Human Core for a Robotic Shell

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #robots #scifi

Barbara decides to interview a robotics genius about the rumors circulating on the dark web about him having a very unique side research. Barbara’s robot fetish pushes her to accept his offer when he tells her that he is willing to show just what he is working on.

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Mister Toshimada can easily be considered to be the Da Vinci of robotics. He created incredible breakthroughs in miniature mechanics which lead to nano technology. His inventions were making waves all around the world and it was mostly why I wanted to interview him.
But really...
The main reason I wanted to get to interview him was to investigate the rumors surrounding his personal research. Perverts surfing the Dark web told of stories where Mister Toshimada had found a way to convert a regular human being into a robotic sex toy.
The idea was ludicrous on its own. His tech had made giant leaps in the field, but it was certainly no where near converting human flesh to an android. Other rumors said that he had created a robot shell to literally encase the subject. Making her exterior features look like a robot, but in fact, she was really still a human. The rumors went on to speculate that the shell actually controlled any and all movements, which effectively DID ‘convert’ a human into a robot.

Regardless of what he was doing, I was more than a little intrigued. Having a strong robot sex fetish, I was just too curious to pass up the change to interview him. Even if the Dark web rumors turned out to be false.

I got the invitation to do the interview in his home/work shop and didn’t waste time making my travel arrangements. He made millions and his home reflected his fortune. He had a huge mansion with acres upon acres of land surrounding it. I felt privileged to be able to interview him there since most of the time, he kept his home well away from the media. His private automated security was state of the art and I had to admit that I didn’t expect any less but the best.

After all, if it didn’t exist on the market, he could build it himself. On my way in, I saw drones... Androids... Cameras... Guards... Both human and robotic... I felt like I was going into the lair of some movie villain.

Mister Toshimada was still young, mid thirties, and he had made enough technological breakthroughs to revolutionize the next decade. If not century... Who knew what else the rest of his career would yield?

When I finally went up to his door, I was half surprised to see a robot maid open the door and guide me in. My pussy clenched as I admired her artificial features. She must have been one of his first fully automated androids. She didn’t have any fake skin covering her mechanical parts, but it was clear she was meant to look like a woman. I could see pistons... gears... Wires... Hoses... The works!

I knew I was weird for thinking it, but I thought she looked incredibly hot!

She, or it... Brought me to the living where Mister Toshimada waited for me. The initial introduction went well and his smiling face and calm demeanor soon put me at ease as he launched into the boring part of my interview. He was relaxed and open about all my questions, which guaranteed me enough material to write a decent article about my encounter.

We had a glass of wine, served by his special maid, and we talked almost as if we were old friends. So much so that he let slip a few comments about my personal life I knew I hadn’t talked about while I was here. After a last one about the long drive I had to make to get here, I decided to finally go off script from my targeted interview.

“Ok Mister Toshimada...” I said as I turned off my voice recorder. “I feel like you know more about me than you are letting on.”

“You caught me!” he said chuckling. “I’ll admit to looking you up online when you first contacted me with the interview request. “

“I figured as much, but you seem to know a lot more details than are available online.”

“I do.” he said as he put his wine glass down. “That would be because I hacked your social media, your phone as well as your home computer. I’m afraid I know a lot more than you would be comfortable to admit to me right now.”

His smile was so confident. I suddenly had no doubts that he did exactly what he said he did. With his talents and brain, it would be child’s play to hack my personal information.

“I... Well I...” I started to say, but he lifted a finger, silencing me.

“I only mention it because I know you came here, not to interview me for your magazine, but to investigate rumors about my personal research. Did you not?”

I was caught. On one hand, I wanted to know more about his research. I craved it even... But then again, I didn’t like to admit that I had misrepresented my intentions to him. 

In the end, he already knew so the point was moot. 

“Yes.” I said looking at the floor. 

“Of course you did... The only reason I accepted your request and invited you here was BECAUSE you wished to know.”

“How so?”

He smiled.
“Your browser history, especially your ‘private’ one, told me all I needed to know about you. From what I could tell, you are even more interested in robotics than I am. Almost...”

He smiled as he let his words sink in. Of course... If he saw my history, he would know that I spend my nights looking at robot porn. Androids pictures... Techno mind control... He would have seen it all!

“Which leads me to offer you the private tour of my work shop. Not many get to see it, especially in recent years... But I think you are uniquely adapted to appreciate what I’ve been working on for the last few years. What do you say? Would you like to come downstairs and see?”

My loins wanted to jump up and scream YES! But my head was reasoning that this was too good to be true. Did he view me as a threat? Did he invite me here to silence me? No... I was one of his biggest fans! Surely he saw that when he hacked my accounts and computer!

Didn’t he?

I swallowed hard and nodded. 

“I thought you might...” he said as he got up. 

He guided me deeper inside his mansion until we reached a huge vault door, which he unlocked using an array of security measures. Palm scan... Sub-dermal implant key... Retinal scan... Voice recognition...

It all made me think that I may have gotten over my head by actually coming here. The door opened and he lead me down a lot of stairs before we emerged into his lab.

My eyes widen as I took in all the tech that was contained within. We walked passed a few workbenches that features parts and technology I knew, but others displayed things I thought could only exist in my wildest fantasies.

Which included the tech we finally reached at the end of the room.

Standing at perfect attention, right there in front of me, was a perfect example of what I picture an android sex toy would look like. Androids had reached a point where they looked as life like as one could hope, but my fantasy wasn’t about life like robots.

It was about those that obviously WERE robots.

Some parts of her metal plates were exquisitely shaped and skin colored, but other parts of her didn’t disguise the fact that they were artificial. Her eyes were blanked out and completely white. As I examined her face, I could clearly see where each of her facial metal plates joined with the next.

It made me think of someone using make up to cosplay and android. Not that I ever did that...

