Infernal Powers

Discovering my Demonic Self

by The Traveling Master

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Writing about it now, I realize it must sound impossible, but believe me when I tell you, this is the truth. Before we get to the good stuff, let me tell you how I found myself where I am today.  

It all changed dramatically when I turned 20 years old. I was in college and still exploring all the possibilities of what I wanted to do with my life. 
I had good looks and plenty of charisma, so this isn’t a story about some dumb ugly geek suddenly finding powers. Well… Almost…

When I turned 15 years old, I went from being pretty average to popular and good looking over the span of a month. I was suddenly confidant and well liked. Now I know that the sudden change had everything to do with what happened to me when I turned 20 years old, but back then, I just thanked my lucky stars. I started to date and by the time high school ended, I was going out with one of the 2 bombshells of the school. I say 2 because the other was her twin sister.

The Ferguson twins were a little bit of a legend at my school. 2 redheaded beauties with the attitude to match! Piercing green eyes and a body that developed just in time for all our hormones to notice them way to much. I had always liked them, but a big part of my teenage brain wanted to go out with one of them just for the challenge. So when I blossomed into a popular guy, I set my sights on Mya. 

Mya was the calmer one of the 2. Sasha was the real bitchy one. She would protect her sister with a fire all the boys imagined would be dynamite in the sack. To cut to the chase, I managed to seduce Mya halfway through our last year. I have to admit, what started as a challenge evolved into love after graduation. 

We decided to go to the same college and we were still going out together when the change occurred. We partied pretty heavily on the eve of my birthday and when it started, I just thought I had too much to drink. 

The thing is, I hadn’t…

To say I was sick would be grossly understating it. Right at the stroke of midnight, my body went through several changes that lasted until noon the next day. I won’t describe the pain, simply because words fail to properly explain how it felt. Mya was so worried that she called her sister to know what to do. Which she didn't of course.

Anyway, I drank a lot of fluids and rested until the next day. 

When I finally woke up…

Everything was different. I felt incredible. I felt refreshed and fit like I had never felt before. My mind felt sharp and my eyesight was incredible. I noticed Mya had gone to her classes and went to take a shower. 

I was surprised to find that my cock had grown. I was pretty average, but it wasn’t anymore. Nothing record-breaking, but pretty impressive!

I realized my muscles were a lot leaner and as I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw all the changes. I was in top physical condition. I could have modeled underwear!

Around 2 O’clock, the doorbell rang and a notarized letter was given to me by a lawyer. When I asked what it was about, he only said this letter had been entrusted to him by my father, to be given to me one day after my 20thbirthday.

I should probably mention that my Dad died in a car crash a few years before. I was puzzled because we went through his will several times when he died and there was never one mention of this letter.

I went to sofa and opened it.

It was written in his own hand. A tear rolled down my cheek at the memories that assailed me. We were pretty close and I always felt robbed of our time together. But I had to smile when I started to read his missive. 

“Happy Birthday son!

If you are reading this, it means I have passed away and can’t tell you all this in person. It pains me to think that you turned alone and without any guidance. I know it must be confusing but bare with me. 

You are not normal. Actually, you are technically not human. It was the same with my father and his father before him . We are hybrids if you will. A hybrid between humans and demons. Yes… Demons…

I know, it sounds insane, it is actually, but I promise that it is the truth. I went through it when I turned 20. It was the most painful experience of my life. But as you will soon discover, it will be worth it. 

Once we spend our second decade on this plane, our demon side erupts from within and changes us. You may have noticed a few… Extras? 

Well, to keep it short, we come from a line descendent of a particular sort of demon. He fathered the first of our lineage and we have benefited from it ever since. I never really found out if there was a name for our particular race, but all in all, it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is this: You must feed on the essence of women. I say women, but men will do if you are in a bind. But they taste…. Pretty nasty…

Pretty soon, you will feel the hunger creep it’s way in your mind and if left unchecked, it will just grow and grow until you can’t hold it back and turn loose. If that happens, you will undoubtedly kill someone and attract the wrong kind of attention. Which, I assure you, will put you in danger. 

