I just can't believe this stupid shit is happening again!" she said exasperated as she let her head fall back on the head rest.

"Again? You… You were kidnapped before?" I asked, completely perplexed by her reaction.

"Yes! And strapped into infernal machines and brainwashed! What would this be then? The fifth time? No… Sixth! There was that fat pig in Hawaii. I'm so sick of this fucking shit."

"You got brainwashed before?" I said completely amazed.

"Of course I did! Spirals, flashy lights, mantras, drugs… I went through it all! To be honest I'm a little sick of it. Almost enough to stop being an Instagram model. This damn spot light… They never tell you about all the freaks out there that lust after your body and dream about indulging their weird fetishes with you. They surely don't tell you about the ones crazy enough to kidnap and brainwash you!"

"Ok ok ok … If you were brainwashed before, how is it you can remember? Surely they made sure to erase your memories."

"Because I'm a little special… Or so I figured out… The compulsions they put into me stay, but I always remember. Even if they make me forget, I remember. Lucky for all those assholes, I just don't want the attention of the paparazzi wanting to hound me because I claim I was brainwashed. Besides, some of them actually implanted things to keep me from saying anything. But not all of them… I guess they though me forgetting was enough."

"Incredible… I never thought it was even possible." I said as I admired her.

"Yeah well… Lucky me I guess…" she said with a pause. "So what's your deal then? Having me serve you food bits while in a maid uniform? Having me play out some ludicrous porn fantasy? Making me model all night so you can masturbate?"

"Wow… I admit I'm not really sure what to think of all this."

"HA! Think what you want. Just get it over with."

She was completely exasperated. She let her head fall back on the headrest and sighed heavily. She was clearly being truthful about all this. Which only made me that much more curious. I had never come across someone like her.

"You know what? I'm feeling generous… As you can guess, I DO want to fuck you. I mean… Who wouldn't?"

"Yeah, kind of figured that." She said as she looked around my room.

"BUT! Why don't I make this interesting for you as well?"

She looked at me with a lot of skepticism.

"Meaning what exactly?"

"Have you ever had something about yourself you wished you didn't do anymore? Let’s take smoking as an example. I could remove the urge to smoke rather easily. I could also change what ever bad habit you have and make it disappear or at least, manageable.  I could even indulge a fantasy or 2. If you so wish."

"Really? Well this is a fucking first." she said.

"Here is the deal. I usually like to completely own and fuck my victims. My fetish, as you called it, is control. So fucking the girls everywhere, especially where they don't want it, is my little turn on. With you, I'll behave and respect your wishes. I'll only fuck you where you least mind it. But I will fuck you, after all, I did go through all this trouble…"

"Your sense of justice and fairness is overwhelming…" she mocked. "But it does make me curious… What do I get in return for going along with all this?"

"I'll do my best to change anything you wish about yourself. If I can make it so you get to live your own fantasy or fetish, I'll do it. Maybe helping along a conquest you wish to have… Anything really… As long as I don't have a chance to get caught, the sky is the limit."

"Pfff… This deal is too good to be true. You don't get all you want and you give something to me. I don't buy it."

"I know." I said with a smile. "BUT, the deal extends beyond this night. I do that with the rest of my little beauties. I relish in the fact I can fuck them when ever I want, with them none the wiser. But with you… You'll know even if I make you forget. So… It will be hard for me to surprise you. Get you in a dark corner so to speak. You could be so suspicious of everyone and everything. Making it impossible for me to come back for seconds. After all, you'll remember all your triggers. It would be easy for you to evade them. It would mean a lot of work for me to get you in bed again."

"You bet your ass it will."

"So the deal is this. I will still respect your wishes about how I get to fuck you, but I can do so if I choose in the future. As we don't live in the same city, I can assure you, it won't be that often."

"What gives me anything to prove you will be true to your word?"