Her modesty was covered in a sexy outfit that made me think of a skimpy portrayal of a classic French maid’s uniform. 

“Meet Unit 3.” he said. “As you may have guessed, she is one of my rumored sex robots.”

“Wow...” I simply said, too astonished to add anything.

“Tell me Barbara...” he continued. “Out of all the rumors circulating around the web, which of them you think is true? I mean... After seeing my work, you can surely make an educated guess.”

I examined her from top to bottom and squirmed when I saw all the wires and tubes coming out of her back and connecting to what must be her power station. I looked and looked, but I couldn’t see any clue that would tip me towards how she had been made.

“I can’t say...” I said straightening up. “But I have to say that regardless of how she was made, your work is sublime!”

“You flatter me...” he said smiling. “Let me turn her on and maybe you’ll have an idea.”

He turned towards the unit and spoke.

“Unit 3, activate HMI.” he said before turning to whisper to me. “That’s “Human Machine Interface”.

“Command confirmed.” I heard a soft voice answer.

I might be dreaming... But I thought the voice sounded a lot like Siri. Regardless, the robot came alive and stood up straight. I saw lights travel all along the joints between her plates before all ending up in her eyes. 
Or more accurately, were they were. I would see no eye imitations, just lends like windows that gathered up all the lights and sent it within. 

“Unit 3′s HMI is now active.” I heard the same female voice say.

Only... Her metallic lips didn’t move. I looked closer and swore that the joints could part and enable the lips to mimic the movement for speech.

“Integrated speakers...” he said next to my ear. “If you were wondering where the sound was coming from.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed as I straighten up. “Yeah no... I mean... I expected the mouth to move or something.”

“I could make it move... Fairly easy in fact... But the nature of this unit...” he said trailing off. “Well... Let’s just say that it’s not required. So? Now that it’s activated, care to venture a guess?”

I looked it over again, but too much was going on in my head, and my loins, to make a decision. Full conversion to the artificial seemed too far off to be real, so the next best rumor was... 

“I’ll be honest and say I have no real clue. It could be anything!” I said as I looked at it from head to toe. “But... From the size and choice of exterior... I would guess that the shell theory is the most likely.”

He smiled and winked.

“Unit 3, remove plating F458.” he said towards the unit.

I gasped as lights traced the joint surround the plate containing the eyes. The area included the top of her nose as well as most of her forehead. Once the light made it all the way around, I heard a fizz, not unlike a release of air pressure, before the whole plate lifted up.

It made me think of how the Ironman suit reveals Robert Downey Jr.’s face in the movies. 

But under the plate, it certainly WASN’T Robert. It was a girl!! 

Her eyes were vacantly starring off into the distance for a moment before she blinked a few times. The change in light obviously made it hard for her to see us, but she eventually looked at each of us.

“Meet Melanie.” he said as he came up close to her. “Blink once if you are doing ok in there.”

I watched in pure aroused astonishment as she blinked once.

“Good good...” he said. “I hope you don’t mind me waking you up, but I have Barbara here that was curious about the Shell technology.”

She looked at me. She could only move her eyes, but I could tell that she was smiling. 

“So Barbara? Do you have a better grasp on how my tech works?”

I looked at her again and couldn’t believe my eyes. I WAS RIGHT! 

“She’s huh...” I said before swallowing. “She’s totally encased in there isn’t she?”

“She is...” he confirmed.

“I’m afraid to ask... But I’m too curious not too... How... How is this possible? How does it work?”

He smiled again and looked at Melanie’s eyes.

“Blink once if you don’t mind if I show Barbara here all your wonderful functions.”

Melanie blinked once, still seemingly smiling at us. Or... Was it something else? Arousal maybe? Yeah... She was clearly aroused... I certainly would be!

“Ok then! No need to be forced to see the real world for that now do you?” he asked, but didn’t wait for her to confirm. “Unit 3, close plating F458.”

“Command confirmed.” the speakers said before the face plate lowered back down and sealed itself on the rest of her face.

“Unit 3, disengage from charging station. Authorization override Ownership alpha one.”

“Authorization confirmed.” the speakers said again.

I saw the a bunch of clamps disengaging from the plugs and hoses on her back before the whole array moved back, freeing her from the station. It made me squirm as I watched her move out of the station and stand in front of us. God this was so erotic!

“Unit 3, assume position 6.”

“Command confirmed.” the unit said before bending over to a 90 degree angle.

“Perfect...” he said as he placed a hand on her metal ass. “This tech isn’t on the market. In fact, I’m not sure I’ll ever divulge its secrets to the public.”

“Why is that?”

“Because...” he said with a warm smile. “I am rather fond of this and don’t particularly wish this Shell tech to be sold. Anyway... You asked how it was possible correct?” he asked, I just nodded. “Well the main thing about this shell is that it is adaptable nano machines. They work together to create the different textures and functions you see before you.”

“Woah... I knew nanos were real and all. And... I know they work together on some level... But... What you are implying... There’s nothing on the market like that... Not even prototypes!”

“You are right, the regular nanos have the ability to communicate and work together, as much as any computer system, but they don’t work as well as these beauties. These are a few generations further along the evolution line.”

“Impressive...” I whispered.

“I know...” he said trailing his fingers along the units back. “Because of this evolved nature, they can’t replicate human skin as well as other materials. Not yet anyway... Which for a sex robot is bad...”

“Right...” I said, trying to hide my own arousal. 

“So I came up with a way to keep all the benefits of a real human woman while at the same time, eliminating everything else that comes with it.”

“M... Meaning?” I asked, voice trembling. 

“Meaning that I developed a robot shell that encases and controls the woman within.”

God... Fuck that sounded so hot.

“If you boil it down to the essentials, the robotic shell takes care and maintains the human body while eliminating the thought process. The person inside is completely helpless to resist any movements the shell imposes on her. And before you ask, it’s not mechanical force that drives the body’s movements, it’s the core’s own body. Micro electrodes stimulate and control every muscle through the skin...”