You will also start to feel the essence or life energy of the people around you. With time and practice, you will be able to do many things with this, but for now, concentrate on ones you feel will satisfy your hunger. If your hunger is in check, feeding is fairly easy to do without rendering your victim zombified or or worst, dead. You take just a little and they only feel extremely tired. You will see what I mean once you do it for the first time.

Now a word of warning.

The demon that fathered us was the king of a particularly noteworthy type of demon: The Succubus.  

You may have read about them. They are real. The full-blown ones are pretty scary and ruthless, but here is the kicker: we can create a sort of succubus hybrid. When you feed on a woman, you will feel them lose their essence. If you do it right and leave them on the brink of being empty, you have a few hours to transform them. The key is pretty simple, if they are in that state, on the brink of death by our feeding, you need to fuck them in every hole. 

Yes… You read right. 

You can fuck them before you feed, which is a lot better. But the girl needs your seed in her from everywhere. Ass… Pussy… Mouth… Once they have your seed, one last catalyst will start the change. You may or may not have noticed, but your teeth have changed as well. Your canines are a little sharper. Before your wild mind runs away with this information, no, you don’t have to drink blood. The reason they changed is very simple: you are venomous now.

The venom will only paralyze a victim if you haven’t prepared her beforehand. In a pinch, it can come in handy to capture prey. If you bite the girl after you have prepared her, she will change over the following 24 hours. After that, you will have your very own dedicated succubus. She will be enthralled to you at first, but you can free her if you choose. If you do, be warned, she will start to hunt for men to feed on. She becomes a little like us, but she needs to feed on sexual male energy. So she becomes a slut ready to fuck anyone just for a taste. 

Fair warning. Do not abuse of this power. You may not see it at first, but there is a balance… 

After you have honed your skills, you will be able to damped her hunger or even transfer her enthrallment to another. I must say that little trick can come in handy. You will know how when you are ready.

One last power, you can enthrall women easily if you make eye contact. Once you have them, you will know. They will listen to your word as if it was their own thoughts. You can make them forget things, like if you fed on them. You can implant simple commands, but nothing too fancy. 

Last thing I promise.

You can feed on your succubus, but you won’t find them as tasty or filling as a regular woman. You can survive on them, but you will feel weak.

Ok…. I lied, this is the last thing. I was warned by my own father to watch out for hybrids of the angelic kind. Yes, they exist as well. They have powers of their own and I was told to steer well clear of them. If you attract too much attention, they might seek you out and kill you. 

If you are reading this… Maybe one found me. If so, be very careful my son.

With this letter are documents that will lead you to our small family fortune. Use it wisely and try to build on it, if you ever have a son, guide him well.

Your loving Father.

Azrael Dunkin “


It was a lot to digest all at once. I read it 2 more times before it started to sink in. 

A demon hybrid? 

Well I didn’t expect that. I got up and went to the mirror and checked my teeth. The letter was right. I did have pretty sharp canines now. Nothing like you would see in a vampire movie, but still…

I went to my classes and thought things over all day. Mya complained I was too distracted at lunch, but I had a lot to think about. I did notice I could feel, almost see, something different in the people around me. Was that the essence he wrote about? 

I got back home earlier than Mya and re-read the letter again. If all that was true…

Once Mya came home, we ate and all the while, I noticed her essence. I started to try and concentrate on it and by the time we got to bed, I could understand it a lot better. It had texture and depth. It was pretty amazing. 

We started to make love and all I could do was watch in awe as her essence blossomed into an even deeper set of textures. As she came, I felt it…

I could feed on her… 

I don’t know how I knew, but I just knew. I started to kiss her and felt her essence start to come into my mouth. I sort of sucked on it and more followed.

Holy shit that was good.

I got lost in the moment and by the time I realized I should stop, Mya was almost completely drained. She fell asleep and the next morning, she was extremely tired. She hadn’t noticed anything odd about the night before so I left it at that.

Damn she tasted good… It’s impossible to describe how the feed tastes like. It’s like eating, drinking, smelling and touching all at once.  Simply exquisite.

The next morning for me was even better. I felt energized and pumped like I was ready to run a marathon. That day at school, I knew what I was looking for and could see a lot more of what each person’s essence could possibly taste like. 

Over the next few weeks, I tested my knew abilities on Mya. I realized I was pretty talented with the whole gaze thing. My Dad had been right, I instantly knew when I ‘connected’ with Mya through my gaze. I played a lot with her to test just how much I could do. I could make her forget things and even plant false memories. 