"Well… I'm not sure how much post hypnotic triggers will work on you. So I need to know you won't alert all your model friends of the predator I am. So I don't have assurances either. We just have to both agree. If you don't agree… Yeah… I'll put a trigger in you that EVERYBODY will be able to switch on. Something about making you want to fuck them for an hour or 2. I'll leak it on all the pervert mind control sites. Eventually, someone is bound to try it. But, you have my word I won't include it if you agree to my terms. And since you say you can remember what I implant, well, you'll know if I did that or not."

She thought it over.

"Ok, I'm game… So what now?"

I smiled.

"What do you wish to change? What fantasies do you wish to fulfill."

"Well…” she said as she looked down at herself. “ Could you possibly help me get a better control over my cravings for foods?"

"That's easy."
"OH!” she exclaimed. “Can you make it so I don't find it a chore to work out?"

"Done. Anything else?"

"Yeah… Could you remove what the guys did before?"

"I can try… But it depends on what they actually did and how they did it. Can you describe those encounters and triggers?"

Since she remembered everything, she went through all the triggers and all the methods that were used on her with incredible detail. I had to admit, hearing them was giving me a hard on. I was confident though that with extra care, I could remove most of the triggers.

"So," she said after I was done changing the program. "The only triggers that will be left will be yours right?"

"I believe so. If it all goes as planned. So? Anything else?"

"Yeah… Maybe…"

"Come on now… This is no time to be shy my dear. We are about to get very well acquainted. So please. Tell me."

"I think… I think I’d like to have some sort of hold over my current boyfriend… You know? Something to trigger him when he’s being obnoxious or whatever."

"Hahahahahaha Everyone has darker desires… With your help, I believe we can arrange something. Anything else?"

"I'm not sure… It's not like I carry a list around for these kinds of things!"

"I understand. Let's say it's all for now. Maybe in time, I could help you again. So? Still want to do this? Last chance…"

"Like I have a choice. But like you said, I'll remember if you screw me over."

"Apparently  you will…"

"Ok then." she said as she took a deep breath. "Do it."

I smiled and lowered the visor. I flipped the switch and her brain was bombarded with wave after wave of frequencies. Colors and patterns erupted in front of her eyes that helped direct her train of though. While she started to go under, I plugged in my laptop and started to make the adjustments to her program. The process usually lasted about an hour, but with all the changes, I guessed it would take at least twice as long.

I set my alarm and went to relax. The stress of the hunt had drained me a lot more than I had thought. Discovering her unique mind had certainly made my night extra special. I sipped my drink as I thought about the surprise she would have when she got out of the machine.

2 hours later, my alarm went off, waking me up from my nap. I looked over at her and smiled at the timing. The machine whined down and I removed the visor. She blinked a lot and yawned.

"So? I'm curious to know how my process compares with the others you experienced?"

It took a few minutes before she actually responded. I suddenly worrier about the effect the prolonged exposure would have on her.

"That was… Intense… Nothing like the others… Much more powerful…" she finally said.

I sighed in relief. Frying her brain would have created unwanted complications.

"So you know what I changed?"

"Yeah…" she said as she seemed to remember.  "You are a clever bastard. I can see just how you like to take control… But… You kept your word though. Thanks for that."

"My pleasure. Besides… Like I said before, my thing is control. I don't like it when my little slaves have other owners."

"Yeah… I kind of caught that. I also caught a lot of different things. Should make things interesting…" she said as she looked at her strapped arms. "So… Are you going to release me?"

"In a moment… What is your bank account number and password?"

With out thinking, she blurted both out.

"OH WOW… I knew I couldn't lie to you, but that was intense. Want to check if your meddling worked?"


I went on my laptop and got into her account.

"Are you going to rob me as well?" she asked.

"I'm not sure… Maybe…" I smiled at her. "No, I already have enough money."

I got in her account and smiled even more. She didn't lie.

"Ok, I can release you."

I undid her bindings and she rubbed her sore wrists.

"Very clever… I know I can't hurt you or tell on you. I also know you implanted the arousal I feel at the moment, but…"

"But what?"

