Eyes - Powers or Hypnosis?

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:top #SpecialPowers

A girl confronts a man wanting to know just how he managed to ‘convince’ her lesbian friend to sleep with him all weekend long. She is convinced he hypnotized her and messed with her mind. But she also heard rumors about him having a special power located in his eyes.

“Ok. I’ll be honest and I’ll admit that you have pretty intense eyes. But you sure as hell don’t have ‘powers’. That’s just ridiculous! Special powers don’t exist outside of fantasies. So I’m guessing... Yeah... That you are a very skilled hypnotist and you use your unique eyes as a focus point for your inductions. Am I right?”

I chuckled as I looked at her. The game certainly kicked off to a wonderful start.

“My eyes certainly are the focus when I capture someone’s attention. Mesmerize them as I suck in their thoughts... So to speak. I do make them look into my eyes, that much is true.”
“HA! I knew it!”
“And you are convinced that I’m just a run of the mill hypnotist that just so happens to use his eyes as a focus point?”
​“Of course I am!”

“And why do you assume I tinker with peoples minds at all?”

​“Because! How else did you convince my friend Ashley to sleep with you last weekend? She’s a hard core lesbian! You must have put her under with your intense eyes and slowly made her think that she wanted to sleep with you.”

“Wow... Sounds like I’m a pretty talented hypnotist if I can convince a lesbian of sleeping with me. Which makes me wonder... Why did you come see me today?”

“To dispel the rumors I heard about you. Most people think you have this weird power in your eyes that instantly captivates your victims. But I knew that was bollocks because special powers just don’t exist. So what else was left? Drugs? Hypnosis? I had to know.”

“Pretty brave of you in either case.” I said as I looked at her eyes. “It’s my turn to be curious... Why are you wearing those glasses?”

“These?” she said as she pointed her face. “I don’t REALLY need to wear them, but one of the rumors I read said that your ‘powers’ don’t work through glass. I don’t believe you have powers, but a girl can never be too cautious you know?”

“That is certainly true...” I said as I gazed at her. “So now that you are convinced that you discovered my secret, and I’m not saying you did, what are you going to do with this information?”

She took a long drag from the cigarette she was smoking and looked around my humble garden. 

“I’m not sure. To be honest, with the rumors going around about you, I half expected there to be a few skimpy clad women playing around your yard.”

“Oh no my dear... I never distract myself like that when I’m hosting. Especially when my guest turns out to be such a beautiful lady.”

She turned back to face me. 

“So what? Are you saying you DO have a few girls that you ‘convinced’ to stay in your lovely home?”

“What if I did?” I asked.

“Well... That would be wrong! You can’t hypnotize people and convince them to live with you.”

“You are right. Hypnosis can’t MAKE anyone do anything they aren’t already willing to do. I assure you that any girl that decides to stay in my home has reached that decision because deep down, they wanted to be here.”

“Right...” she said as she took another draw. “Somehow I have a lot of trouble believing you.”

“Ok... Tell me this then: Did your friend Ashley complained about our weekend together? Did she seemed worried or panicked when she told you that we hooked up?”

“Well no...” she said as she remembered. “She actually looked like she would like to do it again. Which is why I decided to come see you for myself. Now that I have, I KNOW you did something to convince her. You hypnotized her and played around in her head until she accepted to sleep with you.”

“If that’s true, what’s makes you think I won’t do it to you?”

“Me? No... That’s ridiculous! I’m a lesbian to! Besides... I’ve been extra careful the whole time I was here. I haven’t drank or eaten anything you offered me. I don’t keep eye contact with you for too long. I keep smoking so I know how much time has passed by the length of my cigarette. And bonus, I have these glasses on just in case I was wrong about the whole powers thing.”

“You certainly thought of everything!” I said as I leaned in. “So why aren’t you wearing anything else? Why are you here in front of me wearing only a pair of glasses? It seems to be a little at odds with the reason you came here.”

She looked down at herself and smiled.

“Maybe... But being naked isn’t a big deal for me and since I KNOW nothing is going to happen between us, I thought it might distract you enough for me to get the truth out of you. So far I think its working out perfectly. Don’t you?”

I chuckled.

“You certainly have an alluring figure. I’d be lying if my mind wasn’t going through scenarios that include you throwing yourself at me. So distracting would be true.”

“I can tell you right now that complimenting my figure will get you know where. I just don’t feel attracted to men. Sorry!” she said with a confident smile.