Mya was a little shy in bed, so I decided to try and change that about her. I realized that I could make her willing to try new things for a night, but it wouldn’t stick too much if it went against her core values. I did manage to finally fuck her up the ass though, which she never wanted to do.
Something my father didn’t mention was that my seed had changed as well. Mya rarely went down on me, but once I made her forget her reservations about it for a night, she confessed I tasted different. 'I tasted excellent’ were her exact words. 

After a week of helping her to suck me off, she finally offered by herself. Maybe the fact that I tasted good now had changed her views on the matter. 

I had really enjoyed taking her up the ass and I was trying to figure out a way around her blockage when I came across a friend from high school. He was a psy major now and we had a long talk over lunch. I didn’t tell him anything of course, but he had given me an idea. I started to read up on hypnosis and psychological barriers.

I realized it would take some time, but I could probably condition her around her reservations. 

That night however, I realized an even simpler way was to change her.

I loved Mya a lot. Why not make her like me?

I read my father’s letter one last time and prepared myself. As we fucked that night, she sucked down one dose before she straddled me and bucked her way to her release. As she did, I started to feed on her and tasted every nuance of her essence. I came hard as I realized what I was about to do to her. 

I stopped myself before I got anywhere near her limit and gaze into her eyes. It had gotten pretty easy for me, but with her in the afterglow of a massive orgasm, it was even easier. Not to mention that since I had fed on her a little, she had way less resistance.

I made her forget her fears for anal and by the time I was ready for round 3, she was begging me to do her up the ass. We fucked until we finally came. I couldn’t resist anymore and I started to feed on her again. It tasted so good… I drank her essence until she was on the brink. I stopped myself again, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I felt drunk off her life force and wanted so much more. Like when you are hungry, you can resist it for a long while, but once you get that first bite…

I finally bit her neck and placed her on the bed. 

I guess the venom helps with the change by paralyzing her. She didn’t move a muscle except for her eyes. They betrayed the pain she was in and her perspiration told me it probably was as painful as what I went through. I felt bad for doing it to her, but if she transformed into a creature like me… She would say it was worth the pain.

The next morning, when Mya finally woke up…

She looked around the room and as soon as her eyes fell on me, I knew it had worked. I had come to see love in her eyes over the months we were together, but what I saw in them now was pure devotion.

“Hey love… How are you feeling?” I asked.

“You changed me…” she said.

“I did… Are you mad?”

“I am furious… But I don’t feel it like I should.”


“I know I should, but I don’t feel it. Remember when you threw out my old teddy bear by mistake? I was furious. I know I should feel like that, but I don’t.”

“How do you feel towards me?”

“Like I just woke up to realize you were a lot more important to me than yesterday.”

“How so?”

“I think… I think I love you… No… more than that…” she said a little confused.


“Like… Like I should be doing something…”

I had noticed 2 things since I changed. First, I was able to cum almost at will, the second, was that I discovered a fetish for control I didn’t have before. All the times I gazed at Mya and made her do things, I always got aroused. Being able to make her do anything I wanted was intoxicating. My own little slave. So I decided to guide her towards what I wanted.

“Like you should kneel.” I said.

“Yeah… that sounds right… Yet, I know it isn’t…”

“Like you should obey my every command?”

“Again… It sounds right… But I know it is wrong…”

“You feel like I am your Master? And you are my devoted slave?”

“I….” I saw her realized the truth of my statement and a little panic fluttered across her face. “Yes…”

“I know it is confusing, but we will learn our new roles together. Now come here and kneel.”

“Ha! A little cliché, don’t you think? Why would I…” She stared to protest, but she soon changed her mind. “OK… I’ll do it…”

She got up off the bed and stood before me. She then slowly sank to her knees. The look on her face was priceless. She was confused, but deep down, she knew it was ok. 

“Now… As my slave, you will always obey me. I own you now. You are mine.”

“I know I am… How strange…”

“Your role as my slave is to tend to my desires and hungers. For the moment, you will service me until I cum.”

“And how would you…”

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. The moment I did, her eyes glued to it and a smile crept over her face.

