Infernal Powers

Learning New Tricks

by The Traveling Master

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- Dave -

Holy shit!!!
What the fuck just happened?
How could she be standing just now? When I drain Mya, it takes almost 10 hours to heal and regains her strength. 
But this bitch bounced back in merely an hour! She wasn’t at full strength, but she was up and about.
And pissed!
And what was with those eyes? What was she trying to do to me?
It hurt like hell!!!
I looked at Clara and she was sleeping soundly. I had almost lost control of the situation. I cursed myself. My first time on the hunt and it was almost the last.

Whatever she was trying to do... When it took effect.... I felt… I felt like I was dying!

I looked back at the paralyzed formed of Melissa. Something was different about her. But what? I moved over her and looked at her with all my senses. I was trying to see if my more, demonic powers, could see why she was so resistant.
It was faint… but I could feel something…
It had barely been a few minutes since I bit her and I swear I saw her move. It was slight, but she definitely did.
I almost jumped out of my skin! Seems my venom was less effective against her too.
“Bbb…..bas….tt…ard…” she tried to say through her clenched jaw.
She was one tough bitch! What was I to do? I seemed to be able to control her, at least, while I had her under my sway. Maybe I could make her talk. I grabbed her chin and sent my power into her. I saw the panic in her eyes and knew she understood exactly what I was doing.
“Let go Melissa… Just look in my eyes… You know you can’t resist me…” I lied, trying to act confident.
“Nnn…oo…. You…. demon…”
She struggled a little, but I soon felt her mind give way.
“Ok Melissa… Time to tell the truth again. Can you do that?”
“What are you?”
“Iii’m…. a hy…brid… likkke … you…”
“Like me? No… I don’t think so. I would definitely feel that. You are something else. What are you exactly? A hybrid between what?”
“Be…tween…. huuumans… and An..gels…”
Oh my god! I never thought I would meet one so soon! I certainly didn’t expect it. Seems she knew all about what I was. What I could do. Her angelic side was probably why she was so resistant to my powers. But… Something was off… Why was she so afraid?
“Why are you so afraid of me putting you under my gaze?”
“Because… you might… learn… things… Or change… me…”
“How can I change you? You seem able to resist my commands once I release you.”
“You… bit me… You can… make it… permanent…”
Permanent? Did the poison enhance my gaze? Did it paralyze the will as well as the body?
“Ok… And what didn’t you want me to learn?”
“That… That… You can feed… on us… and be… more… powerful…”
“You did taste a lot better, but it doesn’t seem like I gained more power. You were certainly a lot more potent than Clara here. What do you mean exactly?”
“If… you drain us… completely… You gain… our strength… Our power…”
“Power? Yeah… About that… What did you try to do to me?”
“Extinguish… Your essence… Your Soul…”
“Woah… Well that’s harsh. So you basically wanted to kill me.”
“Yes… You and your kind… Are a plague…”
“I see… So about this permanent thing you mentioned. Why would my bite make the changes permanent?”
“Don’t knnooww why… Just…Thhat it does… I've seen it… You paralyze… Then you speak to the soul… Change it… Then… It stays… Forever…”
“I see… So while you are still under the effect of my poison, I can change you and it will stick?”
Well this was a detail my father didn’t mention!
“So… If I were to command you to be loyal to me. To view me as your best friend to be trusted at all costs, it would stick? Forever?”
“I am sure it will… Your kind are a plague… You take… Always take…”
“Why are you so sure?” I said, realizing she could speak with much more clarity now.
“Because… I lost my sister… To one of your… Filthy… Kind…”
Oh shit… I understood her rage now. Ok. Well no time like the present to try.
“Melissa… Listen carefully… You can’t ever harm me or cause to have harm done to me. EVER.”
“No harm…”
“You will always tell me the truth and answer every question I ask.”
“You won’t try to run or escape.”
“Won’t…. Escape…”
As she said the last part, I saw she was moving a lot more.
“Are you still under the effect of my poison?”
“I… I think it is wearing off…”
“hhmmm… Better change tactics…”
I released her from my gaze and stepped back. I prepared myself for anything. What if she could resist me event under my gaze? She was half-angel after all and I wasn’t sure about anything. It took about 15 minutes before she could move properly.
“Oh fuck… You really are a bastard… You just… You creep… I demand you undo this!”
“Hahahah… I won’t. You tried to kill me after all. Seems only fair I take precautions.”
“I can’t change that any more than you can’t change your nature. I guess we are doomed to be enemies.”
“Damn right! Your fucking kind destroys everything!”
“Well… That wasn’t me now was it? I just found out about all this.”
“You are a fucking plague on this world!” she spat.
“Personally, I haven’t done anything to you except give you an incredible orgasm.”
“And feed off me!”