“So it wouldn’t phase you if I took out my cock then? Seeing your natural beauty has given me quite a bit of tension. Would it be ok if I took it out so it would be less painful? It’s not ugly or anything, in fact, your friend decided she wanted to fuck me after she saw it.”

“What? Please... Don’t fall into the ‘I have an irresistible dick’ cliché. Besides, that would just be rude! I... I... I mean...”

I was looking straight in her eyes as she spoke. She had already fallen prey to my powers earlier on so captivating her took seconds. She sighed contently as her attention shrank down to a single point located deep inside my gaze. Glasses didn’t do anything to prevent this of course, that was pure none sense.

That I may or may not have helped along...

Her thoughts fell into the abyss of my eyes as her mind became open and receptive to what ever I wanted to tell her she wanted.

“You want to see my cock.” I said as I felt my words sink into her brain.

“I... Want to see your cock...”

“You are curious about it. You want to see why your friend decided to fuck me.”

“I’m... Curious... I want to see why my friend decided to sleep with you...”

I released my power and let her mind speed up again. She blinked twice before smiling.

“I mean...” she continue as if nothing had happened. “I can see why you would want the extra room and all... But come on, it's pretty rude to take it out isn't it?” 

She was looking at my crotch and biting her lip.

“I don’t believe so... I mean... I did ask you politely before I did and let's face it, you yourself are naked.”

“RIGHT!” she said excitedly. “You are right... Even if it is rude to show me your erection, I can’t expect you to stay calm while I made a point to undress for you. So go ahead, let it out for some fresh air.”

I smiled as I pulled it out. I was hard as a rock and she couldn’t help but notice. I had a decent enough cock, nothing mind bending, but definitely above average. She wasn’t shy about looking at it as she seemed to really take it in. 

“Ok... I can see how a heterosexual girl could get seduced by your cock. As far as cocks go, it looks like it could do some good. But Ashley isn’t sexually inclined that way so seeing your cock shouldn’t have made her want to fuck you.”

“And what about you? Think you would be tempted to fuck me now that you see what kind of tool I have?”

She looked up and almost laughed.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Your cock is about as arousing to me as... as... a...”

I gazed at her and let my power captivate her. She sighed and relaxed as her mind was mine once more.

“My cock intrigues you.”

“Your... Cock intrigues me...”

“Since Ashley experienced so much pleasure when she used it, you want to know what the fuss is about.”

“Since she experienced so much pleasure... I want to know what the fuss is about...”

“My cock reminds you of your dildos and dildos excite you.”

“Your cock... Reminds me of my dildos... And dildos excite me.”

“Being naked makes you horny... Being naked makes you aroused...”

“Being naked... Makes me horny and aroused...”

“Fucking me wouldn’t mean anything special. It would just be to try my cock an experience first hand what your friend experienced.”

“Fucking you... Wouldn’t mean anything... It would just be to try... To experience...”

“You want to fuck my cock.”

“I... Want to fuck your cock.”

I smiled as I eased out of her mind. I watched her blink twice behind those shades of hers before she looked down at my cock again.

“Your cock is about as arousing as... One of my dildos!”

“Well... Dildos ARE made to mimic dicks, so I would guess as much. Although dildos can’t get the texture and feel quite right. Are so your friend told me.”

She looked at my cock and was clearly debating with herself. She kept biting her lower lip and completely forgot about the cigarette in her hand.

“If you want, you can touch it and see for yourself.” I said.

She tore her eyes away from my cock and looked at me.

“Is... Is this how you did it with her?”

That surprised me.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean... You hypnotized her and kept edging her on by making everything irrelevant. Like it wasn’t a big deal. That your cock was just like a dildo or some other sex toy.”

“Interesting...” I said as I pondered her reflection. “As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I did.”

“And you are trying to get me to do the same things as her, but without the hypnosis?”

“You got me...” I said. “As sexy as you are, I would regret it if I didn’t at least try right?”

“Oh I certainly can’t blame you for trying...” she said as she bit her lip again. 

“Offering you this ‘no strings’ attached chance to try a real cock isn’t tempting enough for you? I mean... We both know for a fact that you aren’t ‘into’ me. You wouldn’t have any worries about me bugging you further down the road for seconds.”

“You are just saying that to convince me to fuck you.”

“That is true. But it also happens to be the truth. I know full well that you are not ‘playing for my team’ and I’m certainly not looking for a girlfriend. To be completely honest, I’m just looking to enjoy my afternoon.” I said with a pause. “With you.”

