Enslaving the Staff

Dahlia's Missing Time

by The Traveling Master

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- Dahlia -

​The day went by pretty fast. I was buried with work. A little after lunch, I went into M. Vern’s office to get him to sign off on a few documents. I had a weird feeling once I finally got back to my desk.

​I was sure I had gone into his office a mere 10 minutes before, but it had taken 40 minutes.

Further more, I felt a little sore in my loins and I couldn’t explain why.

I dismissed it and got back to work. As the afternoon went on, I got so focused on work I didn’t realize the day was over until M. Vern got out of his office and was ready to leave for the day.
“Well, that was a productive day." he said as he adjusted his tie. "Tomorrow is Friday; we need to get all the rest of the paperwork done. If you can, get an early start tomorrow.”

“I can get in around 7 O’clock.” I said.

​“Perfect. Also, how do you feel about a little overtime this weekend? I really need to get things lined up.”

“Hhmm… I’ll have to check, but I could probably free myself for a day.”

“We shall talk about it tomorrow, but good to know. Have a good evening Dahlia.”

He left and I got everything ready for the next day. I went back to my apartment and got some supper. I poured some wine and dined with my work… I just HAD to figure out something to get things going on M. Vern’s projects.

I got some ideas about a few and went to take a shower. As I got in and started to wash myself, I suddenly had an intense desire to shave my legs and pussy. I also had a really strong urge to make it as permanent as possible so I got my shaving stuff out and made planes in my mind to get a laser appointment.

That might take a while so maybe I'll even get a wax to last until then…

I went to bed and tried to relax. I knew I had a big day and wanted to be rested. I managed to fall asleep fairly quickly, but my night was filled with dreams... Very erotic dreams... The funny thing was that some of them were with my boss! I never had those kinds of dreams about him before! 

I woke up the next morning when my alarm went off and most of those dreams dispelled, leaving me with a vague memory of the ones with Richard. Probably because I knew him I figured…

I got to work early like M. Vern wanted and got busy. There was a lot to do and I was glad for the distraction. M. Vern greeted me as he came in and asked for his morning coffee. I went to make it just the way he liked and made myself one. Like I always did. I brought it to him in his office and for the life of me, I don’t know why it took 10 minutes. I came back out with a weird feeling in my jaw.

I sat at my desk and took a sip of coffee, just to make the feeling go away. Again… The taste had changed… very strange…

For the next few weeks, it was much of the same. I got vivid erotic dreams about M. Vern and started to lose more and more bunches of time during the work days. I also found that my concentration for work stuff had gotten a lot better. I also realized that sometimes, when I lost track of time while in his office, what ever I was drinking at the time, be it tea, coffee or even water, I always found it tastier… better…

As another Friday came along, I decided to ask if M. Vern knew something. Ever since we had gone on that business trip, he had been extremely happy. What was happening?

As the day came to a close, I took a deep breath and knocked the door to his office. I heard him say to come in and I did.

“What can I do for you Dahlia?” he asked without lifting his head.

“Well M. Vern… I don’t know how to say this… but I think I’m becoming ill… Or something…” That got his attention.

“Really? You seem healthy enough.”

“I know… It’s just… I keep loosing track of time… I fear I might be losing my focus.” I said.

“Well your work has been impeccable Dahlia.”

“Thank you… It’s just strange…”

“I think I know what is happening to you.”

“You do?”

“Yes, you see, I fear that it is my fault.”

“Your fault? How so?” I asked.

“Well, you were doing such a good job, we felt that we needed your talents in the long run. We wanted to ensure you would stay with us, stay loyal.”

“I am loyal! I never divulged any company secrets!” I protested.

“Hahaha I know that, you have an incredible work ethic. We wanted to ensure you stay with us after your internship ends.”

“I most certainly will M. Vern! I love working here!” I said with a heartfelt smile.

“We wanted to be sure…” he said with a smile that gave me pause.

“Sure… How could you be sure?” I finally asked.

“We have a little process we like to put star employees through. It kind of makes them loyal to us.”

“Process? What are you talking about? I never went through any kind of process.”

“I think you do remember… At any rate, you can never even think of working elsewhere now. Go ahead, try it.”

I did, I tried to picture myself working for the competition and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I work here for M. Vern; I couldn’t be working for anyone else. But why couldn’t I? This is a free country. Why couldn’t I work elsewhere? The more I thought about it, the less I could think of a reason why I could work elsewhere.

I HAD to work here.