“Yeah well… Seeing as how you just seemed to regenerate so fast, I don't think it did you much harm. Besides, I was told to feed and not let my hunger get the better of me, so I don’t kill anyone.”
“Like you would care…”
“I do actually… I have no wish to kill or harm anyone.”
“Well… I can’t prove I’m not lying. Let’s see if you can.”
“Just get this over with and undo what you did already.”
“Now… What could be a good test… Ah! You are a hybrid angel, right? What is your weakness?”
“NO! It’s…Nnnooo FUCK… It’s being aroused. I can’t resist it.” She said, but it was clear she was holding back.
“Anything else?”
“Damn you… I also have a weakness to being drained or fed upon. I barely feel you do it and I kind of give myself to it. I can’t prevent it. It feels too good… It’s like a drug to me…”
“I see… So that’s why you came so spectacularly earlier?”
“Anything else?”
“Fucker… While you are… Compelling me… I am very susceptible… I adapt to whatever the compeller thought of when he does it to me. There can never be a misunderstanding of his orders… I'm helpless against it… Even if it wears off fast.”
“Fuck you!”
“Speaking of which… Tell me, do you like sucking cock?”
“Fuck… I…” She tried to resist telling me. “I don’t mind it… Shit… You fucking pervert!”
“Well… I do feed off sexual energy… What did you expect? Do you like the taste of spunk?”
“I…. It doesn’t do anything special for me. I don’t mind it.”
“Do you swallow?”
“Only did it twice. Didn’t do it again. Fuck!! I hate this…”
“Do you like to fuck?”
“Of course you bastard!”
“Do you like to be in charge? Or more submissive?”
“In charge…”
“Do you like to be fucked up the ass?”
“I never let anyone try that.”
“It’s degrading.”
“Ok… What do you fear most about this little encounter?”
“That you make me a mindless bimbo you fuck and feed off of. Make me do all your little sexual perversions.”
“Hhhmmm It does seem like a nice option.”
“Well… I don’t like mindless bimbos so much… I wouldn’t go so far… A mindless slave seems like a waste… But a willing slave… Now that seems perfect!”
“Ah! I knew it! You demons are all the same!”
“I would like to have you as a slave, but with all your brains… All your powers… I would like to know more about you…”
“Well… I can't get away and I can’t lie can I? Ask away you pervert.”
“Yeah… Or…” I said advancing on her.
She moved back, but not far… She couldn’t escape because I had ordered her not to. I pulled her to her feet and she struggled, but her punches had no power behind them and didn’t hurt at all. I could see and feel her frustration at her inability to hurt me.
I smiled and took another bite. Her head snapped back as she screamed in pain. I felt her body start to get rigid and I laid her down on the ground. Her eyes watered as she knew this was the end.
I gazed into her helpless eyes and concentrated. I felt her fall under my power almost instantly. I felt bad for doing this to her, but this encounter made me realize how much danger I could be in. Who knows what other powers the rest of her kind might have. I needed to know more. I needed an ally.
And if I was honest, she would make one hell of a slave!
“Melissa… Listen carefully… I have no intention to harm you. I only do as I must to survive in this world filled with half breeds. But… I have conquered you… As such, I can claim you… You are mine now… I can change you at will… You are in love with me. You are devoted to me. You know you belong to me. I am your Master. You are my slave. You obey me completely. You want to be the best slave you can for me. I own you now.”
As I spoke to her mind, I could almost feel it change under my sway. Part of me found that incredibly erotic, to be able to change someone like that. I had always loved to do it to Mya, but doing it to a stranger like this… It was thrilling… Intoxicating…
So I may have gone a little too far as I continued to gaze into her.
“My pleasure brings you pleasure. You love to be used. You love to be fed upon. You love to be fucked. You love to give me oral pleasure. You love to be sodomized. You love to feel my cock inside you. You love to pleasure it with your tits. You will do anything and everything I ask. My touch is the best aphrodisiac you ever felt. Seeing, feeling or smelling my cock gets you aroused… Seeing me gets you aroused… Thinking of me gets your aroused…”
I was on a sort of horny roll and I decided to stop myself. I know now that I didn’t need to say all of that, but it was my first time. I released her and got dressed as I waited for my venom to clear her system. I looked at Clara and was a bit at a loss as to what to do with her. She was a phenomenal fuck and part of me wanted to keep her for myself.
But I knew that too many women under the same roof would cause me more problems than it was worth. Maybe I could keep her as a regular… Yeah… Knowing I could gaze permanent commands in her would make my life a lot easier. I could make the scenario of me being her dominating lover permanent. Still… She wasn’t a half breed like Melissa, so paralyzing her would take time.
I looked at the slowly reviving form of her roommate and knew exactly what to do.