"It doesn't matter to me. It did with the others. Like you know, one guy made it so I was aroused, but only my body responded, in my mind, I wasn't at all. I was wet and everything, even played the part, but it was like I was trapped in a dream."

"And with me?"

"Well… Let's say it's both… I don't understand it, but I like it. I also feel that my requests have been met. I know I'll be able to do them all."

"Like I said. My pleasure."

"Thanks… Really… So… What now? I believe I owe you a fucking?" she said with a smile.

"Exactly. But first, could you stand up?"

"Sure…" she said as she did. "Wow… I know you placed obedience in me. But.. I can't fight it at all… But I also don't care… You are good. Way better than the others."

"Thanks. My love of control doesn’t make me a sadist. And like I said, I’m a man of my word. Even if I could order you to strip and bend over, I’ll wait for you to choose first. But you will have to choose at least one."

"Why do I have a nagging feeling you found a way around all that? Why do I feel like you will end up fucking me where ever you wish?"

"Hahahhaha We'll see how things progress… Do you remember all the triggers?"

"I do."

"Is there one that can make you like a mannequin? Immobile until I move you?"

"Oh yeah… There are 2 in fact."

"Incredible… You can really remember all of it. So fascinating… Elaborate them for me."

"One only makes me immobile. But the other, well… If it works like I think it will… The longer I stay in that state, the hornier I'll get. I admit, feeling what you can do so far, that one makes me curious."

"I assure you, I rarely indulge myself without making sure the other feels pleasure. With you well.. Let's just say it's in my best interests yes?"


"Horny pornographic statue." I said.

She took in a sharp breath and stopped moving. Saying freeze would only immobilize her, but like this, she was right. She would gradually get hornier and hornier. I stepped closer to her.

"Does it feel like you expected? You can only say yes or no, you can't speak otherwise my little horny mannequin."

Another trigger when in this state.

"No." She simply said.

"I've been lusting after you for a long while. I guess I can wait a little longer. Do you mind?"


I took her arms and extended them far apart in the air next to her. I caressed her sides and tummy, making a point to ignore her chest. I knew she would expect it. The others that kidnapped her probably went straight for them.

But I was patient.

"Is this ok my dear?" I asked.


My hands danced along her soft skin. Moving along her wonderful curves. After a long while, I finally caressed her tight ass. It was firm. I squeezed it a little, just to make a point.

"And this? Is this still ok?"

"Yyes…" she breathed.

Both my hands moved all over her legs and ass, savoring the feel of her. I smiled knowing that another little trigger I put in her was surely having an effect. I smiled. She knows every little trick I implanted in her head. Which was worlds apart from my usual prey. I loved their confusion over what was happening to them. Why their bodies were reacting like they did.

But with her, she understood it all. She remembered… Me taking my time was just an excuse to get her incredibly horny. She would  feel my touch as 20 times more pleasurable than it actually was. She knew it, but couldn't resist it. That knowledge some how made it so much more delicious.

I moved her hair out of the way and kissed her neck softly.

"And this…" I whispered.


"I think I should let you digest all of what happened tonight… After all… You are no stranger to all this… But then again… I know I can call on you at any time… Besides, there is another model here I already… Hahaha… Changed… So I can just call her for tonight. I bet you are wondering who it is right?"


"Maybe I'll tell you later…" I said as I moved in front of her, looking in her eyes. "So what do you think? Should I let you sleep on our new arrangement?"

She didn't answer at first. But her eyes told a different story. I could clearly see her dilemma. I also saw her growing arousal. But she finally spoke.


"No? I see… You WANT me to indulge my desires with you and not the other model?"


"Interesting… I guess all this excites you more than you thought… You feel so aroused right now… Maybe it's because you wish to get this over with… Pleasure or dread I wonder… No matter…"

I went to her and caressed her cheek. So soft… My thumb wiped across her lips slowly, opening it slightly.

"Damn you are sexy…" I said. "I guess you lived through something similar yes? Being made immobile while a man moves you like he pleases..."


"If I understood your previous programming correctly, you didn't feel arousal during those times, did you?"


"Do you like this better?"