“Oh god…” I whispered as the realization of what he was saying sank in.

“Don’t be upset about it, you love it here right? You said so yourself.”

“But you can’t do that! You removed my choice in the matter!”

“I know…”

“So the missing time is... Is the process you put me through?”

“What? Oh no no… The process takes 48 hours and you went through it during the business trip.”

“Business trip…” I whispered as I thought about it.

That’s when I realized it had been the first of my missing time. I couldn’t remember a large part of that week.

“You see, you do remember.” he commented.

“But… You had no right! Besides, if it’s not the process, why am I missing parts of my days?”

“Oh that is because of the other thing I did during the process.”

“Other thing… What did you do to me!” I asked trying to be mad, but for some reason, I was calmer than I thought I would be.

“Yes, you see, the process is actually brainwashing. We strap you to a device that breaks down your mind and reprograms it to the liking of the person controlling the machine. In this instance, me…”

“That’s not right! You can’t brainwash people! It can’t be true!”

“Oh but it is… You see, I wanted a perfect personal assistant. You are very talented and I wanted to keep you all to myself. But the best part is that for me, a personal assistant as beautiful as you should also be able to service my sexual needs. You know, to relieve the stress of long business days.”

“You’re lying! You can’t have brainwashed me!” I said, trying to wrap my mind around what he was saying.

“Haven’t I? So if I were to ask you to give me a nice blowjob right now, you wouldn’t?”

“Of course not! You are my Boss!”

“I see… Maybe we need a little convincing first. I also included a few fun things to your programming. For instance…”

I saw his lips move, but I couldn’t hear what he said. I blinked my eyes and all of a sudden, he had a bra in his hands. 

“Neat trick, you made a bra appear.” I said, but something about that bra was very familiar.

“It’s the one you were wearing.” He said.

“Ppfff…” I scoffed, but my hand went to my breast and sure enough, I was braless under my shirt! “How did you… When…”

“You just gave it to me.”

“No I didn’t!”

“Ok… Let’s see if I can get your panties then…” Again his lips moved but I didn’t hear his words.

I blinked.

He had a pair of panties in his hands now. I moved my legs a little and sure enough, I didn’t have panties on! What the hell was happening?

“Need more proof?” he asked with a confident smile.

“I… no… What makes you think I won’t report you?”

“I know you can’t, you are welcome to pick up this phone and call anyone you wish. My bet is that you won’t be able to talk about what I did to you.”

“I will!” I said as I went for the phone.

I kept a weary eye on him, but he just leaned back and smiled. I was about to dial and I suddenly realized, who the hell should I call? The police? They would never believe me. No one would! I suddenly had a nagging fear of being kicked out of school or worst, be sent to an asylum or something.

I put the phone back down and stepped away…

“You see? I told you.” he said.

“No one would believe me.”

“There is that…”

“So what… I am brainwashed? Really? I don’t feel different.”

“You wouldn’t. Some of the others like their woman as mindless bimbos, I don’t… I like your mind. You are incredibly helpful and brilliant.”

“I… Thanks… I guess…" I said. "It’s still not right!”


Ok… I could figure this out… I’ll have to put my mind to it, but there must be a way to get out of this insanity! I was about to ask him what would be next for me when his lips moved yet again. I blinked and he was smiling. He had my shirt! I looked down to my chest and sure enough; I was naked from the torso up! My hands flew up to hide them.

“No need to hide them from me, I have seen them often enough. In fact… Freeze.” He said.

Suddenly, I couldn’t move!!! All my limbs just froze into place!

“Another little tweak I put into your mind.” He said as he got up.

I could plainly see the strain on his pants as he approached me. He lifted my chin so he could look into my eyes. His smile told me everything; he was so extremely pleased with the situation. He then took my wrists and moved my arms away from my breast and placed them behind my head. He then pushed in the middle of my back so my breast would move outward. He stepped back and admired me. 

I couldn't move at all! I just let him move me!

I always thought I was sexy, but looking at him lusting after me told me I wasn’t wrong. He admired me for a moment before he approached me again and undid my pants. He slid them down and moved behind me. His hands caressed my belly and moved all over my naked flesh. I was helpless to let him do it!

His hands soon found my tits and started to massage them as I felt his erection against my butt cheeks.