“Well… A good start would be to see how you like to suck me off slowly, really make me enjoy it… I think you will find that from on, my pleasure is… For you… Rather important.”

“It is?” she said as she looked up at me. “Why would it be so important? I mean, I love you and all, but why say it like that?”

“Well.. First thing is that, as my slave, it should be your number one priority.”


“You already know you have changed. One of those changes… Well… Why don’t I let you discover it by yourself? I can see your mouth already watering, start to service me.”

“You could be polite about it…” she said with a little irritation.

She looked back to my cock and I could see she was doubtful about all this change. I could also see her inch forward ever so slowly. Like she couldn’t resist my command. From what I felt now, looking at her essence, I knew she couldn’t. I could probably ask her to cut herself and she would be compelled to do it. 


I forgot about my analysis as her tongue stuck out to lick my cockhead. She looked surprised for a moment and went to work again with a lot more enthusiasm. She had gotten pretty good over the last few weeks, even seemed like she was enjoying giving me head, but this was a new level for her.

I watched her as she took incredible care to maximize the pleasure I was feeling. She had done a similar job before, but the difference was pretty amazing. I lasted a long while, watching her head bob up and down my shaft. About halfway through it, she realized she could deepthroat me with ease, which she could never manage before. 

Which she used to delicious effect.

Something else felt different…. Almost as if… Yeah… Like her mouth felt different… softer… Slicker… Like her spit was a little thicker… Oilier… If it was at all possible, her mouth felt even better than before.

When I finally came, I felt a little pull on my own essence, coming from her, but nothing alarming. Just a kind of… supplement… To my seed.

As for Mya…

She sucked it down like it was water in a desert. She came hard after she finally swallowed all my seed, which happened to be a lot. It took her a few moments to come back to reality, once she did, she dove right back on my cock to clean it of any residual spunk.

I had to pull her off me at one point.

“Calm down darling…” I said.

“Oh my god… That was… Holy shit… HOW is it possible? I mean… I feel so… nourished! I feel like I have just satisfied a hunger I had been avoiding for days!”

“Yeah… I thought it would have that effect on you. You see… You are now, for all intents an purposes, a Succubus.”

“A Succubus? What the hell is a Succubus?”

“Well… According to myth and lore, they are demons who prey on sleeping men, having intercourse with them in order to feed off their sexual energy. In reality, the real thing is way more frightening. You, my dear, are the human version.”

“Human version?”

“Yes. You need to feed on the pleasure of men in order to survive. The bigger the pleasure, the bigger the meal. From what I read, if you give one-man enough pleasure, you can get a meal so fulling it will last you for weeks.”

“How is this possible? How did you make me change into this?”

“You know I am speaking the truth?” I asked a little puzzled.

“I do… It feels like it is… Somehow…”

“Well… ok… I guess the simplest explanation is that I am a hybrid cross between a demon and a human. It gives me abilities… One of which is to turn women into Succubus.”

“Why would you…”

“Hahahahah Easy, to better feed on them. A little like a Succubus, I feed on the sexual essence of women. It is better when they are in the troughs of orgasm, but I don’t need them to be. Once I turn a woman, she is enthralled to me. Not only does she feel my power over her, she is linked to me specifically. She can’t feed properly off anyone else. From what I gathered, she can survive, but she won’t feel completely fulfilled. If she feeds on me, looks like she does.”

“I see… So you just transformed me into your personal sex slave. Unable to refuse you in any way. Unable to feel alive without giving you pleasure.”

“Exactly. But you have perks as well. You will be stronger, healthier and live longer. I think you will have powers of your own, but I’m not sure what they will be.”

“Wow… I know I should feel ultra pissed at you right now, but I’m just not.”

“A side effect of the change. Also… I believe that the more you feed on me, the more your feelings of love and devotion will grow. Like getting addicted to a special brand of drug or something.”

“I see… So… I never knew you this about you.”

“Me being a half-breed demon? Hahahah I didn’t even know until my last birthday.”

“No… I meant… You having a thing for control…”

“Oh? Why do you think I do?”