"I bet it makes it easier on you… But enough chit chat, time for me to finally unwrap my prize… Do you mind?"


"Marvelous…" I said as my hand slowly crept behind her neck.

I didn't lose eye contact as I grabbed and pulled on the string of her bikini. The knot came loose and her top stuck to her tits. I then reached around to her back and pulled the knot. It came undone and I was please to see both triangles staying put.

I also noted how much her breathing got heavier.

I smiled at her as I gently took both top strings and pulled them away from her. I was left with her top in my hands, which I dropped on the floor. I was pleased to note how erect her nipples already were. I smiled but never broke eye contact. I reached out slowly, as if to cup both of them from the sides, but I didn't.

I barely caressed each side of her tits, eliciting a small gasp from her, as my hands ended up on her ribs. I then caressed her slowly, going down to her hips. There, I found both knots that held her bottom. I smiled as I pulled on each, undoing them.

She gasped again as she felt it get completely loose. I pulled on each string briefly to get the bottom to fall away. Still, I didn't break eye contact.

"There…" I whispered. "Much better…"

I started to let my gaze fall on her neck… Her shoulders… Her chest… I made a point to savor the sight of her slowly until I reached her feet. As my gaze went over her crotch, I noted with pleasure she kept clean shaven.

I continued my visual examination as I marched around her deliberately. Her body was truly exquisite. Once behind her, I caressed her back with both hands until they reached her outstretched arms. They continued their way along them and reached her hands. I gently moved them up and up until they were high above her head.

I caressed her as my hands traveled down to her sides.

"I always wondered…" I whispered in her ear. "If your tits were real or just a really good boob job… Time to find out…"

My hands slowly caressed their way forward until I had each exquisite mound in hand. I squeezed tenderly. All natural…

"I knew it… A shame I can't really claim the bet I have with my buddy. He might be suspicious about just how I know for sure. Unless… You would like to fuck him too? You know, so I can get paid?"


"hahah… Didn't think you'd agree either…" I said, still massaging her tits.

My touch was having the intended effect. I heard her moan a little at my ministrations.

"Hhhmmm… My hands are really loving your breasts… I wonder… Do your tits like my hands?"

"Yess…." she moaned.

"I thought so…" I whispered. "Can I tell you a secret?"


"The fact you can actually remember everything I programmed in your mind while not being able to resist it is… I'll admit… Pretty damn arousing to me…"

I continued my assault for a good while before changing tactics. My right hand slowly made its way between her legs. I was happy to find she was already dripping wet.

The moment my fingers touched her pussy lips, she moaned loudly. I didn't stop there. I rubbed her slowly, never letting up on her left tit. After a long while, she was having a lot of trouble keeping still. Her body was feeling so much pleasure all at once that she could barely follow her programming.

"I've told you I like it better when my little pets feel pleasure. I love to watch them cross over into uncontrollable bliss. You've seen a lot of fetishes with the others, ever seen mine?"


"I thought so… When people go through all the trouble of brainwashing a girl, I would think they do it to enjoy them. Me… Well… I find great pleasure in theirs… My form of foreplay… You don't mind do you?"

"NNO!!" she said loudly.

I kissed and licked her ear lobe, which elicited another loud moan.

"Time for a little Q&A then… Do good and I'll let you cum… Tell me… Do you like sex?"


"Would you say you are a prude in the sack?"

"Nnno… hhhmmm…." she said moaning.

"Would you say you are a wild cat?"


"Ok… Somewhere in between… I can work with that… Have you tried a lot of different positions?"


"Do you like the positions where you are facing your partner best?"


"Really? Interesting… I bet it has to do with the angle of the cock fucking you yes?"


"I've had plenty of time to test and experiment with past girls. It's no secret each one feels pleasure differently. Some are more receptive to clitoris stimulation…" I said as I circled her own. "While others need deep penetration…" I said as 2 fingers inserted themselves inside her. What about you? Is it your clit?"


"Is it your deep pussy?"