- Melissa -

Damn that hurt a lot…
Fucking demon half breeds… Their venom hurts a lot more the second time around.
I felt myself get lowered to the ground and saw his face come into view. Well, this was it… He was about to erase who I was and make me his personal slut! How could I let this happen to me? How did I not know what he was when he entered my home?
But then again… The pleasure…
NO! Stop thinking like that Melissa! Get a grip on yourself! Try and concentrate. Maybe he’ll slip up…
I felt the calm invade me and then his voice filled my mind.
As I listened, I didn’t really understand what he was saying to me, but I knew he was changing me… I fell away into darkness as his voice molded my mind. Damn it… I couldn’t even try to resist…
As I slowly came out of paralysis, I felt the same…
Yet I knew I wasn’t.
As I finally caught sight of Dave, I knew what was different. I could remember my thoughts and feelings from a few moments ago, but they didn’t matter. It was like it was in a past life.
He had conquered me. I had lost.
He was my Master.
I belonged to him.
I knew it. Deep down in my bones. And I didn’t care that he did. I… I even liked it…
“Finally out of it? How do you feel about me?”
“I… I know you changed me… It was your right to do it. I feel… Good… Aroused…” I said with a smile.
“And… You will obey me?”
“Of course. You are my Master and I am your slave.”
“Excellent… Tell me… Your eyes kind of lit up earlier, it was rather beautiful… Do they always do that when you tap into your power?”
“Yes. They do.”
“Can you make them light up without trying to kill me?”
His request was odd, but it was easy enough. I concentrated on my inner power and called on it. I felt it bubble inside me and like an old friend, it was ready for me to use. I felt his essence and I knew that with a simple thought, I could extinguish him. But I also knew that I would never do such a thing. Not to my Master.
The other thing that I realized was how drained I was. Of course, Master had fed on me, I didn’t have any reserves left. I kept my power up until I started to feel dizzy, then I just let it go.
“I can… but I am pretty drained at the moment. I can’t keep it up without fainting.”
“I see. That’s pretty amazing in itself.” He said with obvious awe. I smiled. He was pleased. “Well maybe we can do that later. For now, I need to permanently change Clara, but I don’t know her schedule. What would be the best time for her to be ‘sick’ for about ten hours?”
“Well… She has an appointment with her stylist this afternoon, but she can cancel that. She has courses tomorrow morning.”
I watched him go and wake Clara up. As soon as she did, she kissed him deeply and they spoke. I didn’t hear all of it, but she took her phone out of her purse. I heard her speak with her hair stylist and cancel her appointment. Once she hung up, he bit down on her neck and she screamed in surprise.
I came closer to see how he would claim Clara.
“Now listen to me Clara… You will forget all about this pain… As if it never happened…” he said softly. “From this moment on, you know in your heart you belong to me. I am your secret lover. You will do anything for me. You love to be my secret plaything. You can’t have any other lovers except Melissa or other women under my power. If Melissa ever comes on to you, you will like it and feel aroused. You have discovered that deep down, you are bi-sexual.”
He looked at me and winked. I smiled. He hadn’t asked me, but I had a little bi-sexual streak of my own. If he was telling Clara that she was, it would probably mean that he would like to see us together. Or have us both at the same time. I was surprised at my own feelings. In a way, I knew he had helped me along, but I was so turned on by the prospect of fucking Clara for his viewing pleasure, that I was getting wet. Very wet…
“You will never tell anyone who I am or betray any of my secrets.” He continued. “You love to give me oral pleasure, even if you get nothing in return. You can’t get enough of my cock. You know that your purpose when I am here is to please me. Obeying me brings you pleasure. When you are not with me, you will go about your normal day. You will not think of me consciously when I am not there, but you will actively decline any suitors.”
Wow… He seems to really be getting into all this. He probably has a domination streak in him… Hahahaha Who was I kidding? Of course he has! Plus… The way he was setting things up, he would be able to find her and use her when he needed to feed. This setup will be perfect for him!
“Clara… You are mine… I can use your body however I want. You love it. You can never refuse me. You will always obey. You will never be jealous. You love that I fuck other women. It turns you on to watch me with others. My touch is arousing to you. My presence sends pleasure coursing through your body. Having my cock inside you is the best feeling in the world. You feel empty without it and complete when it is. You will recognize me when you hear my voice or see me.”
He got up and looked at me.
“Melissa, your role when you are both here is to keep an eye out for Clara. I am not sure about all this permanent business. I will give you information on how to contact me.”
“Of course.”
“When we are alone, you will address me as Master.”
“Yes Master.”
“Good. Now let’s find her phone and go to the living room.”