​“Damn you are so soft… And to think… You are all mine… But don’t worry… I’m not a sadistic man… I won’t torture you… Well not physically anyway…”

His lips kissed my neck and I couldn’t help but feel a little aroused by his touch. Why was that? I had never thought of him that way… No… I HAD been thinking of him in this way… No.. Not thinking… Dreaming…

Was it his doing as well? 

“Now my pet… I am about to give you free movement again. Once I do, you will kneel down and keep your hands where they are.”

He moved in front of me a few paces away. 


I felt my body regain its mobility. I wanted to run away… To get dressed… To leave… 

But instead, I felt my knees start to get weaker and I knew his order was taking effect. 

“I see you realize that I can order you.”

“Why… Why can’t I resist your order?” I said as I finally got to my knees.

“Again, a little something I ingrained into you.”

As I kneeled there, naked, I suddenly had a huge shock as I took in my new situation. 

“I can tell your new reality is finally dawning on you. As you can guess, I am about to indulge myself with you. As I said, I’m not a sadistic man so I am about to give you a choice.”

“A choice?”

“Yes… You see, I have programed you to have 2 different personalities. The one you are in at the present is your old self. With all your little upgrades of course.”


“Yes, the other one is a personality where you are a LOT more compliant with all this. The perfect little secretary…”

“Oh god…”

“The other personality is rather fun! I must admit I like her a lot, but she lacks all your professional talents. Almost every moment you lost during the last weeks was you in this personality. I made it so you never remember what you do while in that state.”

“You are sick…”

“Maybe… But you won’t remember this so I can afford to be.”


“So here is the choice: I was planning on eventually merging your 2 personalities. So that is your first choice, you will be both and you will remember everything. Your second choice is you go back to forgetting when you are in fun mode. And your 3third choice… You keep all your memories, but I still switch you from one to the other.”

“How the hell can I choose any of those?” I asked.

“Well, you are forever changed… I could just choose for you… But as I said I’m not a total bastard.”


“Tell you what, lets just get this rendezvous on the go… And… You can decide before you leave my office…” he said as he started to undress. “Now… You will keep silent until I tell you to speak again…”

“I…” started to say before his order kicked in.

I dreaded what was about to happen, I started to panic, which seemed to please him a little. He dropped his pants and his erection sprang forward. My eyes instantly snapped to it. For some reason I found his cock incredibly alluring… My mouth started to water and for the life of me, I didn’t know why!

He took a step forward and his cock bobbed sideways. My eyes followed it as he took another step… Then another and his cock was right in front of my face. That’s when the funniest thing happened… I opened my mouth. I didn’t want to, I certainly didn’t think about it! But it did all the same...

He stepped away and my mouth closed. I tore away my eyes from his cock and looked up.

“Another little trick.” He said before taking a step forward.

Again, my mouth opened by itself.

“When ever my cock is naked and it approaches your mouth, you will ALWAYS open it for my pleasure.”

Oh my god… How much did he change me?

He then approached me and inserted his cock in my mouth. My lips sealed around his cock and he placed a hand on my head. He started to make me move up and down his shaft and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Ahh yes… That’s the stuff… You really have fantastic lips…”

He got into his rhythm and I was just there for the ride. The strange thing about it all was that first; I was getting aroused by it… The second was that the taste of his cock was incredible somehow. I had sucked a few cocks in my day, but they never tasted good. I mean, they were ok and all… Except for their spunk, that never tasted good.

He continued and pretty soon, I realized something else was different. The feeling of his cock in my mouth was… pleasant…

I then felt his hand pressure the back of my head. I panicked again as I knew what he intended. His cock hit the back of my throat and he just continued to push.

“Let it happen my pet…” he said.

I felt his cock suddenly pop down my throat and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t gagged! His cock inserted itself in and out of my throat with greater and greater ease. 

“If you are wondering… yes… I did remove your gag reflex… I wasn’t sure if you could handle my size or not. Gagging and puking isn’t very sexy… hhhmmm…”

I didn’t have time to dwell on what he just said. He bobbed my head faster and faster. He pulled out a little and I felt a shot hit the inside of my mouth. He spurred shot after shot as he filled my mouth with his seed.

“Don’t spit it out. Taste it and swallow it.” He ordered.

As was about to do just that, but his order started to compel me to keep it in my mouth. I looked up to him and he smiled. I swallowed and…

It tasted…


How was that possible? I NEVER liked the taste of semen, why did it taste so… good…

“Now my dear, since you have done marvelously, I am willing to give you a little treat…”

I looked at him, still with my hands behind my head and his lips moved. Again, I didn’t hear his words. All of a sudden, a rush of warmth invade my loins and it felt like I was on the verge of cumming. I closed my eyes and tried to figure out what was happening, but the feeling just grew and in no time at all, I crested over into a spectacular orgasm.