He moved to her arm and lifted it with ease until it stretched out next to us. He tapped in a few places and light circles around a particular plate on her forearm. The plate moved out of the way in much the same fashion as the one on her face. Beneath, I could see Melanie’s skin, but on the edges of the liberated plate, I could see where the surrounding plate touched her skin.

I rubbed my eyes. Was I seeing things? Connecting the plate to the skin were a thousand little sparks.

“The nanos have a complete map of the human body it encases and each has a specific cell it is charge to stimulate. So in essence... They hijack your body’s normal electric pulses to control each muscle.”

“That’s...” I said swallowing. “That sounds impossible!”

“I won’t lie, Unit one was almost a disaster. The calibration took too long and I am sorry to say that the first test subject suffer a little, but now that the tweaks have been dealt with, she enjoys her shell without feeling all the pain. BUT! We aren’t here to talk about that now are we?”

He pressed in sequence on a few spots on her arm and I watched the plate close and seal itself.

“Why...” I started to say, but I remember what he had said before. “I mean... You said you needed a human core? Because the nanos can’t imitate human skin? I’m looking... and... I... I can’t se any trace that Melanie’s inside it. It looks like any regular robot. Why use a core at all?”

I asked, but I was starting to get a picture of what type of sex robot unit 3 was. And if I was right... God... I hope I was right.

He smiled and motioned for me to come behind with him.

“Because... It means that the unit can do this... Unit 3, activate primary pleasure mode.”

“Command confirmed” the speakers said.

I watched as the units rear suddenly opened to reveal her ass. It didn’t open like the plates on her forearm or face, instead, it kind of folded back on itself... No... The nanos... They just separated and spread out around the opening before becoming part of the shell again. It was amazing... Looking at the opening and surrounding shell, it didn’t look like anything had changed except that now there was access. Like you had removed a part of the shell.

And... Oh god... 

Now you had full and complete access to her pussy! To her ass!

“So...” I said swallowing hard. “You still get to fuck a human pussy...”

“Exactly... If you want to be crude about it, you could even say that my tech was designed specifically to use a person as nothing more than walking pussy. The rest of the human inside is of little consequence for a sex robot. The important thing his that it can give pleasure to its owner.”

Fuck... This was so damn hot i could barely keep from squirming.

“Of course... I didn’t melt or lobotomize Melanie, she is still very aware of everything happening to her, she just has no control over her actions. She can’t speak or refuse anything the shell makes her do. She is completely helpless...” he said as he touched her dripping pussy.

I expected a moan, but I didn’t hear anything. Did the shell muffle her voice? Did it prevent her vocal cords from working? Regardless, it was clear she was insanely aroused!

As was I...

“I designed this shell to be either permanent or temporary. Part of me wishes to have a sex robot full time at my beck and call, which is why I went to all the trouble of designing it this way, but I also made it so it could be removed. After all, a good designer will tell you that a machines core needs service. Unit 3, shut down primary pleasure mode and return to your charging station.”

“Command confirmed.” I heard the unit say.

I watched, half dazed by the pure genius of the concept, as the units rear closed off like it had opened. She straighten up and walked back to stand at the charging station. The clamps and wires were lower and connected themselves to her back.

“Like I said, the core can be changed out if the human inside doesn’t wish to live out her life as a robot. Melanie here was game to experience a week as my personal sex toy. She is at her 4th day now. So far, she hasn’t shown any sign that she wants the experience to end. But I’m a man of my word, I gave her the only password to stop the shell’s core rejection protocols when her 7 days are up.”

My mind raced. I was so aroused that I barely understood what he was saying. I only heard him say that she had volunteered to spend a week as a robot. My aroused mind could only think about that. 

And how I could go about asking him to volunteer...

“As you may surmise...” he continued. “The charging station serves multiple purposes. It recharges the batteries... Updates the software... Changes out damages or malfunctioning nanos... It also feeds the human core and sees to all the bodily needs she might have.”

Fucking god... He... He really did make a permanent shell...

“So huh... Once the girl is huh...” I said licking my lips. “Inside... She... She never comes out? Not until her time is up?”

“Exactly. Except of course if the shell detects depressed or unhappy brainwaves... Then I receive an alert and I check in with the core. But so far... I’m glad to say that none of my 3 units ever signaled me. You see... The head piece monitors brain waves and is mindful of the state of mind of its core. It’s very important! If the core isn’t happy, then she won’t let her body perform as needed.”

“Of course...” I said.

But really, I was already picturing myself trapped inside that shell. Helpless as the machine around me makes me walk... Makes me do things... Talks in my stead... Makes me fuck...

God... My panties must be soaked!

“So Barbara...” he said as he looked at me. “What do you think?”

“Amazing...” I said without thinking. “Huh... I mean... I’m sure it must break all sort of regulations... Robotic laws and all that...”

“I’m afraid it does... As you might have figured out, as many safeguards as I put into the shell, I could very well see it being miss used. For example, the human trafficking market would love to get their hands on this tech. Imagine... Not having to train of break any of the girls, just stick her in a shell and voila! She has no control and becomes an instant sex slave. Scary when you think about it...”

“Yeah...” I said, suddenly realizing just how freighting this shell really was. 

“But don’t worry... I’m not one of those traders and I certainly didn’t show you my secret project so I could force this on you. Oh no... I showed you because I know all about your kink. I know how much you crave to be turned into a robot...”

Fuck... Of course he knew... He hacked my computer... He knew my web history... Event my private one! Of course he knew how turned on I was by robotic sexual conversion.

“What... What are you saying?” I asked, almost afraid to know the answer.

“I’m saying...” he said as he took out a remote and clicked to the far wall. “I wanted to show you this specifically.