I knew for a fact that inside her mind, she had already decided to fuck me. The situation just had to make sense for her to follow through. To accept what she wanted to do.

“So you are saying you want a one time thing with me?”

“Yes and no. Looking at you now, I’d be lying if I didn’t hope for seconds. But I make you this solemn promise: If you decided you want to try fucking me, then I won’t push things further than that. If we fuck, I won’t try to seduce you again and wait for you to seduce me.”

“Me seduce you? HA! How ludicrous! That will never happen!”

“Oh?” I said as I lifted my eyebrow. “It certainly happened with Ashley.”

“That’s because you hypnotized her and fucked up her mind to indulge your perverted fantasies. You didn’t hypnotize me so it won’t happen. Even if I find the experience pleasing, I won’t come around for seconds.”

“That will be entirely your choice and I shall respect it. Thinking about it, I’m the one that should be worried! If I end up liking our little test, I’ll despair at the thought of never being able to experience it again.” I said with a huge smile.

She smiled back and stuck out her tongue at me.

“Yeah right! From what I hear you have plenty of hotties at your beck and call. I won’t lose any sleep over it.”

“True enough...” I said as I looked at her again. “So how about it?”

I emphasized my point my grabbing the base of my shaft and making it sway from left to right. I watched her eyes follow it and I knew she was trying to find a reason to refuse. Even if it was ridiculous for her to even consider it.

“Your friend certainly didn’t regret it...” I teased. “What’s the harm in trying? Maybe hypnosis didn’t do as much as you think to convince her to stay over for the weekend...”

She looked up at me and clearly hesitated. I knew her instinct told her that her friend couldn’t possibly have liked fucking me enough to stay over for a sex weekend. But her desire to fuck me was gathering steam and I could see she was almost desperate for an excuse to indulge herself.

“You came prepared. I didn’t have a chance to hypnotize you at all. If you decide to try, you will be your own person. The worst that will happen is that you didn’t like the experience. If that’s the case, just stop when ever you wish. I won’t be offended. No harm done.”

She was clearly on the brink of accepting, but she surprised me yet again.

“Nah... I don’t think its a good idea. Besides... I would need extra lub to event consider it. Fucking a dry cock wouldn’t be fun at all. I’m not aroused at the idea of fucking you so I’m bone dry. Sorry.”

It was my turn to blink. Had I been wrong?

“I see...” I said as I recovered my wits. “Although... From the way you keep looking at my dick, I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t as dry as you think you are. Why don’t you check?”

“What? That’s ridiculous! I’m not aroused right now so there’s no need to check!”

“Really? Care to bet?”

“Bet? What do you mean?”

“You clearly are intrigued by my cock and why your friend liked it so much. With or without the hypnosis. So let’s bet that if you aren’t dry, we fuck. If you are as dry as you say you are, then I put my cock away and that will be the end of this conversation.”

She blinked a few times as she tried to make sense of my offer. 

“Deal.” she suddenly said as she turned in her seat.

She clearly didn’t want to give me a show as she checked. I watched her slip her hand down between her legs as she looked. I smiled as I saw her reaction.

“Well fuck...” she said as she lifted her fingers and admired the moistness upon them.

She clearly didn’t think she would be wet, how could she know that I had already ensured she would be aroused?

“Seems my cock arouses you more than you care to admit.” I commented.

She stared at her fingers for a long moment before looking towards me.

“Seems it does...” she said in wonder.

“Which means that you just might enjoy yourself.” I said with a smile.

“I... I mean...” she said as her mind tried to make sense of her body’s reaction.

Her mind wanted to fuck me. Her body wanted to fuck me. But her consciousness was still trying to convince her that it was impossible.

“I’m not the kind to force you to honor our bet, if you really don’t want to try, its perfectly fine.”

She swallowed hard as her desire to fuck me clashed with her reason. I was curious to see if I would have to give her another little push so I waited patiently.

“No. A bet’s a bet and I’m way to curious about why my friend decided to stay after she tried. Hypnosis or not, seems unlikely.”

“So...” I trailed off.

She rolled her eyes and suddenly got up. I was treated to a wonderful view of her tits as they bounced and swayed. She placed her hands on her hips and looked down at me. Straight in my eyes.

“So I’m saying that I’m game to try. But let’s be clear, the moment I feel bad or weird, I’m pulling out and leaving you high and dry ok?”