If it hadn’t come out of nowhere, I would have ranked it among one of the 3 best in my life! But considering the circumstances… I didn’t know how I felt about it!

I opened my eyes and I was dressed and standing in his office.

“How… What…”

“Oh don’t worry… I only took a tiny liberty… Now, what is your answer?”

“Answer… I don't…” I stammered.

“Yes… Which of the choices I presented to you earlier, do you choose?”

“I…” I had to think fast… “I can’t!”

“Fine…" he said thoughtfully. "Since all choices seem the same to you. Then I will make it for you… For now… You will be both at the same time and remember it all.”

He then did his mumbo jumbo again, which had me completely at a lost on what he said.  But then...


It all came back to me…

The last few weeks... Every sexual act… And every unbelievable orgasm…

“There… Now you know it all… Now get to work, we can talk about it again later today.”

I was in shock! I couldn’t believe I had done all those things, but I felt his words start to pressure me and I turned and left his office. I dug into work as soon as I was out of his office. After the first hour, I was amazed at how well I was able to concentrate on work. My mind went on cruise control as I went through each project. 

At the same time, I went through all the different things he made me do. I was able to feel it all and relive it. The thing is, as I remembered them, I realized that I was pretty willing for all of them! It was mostly degrading, but past that...

I remembered all the pleasure I felt…

I had to admit, I went through a lot, but I had never felt orgasms with such… Intensity…

When he had me in slave mode, I felt… at peace… I knew my role perfectly and it didn’t matter what he asked me to do, I was happy to do it. Part of me was repulsed by that type of servitude, but only a little part… 

I realized that what ever he had done to me was deeply ingrained. I could feel all my emotions clearly… How much I despised being lowered to such a pitiful cliché. How much I hated being ordered around like some slave… How much of a pig I saw my Boss to be…


I didn’t care about any of it. When he put me in that mode, I was happy, content… Remembering now while I was myself was strange. I really was another person. I also remembered how incredible it was to actually enjoy his cock. It was beautiful and captivating. He tasted so good I had trouble wanting to eat my own lunch. 

As the day went on, I caught myself being miserable about my situation. I was stuck between two things. I wanted all this to go away of course, but I also wanted to be his and it was giving me a headache!

Around 4 O’clock, he called me to his office again. As an after thought, I locked the door as I got in. That made him smile.

“So… How was your day?”


“I see… Since you didn’t make a choice this morning, I want your answer now.”

“M. Vern… I still find it impossible to choose… Yet… I think I can reason it out.”

“Do you?”

“Yes… I don’t think I want to forget anything again. I would only be suspicious of the time I am missing. So I don’t want that. If there was a choice to be completely free, I would choose that.”

“But it isn’t…” he commented.

“I know… I spent today remembering everything, and I didn’t like it, I felt torn between the 2. So I wouldn’t want that either…I think I can only choose the first option.”

“For me to merge everything.”

“Yes… As much as I hate the idea… I think it is the best.”

“You are taking this rather well.”

“I am probably even more surprised than you are about that…” I said softly.

“Ok then… Prove it to me, I would like you to undress for me and come fuck me. I won't command you to do it. You have to choose for yourself. You remember everything now… So you know how much you'll like it. Once you cum while fucking me, you will change.”

“I…" I started to say as memories of our carnal fucks washed over my mind.

He was so right of course... Try as I might, I couldn't deny that each of them brought me untold satisfaction. "Ok…” I finally said as I undressed.

He watched me with unmasked lust, as I got naked. I realized we had done this many… many times… I could remember all of them. He got his pants down as well while I finished. He sat back down on his chair and I approached. I still felt insane conflicted by all this, but I tried to focus on the memories of my alter ego and it seemed to help.

If only a little...

I straddled him and bent down to kiss him. For some reason it felt right. I felt his erection between my legs and I couldn’t help but feel aroused. His hands left fire wherever they traced. We kissed for a long while, but he didn’t make a move to penetrate me. I guessed I had to take the initiative; he did want it to be me fucking him after all...

As I lifted myself up a little to get at his cock, I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I had never been a slut or a whore… But this felt right and I felt I had no real choice. I lined him with my dripping entrance and let myself descend on him. All of my previous sexual experiences with him came rushing back and it was like I felt all the times we fucked all at once. 

