Experiment in Consent

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #consensual_non-consent #dom:male #m/f #pov:top #Technology

2 scientist conduct an experiment with intense mind control. The goal is to discover how consent applies when mind control is involved. How can one truly decide what they like and don’t like when they can be made to enjoy ANYTHING…

“It’s Sunday night Sir. You’ve asked me to remind you at 7 PM sharp and it is currently 7 PM.”
I tore my eyes away from her tastefully covered body to look at the clock. Damn... And so it was already...
“Good girl.” I said and watched her smile as the trigger sent pleasure along her skin. 
“Seems our fun is already over. Unless you don’t wish to change back...”
I asked knowing full well that in her current state of mind, she would say yes to anything I told her to do. But we also knew that if our little experiment was to have any sort of meaning, I needed to give her complete control again.
“I know how much you are tempted to extend this experiment Sir. And I would be happy to stay like this forever!”
I knew she was. Her smile and pleasure were clearly not fake. That was how we set things up. She would be unable to say no to me. Unable to find any reason to want anything else. She wanted whatever I wanted. And it made her happy.
“But...” she said, still smiling. “You also instructed me to remind you that the whole point of this fun weekend was to answer a question. A query you’d had for a long time. And until you turn me back...”
“I can never be sure of the answer...” I said, rubbing my eyes. “I know, I know...”
I looked at her and I could almost see sadness in her eyes. Not because her slave personality knew she was about to ‘disappear’, but because she knew I would miss my eager little fucktoy. But I had to know...
I took a long breath and smiled at her.
“Ok then. Are you ready my pet?” I asked.
“I am Sir.” She said with a sweet smile.
“Ok... Release protocol zero-zero-zero-forty-two.”
​She closed her eyes and took a long slow breath. I watched, heart beating hard, as I waited for her reaction. My mind wasn’t so sure anymore. I remembered when we first discovered the gateway to the mind. When we first realized that it could give us the power to hijack the mind. Control it...
We instantly knew all the implications, but one question remained in my mind. A simple question that had, logically, a simple straightforward answer. But I had my doubts... And Angela, a woman that was part of the team. A woman I fooled around with already. Well she had the same question about it all. So we devised a way to test it and have an answer.
I could say that I tricked her, but I honestly didn’t. We flipped a coin to see which of us would let the other take control. For a weekend only of course...
All to answer an important question: what is the nature of consent when mind control is part of the mix?
You can instantly say that if the person doesn’t wish to experience it, consent isn’t given. And of course, you would be right.
What happens AFTER?
The experiment was designed to let the subject remember everything. It was designed to make them experience things they would not normally give consent to do. For Angela, it was mainly anal and other degrading things. The goal was to see how she would react if the controlled actions were as pleasant as possible. If consent was forcefully given. How then does the person know what she wanted?
So I waited...
She finally opened her eyes and looked at me. For the longest time, I couldn’t read her expression. Which eventually made her smile.
“Relax Hank...” she said. “I won’t freak out.”
My blood pressure dropped as I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.
“That’s good!” I said. “I think...”
She looked at me and part of me knew she was probably reliving our weekend together. What would she think? Would she be mad? Curious? Did she have an answer?
“So?” I finally asked.
“First of all...” she said seriously. “I never knew you like cuffs so much.”
“Hahahha” I laughed nervously. “I guess I do.”
She laughed for about a minute. Which made me relax. Must not be as bad as I imagined.
“Ok seriously...” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. “As far as our question goes...”
“Yes?” I asked hopefully.
“I’m afraid I don’t really have an answer. But... I do have a better grasp on it. I clearly remember Friday night, when you decided it was time to make me do anal.”
“And? Did it work like we thought it would?”
“Oh yes... It certainly did. The instant you asked me, I knew, deep in my bones, that I would enjoy it. I don’t remember any bad thoughts or emotions as I let you lube my ass and insert your lovely cock.”
“Wow... Which is far from how you reacted when I first asked you a few months ago.”
“Exactly. And I feel that if you asked now, I would still say no.” She said looking down. “I think...”
“Why the hesitation?” I asked.
This was exactly what I expected would happen. Positive experiences, even while controlled, would help shape the mind and possibly change, retroactively, consent.
“Well... I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. So... I feel a little curious to try it again. Which also applies to being your obedient little slave.”
“Really? How so?”
“You made it so... Fun... Pleasurable... I feel like it's cheating. Even if I would never want to be controlled like that, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. A lot...”
“So you are saying...” I said. “That your initial refusal wouldn’t be as easy to keep. That you would possibly hesitate, if only for a moment, to refuse to give consent for another weekend like this?”
She looked at me with a mix of awe and fear. As if she was realizing something for the first time.
“I’m saying that if you use the gateway correctly, initial consent would be irrelevant. That multiple sessions like this weekend would definitely make me WANT to be controlled. It’s kind of scary...”
“It’s like I thought then...”
“But then again...” she said as she crawled towards me. “It’s also kind of exciting...” she said as I clearly saw lust in her eyes. “It’s a little like getting addicted to a drug I guess... But better... I mean...” she said as she reached my legs, spreading them with her hands. “I don’t feel any sort of longing or withdrawal... Just that... I know that if we continue, I’ll always feel... Good...”
I swallowed hard as my mind got hazy with lust. We had discovered something dangerous... Potentially world changing... But my mind couldn’t think past the beauty teasing my erection through my pants. My mind was flooding with all the erotic possibilities... My free will was being consumed with desire.
​What was my question again?

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