- Dave -
I still seemed to have control of Melissa, but did the permanent thing work only with hybrids? Were regular humans immune? I didn’t want to take any chances, so I took her computer and Melissa found her phone. As I looked at her naked form one last time, I was reminded of how much pain she was in and it bothered me.
I may be half demon, but I didn’t like to inflict pain. This wasn’t strictly necessary, I could just make her forget all this and just swing by to see Melissa. Maybe sway her a few times along the way… But somehow… Just knowing that she was all mine gave me a little something extra. I’ll have to be careful in the future. If I do go hunting again, I should definitely find a better way to choose my targets.  We went back to the living room and I sat down. I felt oddly tired. Energized, but tired… This hunt had escalated into one weird morning. I looked up at Melissa and I had to smile.
Well, at the very least, I had ‘conquered’ 2 ravishing ladies. She was standing there, naked, and making a point to pose for me. Her hips were pushed out to the side. Her left hand was delicately posed on it as her right hand was up behind her slightly tilted head. She was smiling at me. I looked on with all my senses and I could only feel devotions and… Love… She wasn’t posing because I had ordered her to. She just wanted to presented herself to me. She was… Happy!
And aroused… Even if I hadn't just fed, her pure arousal was making me hungry again. I could almost taste it. It was so easy for me to see when a woman was aroused now. Like waves coming off her skin. I just had to lick my lips…
“Tell me Melissa…” I said. “How horny are you right now?”
“Oh god… VERY horny…” she said with a smile. “Master…”
Seeing her like that was getting a rise out of me to, which she noticed. It was her turn to lick her lips.
“What would you like to be doing right now?” I asked.
“HHhmmm… To be honest… I’m not sure… I’m torn between wanting to jump on your lovely manhood and just stay here and show you my body… It is so weird…” she said as she looked at my stiffening cock.
“How so?” she said.
“Well Master… I am fully aware you made all these changes in me, as is your right, but I can’t help but feel… Strange…”
“Well… I apologize my dear… You surprised me earlier and I didn’t know how to react. I may have botched you a little.” I said as I thought back to what I had said to her exactly.
“Oh no Master… I feel exactly as I should be feeling. I know it. I’m just surprised.”
“Oh?” I asked as I watched her start to sway her hips slowly.
“Yes…” she said in a low sexy voice. “I would not have thought you would have left me with my mind. My thoughts… My memories… The last time I saw one of your kind ‘claim’ one of us, she was completely re-written.”
“So that’s why you were so afraid…”
“Yes… And…” she said as she approached slowly. “As much as it makes me feel weird to be feeling like this… Remembering how much I hated you a few minutes ago… I’m also very grateful that you didn’t simply erase me.”
“Like I said, I don’t like mindless bimbos… Well… Not at the moment anyway… I can see the allure though… Who knows…”
“To answer your question…” she said as she placed her left feet on my thigh. “Master…” she punctuated as hers hands grabbed her tits. “At the moment, I wish to show all the reasons why you made the perfect decision… If I may boast…”
“Please do…” I said as my hand slowly caressed her leg.
“I’m a pretty good lay… Or so I’ve been told… I tried to keep my sexuality to a minimum, but because of my nature… I tend to be prey to my more… Animalistic… Urges…”
“Is that so?” I said with a smile.
She was getting aroused to a point were I could smell her sweet juices running down her leg.
“Oh yes… Some of my past boyfriends even called me a… Nymphomaniac…” she said as she squeezed her nipples hard.
“Seems I knocked on the right door then…”
“Oh yes… You will not regret claiming me… I guarantee it…”
“Really? I will be the judge of that.” I said as I felt her arousal crank up a few notches.
“Does… Does this mean my Master would like me too…” she trailed off.
“It does. Straddle me. Show me how good you can make me feel.”
I almost saw her arousal spike up at the prospect of fucking me. She licked her lips again as she placed her knees on each side of me. I could smell her desire… Her arousal… I vividly remembered the taste of her, both her juices and her essence, and it made me crazy for her.
She took my cock in her hand and made a show of rubbing my cock head on her moist lips. She was breathing pretty hard as a moan escaped her lips. I could feel her arousal keenly now. It was climbing ever higher as she aimed me at her entrance.
I just watched.
Something about the control I now had over her was making me harder than ever. She let herself descend on me inch by excruciating inch. I could FEEL her pussy part and stretch as she inched my cock deeper and deeper. It was simply exquisite. She let go of my cock and took my hands, placing them on her impressive tits.
