Hypnotic Property

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #Hypnosis #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female

She is serving her hypnotic Dom and his friends during a poker game. But then, she hears him make a strange wager that disturbs her otherwise perfect evening.

“Hey babe...” I said, fiddling with my necklace. “Can we talk?”

He looked up at me and smiled. 

“Sure Babe.” he said, openly admiring my curves. “But make it quick, Jack is about to deal the next hand.”

“Of course...” I said. “So... I just wanted to check in with you about something I overheard while I brought you guys snacks.”

“Ok.” he asked as he stepped closer to me. “So what’s up?”

His proximity made my heart race and my loins clench.
“I huh...” I said, trying to push down my arousal. “I thought I heard you make a weird bet... That’s all.”

His arms came around and grabbed my skimpily clad ass, pulling my hips to him as he looked deep into my eyes.

“Weird bet?” he said with a smile. “I thought you didn’t understand poker, how would you know if a bet was weird?”

I swallowed hard as my arousal tried to push down my rational thoughts.

“I don’t understand... Poker...” I said. “But I know that you guys always bet money. Don’t you?”

“Most of the time...” he said. 

“Right...” I said, trying very hard to keep thinking about my question instead of the hardest I felt against my exposed tummy. “So... I didn’t imagine it when I heard you say that you added me to your bet.”

“Oh! No you didn’t imagine it.” he said. “I couldn’t match his raise so I added you to the mix.”

“What do you mean you ‘added’ me?” I asked, a little confused.

“I mean just that.” he said with a smile. “If he won the hand, Greg would win you too.”

“What?” I asked, pushing him away. “You... You can’t bet me like that! What does that even mean? Win me... Win what?”

He looked at me and his smile gave me a weird uneasy feeling.

“You.” he said. “All of you.”

“Ok wait...” I said. “I know we have a special type of relationship and all...”

“That we do babe...” he said. 

“And I love it… Truly!” I said. “Which is why I don’t mind dressing like a hooker to serve you guys drinks during your poker games. I don’t even mind it when your friends feel me up when I serve them  because I know you love it too.”

“Correction.” he said as he stepped closer again. “You love it and do it because you don’t have a choice in the matter. You do it because I ordered you to do it and we both know that you will obey because you can’t resist. Isn’t that right?”

“Yeesss...” I said as a powerful wave of arousal threatened to fold my knees.

“You are mine.” he said as he grabbed my face with both his strong hands. “You lost your right to choose when you surrendered to me. You lost your will when you submitted to my influence. Didn’t you?”

I moaned as I thought back to all the erotic and intense hypnotic sessions we experienced together. It had started as a simple exploration, but developed into a shared passion I could no more resist than the commands he gives me.

He made me his and used his hypnotic skills to utterly erase my ability to deny him anything. 

Whatever he wants from me, he gets. 

And that turns me on more than I ever thought was possible.

“I did...” I said breathlessly. 

“If you are mine and you have no will except my own.” he said. “What does that make you?”

“Your property....” I moaned, fighting the urge to kneel at his feet. 

“Exactly....” he said. “And what does it mean to be my property?”

I was positively dripping as I got lost into his eyes. 

“You can use me...” I moaned. “How ever you wish...”

My mind has become his playground and he made sure my body became his eager little toy. I’m always horny for him because he loves to be able to fuck me on a whim.

And honestly, I go nuts with lust every time he does.

“Exactly.” he said. “And tonight, I decided to use you to distract Greg long enough to win the hand and clean him out.”

“I don’t… Understand...” I said, mind flooding with lust. 

“I know you don’t.” he said with a sympathetic smile. “Think of it this way... You are one hot piece of ass, aren’t you?”

“Yes...” I said, licking my lips.

“And my friends all know how slutty you are with me.” he said. “Don’t they?”

“Of course they do...” I said, trying not to moan. “You always make me blow or fuck you in front of them...”

“I do it because I love to see their jealous looks when I prove to them just how slutty and obedient you are.” he said, caressing my lower lip with his thumb. “You don’t mind that I show you off right?”

“Never…” I moaned. “I always love to obey…”

“You certainly do Babe...” he said with a smile. “Always... And that’s my point. By betting you like that, Greg got all excited about possibly winning you. All of you... Knowing how slutty and obedient you are... He hoped that he would win the hand so he could enjoy your beautiful obedience.”

I was swimming in pleasure, but even through the arousal, I managed to latch onto what he was saying.

“Wait...” I said. “He thinks that... If he won the hand... He would be able to fuck me?”

“Fuck you… Use you... ” he said, caressing my lips. “Enjoy your talented lips... So… Yeah. That’s exactly what he thought it meant to win you.”

I swallowed hard, not sure how I felt about it all.

“But...” I said. “YOU own me... Not Greg... I... I gave myself to you... Not Greg.”