"hhhmmm… Seems you love both as much… Onwards then… Without the use of his mouth, has a guys made you cum without fucking before?"


"And with his mouth?"


"Do you like it when men lick your sweet pussy?"


She was positively vibrating with need now. She knew she couldn't cum until I said so. It was one of the things this state allowed me. Completely control over her orgasm. She knew it. I knew it. But I still wanted to rub it in.

"You feel so hot and ready… You surely know I have to give you permission… How about it? Would you like to cum?" I asked. But she surprised me yet again.


"No? Are you not on the brink?"


"But you don't want to cum… You mean… Not yet?"


"Ahhh… You like this don't you? Being on the edge…"


"That's good… Where was I then?" I said, rubbing her clit softly. "Ah yes… You like to receive oral stimulation. But what about giving it? Do you like to pleasure a cock with your mouth and tongue?"

"Yes… No…"

"Hhmmm Seems you are a little conflicted… Could it be that you don't mind it, but don't love it?"


"I see… So you have blown guys before?"




"Would you say you are good at it?"


“Wonderful… What about your magnificent tits… Have you ever given a titty fuck?"


"Did you like it?"


"Yeah… It must not give you much pleasure…" I said as I massaged her tit a little harder. "Until now with me that is…"

I stimulated her some more before I continued.

"And last… What about anal sex? Have you ever had it?"


"Did you like it?"


"Oohh… Seems you really don't like it… Have you tried it with your boyfriends?"


"Ahhh.. So a result of your other kidnappers then?"


"I see… Well… Don't worry… You know I took measures for you to enjoy it, should you grant me access, but I will respect our deal. No anal fucks until you ask for it. Is that ok?"


"Good… Now to try a little trigger… Edgy Edgy Brinky experience."

She spasm so hard I almost couldn’t hold on to her. It lasted mere seconds and she moaned extremely loudly. The trigger was designed to make her start to orgasm, but stop her before it fully over took her. A way of almost cumming without cumming. As if you thought it impossible NOT to cum, but you still didn't.

A little cruel I know, but very effective.

She breathed harder after that. She still felt on the brink. My trigger brought her nothing except a spike in pleasure and a lot of frustration.

"Did you like that my pet?" I asked in her ear while biting it.

"YYEEESSSS" she moaned.

"Seems you are ready… Would you like to cum?"


"Oouuu… You are nearly there… Edgy Edgy Brinky experience."

Again she spasm and moaned.

"Edgy Edgy Brinky experience." I said again before she fully recovered.

I gave her 5 more before I stopped. She was so horny and hot that I almost feared she would pass out. I could only imagine the pleasure coursing through her body at that moment.

"Tell me my dear… I think I've had enough foreplay…" I said as I got my rock hard cock out.

It pressed against her ass cheeks and she moaned loudly.

"What do you say? Can I fuck you in the pussy?"


I bent her a little forward and aimed my cock at her entrance.

"You may cum now and unfreeze." I said as I penetrated her fully.

She was soaking wet and I had no trouble inserting my full length inside her.

She screamed so loudly I feared she would rip out her vocal cords. The orgasm that was building insider her for the past half hour crashed through her. She spasm violently as I tried to hold her upright. It lasted a long while and I relished the feeling of her tight pussy spasm all around my cock.

I had done this to others and it was always spectacular. It was almost enough to make me cum myself.

As she finally came back down from her bliss, she looked back at me sharply.

"Holy shit…" she said trying to catch her breath. "Don't you dare… Stop now… FUCK!"

I pushed her forward until we hit the wall and I pressed against her, earning me a moan from her.

"Don't mind if I do…" I said as I pulled her hair back.

I started to pump into her and reveled at how well the night had evolved. I would have never have guessed that a person could actually remember everything about how my brainwashing worked. Deep down, part of me was extremely excited by this development. As I slammed into her soaking pussy, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had just found myself an accomplice.

A very sexy and limber accomplice…

But that was a concern best dealt with later. For now, I was going to enjoy her as much as she’ll let me.
Which I bet will be a lot.

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