He felt so gooooddd…..

I started to move up and down on him and it was exquisite. In no time at all I was on the brink of having a massive orgasm. 

“That’s it… let it consume you…” he cooed.

I only moaned, as the rhythm got a little more intense. His hands grabbed my hips and he took charge. After a few thrust, he pushed me down, impaling me completely and I came hard… I could feel him cumming as well and it just elevated my orgasm. 

That’s when I felt it happen, I heard him say something while I was cumming, but again I didn’t know what he said. What I did know was that… I felt… different… I opened my eyes and looked at the man I was impaled on. The strangest thing was that I could remember how I felt about him a few minutes ago, yet…

Now… I knew it was all-different.

He was my Master! I was his personal assistant and I knew I would do everything in my power to service him and make sure his life and his job were perfect.

“How do you feel Dahlia?”

“I feel…” I said. “Good…”

“What do you think about what we just did?”

“I feel incredible.” I said truthfully.

“Isn’t it inappropriate?”

“Not at all… I mean… Isn’t it my purpose to please you M. Vern?” I asked, a bit confused as to why he would aske me such a ridiculous question.

“Oh it is… I am very pleased… Now, get off and lick me clean.”

“Right away M. Vern.”

I removed myself from him and got to my knees. I took him in my mouth and I had to admit I didn’t like our combined juices, but it wasn’t that bad. I knew he would be pleased so I did my best to clean his cock. All the while, I marveled at what he had done to me. The power he held over me…

It turned me on more than I could describe. To be his… His property… His Slave…

“Very good… Now, over the last weeks, we had many discussions… Do you remember?”

“Yes M. Vern. Which ones exactly?”

“The ones about your roommate.”

“Oh yes I remember. Do you still want her as a secretary?”

“You said she was looking for a job right? While she takes a year off from her studies?”

“Yes M. Vern.”

“Good good… I actually have another job for her. I need 48 hours with her. Why don’t you organize a weekend retreat with her? Tell her you won an office prize or something and invite her for a spa retreat. She would like that no?”

“She would.”

“Perfect! Let me know which weekend she can get freed up and I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Excellent M. Vern. My guess is that it would be soon since she is rather fond of spa treatments.”

“Excellent. Now since you like overtime, get under my desk and nurture my cock while I get these files organized for the weekend.”

“Right away M. Vern.”

He moved away from his desk so I could crawler under it. He got into position and I started to suck and lick his deflated cock. He liked it when I did this. He said it helped him relax. I zoned out and let my body please him.

I started to think about Freya, my roommate, and how I would bring up the weekend retreat. A plan soon formed in my mind and I was pretty sure M. Vern wanted to convert her into a slave like me. It would be nice to be able to have her with me. It would be easier to please Richard after all…


- Richard -


I was so pleased! I had enjoyed her split personality for a few weeks now, but it was over. She was all mine now… My accomplice… 

We had talked at length, her and I, about her roommate. She was a Scandinavian bombshell. Blonde with blue eyes… Her body was a picture of health. She could have slightly bigger boobs, like Lexi’s, but it fitted her frame exquisitely. Her features were strong and it actually did honor her northern heritage. She was a student from abroad with a fresh work visa. The perfect choice for a live-in maid…

I called Bob.

“Bob! How are today?”

“It’s Friday Richard… How do you think? Too much work… again… Lucky for me Lexi offered to work throughout the week end.” 

“Hehehee… Good for you.” I said.

“So what can I do for you?”

“I was thinking about your offer a few weeks ago, you know.. To help on the home front?”

“Ohh… Sure… Need the equipment again?”

“Yeah… I have a need for a live-in maid and have the perfect candidate.”

“Do you now?” he said.

I could clearly hear the amusement in his voice.

“Yep… Dahlia’s roommate… She is looking for a job…”

“I see… And when will this be?”

“Well, during a weekend, using the weekend retreat as bait. Dahlia will confirm.”

“Fine by me! Just not this weekend… I am using it.”

“You slight dog!”

“Hehehehe” he chuckled. “I know, but what can I say, got to get the ball rolling, I’ll let you know more once I’m further along. For the moment, just continue the good work.”

“Sure thing! Thanks again!”

“No problem! Have a nice weekend!”

“You too!”

I hung up and just sat there, enjoying Dahlia talented mouth. She was a natural, but she had been getting  lots of practice lately. I smiled knowing I would soon have her friend…

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