“I know that.” he said, smiling. “But you no longer have a choice or a say in the matter, remember? You are my property and I can use my property to gamble if I wish. Besides... I was pretty sure I would win so the goal of the bet was actually to distract him. I was sure my hand beat his and I wanted him to call so I could get his chips.”

“Oh...” I said. “So you didn’t really want to gamble me away then?”

“Of course not Babe.” he said. “You are mine and I enjoy you too much to gamble you away.”

I smiled and kissed his thumb, which was still caressing my lips.

“Ok then... I think I understand...” I said. “So it worked, right? You got him to call or whatever and you got his chips?”

He looked at me and sighed.

“Oh Greg called all right.” he said. “But...”

“But Bobby here fell into my trap and lost the hand!” I heard Greg say as he came in and slapped my ass. “Which makes you all mine!”

I jumped, yelping in surprise at the sharp pain as Greg came to stand next to Bobby.

“What? Really?” I said, feeling my heart race. “No... You can’t be serious! I... I can’t... I mean...”

“Babe, look at me.” he said firmly, prompting me to look at him. “It’s going to be all right. Knowing Greg, he’ll gamble you back to me in no time.”

“Fat chance!” Greg said. “You’ve had her for long enough! It’s my turn to enjoy her.”

“Your... Your turn?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

Greg and Bobby looked at each other and laughed.

“She won’t remember anyway... Might as well tell her!” Greg said, folding his arms over his chest.

“Babe.” Bobby said. “He means that we all share you.”

“Wh... What?” I said, trying to understand. “No... I’m yours Bobby. I’m not… Shared...”

“But you are Honey!” Greg said with a smile. 

“No... I’m... Bobby’s... He... He owns me!” I said.

“He does…” Greg said. “Well… This week at least... Jimmy had you for 2 weeks before that and I have you until the next poker game. Which is next Friday.”

“Babe.” Bobby said. “I DO own you and sadly, I lost my gamble. Which means that Greg here owns you now. It’s as simple as that. You will obey him as you obey me. Understood?”

“I... No... Yes...” I said, trying hard to reconcile my desire to obey with my desire to stay with him. “I don’t know... I don’t know if I can!”

He smiled softly, making my heart melt.

“Of course you can...” he said. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head. You know I always take care of you, don’t you?”

“Yes...” I said, completely captivated by the sincerity I saw in his eyes.

“And as such, you know I’ll make sure you’ll be able to make me proud.” he said as his hands released my face. “Take a deep breath and keep looking into my eyes... Relax... Take another deep breath and sink into my eyes... You like to sink into my eyes and relax, don’t you?”

“Yes...” I said as I felt myself relax. “I… I love it… Please… I want…”

“I know Babe...” he said, lifting his hand in front of my face. “I’m giving you exactly what you want… Just relax and focus on my eyes… Good… Now... Sleep...”

He tapped my forehead and my mind went completely blank as the familiar bliss of trance enveloped me in its euphoric embrace. I had basked in this peaceful thoughtless joy so many times that it felt like home sweet home.

As if my awake mind was simply a dream I vacationed to… And… This perfect state of deep hypnosis was my true self.

It certainly felt like it was.

I basked in it for eternity before I felt my mind awaken once more.

“3...2...1... and Awake!” Greg said.

My eyes fluttered open as I took a deep cleansing breath. I smiled as I saw Greg standing before me. He was so damn handsome... I could already feel my pussy clench in anticipation.

“Welcome back.” he said with a smile. “How do you feel Honey?”

I shivered with pleasure as I looked into his commanding eyes.

“I feel happy and horny....” I said as I bit my lower lip. “Just like I always do when you put me under. Thank you for indulging me…”

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a searing kiss that made me think I was about to feel my arousal drip down my leg. Greg always had this forceful way about him that never failed to arouse the shit out of me. We made out until Bobby cleared his throat.

“So...” Bobby said. “Satisfied?”

“Oh yeah...” Greg said as he broke off the kiss. 

“Which means that I can buy back in?” he said.

“Sure...” he said as he slapped my ass. “But don’t expect to win back what you lost.”

“Oh I know...” he said with a smile. “But I am going to do my best to clean out Jimmy and Jack.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Greg said before he looked back at me. “As for you, I think it’s time to up the ante and thoroughly distract the guys. Don’t you agree?”

He reached out and started to pull on the flimsy knot that kept my top tied over my tits. I could feel my nipples pop out as I took in the lust in his eyes.

“Your wish… Is my command…” I said softly. “Should I just leave it open… Or should I remove it completely?”

“Take it off.” he said as undid the knot.

His hands wasted no time and cupped my aching breasts as I tried to slip off the sleeves. Which was hard because whenever Greg touched me, my mind flooded with pleasure and all I could think about was his cock.

“Enjoying yourself?” Bobby asked as he leaned on the wall.

“Immensely!” Greg said without looking at him.