“As you wish my dear...” I said.

She took a deep breath, seemingly to convince herself, and looked at my cock a few moments before looking back up.

“Well? How do you... You... y...”

She words drifted off as I caught her attention with my power once more. She finally sighed contently as her mind yielded without resistance.

“Pleasure is pleasure. Physical stimulation is more powerful than circumstance.”

“Yes... Pleasure is pleasure... Physical stimulation is powerful...”

“You will forget that you don’t like men. You will just enjoy the pleasure.”

“I will forget... That I don’t like men... I will just enjoy myself...”

“My cock will feel wonderful.”

“Your cock... Will feel wonderful.”

“You will only concentrate on the pleasure my cock gives you, nothing else matters.”

“I will only concentrate... On the pleasure your cock gives me... Nothing else matters...”

“Fucking me excites you because it is a new an kinky experience for you.”

“Fucking you... Excites me... Because it’s a new experience...”

“You love how hard you make me. It turns you on to know how aroused I am.”

“I love... How hard I make you... It turns me on...”

I eased out and let her mind come back to reality. I made my cock sway from side to side as I watched her blink twice. She lowered her gaze to my cock and continued with what she was saying.

“How do you want to do this?”

“Why don’t you just come over here and straddle me. That way you'll be in complete control of everything. If you don’t like it, you’ll be able to get off and leave. No harm done.”

She bit her lower lip again before her hand slowly came up her body and cupped her impressive tit. She squeezed and massaged it as she clearly worked up the courage to actually come to me.

I didn’t move or speak, I just played with my erection and waited for her to make up her mind. Her eyes were glued to my shaft and I watched her eyes sway back and forth. She looked amazing. I briefly played around with the idea of teasing her some more by saying something along the lines that it had been my cock that hypnotized her friend, but I decided against it.

She swallowed hard and nodded once. Her mind was finally made up. She took a few more steps and stood right between my legs.

“Ok let’s do this. BUT!” she said as she released her tit and pointed her finger to the sky. “Hands to yourself ok?”

“What ever you wish my dear. I’ll only touch you if you ask me I promise.”

“Good.” she said as she looked at my cock again.

I could see how wet she was already. My words had worked marvelously and I had no doubt that the rest would go just as smoothly. She took another deep breath and placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. She straddled me with ease and made a point to sit in my lap without my cock touching her moist lips.

She looked at my shaft as it lay on my belly and unconsciously licked her lips. She was certainly debating just how impossible this all was. That she was about to actually fuck a man like me.

She shook her head and moved her hips so she inched forward. Just enough for her entrance to touch the underside of my shaft. I felt her moist lips touch for a brief moment before she moved away. She did it again, this time making the contact last for a little longer before backing off. 

Was she teasing me or just trying to come to terms with what she desperately wanted to do?

She moved forward again and when she made contact, I flexed my cock. Which made her gasp and retreat. But she moved forward again almost instantly and pressed hard against my shaft. She bit her lower lip as she started to move her slit along my length.

I felt like she was testing herself to see just how much she could possibly like it. And since my last commands made sure she would...

She moved faster and faster and I could only watch and admire her incredible body as she teased us both with her motions. I could clearly see how turned on she was getting and before long, she lifted herself up and pushed my cock back so it would go in.

She moaned as she felt my cock head tease her opening. She fed a little of my length inside before placing her hands on my shoulders once more. She had her eyes closed and concentrated solely on the sensation emanating from her pussy. She moved up until my cock almost fell out and stayed there as she seemed to catch her breath. 

She moved down about a third of the way before gyrating her hips in a slow circle. Fuck that felt amazing... I could feel my cock head slip and twist inside her opening and I forced myself not to move.

I wanted to place my hands on her hips and push her down hard, but I waited.

She moved up a little and came back down a little more. she moved and gyrated as if to get a complete feel for my cock. She did this few times, never going past the halfway mark of my length, before she let out a long moan.

And let herself fall on my pelvis, fully impaling herself on my shaft.

“FUCK!” she screamed as her thighs shook.

Did she just cum?

I felt her hands squeeze tightly on my shoulders as she bend her head towards me chest. She was breathing hard as she twitched once, then a second time as her breath shuttered. I could almost feel her pussy quiver around my cock as she pressed down hard on my pelvis.

I guess she truly did concentrate on the pleasure.