I looked over and saw a chamber open up, revealing another robot. Just like Melanie... Only, this one was shinier than she was. Like a silver chrome update on most of her parts. And there, right on the chest above her boobs, I could see a big ‘04′ in black.

“I accepted your interview offer to be able to offer you something in return. What you see there is Unit 4. I currently don’t have a core for it, so I thought that you might want to give it a test run.”

“WHAT?!?! I never... I mean...” I stuttered, completely surprised and delighted he wanted to offer me the chance to experience his Shell technology.

“No need to be embarrassed. You certainly aren’t the only girl in the world that dreams of being remade as a sex robot. Melanie is proof. So here is what I propose... Today is Friday. If i’m not mistaken, your digital calendar didn’t show much in way of events over the weekend. I offer you to spend the weekend, leading up to Sunday afternoon, as unit 4.”

Oh god... What? No... I must be dreaming! He didn’t just offer that... Impossible!

“Ha...” I laughed nervously. “I guess I can’t deny that... Huh... The idea attracts me.”

“No... No you can’t.”

“So... You invited over to what... Become your robot slave for the weekend?” I asked.

I tried to sound a little pissed he assumed that some stranger would just come over to his house under false pretexts and would accept to be his love slave for 2 days. But under my fake bravado, I was boiling. 

My horny brain only understood that he had hacked my accounts. My phone... See all my photos and personal preferences... And he decided to offer me to be his robotic lover...

My loins only understood that he wanted me. All the rest just seemed irrelevant.

“Basically...” he said smiling. “Yes I did.”

Fuck... I could almost feel my panties soak through to my shorts. My brain was a little dazed by the sheer amount of arousal I was feeling. Anticipating... I barely heard myself ask how it would work. How I could be sure he would release me in 2 days.

I didn’t listen as he explained again how the shell would monitor my brain waves and immediately detect any discomfort. He show me the code that would activate the seals for another week and asked me to choose a safe word.

He said he wouldn’t ask me to say it after 2 days, but I needed to input the word all the same to comply with the system requirements. I felt like I was detached from my own body as we went through everything. Was I really accepting his offer? 

We talked as he explained how the unit would scan my body and adapt to mold it perfectly. He told me all about how the tube in my mouth would feed me the exact calories I would need. I didn’t listen.

The moment my brain understood that I had the possibility to become a robot, it was like every other thought shut down. I was too aroused and too eager to step into the shell and let it encase me to think clearly. Maybe I should have... But I didn’t.

Before I knew it, he lead me to the unit and told me to strip naked. I felt a spike of resistance as I started to undo my shirt, but the unit before me begged me to step in. To forget all about embarrassment and just step in. Why should I feel embarrassed? I had basically just accepted to be his love slave for the weekend.

His robotic love slave...

So I stripped. I got naked and watched in awe as the shell opened up from everywhere, giving me access. He helped me step inside and backup until my whole body was nestled inside the shell.

He asked one last time if I really wanted this, but I knew I could stop. Not now that I felt the metallic seat of the shell touch my pussy. I nodded once and watched as he sat in front of his computer and started to input data.

I waited... Eager... Scared... Hopeful... Aroused...

I heard machines whirl and air pressure being released before I saw a red laser beam type scan go over my body. My heart was racing as it completed its scan and I heard him say something about the unit almost being ready.

I almost came as I felt the shell press onto my back. It felt little waves and vibrations as the shell modified its self to adapt to my unique body. The shell started to close around my legs first. Piece by piece, it clamped and sealed itself tightly around my lower limbs. It didn’t stop as it pressed and sealed around my waist, my torso...
My arms started to same process and I felt each of my fingers get its own little  encasing sleeve, like a metal glove that tighten snugly around each digit. Part of my brain, the one not being drowned in arousal, marveled at how quick the shell and adapted to my body. It felt like it had been custom made for me.

It felt like a second skin.

A very metallic second skin...

The shell continued without interruption and sealed itself around the rest of my arms and torso. I felt the the shell cup and gently lift my modest tits before enclosing them. The shell went on to close off around my neck and finally around my face.

Then it stopped.

Every single part of my body was encased in metal. Trapped... All except my face.

“There...” he said as he approached me. “Almost done... My my... You look fabulous Barbara! The shell suits you well!”

“Fuck... This... This feels...” I tried to say as I fought off the intense arousal of feeling my whole body wrapped so lovingly in metal parts.

“Incredible?” he finished. “Melanie had the same reaction... From what I can see, you like it as well?”

“Fuck yes...” I moaned as I tried to squirm inside the shell.

“I thought as much... Wonderful... Now Barbara.. I have to warn you about the next stage. Some of the girls panic a little when it starts, but you don’t have to worry. It’s all part of the system. ok?”

“Wh... What part?” I managed to asks as I enjoyed the feel of metal on my bare skin.

“The part that will cover your mouth and nose. Once I activate it, the shell will enclose your lower face completely. Don’t worry... The shell is designed to let you breath normally without effort. But more than that...” he said as he came inches from my face. “The shell will also penetrate that lovely mouth of yours.”

“My... My mouth?” I asked as his words seem to pierce the fog in my mind.

“Yes... You see... A good sex robot is available to be fucked everywhere... You’ve seen the way the shell reveals the girls rear, but I haven’t showed you the way it reveals the mouth. You see... Once the mouth plate is connected, the shell will insert a dildo of sorts inside your mouth.”

“Wh... What?”

“It acts like a gag... No worries, it won’t bloc your air supply, but it will give you something to suck on when I’m not using your mouth. It will also deliver nutrients and water to you.”

“O... OK...”

“The shell will be able to control your jaw muscles, so don’t freak when it suddenly opens your mouth. Sadly... As incredible as my tech is, it can’t control something as complex as a human mouth! Not yet anyway...”

“Ok... Huh... That’s fine...” I said.