“Dah… You just turned me into the perfect sexual plaything. Unable to disobey you. And…” She said stroking my still erect cock. “You haven’t been this hard. Not ever… Seems you like the control you have over me…”

“I guess you are right… Now… Let’s see what else we can test tonight…”

I got up and pulled her with me to the bedroom. What followed was the best sexual experience I had ever felt. We fucked like rabbits. At one point, she confessed she could easily sense my level of excitement. She could use it to better please me, make it grow slowly and gauge my coming orgasm. 

I admit she was driving me nuts!

We discovered that as long as my seed erupted inside her, she could feed off it. Be it in her mouth or pussy. She could also get some relief form just my seed. I came all over her tits at one point and she managed to feed of it anyway, as if my seed held some of my sexual essence and pleasure. Needless to say, we slept very well that first night.

Over the next week, I made another discovery: once she was a succubus, I could gaze her into anything I wished. It was as if her mind was completely open to my influence. I tried different triggers and tests. 

I admit, I tweaked Mya a little.

She was pretty much the perfect little fuck toy. Furthermore, she was extremely happy and proud to be one. She wanted to be perfect for me now. She relished when I gazed her into doing stuff against her knowledge. She craved to changed. 

I admit I liked her even more like this. But after a few weeks, I realized my father had been right. Feeding on her wasn’t satisfying me as much as it could. After 3 weeks of her being changed, she surprised me with a proposal of her own.

By that time, she knew all about my appetites and desires. So in a way, it wasn’t a complete surprise. 

“Master…” she started to say between licks around my cock. “I think you should claim my sister.” (suck, lick)

“Oh? And what prompted this idea?”

(Lick) “Well…” (suck) “I know you don’t feel as satisfied as you should when you feed on me.” (suck) “Not that I’m complaining, but it seems even your essence doesn’t taste as good.“ (lick) "I think we need fresh blood in the mix…” (suck) “So I though…” (Lick) “You could kidnap and gaze the fuck out of my sister.” (Lick)

As much as breaking her sister sounded hot, I wasn’t sure at all. Transforming my girlfriend was one thing, but actually fucking up her sister?

“You WANT me to do this to your twin?”

“I can imagine it now…” (suck) “The Ferguson twins servicing you… I bet your pleasure would be delicious…” (Lick) “I am sure you could hammer obedience into her mind.” (suck) “She is strong willed… But I believe you are stronger…” (Lick) “If it doesn’t work… You can still change her…” (Suck) “At the very least, we would be twice the meal for you.” (Lick)

“You make a valid point…” I said as I watched her suck away.

I thought it over and I still wasn’t sure. What if I messed it up? I mean, I remembered all about my friend’s thoughts on bypassing one’s morals, but turning Sasha into my slave? That seemed a little out of my wheel house.

I threw my head back and wondered. She was right when she said I wasn’t feeding as I should. I could feel myself getting weaker. I didn’t feel hungry, just weak… I just needed a boost. Yeah… A one-night stand… My cock twitched in her mouth as I thought about it.

“Hhhmmm…” (lick) “And WHAT did Master just think about? That was such a lovely spike of arousal…” (suck)

“I was thinking of going hunting… As much as breaking your sister would be nice, I don’t think I’m ready to kidnap and enslave her. Seems like a bother…”

(lick)“ So… Hunting and using silly girls it is then…” (suck) “But you could still claim her… Make her like me.”

“I guess you are tapping into one of my fantasies… I won’t lie, having the twins at the same time would be rather… Epic… You can sense it can’t you?”

“I think…” (lick) “I can… Like I can almost see your lust filled dreams…” (suck)

“And you would like to have your sister to help you out? Help serve me?”

(suck) “OH YES! I know you’ll love it…” (lick) “And if you change her, she’ll be like me… And she won’t mind at all that you spent your nights hunting for little beauties.” (suck)

“Ok then… Make it happen.”

(suck) “Of course Master…” (suck)

Claiming Sasha was all well and good, but I needed to be sure I wouldn’t go overboard and suck her dry. I needed to be refreshed and ready. Satisfied, as it were… I needed to hunt before I made my move on Sasha. It wouldn’t do to zombify her, as my Dad put it. I wondered briefly what that would be like, to zombify a woman by sucking up all her sexual energy. 

Images of the twins at my beck and call chased away such musings. I let my imagination run wild with the fantasy of having both under my sway. How delicious it would be to claim Sasha… I came hard, giving my Succubus pet a meal she would savor for days.

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