Her glasses had fallen off her nose and hung loosely from her ears. I slowly lifted my hand and removed them. No sense on letting them fall. She didn’t react as I pulled them off her ears, not at first. She stayed there, trying to catch her breath, as I placed them on the counter next to me.

She lifted her head and looked at me threw her blonde locks of hair.

“Fuck... That was... Unexpected...” she said, clearly surprised at her own feelings.

“I did mention that my cock was the reason Ashley decided to stay a little longer right?” I said as I gently parted the locks of hair in front of her eyes. “May I?”

She nodded and I smiled as I took both hands and separated the hair in front of her face before using both hands to tuck her locks behind her ears. She was thoroughly surprised and at a lost as to why she had just cum so fast. She was in a sort of daze as she looked into my eyes. As if to find the answer.

Who was I to keep the truth from her?

My fingers caressed her earlobes before gently grabbing both sides of her head.

“Wha... Wh...W...” she protested softly as I eased her attention down into my eyes.

I felt her calm down and she smiled with a sigh as her mind fully opened to my influence. 

“My cock feels wonderful inside you.”

“Your cock... Feels wonderful inside me...”

“You can’t deny the intense pleasure my cock brings you.”

“I can’t deny... The intense pleasure your cock gives me...”

“You love how my cock feels inside you.”

“I love... How your cock feels... Inside me..”

“Nothing else matters when you see and feel how hard my cock is.”

“Nothing else matters... When you are so hard...”

“My cock gives you such intense pleasure... You are in awe of it.”

“Your cock... gives me such intense... hhhmmm... Pleasure... I’m in complete awe over it...”

“You want more... You want me to show you how good I can use it. You want to experience my lust. My pleasure... You want to feel me fuck you.”

“I want more... I want you to show me... More... I want to feel how good you can make me feel... I want to experience your lust... I want you to fuck me.”

“I can touch you how ever I want.”

“You can... hhhmmm... Touch me however you want...”

“You want me to touch you how ever I want.”

“I want you... HHhmmm... To touch me how ever you want...”

“Every orgasm you have makes you realize just how much you enjoy my cock.”

“Every orgasm... HHmmm... I have makes me realize... Just how much I love your cock...”

“When my cock is inside you, you only feel pleasure. Nothing else matters.”

“Hhmmm... When your cock is inside me... I... I only feel pleasure... Nothing else matters...”

I let go of her head as I ease her mind back to the present. She threw her head back with a moan as I flexed my cock. 

“FUCK! Fuck Fuck!!” she said as she looked at me again. “What IS it about you?”

“What’s the matter?” I asked, making sure to keep my hands away from her.

“I’ve never... I’ve never felt this good or horny well fucking someone. Ever!” she said as she slowly gyrated her hips.

Making my cock move ever so slightly inside her.
“It may be the allure of the forbidden...” I said with a smile. “Or maybe I was just blessed with a perfect cock.”

“HHmm...” she moaned. “Don’t go ruining it by spouting none sense...”

“Ok ok...” I chuckled. “So... I guess you had enough to convince you? It seems you enjoyed yourself a little too much there.”

“Shut up!” she said before she bit her lower lip. “I want more...”


“Yes... I... I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but I want you to fuck me.”

“Ok... Aren’t we fucking already?” I asked innocently.

She rolled her eyes and lifted herself off my chest, freeing her hands. She then grabbed both my hands and placed them on her tits. Such lovely tits...

“I mean... I want you to FUCK me. Touch me... I... I want you to show me just how much pleasure this cock of yours can give me.”

I gently massaged her perfect tits as I looked at her.

“I certainly want to. But...” I said before stopping myself.

“Hhhmm...” she moaned again. “What? But what?”

“If I fuck you the way you want me too, with the pleasure you felt just by sitting on my dick, I’m afraid you’ll find yourself wanting to stay all weekend with me.”

“What? Hhmmm... Fuck it... I don’t care... Just fuck me!” she moaned as her hips moved more and more.

“You know... Ashley had much the same speech last week...”

“What?” she asked as she did her best to fight off the pleasure she was feeling.

“In fact... It was right before I admitted to her that I had hypnotized her.”

“What?” she said as her hips continued to move. “Right... Hypnosis... What ever...”

“We were in this very chair in fact... Fucking away as I told her all about how I wanted her to come back next weekend. How she would find herself compelled to come see me...”

I massaged her tits as my hips started to push up into her in time with her gyrating rhythm.

“What?” she said as the pleasure started to overwhelm her. “She... She didn’t come... She’s... She’s somewhere else...”