“Excellent! Now... The first time the shell will open your mouth, it will feel strange. The dildo will morph and encase your teeth...”

“MY TEETH?” I said, completely blown away by the concept. 

“Yes... You see... Since the shell only controls your jaw muscles, I thought it prudent to protect your teeth. Or rather... To make them... How should I put this? safer?”

“Oh...” I said, finally getting his point.

“It’s just a precaution. I included that after testing things with unit 2. You see... Being in the shell 24/7 can be disorienting for the core. I mean... for you... And sometimes, I would use her mouth in a moment where she didn’t expect it, which made her fight the shell controlling her jaw. It wasn’t enough to make it close mind you... But it was enough to make things... Uncomfortable... The human jaw can me surprisingly strong.”

“I guess...” I said.

But I was already trying to imagine what it would be like to feel my mouth being opened as my teeth got encased. All for his pleasure...

“I’ll be activating the mouth plate now, any last words before we begin?”

My mind raced with everything that had just happened. How I had managed to get an interview, how he had accepted. Him telling me hacked all my things and accepted my offer just to get me to step into this shell. My own desires stretching back a few years as the technology got better and better, making me face androids and robots on a daily basis.

And now... This opportunity to finally experience it for myself.

“I guess I won’t be saying much until Sunday... So... Thank you Mister Toshimada. You can’t know that this opportunity means to me.”

“I fear you are right. As much as I would like to say I do, I simply don’t. Ready?”

“Do it.” I said as I took one last slow breath.

He nodded once and grabbed a tablet from his desk. He tapped a few times and smiled. I felt the plates on my cheek vibrate a little before they extended and enclosed my mouth and nose. It happened fast and for a moment, I couldn’t breath as the metal plugged into my nostrils. But almost immediately, a steady stream of air rushed in and reassured me.

Next, my lips felt the metal started to push inside and I parted my mouth to accept it. What ever was happening, it was too late to resist. It felt stranger than I would have guessed. It was like I could feel the millions of nanos rushing in, like some grainy liquid, before solidifying itself as it went.

In mere seconds, I felt a metallic gag take form in my partially opened mouth. I would have smiled if I could, the gag morphed as the end took on the unmistakable shape of a cock. The base located at my lips morphed as well and I felt it spread and mold around my front teeth.

It was incredible... 

The shape felt... Perfect... I couldn’t deny that I had a gag in my mouth, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It was the exact size and shape I needed to gag myself, but it wasn’t too big. 

I almost came when the metallic taste slowly changed to a sort of textured rubber. God this tech was amazing!

“And there...” he said as he lifted his eyes from his tablet. “How does that feel?”

He seemed to expect me to answer him, but I couldn’t!

“Right... Sorry... Blink once if it is comfortable and twice if it isn’t.”

I blinked once immediately. 

“Good good... Seems the auto calibration is working perfectly... OK! The last bit of warning I should tell you is that most of the time, you won’t see where you are going. I’ve found that to make the core extra useful and horny, a complete dive was best.”

Complete dive? What was that? He stepped away before he continued. 

“To help this along, the shell will include a mild aphrodisiac into your air supply. The drug will keep you in an aroused state while the shell moves you around to perform your tasks.”

Keep me aroused? HA! I barely need that to stay aroused inside this incredible shell.

“Combined with that, the lenses that will position themselves in front of your eyes have 2 functions. First, as real lenses. Meaning that you’ll be able to see outside the shell on occasion. Depending on the girl, I’ve found that seeing me while we... Enjoy ourselves... Helps her enjoy it more and hence, makes the core better.”

Makes sense.

“Second, the lenses double as screens. Much like a virtual reality headset, the lenses will be able to show you things. Sometimes it will me directives... Warnings... The time of day... Etc...”

Wow... He had really put everything into this wonderful shell.

“And of course, since it will be monitoring you, the shell will help you along depending on what you need. Like when you are charging, the shell tends to display calming images and videos to lull you to sleep. The machine will keep you upright and from what the core in unit 1 and 2 have told me, once you get used to sleeping upright, it feels weird to lie back to sleep once you come out of the shell.”

Sleep upright? Right... I guess... I guess I’ll have to sleep at some point. Shell or no, I was still basically human. That’s a shame... But... What did he mean by lull me to sleep?

“OH!” he exclaimed! “I almost forgot! Did I tell you about the maintenance protocols?”

I blinked twice.

“Sorry about that... You see... For the core to be always at optimal usefulness, it needs to stay... Horny. I’ve already said you’ll be exposed to aphrodisiacs, which will help your hormones align themselves correctly. But I’ve found that it’s not quite enough... Unit one could be dry on occasion. Unacceptable really...” he said as he checked a few things on his tablet.

Well... A girl can’t be wet all the time! Can she?

“So I corrected my design and updated her shell’s program. I’m happy to tell you that the units are now able to keep you horny and wet when ever you aren’t sleeping! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Wh... What? How was that even possible?

“The trick is rather simple really... After the drugs enter your system... I simply have to activate... This.” he said as he pressed his tablet again.

“Command confirmed.” I hear the shell around me say.

I briefly wondered what he meant before feeling the metal near my clit start to vibrate. Oh fuck... The whole shell around my clit and pussy joined in and I felt pleasure bloom inside me. It wasn’t unlike sitting on a sybian!

But it didn’t stop there...

Just like my mouth, I felt something start to push up inside my pussy! OH FUCK! It pushed up and stretched me until is was bordering on painful!

My eyes must have shown my worry because he spoke up again.

“Don’t worry my dear... The Shell will adjust to what your body can take. Since you are just staying with us for 2 days, I won’t activate the training protocols. Melanie over there has been training herself since she first step into the suit. You see... I find it is a sex bot’s duty to be able to accommodate all sizes.”

All sizes... I managed to think through the pleasure.

