Evolving the Relationship

by The Traveling Master

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A hypnotherapist talks about how he helped his wife overcome her stress. To his great delight!

It suddenly hit me, as I watched my beautiful wife lazily suck my cock under the table, that our lives were far from what they had been when we first married. As a man, I can’t lie and say my eyes didn’t find other women attractive, but my wife is no dud either. So having her in nothing but a thong and a collar was in itself a real bonus.

​One of the many new perks our relationship grew into. 

She had gotten incredibly good at keeping me hard, making me edge for long periods until finally I was ready to burst. But still… It hit me…
She wasn’t this submissive when we met and it was the greater part of her charm. She was a fierce woman and worked as a very pricy attorney. She handled vast corporate accounts and was on retainer for most of the biggest investment firms.

Her fiery resolve and unyielding ethic made her one of the most respect attorneys in town. She often bragged to me about how she simply had to accept a case for the other side to offer a settlement. In her favor… Not many wanted to face her in court.

​But being so intense and devoted brought all kinds of stress. I should know… I worked as a hypnotherapist. 

She knew all about my hypno-fetish and we had played around with it in the beginning, but since she was such a dominant woman, she never let it evolve past fun triggers in the bedroom.


I was more than happy to be her go to man when she needed to relieve her tensions. She would practically throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out until her release finally helped her relax.

She was a wild cat. A dam breaking… Unleashing a torrent of passion…

It was her way of dealing with all the stress she felt. As much as my deepest fetish was for control, I simply LOVED being fucked like that. There is something arousing when a woman demands her release and her lust simply overwhelms you. I loved her and all sexual play with her was erotic to me.

I know what you are wondering. Why is she under the table now sucking my cock while I eat a meal she prepared? What changed? Where was the wild cat?

I bet you can guess…

Well… It happened a few months ago when a particularly stressful case had her on edge for almost 2 months. She would try to ravage me at night, trying to burn off her stress, but to her dismay and frustration, she couldn’t reach orgasm. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a fun denial thing either…

She was utterly pissed!

Even after the case was done, which she finally won of course, she still had trouble letting go. So, after she had fucked me for almost an hour trying to get herself off. She apologized to me for being so needy. But after I assured her it was fine, she turned to me and smiled.

“You are such a good husband… I don’t know what I would to without you.” She said kissing me tenderly. 

I just smiled with a little embarrassment.

“Tomorrow, I want you to hypnotize me again.” she suddenly said.

“Ok.” I said as I caressed her hair. "Why?"

“Because I think I'd like you to get to the root of my current frustration. Maybe find out why I can’t get off?”

“Sure honey. I can try.”

She seemed oddly happy about it. But I dismissed it and we fell asleep.

After work the next day, I had her relax in the living room while I took her down the induction. It had become easy to hypnotize her by then so in no time, I was exploring her blockage with her own guidance. She was the one searching out the root of it. But then… That’s when things changed.

“Pardon? I don’t think I heard you correctly. Could you repeat that?” I said, thoroughly puzzled.

“I’m so tired of being the top bitch… I can’t take it anymore… The stress is too much to handle…” she said softly.

“Really? You always seemed to love it. Love the power it gave you. Did that change?”

“No… Yes…” she said unsure. “I like the respect it gives me. I worked hard for it…”

“But..." I said musing. "You are tired…”

“So tired…” she whispered as her shoulders hunched down.

“But you are so a naturally powerful woman, why be tired of it?” I asked, truly curious.

“Because… You always have to be on your guard… On your toes… Worry that you missed something… It’s exhausting… I never feel like I can let go… I feel trapped…”

“That’s not very good… But then again, now I think we know the root of your inability to let yourself go in bed. Tell me… What would it take to reverse this feeling? How would you like to correct this bad block inside yourself.”

And then, without prompting, she told me the most erotic thing…

“Punish me.” she said calmly.

Of all the years I had none my wife, never would she accept to be so vulnerable as to accept to be punished.

“Punish you… Really?” I said calmly. “And why do you think you need to be punished?”

“I’ve been bad at work… To be at the top… I had to be the most cut throat bitch I could be…”

“Yes. I know about that. But it never seemed to faze you before. Could it be that it did, but you kept it inside? So that you could climb the ranks and become the successful attorney you are now?”


“And did you know this before you asked me to hypnotize you?”


“Interesting… So you knew what you wanted before I hypnotized you today?”

“I did.”

“And what is that my dear?”

“I want you to punish me… I know you’ve done this for your patience, find some way to make them burn off all the stress they feel. You’ve told me some of them.”

“I did. And since you know so much, what would YOU want me to do for you?”

“Punish me.”

I had to see that one coming.