“Oh I know...” I said as I pushed up hard inside her. “But she’ll be here soon enough...”

“Wh... What? You... HHmmm... You are expecting her?”

“Any minute... But that doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters...”

“Nothing else matters...” she whispered as she moved up and down my length.

“It doesn’t matter that Ashley wants to move in with me...” I said as I pushed up harder inside her.

“It... No... I... HHHmmm... Fuck...” she moaned.

“It doesn’t matter that she spent such a fulfilling weekend with me, that she wants to move in and be one of my beauties....”

“Wh... What... Hhhmmm... Fuck that’s good...”

“Ashley is moving in today... Just to be able to enjoy my cock...”

“Enjoy your cock... yes... HHHMMM...” she said as she moved faster.

My hands left her tits and moved up to her collar bone. Her neck. Her jaw. My hands grabbed the sides of her head and made her look towards me.

“Look into my eyes...” I said.

She was so lost in the pleasure that she almost didn’t do it. But she did.

“Ashley is all mine now... She’s become rather addicted to my special power.”

“P... Power?” she asked through the pleasure.

“Yes... She can’t get enough... She loves to look deep into my eyes as my power washes over her mind... She always sighs so contently when she realizes that I’m about to make changes to her mind... Sculpt it... Mesmerizing her until she desires nothing more than to be one of my beauties... Fucking and sucking me as much as I want...”

“Wh... What? HHmmm... Powers... No...” I said as she tried to shake her head.

But I held her firm.

“Oh yes... Hypnosis has nothing to do with it. You were wrong. Powers do exist. I was born with mine. Born with the ability to mesmerize and captivate who ever I want. It takes a little time at first, but the more I do it to someone, the better it gets.”

“N... No... Hhmmm... Oh... Oh fuck... You... You did it to me?”

“I did... Multiple times...”

“Oh no... Hhmmm... I... I have to leave!” she said as she closed her eyes tight.

But her body continued to fuck me.

“Why the sudden rush? You are about to miss Ashley.”

“Ashley... I... I have to warn... Hhhmmm... Warn her!” she said through the moans.

“As I’ve said... She knows all about it. But she doesn’t care... She enjoys it too much to care... How about you? Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Fuck.. I... Oh god... What? Yes...”

I could tell her mind was confused. A large part of her was trying to ignore everything except the pleasure while a small part of her listened to my words. 

“You see? You feel pleasure because you like it... Because you enjoy it. You enjoy my cock. Don’t you?”

“HHHHMMM.... FUCK! yes... I do... DAMN it... I do...” she said as her hips had a mind of their own.

“Then how bad can it be right? Nothing else matters... Only the pleasure...”

“Only the... hhhmmm... The pleasure...” she moaned softly.

“Ashley gave herself to the pleasure, but I could tell she was holding back. She was holding back because she missed her friend. Because she desired to be with you as much as she wants to be with me.”

“Wh... What?” she said as she continued to move, unable to resist the feel of my cock inside her.

“She told me to ask you... Ask you to join her... I have to admit that I never indulge such requests... But... I changed my mind after I saw a picture of you. You are so stunning... So beautiful... I can see why Ashley wants you to join us.”

“What? HHHMMmmm... No... She would... Never... I mean...”

“She did. She asked. But as with her, I give you the choice. Ashley wants you to join us. I want you to join us. I want to show you how much pleasure your body can take. I want to bring you to the very edge of bliss and give you even more. I want you to enjoy it more than I could ever enjoy you.”

“Enjoy... More... I... hhhmmm... I want...” she whispered.

“I alone can make you reach those heights. But only if you want to.”

“Wh... What?” she asked as the pleasure clouded her mind.

“If you look into my eyes now, I will make your doubts disappear... If you look into my eyes now... I will claim you... I will fuck you... I will enjoy you...”

“Fuck.. Hhmm... Fuck me...” she moaned.

“And I will show you true pleasure... So what will it be my dear? You can still choose. Resist the pleasure and just get up and leave. I won’t stop you. Or you can just open your eyes...”

I still held her head in my hands and waited to see which she would choose. I was true to my word, I would let her go if I felt her start to get off me. I would make her forget all about my powers of course, but I would let her go.

But if she opened her eyes...

She would be mine.

I waited in rapt attention as she fought her desires. She had surprised me before and I truly wondered if she would resist or submit.

Ashley would be so happy if she stayed.

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