“She can now take up to 9 inches in her ass and pussy without flinching! The shell constantly stimulates you and gradually gives you more and more. Always pushing back your tolerances. The best part is that the training is pretty much 24/7... Except when you sleep of course...”

Good... This was too much! Knowing I was going to be fucked while I was helpless inside this shell was already enough to keep me aroused! But this! Fuck... 

“And now for the finishing touch...” he said as he typed on the tablet. “Once the F458 panel lowers and seals, you won’t be seeing the real world until tomorrow. While the machines finishes calibrating itself to control your movements, you’ll be able to see the lab through the lenses. But after that...”

He stopped and watched as the panel lowered in front of my face. I lost sight for a moment while the panel sealed itself to the rest of my helmet. Once it did, the lenses cleared up and I could see Mister Toshimada through a milky white lens. 

It felt like I was in a dream. A very erotic dream...

“There! Simply perfect...” he said, but his voice sounded off.

Through the pleasure, I realized i was hearing him through speakers! I must have speakers inside the panels covering my ears!

“There... All sealed and tight. Comfy? You must be... I’ll be back in about an hour. The shell needs to calibrate and test itself with you, so don’t be alarmed if you feel twitches and spasms while you wait. Enjoy!”

He winked and turned to leave. For some reason, I felt like he had dismissed me rather quickly, but those thoughts soon evaporated has the shell started to vibrate even more, sending wave after delicious wave crashing against my brain.

I hadn’t closed my eyes yet and saw the screen flash a word: Calibrating.

I felt little shock all over my body. Nothing too painful, but enough to counter balance my pleasure. I was able to feel myself move a toe. Then a finger... My left arm twitched hard before slowly lifting in the air.

Even as aroused as I was, I marveled as I watched it go up. I hadn’t consciously move it, but there it was all the same. I didn’t feel pain... I didn’t feel forced... I just... Lifted my arm.

It amazed me! How could the shell control my body like that?

All my limbs eventually joined in and I found myself walking around the lab. Mechanically at first, which only made me hotter, but the more I walked, the more it became natural.

Or as natural as it could be with a dildo up my pussy!

The whole experience was enough to plunge me deeper into my pleasure. So much so that I found myself losing control of it! I was about to cum when the vibration slowed down. Way down... Just enough to let me regain control.

Oh god...

The shell... Was it going to edge me? All day?

Oh fuck... 

I was in trouble... Sweet erotic trouble...

I felt so horny... Lost... I didn’t realize that an hour had passed until he came up in front of me and spoke.

“Excellent!” he voice came over my internal speakers. “Unit 4, give me a status report on the core’s calibration.”

“Core calibration complete.” the Siri like voice said. “Core is now prime and ready for service.”

“Marvelous.” he said as he looked me over. “Now Barbara... I know you can hear me in there... So listen up... I’m about to expose you to a special maintenance program I’m testing on Melanie. I’m only going to expose you to half the theoretical strength, but I believe you will appreciate it all the same. Unit 4, proceed with pleasure protocols, phase 2.”

“Command confirmed. Engaging in neuro-erotic stimulation. What level of arousal is required?”

“Set arousal at... 70%”

“Command confirmed. Starting phase 2 of pleasure protocols.” 

I was already near euphoria with pleasure and only half understood what he was talking about. 

“See you later tonight unit 4.” he said before the lenses whited out.

I couldn’t see anything until the white started to flash.

To swirl...

To spin...

Colors joined in as words got whispered in my ears.

You are a core. You will obey. Your programming is your life. You serve your owner. You are a sex bot. Your name is unit 4. You will obey. Obedience is pleasure. You are just a core.”

On and on it went as pornographic images flashed before my eyes. To my delight, it was all robot related. Serving bots... Slave bots... Cock sucking bots... Breeding bots... All of them mindless in perfect computer induced servitude.

Even the rubber dildo in my mouth started to move and vibrate!

The assault made short work of my thoughts as the pleasure and exquisite programming took its toll on me.

On my mind...

Did I move? I could barely tell. Without seeing my surroundings, I had trouble feeling my movements. The constant hypnotic barrage didn’t help...

Didn’t help that I mean...

It did help my over all experience though. Again and again I was forced to reach the edge, only for it to be pulled away. There was no tricking or faking it, the machine read my brain and knew, even before I did, what I was feeling.

“A good core doesn’t not cum. A good core is always ready to be used. A good core never cums. Your designation is unit 4. A good core is always ready to obey. You are only a core.”

Did I walk? Did I kneel? Did I lie down?

It was almost impossible to tell, especially through the fog of delicious pleasure. But one thing I did register, was when the dildo in my pussy suddenly retracted.

The images in front of my eyes didn’t stop, but a big bold message faded in: Service from core required.

I felt a light breeze on my now exposed ass before a hand lovingly caressed it. Fingers teased my pussy before I heard his voice come over the speakers and the droning voice in my ears.

“Excellent... Seems you are nice and horny...”

Without further comments, his hand disappeared and was replaced with what could only be his cock! He pushed into me with so much ease that it almost frighten me. I had no way to tell if his cock would be a monstrous 12 inches or a small 3. But as he bottomed out, I moaned on the dildo in my mouth as his girth ended up being divine. 

I was faced with the sharp realization that his cock felt so much better that the dildo! Oh god... I felt him pull out and push in with practiced ease as the words continued to invade my mind.

“You are only a core. A core is made for pleasure. A core always obeys. You are only a core. Your designation is unit 4. A core provides pleasures. You are only a core. A core exist to be fucked. You are only a core. A core is essential to a sex robot. You are a sex robot core. A core always obeys. Your designation is unit 4. ”

The feel of his cock and the blatant mind control scheme pushed me over the edge in what was probably one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I would have blacked out if it wasn’t for the pounding in my pussy.

Which eventually stopped when he came. 