“Ok, but how?”

“I don’t know…”

I had to think about it for a moment. She knew she wanted to be punished, so she felt guilt. She felt guilt about all the horrible things she had to do to be as powerful as she was. I inwardly smiled to myself. I had multiple clients, from the finance world and other high stress and powerful jobs, that had secrets desires of being punished. Most loved to live out a simpler life, if only in fantasy.

One client goes so far as to think himself as a baby. The human mind has the most interesting connections sometimes. But what of my wife? What would make her feel better? I had an idea and I crossed my fingers behind my back.

Could I dare to hope?

“Ok. Well let’s try to find out. You feel guilty about acting like a bitch. You feel guilt when you use all your talents to get a win, even when you know deep down you are helping out crooks. Is this correct?”

“Yes…” she said. "Exactly..."

“But you love your job anyway. Correct?”

“Oh yes.”

“You just feel to much stress and guilt. Correct?”


“Ok, well I may have a way for you to punish yourself. Like you wish, I would be the only one to punish you, but YOU must be the one to ask for it. Could you do that?”

“I’m not sure…”

If anything, my wife was a very proud woman. Asking for help isn’t in her pedigree. Just asking for this session was proof enough she truly thought she needed help.

“What if… I implant a deep trigger inside yourself, one you don’t really know about, one you can feel is there… Ready to be used when you think you need punishing. Would that work?”

“I think so… Yes…”

“Do you trust me?”

“I do.”

“Do you truly trust me? I mean, above all others? Would you trust me with your vulnerable state?”

I already knew she did, otherwise, I would never have been able to hypnotize her so deeply.

“I do.”

“You trust me completely?”

“I do.”

“Ok… Here is what I propose. You are free to accept this if you feel it is what you think can help you. You are free to refuse if you think this is too much or inappropriate. Do you understand?”


“I think you need to get away from your life. Get away from your stress. You need a way to truly unplug from your worries and guilt. I propose to create another you. Another personality that will be totally different from the one you have now.”

I saw her eyebrows frown a little at that.

“Let me finish, then decide if you want it.” She nodded. “The only times this personality can take control is when your stress and guilt are too much and you feel you need to unplug and be punished. To burn away all those nasty emotions that hold you back from enjoying the success you have earned. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve your release.”

She smiled a little.

“But if it is truly a punishment, you can’t just have a perfect little happy personality to use and then all is forgiven. Am I right?”

“You are… I must be punished.”

“Exactly…” I said, taking a large breath. “So… This personality should not be the confident and powerful woman you are. It would be wrong. Wouldn’t it?”

“Yes. Wrong…”

“So this new you must be the opposite. A weak person that needs to be told what to do… A person that would be punished… That would love to be punished… The control you need to exert on others must be reversed. You need to be at the mercy of someone else. Otherwise, you would just be yourself. Wouldn’t you?”

“I would…”

“Now this personality will have something special. The more guilt and stress you feel, the more you will need to be ordered around and punished. Once the stress and guilt will be paid for, so to speak, you will be free to resume your normal self. This new you will only be possible when you feel deep down that you need to be punished. You will submit completely until you feel you have released your stress and guilt. Do you understand?”

“Yes… Submit until I’ve been punished enough.”

“Each time you choose to be this new you… Each time you get punished… Each time you come back from being the new you, you will feel all the stress and guilt that made you choose to be her vanish… You will feel refreshed and good about yourself. You will have paid for it with your submission to the new you. Would that be acceptable to you?”

I watched her closely and hoped that she would like the idea.

“It would…” she finally said.

“Would you let me take over when you are in this new personality? Would you trust me to know what is best? Would you trust me to punish you? Would you trust me enough to submit to my rule?”

“Yes… I trust you…”

I couldn’t lie… I was getting incredibly aroused by all this. You could even say guilty!

“Now tell me… This is a great responsibility you are asking me to take on. Who knows how much guilt and stress you have accumulated. Do you feel guilty about that?”


“No? Why is that?” I asked surprised.

“Because… You’ll love it.”

Ok. I didn’t expect that.

“I’ll love it? Why is that?”

“Because I remember… I remember your fetish for control…”

“Oh you do?”


“So you think I would like punishing you?”

“I do…”

“So… Would you expect me to take advantage of you while you are that other person.”

A faint smile pursed her lips.

“I hope you do…” she said softly.

“Why is that?”


“Guilt? Explain.”

“I feel guilt because I know you like to be in control. But I don’t like giving it up. I accepted our little hypnotic games because I wanted to please you. But I just can’t let go. If I am not myself… If I am this new weak person… I could be that for you. I could be a little submissive slut for you. You could have the control you love.”