“Anyway…” Bobby said. “I bet our little break is almost over so I’ll go pay up so Jimmy can deal me into the next hand.”

“Yeah you do that…” Greg said, still massaging and pinching my nipples. “I’ll be right out.”

“Sure you will…” Bobby said as he pushed off and went to the living room.

He molested my tits for a little longer before his hands moved along my skin and grabbed my ass, pulling me to him.

“Now…” he said, giving me a quick kiss. “Go grab us some beers and come serve them to us. You remember what I want you to do when you do that, right?”

“Of course I do!” I said with a smile. “I’ll make sure to rub my tits against them as I put down their drinks to make.”

“Perfect!” he said, kissing me again before he went back to the living room. 

I shook off the insane arousal flooding through my veins and went to the kitchen to grab the drinks. I smiled when I stepped back into the living room and watched my 4 favorite guys openly leer at my exposed chest.

They were my man’s best friends and as such, I got to see them a lot. Especially during their weekly poker game. Greg always had me around to serve them drinks  and such, wearing the skimpiest outfits he could find. All so I could distract them and I had to admit that I loved it!

Sure I was always half naked... But whatever Greg wants, he gets and he wanted me half naked so I obey. I can’t do anything else because he has spent months removing my free will to make sure that I had no choice in the matter.

I was his sexy, slutty property and as such, it was only proper that he use his considerable hypnotic skills to enslave me to his will. It was only natural! Besides... It felt so damn erotic to surrender to him like this…

To give myself so completely to his hypnotic control…

It was intoxicating and I couldn’t get enough!

I made sure to rub up against all his friends as I served them their drinks, noting with glee how distracted and aroused they were by my body. I was one hot piece of ass and as the horny men they were, they couldn’t help it. They were completely mesmerized by me, which was exactly what Greg wanted!

Sadly for them though, I only had eyes for Greg. 

I served my man his drink and kissed him when he grabbed my ass lovingly before he slapped it.

“Good girl…” he said, sending a wave of pleasure crashing through me. “Now slip under the table and use those lovely lips of yours to make me extra happy. I’m having a great night and I feel like celebrating!”

I giggled.

“Right away babe…” I said to him before looking up at his friends. “Sorry guys… Duties calls but don’t worry, I’m sure Greg will have me serve you more drinks in a few hands.”

I winked at them playfully as I sank to my knees. I heard a few disappointed ‘awws’ as I made my way under the table.

“Really Greg?” I heard Robert say. “You couldn’t wait until later tonight?”

“Why?” I heard Greg say. “Do you suddenly have a problem with me enjoying Heather?”

“You’re impossible...” I heard Jack say.

“Hey I don’t judge the things you enjoy when you win.” Greg said. “Do you have enough space down there Honey?”

Greg had already freed his half hardened cock by the time I made my way between his legs.

“I do!” I said as I squeezed in closer.

“Great.” he said. “You know the drill. Suck slowly... No rush... I don’t want to cum anytime soon. But should I cum....”

“I know Babe.” I said as I kissed his cockhead. “I’ll be tender as I nurture you back to full mast.”

“Good girl...” Greg said, sending another powerful wave of pleasure coursing under my skin.

“Ante up guys!” Jimmy said. “You have the big blind Bobby.”

“Yeah yeah...” I heard Bobby say as I started to lick Greg’s shaft.

“You know…” I heard Jack say. “We really should find another worthy subject because this sharing thing is
really frustrating!”

“You are just saying that because it’s been ages since you actually won!” Bobby replied, making them all chuckle. “But I see your point… Tell you what, since you did such a great job by finding us our first subject, why don’t you find us another one?”

“I call.” Greg said. “And I agree, it would make our games way more interesting…”

“Well since you guys agree, I’ll see what I can do.” Jack said. “Although finding a package deal like our last one could prove difficult. I raise by the way...”

“Sure…” Jimmy agreed. “But even if they aren’t as hot to begin with, we can help that along with the proper motivation…”

The guys continued to talk as I dove into my task and ignored what they were saying. I smiled as I thought about all the times he made me do this during poker games. He told me I was his slutty good luck charm and by taking care of his cock, I was helping him win more hands.

I knew that was a load of crap, but I also knew that my noisy ministrations distracted his friends so in a small way, I actually was helping him. Or at least, I liked to think I was. 

But even if I wasn’t helping, I didn’t care because sucking Greg’s cock was one of my favorite things to do. Whenever he was in the mood for a long worshipful blowjob, I found myself sinking back into a light mindless trance where every other thought was blissfully pushed out of my mind.

The only thoughts that remained in my half awake brain were about pleasuring him. 

So I worshiped his shaft and tuned out the guys chuckling banter while I enjoyed my own little version of hypnotic paradise. I sank into my duty, heart fluttering with happiness, as I soaked in his pleasure until I was needed to serve.

I was Greg’s hypnotic property.

And absolutely nothing has ever made me happier.

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