I barely had time to savor his release and the brief pause before I felt him pull out of me.

“Fantastic...” I heard him say through the speakers. “Resume pleasure protocols and...” his voice trailed off as the speakers stop relaying his words. A few moments later, I felt the shell close up around my ass and a dildo promptly replaced his cock.

The contrast was sharp, but it reminded me that I was a robot now. A human core...

The screen flashed and pulsed until my mind felt numb and the pleasure crested and fell. The more it did, I started to notice patterns between my pleasure and the colors. In and out... High and low... Fuck and suck...

My mind melted away as I was relentlessly fucked and stimulated. Did it last an hour? 5? I had no way to know. I was completely cut off from the world as the shell trapped me in its perfect... Loving embrace...

Until the bold letter appeared again: Service from core required.

I managed to gather my thoughts enough to assume that my ass was going to open, only, it didn’t. I felt the dildo become soft as the nanos re-arranged themselves all over my mouth!

GOD that felt weird!

Once they covered all my teeth, I felt the panel over my lips open to the fresh air as my mouth suddenly opened. God it felt so weird...

I couldn’t see outside, but I assumed Mister Toshimada was getting his cock out. I waited as the dildos continued to buzz inside my pussy. The fresh air felt nice on my tongue, so much so that I took in a long breath.

Which was followed by his cock slipping in.

The moment it did, the pleasure in my loins cranked up suddenly and I moaned around his girth. The shell was over stimulating me as the cock started to stroke itself inside my mouth. Or was I moving along it?

I wasn’t sure of anything! My muscles had gotten used to letting the shell move me and it made it harder to feel what I was actually doing. With my neck anyway... My mouth was clearly being filled! 

God it felt so intense... I could just picture him. Ordering this shell to come to him... Telling it to kneel... Activating the cock sucking protocols...

And I couldn’t resist any of it!

Not that I would... I was too horny to care. Too happy to be used like the robot core I was! My mind was assaulted again be the screens in front of my eyes as the cock continued to stroke.

“You are only a core. A core exist to fuck and suck. Your designation is unit 4. You are only a core. A core loves to be used. You are only a core. A core’s purpose is to drink semen. You are only a core. A core is meant to be used anytime, any place. You are only a core. A core loves the taste of semen. You are only a core. Your designation is unit 4. ”

Before I knew it, he came down my throat and I had no choice but to swallow, which I did eagerly. The cock was finally spent and was swiftly replaced by the rubber textured dildo.

And on the pleasure went...

My mind slowly faded as the words kept promising me how good being a core was. I didn’t argue of course, I knew how good it felt. I was fucked once more before the pleasure the shell provided slowly died down and I was informed by the screen that it was time to recharge and sleep.

The pulsing slowed down and to a rhythm that could almost mimic slow breathing. I barely registered the change until the dildo slowly retracted from my pussy. Even the one in my mouth shrank so it would be even more comfortable. The voice in my ears changed to a soothing tone specific music as the words sleep kept appearing and fading away with the pulsing.

My breathing instinctively synchronized and I found myself calming down. 

God... That was intense...

It was the only thought running through my mind as I felt my heart finally start to slow down. But it seemed like it wasn’t fast enough for the shell.

No REM sleep detected, adding sleeping agent.” it echoed in my mind.

Sleeping agent? What was... OH gosh... I suddenly smelled chemicals coming into my air supply and I was instantly drowsy. So drowsy... My eyes fluttered closed as I watched the peaceful colors...

“Charging complete
.” I heard in my ears.

I was barely awake before I felt how trapped I was. Which only reminded me that I had agree to become the core for a sex robot.

A core... The word was so familiar to me... So comfortable...

I tried to stretch, but I was completely at the mercy of the shell as I felt the dildo in my mouth grow again.
On screen, I could read: Feeding time. 

I didn’t know what to expect, but I did expect to feel a small tube like thing slip down my throat. I gagged a little, but I was used to deep throating guys so I was able to control it. I couldn’t taste it, but could feel it as something slimy was being pumped down my throat.

And into my stomach...

I hadn’t realize how famish I was. I swallowed instinctively even though the tube was far enough to render my effort useless. It pumped a good deal into my me before washing it down with what I presumed was water.
The screen flashed again: Feeding complete.

The tube retracted from my throat and I felt like I stepped off the charging pad. Which made me realize how refreshed I felt. Maybe sleeping upright wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I felt myself walk a few steps before I felt the dildo invade my pussy once more. GOD! No real rest!

“You are only a core.” 
the voice started to intone as the colors started to swirl again. “A core is always ready to fuck. You are only a core. A core is always wet and horny. You are only a core.”

Before long, my refreshed elation was replaced by deep arousal as my mind fell even faster to the words and colors. I barely had time to think about how exciting this all was before the pleasure over took my mind and I was trapped on the delicious brink.

Until I was shown a message: Service from core required.

I was a core. I was require to service... I waited to see what would be offer to my owner. My oral friend melted away and covered my teeth as I figured I would be giving my owner a morning blowjob.

My mind was slow and it felt like his cock went into my mouth immediately. Pushing... Pulsing... Enjoying... The dildos in my pussy never stopped and sent my mind reeling as I felt used once more.

A core loves to be used... I am only a core...

He came down my throat and I was plunged into mindless pleasure as the dildo replaced his cock. My mind could only manage so much as I was forced to go along for the ride.

Until a message appeared`: Service from core is required.

And he fucked my pussy. Which made me cum a few times... Completely draining me...

The overload and colors carried me away into pure bliss until he fucked me again. Was it in the ass? I didn’t care anymore...

I was only a core and a core is made for pleasure.

I was fucked... I was made to suck... I was fed... I was rested... I was made to obey all his commands... Or so I presumed... I never saw the outside world... 

I was a core and I lived inside the shell.