“My body… Is yours to command… To enjoy…” she whispered as she impaled herself.
Her head snapped back as our thighs hit each other, sending my cock all the way inside her. She felt amazing. My hands started to massage her breasts and I could see the pleasure course in her veins. So delicious… I enjoyed the show as she started to gyrate her hips in a slow deliberate rhythm.
Her eyes were closed as she slowly moved up and down along my shaft, enveloping me in the sweet softness of her pussy. Was I dreaming? Or was I feeling her walls contracting… Like she could control her inner muscles…
The feeling was amazing…
“You feel so… Good…” she moaned. “Hhhmmm… Why on earth did I want to kill you?”
“Fuck…” I moaned. “You were just afraid of me… But now you know there was nothing to fear…”
“Fuck me…” she moaned as another spike of pleasure erupted inside her. “GOD NO!”
She was screaming as her pleasure crested. As I watched it bloom, I couldn’t help myself and grabbed the back of her head hard. I pulled her to me and our mouths crashed together as her pleasure threatened to overflow into an orgasm. It was mostly instinct, but I decided to suck up all the excess pleasure she was feeling. Like drinking the tasty foam off the rim of a beer to prevent it from overflowing. I found myself channeling her excess bliss into myself and instead of just devouring it, I found I could pool it inside me.
To my surprise, I could nurture my own pleasure… Make it stronger… Suddenly, the exquisite feeling of her pussy around my cock felt ten times better. If that were even possible…
As for her…
It looked like it was preventing her for coming. But… Yeah… It wasn’t preventing the pleasure from building. As a matter of fact, it was like it was allowing her to keep feeling all the benefits without the release. Like she was edging and edging…
In a moment of clarity, I saw it all. Like her orgasm was all mine to experience. To feed on… To devour…
So far, I had only fed on an orgasm as it bloomed. This felt different. Like I was about to feed on something even more wonderful… The sheer prospect of it sent my own arousal into overdrive and my hips started to pump into her. Which only made the steady stream of sexual pleasure double. Making my own double in turn. Like an endless loop, building on itself…
I had no clue why I was able to do this, but I was liking it more and more.
We fucked like that for a long while. I just could get enough. As for Melissa… She was moaning and vibrating on my cock like she was possessed. Our sweaty bodies were making all kinds of noises as the pleasure consumed us. We reached a point where I felt that her own reserves were running dangerously low. I didn’t want to burn her out, so I stopped sucking up her excess energy.
With an audible BANG, I felt like I had just released a giant rubber band. Her head snapped back and all at once, her pleasure crested. But…
It was all sent to me…
I felt my own orgasm explode, without warning, as hers hit me. It was almost painful! A cascade of bliss started to bloom inside me. I saw white as I lost control of it. I had NEVER felt anything like it. The usual sweet release of pumping my orgasm into a beautiful lady was somehow combined with feeling a heat wave invade every cell of my body. Feeding me in a way I had not anticipated. It was like my very soul was experiencing and orgasm…
And it lasted forever…
When I finally drifted back down from my incredible high, I felt a soft, tender mouth nurturing my cock. I looked down to see Melissa, slowly licking up our combined juices.
“What the fuck was that…” I whispered to myself.
“I don’t know…” Melissa said between licks. “But whatever it was, it made you cum so hard I actually overflowed…” she said as she lifted her head.
I looked and sure enough, I had spunk all over my thighs and crotch. I looked to her legs and saw that they too were soiled.
“Woah…” I said.
“Don’t worry… Master…” she said with a smile. “I can take care of that…”
Her head went back down and started to lick me again. I looked with amazement as my cock looked as hard as it was before we started.
“Tell me Master…” she said between licks. “Did you make me believe you taste good?”
“No. I didn’t have too… It seems my kind just naturally taste like that.”
“I see…” she said with a smile. “Well this makes this even better for me then… Just sit back and relax… Let me show you my other talents…”
I let my head fall back on the sofa as the incredible feeling lingered in my veins. I felt so good. Like I was swimming in pure ecstasy… And the meal… I felt so satiated… Full… Strong… Like I could run a marathon. Climb Everest… Control a million women…
As Melissa’s talented mouth continued to clean my erect cock, my head swam in all the possibilities my hunt had presented to me. If I could experience something like this with Melissa… What else could I do with my little Succubus back home?

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