I smiled. My wife always knew how to surprise me. Leave it to her to already know where I was going with this. 

“Ok. Well here it is. This new personality won’t have a name. She will only answer to Slave or Pet. While this new you is in control, she will obey my lead, my commands… She will let me use her as I wish. Each time I command her, she will feel the instinct to rebel, to be her old self. But that will be some of your punishment. You will know you chose to submit. You will know you are paying for your guilt. The more you need to be punished, the more you will try to fight my control. Each time you fight, you will burn off your stress… Your worries… Each time you lose to my control, which you always will, the more submissive and happy you become…”

As I told her this, I saw tears start to form in her eyes. But not sad tears…

“When I punish you for being a bad slave, you will feel each slap and each torment I inflict on you as something you deserve. And each time you accept your pain or servitude, it will help burn away your stress. Burn away your guilt. The more you feel you deserve, the more you will act to be punished. The more I punish you, the more relief you will feel.”

The tears started to roll down her cheeks and I felt sad for her. She had bottled up so many things to be where she is now. In reality, she was the one that punished herself… For years… Even if she was a powerful bitch, she was a very loving and caring person at her core. 

“When your servitude and punishments have finally burned away enough, you will feel like you can return to your former self. When you feel you need to become this new you, your subconscious will know and trigger you to be Slave.”

The tears were dropping on her chest and it didn’t bother her. She was in her trance, were she was safe.

“When you feel the need to become a slave, you will seek out your collar. We will find you one soon and it will be your collar. Your slave self will be locked inside this collar. When you put it on, your slave self is freed and takes over your mind. If someone takes it off, you return to yourself. If someone other than you puts it on, it won’t work. Only you can put it on to release the slave trapped inside.”

I didn’t want to have her become a slave when she didn’t want to be one after all. 

“Only your own desire and your own hands can release your slave self from the collar. Do you understand?”

“Oh yes….”

“When you feel like you have been punished enough, when you feel like you’ve burned enough of your stress, you will get this urge to remove your collar. It won't be sudden, but it will slowly grow until you feel like you should take it off and put Slave to sleep inside the collar. Once it is off, you will feel refreshed and relaxed like after one of our hypnotic sessions. You will feel that your slave self has consumed and eradicated the worries and stress you felt before you released her. Do you understand?”


“Finally… If you fall asleep with the collar on, you will return to yourself until you awaken. You will be yourself. Without thinking about it, you will remove your collar and look at it. You will be free to choose. Free to put it back on if you wish. It will be entirely your choice. You will be free to choose to stay a Slave, or return to your normal self.”

“Free to choose…” she repeated softly.

“Is this what you wish to happen? For me to be your Master? For me to punish you as my slave? To use you as I want? Is this what YOU want?” I finally asked.

She thought it over for a long moment. I loved my wife and even if I’ve had multiple fantasies about doing this to her without her knowing it, I just couldn’t betray her like that. But… This opportunity was almost too good to be true!

I felt like she would refuse. Maybe discover that she was too scared to actually do it. I was even thinking about how else I could help her when she surprised me yet again.

“Yes. I want this. Please… Make this happen…”

With a little shock, I registered what she had said. She wanted this… I looked at my tranced out wife and my cock grew a few sizes. She wanted this… The words echoed in my mind as it started to imagine all the things I would be able to do with her… I felt my mouth twitch with a smile. 

I did just that. I spent the next few weeks hypnotizing her every night to program her mind to become this new person. It took a lot of work and time, but we finally did it.

Since she was all for it, it made my job easier. After I finished fine-tuning her Slave personality, she was finally ready to try it. On that first Saturday morning, I watched almost entranced as she put the collar on.

And became Slave.

By the end of the day, she came so hard I thought I had broken her. Seems there was a lot to atone for. Since then, a few times a week, she would come home from a hard day and almost immediately go for her collar.

We tried everything from bondage and edging to spanking and other torture devices.

I made her do all the things she sexually didn’t like and didn’t want to do normally. She embraced it all. Of course, she could remember all of it if she wished. She only had to ask and I would say her trigger to remember her time as her other self.

For some reason, she did that a lot! 

So as I watched my wife under the table, I knew she wanted this. I wanted this. Besides, when she was back as herself, she would still push me on the bed and take the lead to fuck my brains out. They say any good relationship is founded on a healthy give and take. As much as I take from her when she puts the collar on, she gets to take back as much as she wants when she is back to normal. Our public relationship even seemed to have improved. She feels more relaxed and loving than she was before we started our little experiment. 

It really shows.

As for me… Well…

Maybe I should have refused to be her Master… Maybe I like it a little too much…

​Like tasting the forbidden fruit…

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