The droning routine never broke and it seemed like I spent an eternity in a constant state of near orgasm as I was used  as the sex bot I was. The only marker of time I cared for was the times I saw: Service from core is required.

I never knew what to expect, but I always loved it. Craved it... I felt like I was only being kept in a sort of aroused stasis until my owner needed his core to perform. 
To comply...
Service from core is required.
Service from core is required.
Service from core is required.
Service from core is required.
Everything else faded away into the pleasure. Even my charging cycles. Until one of them ended with blinding light, I was confused.


The light was so painful! So harsh...

“Welcome back Barbara.” I heard the my owner’s voice say. 

My eyes slowly focused on my surroundings. I was.. Free... Or my head was... I didn’t have the speakers over my ears nor the lenses in front of my eyes. Even my beloved oral friend was gone.

“I...” i said before coughing. 

My throat was harsh and sore.

“Take it easy... It’s hard to reintegrate the real world after such a deep dive. Just breath...”

I took a breath, but I was still scared. I felt so raw... Why had he opened the shell?

“Ok... Now... It is now Sunday afternoon. If you do nothing, the shell will slowly reject the core and let you leave. I must tell you that I’m perfectly fine with that out come. Why? Because I will gladly invite you back if you wish to experience this again.”

Reject the core? No... I am only a core... I don’t want to be rejected... I want to obey... I want to serve... I want to be used...

“Of course... I will have to make you sign documents that will ensure you could never legally tell anyone about my special project...”

God... I would never tell a soul about this... Ever... I am only a core and a core obeys... Always...

“And yet... After going over you data... It seems you are a natural... As if you were made to me a core.”

Yes... I am only a core... I love to please and obey...

“So... I stopped the rejection... for now... But the only way to truly abort the rejection of the core, is the safe word you put into the computer 2 days ago. As you know... I might have used brainwashing protocols to ensure you felt constant pleasure. Which for you only enhanced the whole experience... But I never included anything that would MAKE you say the abort safe word. The decision is yours and yours alone.”

Rejection... No... I am only a core... I can’t... I can’t be rejected...

“I guess... I really should wait a day or 2 for you to really recover... But... Looking at your data... I believe I already know what you will say. So why wait?”

I am only a core...

“But be warned... if you say the safe word, I will enact the full training protocols. Plus... I wanted to experiment with a few other mind bending things... If you say the words... I’ll experiment with your mind until you view me as your owner. Both in the shell and out.”

I am only a core... A core must be owned... A core must be used...

“So... What will it be, should I un-pause the rejection process... Or will you say your safe words?”

I am only a core...

My destiny was clear. I parted my lips and spoke my last words as a human.

 “Resume robotification.” my hoarse voice managed to say.

He smiled as the shell came back to life and encased me once more. I felt the comforting pressure of the face plate hug me as the shell booted up the screens in front of my eyes. I could still see my owner as he got up and stripped naked.

The shell moved me into position 6 as I saw him go behind me. I felt my ass open up as the screen flashed my favorite message.

Service from core is required.

My mind lost it soon after as the pleasure encased my mind just as securely as the shell encased my body.

I am a only a core and a core exist to give pleasure...

Two months later
Mister Toshimada

​“No... Are you telling me that there’s a girl inside that robot? A real girl?” my guest said in pure astonishment.

“Oh yes...” I said. “Unit 4 was especially receptive to the concept. Want me to prove it to you? I assure you she is top shelf.”

I could see he wanted to say yes from the sudden bulge in his pants, so I just smiled and looked towards my favorite unit.

“Unit 4, come here please.”

I watched with pride as unit 4 walked herself toward me before standing at perfect attention.

“Unit 4, enact oral pleasure protocols on my guest. “

“Command confirmed.” her speakers echoed.

I sat back and watched as she went towards my guest. Her walk was smooth despite her rather large dildo. She stopped in front of my friend and knelt.

“You better take out your cock... She won’t start until she detects it.”

“OH!” he said, clear trying to wrap his mind around the concept. “Right...”

He struggled, but he finally managed to take out his modest cock and present it to unit 4. He gasps when the lower face plate unsealed itself and revealed the core’s very human mouth.

“Would you like to see the other bells and whistled I added? Her sound system can also play a wide variety of musics to set the mood.”

“I... Hhmm... What? No... Huh... FUCK... That’s fine!”

After a month of constant pleasure and brainwashing, the core had finally broke and was now a simple eager toy to be used. Not that Barbara wasn’t eager to start with, but now, the shell had completely taken over her mind by constantly subjecting it to pleasure and brainwashing. The data showed that her mental capacity had shrank to the basics of what was required of her.

She fucked and sucked.

There was no need to force her jaw open anymore. When the robotic shell commanded her to suck, she would wait until she would see it and then instantly open her mouth as the shell unsealed. Her mouth went on instinct and sucked it expertly. I should know... I trained her.

The shell commanded her perfectly. Unit 1 had been less enthusiastic, but she finally broke over time. Unit 2 was a little like Barbara. A natural... Unit 3 was another type of experiment. Melanie came and went.

I wasn’t as harsh on her mind. Although... I did learn from Barbara’s brainwashing and managed to make Melanie just as obedient outside the shell as inside. I use her when fucking robots gets a little tiresome.

Plus... She can still go out in the world and explore... 

Maybe even recruit someone for my latest shell. Unit 5 should be even better than unit 4...

I tapped a few commands on my phone and waited for unit 2 to come join us. Seeing unit 4 in action was getting me worked up.

“FUCK...” my friend said as unit 4′s incredible talents assaulted his manhood.

He was the first friend I had spoken to about my special project. I wasn’t sure if I could completely trust him, but it didn’t really matter. With what I had learned with unit 4′s tests, I could probably compel him to stay quiet. 

If not...

I would need a man to do other tests with a whole different kind of unit.

After all...

Bodyguard 1 will need a core soon...

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